Sam & Dan Games: Fundraiser! Phase 4
Our Goal: $50,000

What is this fundraiser about?

Dan and I love making games and we want to continue to make them. If you are reading this then I suspect you have enjoyed PTD and PTD2 quite a bit. Right now Dan has another full time job since we don't make enough to support him. I work full time on the games, relying heavily on ad revenue from the trading center/blog and a part of the SnD coin sales. While those sources provide some help they are far from steady. If ads and sales go down it could potentially lead to me having to stop making games or spend considerably less time working on them. Meaning less updates for you guys. We really don't want it to get to that point so we decided to humble ourselves and ask you, the fans, for help.

The 50k amount might seem like a lot but in reality it is the bare minimum we need to be able to keep working on games for the rest of this year.

Do I get anything for funding?

Yes! Absolutely! We always want to reward our fans when they give to us. Like I mentioned before on a previous blog we will have many prizes for those that donate to us. Some of the prizes include:
  • Cosmoids Creatures for your PTD2 account
  • Shiny Legendary Pokemon only available to people who help us fund
  • Access to the early Alpha version of Cosmoids
The current announced prizes are the following:
  • Donate any amount - Access to the Early Alpha Version of Cosmoids with Sam's Graphics
    • Just for donating you will get a code that will let you play Cosmoids and give feedback on the game before anybody else.
  • Donate $5 or more - Shiny Legendary Rayquaza for your PTD2 account + ALL Previous Prizes
    • You will get 2 Shiny Rayquaza for your ptd2 account. 
  • Donate $10 or more - Shiny Heatran and get your choice of one of the Cosmoid Starters (Chameleon, Koala, or Buffalo) for your PTD2 account + ALL Previous Prizes. 
    • You will get 3 of the one you pick, keep in mind that they will not breed.
  • Donate $20 or more - Your choice of one of the Pokemon X and Y Legendaries (Xerneas or Yveltal) + ALL Previous Prizes.
    • You will get 3 of the one you pick, keep in mind that they will not breed.
  • Donate $25 or more - Your choice of one of the Pokemon X and Y Legendaries (Xerneas or Yveltal)  + ALL Previous Prizes.
    • You will get 3 of the one you pick, keep in mind that they will not breed.

What are the Phases?
Since we are constantly working on updates for you guys we have to take everything we do little by little. So the funding will have different phases.

Each phase will come when new prizes are announced. Regardless of when you donate if you have donated enough to qualify for a prize you will receive it once the prize is available.

Sounds good! I want to support you guys, how do I do it?
Thank you! To support us just click on the donate amount below and enter the amount you wish to donate. We will send you the activation code for your donation in an email.

Is there a way to donate without needing a credit credit card?
Yes! You can now watch a short video to donate a few cents and get access to the rewards. You can also complete free offers and surveys to donate. Go to the Pokemon Center's Funding Rewards page to watch the video or complete the offers.

If you have any questions at all, email us at

Common Questions:
  • What if my paypal email is different from my PTD2 email? How will I get the prizes to my PTD2 account?
    • Easy! When you make a donation we will reply with a code to your paypal email. On your PTD2 email you can use the code in the near future to activate your prizes. So the paypal email does NOT need to match your ptd email since you will just need the code itself.
  • It has been more than 24 hours since my donation but I haven't received any emails?
    • First check your Junk Folder for any emails from us. Second if you have nothing on your Junk Folder or you accidentally deleted it then email us at with your paypal email and we will get you your code.

Please allow us up to 24 Hours to process your donation.  If you haven't received your code and it has been more than 24 hours then check your Junk Folder for the email. Also add to your contacts so that it won't enter your junk folder.