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*Use the SnD Coins in the Pokemon Center to adopt shiny pokemon and legendary pokemon.

My Precious Edition ($1) - includes:
  • 1 SnD Coin*
    Coin Purse Edition ($5)- includes:
    • 10 SnD Coins* (Saves 50% per coin)
    Fat Wallet Edition ($10) - includes:
    • 30 SnD Coins* (Saves 67% per coin)
    Pot of Gold Edition ($20) - includes:
    • 75 SnD Coins* (Saves 73% per coin)
    Treasure Trove Edition ($50) - includes:
    • 225 SnD Coins* (Saves 78% per coin)
    Sam & Dan's Secret Stash Edition ($100) - includes:
    • 500 SnD Coins* (Saves 80% per coin)

    Once we receive your payment we will respond to the email address associated with your Paypal account within 24 hours with instructions.

    We will automatically attempt to send the coins to the Game Account associated with your PayPal email address unless you have provided a different Game Account username/email in the special instructions. Also be sure to check the email's trash/spam folder if you haven't received anything within 24 hours.

    Ways to pay:
    • Paypal - Select which version you want to buy from the drop down menu, type your game account email (the email you put in to log into PTD1, PTD2 or PTD3) and press "Buy Now" to finish the purchase.

        Different Amounts:
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