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When is the next update coming?
I usually update during the weekends. Friday-Sunday.

What program did you use to make the game? What programming language?
I use Adobe Flash Professional CS 5.5 to make the game, and I use Action Script 3 to code the game and PHP for the backend. C# for the multiplayer/chat backend.

When will you translate the game to other languages?
I won't be translating the game to other languages, since this will take up too much time and take me away from developing the games.

Pokemon Tower Defense 3:


Why can't I level past level 100?
The current level cap in the game is at 100. As I add more levels I will increase the level cap.


What are Elemental Pokemon?
Since we already captured most shiny and shadow pokemon in ptd1/2 I added a new "Shiny" type for ptd3 called Elemental. It is different from Shiny/Shadow because it add a new type to your Pokemon and a new set of moves that they can relearn.

Which types are exclusive to which version of the game?
Omega version type exclusives are: Normal, Poison, Rock, Fire, Fighting, Ghost, Steel, Dark and Dragon.

Alpha version type exclusives are: Bug, Flying, Ground, Grass, Water, Electric, Ice, Psychic, Fairy.

How rare are the elemental Pokemon?
Some elemental are less rare than shiny and some are more rare and some are the same. Below is a list of how rare each type is.

Less rare than shiny (1/2667 chance)
Bug, Flying, Ground, Normal, Poison, Rock

Same as shiny (1/4000 chance)
Grass, Water, Electric, Fire, Fighting, Ghost

Higher than shiny (1/8000 chance)
Steel, Dark, Dragon, Ice, Psychic, Fairy

What moves can each elemental Pokemon learn and at what levels?

Tackle - Lvl 1
Defense Curl - Lvl 1
Swords Dance - Lvl 10
Cut - Lvl 10
Roar - Lvl 20
Acupressure - Lvl 20
Body Slam - Lvl 30
Focus Energy - Lvl 30
Echoed Voice - Lvl 40
Feint - Lvl 40
Endure - Lvl 50
Glare - Lvl 50
False Swipe - Lvl 60
Growth - Lvl 60
Heal Bell - Lvl 70
Metronome - Lvl 70
Substitute - Lvl 80
Recover - Lvl 80
Scary Face - Lvl 90
Horn Drill - Lvl 90
Boomburst - Lvl 100

Ember - Lvl 1
Will-o-Wisp - Lvl 1
Flame Wheel - Lvl 10
Incinerate - Lvl 20
Flame Burst - Lvl 30
Fire Fang - Lvl 40
Lava Plume - Lvl 50
Flamethrower - Lvl 60
Fire Blast - Lvl 70
Flare Blitz - Lvl 80
Inferno - Lvl 90
Sunny Day - Lvl 100

Triple Kick - Lvl 1
Bulk Up - Lvl 1
Karate Chop - Lvl 10
Vacuum Wave - Lvl 20
Circle Throw - Lvl 30
Force Palm - Lvl 40
Vital Throw - Lvl 50
Aura Sphere - Lvl 60
Seismic Toss - Lvl 70
Focus Blast - Lvl 80
Focus Punch - Lvl 90
Hi Jump Kick - Lvl 100

Water Gun - Lvl 1
Bubble - Lvl 1
Water Pulse - Lvl 10
Aqua Jet - Lvl 20
Bubblebeam - Lvl 30
Brine - Lvl 40
Dive - Lvl 50
Aqua Ring - Lvl 60
Scald - Lvl 70
Hydro Pump - Lvl 80
Surf - Lvl 90
Rain Dance - Lvl 100

Peck - Lvl 1
Gust - Lvl 1
Acrobatics - Lvl 10
Air Cutter - Lvl 20
Wing Attack - Lvl 30
Tailwind - Lvl 40
Roost - Lvl 50
Defog - Lvl 60
Fly - Lvl 70
Aeroblast - Lvl 80
Sky Attack - Lvl 90
Hurricane - Lvl 100

Leech Seed - Lvl 1
Absorb - Lvl 1
Grasswhistle - Lvl 10
Cotton Guard - Lvl 20
Stun Spore - Lvl 20
Vine Whip - Lvl 30
Mega Drain - Lvl 30
Ingrain - Lvl 40
Leaf Tornado - Lvl 50
Horn Leech - Lvl 60
Seed Bomb - Lvl 70
Energy Ball - Lvl 80
Solarbeam - Lvl 90
Wood Hammer - Lvl 90
Frenzy Plant - Lvl 100

Poison Gas - Lvl 1
Poison Sting - Lvl 1
Acid - Lvl 10
Poison Fang - Lvl 20
Toxic Spikes - Lvl 30
Acid Armor - Lvl 40
Gastro Acid - Lvl 50
Venoshock - Lvl 60
Poison Jab - Lvl 70
Sludge Bomb - Lvl 80
Sludge Wave - Lvl 90
Gunk Shot - Lvl 100

Thundershock - Lvl 1
Spark - Lvl 10
Charge Beam - Lvl 20
Thunderwave - Lvl 30
Magnet Rise - Lvl 40
Thunder Fang - Lvl 50
Thunderbolt - Lvl 60
Wild Charge - Lvl 70
Zap Cannon - Lvl 80
Thunder - Lvl 90
Bolt Strike - Lvl 100

Mud Slap - Lvl 1
Sand Attack - Lvl 1
Sand Tomb - Lvl 10
Spikes - Lvl 20
Magnitude - Lvl 30
Mud Shot - Lvl 40
Bulldoze - Lvl 50
Mud Bomb - Lvl 60
Dig - Lvl 70
Earth Power - Lvl 80
Earthquake - Lvl 90
Fissure - Lvl 100

Hypnosis - Lvl 1
Stored Power - Lvl 1
Heart Stamp - Lvl 10
Confusion - Lvl 20
Heal Pulse - Lvl 30
Agility - Lvl 40
Calm Mind - Lvl 50
Psybeam - Lvl 60
Psyshock - Lvl 70
Zen Headbutt - Lvl 80
Psychic - Lvl 90
Psystrike - Lvl 100

Rock Blast - Lvl 1
Rollout - Lvl 1
Wide Guard - Lvl 10
Rock Throw - Lvl 20
Ancientpower - Lvl 30
Rock Polish - Lvl 40
Sandstorm - Lvl 50
Stealth Rock - Lvl 60
Power Gem - Lvl 70
Stone Edge - Lvl 80
Head Smash - Lvl 90
Rock Wrecker - Lvl 100

Icicle Spear - Lvl 1
Powder Snow - Lvl 1
Ice Shard - Lvl 10
Icy Wind - Lvl 20
Avalanche - Lvl 30
Aurora Beam - Lvl 40
Haze - Lvl 50
Hail - Lvl 60
Ice Fang - Lvl 70
Ice Beam - Lvl 80
Blizzard - Lvl 90
Sheer Cold - Lvl 100

String Shot - Lvl 1
Pin Missile - Lvl 1
Fury Cutter - Lvl 10
Struggle Bug - Lvl 20
Bug Bite - Lvl 30
Silver Wind - Lvl 40
Leech Life - Lvl 50
Quiver Dance - Lvl 60
X Scissor - Lvl 70
Attack Order - Lvl 80
Bug Buzz - Lvl 90
Megahorn - Lvl 100

Dual Chop - Lvl 1
Twister - Lvl 1
Dragonbreath - Lvl 10
Dragon Tail - Lvl 20
Dragon Dance - Lvl 30
Dragon Rage - Lvl 40
Dragon Claw - Lvl 50
Dragon Pulse - Lvl 60
Dragon Rush - Lvl 70
Spacial Rend - Lvl 80
Outrage - Lvl 90
Roar of Time - Lvl 100

Lick - Lvl 1
Confuse Ray - Lvl 1
Astonish - Lvl 10
Shadow Sneak - Lvl 20
Ominous Wind - Lvl 30
Trick-or-Treat - Lvl 40
Shadow Punch - Lvl 50
Hex - Lvl 60
Nigh Shade - Lvl 70
Shadow Claw - Lvl 80
Shadow Ball - Lvl 90
Shadow Force - Lvl 100

Pursuit - Lvl 1
Payback - Lvl 1
Snarl - Lvl 10
Assurance - Lvl 20
Bite - Lvl 30
Dark Void - Lvl 40
Fake Tears - Lvl 50
Nasty Plot - Lvl 60
Dark Pulse - Lvl 70
Nigh Daze - Lvl 80
Foul Play - Lvl 90
Hyperspace Fury - Lvl 100

Bullet Punch - Lvl 1
Metal Claw - Lvl 1
Gear Grind - Lvl 10
Magnet Bomb - Lvl 20
Mirror Shot - Lvl 30
Autotomize - Lvl 40
Iron Defense - Lvl 50
Metal Sound - Lvl 60
Gyro Ball - Lvl 70
Meteor Mash - Lvl 80
Iron Tail - Lvl 90
Doom Desire - Lvl 100

Charm - Lvl 1
Moonlight - Lvl 1
Sweet Kiss - Lvl 10
Fairy Wind - Lvl 20
Draining Kiss - Lvl 30
Dazzling Gleam - Lvl 40
Play Rough - Lvl 50
Moonblast - Lvl 60
Geomancy - Lvl 70

Pokemon Tower Defense 2:


Why can't I level past level 110?
The final level cap of Story Mode is level 110. You can get past level 100 when you beat the third battle in the World Tournament.

Trading: Adopt Now

How can I use the Adopt Now Feature to allow other trainers to adopt my pokemon for SnD Coins?
When you are creating your trade you will see the option to add an amount for the Adopt Now feature above the request options.

Will I receive the SnD Coins when somebody adopts my pokemon?
Yes, you will receive the coins on your account and they will receive your pokemon.

Can I buy or sell a pokemon for less than what it is sold for in the adoption page?
Yes! This is the point of this system for players to create their own value for pokemon and be able to sell them for currency instead of for another pokemon.

Transfering Pokemon From PTD1 to PTD2

How do I transfer my pokemon from PTD1 to PTD2?
Go to your PTD1 account in the pokemon center and hit the "Transfer to PTD2" link and follow the instructions there.

Can I transfer from PTD2 to PTD1?
No, PTD2 introduced many new concepts like genders, items, and new pokemon. PTD1 is not compatible with all the new concepts so you won't be able to transfer from ptd2 to ptd1. Once transferred over to PTD2 a pokemon cannot be returned to PTD1.

What gender will my pokemon be when I transfer?
When possible you will be able to pick from female or male when you transfer. If the pokemon can only be male or female or genderless then there will be no option to pick it's gender.

Item Store

I recently bought an item, where is it? how can I use it?
The item(s) you bought will be in the inventory for the profile that you were logged in with. To use them go to the story mode and go the pokepad party screen. Select a pokemon and then press on the item button. Here you can give or take items from your inventory to the pokemon.

Will the experience be split with a pokemon using the Neeverstone?
Yes, even though that pokemon won't receive the experience the total experience will be split with that pokemon making it equal to leveling up with pokemon not using the neeverstone.

Will the Incense item disappear if you use them to breed an egg?
Yes, the Gold/Dark Incense are consumable items that will disappear after the egg has hatched. Regardless if the egg is shiny/shadow or regular.

Breeding Center: 

Can the egg be shiny or shadow?
Yes! Below are things that will increase the chance of your egg being shadow or shiny.
  • Parents being in the same family will increase the shiny and shadow chance of the egg by 10%.
  • A parent being shiny/shadow will increase the chance the egg will be shiny/shadow respectively by 4% per parent that is shiny/shadow.
  • Holding a Gold Incense/Dark Incense will also increase the chance of the egg being shiny/shadow respectively by 10% per item.
An example of the highest percentage you can get is both pokemon being from the same family, both being shiny, and both holding gold incense. This would give you a 38% chance for the egg to be shiny and a 10% chance for the egg to be shadow.
Where can I buy Gold or Dark Incense?
You can buy it in the Item Store.

Are Egg Moves or Inheriting Moves from the parent pokemon implemented?
Yes, but only certain Generations (1,2,3) can learn egg moves at this time.

How come some of my pokemon don't show up when I'm picking parents for my egg?
The breeding center automatically shows you a list of valid parents depending on what you pick. 

Daily Activity:

What are Daily Coins and Daily Activities?
Daily Activities and Daily Coins are an alternative way of adopting rare pokemon. You can find it on the Trading Center and it will give you instructions as to what you need to do to complete the activity.

How many Daily Coins will I get per Activity?
The first time you complete the activity on a certain day you will get 10 coins. If you keep completing the activity after that you will only get 1 coin. The next day this resets and you will get 10 for the first them and 1 for any time after that. It resets every day.

Why are the cost for adopting so high? It would take a maximum of 50 days to get something!
Normally I wouldn't even have a way to get these rare pokemon for free. This is a way to give you something to shoot for in the long run while you play the game.

Happiness/Friendship Evolution:

How do I evolve pokemon that need happiness/friendship?
You can buy a Friendship Doll in the Item Store in the PTD2 Pokemon Center. Then in the actual game give the item to your pokemon and enter a battle. Their evolution will be triggered.


How do I fish in PTD2?
First you have to get a rod, then after you have the rod you can go near a water source and press spacebar or z to fish.

How do I get a rod?
To get the Old Rod you must beat one of the Fisherman's battles in Route 32 (the second part of it).
To get the Good Rod you must beat all of the Fisherman's battles in Route 32 (the second part of it). His three battles are the Tentacool, Qwilfish and Magikarp battels.
You cannot get the Super Rod yet.

Version Exclusives:

What is the difference between Gold and Silver?
Some Pokemon only show up in Gold and some only in Silver.

Which Pokemon currently only show up in each version so far?
In Gold Version: Spinarak, Caterpie, Metapod. (Note: In the battle in Cherrygrove City it is possible to catch Caterpie in Silver version).

In Silver Version: Ekans, Ledyba, Weedle, Kakuna. (Note: In the battle in Cherrygrove City it is possible to catch a Weedle in Gold version).

Effective Level:
What is Effective Level?
Some battles have a max effective level that your pokemon can be in that battle. For that battle your pokemon will be leveled down to the effective level. For example if the effective level is 10 and your pokemon is level 12. He will have the stats of a level 10 pokemon but he will not lose his evolutions or attacks. It will show like this "lvl 10 (12)".

Can I still level up while I'm using the effective level?
Yes, you will still earn experience for your actual level when you are using the effective level.

I want to destroy a level, I don't like the Effective Level Mechanic!
The effective level is usually a lot higher than what you need in that level so you will still have an easy time with it. 


Can a wild Pokemon show up with its shiny/shadow graphic when I walk around in the map?
No, wild Pokemon will not show up as shiny/shadow when you are walking in the map.

Can a shiny Pokemon show up when I'm battling wild Pokemon?
Yes, when you are battling with a wild pokemon in either 1v1 or Free Roam/Swarm mode there is a chance for a shiny to show up.

What is the chance of a Pokemon being shiny?
The chance is 1/8000 for a Pokemon to be shiny in the wild.

Can a shadow Pokemon show up when I'm battling wild Pokemon?
Most of the time no, Shadow Pokemon only show up in special spots or at the end of certain battles. Different characters in the game will give you different clue as to where to find them.

Once I find the secret spot what is the chance of the Pokemon being shadow?
The chances for Shadow Pokemon vary but they a lot higher than shiny. For example the chance for Shadow Rattata and Sentret are 1/10. 

So if I fight 8,000 wild Pokemon the next one will be shiny/shadow?
No, the chance is independent for each pokemon that shows up. The amount that you fight will not affect the chance of the next one being shiny.

Will a popup show up and pause the game when a shiny/shadow shows up like in PTD1?
Yes, just like PTD1 a popup will show up and pause the level. It will also slow down the speed to the normal setting.


Does time run in real-time like in the gameboy games?
No, time runs much faster in this game.

How long does a full day take?
24 hours in the game take 24 minutes.

Is there Morning, Day, Night?
Yes, morning last 6 minutes, day last 10 minutes and night last 8 minutes.

Do different Pokemon come out at different times?
Yes, a good example is Hoothoot. It only comes out during the night time.

I stood around in town for 24 minutes and time never changed. What gives?
Good observation skills! While you are indoors and in towns time will stand still. Time will only move forward in areas with wild Pokemon roam.

Does the game save the time that I'm in?
Yes, the game saves the exact time that you are in, when you log back in you will be right back at that time.

Does time change during battles?
No, time does not change while battling.

Held Items:

Can Pokemon have held items like in the games?
Yes, as of v1.21 pokemon can now hold items like berries.

How do I get a held item?
There will be different ways to get them. A common way is to capture a wild pokemon that has a held item. In 1v1 mode you can purchase them. They can also be given out as mystery gifts, achievements, or quest in game.

How do I give an item to my Pokemon?
You can give an item to a pokemon before a battle on the check pokemon screen or during a battle. Note that if the pokemon is already holding an item it is currently impossible to swap that item with another mid battle.

How can I trigger a held item mid battle?
Click on the Item Icon above that pokemon's window.

Can we plant berries?
Not yet. In the future there will be a section in the Pokemon Center that will let you have your own little berry farm.

Where can I find this pokemon?
 Here is a list of all the pokemon their locations, time of day, and version. Thanks to the awesome folks at the Facebook Fan Page!


#10-Caterpie: Cherrygrove City (Story Battle), Route 30 (Morning & Day), Route 31 (Morning & Day)
#11-Metapod: Route 30 (Morning & Day), Route 31 (Morning & Day)
#13-Weedle: Cherrygrove City (Story Battle), Route 30 (Morning & Day), Route 31 (Morning & Day)
#14-Kakuna: Route 30 (Morning & Day) , Route 31 (Morning & Day)
#16-Pidgey: Route 29 (Morning & Day), Cherrygrove City (Story Battle), Route 30 (Morning & Day), Route 31 (Morning & Day), Route 32 (Morning & Day)
#19-Rattata: Route 29, Cherrygrove City (Story Battle), Route 30 (Night), Route 31 (Night), Route 46, Route 32
#21-Spearow: Route 46 (Morning & Day)
#23-Ekans: Route 32
#39-Jigglypuff: Route 46 (Morning & Day)
#41-Zubat: Dark Cave, Route 31 (Night), Route 32 (Night)
#69-Bellsprout: Route 31, Route 32
#74-Geodude: Dark Cave, Route 46
#92-Gastly: Route 31 (Night), Route 32 (Night)


#152-Chikorita: Elm's Lab in New Bark Town (Starter Pokémon)
#155-Cyndaquil: Elm's Lab in New Bark Town (Starter Pokémon)
#158-Totodile: Elm's Lab in New Bark Town (Starter Pokémon)
#161-Sentret: Route 29 (Morning & Day)
#163-Hoothoot: Route 29 (Night), Cherrygrove City (Story Battle) (Night), Route 30 (Night), Route 32 (Night)
#165-Ledyba: Route 30 (Morning), Route 31 (Morning)
#167-Spinarak: Route 30 (Night), Route 31 (Night)
#179 Mareep: Route 32
#187-Hoppip: Route 29 (Morning), Cherrygrove City (Story Battle) (Morning), Route 30 (Morning), Route 32 (Morning & Day)
#194-Wooper: Route 32 (Morning & Night)
#201- Unown: Ruins of Alph Cave
#206-Dunsparce: Dark Cave (Inside Zubat and Geodude Waves)
#231-Phanpy: Route 46 (Morning)

Pokemon Tower Defense 1:

I can't log in the game it keeps telling me the server sent a faulty response! 
Follow these steps to ensure that you can log in:
1. If you have over 500 pokemon in your account transfer some to a different account using the Pokemon Center.
2. Make sure none of your pokemon have "&" or "=" in their nickname.
3. Check the blog and twitter for any announcements having to do with the server.
4. Keep trying.
5. If none of these work then ask in the forums.

When is the game coming to the ipod/iphone/ipad?
Never, Apple doesn't allow games with Nintendo's characters in them, unless Nintendo makes the game themselves.

Where is the Mystery Gift code?
We have a code that you can find by going here.

I typed in a Mystery Gift code that I found on the forums or just tried a random number and it told me the code was used? I haven't used that code! What is the problem?
That code that you got was from somebody that paid for a code and already used it. Some codes are unique and they only work one time. All previous codes from past weeks are no longer valid.

Why don't old mystery gift codes work anymore?
The weekly codes only last for a week and sometimes I keep them up for more than a week to give more people a chance to get the gift. Once that time is over that code will not be available for use.

I hear there is a way to get a shiny starter, a shiny mew, or the legendary dogs, can I have them please?
The ONLY way to get shiny starters, shiny legendary dogs and shiny mew is by Adopting them using SnD Coins in the Pokemon Center. Click on the "Get Ninja-ja!" tab for more info.

Why can't my pokemon level over 100?
On version alpha 6.4 the level cap is set to 100 so you can't level up past that, this is the final level that you can achieve in this game.

My evolution stone doesn't work/disappeared!
Only certain pokemon evolve with stones! If you pokemon is not listed here the stone will not show up when you try to use the item on him. You still have the stone you have not lost it.
Thunder Stone -Pikachu, Eevee
Moon Stone -Nidorino, Nidorina, Clefairy, Jigglypuff
Water Stone - Poliwhirl, Staryu, Eevee, Shellder
Leaf Stone - Gloom, Weepinbell, Exeggcute
Fire Stone - Growlithe, Vulpix, Eevee

Will __________ be in this game? (Ex: Moltres, Crobat, etc)
Only first generation pokemon will be in this game. So anybody 1-151 will be in the game and you can expect them to show up at some point.

Where are the shiny pokemon?
Shiny pokemon can be found by playing any level that lets you capture pokemon, there is a 1 in 8,000 chance for a shiny pokemon to appear in that level. You can also adopt shiny pokemon in the pokemon center for SnD Coins.

Can you give me a list of all the pokemon I can catch in this game, and in what level?
 Sure thing.
Rattata - Oak's lab, Route 1, Route 2, Mt Moon 1
Pidgey - Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Cerulean Gym, Route 5, Route 8
Caterpie - Route 2, Viridian Forest, Cerulean Gym
Metapod - Viridian Forest, Viridian Forest 2, Cerulean Gym
Butterfree - Viridian Forest 2
Weedle - Route 2, Viridian Forest, Cerulean Gym
Kakuna - Viridian Forest, Viridian Forest 2, Cerulean Gym
Beedrill - Viridian Forest 2
Pikachu - Viridian Forest, Viridian Forest 2, Power Plant
Spearow - Route 3, Mt Moon 1
Nidoran Female - Route 3, Safari Zone
Nidoran Male - Route 3, Safari Zone
Jigglypuff - Route 3, Route 5
Mankey - Route 3, Mt. Moon 1, Route 8
Paras - Viridian Forest 2, Mt. Moon 2, Safari Zone
Sandshrew - Mt Moon 1, Route 8
Ekans - Mt. Moon 1, Route 8
Zubat - Mt. Moon 1, Mt. Moon 2, Rock Tunnel, Seafoam Island, Victory Road
Geodude - Mt. Moon 1, Mt. Moon 2, Rock Tunnel, Victory Road
Clefairy - Mt. Moon 1, Mt. Moon 2
Poliwag - Mt. Moon 2, Route 5, Route 19, Pallet Town
Vulpix - Mt. Moon 2, Route 5, Route 8, Cinnabar Island
Bellsprout - Mt. Moon 2, Cerulean Gym, Route 5
Growlithe - Mt. Moon 2, Route 5, Route 8, Cinnabar Island
Oddish - Mt. Moon 2, Cerulean Gym, Route 5
Abra - Cerulean Gym, Route 5
Magikarp - Cerulean Gym (with Old Rod), Route 19, Pallet Town
Jynx - Cerulean Gym (NPC trade for Poliwhirl)
Meowth - Route 5, Route 8
Farfetch'd - Vermillion City (NPC trade for Spearow)
Diglett - Diglett's Cave
Drowzee - Diglett's Cave
Mr Mime - It's a secret (NPC trade for Abra) Similar to how you get him in the original games.
Onix - Rock Tunnel, Victory Road
Machop - Rock Tunnel, Victory Road
Voltorb - Rock Tunnel, Power Plant
Eevee - Route 8
Pinsir - Buy using Casino Coins in the Game Corner, Safari Zone
Scyther - Buy using Casino Coins in the Game Corner, Safari Zone
Porygon - Buy using Casino Coins in the Game Corner
Dratini - Buy using Casino Coins in the Game Corner, Safari Zone
Gastly - Poke Tower 1
Cubone - Poke Tower 1
Snorlax - Poke Tower 2
Krabby - Route 12, Safari Zone, Seafoam Island
Tentacool - Route 12, Route 19, Pallet Town
Goldeen - Route 12, Route 19, Pallet Town
Lapras - Route 12
Hitmonlee - Saffron Dojo
Hitmonchan - Saffron Dojo
Venonat - Route 15, Safari Zone
Ditto - Route 15
Shellder - Vermillion City (with Super Rod), Route 19, Pallet Town, Seafoam Island
Psyduck - Cerulean Gym (with Super Rod), Safari Zone, Seafoam Island
Nidorino - Safari Zone
Nidorina - Safari Zone
Exeggcute - Safari Zone
Parasect - Safari Zone
Doduo - Safari Zone
Venomoth - Safari Zone, Victory Road
Rhyhorn - Safari Zone
Chansey - Safari Zone
Kangaskhan - Safari Zone
Tauros - Safari Zone
Slowpoke - Safari Zon, Seafoam Island
Horsea - Route 19, Pallet Town, Seafoam Island
Staryu - Route 19, Pallet Town, Seafoam Island
Magmar - Cinnabar Island
Koffing - Cinnabar Island
Weezing - Cinnabar Island
Grimer - Cinnabar Island
Muk - Cinnabar Island
Ponyta - Cinnabar Island
Omanyte - Cinnabar Island
Kabuto - Cinnabar Island
Aerodactyl - Cinnabar Island (Beat without losing candy)
Raticate - Pallet Town
Pidgeot - Pallet Town
Tangela - Pallet Town
Lickitung - Viridian Ending (NPC trade for Slowbro)
Magnemite - Power Plant
Magneton - Power Plant
Raichu - Power Plant
Electabuzz - Power Plant 
Zapdos - Power Plant (Beat using certain pokemon to receive him)
Seel - Seafoam Island
Dewgong - Seafoam Island
Golduck - Seafoam Island
Slowbro - Seafoam Island
Kingler - Seafoam Island
Seadra - Seafoam Island
Articuno - Seafoam Island (Beat using certain pokemon to receive him)
Graveler - Victory Road
Machoke - Victory Road
Marowak - Victory Road
Moltres - Victory Road (Beat using certain pokemon to receive him)

When I beat the last of the Elite 4 my screen goes black, how can I fix this?
I haven't been able to properly fix the error but there is a fix for this problem. You can find it on the Pokemon Center, there will be a link for Elite 4 Fix, click that and it will unlock the champion level for you.

What is STAB and is it calculated in this game?
STAB is a bonus that an attack gets when the attack and the pokemon using the attack share the same type. Yes, STAB is calculated in this game using the same amount as the real game. Attacks will be multiplied by x1.5.

How do I get Flash HM?
Use Cut on Route 2 (place your pokemon with cut near the bush and you will see the bush being cut) beat the level and then don't skip the ending of the level.