PTD: Level 5 is out!

UPDATE: I updated the level and had to run out, so I forgot to include a couple of things. 
  1. Onix is spelled correctly :)
  2. You don't get the badge in this level, you will get the aftermath of this event on the next level (you aren't done in pewter just yet, there's a nice little museum there)
  3. Sandshrew and Geodude are the only pokemon used in one of the versions of the game (FireRed/LeafGreen) so I went with that.
  4. I was trying to get the update out quickly so my bad on the typo, will fix for next update (nobody wants to download a whole new build just for a simple typo)
  5. The "movie scene" is done so that you always lose a pokemon, so even if you bring one, the game will take that away. First it looks for a starter, then it looks for anybody else.
  6. Thunder wave should not work on ground pokemon, that is a mistake on my side.
  7. The fight will be a lot easier if you have all your pokemon at a high level, I didn't want to balance it around the fact that you would have 5 lvl 10s, since somebody that will play the game won't have that when there are more levels and they don't have to stop and repeat levels.
  8. The fight will be easy also if you use good strategy, like using tail whip, string shot, bite, it's meant to reward you if you do things like that.
Keep the feedback rolling, I will probably get a good amount of grammatical errors and spelling errors, I apologies in advance for that.

Did anybody think the level was tough?

A new update is out for Pokemon Tower Defense it includes:
  • Level 5 - First Gym Battle
  • Releasing Pokemon
  • New Party Select Screen (Uses Dragging instead of tapping)
  • Bug fixes that you guys pointed out:
    • Being able to place a pokemon out in random spots.
    •  Pokemon trying to learn a move that they already know.
Also just letting you guys know that this update doesn't increase the level cap, and that you can't catch any new pokemon in this level.

Enjoy, and as always let me know what you think! Good luck against Brock :)


  1. Great game man! I'm loving it! I just wish I could zoom out a bit, especially in the viridian forest level. Great job though this game is legit!

  2. Awesome! As soon as I saw this post I immediately went and downloaded the update. Honestly, the game probably has less than an hour of legit gametime at the moment since it's pretty new... and yet somehow I've spent at least like 5-10 hours playing it cause it's just so fun.

    And I'm liking the storyline too, everything that happened in this update was completely unexpected, I'm excited to see where this story goes.

  3. I am in love with this game. It's my favorite App on my Droid, and I always find myself waiting for new updates. This game is incredible, and I want to thank you for bringing such an awesome game to us~
    Keep up the awesome work!
    - Jay

  4. This has become my new favorite app. Im addicted. I spent an hour and a half leveling all my pokemon up to lvl 10. cant wait for the next update!

  5. Thank you so much!! (:
    best app EVER. You're amazing.
    By far my favorite app, and I look forward to future updates. :D

  6. Dialogue error when you encounter Brock. Joey says "...Watch our for his Onix" instead of "Watch out." (:

  7. The gym battle was interesting, but could have maybe been a bit more challenging. Also, when we win we don't get a badge. Will that be next update? also, I thought you said electric want going to work on rock? It has also never effected ground types like sandshrew but thunder wave effected both, making the boss fight much easier. I'm sure if you fixed this then the boss fight will become appropriately hard.

  8. Josh Ninja'd me, but I was about to say it; we don't get a gym badge.

    But still, much appreciated update!

  9. Hi there, just found your game today and saw the update. Quick heads-up; it doesn't look like your Pokemon box will scroll/slide over if you have more Pokemon than the box can display.

  10. Good update, but a few things:

    You spelled "Onyx" as Onix
    No Gym Badge

    Other than that, I still love this game, and it's still my favorite game for Android!

  11. Lol. U made a typo it says "watch our for his onix" should say "watch out"

  12. Yay for updates! That said:

    I concur with Joshua that perhaps the gym battle was perhaps a little bit too easy. Just a little, because of the aforementioned thunder wave. Even without Thunder Wave, a team of Pikachu (Tail Whip), Rattata (Bite), Pidgey (Gust), and Butterfree (Confusion) were able to pretty much dominate the gym. If the gym was larger and more spread out or the waves came in quicker intervals, it might be harder.

    Rock: Electric 1x
    Ground: Electric 0x (There's a difference!)

    The selection of Sandshrew and Geodude weren't necessarily bad choices, but variation would be interesting, as 9 waves of the same pokemon are a little iffy (Rhyhorn, Kabuto, Omanyte are other options?)

    Also, if you choose not to bring your starter into the gym battle, another random pokemon will be taken. Was this intended?

    There are little bits of grammar here and there, but unless you would prefer a paragraph of fixes, I'll leave them out.

    One last thing: If you beat Brock at the end and presumably save him from being controlled by Team Rocket, shouldn't you have to fight the rockets as well? And then he'll give some text at the end after you beat them thanking you and giving you the badge and TM, etc, etc.

    That's the impression I got from reading the text.

    Ah, one last thing: During the gym battle, if you try and place a pokemon while the rocks are still up, but a few seconds after they have fallen, you lose that pokemon. Intended?

  13. Even without thunder wave there would be string shot. I just brought 6 Butterflies and confusion spammed. :D
    Also, they (team rocket) seem to take whatever pokemon is in the first slot.

  14. And @gemstone: the rockets were referring to him (Brock) as 'boss', and he had planned on disposing of them anyway, after onyx had eaten the candies and he had the pokemon. I do not think he was ever under mind control.

  15. It wasn't necessarily mind control, but control under other ways, like threatening to harm all his brothers and sisters (Yes, I remember that. >>)

    That said, there should still have been a bit of dialogue at the end of the battle outlining it, unless he's not to appear good just yet.

  16. @ gemstone i'm almost one hundred percent positive that in the first generation electric didn't affect rock either

  17. However, if he is doing an up to date pokemon version of kanto (which thinking for a moment makes complete sense) then yes electric is 1x against rock.

  18. I love the game so far I love just getting the next update just to play more. I can't wait to play more with future updates. Keep up the awesome work although on the new gym lvl you made it to where even if you leave a pokemon off of your team for that spot of your first pick to disappear it will take another spot from your team. if you only went in the match with 5 instead of your normal 6 it takes it to 4. I just know me I would go into a match not thinking and it was slightly annoying. Still loving it tho. Keep up the amazing work

  19. Also I would like to point out that everyone is trying to get this game to either fallow the anime or gamefreak versions of pokemon. Granted they were great and all but I would like to say in either you weren't stopping rockets at oaks lab with rare candy being what they were after or any of that. The game is taking a twist on pokemon I love it. It's a whole new adventure so of course it will be different. If you wanted the old games go download an emulator and the games roms or break out the old GBC/GBA. anyways just wanted to say enjoying your version of a pokemon story line.

  20. Answer time!

    @Nery - Zooming is tricky right now, but I will put it on my list for later.

    @Peter - This new storage won't be drag-able like the old one, this will have arrows that you press to view a second page.

    @Gemstone - I will check out about putting your pokemon while the rocks already fell, but other than that I tried to answer your other questions on the main post so other people can see them.

    You will deal with Team Rocket, and getting the badge etc in the next level.

    @Cameron - I'm glad you are enjoying the story :), also about the taking pokemon away it would be weird if you bring 5 and the story says they took one of your pokemon and you still have 5 when you start, so I made it so it always takes one.

  21. I think the level was only around as tricky as Viridian Forest. It could be a LITTLE harder.
    Level 16 cap please? I REALLY WANT AN IVYSAUR (:

  22. One other little thing in reference to stat-modifying moves: Is it additive? Some moves like Focus Energy only need to be used once, but if you have an army of caterpie string shotting an onix, is the speed reduction cumulative?

    An aesthetic comment: Assuming multiple levels within a city or a route, would it be better to click on the level and then choose what part of the level one would do?

    For example, tapping on Pewter City would open up a sub-menu, with Brock's Gym and the Museum? each as separate choices. In this way, when there are lots and lots of levels, it'll be easier to go through.

    Also, a comment on gameplay: Would it be feasible to have past gyms increase in difficulty as the storyline progresses, if you wanted to train/battle them for fun/rewards? Rematches could be interesting... Just stick it in the gigantic pile of ideas everyone has sent you. xD

  23. Please add a feature of the save screen to show what version each save is... all u gotta do is color one red and one blue. .. I'm playing w files, so I'd like to know which is which besiides having to change the name... btw what r the version differences?

  24. Tried this game tonight, got instantly addicted. An instant classic. Just a few things of note, using a Galaxy S Vibrant, if I set up a good strategy, eg: in Pewgter Gym, the game/app doesn't disable the phone's auto screensaver/turn-the-screen-off-annoyingly function. If it could do that, it would be awesome. Also, a bit of a tutorial would be nice, took a while to figure out some of the subtle nuances of the game. Other than that, totally awesome. Can't wait for future updates, keep em rolling!

  25. Yo I was just re-playing the new level for like the 7th time in my pokemon franchise filled room and realized you should throw a disclaimer or some shit up on the game (or try to get legal rights and possible funding) in case they try to sue you or some shit. The games gotten allllot biger since you started dogging the new levels. Just trying to look out for you bro. I love your game lol

  26. I agree with Paul, just throw a disclaimer up and I think you should be fine. Especially since there are people who create their own pokemon games. Hey, question... have you ever considered making a hack of a pokemon game? Just curious.

  27. I'm sure I could get used to it eventually but right now I don't like how I can't wander around like in the real game. Create a person that can be controlled and just have battle and cut scenes in the current format. I quickly lost interest in this.

  28. Add in Lugia or have a legendary pokemon battle (lugia vs mewtwo) (mew vs mewtwo) just like the movie and your guy turns to stone u could make it to be ur friend turns to stone and the bad guys are trying to steal ur friend and break him and u have to save him that would be amazing. I think if u where to add that it would be the best game me and everyone else have ever played on our phones. And thanks for the game its amazing already.

  29. Hey, awesome game. Easily my new favorite app after 5 minutes of gameplay. I can't wait for more levels to come out, so keep up the great work!

  30. U should be able to get pokemon over level ten. I just got the app so I don't know how often updates come but I hope they come quickly. I finished it pretty quickly but besides that it was awesome.

  31. Great game! I was wondering if you could make it so we could organize the Pokemon on the select screen. Thanks!

  32. @Gemstone - string shot/thunder wave or any stat reduction moves won't stack, but they do give out the maximum value in one hit, before I had it that you had to hit somebody 6 times before you max out (just like the game) but it was annoying watching your pokemon just slow one guy down while the other passed by.

    The level select menu is going to be updated to be more user friend I will keep your suggestion in mind.

    Coming back to gyms and getting a rematch is something that would be awesome, and I would love to do at some point.

    @Ninjitsu500 - Thanks for reminding me, I wanted the profiles to have different colors so you would know which one had which version. The only difference right now is which bugs show up in route 2 and viridian forest, but any difference that the red/blue version of the game had you can expect those to be in this game also.

    @Justin - It's funny you should mention is because I set the app to ask for the permission to keeping the system on yet I never implemented it, keeping your phone on while playing will be added for the next update.

    @Paul - Thanks man, I will see what I can do!

    @Bryan - Hacks are a pain in the butt to do, I don't have as much freedom as I do in Flash.

    @ofmyqueendom - I'm sorry you feel that way, it is called pokemon tower defense. I've been trying to think of a level that you can kinda roam a little but as far as walking around this game probably won't have that.

    @Matt - Probably won't have what you mentioned exactly, since its really close to the first movie. But I do want to have cutscenes with epic battles, maybe some with Ash battling :)

    @Bryan - Thanks man!

    @Nicola's son - Thanks!

    @Anonymous - Yea the storage area is very messy right now, it needs a lot of work.

  33. What was thee point to mewtwo showing up? Is he going to play a major role in the game?

  34. @Anonymous - I know that mewtwo kinda left quickly, he has some business to handle. He will have a major role in the game :) he will be back.

  35. This game is awesome. I see sucsses in the future. I also see jhoto,hoenn,shino,and the newer generation in the future. But mabey I'm getting a little a head of my self first I need the badge then the future anybody agree with me

  36. Y couldn't I use my starting pokemon like charmander or bulbusar and squirtle on the gym battle. I love the game though keep it up

  37. I saw that u are putting in a poke mart are u going to do what I suggested having defeated pokemon drop items such as x attack or a pokemon egg...............i have to change my name because there is another matt

  38. In the regular pokemon games, preventing evolution would cause the pokemon to level up faster and learn moves faster as well. Is that going to be true in this game as well?
    Random idea: when a pokemart is opened, we could buy new balls as well (great ball, ultra ball, etc.) They could catch pokemon that have higher HP, but you have a limited number.

  39. How come I cant get pikachu :( otherwise a really awesoome game

  40. Can someone explain to me how they have pikachus? I thought you can't catch them in viridian forest?

  41. Daniel, you just can't catch the last 3.
    Regular Pikachus do appear in the level, but they are rare. Just keep doing it, and be on the lookout! (:

  42. I love dis game, waiting for the next update is killing, make dis cooler by the day and then for sure, dis would be the best app eva

  43. Good job on this game! Keep up the updates!

    A few suggestions :

    -have an option to keep the screen alive, so it doesn't shut off from the system timer.
    -put a zoom in/out button, or a pinch in/out for zooming. It would help greatly.
    -I'm pretty sure as the updates go on, the game will be more optimized and more smooth, as it's a bit choppy on scrolling.
    - I'm sure this is going to come, but I'd like the pokemon to be more than lvl 10, haha. :D

  44. Siege waves in combination with actual waves would be another good idea, as it would actually make use of all the non-offensive moves each pokemon has.

    Also, for the movesets. I know it's the original 151, but are you using the 3rd (Fire Red), 4th(Heart Gold), or 5th generation movesets(Black)? Just curious what kinds of moves we can expect to see.

  45. Pewter gym seemed easy. Lower the amount of pokeballs in it?
    There is a gltch on the pewter gym level where your first slot pokemon won't be able to be chosen as a "tower" or at all.
    Also, can you make it so you can catch every pokemon in every level after the first time you played it?

  46. I must say, stumbled upon this game and it is awesome.

    I love it.

    As for the difficulty of the game, I must say it's not too terrible hard.

    The Pewter Gym was a bit of a challenge, I thought I was going to be using my Charmander, but I didn't realize that I should have used Tail Whip/String Shot to help out all the normal attacks I was using. I didn't really think about it until the third failure on that level.

    I did think that the levels are a bit small. They were over pretty fast, and I thought there would be more Pokemon per wave/overall.

    Just a side note, I don't really see anything glaringly wrong with PTD. I can't think of any of way to phrase it. Maybe minor inconveniences.

    Suggestions/Problems for the next update:


    Possibly a PokeDex with the Pokemon that have been caught? Even a checklist would be fine.

    -Capturing Wild Pokemon

    After cranking up the levels on my team, I am having a hard time keeping the wild ones alive long enough for me to whip out the PokeBall. Even with low level attacks, I still knock them around a little too much.

    -Add a feature to extend the screen timeout.

    Especially on the Viridian Forest level. Once I get my team out there, I don't need to touch the screen as much. Having to keep tapping the screen/waking my phone is a bit annoying. Not terribly important, but just something to think about.

    -Grammar stuff

    I haven't looked at all of the other comments from the site, but I have noticed some spelling/grammatical issues. I only noticed an error or so with capitalization.

    -Dragging Pokemon into place

    I'm not sure if this is just me, but when placing Pokemon/towers, whatever you want to call them, I have issues placing them quickly. The 'snap in place' I guess, I have trouble adjusting to. I know you need to center it before it will stick, but I guess I'm getting too lazy with my Swype function.

    -Zoom in/out

    Pinch/tap to zoom in/out. Gotta love this feature though. I'd like to see the entire screen on some of the larger levels if they are released. That's how I like the tower defense games.


    I'm not really sure how this would really work, but I feel like X-Attack or X-Speed or something like that would be a nice addition. After playing with some of my 'worse' Pokemon on some of the levels, they can't really handle the load

    I was looking for some things that could use some work, and I noticed that each button changes with whatever Pokemon is located on the button. Awesome!

    I do realize that my comment seems to just point out the problems, but that wasn't my intention at all.

    This is already a really good game, and I do hope that it will continue to be successful.

  47. Enjoying the game quite a bit, the only serious problem I've noticed is wrong type match-ups - for example, Thundershock having no effect on rock type Geodude.

    I don't mean to question your Pokemon fanhood (after all this tribute to the series is a great idea), but you should double check all the types to make sure they're correct.

    Other than that, some bigger levels with zoom-out options would be nice. Keep up the good work!

  48. @Anonymous (post above mine) - The reason Thundershock has no effect on Geodude is because he is both rock and ground. I do make mistakes every once is a while, but this time I was right :)

  49. Love the game did a good job ....I just want the next update so I could keep playing .

  50. I'm loving this update. I'm liking the fact that we can now release pokemon. I like how there's a little twist at the end of the battle where if you don't remove your pokemon from the field, they get eliminated. It adds some fun action to the game. And it's also great that we can't catch the gym pokemon lol. The storyline has been very fun so far, great job on that. Keep the great updates coming! Can't wait for the level cap to be raised.

  51. Definitely add a zoom out function! Wish I could view the field all at once, but alas. Otherwise, this game is fabulous, I love it! Can't wait for more updates!

  52. Loving the game, but one thing I have noticed that once a candy has been picked up then dropped pokemon will pick up it again when they arent even close

  53. If the level cap is 10 how do we evolve our starting Pokemon. For example, squirtle into a warturtle. Or charmander into charmelion. Into a charizard???

  54. In the first level (after the lab), there is grass in the darkness to the left. Also, the trees being all over the place (and grass) take away from the feel from the real games (just a thought).

    Anyway, would you ever need help with even graphical improvements? Such as buttons and whatnot staying in the pixelized theme of the game and losing the gradient buttons made within flash. OH, and make the moves, such as Bite be made with pixels rather than smooth edged out of place-ness within the actual level.

    Anyway, I am at about an [8] right now, but I love your game. Keep up the good work.

  55. Sam have downloaded this game from the begining and I have to say ur work is amazing keep up the good work I don't have very many complaints just that the gym battle is a little easy had no problems killing anything other then that ur games great and hope it brings some money to u! Keep up the good work and if u put more time ull get more downloads update quickly plz so I can play more lol

  56. What is the difference between red and blue versions? I thought they were exactly the same.

  57. I just had a thought maybe if a pikemin that stole a candy but died maybe when it copied the candy 1 of the players pokemon would bring it back or it would go after a while on its own......and I found the gym challenging

  58. Wish ppl would read seems like I keep seeing the same questions being asked... also I noticed that harden and defense down from tail whip seem to like stack? Shouldn't they cancel each other out?

  59. Just want to say great APP, it definetley brings back memories from when I used to play on GameBoy. Also, before I go, can you make an option to edit our pokemon's names..... Thanks and again great job...

  60. Best game on the Android market! Please keep updating!

  61. keep the updates and levels rolling please because this is the only game on the android market i will keep coming back to, keep up the good work and you have loads of followers so you know your doing a good thing and everyones excited for what to come ;) Cam

  62. With my pokemon at max levels I still can't beet the gym (ihave 6) and it won't let me use charmander my 1st pokemon so I get stuck with 5 vs a gym it is impossible to beet

  63. This is an amazing game but no level cap please

  64. Why can't I seem to use my 1st pokemon either I also have a charmander Jake has a good point . The level cap is annoying too

  65. The game won't let me catch a pikachu there a reason why?

  66. I hate the level cap and i cant use my squirtel vs brock either.

  67. easiest way to beat brock is a beedrill with 2 butterfrees and whatever other 2 you want (obviously not your starter which is painful xD) then hae beedrill in the middle of the entry aisle and the butterfrees otherside of him using confusion as beedrill uses string shot to slow then down, then when they warn you about onyx drah all your pokemon to a space they cant be placed so they go back to their pokeballs and then drag them back out when the rock fall finishes :D

  68. I don't get it when I have beaten all of the geodude and sandshrew and then the onyx come after the poke balls I can't do anything why is this or this coming up in the next update and when is the next update and this also by far the best game on my nexus one and will be for a while :)

  69. How do you get the update?

  70. Loved the battle in the first gym to be tougher, as in a normal game. Being the first, it required a bit of strategy, but just a bit! Love this game, it may turn into a niche legend, so keep up with the extremely good work, and if your motivation will ever drop, just turn to us and we'l support you as we love your work!

  71. LOL Imagine Magikarp and this bug combined!

    Magikarp learned Splash!

    Magikarp learned Splash!

    Magikarp learned Splash!

    Magikarp is trying to learn the move Splash, but it already has 4 moves. Delete a move to learn Splash?



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