A new story direction!


Let's get right to it! But first...
Baby Update A little bit less than a month is left before Caleb is born, we are very excited we have all the things ready for him and can't wait! A new story direction! When playing games I have found that personally for me having a story makes me more likely to finish a game. Even if the game wasn't that good, if I got invested in the story (even if wasn't that good) I felt more compelled to finish it. 
This was the reason I choose to add a story element to PTD. I notice no tower defense games had a big story and I thought it would be a great addition.
So naturally for Cosmoids TD I also wanted to have a story. Originally I envisioned Cosmoids as something very similar to Pokemon. Over the years I've thought about the origin story of Cosmoids and it has changed here and there but some of the same elements have remained the same.
The story started with a powerful alien being known as the Wishmaker that encounters a you…

The power of feedback and more changes! plus PTD3 Mystery Gift!

The power of feedback So last week I released the first prototype for you to play with and take a look at how my initial ideas for Cosmoids TD have been taking shape. While I didn't get a huge amount of feedback, I did get some key ones that will actually impact and change the game.
The change I'm going to make is that instead of having your Avatar have to go to spots to place the cosmoids. The cosmoids will instead go from the Avatar to their spots. So the speed at which your units will move to and from spots will always be based on your cosmoids speed. This always allows you to quickly place your units on the map, instead of having to wait for your avatar.
However, even though your avatar will no longer be moving to place cosmoids I still plan to have your avatar move for things like healing or buffing your cosmoids. More changes Lately I've been focusing on how Cosmoids TD will be different from the PTD series. It's a mix of seeing what worked and what didn…

Basic Prototype Completed! What's next?

Greeting trainers!

I'm glad to announced that I have completed the first prototype! Huzzah! I've embedded the prototype below and as you will soon find out, there isn't much to do at all beside placing your cosmoids into different spots and moving them around.

You can do that by click on the orange spots and selecting pressing one of the 6 buttons. Once the Cosmoids are weak with the red bar you can click on them to "Capture" them. Also if you hover your mouse towards the bottom of the prototype you can full screen the game to get a better view of the characters.

So we have the most basic idea of our game here, it may not look like much but a lot of thought went into everything you see there. It's pretty mind blogging to see the big AAA games out there when you think about every little decisions they have to make. Everything you see in a game or a movie was something somebody thought about and wanted to be there. Nothing is be chance.

An example of this is w…

Path to Prototype: Changing it up

Hi again!

Welcome to the Cosmoids TD weekly update. Last week we talked about creating a game and how you should create a prototype to test out your ideas for the game.
This past week I've been chopping away at the different task I had set up for our first prototype and while I didn't get to finish the whole list I was happy with my progress.
It's been my experience when developing games that momentum is your biggest friend. Even if you can't spend that much time working on something just by getting even the simplest of task done can fuel you to complete the next one and then the next one.
Another thing I have learned is that you can't be hard on yourself when you don't complete all your task or when you don't even get any done at all. I believe you should be satisfied with what you could get done or couldn't get done, however, you should learn from your experiences.

For example, if I'm not happy that I couldn't finish my task instead of being m…

Path to Cosmoids TD Prototype

Hello again,

With Cosmoids TD I want to return to writing weekly blog post to give you a glimpse of the development process. So here we go.

The first step of making a game is to choose a genre or multiple genres that you want your game to be. For Cosmoids TD that genre is obviously Tower Defense with a mix of "Pokemon" which is a Role Playing Game.

This provides a sort of guideline for building your game. After you have figured this out you can have a good idea of what are the different components that your game will need. These components will be a part of your first prototype.

Your first prototype should give you an early glimpse of how your game will play. At this point you shouldn't care too much about graphics since you are still figuring out the controls and feel that you want.

So here are the first items I have for the Cosmoid TD Prototype and my progress on them:

Create new project in Unity (100% Completed)Create Player Avatar Graphic (100% Completed)Put Player Av…

The path to a new Journey!

Hi everyone,

It's been over a year since my last blog post and I have to admit it feels a little weird, and nerve wracking, but at the same time exciting. So much has happened between then and now that changed and in some way liberated me. So I wanted to share some of that with all of you as well as talk about this new journey that I want to take. So let's get started!

I'm not one to tell a long story so I will cut this pretty short. In the middle of last year I had some medical complications that restricted me from sitting down for long periods of time, and that really impacted the amount of time I could work on games. It was a frustrating period as my full time job is also programming and so that required a lot of sitting. (A standing desk was not an option at the time for my office but has since become an option.)

After trying many solutions that didn't end up working, I ended up getting an out patient surgery that solved my problem. I was relieved and was ready to…

New changes to Elemental Pokemon

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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I did a new blog post but I really wanted to talk about the changes I did for Elemental Pokemon for this new update.
Since PTD3 came out there has been a lot of confusion around Elemental Pokemon and how they work. They way they previously worked (prior to version 1.19) is that the pokemon would lose its type and become the type of the elemental. With this new change the pokemon will keep its typing but instead add the new elemental type.
Here you can see a Water elemental Geodudce now has three types instead of just being Water A cool ad…