Meet the Cosmoids: Vol 2 Buffaflow

Hi friend! Welcome to another installment of Meet the Cosmoids!
If you don't know, Cosmoids is the next game I'm working on. It is a spiritual successor to the Pokemon Tower Defense series and it feature 15 new characters called Cosmoids. They are similar to Pokemon but they are more human like, they wear clothes, use tools and weapons, can use magic and have a shared language this is common to many races in the known universe. 
Vol 2. Buffaflow This series of blogs will spotlight all the Cosmoids, this week we will showcase Buffaflow, the gentle giant!
Buffaflow is single minded and generally peaceful Cosmoids, that is until an ally suffers unjustly. It feels incredible guilt over not being able to stop the great fire, he now dedicates his life to atone for what he feels is his greatest mistake.
I asked our artist, Marie, how she would describe Buffalow and she wrote me this: The water bull is a gentle and peaceful race, as they have water as the center of their culture. Like…

Meet the Cosmoids: Vol 1. Chameleaf

Hi friend! It's been quite a while since the last post but I have been working in the background on the game, coming up with Cosmoids designs and working with Marie on the concept art. The initial version of Cosmoids TD will include 15 unique Cosmoids. (The plan is to add more and we will be doing a Kickstarter at some point to get funding for more.)

This series will introduce the 15 Cosmoids and give some details about their roles and types. We will also cover other parts of the game.
Vol 1. Chameleaf The first Cosmoids I will cover is a familiar one. Our friend Chameleaf!
Chameleaf used to live in a tree hut in a lush magical forest. Due to the long drought a fire broke out on the forest and Chameleaf was separated from her family. She was forced to live the life of a nomad. Being able to adapt to any environment Chameleaf roams the land looking for her lost family.
Types and Roles Cosmoids have types, similar to Pokemon. We have Plant, Water, Fire, Electric, Stone, Light and Sh…

Animations and working with freelancers

Hi everyone! It's been a little bit since my last blog post but I don't plan on taking 6 month between post like before... Having a kid takes up a lot of your time but he is 6 months old and it gets easier and I'm able to work on the blog and on the game.

The good news is that I've been working with some freelance artist and mainly that is just communicating back and forth so I'm able to do it quickly and on the go.

Working with an artist, one of the most important things to do is make sure you are on the same page and communication is key for this.

So what I want to do is show you some of the process that I went through with my artist to create Hyena's death animation. Here is the final result.

It all started with my artist suggesting that the Hyena's hair should turn brown when he dies to symbolize that his fire has gone out. I totally loved this idea, it reminded me of when a super saiyan is defeated, they go from blonde hair to black.

After this I broug…

Cosmoids TD - A reintroduction

Hi all!
Happy 2019! The last 5 months have been a blur! Having a baby is serious business and takes a lot of time. But we love our baby Caleb and wouldn't change anything for the world.
It's been so long that I wanted to start fresh. I wanted to reintroduce myself. So..
Hi, my name is Samuel Otero and I'm a game developer by night, by day I'm a Software Developer, Husband, Father, Friend, Brother, Son.. everything.. and once upon a time I made a game called Pokemon Tower Defense, which you might have heard of.. (okay it's the real reason why you are here, who are we kidding!) and a lot of things happened and now we are here and I'm making a game called Cosmoids TD.
Very similarly to Pokemon Tower Defense (PTD), Cosmoids TD is a Tower Defense Game with Creature Collecting elements mixed in, let's just called it a Creature Collecting Tower Defense. In this game you play as the Wishmaker.
The Wishmaker is the prince of the Makers, an immortal race that create …

A new story direction!


Let's get right to it! But first...
Baby Update A little bit less than a month is left before Caleb is born, we are very excited we have all the things ready for him and can't wait! A new story direction! When playing games I have found that personally for me having a story makes me more likely to finish a game. Even if the game wasn't that good, if I got invested in the story (even if wasn't that good) I felt more compelled to finish it. 
This was the reason I choose to add a story element to PTD. I notice no tower defense games had a big story and I thought it would be a great addition.
So naturally for Cosmoids TD I also wanted to have a story. Originally I envisioned Cosmoids as something very similar to Pokemon. Over the years I've thought about the origin story of Cosmoids and it has changed here and there but some of the same elements have remained the same.
The story started with a powerful alien being known as the Wishmaker that encounters a you…

The power of feedback and more changes! plus PTD3 Mystery Gift!

The power of feedback So last week I released the first prototype for you to play with and take a look at how my initial ideas for Cosmoids TD have been taking shape. While I didn't get a huge amount of feedback, I did get some key ones that will actually impact and change the game.
The change I'm going to make is that instead of having your Avatar have to go to spots to place the cosmoids. The cosmoids will instead go from the Avatar to their spots. So the speed at which your units will move to and from spots will always be based on your cosmoids speed. This always allows you to quickly place your units on the map, instead of having to wait for your avatar.
However, even though your avatar will no longer be moving to place cosmoids I still plan to have your avatar move for things like healing or buffing your cosmoids. More changes Lately I've been focusing on how Cosmoids TD will be different from the PTD series. It's a mix of seeing what worked and what didn…

Basic Prototype Completed! What's next?

Greeting trainers!

I'm glad to announced that I have completed the first prototype! Huzzah! I've embedded the prototype below and as you will soon find out, there isn't much to do at all beside placing your cosmoids into different spots and moving them around.

You can do that by click on the orange spots and selecting pressing one of the 6 buttons. Once the Cosmoids are weak with the red bar you can click on them to "Capture" them. Also if you hover your mouse towards the bottom of the prototype you can full screen the game to get a better view of the characters.

So we have the most basic idea of our game here, it may not look like much but a lot of thought went into everything you see there. It's pretty mind blogging to see the big AAA games out there when you think about every little decisions they have to make. Everything you see in a game or a movie was something somebody thought about and wanted to be there. Nothing is be chance.

An example of this is w…