Meet the Cosmoids: Vol 1. Chameleaf

Hi friend! It's been quite a while since the last post but I have been working in the background on the game, coming up with Cosmoids designs and working with Marie on the concept art. The initial version of Cosmoids TD will include 15 unique Cosmoids. (The plan is to add more and we will be doing a Kickstarter at some point to get funding for more.)

This series will introduce the 15 Cosmoids and give some details about their roles and types. We will also cover other parts of the game.

Vol 1. Chameleaf

The first Cosmoids I will cover is a familiar one. Our friend Chameleaf!
Plant Cosmoids Chameleaf
Chameleaf used to live in a tree hut in a lush magical forest. Due to the long drought a fire broke out on the forest and Chameleaf was separated from her family. She was forced to live the life of a nomad. Being able to adapt to any environment Chameleaf roams the land looking for her lost family.

Types and Roles

Cosmoids have types, similar to Pokemon. We have Plant, Water, Fire, Electric, Stone, Light and Shadow types. Also like Pokemon types have advantages and disadvantages to each other.

Chameleaf is a Plant type Cosmoids. Plant types are strong against: Water, Light, Electric and weak against: Fire, Shadow, Stone.

Chameleaf in-game

Cosmoids have certain  roles that they specialize in and we have 4 roles: Damage, Healer, Tank and Utility. Each Cosmoids has a primary role and a secondary role. Their primary roles are tied with their type and their secondary can be any of the other roles.

Plant type's primary role is Utility. Utility role units will be able to weaken enemies and enhance allies.

In Chameleaf's case her secondary role is Damage. Magical damage in the form of powerful spells and poison debuffs.

Chameleaf  dealing damage

She is able to poison her enemies, dealing damage over time. Also most of her attacks will deal more damage if the enemy is already poisoned.

She might be small but she can quickly poison her enemies and start blasting them out of existence!

I hope you likes this edition of Meet the Cosmoids, please let me know what you think, do you want to see more of these and what information would you like to know about the comoids?

Thanks and see you next time!


  1. Replies
    1. Sam in Pokemon tower defense 2 there in no way to beat surge can you please fix it.

  2. I like it. Interesting character design, fairly simple.

  3. Hey, glad to see you kept your promise about not waiting 6 months between blog posts. 5 months totally counts ;)

    It's looking pretty fun. Are you going to give every Cosmoid a small back story like Chameleaf?
    Will this backstory have an actual impact on the game as well? Like side quests to find his family?
    Chameleaf's story also seems rather unique, does that mean we can only acquire one Chameleaf? Or will there be more Chameleafs who have lost their homes. Or does each one have a slightly different back story.
    0_o Gah, so many questions regarding the story and lore of the game (I love good lore in a videogame).

    I see you also created the typing and role mechanics for the Cosmoids. Does this mean you got the battle system pretty much figured out at this point? Or are there still changes you're considering?

    What's the current plan with the kick-starter? Through what channels will you do it?

    Anyhow, keep up the good work. It looks pretty good.

    1. I hope the next one will be sooner than 5 months!

      I do want to give everyone some kind of back story. I didn't think of incorporating side quest but that sounds like something that could be fun and interesting!

      I think it might be more fun if you can get more than one but they probably won't all have unique backstories. It's a little tricky to pull off and possibly expensive. You can also give them all a different backstory in your mind! I do understand what you mean where it's weird if you can add the same character to your party multiple times when they are more unique.

      I do want to give everything some kind of back story/lore feel but in the end the story will be pretty straight forward as I'm not the best writer haha. It goes pretty deep though, especially the wishmaker's origins and maybe future titles if I get to make them. It can basically go in a lot of directions. Feedback is always welcome. :)

      I have a pretty good idea of where I want to go with the combat. Kinda have the attacks like in ptd2, where you have passive abilities (here they will be more useful), some attacks to switch while you play (leaning toward 2 instead of 4) but also having active attacks that you trigger manually like in Champions: The last defense. Will talk more specifics in another blog post.

      For the kickstarter, I will probably be asking a lowish amount so I can pay my artist sooner rather than later, I won't be asking for any programming money as I'm doing that myself as an investment, it does mean the game might take longer. If for some reason it makes a lot more then maybe I can consider working on it full time but it would have to be a ridiculous amount for that to be viable. What do you mean by channels?

      Also thanks for the amazing feedback! I would love to talk some more and if you are interested at some point send you some super early stuff to try out. Send me an email at

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    1. These will be part of a new game I'm working on called Cosmoids TD

  5. What happened to the sndgames page on Discord? I went on Discord recently and I noticed that it disappeared.

    1. Not sure, I wasn't running it. Maybe the guy running it shut it down. I will put a new one up if that's the case.

    2. Thanks for your input. By the way, I'm looking forward to playing Cosmoids. Keep it up.

    3. YAY Sam got disc! friend me! ZexalDaBeast#2487

  6. Looks cool so far. So here's my new set of strange and silly questions:

    1. Are elemental strengths and weaknesses symmetrical? I mean, for example if plant is strong against electric, does it mean that plants both deal more damage to electrics and take less? In Pokemon games it's a bit chaotic.

    2. Do Cosmoids lay eggs? Most Pokemon do, even the ones that definitely looks like mammals, is it the same for Cosmoids? Can they breed between species? Do you plan to add some kind of breeding or fusing (like in Monster Rancher or Dragon Quest Monsters) to the game?

    3. Is there gonna be any cosmodex or other bestiary?

    4. Can Cosmoids be moved around in some kind of pokeballs or summoned like summons/espers/eidolons in Final Fantasy? Or maybe they simply walk together with the main hero?

    5. Are there any normal plants and animals in that world aside for Cosmoids and if not - do people eat Cosmoids?

    6. What do Cosmoids eat?

    7. Are all of the Cosmoids based on living things or plants or are we gonna see abominations like Vanilite or Garbodor later?

    8. Do Cosmoids take less damage from attacks of the same type as theirs (plant vs plant for example)?

    1. Thanks! Will try to answer these as best as I can, I'm still figuring out a lot of it as I go so not everything is set yet and your feedback can shape a lot of the game!

      1. Yes it is, I made it be an odd number of types so it could work that way.

      2. Some Cosmoids will definitely lay eggs, will all of them do this, I have no idea! As far as breeding, it is something that would be cool to add but not sure if I will have the budget. If a Kickstarter goes good we can add that feature. I would like it to be more like creating new fusions instead of what pokemon does. Or a mixture of both.

      3. Yes, for sure there will be a way to track your collection. I believe it will be more about finding the special "shiny" versions and your gem collection. (I will talk about Gems in a future blog.)

      4. They walk together with the main hero. Less pet like, more friend like.

      5. There are no humans in the Cosmoid planet, but there are normal plants and animals.

      6. Plants and other animals, in some cases other Cosmoids.

      7. Haha most are based on animals, but some are robotic animals.

      8. Probably just regular damage but this can change.

  7. Hey so I was wondering if your discord server is just gone or if I got banned? If I did get banned I was wondering if I could get an explanation because I feel like I did my best to try to help the server improve. Thank you.

    1. I believe everybody got kicked by a hacker, I posted a new link to join again on twitter

  8. How to get red orb and blue orb in ptd 2 pls Sam help and say how to get orbs

  9. hey sam otero I hve a question um can you add a 10 chapter to ptd1 and make the 2trainer for the pokemon leguag easyier becuas it is to hard and in ptd1 can you make shines easyier to get and I beat ptd1 2 3 on other accounts on this account I beat 1and 3 plz thx you are the best love you
    and put in more mystery codes for ptd1 and add new pokes like sun and moon pokes

  10. hey sam otero I hve a question um can you add a 10 chapter to ptd1 and make the 2trainer for the pokemon leguag easyier becuas it is to hard and in ptd1 can you make shines easyier to get and I beat ptd1 2 3 on other accounts on this account I beat 1and 3 plz thx you are the best love you
    and put in more mystery codes for ptd1 and add new pokes like sun and moon pokes

    1. I don't plan on updating ptd1, mostly focused on cosmoids

  11. hey did you take the snorelax thing out in ptd1 in poketower so we cant get it no more or what

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