Meet the Cosmoids: Vol 2 Buffaflow

Hi friend! Welcome to another installment of Meet the Cosmoids!

If you don't know, Cosmoids is the next game I'm working on. It is a spiritual successor to the Pokemon Tower Defense series and it feature 15 new characters called Cosmoids. They are similar to Pokemon but they are more human like, they wear clothes, use tools and weapons, can use magic and have a shared language this is common to many races in the known universe. 

Vol 2. Buffaflow

This series of blogs will spotlight all the Cosmoids, this week we will showcase Buffaflow, the gentle giant!

Buffaflow, the water type Cosmoid
Buffaflow is single minded and generally peaceful Cosmoids, that is until an ally suffers unjustly. It feels incredible guilt over not being able to stop the great fire, he now dedicates his life to atone for what he feels is his greatest mistake.

I asked our artist, Marie, how she would describe Buffalow and she wrote me this:
The water bull is a gentle and peaceful race, as they have water as the center of their culture. Like water, they flow, heal, and protect life around them. But when fighting time comes they are as the storm, strong as big waves and destructive to things that get in their way. They have a very deep connection with plants and nature, and try to protect it at all costs.
If you played a lot of PTD2 you might recognize the name Buffaflow, in fact as you might have guessed this Cosmoids was very influenced by that original design.

Original water buffalo cosmoids family

  Basic,  Passive and Active Abilities

As Cosmoids level up they will learn different abilities. All Cosmoids will learn 2 Basic,  2Passive, and 2 Active Abilities.

Buffaflow is a Water type which is strong against: Fire, Light and Stone and weak against: Plant, Electric, and Shadow.

Water types main role is Healing so Buffaflow is primary type healer and secondary type damage. Physical damage.

Buffaflow abilities are the following:

Basic Abiltities:

Basic abilities will be like the attacks that pokemon learn. You will set the basic ability you want your Cosmoid to do and they will perform that ability against their targets.
  • Charge - A water physical damage move that can also Douse it's target.
  • Healing Orb - A healing spell that heals it's target, it can also Douse it's target.
Charge animation
Healing Orb animation
Marie did an amazing job on these animations, right?!

Active Abilities:

Active Abilities are abilities will long cooldowns that need to be used manually by you the player. Some you will have to target a cosmoids or target a location in the level, some you just activate. Let's see what are Buffaflow's active abilities.
  • Rain Shower - target a location, rain will fall on that location, healing allies and dousing any unit hit by the rain. 
  • Hydro Beam - Shoot a beam of water in your lane, healing allies and damaging enemies, will douse any units hit by it.

Passive Abilities:

Are like "Abilities" in pokemon. They just exist in the background, and just like pokemon you can only have one passive assigned to your Cosmoid at a time, pick the one that will lead you to victory.
  • Rage - Chance when an ally takes damage to increase Buffaflow's strength.
  • Rain Dance - Chance when an ally takes damage to summon a Rain Shower.
So there you have it! Hope you liked this blog, these moves are also subject to change, would love to hear what you think! Until next time, remember "We are better together!"



  1. Hi, so I was kinda hoping that since this is the lastest update I wanted to ask where the link to cosmoids is, I'd love to see and support the game

    1. I've been revamping the game itself so I haven't posted a link to the game I hope to have something playable this year.

  2. can you add a search bar to the 'search trade' pokecenter option

    1. What kind of search bar? like put the pokemon's name?

  3. Dear Sam or Dan
    i was wondering if their is any reason that the "hacked" version of Ptd 2 wont work. if you know why this is can you keep in mind how to fix it eventually. Thank you for listening.

    From a loyal player

    1. Will very likely put a hacked version here on the blog.

    2. Will very likely release an early access version of Cosmois

  4. I'm so excited for the direction of this game aa!!! PTD has been a huge part of my (young young) childhood lol. I'll be sure to do some fanart for your characters, though I've already drawn wishmaker ^^

    1. I'm glad you are liking it! I really do like it as well! I've been having a lot of fun working with our artist on the concepts I can't wait to show more off. And would love to check out your fan art!

  5. Sam and Dan can you pls take away the ads for PTD 2

  6. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam wheres the next post

    1. been working on the game but haven't had the chance to write a new post, will get it out soon!

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