Meet the Cosmoids: Vol 3 Fire Hyena

Welcome to another installment of Meet the Cosmoids!

I'm sorry about the delay on this one, my goal would be to do one of these at least once a month or even every 2 weeks.

Quick Game Dev Update

Just a quick update on the progress of the game. We have all 15 Cosmoid Character concept designs done. I have the inital ability design done for all the Cosmoids (2 active, 2 basic and 2 passive abilities per Cosmoid). Now we are working on the actual game assets. About 6 Cosmoids have their animations completed (minus some special animations for active abilities). We have stopped the character animations to focus on attack graphic effects to give abilities visuals feedback that will make them flashier and intuitive to understand what is going on. On the programming side I have completed all abilities for the Wishmaker and Chameleaf. Currently I'm working on the Fire Hyena's abilities. Speaking of the Fire Hyena...

Vol 3 Fire Hyena

This week we want to spotlight the Fire Hyena! (Yes, he needs a name and you can help with that!)

Fire Hyena concept art
The Hyena is a Fire Type Cosmoids that specializes in melee physical combat. He is a savage warrior that will put himself at a defensive disadvantage to gain an offensive advantage. He is a mercenary and only has loyalty to those who will offer him the highest prize. 

With the great drought happening he joins the ranks of the Disruptor (our antagonist) in order to get food to feed his pack. He feels this is the only way for him and his pack to survive.

Level Paths

For Cosmoids TD I've really been thinking about what are the essentials of this game. What is it that will make it interesting and focusing on that. Originally I planned to have intricate maps that maybe forced you to have to scroll the map to be able to see all the action, but as time went on I realized I really wanted everything to fit on one screen regardless if you were playing on a PC or a mobile device. So I decided to have my paths be more like Plants vs Zombies. Even then since you can move your Cosmoids around as much as you want I have only added 3 paths. I tried having more paths but it can make things overly complicated since you would have to be constantly moving your Cosmoids. I'm pretty happy with the 3 path set up. The enemies will be coming from the right side and you have to prevent them from reaching the left side. You will have a set number of lives, if too many enemies pass then you lose the level. Here is a glimpse at a work in progress background for the game. 

Work in progress level map with our 3 paths

Give Fire Hyena a name!

As you have noticed I don't have a name for the fire Hyena, I think this would be a great opportunity to involve you in the process. After reading his description in the top, what do you think would be a good name to fit this character? If I pick your name I will send you 50 SndCoins as a prize!

As always let me know what you think and see you next time!


  1. Razena or Fireclaw

  2. How about Hyen-Ra?
    A mix between hyena and the deity Amun-Ra?

  3. How about Kolasi-Senshi (Senshi meaning warrior in japanese and Kolasi meaning Inferno in Greek)

  4. Huǒ 火 Láng 狼 which means fire wolf.

  5. I'm so excited for the game, I'm also hoping it gets as popular as PTD! Some name suggests are pyroyena, scorchaard, and ulfire.

  6. Ignenya, ignis + hyena. Heyaegnis, heyaena (apparently the Latin translation of Hyena) and ignis. Fyrena, fire and hyena. Is there a reason you went with the naming scheme of animal + something related to it's typing? I'm not against i, but I'm not sure you chose that style. Is it because it's easier to work with?

  7. My ideas:
    • Ignivorous (pretty much "flame-eater")
    • Hyenary (hyena + mercenary)
    • Fiercenary (quite obvious)
    • Blazerker (blaze + berserker)

    To the people using wolf related names - you know hyenas are genetically closer to cats than to dogs, right? They're feliforms.

  8. are you still ganna do week codes for ptd 1 2 and 3????

  9. hytyena (mercenarys are like hitman)

  10. "Strandpyre", strand as in strand wolf, a type of hyena. And pyre is self explanatory, also sounds like vampire which is ironic due to it looking like a werewolf

  11. BLAZEYENA!!!!! A GOD-TIER NAME and it's original.

  12. Pokemon tower defense new codes plz! the game might be old but me and some of my friends still play and love it! Please make new codes.

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  14. Kajiena = Kaji + Haiena (Japanese names for fire and hyena)

  15. Heatyena is a simple one, perhaps?

    Another could be Flameya.

    1. ptd2 and 3 needs updating even if they are years old i live them plz update,new codes and make things more affordable for kids


  16. My top suggestion would be Hyferno.
    Looking at the names you gave to the other Cosmoids, this one seems most appropriate. Starts with the species, "Hy" and then I combined it with the word "Inferno".

    Another suggestion I have would be Hyerno. Which allows you to keep the pronouncation from "Hyena" together with "Inferno".

    Other names I came up with are:
    - Hygnite
    - Hyre
    - Hyro


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