Your feedback put into action.

UPDATE 2: New version 1.5 has exit confirmation box implemented.
UPDATE: New version 1.4 has implemented fixes for all the issues mentioned in this blog post!

Took some time today to gather up all the feedback and came up with a list of things that you guys wanted fixed/changed. I'm going to post the ones that will have higher priority (mainly the ones that people mentioned more than once).

1. Being able to skip a cut scene after you have seen it at least once. Thanks to Sage (Marketplace Comments), Joram, Joshua, and Ollorin93 for mentioning it.

2. Pause the Battle Music when the Evolution Music plays. Thanks to Adyad, and Joshua.

3. Make the currency symbol be the correct one (the one used in the game). Thanks to Adyad, and Joshua.

4. The App Icon needs to be changed. Thanks to Dan, and Joshua.

For the 4th one I'm holding a poll, that will show up in-game as well as on the side of this blog.

If you guys want to change the Icon, I want to hold a contest for whoever wants to try to make a better icon. The winner will receive a code to change your starter pokémon into a shiny version of it.

If you guys want to keep it the same then I will find a different contest to hold so that somebody out there will get their shiny.

What do you guys think?


  1. These things sound great, and like you said are top priority. I do think there should be one more thing on the priority list though, and that would be the confirmation on the in game exit button to help prevent accidental unwanted exits. Maybe the music problem when you learn a move in level could also be put next to the evolution music in the list. Also, how will I be able to submit an icon entry for the poll? I also wanted to add that I think it's great how active and involved you are with the feedback.
    (keep up the good work!)

  2. I really like this game haha, I used to be a huge fan of pokemon when I was younger now I can do it on my droid(: I would also like to know how to upload a pic.. or have an idea for the app icon. Im definately ready for the new levels(:

  3. Hi I was wondering how come this doesn't show up on the market for me. I have an HTC Aria running android 2.2. Did you base it off android 2.2.2?

    Hope you could help,


  4. You guys can email me at sotero86@gmail with the contest entries, sizes are 512*512 but it should look good when scaled down to 32*32.

    Confirmation window for the exit button is next on my top list, in version 1.4 the learn a move music problem is fixed.

    @Travis - The game is meant for 2.2 and up, do you have Adobe Air installed on your phone?

  5. I am working on an icon that I will email soon. Also, the releasable pokemon feature should be fixed soon as well after the other priorities. ( I will keep checking in every once in a while to get the scoop)

  6. I sent you my icon to your gmail account. I can alter it fairly easily so please get back to me if you want me to change it in any way to work better as an icon

  7. Oh damn adobe air. Figured >< Thanks anyway.

  8. I wonder why not put pokemon next level not stay at 10 n need more than 10 on pokemon need more unlimit for pokemon

  9. you guys are doing great. Keep it up. Couple of questions.

    1. Will you keep updating this for the droid version as well? Offering a DL link for an apk. Or will this just be a web game.

    2. Are you considering setting up a donation link to keep you guys motivated on updating?

  10. It got deleted from my market

  11. What is the current App Icon? My Android phone is broken at the moment. I'm interested in designing a new Icon. :P
    If someone can link me to a picture of it so I can see what the general feel of it is. :)

    Thanks. :D

  12. can you please hire the level cap after level eight.that would make me very happy:D

  13. the level cap needs to be higher for MT moon all my pokes are lvl 20 and i still cant beat it

  14. when can i get challenge mode

  15. im talking to justin did you get all your pokemon on their highest attack

  16. BUG NOTICED - My shiny geodude evolved to shiny graveller, even though my graveller still has the glistening stars on him, he's lost the golden colour. My shiny pidgey also evolved to a shiny pidgeotto and has remained this colden colour and kept his glistening stars. Is the graveller not meant to stay a golden colour or is it a bug?

    Excellent job on the game, keep it up.


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