Pokemon Tower Defense: What's next? Doing the impossible. How to get your Mystery Gift code. You guys are correct.

Hey guys, I've been reading pretty much all the comments, haven't had the chance to really answer anything. Each week it gets harder and harder to answer all the great and not so great questions. I plan to put up an FAQ with answers to most of the questions you guys have.

I don't really need to wait for the poll to be over to know that level 8 needs to be toned down, but for those of you that liked the challenge you don't have to worry the level will show up as a challenge mode level.

Speaking of challenge mode, beating a challenge mode level for the first time will be how you get a mystery code, each level will give out it's own mystery code.

Now to talk about the next update.

Shiny versions of all current wild and catchable pokemon!
Challenge Mode Levels!
Level cap raised to..........

I want to raise the level cap to 40 but I don't know if I will make it in time so I will be posting a list of what needs to be done to get there, I might make it to 30 or maybe 22 who knows, maybe I will reach this impossible goal.

Challenge Level (75%)

Level 25 Reached!
27 New Moves (100% done)
5 New Evolutions (100% done) 

Shiny Pidgey added, 0.01% for it to show up when a pidgey shows up. 
Shiny Geodude added, 0.01% for it to show up when a geodude shows up (Mt. Moon). 

There might not be a new level this week... I really want to get the cap up as much as possible to try to push the game towards a more completed stage so that levels can be done quicker.

Also I wanted to talk about the bugs that people had mentioned and what's my priority right now.

1. Making Storage work. Storage now has different boxes that you can store 21 pokemon on each box.
2. Fixing the bug that makes the enemy stop moving. Thanks for all the info!
3. Fixing Geodudes attacks.
4. The password field on the Save Profile Online page will now hide your password as your type it.
5. Added two rare candies to Viridian Forest 1 making the total 5. This will make it easier for new players to beat the level.
6. Storage pokemon now have their levels displayed.
7. You can now save a new profile using the same email and password as before, thus overriding the original one.
8. When playing from a website, exe, or swf, when dragged, the pokeball and pokemon will be centered directly on your mouse cursor.
9. The game will now remember your sound settings.
10. The disclaimer at the start of the game will only show up once.
11. On Level 1, Professor Oak will only tell you how to play once, if you go into checking a pokemon and return to the party screen he won't show up again. 
12. In the pokemart fixed an issue that you could continue to buy a stone on the "thanks for buying" and "you don't have enough money" screens. Thanks Keyser!

Also if you don't play on the websites I mentioned before on the previous blog, please consider playing on one of them because I don't plan to send updates to 20 different sites.

As always let me know what you think! Until next time.


  1. For the love of god, yes nerf the hell out of them geodude. I was finally able to beat the level after doing a inf number of tower shuffles and after enough fails on the level where cheating on games should be a mandatory rule to win.

  2. Nice, Idea Sam with the challenge mode, keeps everyone happy. Good idea. Also I could imagine it taking awhile to sort out the level cap good luck. Any idea of what the next few levels will involve and how far we are form the second gym? I don't mind at all just curious. Keep up the good work. Also are you planning on putting tms into the pokemart at some later date, as I am not sure if I want to evolve my pikachu if not? Either way thanks for everything your doing :)

  3. One more mt. moon level then gym level. TM in pokemart will come after level cap goes up. Hope that helps. Thank you for playing :)

  4. Yes it helps allot thanks, can't wait sounds great. I'll be checking your blog daily I'm hooked. Thanks again for this awesome game. Can't wait to see the finished thing, it's shaping up to be my number one flash game of all time, seriously good stuff :)

  5. Very nice solution to the mystery code thing. Keep up the awesome work!

  6. @Nunu

    Very nice!! thx sam for fixing those bugs, and i just wanna say if you can tell us how did we gonna know when we saw a shiny pokemon? they gonna be way diferent or just a little?

  7. It wont let me update. And when I look up pokemon tower defence on the app store it doesent come up. I only have lvl cap 10 and pewter gym. Help

  8. Yes just beat mt moon been playin since last night! Looking forward to upping the level cap and being able to get to all my poke

  9. thanks, that level was actually really hard... still haven't beat it. But I don't want it to be overly easy though, just tone it down a tiny bit ;)

  10. Great Game, brings me back to my Pokemon Silver days (Pokemon count just right at 250).

    Could you add a pokedex which tells what the pokemon TYPE is. Adding a "super effective" chart would be great as well. It's been a long time since I've played.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. Sam - Quick Question: Once you evolve a pokemon with a stone, is there anyway they can keep learning new attacks?

  12. You're... toning it down?
    Then... why the hell am I training 4 Mankeys for!?
    and yay for levelcap, lv 20's betting old :p

  13. @anonymous April 16, 2011 5:48 PM

    Yes he said at the top of this post that in a few weeks he will be adding some TM's (pokemon moves) into the pokemart. So we will still be able to teach new moves to these pokemon It will just cost a little.

  14. I'm following Generation 5 moves, so pokemon like raichu won't learn new moves after evolving with the stone, but nidoking and nidoqueen will learn moves.

    The pokedex is coming later on but not a huge priority.

  15. luv, the game, just a couple of things, for hm moves, u can copy them from nintendo games in pkemon soulsilver and heartgold, when u had the hm pokemon following u and u used an hm there would be an animation, a great way to cut urself some slack, also u should make the challenge mode like the battle frontier, ur pokemon will be capped at a lv or brought down to it temporarily while in there and if u beat it then u get a prize of some sort, a stone maybe, also the next couple of levels will be extremely hard to raise the level cap because of the numerous evolutions and moves, so u should pace urself and do all pokemon simeltaneously, im pretty sure that most people will still apreciate a lv two caps raise instead of another promise that the caps will be surely raised next week. Also i think there is a problem with the move swift, its doing less damage than other moves such as scrath, and its animation takes a long time which makes it have a major drawback. Lastly i have a great idea fro tms and heartscales and ebst of all items. when u catch pokemon now, u should be able to let them hold items, and u can equip them onto ur own pokemon as well as buy some in the pokemart. Everyone remebers the everstone or the kings rock, so instead of having to use trading to evolve some pokemon u could add an option that u pay for the evolution. and u could do the tutor that teaches forgotten moves, maybe not now, but later on when it is actually used in the game, and tms could be sold in the game where u can find them in the inventory u might make, PERSONALLY LUV THE GAME AND LOVE THe CHALLENGE OF LV 8. work at ur pace, and do wut u can :P

  16. What type of pokemon do you think you'll be adding in the next level?

  17. Big Wall of text crits me for 9,001 damage.

    I will look into swift.

    @The Dude- Might not add a new poke next week, will mostly be focused on raising the cap as much as possible.

  18. Ya, Geodude needed some help, especially his magnitude attack. I feel like it did almost nothing. As for the frozen Pokemon I have no idea. It has not happened to me yet... but anyways, you are doing a very good job with this and I hope you do not get sick of it and push on!!

  19. the route 24 bridge would be wonderful to add to the game. back in fire red and leaf green, u could glitch up a mew, wonderful memories, i hate to see u took it out, after all Bill is past there

  20. Also, I was wondering... What do you think the encounter rate for shiny pokemon will be?

  21. The frozen pokemon has only happened to me when I have used mankey with fury swipe, clafairy with double slap and pidgy with whirlwind. It does not always happen. I'll try and get it to happen again and see if I can explain it in more detail and how to trigger it.

  22. About the second bug:
    - At Viridian Forest 2:
    I always play in just one row (mostly left one), and have mostly always my Pikachu in front using Thunder Wave. It goes very well, until a Butterfree stops moving in the middle, and all my Pokémon are just attacking that single Butterfree, but it doesn't faint. The Butterfree is slowed down by Thunder Wave. Most of the times this happens, the Butterfree has a red bar, so I am able to catch it and continue the level. But when it doesn't have a red bar, I have to restart the level all over again. At first it happened to other wild Pokémon too (Metapod and Kakuna), but now only Butterfree freezes.

    - Mt. Moon
    Pokémon also freeze in this level. When I use my Pokémon Mankey (Fury Swipes), Clafairy (Double Slap), Sandshrew (Fury Swipes), Nidorina (Fury Swipes), Wartortle (Water Gun) and (Whirlwind), I just can't complete the level, and not because it's that hard, but because this bug. Actually always when using this combination, one, or more, Pokémon freezes. Here's an example of a Zubat freezes:

    And please, don't make the level cap too high. Not higher than level 30, otherwise you'll make it too easy.
    Really, I am in love with the game.

  23. i have an issue with zubat...mayb its a glitch idk...but i swear his astonish move is doing aboslutely no damage when its power is supposed to be 30...which considering his first moves are pretty weak...that makes him look even worse...i would appreciate it if you would look into it and see whats goin on. thanks.

  24. I thought I posted this earlier, but am not seeing it. So sorry if this appears twice.

    Can we get a Move Tutor? If I decide that I gave my Venusaur, or whoever, a bad moveset, I would rather pay a small fee to relearn forgotten moves than to catch a replacement.

    Especially with the stater, as I can't catch another. But even with common ones, since all Geodudes of the same level are otherwise equal, adjustment is a more sensible option than replacement.


  25. @ anon astonish is a ghost move so it wont affect normal types even if there is the animation

  26. Sounds awesome

    Thanks for letting the current Stage 8 stay, even if in the challenge mode

    Btw, one thing, there will be only 1st Gen pokemon?

  27. hey sooty beggar sam,
    do you appreciate that penny I donated?

  28. also the glitch happens to me a lot when im trying to catcha pokemon and i click on the pokeball all lot of times really quick, especially when i have any pokemon using fury swipes, and pikachu using thunderwave a lot

  29. for bug nr 2 go to Viridain Forest 2
    take 2 pokemons with furry swipes and 4 with furry attack
    set 1+2 on left and 1+2 on right
    I get it every single time on exe version of game

  30. Can you add like some sort of Pokedex Thing please? :3

  31. Zubat has always been horrible lol, I will look into it ;)

    Mankey seems to be always involved when the issue happens, I will look into it.

  32. There's something wrong with Fury Swipes, in some combination with other moves I guess, what makes the glith. :p

  33. Omg that was hard but managed to beat it..
    2 of brocks geodude had to be sacraficed or it would have been impossible.. a lot of stradegy is needed cant say it in words its too long.. try ur best guys :]

  34. @Sam yes I made it glitch by using clafariy = double slap, mankey = fury swipe, pidgeotto = whirlwind on the far right of level 7. clafariy top then mankey then pidgeotto. At the last wave (30) and the second last pokemon (but this does vary) which was a beedrill gets hit by whirlwind mankey red bars it and then it just freezes on the spot next to mankey. Sorry for poor english I'm come form germany.

  35. Hi Sam.
    I loved your game ;D

    One thing to do ASAP:
    Mute button ingame.
    I think it will be really easy, so pls do it.

  36. Good luck with the impossible :D
    If I may give a suggestion, could you make it so that Electric type moves won't be aimed at Ground type Pokemon (i.e. Geodude)? Whenever I play Mt. Moon it's always Pikachu who messes it up by attacking Geodudes instead of Zubats. Thanks and good luck!

  37. when will i get the code for the shiny starters, evolution stones, and the shiny mew from my $20 donation?

  38. upload new level at funny games please(x999)

  39. I know this may be frowned upon, but i encountered bug 2 using only one method, which was speed hacking.

    I tried to speed the game up so I could go through the 30 waves faster, and it was when it was sped up to x5 it would create the glitch

  40. Fury Swipes seems to be the real criminal here, also every penny counts ;) even tho paypal takes that penny from me :(.

    Pokedex will be later on, for now google "bulbapedia".

    Move tutor will make it in eventually.

  41. @Josh - Send me an email please.

    Getting a bug while hacking the game is not something I will ever fix.. sorry

  42. sam, i have used a program to modify values, i don't like how your damage directly scales with your level

    make it so WHEN you level up your damage increases

    because atm i have a level 1337 geodude, and a 1000 geodude, and they've been 1 hitting things, and i mean everything

    just a hint,

    also if you can forward the values for the pokemon and etc i'd love to peek at them(im no programmer so you're in no danger there)


  43. one of the reasons people love the game is our opinion, we tell u wuts wrong, we help u improve it and we luv playing it, nintendo doesn't take comments to much into consideration, u do, thats y this game is so good,

  44. So damage scales with level, and you want damage to increase only when you level up... how is that different.

    Damage scales with level = damage increases when you level up.

  45. Hey Sam im trying to switch from the apk. over to the new game in the app store. But for some reason it wont let me save my profile online. I already have an account and previously saved it online. But now i can neither save it online or import it to the new game. I even tried importing it on the game at newgrounds to see if that would work. No luck :( please help if you have time I do not want to restart my entire game.

  46. Dude, Mt. Moon was just great, don't drop this level of difficuly, nowdays games don't really prove much of a challenge, i really liked this new level.

    Also, stuff like Viridian Forest 2 and Route 3 suck a bit, when you update a challenging level, it's way better.

  47. Travis da pokémastaApril 16, 2011 at 9:28 PM

    I bet the mt.moon level after a little tower adjustment (took me 10 times to beat it)and I dont think the level is to hard to beat, just takes strategy. As for the enemy freezing glitch, it always happens to me on viridian forest part 2 on the top left path when I used eckans, hope that helps a bit

  48. let's put it this way, i cheated, to make my pokemon level 1337, his attack power is that of what a level 1337 pokemon would be

    you CAN prevent this, by making your pokemon's stats increase ONLY when you press the level up button

    so instead of my pokemon being as strong as a lvl 1000 pokemon, he'd only be as strong as the last level i leveled him up to,

    btw i hope you don't get mad, i don't ever plan on releasing HOW i did what i did, so no worries, it's all for the sake of my curiosity :D

    btw it's dstrukd again :D

  49. Hey, great game! I have a couple suggestions that I have seen in other tower defense games, if you want to consider them. First, is the option to send in the next wave sooner than it normally would come out, because sometimes I will do lower levels to level the pokemon and I am waiting a long time for the next wave. Also, I know several other TD games have some sort of count down bar that shows when the next wave will start, so the players can better prepare for the waves. I know the level capping is a priority, but I just wanted to throw those suggestions out. Really great game though and really fun, so keep up the great work!

  50. I found this game last week and havent been able to stop playing, keep up the good work.

    Also. i was wondering/hoping you would create some kind of stat system, because that would make it much easier to figure out which of my pokemon are the strongest

  51. @Sam i have made 113k money searching for the shiny pikachu is there a % of him showing up, and also i love mt moon its a massive challendge but its all the more special when you beat it im looking forward to the next update


  52. When u use 2 clefarys using double slap on the same monster make it stop moving

  53. Hey I got that glitch 3 times. Twice with Ferrow using areial ace and once with mankey using furry swipes. I thought it was cool because when I moved eighter the mankey or ferrow they were in every spot I moved them to! it was just their image and only the newest one i moved them too attack but it was cool... XD. oh for me the glitch happened only when mankey or ferrow were it the last spot(the 2nd one from the begining) in the middle left side, in the forest 2.

  54. hey sam this game is one of the best tower defense games ever! its so addicting. i was just wondering if you needed some help with the creation and what not of the game because i could probably help you out a little if you're interested email me at whitekingler@yahoo.com

  55. Hey Sam im trying to switch from the apk. over to the new game in the app store. But for some reason it wont let me save my profile online. I already have an account and previously saved it online. But now i can neither save it online or import it to the new game. I even tried importing it on the game at newgrounds to see if that would work. No luck :( please help if you have time I do not want to restart my entire game.

  56. Mt. Moon is really hard. I was able to pass it with in the game where I chose squirtle as my starter, but it was impossible in the game where I chose charmander. My pokemon are all level 20 in each game, so thats not the case. And there aren't enough squares on each side so that I can place more pokemon there to focus on a strong geodude. Also, I think that the evolution stones are way too expensive. I only have about $1000 in my game, nowhere close to buying a single stone.

  57. @Caleb - Try using only the first 20 character of your email to import.

    Shiny Percentage is 0.01%

  58. a level cap to at least 25, tops of 30, would be awesome. making level 8 a bonus round is GENIOUS!!! also since we are going to get items thanks to the pokemart and all how about a bonus for completing the levels that you can loose at? Like PATH 2 you can get a max of 150 if you get everything, I know it is one you can't loose at, but let's say it was. You get a bonus of 15 for completing it, or 7 for completing it. so a 5% or 10% bonus for completing it successfully. I wonder if there is one of those game guides you can find for the versions. that would give you information about what pokemon are found there, what conditions each pokemon evlves at, if at all, and a ton of other information that could be useful for you. I used to have one for the YELLOW version but I don't know where that is anymore or I would scan the pages for you to help you out with the evolution and moves. Keep on going with this game, I really believe this will be one of those "you are a looser if you haven't at least tried it" game. ha ha. also if we are going to have items how about selling them back if we change our minds or something for the standard 50% of what it would cost to buy it. just a though, mainly because I bought a leaf stone thinking that would evolve my nidorino/a and finding out it is the moon stone. I know stupid mistake. been a long time since I have played the original and the last pokemon game I played was the GOLD version. I suggest trying to find out if you can find one of the game guides, or even both if they were seperate, for the original versions. It should come in handy. good luck with it and will definitely be keeping an eye on this game. it so totally rocks ^.^

  59. sam, do you have an email people can reach you at? i recorded a video for youtube but it's unlisted, id like you to take a peek at it but idw others to see, unless you don't mind

    again it's dstrukd@yahoo.com

  60. oh, for the evolution stones how about 5,000. or everyone just try the higher levels and get over the fact you won't get everything or even not finish the level successfully but will still get a lot of money

  61. Dammit so close I got to round 8/9

  62. @ anon/ dstrukd

    Sol editor/ cheat engine

    @ Sam

    Hope you add encryption to the game so others can't cheat

  63. @anon 6:53pm

    it's more complex than just knowing about the program

    even adding encryption won't fix it, but there's ways to remove the reward for using such methods


  64. Have an achievement menu please! That would be awesome and get me even more addicted than I am already!

  65. To help u find the second bug u asked 4 sam all u need 2 do is b at virdian forest #2 and then use a pokemon such as nidoran that has fury swipes, it happens 2 me almost every time i play there, it usually is butterfree and metapod that freeze up, u can sometimes still win though if u can catch the pokemon if its on red health otherwise u just haf 2 exit and start again.

  66. Hey Sam its switz. I just have two quick questions that i would appreciate if you cold answer

    1. when we encounter a shiny will it be obvious or will it be hard to tell?

    2. Will you just have a set day when you will release the level cap or will you update it casually throughout the week?

    thanks and i love your game your doing a great job man!

  67. HELP!!!! I love this game I play it all the time, but I downloaded it when it first came out my level cap is 10, and brock's gym is the last available level for me, I have a DROiD 2 and would KILL for a step by step on how to update my version cause its been taken off the marketplace. I downloaded the new thing and its the fully updated game but all all my data isn't on it obviously and would love some HELP!!!!!

  68. It'll be nice if you balance a little more the effect of the attacks, explain on every attack it's power and AR, and will be AWESOME if you add a 'fast'button, like, makes the game run 2,4 and 6 times faster, because, like, i'm training to go mt.moon on veridian florest, and in fact, i didn't watch the whole fight, so, its kinda unnecessary make it slow all the time.

  69. I love challenges!!! Maybe you could make a handicap switch. with handicap you get more gold/kill but all lv will be decreased to a certain lv...
    I have some bugs to report here...
    1. I cant complete viridian forest 2 even though all the pokemons are gone and the wave is already30/30 it wont go to the ending section and it will stay as it is until you hit exit
    2. Nidoqueen is sometimes idle and if you move it around, the picture of nidoqueen will stay there for example:
    1 2
    I put nidoqueen on spot 1 and if it starts to idle and I move it to 2, a nidoqueen will be at 1 and 2 and if I move it to other place again, 3 nidoqueens will be present (it is still on idle) and so on.. but if i remember correctly, nidoqueen on 1 is not moving.
    3. boss geodude is sometimes block by other pokemon that is not actually attacking it (most of the time nidoqueen) so it is hard to look at its health.
    thanks for you hard work I love your game :)

  70. 0.01% chance for a shiny eh?

    I'm up to 185 pikachu encounters on VF2 (it's possible for shiny pikachu to appear on both VF and VF2 right?), by my reckoning that makes me overdue.

    Evil probability not working how I want it to work...

  71. You guys are doing a great job, I think the Mt. Moon level difficulty is fine. It just takes a bit of thinking to get through it, and tower shuffling.

  72. mystic man

    if it is at a 0.01% chance

    then one out of every 10,000
    will be shiny


  73. ember will sometimes miss, when im attacking a pokemon and it gets out of charmeleons reach, ember will follow after it until it hits it, but when i have numerous pkmn attacking the same one ember will sometimes miss and stop short and not even touch it. also when the pokemon dies ember will just continue on the path and waste time

  74. Hey Sam! You're doing great. :) I would like to suggest doing level caps based on your in-game progress; ie, after Route 3 the cap should go up to 25. That way you won't have new players powering through the first levels with super-powered pokemon.

    I have noticed the bug that causes enemies to freeze up, I have only seen it on Viridian Forest part 2 and it seems to happen randomly. In my experience it's always a Metapod, and it's always while Rattata is using Hyper Fang. Hope this helps.

  75. @jake
    got to https://market.android.com/details?id=air.sdgames.PTD&feature=search_result
    sign in using ur google account that is connected with ur phone
    then click install
    (do this on your phone browser)
    done :)

  76. I interpret 0.01% chance to be 0.01% chance of a shiny appearing, rather than 0.01% chance that a specific pikachu will be shiny.

    (The rate for pikachu appearing is 0.1%, hence shiny pikachu is 100 times rarer, and thus in the long run you'd expect to see 1 shiny pikachu for every 100 normal.)

  77. i would like to see a slowpoke or onix next, and i really like the two move tutors that used to teach mega punch and mage kick, i like how ur mixing old and new, a Gen I game with only gen 1 pokemon but, all gen 5 moves and a plot-line that shows that its after gen 1. Also will we ever battle gary in this version and wut about ash?

  78. On newgrounds, some moves have too much description text and it's not possible to see the important info such as Power and Cooldown. I know it happens with Hyper Fang and some others but I can't think of any right now.


  79. A way to make mt moon easier is to make the "geodude kidnapers" run back to the pokemons, not exiting away from our pokemon range

  80. you guys know if you save ur profile online and when he updates the game and ur usual site hasnt been updated yet, you can just go to a site that has it updated and imported ur saved profile to that site :)

  81. Raising the level cap would be awesome by however much you choose! And a TM store sounds awesome as well, as long as you can buy any of the TMs and don't have to unlock them (The better ones would obviously cost A LOT more). However, if both of these happen by a huge amount, I think making a more efficient way to gaining money would be needed. I know you can sit and grind Viridian Forest 2 for hours and accumulate a lot of money (which I did), buy for those who don't want to grind so much may want an alternative method.

  82. Hey Sam,

    I love this game. I found Mt. Moon to be extremely challenging. I LOVE THAT. I just have one gripe...I spent 10k on a Moon Stone for Clefable....but it won't learn new moves? That's not too cool :(

  83. for level 21 I have found the new moves

    bulbasaur-sweet scent
    pidgey- twister
    spearow- mirror move
    pikachu- double team
    boy nidoran- horn attack
    zubat- confuse ray

  84. Piece of Cake lvl 8 with all Geodudes safe: Geodude (Roll Out) - Fearow (Aerial Ace) - Mankey (Seismic Toss) - Wartortle (Watergun) - Butterfly (Confusion) - Pidgeotto (Gust & Whirlwind).

  85. the only Pokemon tower defender able to be played on my phone is the APK file
    in your latest update you didn't post the APK file so i am unable to update the ptd on my phone. i was wondering if you could post the APK up if its still possible

  86. mysticman it doesn't matter HOW you interpret it,

    the chance of pikachu showing up is more along the lines of 1%, rather than 0.1%

    so it'd still be
    1 out of every 1000 pikachus


  87. level 22-evolutions

    ekans into arbok
    sandshrew into sandslash
    zubat into golbat

    level 22-new moves these don't include moves that are already in the game like butterfree learning whirlwind

    sandslash-crush claw
    clefairy-wake-up slap
    geodude-rock blast

  88. A really easy request on my part would make the App version of this game tremendously better for Droid; make it so you can turn off fullscreen (aka, show the notification bar over the app). I like to play games on my phone, but when I can't text my girlfriend and play, I just get frustrated. Thanks for the hard work, this game is surprisingly good for a Pokemon spin-off. I expected a few minutes of silly gameplay, but I was impressed that this feels like a real game.

  89. About the rattata does it evolve. :P Just wondering

  90. Well, the rate for (regular) pikachu's according to what Sam said in a previous response on an earlier blog is 0.1%, which is where that number comes from.

    If in actual practice the rate of normal pikachu's is 1% (no idea if this is actually true), then that'd cause doubt on the 0.01% number as well, as things would be appearing more often then he thinks they are.

    Of course, it doesn't really matter either way, since even if the rate was 999/1000 or if it's 1 in 1000000000, knowing the rate doesn't help me actually get lucky.

    I prefer to think it's 0.01% of all pokemon spawns are shiny rather than 0.01% of specific pikachu spawns are shiny, since 10k pikachus is alot. I'm up to 200 now, and that's only 2% of the way to 10k o.O

  91. Hey Sam, I don't know if you check your email periodically, but if you're reading this instead, I sent you an email. So please check that when you get the chance. It's a huge block of text, and it's formatted in the email. Didn't want to discourage you on here.

  92. Just found this game this week. I love it! Can't wait for what's in store for the future! The Mt. Moon level is a bit challenging, but I like it! Keep up the good work!

  93. lvl 8 is simple once you figure out the right combination. Mine is:
    Charmeleon - Dragon Rage in the Center
    Pidgiotto - Whirlwind (Switching to the side with Boss Geodude) the top two squares
    Mankey - Seismic Toss right bottom
    Nidoking (originally beat with Nidorino) - Double Kick left bottom
    Butterfree - Confusion (switching around to balance Boss Geodude and other fast things)
    Pikachu - Electroball (Switching to side opposite Boss Geodude)

  94. has any1 actually found a shiny pikachu cause im getting bored of looking and someone in the world has to of found 1

  95. Somebody in the chat room found one (shiny pikachu), and it's legit :)

  96. I just find a bug in MT Moon: Sometimes when you take down an enemy before it gets to Brock's geodudes, one of Brock's geodudes dissapear and appear in its place, sometimes not far away from the last square of your defense line...

  97. It's encouraging to hear at least someone has managed it. I wonder if they used VF or VF2...

  98. thx i just needed 2 no my efforts werent worthless :D

  99. hey Sam can u get the shiny picachu on either viridian forest?

  100. Yes either of them, I would suggest VF2 since you get 5 pikachu at a time.

    FullmetalDL yea on the forum page.

  101. I see a hard way of implementing water pokemon into the game since I doubt there will ever be fishing, So hopefully there will be some magikarp/staryu/goldeens after Misty's gym!

    Keep up the good work though big inspiration to a fellow amateur game dev.

  102. Hey sam i got an idea. For each level u could like make a level limit. For example like on Lv one the highest lv could be seven. This could help because the beginners then wont train there pokemon level to twenty and then play like level three. This could be a bad thing thoguh xaause how would ou level up lol amyways I hope i helped.

  103. the water problem can be solved with rivers,very easy ¬¬


  104. If you finished level 8 before the new update, will you still get the mystery gift code?

  105. No, the challenge mode will be a little different.

  106. Just completed with Charmeleon playing Blue Version.
    What you do:

    Geodude on rock with rollout (dont touch),
    Pidgeotto in the middle using whirlwind,
    Charmeleon on the left side using dragon rage,
    Mankey on the left using seismic toss,
    2nd Mankey on the right side using fury swipes,
    Pikachu on right side using electro ball.

    After beating the first blue Geodude on the left switch Charmeleon and Pikachu and make the Mankey's switch moves so its now fury swipes on the left and seismic toss on the right.

    then switch them as needed to take care of blue Geodude's and the fast running pokemon.

    If you didnt pick it up the team that takes care of blue geodudes is: Charmeleon (dragon rage) + Mankey(Seismic Toss),

    and the team taking care of the fast runners is: Pikachu(electroball) + Mankey(fury swipes),

    with geodude(rollout) + pidgeotto(whilwind) as support for both sides.


    Hope this helps people struggling. this isnt the only way to complete it as ive done it a few times with different combination but this was the easiest with losing no lives(brocks Geodudes) and the least ammount of moving around.

  107. I like using Fury Swipes with Mankey, Seismic Toss sounds kinda useless atm

  108. yo sam, how do you tell if a pikachu is shiny?

  109. Shiny pokemon will have a red bar no matter what so you can catch it without hurting it, they also have a shine effect (go to the mystery gift menu to see it), and they have a different color scheme.


  111. For those of you, like me that didn't keep whirlwind o your pideotto, here is my Mt. Moon stradegy, no Brock geodudes lost:

    Start with

    Charmeleon- Dragon Rage on bottom left side
    Jigglypuff- Round one square above Charmeleon
    Pikachu- Thunder Wave in the middle
    Mankey- Seismic Toss bottom left
    Butterfree1- Confusion one square above Mankey
    Butterfree2- Confusion above Butterfree1

    All are level 20.
    The strategy is just to move Butterfree2 back and forth from right to left right after killing the last fast Pokemon. It keeps any fast Pokemon from getting past you and helps finish off the blue Geodude before it gets past.

  112. Nice, seriously nice game. Its one of the best game elements. Monster catch and defense. Cant wait to trade ^o^ Keep up the amazing work.

  113. If you put the cap to level 40 does that mean we will need level 40 pokemon to fight misty, when the new map updates happen. Just because people want the level cap upgraded doesn't mean you have to right away, I think the cap should reflect the routes that are out. Cause we might end up with level 200 pokemon by the time we get to the Elite Four.

  114. what worked for me was wartortle with water gun, 2 butterfrees with confusion, geodude with rock throw, nidorina with double kick, and pidgeotto with gust (whirlwind 1x when a boss geodude approaches)-all level 20

    Xpidgeotto Xnidorina
    X Xwartortle X
    Xbutterfree Xgeodude Xbutterfree

  115. Misty will not be level 40, even if the cap is level 40.

  116. Sam!! Please upload updates in APK file on the web site. We Koreans cannot download games in the market without rooting.....

  117. hey sam good game i was thinking instead of trading pokemon (like graveler) to evolve them have an item you can buy like a link cable or something

  118. I will put the apk tomorrow :)

  119. How come it won't let me import my saved file into the new version? Please help.

  120. where do u get a geodude, whenever i catch one in mt moon it glitches and says i caught a mankey or spearow, help please.

  121. YAY!!! You're raising the level cap :)

    I have a suggestion. Maybe instead of making this weeks level playable you could just make it a cut scene or something where you go through the museum and discover something secret about team rocket? And while you are there you could be given the option to buy a magikarp (please!) or be given running shoes (AKA a fast forward button). Those would be great!

    Again, thank you Sam for being so amazing!

  122. hey sam. first of all i'm hooked ;) but i have a question about the stones in the PM. i have bought 4 stones already, but could use only two. can you tel me which stones i need to buy for which pokemon and can you make like an indicator for the stones that you already have cuz right now i don't know what happened to my fire an leave stones.
    thanks and keep up the good work :D

  123. Hi Sam,

    I was wondering if you could upload the .apk for 2.1 (and for future versions) as well. I understand if you want to solely update with PTDLock for Android users but it's nice to have the original game. Although its easy to make an online account I haven't had the need thanks to the updated .apk files. I'll switch if I need to but thanks for your consideration and thanks for this excellent game.

  124. @MrBiggs
    You can only use moon stones and thunder stone for now. Pikachu evolves to Raichu with thunder and you can use moon stone o Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Nidorino and Nidorina. I think that's all of them for now. You need to do a web search for future questions like this as Sam isn't here to teach us Pokemon basics. Try bulbapedia.

  125. You kids need to suck it up. This game is already perfect. It doesnt need you to complain about how its too hard when its isnt "too hard". Its perfect the way sam intended. And also I get if you genuinely want to make it better by giving suggestions. Its normal and helpful. But its not cool to give "suggestions" to make it easier to finish level or better to get benefits like 10% chance to get shinies or whatever. Thats just bs. Lol that number is kinda outrageous actually but it CAN be compared to what they actually try to suggest. Im addicted to this game and check your updates daily. Its because your game is very fun. But really those kids are just ridiculous. Theyre probably the same kids who complained about donating being unfair. They most likely dont have a credit card and they cant get their mom to donate for them so they think its unfair. Those kind of people are selfish and shouldnt be listened to. It just ruins the game for other fans. Hope ptd becomes even more successful :)

  126. I don't know if this has been solved yet, but for me, Bug 2 happens when my computer lags. I have an older computer and every time I use Mankey's Fury Swipes, it gets worse, and if my computer does anything else, then it lags bad.

    I've noticed that pokemon waves spawn closer together when my computer lags, so for example, if Metapod spawn 1 second apart, then when my computer lags, they spawn .25 seconds apart. Also, there is a high chance that one of them freeze, especially when they are first spawning or when they are almost out.

  127. Anonymous at April 16, 2011 11:27 PM

    Sam said six comment above yours that its coming tomorrow.

  128. Anonymous at April 17, 2011 12:22 AM

    Get a new computer?

  129. Sam what does evo stones do. you dont learn new moves and no stronger atacks.

  130. Anonymous at April 17, 2011 12:33 AM

    It evolves the pokemon. Sam is following generation five pokemon games so the pokemon will learn moves exactly like in those games. You should check the internet to know exactly when.

  131. I found an really important glitch that might waste A LOT OF MONEY for some of u, after i bought my moonstone, i used it on my nidorino in hopes of getting a nice nidoking, but then i clicked the stop evolution button because i remembered that there was a specific move i wanted at lv 43, horn attack, i did not expect it to actually stop evolving, so i was mildly surprised. this is wonderful and all but now my stone is gone and I dont have the money from before, luckily,i opened my account from the same site in another tab before i exited the party menu, so my stone was returned, but I just wanted to tell u that sam because if anyone accidentally clicks the stop evolving button and they exit the selection menu then they will lose their stone and money forever, and have to earn their hard back which kina sux

  132. You mentioned putting up a FAQ, so (you hope) the stupid questions will stay away. In theory, great idea. Then again, most of the stupid questions spawn in the minds of people who do not read up on anything...

  133. @ anon April 17, 2011 12:21 AM
    dood lighten up man its a game not ur life, some requests are a bit outta reach but it doest mean that the game will change to pander EVERYONE"S needs. now go watch a movie maybe go to a spa or gym, and drink plenty of tea and cool down. ok?

  134. when are tms coming? i got excited and evolved my pikachu so now its not going to learn any new moves:( i want thunderbolt and thunder:)

  135. My Pidgeotto is at level 20, how do I make him evolve into Pidgeot??

  136. when it reaches a certain level itll evolve. the level cap is at 20 so it cant evolve yet. be patient and do your research

  137. I WAN HIGERRRRR LLLLVVVVVLLLLLSSSS!!!!! http://budvar.pkindigo.com/pokedex/ here u go a pokedex its very usefull in game bu its the national so the newest is here 2

  138. Every time I use Beedrill and Butterfree with String Shot there is the bug.

  139. I'm playing the blue version at the mo. What pokemon are their I'm jusr checking incase I've missed any

  140. Nice work Sam, some things to fix:
    1. the bugs you mentioned, the second is related to Double Slap and Fury Swipes.
    2. Viridian Forest's money is now excessive. Beedrill perhaps should give $ 7. Butterfree too.
    3. you said that only appear the first gen pokemon. you could include pokemon from other generations in the story, like pokemon of any character, but can not catch it
    4. level has to go cap in relation to the story. the best way to do this is to create a section of achievements, as if you get the first badge you can get to level 20 or similar.

  141. Sam: a little coment on Geodude's Rock throw attack, it may be best if it only threw 1 rock and that it'd damage on hit or instantly, cause, with the current mechanic, it throws about 5 rocks (pretty fast actually) but it takes a while to show the damage

  142. Most of the time, when Pokemon freeze, it's when I use Thunderwave, and moves that do damages in quick succession (doubleslap, wrap, fury swipes), and I never saw this bug until I began to use Clefairy.

  143. yo tengo un problema. el nivel 8 me aparece como nivel normal no como modo desafio...
    ademas yo ya me pase el nivel y no se me a pasado al modo desafio.

  144. hey sam i love how ur trying to raise the level cap and also i have a glitch or bug were on mt moon if i kill the first geodude on the left it frezzes and stays there for the whole level and i always pass the level with that geodude still there.
    and can u please make clefairy and paras appear much more often cuz i havent even seen one yet

  145. Could you make a way for us not to have to download a new .exe everytime there's a new version? Like, automatically patch itself once we log in. Like in Minecraft.

  146. Again this stupid glitch. Really frustrating!

  147. great game love mt moon it's difficult but not impossible could you put trading in soon, it would make it cool to be able to get other peoples pokémon

  148. i caught too much pokemons,
    but can't scroll the storage screen,
    pls fix it

  149. Hey

    I don't know if you know this website already, maybe you do, but It's the wikipedia about pokemon.
    If you ever need to know if a pokemon shows up on a specific road (red or blue), or want to know what moves it learns on what level, check this out:


    Here you can see EVERYTHING about pokemon. For example, Nidoran (unevolved) learns moves quicker than Nidorino (duh!), but if you don't know at what levels, then you will find it there! :-D


  150. Where do you catch clefairy, I haven't seen any yet?

  151. I think it's silly not to catch all the Pokemon powers in red and blue versions. This is ridiculous.

  152. vey good game and level 8 is hard to pass but i can with wartortle,buterfree,pikachu,raticate,mankey and nidoking(the fucking god jaja)
    now training clefairy,geodude,sandshrew and zubat :D

  153. Sam if you read this comment this is how to re-create the bug in VF2 (It keeps happening in my efforts towards the Shiny Pika!)

    I used a Raticate (Scary Face, top left), Mankey (Fury Swipes, 2nd row, second space down) and Fearow (Aerial Ace, Bottom Left) on the left hand side
    Butterfree(Sleep Powder,Top Right), Nidorina (Fury Swipes, third row, second space down) and Geodude (Rock Throw, Bottom Right) on the right hand side.

  154. Ok so i read all the comments on here, and tried lots of combos of towers.
    I. Can. Not. Kill. BOSS GEODUDE!!
    And im getting extremely pissed :(
    Yes i agree a tough level is good and im happy with that but its at the point where i simply cant even kill the first geodude that appears on the left, no matter what i use.
    I have one of every pokemon (all level 20) in the game before Mt.Moon,
    Some of the people on here used geodude to beat level 8, but i dont understand how because i havnt seen a catchable geodude yet.
    I got up to like the third geodude once, but i only ever managed to kill one in the whole time i played the game and it was the second one.
    Someone help?

  155. @matexo2006:to kill the big geodudes use butterfree(confusion) wartortle and one with fight movements and also if you put a 4º to help put nidoking with double kick
    with me it works

  156. It would be better if when you click on an enemy pokemon, all your towers will attack that one pokemon.

  157. I have a charmeleon, sadly :(
    Iv tried butterfree(confusion), charmeleon(dragonrage), and any two out of mankey, nidorina or nidorino.
    None of these combos will beat the first geodude.
    I can get its health low, but it always speeds up at the end and i never finish it off

  158. Hey loving the game and the addition of the Pokemart need to know though will i miss out on moves i can teach pokemon if i evolve them with the moon stone too soon like the real games?

  159. also,
    Major problem. doesnt sound like anyone else has this problem, but the save profile online feature does not work.
    Yes, i have the most recent update of the game.
    It says create account so i put in my email and password, it says waiting on the servers response...
    And it just keeps waiting. forever.
    Ok so i didnt wait forever but i left it for an hour once and came back, still no change :|
    And i check to see every now and then, and my internet is still connected, so whats the problem?
    I would really like to be able to use this to change between computers :/

  160. This may seem a stupid thing to ask but is it possible to lower the cost of stones and whatever comes next since we're already spending most of our money on leveling up our pokemon. It would be nice if we could gain money really fast in future levels or lower the prices a bit. One last question do the pokemon you use a stone on continue to learn new moves or keep the ones you evolved them with? (it won't be too bad once you have put TM's in so it may not matter). Thanks for the greatest game on the internet and your hard work!

  161. Yeah level 8 is pretty tricky all my pokemon are at level 20 and I can't take down all of em.. you should bring the price down on the evo stones too.. I only have around 4k I can't get nowhere close to 10k.. it wouldn't bother me if you didn't raise the level cap, you should make a new level and challenge mode. Or put some more stuff in pokemart...

  162. When I try to save the game online the game request a login. I don't know where I need to creat the account to login the game, can you tell me plz?

  163. @Bruno
    it doesnt want you to log in with an account,
    you make one up right there on the spot, just use your email and make up a password.

  164. @matexo2006
    Thanks man, I made it :)

  165. First fo all. Thank you very much for creating this game and keep making updates.

    I wouldnt push the lvl border over 23 for the next lvl. if you make it possible to lvl up to 30 or higher you will end up in a balancing misery. what if someone comes with his lvl 40 pokemon into the 2. gym? well, way to easy. it is ok to give yourself an advantage through grinding/farming but not to an extent to where the game is somewhat pointless.

  166. at level 23 the following pokemon learn the following moves

    Ivysaur-sweet scent
    Fearow-mirror move
    Nidoqueen-chip away
    Nidorino-horn attack
    Nidoking-chip away

    personally I think going past 25 would be hard with all the new moves at that level(I will post them later)

  167. If you use stone to evolve pokemon before it get lvl 20, it will not learn more moves.

  168. dude listen to me to make the bug 2 works u have to get charmeleon nidorino and nidorina all evolved then u go to viridian forest 2 put exactly like this at the right corner of the map the first square at the left is nidorino evolved the first square at the left is nidorina evolved and under nidorina evolved is charmeleon, it does't happens always but it happens a lot with me some 4 times per level hope u can do the bug and repair it ;)

  169. at level 24 paras evolves into parasect and the following pokemon learn the following moves


    relatively east level but again level 25 is much harder to upload with many more move and a new evolution

  170. como supero el nivel 20

    como hago para pasarme el monte luna con facilidad

  171. and at 22 sandshrew and ekans evolve! Um... sam, you said no new pokemon in the next level, but you also said the next level would be mt moon, so what about onix? i realize you could put it in any cave but they are in mt moon so they should be put there, i realize they'll be useless for fighting misty, but when leveled up they'd be very usefull to anyone using it!

  172. First of all, I want to thank you for this game. Seriously, you can hope Nintendo finds this and pays you millions for this game would be the first Pokémon spinoff that'd be really worth playing.
    So thank you. Thank you for improving my holidays.

    And I hope you won't cease to continue this to the very end.

    Now to the game and my 2 cents about it:

    -Is there a particular use for moves such as Defense Curl for Tower Pokémon?

    -I'd love to see a Heart Scale in the Shop for 2000 bucks or so.

    -Want to have the Inventory. D: Spent 10,000 on a Stone.

    -The glitch with the freezing Pokémon happens occasionally in Vertania 2, Beedrills keep hanging themselves up at the down end.

    -I totally agree on weakening the Geodudes and lowering the flood of right-string Pokémon in Mt. Moon. Or you create more spots for Tower Pokémon on top of the map, close to the 3 Geodudes.

    -Can't wait to see Shinies implemented. It makes me want to have sex with this game. :x

    Hope you read and answer, have a good and progressful day! ^^

  173. I hope the level cap increases to like 40... so that we can evolve our pokemons quicker.. a new stage would be nice but im more concerned of the level cap than the stage.. in my opinion... :D

  174. I was able to find some data on Blue and Red versions, not as concise as the real guides would have been but here is a link. The Pokedex does seem to have the useful information, and a ton of not needed information.



  175. The only problem I see with Mt. Moon 1 is the Geodude. My Mankey's Karate Chop does barely any damage, and he's at Lv. 20

  176. Freezing problem occurs here when I get too many animations at once.

    i.e: Charmeleon Smokescreen, Mankey Fury swipes, Pikachu Thunderwave, Beedrill spikes, geodude rockthrow and Pidgeotto with any windy attack.

  177. Sam, I think nobody here would mind if you just added the moves and levels without the animations at this point. You know, one new level with intro/outtro and so on per week combined with one new ability animation and we'd eventually get there.

  178. Hi Sam,

    First: Great Game, Been playing since the beginning and just beat Mt. Moon (After about 50 tries)

    Second: Here is my feedback concerning the game and Mt. Moon.

    The Game:
    Inconsistencies within Pokemon move descriptions: Most moves only display "Attack Cooldown" or "Attack Power", hardly any display both at the same time, which I find incomplete and difficult to compare the attack power between moves that do physical damage. I think it would be of the most help to players to include "Attack Cooldown" & "Attack Power" in the description of all moves even if the "Attack Power" would be "0" for moves such as "stun", "sleep powder", etc.

    Mt. Moon:
    1. Had to have all my Pokemon at lvl 20 in order to beat and even at that lvl it was still pretty hard.
    2. The amount of shuffling was pretty ridiculous. If shuffling was your plan for the level a little more time between waves would have been nice (even 1 or 2 more seconds between waves would have been amazing).
    3. Boss Geodude's health/defense could have been turned down ~10-20% and it would have made it much more manageable.
    4. A Second Rock Pokemon Platform would also be nice. Possibly just above the left hand or middle Pokemon locations. Having a spot like that near the top would also give players a chance to pick up (destroy) any Pokemon who may have reached Brock's Geo-dudes. As a player I feel completely helpless once a Pokemon reaches Brock.

    As I said before, Great Game!, Keep up the good work!

  179. sam this is only an idiea but mabye after we have beat the elite four and stuff like that mabye we could have our pokemon stolen but team rocket and they have taken them to jhoto.
    so we meet up with prof.elm and asked us to take a starter pokemon and get back our pokemon when we do we have to beat our own pokemon to get them back.when we get them back prof.elm comes and says that we battl good with that pokemon we can keep it and then we go on a joirny through jhoto that way we can get a new team and go on a new adventure that was only an idea.

    i have also got another mabye in the next mt.moon levle we can have our pokemon hypnotised by team rocket and we have to protect brock and his family with brocks pokemon, joeys pokemon but we lose and misty comes along and saves the day and brings us out of the cave.
    then we come accross two fossils and we have to protect them then the scientist says you can have one.
    that would be a good story line.

    but it is just an idea you dont have to use them.


  180. love the game i keep up to date all the time but had an idea i figured id put out there so youve at least had the thought but have you thought bout trade. cause i cant for the life of me catch some of these either they race crossed the screen before reaching the red or in paras' case all my pokemon kill it before i have the chance,

  181. Hey Sam,
    Well after playing this game for hours trying to catch a paras i finnaly saw some. But i started killing them two fast, so i put all of my strong pokemon to one side and for the last paras myt weakest hit it three times. It went green, green and then dead. Red didnt even show up, Now i will have to search for several more hours just to MAYBE see one that i MIGHT be able to catch. Is there any possiblity of makeing the red bar longer for pokemon such as paras that have such a low chance of being seen?
    As always your doing a great job! Love the game!

  182. also how can we get all 151 if we cant catch the starters jus curious, but love the game maybe you like the idea maybe not thanks sam, your doing a great job

  183. I have no clue why people are having trouble on Mt. Moon. My team was:
    Wartortle lvl 20 (used Water Gun)
    Pidgeotto lvl 20 (used Whirlwind)
    Butterfree lvl 19 (used Confusion)
    Pikachu lvl 20 (used Electro Ball)
    Beedrill lvl 16 (used Twineedle)
    Mankey lvl 16/17 (used Fury Swipes at lvl 16, Seismic Toss at lvl 17)

    To be fair, on v2.0 I had done some level grinding so I could beat most of Viridian Forest 2. But still, I only failed once (mainly because I didn't change the moves), and the second time was a piece of cake. I never had to shuffle towers. Plus, I only lost one Geodude.

    Mt. Moon is so easy and needs to be much harder, IMO.

  184. An idea for better gameplay transition. If you have two Pokemon placed in the squares on the map, could you make it so that if you wanted to switch places quickly you could simply drag one Pokemon over the other and they would swap places instantly. Instead of having to drag the Pokemon to the free square, then place the other one in the box, then finally return to move the original one in the new box. I think this would make the experience more enjoyable.

  185. Sorry for double post (probably, I'm the same person that said Mt. Moon was freaking easy)

    I have more trouble trying to beat Viridian Forest 2 than Mt. Moon. It might just be my team, but still.

  186. You should put TMs, and different pokeballs, so a pokeball can only catch pokemon with red health, a great ball can only catch pokemon with red and orange health, and an ultra ball can catch pokemon with yellow orange and red health. Introduce an Eeevee into this game. Also this game is awesome and one of the best TD i have ever played

  187. How will you be able to evolve trade-only evolution pokemon types i.e graveler and kadabra etc...?

  188. I just wanted to say real quick, thank you for the game and all the hard work you put into it. It's really fun and I really enjoy playing it. :)

    If I weren't a poor starving college student I'd donate. :( Still, love your game, thank you very much.

  189. Chris's question's answerApril 17, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    @chris there will be a trade function l8r on its just greyed out right now

  190. So SAM please make an eevee

  191. sam and dan, y just want to say: THANK YOU for your great work, keep that way

  192. Caught Paras finnally i had to use a manky level 13 to weaken him. I saw paras 7 times before i caught him. Needless to say i was getting very frustrated. Shiny Pikachu and clefary are next :)

  193. i don't mean to offend or sound like an a-hole, but bassically making this game the same as red and blue, changing story and battles so things like move tutor and eevee, which are already in red and blue are probably going to be there, things that were originally in the game I.E. eevee or move tutor shouldnt have to be asked athousand times, once is more than enough.

  194. There is something wrong with double slap:

    At level 16 a single attack can take down most of enemies (even when it only get 2 slaps), while Rattata's Hyper fang needs 2 or 3 hits to get the job done.

    Is that a bug?. Clefairy has a lower attack stat than Rattata and double slap has a lower base power than hyper fang, so i don't understand the gap between their powers...


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