Pokemon Tower Defense: Alpha v3.1 is out now!

Enjoy! I will post a new blog on Monday.

Want to play Ninja-ja? Get a shiny pikachu, shiny mew, shiny starter, shiny magikarp or have your suggestion for a weapon design to be used on Ninja-ja? Click here for more info on how you can get those things.

It includes:
  • Level Cap up to 40!
  • New TMs: 
    • Flamethrower, Sandstorm, Giga Drain, Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Rest, DynamicPunch, Rollout, Roar, Sweet Scent, Protect, Rain Dance
  • All attack moves now have a cooldown of 18!
  • All attacks moves have had their attack power balanced. Most remained the same.
  • Damage and Experience Text!
  • Achievement 1 Reward added.
  • Bug Fixes
Look at the previous blog for more details on what this update includes.

Where can I play?
As always let me know what you think of the new features added to this update.

Thanks for the continued support.


  1. Kudos for finishing it so quickly. Cant wait to see who the new pokemon is!


  2. isn't flametrower a bit weak? i mean now its just as strong as fire fang, and weaker as thunderbolt(shouldn't they be the same power?)

  3. I received the Shiny Onix from my Shiny Hunter Achievement but I forgot to save it and it's gone. I tried receiving it again but it said I already did so I can't get it again ): Please help. I also tried the Mystery Gift code and it's either that it's not working or I did it wrong.

  4. Powder Snow hasn´t a cooldown of 18...

    And in the level Vermillion City the move Rock Tomb doesn´t work.

  5. You forgot to change Powder Snow.
    Regardless, great update, thanks!

  6. Sounds good Sam...Probably should have farmed Payday before you fixed it though...oh well. I have enough money anyway. Have a nice day off, and I hope you had fun at the party!

  7. Love the flamethrower animation Sam! I think you should alternate between polish updates and story updates from now on, it will keep everyone happy.

  8. if the game isn't updated to version 3.1, does the onix code work?

  9. Staying awake DOES have its bonuses! :D

  10. Also Sam, maybe for the next training level, you could try using a trident format so you have 3 entrances, two pokemon for each entrance and one big candy pile at the end, if you want.

  11. Love the Shiny reward :D

  12. Powder snow is still 40 BP with a cooldown of 72, looks like you skipped over something.
    Anyways good job. is there going to be a reward for mt. moon 2?

  13. Sam, really? An Onix? Why did we bother to play the same levels over and over again to get the same pokemon that hundreds of player will have through the Mistery Gift code? That's just absurd... it takes away the point of doing the hunt. Come on, fix this, bro.

  14. Good work!Doesnt load though... I should prpbably just wait.

  15. YAAAAAY!!! finally!

  16. awesome now if only my net wouldn't be so slow

  17. Does your pokemon reach level 40 in this update... because mine dosen't

  18. Hey great update. Love the TM's. But I thought the cutting the moves power down wasn't too good for me atleast... having some troubles even with some parts that weren't hard at all. But then again not an amazing gamer Haha. Sorry for trolling on you guys but I thought I would leave some feedback for once. Keep doing a great job though, enjoying even more as it progresses.

  19. Great update Sam- lot of depth here, despite the lack of a new level, which is something I feel like a few of your updates have lacked.

    Onyx is great so far- I don't think he's going to replace my beloved Golem on my team, but I'll still level him nonetheless.

    I realize you're probably getting some well-deserved shut-eye and aren't modding comments, let alone maintaining the site, just wanted to remind you to update the 'Mystery Gift' section of the site, to reflect the update.

    Also, are you allowed to tell us how and when the Daily Codes will be implemented? Sorry if you already posted it in the comments before, and I missed it.

  20. Earthquake is quite ineffective. 20 attack power.. its even worse than magnitude

  21. Rain Dance cool =1818

  22. Golem got nerfed pretty hard :(
    Thanks for the update! :)


  23. Hey Sam, when I click the exit button through the menu, the game crashes.

  24. Oh Sam, I love you and I'm sure everyone loves too!
    It's so early! And you went to party last night!
    Thanks for the dedication!
    P.S.: Oh Onix, I was thinking in Scyther D:


  25. it would be cool to add a fee if you would have to fight a gym. because we end up with so much money. you could make some of the gym matches cost money it would be better and even worse if you lost. also great update :D thanks

  26. another new move bug:
    when using earthquake, the enemy pokemon are hit when the user jumps and not when he lands causing the earthquake

  27. so, earthquake is weaker than bulldoze...


  28. SAM there is something that i think that does not work well in this uptade....
    Flamethrower is taking less damage than fire fang.....
    Anyway im a fan of your work, thanks for the update :)

  29. Hey, I usually don't comment, but I really have to express my dislike about the nerfing of most of the strongest attacks in game (I don't only mean this one, but every gameboy game).

    There is no point in having Flamethrower if Fire Fangs does the same thing. Flamethrower is supposed to be one of the strongest fire attacks of them all (just like Psychic, too). I'm not asking to have them sit on a pedestal, beating all the other attacks to death, but to have them distinguished from the others, as they rightfully should.

    Besides this, you're doing a great job with the game. Keep it up!

  30. fantastic update sam :)

    Yet again you have surpassed yourself, the balanced attacks work perfectly :)

  31. The trade functions isn't working for me i lost two pokemons (blastoise and Golem (40 both))
    is it a bug or it just me ?

  32. So i was looking forward to flamethrower and earthquake but then i looked at the power and earthquake has only 20 power! and flamethrower power is only 60 which is a little more reasonable. Don't get me wrong i still love the game I just feel these should be 2 of the strongest attacks on the game.

  33. I've been following this game since the first time it was in the market. You have yet to disappoint so please keep up the good work. We all appreciate it.

  34. It's taking a long time for other sites to get the game updated! Oh yeah and Forth!

  35. Onix is the Bomb! :D Thanks Sam and Dan! (:

  36. Please update newgrounds as soon as you see this :)

  37. Just to clarify, the code hunt and the shiny hunter achievement award are both shiny onix?

  38. It is a very nice update Sam, the shiny onix will even out my team perfectly.

  39. I just wanted to clarify with you Sam.
    The speed stat is the pokemons movement speed.
    Is there even accuracy in the game anymore?
    Thank you for the great work.

  40. Impressing update, I really like the floating info text and the pause menu.
    Maybe you should add a way to tell how much xp a level opdate is needed, when you can see the xp progress.
    Are you sure the move Dragon Rage is justified correctly? The cooldown dosn't seem right.
    Thanks for your work.

  41. Sam Otero
    What program use to make te game?

  42. Shiny Onix, hell yeah!

  43. earthquake cooldown 18 power 20.
    bulldoze cooldown 18 power 30 slows all pokemon hit.
    both hit every pokemon in range. shouldn't earthquake do more damage since it doesn't slow the pokemon

  44. Hats off to you Sam!

    Also quick question. I was leveling up a shiny Charmeleon and when it evolved into shiny Charizard the Charizards body wasn't orange it was black. It was still shiny but had a black body instead of an orange one.

    Just wondering if that was on purpose or what!
    Keep it real!

  45. Fourth! great one, well done guys - i look forward to playing this one!

  46. Will come in later to answer all comments directly but I wanted to address a couple of things first.

    Achievement Prize is Shiny Onix
    Weekly Hunt is Regular Onix

    Flamethrower > Fire Fang, don't just look at the move's numbers try it out in the game.

    Earthquake will hit everybody in the level not just within his range.

    You can now trade pokemon higher than 36 (I fixed it just now) up to level 40 (anything higher and it won't work)

  47. @Anon 9:37

    Shiny Charizard is always black... Gosh, go play the games.


    I'm either a complete super idiot, but I can't seem to figure out the Mystery Code for this week. You may want to get back to your source and tell them to use some proper grammar so people can actually understand what they are typing..

  48. I love the new update and 4/5 of the moves I've tried out so far.

    Sam I think you should make more moves like Flamethrower and stuff in future updates.

    Also I think Quick Attack should be back down at a power of 40 and have a cooldown of 12, sucker punch have a power of 60 and a cooldown of 12 and extremespeed have a power of 50 and a cooldown of 9. They just make sense since they are fast moves. (Extremespeed has a Priority of +2 in the games.)

  49. Really? People you need to learn to read, sam stated in his boot about onix normal/shiny in his blog, yet you still ask, and sam is right you need to play the game,

    the stats on the move select screen are basic stats, the attacks actually vary in the lvl, the dynamics of this game to deeper then we 1st thought,

    sam amazing, that's all I can say.

    Truly Amazing :)

  50. Flamethrower is so badass. Sick animation. Great work! :)


  51. Sam, I found a bug with Toxic spikes. For some reason they didn't disappear anymore so that I created a whole Toxic field. Check the screenshot I took for what happened. http://tinypic.com/r/33tscg2/7
    Love your game!

  52. 20 is still pretty bad given that usually on many maps everyone moves relatively fast :/

  53. You should add another achievement just to kill the time of raising our pokemon up. Love the Update =D

  54. in the achievment are you supposed to have the checks cuz i have the checks and it says i haven't met the achievment(and no i didn't get one yet)

  55. sam, since when is earthquake so weak?

  56. r u supposed to have the checks in the achievment shiny hunter 1 coz i have the checks for all the pokemon and it tells me i haven't met the achievment yet.i didn't get one before and i had all the shinies before the pokedex came out.some one help!(or answer my question about the checks in the achievmet shiny hunter 1)

  57. @Sam,

    I just want to commend you on applying the damage counter graphics and exp graphics. Although they flash so quickly its sometimes difficult to see I feel that it is an essential part of the game to get that visual confirmation of how your pokemon's performance and reward is actually playing out. Great job getting this to work!

    PokeFan Gen. 1

  58. flamethrower hits more than one pokemon at a time just like hydro pump, it's great!
    could you include thunder soon to the tms please?
    keep up the good work sam!

  59. Not to pile on, but in a bit of an echo - one of the first things I went to do after downloading this was level up my Bulbasaur to level 37, where he would finally get a rare grass move that, by looking at the stats, should be the best grass move available at this point. I was somewhat miffed to find out that it was no better than Giga Drain, which is a TM.

    The thrust of this is that one of the most time-intensive moves to get at this point and one that is unique to a single 'mon is rendered effectively worthless since some rebalancing changes were made.

    One example doesn't make an entire case, of course, but it looks like you balanced moves based solely on their stats and not their prevalence. "Difficulty to obtain" should be weighed in to that whole "balance" figure as well.

  60. You are incredible. Thank you so much for this game and for being so quick and effective at updating it. :)

  61. @anon 9:37

    I'm pretty sure Bulldoze only hits foes within the range of the Pokemon using it, while Earthquake strikes all Pokemon on the SCREEN.

  62. *An experience bar with numbers, to keep track on how close you really are.

  63. Earthquake is too weak,can you make Earthquake a little more powerful? (30 power is perfect to me)

  64. This is more than a little troubling, Sam.

    Frustrated that I couldn't find a Shiny Rattata for the achievement, I offered to trade someone in chat a Shiny Jynx that I had traded over from a second profile.

    In the middle of the offer, I realized that not only had my shiny Jynx disappeared from my main profile, but the shiny Poliwhirl I had NPC traded for her was still present on my second profile.

    Embarassed, I quickly re-traded for the shiny Jynx and completed the trade for my shiny new Onyx. After reading through the above comments, I decided to go try out Earthquake and Flamethrower, and do some contrast and compare with Fire Fang and Bulldoze, when I realized that my Shiny Onyx was gone.

    Checking my opposite profile, I realized that the shiny Poliwhirl was back, which meant I had never traded for the shiny Jynx, which implied that my online profile's data had somehow reverted back, stubbornly, to before any of this happened; not too far back however, because I noted that my non-shiny level 25 Onyx, which I had caught only hours before, was still in my inbox.

    Yes, I am frustrated, but I'm not going to take it out on you. It seems as if I'm just destined to never own a shiny Onyx, and my game save knows that... D:

    Also, lol at all the people that posted 'fourth!', who didn't realize that many more comments had been posted, but not approved.

  65. One bug I've found is that Stealth Rock doesn't clear its graphics, the rock piles just build up.

    Also Avalanche doesn't have a graphic... maybe it's suppose to be like that.

    Otherwise great update, thank you for your hard work.

  66. is it just me is shiny rattata really hard to find? also great work sam, discovered this game when i was meant to be revising and now all my mates and entire rugby team play it at uni, keep up the good work

  67. I personally think earthquake is too underpowered. Even with hitting everything 20 power is way too low IMO. Maybe increase it somewhere between 30 and 50 and maybe tone down the range to make it worth while? It's kinda crap atm....

    Flamethrower on the other hand is amazing. While with 60 power, it hits multiple people in a cluster and I think twice per attack. Not to mention it looks amazing. Great work.

  68. Like the splash damage with flamethrower and the earthquake attack everyone thingy, think they are just about right. Numbers popping up everywhere took some getting used to, but is now really useful for finding out the actual attack power (including attack stat and STAB)

  69. When Will You Make The Avatar??

  70. I was playing route 5 and had my Onix using stealth rock but rather than disappearing at their 180 limit they just kept stacking, I thought you should address this problem as it is incredibly over powered and broken when it does occur.
    I have attached a picture showing the glitch in effect.
    P.S I am using the .exe as the picture shows.

  71. Hey Sam, Pidgey gets Roost at level 37, you missed it on the update

  72. Yea earthquake will hit everyone as long as he sees one person in front of him Otherwise he stops using the move

    Increase the range of earthquake if you would please and add 5 or 10 more

    My golem sucks now because he is no longer a hard hitter
    he's a sucky sweeper
    Not all moves should have 18 as the cooldown
    Nor should they all be even otherwise there's no point in getting new moves or training pokemon
    some are stronger and some have a better movepool

    I love this game but the recent update ruuined my golem's standing and along with some others
    such as sandshrew having crush claw or slash being 60 damage

    Thanks for the update but please if you can try to be more accurate

  73. hey Sam, I just wanted to point out a few bugs with the latest update:
    1. flamethrower's splash damage goes according to the initial blow, meaning if I hit a poliwhirl with flamethrower and there is an oddish next to it, the oddish will take "not effective" damage instead of "super effective"

    2. earthquake hits the wild pokemon when the user of the move jumps and not when he lands and cracks the ground - the damage is done before the move :P
    also, if my Onix (for example) uses rage and turns red, while using earthquake he is grey agian for a brief moment

    other than that, the game is still great, and keep up the good work!

  74. Can you add more pokemon?

  75. Hi Sam!

    First of all, great game.

    Now for something I would like to see- maybe an option on each Pokemon's screen where we can decide how to make that Pokemon Tower target incoming towers. For instance, you'd pick "Super Effective Hit" which would make it attack anything that the move would hit for super effective damage as a #1 priority. If there are none, then it would hit anyone. Some other priority sets could be:
    -Not very effective hits
    -First Pokemon in the "line"
    -Last Pokemon in the "line"
    -Pokemon running toward the target
    -Pokemon running away from the target (Get use out of pursuit)
    -Fastest Pokemon
    -Slowest Pokemon
    -Strongest Pokemon
    -Weakest Pokemon

    Also, it would be cool if we could look at our Pokemon's "stats." For instance, some Pokemon hit better specially than physically, but we're not sure how much so in this game as opposed to the actual games.

    Keep up the good work!

  76. I was play route 5 and had my Onix using stealth rock but rather than disappearing at their usual 180 limit they just kept stacking I thought you would want to fix this as soon as possible as when it does occur (it has happened to me twice) it is incredibly over powered and broken.
    I have attached a picture showing the glitch in effect and as it shows I am using the .exe file to play the game.

  77. How come I can only receive the shiny onix on one profile?! I tried collecting it on the other profiles and it shows me "you have not meet (should be met) the requirements or you have already claimed this reward.

  78. Shiny charizard is supposed to be black look it up on serebii.net or bulbapedia

  79. you should have the TM False Swipe so it can be easier to catch pokemon

  80. This was just a bad update. Weakening moves that should be powerful, nothing of substance at all

  81. NICE! Got my onix AND shiny onix =) Cheers SAM

    oh, and you can only get 1 per account, not one/profile, is it meant to be like this?


  82. @Sam Otero,
    Just a suggestion, but I think you should add a preloader.

  83. Another note: Going through the water gym battle with a Poliwhirl (s, lv.28) doesn't seem to trigger the NPC trade anymore.

  84. So I did the mystery code hunt on TDG and it wont work. Ive re-checked my code and tried inputting it and it still wont work. My main concern on the other hand is that I went to my pokedex to get my shiny onix, and then i went to go use him and he had disappeared. Wth guys? Help me out please?

  85. Wait… Quick Attack has 60 power?

  86. Sam, I have a suggestion.

    Since you're putting Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket at the game, can you let May make a brief cameo during the story? *-*
    Kyogre is from her generation, if it can appear, she also can. :P

    She came to Kanto Region after all.
    She is totally awesome.

  87. F***ING LOVE FLAMETHROWER! =P 60 with SA > 60 melee =) AOE!!!
    Gon Hugs Sam LOL

  88. Seems that thsi update:

    All attack moves now have a cooldown of 18!

    Metronome was missed in this? This still has a cooldown of 36

  89. Sam I am a bit concerned you said that when you hit exit it would take you to the right chapter page I know you mean from levels but I think it should also work from when your selecting Pokemon. Please can you fix this. Great game by the way :)

  90. Hooray, Skull Bash is now useless!
    It's power is less than Tackle's power (40[Skull Bash]<50[Tackle]), so it's useless as an attack! But wait, it increases defense!
    But defense is completely useless when you're in "tower mode", and you can't use Skull Bash when defense actually counts (when you're trying to steal candy, AKA Route 24). (Unless you're using Rollout, I guess.)

  91. Maybe it's just me, but the Jynx trade still doesn't work...

  92. Sam i found a very odd glitch/error. If you use rainy day or sunny day, then use the other one. They will both remain active which is impossible from the real game.

  93. For those who demanding a more powerful Flamethrower, as Sam just mentioned, Flamethrower does damage to a small area while Fire Fang only does to an individual. Please check it out in the game.

    Sam, one thing reported: last time you claimed that "When you exit out of a story level it will take you to the correct chapter page instead of the chapter select screen." But I found that this bug was not fixed. And also I'd suggest changing the text from "choose level" to "choose chapter" for the Chapter selection screen.

  94. charizards body is supposed to be black... you should search it up before saying "Keep it real!"

  95. P.S. The Flamethrower seems to be a 2-hit move with a small effective damaging area, which is the main difference and advantage over Fire Fang. May you guys check it out in the level Vermillion City, placing only one pokemon with Flamethrower in the field and then running the game, soon you will find out the truth.

  96. Just a suggestion-
    Can you add a preloader and nameable boxes?

  97. Finally decided to sign up for an online account as there's actually some benefit now (i.e. shiny onix).

    However, noticed that the wild zubat that I caught in Mt. Moon II in v3.0 doesn't show up in my achievements. Can you look into this?

  98. About Shiny Charizard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4mOFGj133I

  99. Hey Sam, awesome update! Now that we have more effective attacks that hit multiple pokemon at a time, can we expect that maps in the future will have a bigger amount of pokemon through each wave?

  100. flamethrower >>> fire fang

  101. Hey Sam,
    Not to be rude or anything, but I really don't like the game now, flamethrower is pathetic, and I was SO looking forward to it. So, yeah...

  102. Pidgeot needs a better attack!

  103. so is onix the acheivement reward? and also the shiny hunt? hmmm, an odd choice. but i suppose after this week nobody wil be able to get him via the mystery code so i don't mind too much. either way, i think it is a bad choice.

    Other than that, what a fantastic update!!!!!!!!

  104. Making Earthquake hit everything in the level is a ridiculous idea. Modifying moves to be more prevalent in a tower defense game is sensible. But butchering a move to be less than half as powerful as tackle, and then say that it hits everything in the level so its okay is silly.
    Earthquake is one of the STRONGEST ground type moves there is in ALL of the pokemon games. And, on a whim, you decide to give it 20 power and decide it need to hit all pokemon in the map? Really? You know that all of the fans of the game like Pokemon? And that doing something like this would probably piss alot of them off?
    Wish you had a team of beta testers or something.

    Fix the typo on Flamethrower, and make earthquake 70-100 power and hit within range. Creative spins on nostalgic moves and pokemon are not welcome among PTD's fanbase.

  105. Yes, the Fire and Ground type moves got nerfed.

    Grass type moves got buffed, people.

    Absorb: Normal BP: 20; PTD BP: 40

    Mega Drain: Normal BP: 40; PTD BP: 55

    Giga Drain: Normal BP: 60; PTD BP: 70

    Put some foliage in your teams and it'll make up for Flamethrower and Earthquake being EPIC FAIL.

  106. Somehow my comment didn't go onto the other blog.

    I was wondering if you would make a password retrieval system. My computer crashed and I cannot retrieve my data as I do not remember my password.

    I would appreciate it if you considered my suggestion. Thanks. Looking forward to playing this.

  107. I am no longer happy with the product but, I have faith that this game will indeed get better as the updates come. I will stop playing for awhile and come back. Hopefully you have improved the game.

  108. sam wheres new levels we want to play them so bad im a real friend of pokemon evry one laugh for play it but i dont care you rock

  109. Great game Sam,
    Just one question. If you traded a shiny spearow and got a shiny farfetch'd, can you trade a regular spearow for a regular farfetch'd in the same profile?

  110. Small typo / bug !

    Seed bomb's description has Attack Power above Attack Cooldown. Whereas all other moves has Attack Cooldown above Attack Power!

  111. could you add an expierance figure?

    such as


  112. Hi Sam. You have done an awesome job with the game. It keeps me very well entertained. I have a suggestion. When you update PTD and include a new achievement and reward, for instance, shiny hunt 2, can you keep the other pages, like shiny hunt 1? It would give the players a chance to recieve that reward when you give another out. Please take my suggestion into consideration.

  113. I think in a later update you should create a button that you choose if you wont your pokemon to evolve that way if you dont want to evolve a pokemon at the time you dont have to keep pressing stop evolving because I have been doing that with my shiny poliwag so it would learn Hydro Pump before it would as a poliwhirl.

  114. Since you've added a way to see how much damage you're doing and how much exp you're getting, what do you think of this;

    At the end of the level, along with the usual victory message, a screen pops up that tells you how much exp each of your pokemon got and how much damage they did?

    It'd help a lot to figure out which levels give the most experience and which pokemon are best suited for the level.

  115. Can you power up Earthquake and Flamethrower? Great update though!!

  116. Just had to point out a certain comment that made me laugh a little.

    From anon 3:01PM "Creative spins on nostalgic moves and pokemon are not welcome among PTD's fanbase." The rest of his post is equally amusing, imo.

  117. It seems you forgot to change the Ice Type moves when you did your re-balancing (Ice Fang is now stronger then Fire Fang, Ice Punch is still 75 power, Powder Snow still has an a cooldown of 72)

    Other than that, great job with the balancing!

  118. Good idea with the balancing but some moves should be fixed. Quick attack, extremespeed, and other moves should have a shorter cooldown again with a bit less power like before. Tackle and other moves that are at the beginning need to be weakened. Bubble is only 20 power and should stay that way. New players will have it too easy with stronger starting moves. I think earthquake is just fine but change it for the fans.

    Also you haven't been updating the suggestions/bugs as to what's been added to the game. And some of the clues don't work properly for the onix hunt (clue 5)


  119. I'm really happy with this release, with the level cap, shiny hunter achievement, new moves and everything, but there is absolutely NO need for such an abysmal damage.

    Flamethrower has no use, with Fire Fang being a level up move for most Fire types, and 10,000 Poke' for the same damage is, quite frankly, stupid. Flamethrower is considered the best, most reliable Fire move. Please boost its power.

    Earthquake too. It is SO stupid that the move widely considered the BEST move of all time because of its great damage and wide spread availability has a lower attack power than SCRATCH. Earthquake is THE reason Ground types are so popular. This is an INSULT to all of them.

    SO: PLEASE raise the power to Flamethrower to AT LEAST 80. Moves can NOT all be the same, because then there would be no point in leveling up your Charizard to learn Flamethrower if it can learn Fire Fang which has the same power but at an even lower level. DON'T TRY TO MAKE MOVES BALANCED. What are you going to try next? Balance Legendaries and Rattatas? Some moves are BETTER than others, and that IS fine.

    Ditto with Earthquake.

  120. First off, to all those complaining about Flamethrower/Earthquake...

    Every pokemon that has access to those has access to other single-hit, high damage moves. Be they the eventual Fire Blast, Fire Fang, Flame burst or something. The EQuakers get Rock Blast, Slash and other such moves.

    Not every move needs to be a 1-hit, basic dmg-based move, or else 90% of the moves would be useless, just like the games. String shot was useless in the games, particularly besides Stun Spore and such, but you make concessions for that in this, right? (PS: Please let Butterfree/Beedrill "Re-learn" String Shot :-D).

    An all-hit attack was the next thing needed, and we got it. It's good, for what it is. Throw some speed-decreasers in there, and you've got a good move (esp for places like VF2).

    As for the people with trade problems:

    You can only trade 1 Jynx/Farfetch'd per 'Account'. Make a new account on the same profile if you want to trade again. However, it looks like the Shiny Onix is 1 per profile, which is odd. Oh well. Still a fun pokemon, and just a pity we won't be getting Steelix.

    Thirdly, read Sam's posts on the Shiny/Normal Onix. Achievement = Shiny, Weekly Hunt = Normal. Comeon people, the icon on the main page is a normal Onix, not a shiny.

    Still need to level some of my guys up, at this point, and see some of the new moves, but I'm looking forward. Good work on the damage and such showing.

    Quick question, too: Does the Pokedex only log captures on 1 account, or on the whole profile. Namely, if I catch a shiny on a different account (Jynx, for instance), will all my Pokedexes show me having Jynx?

    Good work, in any case.

  121. Sam, can you please change Earthquake, Quick Attack, and Extremespeed? Earthquake's power should be around 50-70, Quick Attack should have a power of 40 and a cooldown of 12, like it was before, Extremespeed should have a cooldown of...I don't know, 12? 9? With the power gone up, as usual.

  122. I hate amending what I wrote, but I think I will re-comment on 2 things:

    Tried out Equake. Great move for levelling someone, but it is a little weak. Perhaps a 10 Power increase? Also, Rock Tomb is like String Shot vs 2.0, very nicely done.

    I also agree that the Quick moves should be faster than the other moves (CD of 12 or 9 or whatever). But that's just my opinion. Not many of them in the game, and they kinda come with their own pre-made uniqueness, so why mess with it, I guess?

    Still, good patch.

  123. Hey sam! Excellent game! But I have a problem. You see, I downloaded the new update and when it overwrited the old, all my profiles went missing! And i had like 20 pokemon alredy in level 36...

    So... I don't know if there's a way for me to gete everything back (It also erased my online profile, which means I los EVERYTHING) But if there is, I will be very glad if you (Or any of you guys) could tell me how to do it.


  124. +1 to hyperdude
    earthquake should be better.
    quick should have a faster cooldown, like before.
    and extremespeed was heavily nerfed in this game. it has higher 1 priority than quick attack so cooldown should be 8 or so. it also has 80 power in the game and it was given 60. so it was slowed way down and was reversely compensated for the cooldown increase.

  125. i think hydro pump has a badass animation, great job! but why does it have the same attack power as water pulse jw?

  126. The new attacks are soo weak... Flamethrower can't have the same power than Fire Fang! it's even better Fire Fang because of the Flinch porcentage!And Eartquake is SO WEAK... Please make lower all the other attacks or make the newest ones strongers!

  127. @Hyperdude
    doesn't earthquake hit all enemies? that's why it's 20?

  128. sand attack,
    Knock off,
    and Dragon Rage all have longer than 18 cool downs

    Dragon Rage has
    cooldown of 32.

  130. Sam, I don't know if that has been previously discussed, but do moves get STAB?

  131. I think the higher level moves you added, plus moves like aqua tail and thunderbolt are a bit under powered now.

  132. I've used Earthquake and Flamethrower and I really don't see what people are complaining about. Honestly, it seems like most of the complainers haven't even used them. Flamethrower destroys just about everything and Earthquake destroys everything that doesn't fly. I was pleasantly surprised by both of these moves and I'm definitely looking forward to more "creative spins on nostalgic moves."

  133. This update is the first one I have issues with. :/
    Also Sam, kudos on ridiculing fans bro. Yea he was a jerk, but hes not the only one remarking on how garbage Earthquake is, and how weak flamethrower is. Have an open mind, these people spend time commenting because they care. If you wanted to do things your way without caring about how the public thinks, then why release it to the public?

    So many changes, but so many things overlooked. Certain moves should have lower cooldowns, like the 'priority' moves (quick attack, extreme speed, etc), and other moves should be weakened. 60 power moves from level 1? Then 37 levels later moves that you finally learn, that are about the same power??? :[

  134. Sam

    does onix have more attack/special attack (if there is special attack) than golem?

  135. btw idk if anyone picked this up....but flame thrower hits 2 times per shot...at equal power of fire fang....so its technically a bit stronger...also it hits more than one target...so im thinkin it ends up bein still alot better...not bad SAM.....im still not sure about earthquake tho : /

  136. The new power and cooldown balance is a stupid idea. Lots of the moves are now losing an entire degree of what makes them unique. This makes decisions on whether to choose one skill over another much less tactical and much more a question of "Is this damage number bigger than that one," which is NOT a good change.

  137. At least in some of the earlier generations, moves that hit multiple pokémon would have their power split between the pokémon being hit. I noticed this recently while playing through Colosseum (where every battle in story mode is a double battle and all my water types somehow know surf despite no HMs in the game).
    I somewhat have to agree with the priority attacks, but I haven't tried them out yet, as I am waiting for Newgrounds to update.

    Half of the moves in Pokémon do the same thing already, so I welcome the variation. And for people saying that flamethrower is useless or used to be the best fire type move, I have one question: what about Blast Burn, Overheat, Heat Wave, Eruption and Inferno?

    Last time I checked, you people are not the ones making this game. If you have so many problems and things that need to be fixed for you or else you cannot enjoy the game, they why don't you just make your version of how the game should be?
    The way I see it, if it is not my game, I simply have to deal with whatever the maker decides to do. And if the maker truly does something horrendous, the maker has to deal with all his fans leaving.
    But that won't happen. Because most of the people here will whine for hours before going back to play and not even think of leaving.

  138. @prof. keeling
    you can't get the shiny rattata achievement with a traded rattata. it has to be FROM THE WILD. and jynx's are banned from trading. if you want a shiny onix go find a WILD shiny rattata and stop whining.

  139. Hello, Sam,

    I don't know if this has anything to do with the new update, but I have repeatedly attempted to get Jynx through the NPC trade in vain. Yes, I have a Poliwhirl and used it in battle each time, I clicked the next button, not the skip button, and still the Old Man never shows up. (Also, I got my Farfetch'd already, so I don't know if that has anything to do with how the game thinks?)

    Please let me know how to fix this problem or if it is some sort of bug!! Thank you!

  140. Minor bug,
    I noticed that the text where the Type of the move Gust is given is gray, while it should be purple just like other Flying-type attacks

  141. Awesome Game Sam, but I read the introductions to each of the levels in PTD, and I found a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Perhaps you could quickly revise the intro texts as part of your next update?

    Also, I was evolving my Ivysaur, Wartortle, and Charmeleon, and I found that Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur at level 32, whereas Wartortle and Charmeleon evolved into Blastoise and Charizard at level 36. I checked Bulbapedia, and found that these evolution levels were correct. I was wondering if you (or anyone else who knows) could explain why Ivysaur evolves sooner? Is it a special thing because Bulbasaur's the first Pokemon? I'm puzzled as to the logic of this seemingly early evolution.

  142. Awesome update sam dissapointed with the attack power earthquake is supposed to be the best ground type move when the attack power i saw was 20 i was bombed hydro pump and flamethtower r supposed to be the starters last moves being most porriful so can u please change it MOst of us would really like it maybe earthquake 80 power 36 cooldon better than buldoze or flametrower and hydro pump 100 power and cross chop the move balancing is good but most of us r dissapointed
    THanks sam

  143. Are you guys stupid?
    Firefang is not better or even equal to flamethrower...
    Firefang is a one hit attack with a 10% burn and flinch.
    Flamethrower is a multi hit attack with a ??% (probably 10%) chance to burn.
    Anything that runs through or is relatively near flamethrower gets hurt and anything that stays in it gets hurt.

  144. Sam, while trying to do the shiny hunter 1 achievement me and a friend on the ship have caught both the shiny geodude and shiny rattata but weren't credited for them any help would be appreciated thank you.

  145. While Fire Fang and Flamethrower use different stats (attack/special) so they WOULD do different damage on the same poke (yes "power" isn't everything to everyone complaining), flamethrower should still be changed still. Or at least made noted in it's description. I'll be ok with Flamethrower having the same power as fire fang, IF flamethrower has an AOE type of attack. Since fire fang can burn/flinch, it's automatically better even if a poke is better suited for special, over flamethrower if it's just a single target attack. If flamethrower, which will be more realistic, can hit multiple pokemon, it'd add some strategic value as well as making it competition vs fire fang.

    Earthquake would be great, since it's one of if not the only move that can hit EVERY pokemon on the screen, if hitting every pokemon was a decent ability. Since almost all currently and most maps later will probably have a small area hitting every poke isn't that big of a deal when poke can pretty much do that normally with their range. If you increased earthquake's power to 40 or 50, it'd actually be viable to use. 20 power is INCREDIBLY low and is by far outmatched by bulldoze or other powerful ground moves that can kill every poke that come in range quickly, as well as hit a large area of the maps because of their size.

    Earthquake is kind of useless right now... a slight damage buff wouldn't be a bad idea.
    Flamethrower should incorporate an AOE affect to it, and if it does, it'd be good to note.

  146. i didn't really like the balanced attacks update, but that's not what's gonna stop me form loving this game.......
    remember guys, making everyone happy in a game played by so many people is so hard, so don't be mad about these small things like weaker moves....also this makes the gae a bit harder, adding more fun to it

  147. Just thought of something. Perhaps if earthquake's power was buffed to 30 and it included a kind of slow effect, perhaps not as dramatic as string shot but a slight decrease to all poke it hits (which is everyone given the poke don't dodge it or are immune to ground). That'd also make it a valuable move.

  148. yay i am so glad can get onix but i agree with everyone on flamethrower and earthquake also i would love a new story level in the next update this is probably the most fun pokemon game on the computer

  149. good job on this update sam just a suggestion cus you have flamethrower which is good what about moves like

    thunder, Ice beam, hyper beam, solarbeam, volt tackle, hydro pump,

    names kyle btw if your giving out any credit xD

  150. you should put catchable ice-type pokemon

  151. Sam, a large number of my pokemon were already level 36, and they leveled up immediately after the update, and I'm continuing to level them; however, none of them have learned new moves yet. Is this a glitch? If so, please help me fix it! chiaxroscuro@yahoo.com if you need more information?

  152. sam, i know this is a little premature but are you considering a new shiny hunter achievement in the next update?
    - Justin

  153. Additional comment to a previous post I made, about how my pokemon weren't learning any new moves:

    My Venusaur DID learn Worry Seed, but that's it. All my other starters didn't learn any new moves?

    ...Yes, I created three profiles on my account and swapped starters. D: Hope that isn't too cheaterish

  154. Going to post a blog about the re balancing and what's to come.

    I did miss some moves in the balancing like Dragon Rage, Metronome, Powdered Snow. Will fix those by the next update.

    If you lost your pokemon try importing your profile. If you never saved it then I won't be able to restore that :(

    If you need your password because you lost it or forgot then the just send me an email at sotero86@gmail.com

  155. If your pokemon didn't learn any moves, check on Serebii or Bulbapedia to see if I made a mistake or if your pokemon just doesn't learn any moves at that level.

  156. BTW I'm using the Generation 5 Move Set

  157. sam, i think flamethrower has a bug.
    if u use it on multple pokemon, if the first pokemon it hits is super effective,not very effective, or even regular,it does the same to the others

    ex. flamethrower on oddish, pidgey, and charmander. super effective on all

  158. A reason some are not getting moves is because the evolved forms learn later than basics

  159. I voted for good, but make some changes. But I think flamethrower should be kept as it is. My charizard pretty much destroyed route 5 with this move at level 38 even with growlithe and poliwag!

  160. I don't want to me a spoil sport or anything but Steel type wasn't in the original pokemon games so you got that wrong

  161. @Anon June 26, 2011 6:58 PM Yeah, but isn't it still a bit underpowered? Maybe 60-70 is a bit high, but some moves can have a bit higher cooldown. 32 is perfect for some "stronger moves", because a cooldown of 18 is almost twice as faster.

    @Anon June 26, 2011 6:58 PM What do you mean Jynx is banned?

    @Venmol What the heck are you talking about?

    @Doguso No "slow" effects. Please.

    And to people complaining about Flamethrower and Fire Fang. Flamethrower is a multi-hit attack, while Fire Fang is a one-hit attack.

    I think Rock Blast should be raised to 20. 25 is too high, 15 is too low, so how about right in the middle?

    I also think two-turn attacks like Solarbeam should have a cooldown of 32, because it's almost half as fast as a "normal" attack.

    People complaining about the Jynx trade not working-it's a bug. If you did the Farfetch'd trade before, it won't work for some reason.

    People on the forums had an idea for "Surfing Pikachu's", here's the link: http://s4.zetaboards.com/poketd/topic/8768578/1/

    Just wanted to help out a little.

  162. I got to ask, in this weeks pokemon hunt, (Shiny onix) The first clue doesen't work for me. And i solved the rest but i still can't get that onix. I wonder if there is some kind of prob with it in the game? I play on Newground where it is updated. I tried to open the first clue in both explorer and chrome (where i usually have no probs)

  163. Hey Sam ,
    great work till now;) Just wanted to thank you for the work you're doing so well.
    But I've got also a little bid...
    Is it possible for you to implement a feature in the pokedex that shows ,which pokemon you've already seen till now?
    Like in the normal game. I think I got all catchable pokemon, but I'm not sure about it :P

  164. Sam you are missing a few moves that can be relearned or learned at this point (Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Air Slash, and Flash Cannon just to name a few) because Blastoise can relearn Flash Cannon, and Charizard can relearn the other three moves.

    Also will Drowsee be catchable soon, because at Vermillion City you can catch Drowsee if you go to the right.

  165. Hey Sam, you've done a great work. :)
    But i think there's kind of a glitch: TMs don't seem to work properly so almost all of my Pokemon can learn Rain Dance or Rest, and I don't think that this is normal.

  166. Earthquake, Extremespeed, Quick Attack, and Flamethrower need to be improved. Earthquake has to do at least 40 damage but probably should do 60. Flamethrower should do at least 80 damage. Quick Attack was great the way it originally was. Extreme Speed should be faster!!!!

    These moves need improvement. This is my first complaint about this game.

  167. Good for making the poll Sam. It will make the game much better with just a few tweaks to moves. For future updates, I would like to see 3 things.

    1. Cost for leveling to be a curve/ percentage increase. Level 38 is only 200 bucks to level and you can easily make that through five waves of route 5. A five dollar increase per level worked at the start but a percentage raise would give us something to do with our cash.

    2. Indicate if a move is physical or special. People will stop complaining if they knew there was a difference.

    3.Show base stats and current stats of pokemon so we know what types of attacks are suited with said pokemon.

    4.Add an option to show only damage or only exp.(Too lazy to change my post from my ipod lol)

    Great work on the rest of what you did!


  168. I have a suggestion:

    When you cleared a level and you get back in that level for training or catching, another story should comes out, like: a bug catcher in Viridian forest needs help, you protect the rare candies with him, because redoing the story in that level is annoying (If there's mispelling or bad grammar, it's because I'm french.)

    Keep up the good work!

  169. On Newgrounds, my profile disappeared. When I imported my profile, I had lost a lot of progress. I needed to redo Vermillion City. After I did this, I closed out again. Now, my data has again reverted to before I played Vermillion City. Is there any way to fix this?

  170. Great work Sam!
    just a suggestion:

    i think that it would help to show how much expedience each pokemon needs before it levels up again.
    Lvl. 20
    (the experience bar) 450/1000

  171. Two quick questions about hit everything moves.

    1. I love that Earthquake hits everything, but I was wondering...I played Route 5 and had Golem in the back with Earthquake and he didn't seem to be using it until pokémon came into what would normally be his range. But if it affects the entire screen, shouldn't that be his range and shouldn't he thus use it if there is another pokémon on the screen?

    2. Are you going to make other "hit everything" moves? If so, are there more than just Earthquake, Surf, Discharge and Heat Wave? And will you lower the potential for burns or paralysis? Discharge has 30% chance to paralyze and combining that with hitting the entire screen, that'd be amazing but perhaps over-powered.

  172. the font colour for the attack type in Avalanche is a different blue than the other ice types

  173. Every time I try to save my profile online, it says I can't find a match for my email or password. How can I fix this?

  174. @Quagmire
    But steel type moves are included in the Gen. 5 Moveset, so it makes sense after all!

    Never mind, you don't get it anyway

  175. I'm the Anonymous whose pokemon were leveling up but not learning new moves. I checked for my charizard (level 40); you're right, it would not have learned anything during this update if I went by bulbapedia, but it seemed from a previous post

    Reaching Level 37 (100%)
    Seed Bomb (100%)
    Flamethrower (100%)
    Drill Peck (100%)
    Sandstorm (100%)
    Gravity (100%)
    Poison Fang (100%)
    Giga Drain (100%)
    Cross Chop (100%)

    Reaching Level 38 (100%)
    Nasty Plot (100%)

    Reaching Level 39 (100%)
    ExtremeSpeed (100%)
    Hydro Pump (100%)
    Earthquake (100%)
    Avalanche (100%)

    Reaching Level 40 (100%)
    Captivate (Skipped due to lack of genders)
    Psycho Cut (100%)
    Barrier (100%)

    that I would have gotten those moves? I think I'm confused D:

  176. I don't like the move balancing. At all. I'm not only complaining about Earthquake and Flamethrower. A lot of moves have gotten worse and moves like "Tackle" are much stronger it's ridiculous.

    Unless you get rid of the leveling system, then I'll agree with the changes. As long as the leveling system stays, moves learned at a later level should always be better than moves learned earlier. I'm sure the people at game freak have given much thought about balancing between moves and I doubt you can do a better job than them.

  177. @bbbrrritcold

    I might be wrong but i guess what Sam meant was Earthquake, damages all pokémon into its range, how many times it be used but Not all the pokémon in the screen, all the others moves just damages 1 pokémon per time even if there be several pokémon in the range.

    I love the game and i love the creative, challenging and addictive way Sam did it but I agree with Cat, Sam should probably keeps the moves the way they were made.

  178. Magikarp splash isn't 18 cooldown

  179. The achievement award is pretty good, but I think there is a bug with it. Am I only able to get the shiny onix for one game or can I get it for more than one? *got the shiny rattata for both red and blue*

  180. I think that the MO maybe can be award in the challenges of that catch it. For example Cut in a battle with Gary on the SS. Ane.

  181. Hey Sam
    Two quick suggestions...Maybe after a level all the leftover rare candies could be added to your useable inventory as a incentive to keep as many as possible.
    Also when multiplayer comes out you should make it so it is split screen and each player is trying to get his pokemon through the other person's towers while still defending his candy. All towers in use defending can't be used offensivly, and they revive after fainting, but they have to start at the beginning again.
    Keep up the good work!

  182. i think you should make way more levels even though i cant get past chapter 3 last level and rare candies should be added to your inventory more items in the pokemart more challenges and u should be able to get up to level 100 pokemon i still think its a great game but think about my ideas

  183. hello creators of pokemon tower defence im a player of the game i recomend you should add
    my favorite pokemon of all tim his name is Turtwig. Turtwig is a grass type. his evolves
    are grottle and torterra thank you and please add turtwig!


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