Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.0 is out now!

New update is out now! Enjoy! I will post a new blog on Monday. I won't be around much today so I won't be able to moderate a lot of comments.

Want to play Ninja-ja? Get a shiny pikachu, shiny mew, shiny starter, shiny magikarp or have your suggestion for a weapon design to be used on Ninja-ja? Click here for more info on how you can get those things.

I'm keeping the same shiny hunt so that everybody can get their shiny Farfetch'd :D Also the avatars are not added on this update but when I do add them I will allow you to pick which generation you want it from the ones I posted on the poll. A lot of you requested this so I will make it happen.

v3.0.1 is now out it fixes the following:
  • Small typo on the new story level.
  • Pokemon that have the move selfdestruct will now be able to move around.
  • The 4th challenge mode will now work correctly no matter what you do.
  • The chapters will now unlock correctly once you beat all the levels in the previous chapter.

It includes:
  • New Story level!
  • New Challenge Level!
  • One new pokemon to catch via NPC Trade!
  • New TMs! - Poison Jab, and Swords Dance.
  • Bug Fixes
Look at the previous blog for more details on what this update includes.

Where can I play?
  • Play here on the blog by clicking on the "Play PTD!" tab.
  • Download the EXE, SWF or APK by clicking on the "Game Downloads Link" tab.
  • PlayTowerDefenseGame (Not yet updated)
  • FreeWorldGroup (Update to v3.0.1)
  • Gamerfish (Updated to v3.0.1)
  • OneMoreLevel (Updated to v3.0.1)
  • NewGrounds (Updated to v3.0.1)
  • MiniJuegos (Updated to v3.0.1)
As always let me know what you think of the new levels, and features added to this update.

Thanks and have a good weekend.


  1. Like I mentioned on the blog I won't be around much today to moderate comments.

  2. @ Sam

    Its still says 2.9.1 version for me?

  3. any HINT at the NPC poke? PS I beat both the levels already lol.

  4. Hey Sam, great update the new levels are difficult even with level 36s :) Only problem is that on my second profile, I didn't play route 24 last update and when I beat the cerulean gym 2, chapter 3 was still locked.
    For some achievements in the next update, beat new challenge level with level 25s and beat the new story level without losing a candy.


  5. sorry to tell you, but it seams like the storymode level is too hard to complite onto you release next levelcap. and some bugs:
    1. When you are in pokemon select(on the challange level) and press back, you come to the story level select.
    2. while selecting pokemons in the new challange mode level, if you press on a pokemon(and enter the info about the pokemon) and then starts the level, you will enter VF 1

  6. Hey sam, can you answer what the 6 non catchable pokemon are? I only counted 5...

  7. My save files have mysteriously disappeared, Sam. It's not a huge problem, since I have a profile to import, it's just that I haven't saved it in a week or so. Thought you ought to know.

  8. what does the new challenge mode get you

  9. @Anon 1:29PM - Try pressing CTRL-F5, if that doesn't work save your profile online then clear your cache and then refresh and import your profile.

    @Max - The hint is look at who the shiny hunt is for.

    @Darren - I will look into it.

    @Anon 1:32PM - Good catch, I will fix those asap. Thanks.

    @Cody - Good catch! I actually didn't include the 6th one in this update. He will show up on the next one.

  10. I play the game in the blog before the blog says ``Updated!´´ and I found the bugs posted in 1:32.

    And what means the ``Lv. 36 in the picture of the new Challenge?

  11. @Sam, thanks for the quick reply. Good update love the new story level its hard but its easily doable. Thanks for your hard work and cant wait to see the mystery 6th pokemon!!!

  12. @Prof. Keeling - Soon the game will be auto saving your profile online.

    @Anon 1:36PM - Nothing, it's like a barrier to the next challenge levels.

    @Anon 1:40PM - Lv.36 means that is how high your pokemon should be.

  13. Known Bug: If you go into the pokemon check screen when selecting the new challenge mode level, then the level will be viridian forest instead of the challenge level. Solution is to not go into a pokemon check screen when doing that level, I will fix it in a future version.

  14. Trade is like the original games
    Spearow for a farfetch'd

  15. @Sam- I hadn't beaten Route 24 in the last update, and now, even after beating Cerulean Gym 2, I cannot access Chapter 3. Also, I had completed the Old Rod Challenge Level on the previous update, and I had to replay it, which was not that much of a problem, but just slightly time consuming.

  16. I have a shiny farfadetch ^^

  17. woot woot alredy dun both levels
    got shiny farfetch!!!!!!!!!:)
    great game

  18. 17th :D
    great Update, Thx Sam :)

  19. Aquatail on my Blastoise barely scratches the Charizard or Ponyta on the new story level, various other weaker moves that aren't super effective seem to do far more damage, is this a bug?

  20. At the end of the vermillion city level the waves go 14= Venusaur then 15 = Charizard And Blastoise, i thoght it might be a mistake but if not, my bad :)

  21. Awesome update and i already beated all new maps :)

    keep going

  22. I beat the new level and challenge level in about 10 minutes of gameplay, I waited over a week for this update. Sorry but honestly your update are way to small, and I can't believe the level cap is still at 36...

  23. How can I get the new NPC trade pokemon?
    I thought it would be the same as poliwhirl/jynx but I had speraow in my pokemon list and the level just ended as normal when I finished it.

  24. Trade SPEAROW for FARFETCH´D. I love that Pokemon :D

  25. What do you get for beating the new challenge? a good job and pat on the back?

  26. I have a bug to report.

    After starting a new file and beating the Pewter gym, the chapter 2 section will not unlock.


  27. If anyone's having trouble with the level, you're not going to be able to get by on power alone- some serious elemental rock-paper-scissors going on here- so here's a list of the 'Mon in this level in order of appearance, so you can plan ahead:


    Arcanine was useful for me, since he covers Dark, Fire, and Fighting moves.

  28. Cheers Sam!
    I'm an ever-faithful fan. I don't care what the updates are, because I know you try your best to give a great game, which you succeed at!
    I like how you haven't given in to those wanting outrageous level increases, and worked around that with the stages you make.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  29. Yeah! I already have a shiny farfetch'd. If u want it too, u have to put shiny spearow on a moment to "fight place", and when lvl ends, NPC come to u for trade :)

    Damn.. I still can't do new challenge lvl... some ideas?

  30. Sam if I give shiny spearow will I get shiny farfetch'd?

  31. I know you probably won't, but why not ask?

    I LOVE Kongregate.com and I LOVE PTD. I know that they give out cash prizes to top games of the week/month. Maybe, once there's more to the gamepossibly the 5th gym?) you could send Kongregate the game. I'm sure you would win at least the weekly prize, if not the monthly.

  32. Well, not bad, that was a quick easy level, but interesting. It's good to see you make different kinds of levels, game is more interesting that way.

  33. Farfetch'd looks pretty cool...but I gave a Level 36 Spearow and got a Level 1 Farfetch'd! :(


  34. For the new avatars, will we be able to choose the avatars from leaf green/fire red? I know the male one looks a lot like the Ash in this game, but he's still different. I ask 'cause I would like to have Leaf as my avatar

  35. when will the update be out for newgrounds

  36. just one question I have to ask, is how long has joey had a chameleon? such good update btw! Im finding it so hard to do the new level with spearow though. looks like i have a challenging week ahead

  37. Great Game. need moar pokemon^^

  38. Game freezes when Wigglytuff gets in front of my pokemon in new story level. Using shiny Golem.

  39. all my pokemon are lvl 36, and yet i see no way through the first new level

  40. Awesome new challenge level! takes me back to the First Mt.Moon lvl when level cap was 20. you really had to use taktics to win.
    New story lvl is nice too. you have to remember which type is good against the other.
    nice update Sam.
    Only question is, what is the new pokemon.^^

  41. I think that instead of an "Exit" button being in the bottom right corner while playing a level, it would be better to just put a "Start" button there. In the "Start" menu, we would have a "Resume" button, a "Restart" button (all the exp earned during the level would stay the same), a volume bar, and a "Quit" button. That way, it would feel more like a "Pause" button instead of a button you use to quit. Great job on the game btw, Sam! Keep up the good work!

  42. I was able to get a shiny version of the trade pokemon, but am not able to get the non-shiny version. The trade man doesn't appear more than once?

  43. So uh... this update is getting a Farfetch'd, being able to learn Swords Dance/Poison Jab... and fixing bugs?
    Non-catchable Tentacool and Magnemite... pisses me off.

  44. use a spearow in the new level to get a farfetch´d

  45. I'm just wondering, but is the new challenge mode level just for fun? There is no reward to it right? And one last question, have you thought of a reward for the achievements section in the Pokedex? Maybe you could make it one of the currently unobtainable Pokemon.


    in the new story level if I my shiny Golem I can't remove it from its spot to switch to another pokemon

  47. got the npc trade, shiny farfetched!

  48. hello sam, got a question:
    I have followed the story, and i am wondering where joey got his charmander from. As far as i remember he own:
    and Rattata

  49. for some reason i have forgotten my online password. is there any way i can retrieve/ reset it?

  50. Thank you Sam, let's try it out!

  51. all my stuff is gone what should i do

  52. Wow, that's a poor update ._.

  53. Beat both lvls :) nice to get a hard mount moon ;D but after having played the early version of mt. moon I could just use same tactic and complete it in one try ;)

  54. Small Bug: There's a mismatch between the listed Wave # and the actual nth pokemon on the screen in the new level (Vermillion City). This happens starting on the Nidoking wave (says wave 4, but is actually the 3rd pokemon). So, in the end, you get two Wave 15s (when Charizard should be 14 and Blastoise is 15).

    Also, the level is quite easy. You only need Charizard (fire attack) + Alazkazam (psychic attack) to beat it without losing any candy. Use Charizard on Waves 1, 4, 6, 7, 9 (screen says 1, 5, 7, 8, 10) and Alakazam on the other Waves.

    i.e. Wave PKMN - Use PKMN
    1) Wigglytuff - Charizard
    2) Fearow - Alakazam
    3) Nidoking - Alakazam
    4) Voltorb - Charizard
    5) Machop - Alakazam
    6) Alakazam - Charizard
    7) Jynx - Charizard
    8) Tentacool - Alakazam
    9) Magnemite - Charizard
    10) Sandslash - Alakazam
    11) Primeape - Alakazam
    12) Ponyta - Alakazam
    13) Venasaur - Alakazam
    14) Charizard - Alakazam
    15) Blastoise - Alakazam

    Btw, the NPC trade is Spearow (give) for Farfetch'd (get).

  55. This release was BEAST Sam!

    The story level was actually hard, Farfetch'd is awesome, we got a peek of the new Pokemon we get to catch.

    I ALWAYS wanted to test my skills with the famed "Impossible" Mt. Moon. Thanks so much for introducing that! I won the second time with Venasaur, Victrebell, Blastoise, Gyarados, Raichu, and Alakazam. VERY nice level :D

    Finally, I want to thank you for Poison Jab. Nidoking/Nidoqueen are FINALLY being useful, with a 80 BP STAB move :D

    That was an AWESOME release. I just hope for a level cap, then I'll be in bliss :DDD

  56. thx for the great game sam!

  57. Increase level cap

  58. This update seems abit farfetched sam.

  59. I have an idea how bout the person who does the NPC trade be your rival. He will use the pokemon you trade with him so far he has the Poliwhirl and spearow. This can be used later on when has full party??

  60. Anyone having trouble saving their profile online?

  61. Getting a Gyrados is very difficult. I don't even know if I can get it by the slow progress. You should let the Pokeman's hold items, and one of the holdable items should be the xp share.

  62. Hey Sam I just found a bug in the new storyline level. Whenever I place Golem, I can't pick him up and switch pokemon. It just stays in its place.

  63. Is free speech still being mocked at here?

    What of the storage arrangement problems

  64. Are you ever going to put HMs into the game?

  65. Holy Crap!!! Did the farfetch'd thing and I got a shiny one!!!

  66. Wow. This level is INCREDIBLY hard.

  67. spelling mistake... maruto says " eh... the i'll go with Poliwhirl." should be *then*

  68. HEY if any one's having trouble with the new story level heres a hint:all you'll need is a gyarados/blastoise,pikachu,and vitreebel. use victreebel for the most of it(or half... or untill you can't use the move you're suppose to use)then use pikachu, only for their charizard use aqua tail (gyarados/blastois).

  69. Beat it. Boat to catch? I'M ON A BOAT!

    Here was my strategy:

    Wiggly - Venasaur Take Down.
    Fearow - Thunderbolt, Raichu.
    Nidoking - Alakazam, Psychic.
    Voltorb - I dunno. I used Ice Fang from Gyrados.
    Machop - Alakazam.
    Alakazam - Bite, Gyrados.
    Jynx - Bite.
    Tentacruel - Thunderbolt.
    Magnetite - Ice Fang, freezes all the time.
    Sandslash - Alakazam.
    Primeape - Alakazam.
    Ponyta - Aquatail.
    Venasaur - Alakazam.
    Charizard + Blastoise - Thunderbolt.

  70. GREAT UPDATE MAN! just wandering.. how do i get the new pokemon? cause its not in the game whats the NPC trade?

  71. Here is one for you sam..

    We spoke ages ago, and just after mm1 came out and you mentioned about seismic toss, you said that you were going to edit the move to implement smoke when the toss slams the floor. Will this ever be implemented? Would be great if you could :)

    And i have an idea for this week's update, how about you fix the bugs and add/implement some of the suggestions/ideas.

    Would save time in the long run... Ill try and catch you on some point old friend :)

  72. whoa sam..... ive been watchin the comments lately and it seems we have a lak in thm...... dude maybe its due to the amount of fans u have....... either way im a true fan till the end!!!!!!!!

  73. so.. no offense but this comment drama is getting kinda ridiculous.

    honestly the best thing you can do at this point is post a clear, concise list of rules for commenting and then log IPs and ban for spam... maybe give people one warning and then if they still don't respect the rules ban them.

    locking down the forum kinda sucks though because there's a lot of legitimate things that go on there.

  74. To get the new pokemon, which is farfetch'd, you need to have spearrow on the field, similar to how to get jinx, you needed poliwhirl out in the field.

    Since most people will probably have a level 1 version of it, I'd suggest having higher pokemon kill all the first 14 waves, and get the last pokemon as low as possible without killing it, then switch to the spearrow

  75. Sam, I completed the challenge mission and I was wondering if I was supposed to get anything, or if it was just for fun?

    Thanks for keeping up with the game, I love it!

  76. This update is great! The new challenge lvl is hard even with lvl 36

    also on gamerfish for me there has been a bug that when you click start right before the lvl starts there is a glitch that shows a bit of the lvl just figured id tell u

    either way this game is amazing and im totally addicted to it

    hope the pokedex achievement will be really col but havent completed it yet

  77. Just noticed... Arcanine is learning "fire fang" at level 31 the 2. time, maybe it's because it forgot the technique for another one, but just wanted to say...

  78. Hi Sam,

    First of all, this a great game and thank you for sharing your work with us.

    I had two questions:
    1. Can you do NPC trades more than once, i.e. can you get two Jynx from the cerulean level?

    2. Are attacks categorized into physical and special, or have you implemented the first gen's system where all fire attacks are special-based and all ground attacks are physical-based? Also, a small corollary: you use base stats for each 'mon, correct?

    Thank you very much!

    Nowitzki = Re'Dirk'ulous

  79. Sam

    I love the game and its creative story, however i am here to ask you for something, i don't know if you can do anything about this but if you can, please, talk to the responsable person to update the game at the NewGrounds site because although i always be in your blog to look for the news i'm used to play the PTD just there

    Keep the GREAT work, a brazilian fan AMIGO :)

  80. r u ever going to make the other starters shiny?

  81. Sam,

    Great work so far. I wanted to ask if you could raise the cap this next update. I'm asking for level 40 or higher. Anymore than 40 is probably unrealistic, but 40 is the minimum I'm requesting. It is only four more levels and certain moves like extreme speed and flamethrower are learned within those four levels.

    Ideally, many, myself included, like to see it to at least 47 and probably, 50 because it is a round number but, because many moves are learned at that level of 47.

    level 47 is significant because:

    victreebel learns leaf storm AND leaf blade

    golem learns earthquake

    gloom learns giga drain

    gyarados learns hyper beam

    primape learns thrash

    (we don't have it yet but) seel learns ice beam (very important move for ice)


    Also many moves are learned between now, or even level 40, and level 47.

    A few moves are also leaned at 50 or between like hydro pump at level 48 for poliwhirl, and thunder at level 50 for pikachu. Also 50 is a round number. So therefore 50 would be a great point to rush to and then stay at for a good amount of time.

    While 47 and or even 50 is what many people would like to see soon, I doubt that too many of us are expecting this right away. I can't speak for everyone, but I personally believe it is silly for anyone to request that much right now and I get the feeling more people who want the cap raised would agree with me then wouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see it as soon as practically possible. But, it's a lot of time and work and quite frankly it's probably too soon in the developmental process of PTD for the cap to be raised that much.

    So I believe that a request for it to be raised to 40 is a reasonable for now. So I simply ask that you please raise it to 40 (or higher if you can but probably not) this next update. I understand if you can't fit it in, but if you could, myself and many others would greatly appreciate that.

  82. I must ask. Why does the new Challange Level not give you anything? I feel scammed. It took a long time just to be able to play it D:

  83. tnx for your job =]

  84. @Sam, a suggestion.

    you see how in pkmn games status helps when catching pokemon (burn, sleep, psn, etc.)

    Could you make something similar in-game? I was thinking maybe increasing the "red HP bar" range while the pkmn has a status

  85. While gettting Farfetch'd would be hard on this level (unless you DON'T have to use spearrow at the very end), the level itself is quite easy.

    We do not need a level cap raise anytime soon, and I rather we not don't so the game will have more of a challenge. The past few levels were somewhat hard but not really, this was the first that actually made me try since MT Moon.

    And if you still say we *need* a level cap raise, you should try thinking instead of muscling through. I have 2 level 32, one 29 and 3 27-28 poke as my main, and I won with 2 candy left over. I'm sure the rest of you with every poke at 36 will be able to figure it out.

  86. I'd really like to be able to speed up the waves if it's not too hard.

  87. @Anon 1:51PM - There is a glitch with unlocking the new chapters I will have a fix for this shorty within a day or so.

    @Anon 2:04PM - A lot of people are wondering why Aqua Tail won't do much damage to Charizard or Ponyta, basically each pokemon in that level has great defense or special defense. Charizard and Ponyta have really high defense. So a physical move like Aqua tail will hit less than Water Pulse.

    @George C - I'll check it out.

    @Anon 2:10PM - Thanks :D

    @Anon 2:17PM - I appreciate the honestly, but I can't always throw down a huge update, I takes hours upon hours just to do an update like this. You have the option of just waiting or doing something else. I have to work until the update is finished. Just try to keep things in perspective. :)

    @Anon 2:18PM - You have to put him on the map.

    @Anon 2:19PM - Yes! *pats your back

    @Remi - This will be fixed shortly.

    @Prof. Keeling - Good insight here.

    @AtlanticFan - I'm glad to have a fan like you :)

    @bandnerd94 - I've tried they took it down due to copyright issues.

    @DRP - Yeah it can get old if all the levels are too similar.

    @Anon 2:37PM - Just giving you something to do I guess.

    @Blitz - I'll will be adding different avatars as prizes.

    @shane brousseau - I would think some time on Monday.

    @I don't know - For a bit, I'm thinking somebody gave him a trade code for it.

    @Anon 2:50PM - I will look into it.

    @Anon 2:50PM - Make sure to use moves with type advantage.

    @Achti - New pokemon is Farfetch'd, you get him by NPC trade similar to Jynx.

    @Anon 2:58PM - Good Idea.

    @Anon 3:00PM - Trade only works once per save file. But you can get it on another save file.

    @Anon 3:03PM - Yup all for free.

    @Anon 3:10PM - It's a gate to the other challenge levels. I'll be adding the reward soon.

    @Anon 3:14PM - I will fix asap.

    @Anon 3:20PM - He traded for it.

    @Anon 3:26PM - Email me sotero86@gmail.com

    @Anon 3:53PM - Try to import your profile.

    @RaisinPL - updates don't own money, so it can't be poor.

    @Anon 4:41PM - Thanks :D

    @dannnny - Thank you for playing!

    @anon 5:04PM - Noted.

    @Anon 5:17PM - It would be interesting if you battled him later on.

    @Anon 5:54PM - Holding items will show up in the future.

    @Anon 6:12PM - Nope, just want to keep the comments clean and insightful.

    @Anon 6:28PM - Yup.

    @Anon 6:37PM - Good catch.

    @Richard - Next update will be a lot about fixing and tweaking. I'm barely on gtalk due to lack of time.

    @m - thanks

    @psychotic - Blogspot doesn't have banning tools which is a pain so this is the best it can do.

    @Redsand52 - It's like a gate for the next challenges (meaning you must have a high level team to continue)

    @Anon 8:38PM - Thanks.

    @Anon 8:47PM - When did he learn it the first time?

    @Anon 8:51PM - Dirk is amazing.
    1. No.
    2. Yes they are categorized into physical and special. I use base stats, no IV or EV.

    @Anon 8:59PM - Thanks, Newgrounds usually doesn't work on the weekends so they usually get around to it on Mondays.

    @Anon 9:05PM - Not for the shiny hunt.

    @Anon 9:05PM - 40 doesn't sound too bad.

    @Tristan - I guess if you flip a coin 4 times and get heads the fifth time it should be heads also. All joking aside not all challenge levels will give out gifts.

    @Carlos - Thanks!

    @darkduelmaster - interesting idea for the future.

  88. @Fugicara - It's actually pretty hard to do if you didn't set it up from the beginning of making the game. So I won't be able to make this feature any time soon.

  89. In Pokemon FireRed version Charmander learns metal claw at level 12, but that never happened for mine. I was just wondering, is something wrong?
    -A devoted POKeFAN

  90. Dear
    I would like to know if we would be able to get legendaries any time soon.I think it would be good idea.

  91. I beat it with an Alakazam, geodude, and Raichu, all under level 30

  92. In the next challenge can the third gym leader offer us a shiny Electabuzz level 1 if we beat the challenge. The challenge could be that you have to use the gym leader's pokemon and stop Maruto or Joey from beating him. Like it could be every odd gym you get a gym leader like challenge level. Thanks!
    A Pokemon Fan

  93. Can one of the next Tm's be Flamethrower. Grass and Water type pokemon can learn good moves like Aqua Tail and Petal Dance. That would be great to have that Tm.

  94. When will HP UP's and that kind of stuff be at the shop. Or Tm's like toxic and hyper beam. The shop could be improved

  95. Hey. This man works hard. HARD. To make a game like this. Hours of script, sprite editing, and who knows what else have gone into this project. Sam is doing the best he can. Unlike Gamefreak, he has a life to live too, and isn't making millions of dollars off of this.
    Also, when was the last time any of you were able to tell Gamefreak/Nintendo what to do in their games?
    I have always thought that a Pokemon TD game would be fantastic, and here it is.
    For everyone complaining about level caps: you are playing it level by level, grinding until all Pokemon have reached the cap. This is because, if you haven't noticed, the game is in development.
    If it was finished (which I'm sure will be a wonderful moment for Sam) and you started a new game, I'm sure you would just play through it. Your Pokemon wouldn't be maxed out at the start of every level. It would be challenging.
    I plan on starting a new account when it's finished, and playing right through.
    Until then, I'll eat up the amazing progress Sam is making.

  96. how often is it that the maker of the game responds to every single comment left in the update blog? it never happens from what I have seen. Sam does a great job at including every good suggestion he hears and responding to all the others. If you have a suggestion to make then please be polite about it because it is unfair for us to rudely point out something to fix to someone who does so much just so we can play this game.

  97. Sam i have a question...
    After you've reached/defeated elite four(maybe will reach is about 5-6 months)will u include 1 island - 7 island? and if do u have to include deoxys in island 4(i think)and other legendbary as well(ho-oh,3 legendnary dogs and other that was in fire red)

    and heres my challenge lvl request map
    i call it double trouble

    x xxxxxxxxxxx
    x x o o o x
    x xxxxxxxxxxx
    x c x
    xxxxxxxxxx x
    x o o o x x
    xxxxxxxxxx x

    o=pokemon spot

    2 entrance and at the same time exit as well
    u need to be very skilled to defeat this

    you will be given 3 pokemons only(Poliwrath,Arcanine,and Vitreebel)you can catch pokemon in the wild and u have to think effectively

    i havent think of enemy pokemons yet though

  98. Hey could you make venasaur suck alittle more??? i could overlook giving sleep powder 30% chance of hitting making it useless and then making double edge's cool down slow and 25% miss ratio making that pointless too but to make petal dance 100 base attack instead of 120 ON TOP OF a ridiculous cool down of 36 is unreasonable and unfair for anyone who has a healthy respect for venasaur, like myself. So i beg of you it your gonna lower the base power don't change the cooldown of petal dance, or if you like the new cooldown, then at least bump up the base power too 120. But please not both, venasaur has taken to many hits already.

  99. Are we gonna get a Crobat next update?
    ...jokes! Just havent seen that comment in a while :P
    on to more serious stuff though,
    do you have any idea when you might add the attack feature that lets you choose your engagments? (attack super effective, attack weakest, etc)I know your busy with the updates and all but im just wondering if you have kind of a plan for this at all cause I haven't heard anything since you added the pokedex.
    Thanks for working hard and giving us a new update weekly

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. @Sam Otero
    Are you still replying to every comment you think should be posted?
    Woah. And,keep up the good work!


  102. can we nickname our pokemon?

  103. @Sam, hey great update. Mt. Moon was difficult but it only took two tries to complete, and the new level was interesting, but never underestimate charmeleon and polywhirl as allies :) I just have a couple of questions.

    1.) Did stats get added this week? Or were they put on hold?

    2.) When do the weekly codes like Shiny Spearow get added? I was looking forward to a new one.

    Again, thanks. By the way, you use Flash CS5 for this? A lot of what I'm seeing here is very familiar with what I know in Flash, and if you were ever looking for someone to assist you on design or any aspect of the game, I have a working knowledge in game design and actionscript 3. Just a thought to roll around the noggin so we don't have these weekly whiners saying there wasn't enough added :).

  104. Sam fix Mew's TM list
    he is suppose to learn everything!

  105. Hey guys, love the game, just one problem.

    When the update went up, i don't know what happened, but everything i have done in the last 3 days reset. i had found a shiny poliwag, and had done some trades from people to acquire growlithe and oddish and such because my main file is blue version. all of that is gone, and i would like to know if i can get it back, or if it is just gone.

  106. Is there any chance to have normal farfetch'd?

  107. Sam, slight problem, joey has chameleon, yet we have no recollection of him recieving it...

    I think a tweak in the storyline somewhere would clear it up. How about just after nugget bridge? Because in yellow you get charmander at the top of the bridge... What do you think?

    And don't worry about not being on gtalk, we can still chat here, albeit slow).

  108. In my second profile I didn't played often and I was at chapter 2
    then I beat the kyogre and chapter 3 is still locked
    anyways your game is great!

  109. Hey Sam,
    game is going nicely ;) but =P
    didn't you say you regreted the abra/charmander thing and cut the bulbasaur/squirtle the way charmader was distributed because the shiny would be more common that the normal version? Now doesn't everyone have a shiny farfetch'd? =S did you rethink about the previous question or...
    oh and is there no reward for chalenge 4? Not complaining or anything but since we got a shiny at #1 the rod that lets us unlock pokemon at #2 the pokedex at #3 now i thought... well you know lol
    cheers and keep up the good work ;)
    Oh and if you implement a birthday gift code my birthday was yesteday ;)
    keep up the good work!

  110. @ Sam: Anon 8:47 here, Arcanine learned it first time at level '1', so it's only relearnable...

  111. Hey Sam, great update as always, I thought it was just right, a new storymode level & challenge level, just what we needed. Now as for the next update, any chance of a level up to 40. Have the prize for the Shiny Hunter 1 available. Have inventory finally made and a new level where it's possible to catch at least five pokemon?

  112. Thanks you very much, Sam & Dan for your excellent work; I enjoy a lot every week with PTD

    keep on with your excellent work!!!

    (I apologize if my english is not good, but I'm not really english speeker)

  113. Hi, love the new update!
    Can you give us a clue about when we can expect eevee to come? Love that pokemon!

  114. hey, in vermillion city, when maruto and joey are fighting, maruto says "poliwag, water gun!", but is poliwhirl

  115. Hey, there still is the bug where your pokemon stays in place, and can't attack, can't move, the enemy pokemon they used a move on can't move, and the other ones stay in place. There's also that when you press Exit it just shows the level and you have to refresh to play the game.

  116. @ sam & dan ptd isn't showing up it stayes white.

  117. The next challenge should be for an electric pokemon where you have to beat Lt.Surge with Joey's Pokemon. That would be a challenge because none of Joey's pokemon have type advantage over Surge's pokemon (If I remember right Joey has Charmelon, Beedrill, Pidgey, Pikachu, and Rattata) Then we would have to look at their moves and see how we could beat Surge with these pokemon. If you win Surge would give you either a shiny Electabuzz (Lv. 1) or a shiny Magnemite (Lv 20 with Magnemite knowing already Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, and Sonic Boom). This challenge you could only do once for something.

  118. One question Sam....Will Surge have an Electabuzz?


  119. Sam just wanted to tell you, you are doing a great job!

  120. Sam...Where did you get this revolutionary idea?

  121. Hey Sam, great game and updates so far, all I want in the next update is an update on the POKEDEX. Any chance you get make it have a better layout and provide more information, maybe even be able to get it evaluated.

  122. Can the next challenge be for a water or Electric pokemon involving Misty or Lt.Sturge?

  123. Wazzup Sam, loving everything Pokemon at the moment, your game rules, any chance in the next update you can give reveal what the prize is for the Shiny Hunter 1 challenge and make the next achievment. Also any chance the prize can be a new pokemon, shiny maybe? Also is it possible to win a special POKEMON TOWER DEFENSE Shiny badge. You know so in the game you can get both Gym badges and Achivement badges.

  124. i like this update!!!
    next update, i want higher lvl cap!!
    i have around 20 lvl 36 pokemons!!

    you are doing a good job xD,


  125. To Sam,
    Here are my ideas for the next update:
    1. Level Cap. If you're doing the Gym next, Raise it up to level 40. If not, keep it the same... unless you were planning on raising it a little.
    2. The Levels. If you can, I'd say do two levels: The Gym and S.S. Anne. Those would both be awesome levels. If not, do S.S. Anne first. Make S.S. Anne really hard because you have to beat it in order to get close to the end of the ship. Look at my challenge level to see why. Just do the Gym awesomely like you always do.
    3. Some Moves. If you're going to raise the level a little bit on the S.S. Anne (if that's what you're doing first), you'll need to get quite a few new moves in. Just check each Pokemon so far to see if any learn new moves... and of course the TM's.
    4. Challenge With Gary... For Old Times Sake (Even Though You're Not Ash). Obviously this game isn't happening when the Pokemon games took place, so this is a challenge level. Be on the S.S. Anne, and then you see Gary. You have to beat him in order to get to the ship's captain in order to obtain HM Cut. You have to beat S.S. Anne first to do this challenge level... or not. It's up to you. Just my idea.
    So, there are my ideas. Hope you use them.

  126. Sam if you wanted to make it all 151 original pokemon in this game why did you add Kyorge instead of Articuno or something.

  127. Is this a bug? I traded my Kadabra last night to evovle him into an Alakazam, now he is gone and my Pokemon have dropped back in levels, I had a level 26 Ivysaur today I have a level 7 Bulbasaur..... I love the game and await updates but when things like this happen and all that time of sitting here leveling up is lost it damages my will to play.

  128. sam i think that night slash graphincs should be better,and with a different color of the poison attacks, like a darker purple or a kind of black.

    appart from that the update is great, it was a really challenging level, AWSOME!!!!!

  129. anon 10:55PM - I'm using generation 5 moves, so he doesn't learn metal claw.

    anon 10:59PM - You will get them pretty much at the same time you could get them in the original game.

    anon 11:27PM - Interesting idea.

    anon 11:34PM - I will see what I can do. A lot of people want this attack.

    anon 11:38PM - Need to add more things to the shop, but the game is not ready to handle them yet.

    AtlanticFan - <3

    grateful fan - <3

    alexis kyle - Interesting suggestion, you should post it on the forums.

    KJW6267 - I'll be balancing the game a bit later on. For now enjoy the ride.

    Gomez - LOL, I'll be adding that in a future update. Not sure when though but I know you guys want it.

    Mike2288 - Yup :)

    MUX - This will come eventually.

    Piev - what do you mean by stats?
    Usually the weekly codes get added on the day of the update, this week was special. Email me at sotero86@gmail.com so we can talk a little about programming.

    Anon 3:03AM - Yeah I forgot to add support for more than 20 TMs. I will get on that.

    Codydevries - Did you save your profile online? and import it?

    Damian - Yes use a normal spearow.

    Richard - There might be a flash back.

    Anon 6:14AM - This is fixed on v3.0.1

    Gon - Farfetch'd isn't really rare since there is a sure way of getting him so I don't mind giving it to everybody that is around. Challenge 4 is like a gate to keep those who aren't high enough level from reaching the next challenges.

    Anon 6:46AM - Oh okay, I'll look into it thanks.

    Anon 7:07AM - Everything sounds good except for the 5 pokemon to catch, seems way off with what the game is about.

    Anon 7:31AM - Thanks :D

    Kristoffer - I believe Eevee shows up in Celadon City.

    Anon 8:12AM - Thanks good catch.

    Anon 9:02AM - Are you playing v3.0.1?

    Anon 9:12AM - It's loading.

    Anon 9:17AM - Interesting idea, thanks.

    PTDMAN - Nope.

    Anon 9:40AM - Thanks :D

    Anon 9:42AM - Many crappy fan made pokemon games, people really like Tower Defense, I've been wanting to do a pokemon game since forever.

    Anon 9:58AM - I agree.

    Bobby Jones - I won't be rock anymore that's for sure.

    Anon 10:05AM - I like the idea of Achivement badges.

    Gideon - Noted.

    Benjamin - Thanks for the ideas!

    CharmanderFan - I get this asked frequently, I needed a water legendary for Misty so I choose Kyogre.

    Ben Sheppard - The best thing to do is to save your profile online frequently so that if you lose data you can always import.

    Anon 10:53AM - I will check it out. Thanks.

  130. i just beat the challenge level what was supposed to happen bcuz joey just said those were the good ole days and nothing else?

  131. anon 11:41AM - Yes this challenge mode doesn't give away a prize. It is more of a gate to keep players from doing the next challenge modes without having high enough pokemon.

  132. how do i know what thing i need to download to play

  133. Sam, lol flashback, i like it, you have every base covered, its getting interesting as each week progresses, and once this game is complete and 100% bug free you should sell to nintendo, lol

    Sorry jumping the gun, but yea I like the flashback idea, brings a who new perspective into the game... Plus we wouldn't have to redo a lvl to see the new story (I do, i play every lvl again to see if you changed anything) plus it helps with lvling new and on pkmn alike.

    Again keep up the great work old friend :)

  134. Can you trade spearow/farfetch'd more than once?

  135. Kyle - You shouldn't have to download anything just press on the "Play PTD" tab at the top of the blog and wait for it to load.

    Richard - :)

  136. @Marta - Not on the same save file.

  137. Sam, when I was realising some Pokemon I had caught, I went to see my Pokedex and it said I had never caught them. Is this a bug?

  138. Sam,
    Could you please give me feedback on my ideas? I'd like to know which one you MIGHT use and what-not. Thanks. Love the game, you're doing an awesome job.

  139. One pretty big problem, and I don't know if this is level-exclusive or when it started, but in Vermillion City, none of Blastoise's water attacks (Bubble OR Aqua Tail) seem to do much at all to Sandlash or Ponyta; two pokemon that are supposed to be weak against it.

  140. @Anon 12:19PM - Right now the pokedex won't count pokemon that you have released, this might change in the future.

    @Benjamin - I like pretty much all you said, but I won't be doing it exactly as your described.

    @Ben Rowe - I answered this before but a lot of people still asking about this.

    In that level all the pokemon either have really high defense or really high special defense, I increased their defense or special defense on purpose. Pokemon that are weak to water on this level have very high defense to a move like aqua tail that is physical won't hurt them as much as a move like water pulse will. I hope that helps.

    The reason I buffed certain defenses is so that you couldn't be it with a pokemon that had a high attack or special attack. You had to switch.

  141. Great game so far! I love it. I might have an idea for a future acheivement: Rock n' Roll: Defeat Brock a Geodude and an Onix ONLY. I also have an idea for a future level: You'd have to take an item within a set amount of time instead of a certain amount of energy but make it hard to go through with sleep attacks and Slowing, and powerful damagers.

  142. This game is amazing, but I am having a problem getting into chapter 3.

  143. if i wanted to download the game under the downloads tab which one would i need to click

  144. Hey Sam, everything to do with the game is great, now as for the next update, this is what I would love to see (More important stuff at the top):

    1. Achievment Badges.

    2. A new Achievement challenge in the Achievment section and prize for the first 1 (Maybe a badge & a Pokemon).

    3. Badges - A section in the profile where you can go on and actually see your badges, both gym & achievement. (Maybe put it in with the POKEDEX section).

    4. Update the POKEDEX, giving it a better layout and more detail.

    5. A New level, maybe even two (S.S. Anne & Gym).

    NOTE: If you do two story mode levels, no new challenge level is needed, or do one of each.

    6. Do S.S. Anne like ROUTE 24, where you fought all the over trainers.

    7. Include 2 new catchable Pokemon (one of which could be won by winning Shiny Hunter 1).

    8. Increase the available levels, raising the level max to 40.

    9. A new POKEMON available in your weekly shiny hunt.

    10. Activate the daily code.

    And that covers everything. Now I know to do all 10 would be impossible, so I'd really love it if you just did the first four and the shiny hunt.

    Keep up the good work,

    a faithful fan

  145. Pokedex Promblem:

    Hi Sam, great game and everything, but one thing, there's a problem with the POKEDEX, an update on it would be great, layout could be way better and more info but the main problem with it is lack of pokemon.

    For now it only registers Pokemon you have caught, in the next update could it register pokemon you have seen as well, you know, add this lot to it:

    and lastly Voltorb

    (Kryogre doesn't have to be credited as listed due to him not being catchable)

    But you know, i look at my POKEDEX and i have 139 pokemon, all shinies and non shinies and then MEW, but there's still stuff missing.

    We have encounered 12 to 13 (If you count Kryogre) Pokemon and their names aren't in the good old Dex, so please update it so their names get added.

  146. sam for the next update could you make 2 new levels, route 6 and vermilion gym, (for the gyms you can make it like with nugget bridge, attacking and defending, and if you can a challenge level or level cap till 40) i have beat both levels already but i like to play it because is very difficult :) and i love to see ponyta, one of my favourite pokemons, please make it a bit bigger (proportional with the height of ponyta with for example machop, ponyta is much bigger and in the new level their size is the same) great update and as a good legit fan ii will be aporting all i can to see and support this awsome game till the end) :)

  147. Sam,

    I've found a few typos. At the beginning of the Route 3 level, when the people are talking, You put Camper Lugi instead of Camper Luigi. Also, you put Poliwag instead of Poliwhirl on the Vermilion City level. There might be more, but you should check through the levels and see if there are more typos.


    P.S. Thanks for answering me. And I was wondering, do my ideas help you or give you ideas, or are these already ideas you've also thought of? Thanks for great game and feedback.

  148. Hey just want to say that these new levels are great.But sometimes when im at vermillian city i press exit because i have to do something but the game just freezes.My computer still works but the game just stops.

  149. Sam, there's an error with Pay Day.

    As I remember it, Pay Day gives a amount of money equal to N x L x 5, where N is the number of times used and L is the level of the Pokemon.

    You have it as N x L x 2.

    Here's the Bulbapedia article on Pay Day as proof.


  150. I'm stuck at Cerulean Gym 2. Kyogre keeps going to sleep and healing itself. Also, my grass-type attacks do nothing. Can some one give me some help and tips?


  151. I completed everything in like 5 minutes. It's not that hard if you have the right pokemon. But anyway, Sam you said u wanted everybody to get their shiny Farfetch'd above in the mystery gift but it says spearow. ???????????

  152. @chase i used moves that had secondary stat conditions because at the time(possably still now you will have to check) a pokemon could have multiple status's at a time so i used a nidoking to poison with poison sting and then thrash the rest of the time and then i paralyzed with thunderbolt on my raichu that way it took a fair bit of damage and moved really slow!
    -right now onto what i actually came for, i was just thinking wouldn't it be better to have the level limits for each chapter? in stead of having one level limit for all have them chapterly! for example this new level is supposed to be hard yes? well when the level limit is raised it wont be, so if you kept the level limit the same in chapter 3 and then had it raised in chapter 4 it would prevent people from passing it easily! tell me what you think, it is probably a bad idea but hey just though i would mention it.

    P.S. sorry for the spelling mistakes i was in a rush

  153. Anon 1:12PM - Possibly in the future I will keep track of seen pokemon also.

    Anon 1:20PM - Noted.

    Ekarlaufsbläd - Thanks for reminding me about the Luigi typo. A lot of the ideas that people mention I have thought of something similar but this is a good thing.

    Anon 1:51PM - I will check it out.

    Ovamiat - Payday is actually overpowered now, gives out too much money.

    anon 2:15PM - you need a spearow to get the farfetch'd.

    I don't know - I've thought about the limit idea but I say why not let them overlevel if they want.

    For everybody else please post on the new blog post :)

  154. it should be 0.30 as the game is still aplha verisons for alpha start at 0.0 then go on for as long as a game remains aplha then for beta its 1.0 then versions of a full game go from 2.0

  155. Im looking forward to the Avatars. I'm hoping to play as your rival from gold and silver. :D

  156. How come I can't update ptd on my andriod 2

  157. can anyone explain me how npc trade works? where i can find it? what do i need to do to get farfetch's and also jynx?.. please i onlye miss those 2 pokemons :(

  158. yeah, great game and all that but for some reason after vermillion city even though I have the shiny spearow in my party after i beat it I do not recieve any trade offers, I really want a shiny farfetched but I cant seem to find the offer, help? im not skipping anything

  159. i was just thinking wouldn't it be better to have the level limits for each chapter? in stead of having one level limit for all have them chapterly! for example this new level is supposed to be hard yes? well when the level limit is raised it wont be, so if you kept the level limit the same in chapter 3 and then had it raised in chapter 4 it would prevent people from passing it easily!


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