Weekly Progress: PTD and Ninja-ja

Let's get started, first the usual news.

Want to play Ninja-ja? Get a shiny pikachu, shiny mew, shiny starter, shiny magikarp or have your suggestion for a weapon design to be used on Ninja-ja? Click here for more info on how you can get those things.

We are still working on the Ninja-ja update and will release it as soon as it's done.

Update out now!

For Pokemon Tower Defense, this week we are focusing on increasing the level cap to 40.
  • Finishing Touches & Distribution (100%)
  • New Pokemon for Weekly Hunt and for Shiny Hunter Achievement (100%) - Weekly hunt gets the Non-Shiny and Shiny Hunter Achievement gets the Shiny version.
    • New Moves (2) (100%)
    • Graphics (100%)
    • Shiny Graphics (100%)
    • Add This Pokemon's stats to the game (100%)
  • Reaching Level 37 (100%)
    • Seed Bomb (100%)
    • Flamethrower (100%)
    • Drill Peck (100%)
    • Sandstorm (100%)
    • Gravity (100%)
    • Poison Fang (100%)
    • Giga Drain (100%)
    • Cross Chop (100%)
  • Reaching Level 38 (100%)
    • Nasty Plot (100%)
  • Reaching Level 39 (100%)
    • ExtremeSpeed (100%)
    • Hydro Pump (100%)
    • Earthquake (100%)
    • Avalanche (100%)
  • Reaching Level 40 (100%)
    • Captivate (Skipped due to lack of genders)
    • Psycho Cut (100%)
    • Barrier (100%)
  • New TMs:
    • Flamethrower
    • Sandstorm
    • Giga Drain
    • Earthquake 
    • Rock Tomb
    • Rest
    • DynamicPunch 
    • Rollout 
    • Roar 
    • Sweet Scent 
    • Protect 
    • Rain Dance
  • New Relearn Move: 
    • Nasty Plot
      Flamethrower animation in progress
        • New additions
          • For all those asking for a mute button. Instead of an Exit button there is now a Menu Button on the level that will let you change the audio settings right from the level, and also change if you wish to see the damage numbers among other things.
          • Added a damage number feature, whenever you do damage to an enemy the amount of damage you did will show up above the enemy. Black text means the attack was normal, orange will be for super effective and dark gray will be for ineffective attacks. 
          • Added an experience number feature, whenever you get experience the amount will show up on top of your pokemon.(Thanks for reminding me Darren)
          • Changing most damaging attack cooldowns down to 18 but reducing their attack power. This will result in some moves hitting for less but hitting more frequently.
            • Example: Flame burst: Old Cooldown: 54 - New Cooldown: 18 and Old Attack Power: 70 - New Attack Power: 40
          • Re balancing the attack power of all moves so some of the weaker moves (Absorb) are more in line with everything else, some of the stronger moves will have their attack power lowered so that all the moves aren't drastically separate in attack power.
            • Example: Absorb: Old Attack Power: 20 - New Attack Power: 40.
            • Example: Drill Peck: Old Attack Power: 80 - New Attack Power: 70
          • Changed Poison Powder and Toxic Spikes to "badly" poison the target, meaning it will do double damage.
              • Bugs
                • When you exit out of a story level it will take you to the correct chapter page instead of the chapter select screen.
                • Fixed issue with not losing a level when all the candy is taken. 
                • Rock Blast was hitting for an extra hit, this is now fixed. Example: It would hit 6 times instead of 5,  or 5 times when it only got 4.
                • Pokemon on Vermillion City now have a more balanced defense, this will make moves like Aqua Tail hit for more on Fire and Ground types and Water Pulse hit for less. Instead of having x4 Physical Defense they will have x2 Physical Defense and x2Special Defense. Overall it should make the level a little harder.
                • Pay Day will now only give 10 extra poke dollars per hit. 
                • Fixed issue with using healing moves while defending.
                • Fixed Graphical issue with the move Endeavor.
                • You can now view more than 20 TMs for a pokemon.
                This won't be the only thing coming to the update, so keep coming back to see what else will be added.

                Enjoy and tell me what you think.


                1. Finally Flamethrower and Earthquake.. I was waiting for those attacks! You make me very happy, Sam

                2. Thunderfang for Arbok?

                3. YEEEESSSS! Level cap going up, that's one of the few things I want.

                  This week I want you to have it easy, no new levels, no new pokemon, just a level up to 40, which you're doing, updating the pokedex making it better and doing the achievment badges thing and award.

                  You know, let you have an easy week.

                4. Ferdy - I will try to make them very unique :D

                  Anon 3:08PM - After the level cap increase I will be adding the relearner moves that are missing like thunderfang.

                5. sam you're a boss. love the game

                6. anon 3:10PM - I'll be fixing a lot this week. It will be more about polish.

                7. Meh a a lvl upgrade wasnt realy needed though keep working on filling the story out =D its been great so far

                  hopefully were see a reward for the shiny hunt this week and the avatars ?

                  Keep the great work up!!!


                8. anon 3:12PM - Thanks!

                  dan - can't make everybody happy, also I need a short break to work on the story some more. I'll try to squeeze those in.

                9. Your doing an amazing job Sam! Every level you do is a success and its so cool to see the Pokemon you knew as a kid remade in this game. Keep up the good work man.

                10. A minor suggestion. The new challenge level. I think you should do it so that the storage is full of pokemon maxed out to level 36. and these pokemon can be all pokemon catchable before MM1 so it will be like the old days. So you will have to choose between the pokemon you could catch those days and you dont hav to max out your pokes.

                11. Anon 3:17PM, Rich - Thanks :D

                  Wolffus - That is an interesting way of doing it. I did want to have a gate so that you have to have level 36 pokemon in order to do the 5th challenge and on.

                12. I think level 40 it's really high to that part of the history. If it keeps being increased like that, we'll reach level 100 at Lavender.

                13. Sam, when are you going to do new achivements for our pokedex? And when will we get our prizer for the first one?

                14. Hey Sam, you might remember my email about helping out with PTD. I responded to your email, but I realize how many emails you have clogging up your box, so I figured I would post on here. Do you even think it could be a possibility that I could help out?

                15. Are you going to add a new challenge level? And if you are what's it going to be for or what is a hint of the challenge. Great Job with the game!

                16. What you Sam do with CODE GENERTATORS AND STUFF LIKE THAT. Save editors... And when we can expect a multiplayer mode?

                17. Great Idea!!!! The moves need a lot of improvement and everyone has been waiting for the slightest level increase. Good job!

                18. Yay level cap raise AND flamethrower! WOOO!

                19. thnx for the great game sam but here is a question about the future.
                  are you going to stop your game making carrer when this is done or are your going to keep making games for people if so please send me a list of what your planning afterwords

                20. Sam, sam, sam... Ill be looking forward to this update, if it's a polish week will we be seeing some of our suggestions and or bug fixes included?

                21. hell yeah just completed new challenge mode without losing a single geodude :)
                  yay for upsate :)

                22. Sam,
                  This will be an awesome update. Hope you use some of my other ideas.
                  I'm Benjamin from the other pages.

                23. anon 3:22PM - I won't be increasing it much until the 4th gym.

                  anon 3:24PM - I'm hoping this update, cross your fingers. :)

                  Lukasz - I hope to do something about those this update, thanks for not linking to any of them as many comments do. Multiplayer mode you can expect that after I finish adding all the moves on this game.

                  Bill Otero - Thanks.

                  Pyro - Nice name.

                  Anon 3:33PM - I have 2 games planned after PTD, so no.

                  Richard - Yup.

                24. When battling Lt.Surge he should have a legendary bird or dog that when he is defeated, the legendary electric pokemon goes to the power plant. There should be a level toward the end of the game (even though you can get Zapdos right after beating the 6th gym) where you can go to the power plant battle a lot of weaker electric pokemon (like pikachu, Voltorb, Electrode, Richu, Electabuzz, etc.) and then Zapdos appears and you can catch it.

                25. Hydro pump!? Omg awesome Sam&Dan.

                  Oh en btw.
                  Sam & Dan u guys, are awesome!
                  This game is soo awesome!
                  Spent many hours tryin' to get a shiny, and when a game makes me wanna rage, it is an awesome game.
                  Keep up the good work! (Y)

                26. Can I help with the game storyline. I would love to help.

                27. I have one more thing that I want to mention: I'm having trouble with Route 5 in one of my profiles. I did not complete Route 24 before the update to 3.0, and thus had the Chapter 3 being locked problem. After this was fixed, I was able to complete everything in Chapter 3, but now when I go into Route 5 to train, after I get through the first wave, all the incoming pokemon just stop, and the wave counter stops as well. For what it's worth, it works fine in my other profile where I finished everything in Chapter 3 before the update.

                28. woot cross chop for primeape! this will really help polish off my team(Im a traditional kinda guy, I use one team like you did in the good old days). looks like a good update! will be pretty grovy! down side is that programming all those moves will probably take awhile(Im guessing), do you ever take a break?

                29. I love Earthquake!

                  Keep the great work up!

                30. Anon June 20, 2011 3:22 PM, just because the level cap is raised doesn't mean that your Pokemon will just suddenly be at that level, it just means your Pokemon CAN be at that level. If you train that much, your Pokemon probably WILL be at level 100 at Lavender, yes, but if you don't, well, your Pokemon will be around the regular level- 30-40. No offence, just wanted to point that out.


                31. hey Sam can you make the NPC pokemon catchable in the wild because i dont really understand how the npc trade works.awesome game though!

                32. Fantastic sam, and you mentioned about multiplayer coming once moves are done here? Will you still complete story/challenge etc in PTD, before you start PTD-MP?

                  I hope so.

                33. Yeah. Helping with the story-line would be awesome. I'd love to help. I was wondering, how long does it take for a comment to be put up?

                34. Hey Sam!
                  Looks like the new update will be awesome! Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt have always been my favourite three moves. When Raichu got Thunderbolt I was like 'YES' and now that Charizard is going to get Flamethrower... fufufu.
                  Anyway, I feel awful asking this, as you're already bogged down with suggestions/questions, but:
                  1) Is there STAB?
                  2) Will *every* Gen I Pokemon (not including Mew) be eventually included in the game?
                  Also, don't put any legendaries in Lt. Surge/Any other leader's team. It would kinda ruin it for me.
                  As always, keep on rocking!

                35. I am NOT Iron ManJune 20, 2011 at 4:09 PM

                  I know it must be hard to make all those moves and increase the level limit but...could you make a new challenge. One about as hard as Mt.Moon 1 (That one took me a whole week) if you don't have any ideas, just make a gym leader like challenge for something. Thanks for making this game, I am addicted to it.

                36. Nice looking update list so far. Will you also be looking at some of the smaller suggestions on the side as well as bug squashing?
                  One more thing, I'm not sure if its been mentioned before, but is it intended that the exp bar is emptied during a trade? A maxed out pokemon ready to level up will lose the exp after a trade.
                  Thanks for the hard work every week :)


                37. Hey Sam I hope you will consider putting in another achievement to keep us busy as well. Great job on everything else cant wait for the updates.

                38. Sam, i really like the level cap increase, but i would like a new story level... the story levels that you make are very interesting and exciting! i really hope that we can fight for the 3rd gym soon!

                39. are you going to do digletts caves and NPC trade for Mr. Mime

                40. [craig] (not anon)

                  i just want to ask is a pokedex absolutely vital/neccessary, cos i give up on the challenge level... 300+ attempts and still no luck... everytime i try to catch golems i always CRIT hit them and they die, and putting geodude from the left to the right isn't easy on newgrounds as the screen slides and you end up missing the squares.. so if its not neccessary to the future of the game, i'll pass thanks

                41. Hey Sam, just when is the current update (Pokemon Tower Defense alpha v3.0.1) going to be available on Newgrounds?

                42. Can't wait, you are very talented and this is probably one of the best flash games ever. Plus, you take the time to respond to everyone. A rare thing to see. I had a suggestion by the way. Do you plan to add a speed up feature to the game? You know like if I just feel like blowing through creeps and hunting for shiny pokemon faster.

                43. I had no idea bout the NPC trades if its not to much to ask what are the trades and how excatly do u go by doing them?

                  Other than tht little bump I love this game its most excellent. I am fine with waiting a week for new updates because its most definitly worth the wait every time. Keep it up Sam ur doing a most excellent job.

                44. @Sam: I figured out what the problem was in my situation. I had my Alakazam on Recover, and that was causing the freezing. Once I either put him on another move, or removed him from his spot. the game went back to normal.

                45. Sam,
                  Are you doing the levels like this?
                  Lt. Surge/40

                  That's how I train in the Pokemon games. I level up by 10 for each Gym, starting at level 20 for Brock, or whoever the first Gym Leader is. Hope you use some of my ideas. I'm Benjamin from the other page.

                46. I had an idea. For the safari zone make it a level that you have to pay to play with poke' dollars. Not only would this give us something to spend our growing wealth on, but it would also keep it true to the game. You could aso do this with the rocket gambling place.

                47. sam should have the next poll ask which generation of pokemon is better and then sam could give a pokemon away from the generation that gets the most votes

                48. sam there are no pokemon that learn hidro pump at lvl 39, just poliwag at 38, small thing, wow so many moves thi week it will be crazy waiting for all that, you think you will be able to make a new level this week?

                49. I have an idea for Safari zone, could you make it so that it is a challenge level and it is the only place you can catch shinies.

                50. a question, do you need to use a weekly shiny code before you find any wild shinies? I got the shiny spearow and promptly found trillions of shiny metapods.

                  Additional: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
                  Great work so far

                51. @bigmike88juice
                  If you haven't noticed, this is Generation I.
                  Sam also has a priority to further gameplay/story. Wasting time on already taboo ideas is just... pointless.

                52. I got an idea for the storyline (That's if you want help). When you enter the SS. Anne You go to the old captain on the ship, and then a possessed Ash appears. Luckily, Gary also appears but is missing three of his pokemon after being attacked by the legendary birds. You volunteer to help with 3 of your pokemon, because Joey and his rival say that you are the strongest, because you are the only one to beat the gym. When you win Ash is not possessed and then Commander Mewtwo says you may have freed Ash, but terrible sights will come ahead (At the Gym)

                53. Hey sam! i make something big for the game, but, i need you view your email, an view the email of ''nicodeversa@hotmail.com.ar''.

                  Incredible the new version! Thanks for all!


                54. I like Ekarlaufsbläd's comment a lot. I think it'd be cool to have the badges actually cause level restrictions as they do in the Gen V games, but that of course is up to you Sam. Do you think anything such as that will ever be implemented?

                  I am also sort of curious about how the generator works for shiny pokemon. I of course know that it's 0.1% chance, but I was wondering more about the algorithm (I'm assuming) and how solid it is? I know you're a CS major so you obviously know more than I. I'm unfamiliar with Flash. I am learned in other programs such as MATLAB or Maple taht have some random generators implemented and their concrete randomness differs depending on the function. This probably isn't the place for it but if you could direct me to a website or something I'd love to learn more. Anyways, my whole purpose of this was because I played Route 5 about 30-40 times (over the course since it has been released) and found 4 shiny jigglypuffs but no others.

                  Keep up the amazing work Sam.

                55. new challenge level requires some skill and even then i barely scraped through had to do it 3 times 1st to complete it 2nd to get farfetched 3rd i forgot spearow

                56. OMG! Sam, I'm SO HAPPY! Finally I can get Extreme Speed and all the level cap I've been waiting for weeks! Thanks SO much Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                57. Thank you for the raise sam. Great game. I woul like to say one idea though, next challenge level should have a shiny as a reward. Then the next has the next rod level (forgot name) then better looking pokedex, then gate, like this one is, and repeate. Thank you for the great game.

                58. CharmanderattataJune 20, 2011 at 6:01 PM

                  Can you please make a new challenge too. For a shiny pokemon. Challenges are the heart and soul of your game.

                59. awesome week begining, hope you can rest so you can create more complex levels. thanks for sharing your work. you deserve a 10. Good practise you'll be the masters of game guys.

                60. I agree with pokedollar levels.

                  Also :( @ level cap...too overleveled for badges.

                61. I think I found a glitch. I traded the shiny spearow for the shiny farfetch'd, but when I tried with a regular spearow, there was no added scene with the old man. I included the spearow in the battle - it attacked - and I won but nothing happened. It worked for my other account, but not this one.

                62. oh my! Earthquake, flamethrower, crosschop, avalanche, seed bomb, hidro pump...!! I can't believe what I'm reading! I can't believe it's coming on the next update!!, and... I can't wait the next update !!!, I gonnabe crazy !!!! thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, and one billon thanks, sam and dan, you're the best!!!!!

                63. Awesome story so far. Sam you should put more than one new Pokemon in a level to catch cause like route five I caught meowth right off the bat. Can't wait to see Lt surge with a legendary.

                64. Yay! Flamethrower! I'm getting tired of Fire Fang!

                65. Brilliant game, makes me want to dig out my old Red and Yellow version if I could ever find some batteries. Looking foreword to when it's finally done, will be nice to have such a long well designed flash game, a rarity in a way. I do have a few ideas for the game as well;
                  Ice beam should be useful when attacking, the pokemon using it could create a path of ice the other attacking pokemon slide along increasing their speed. Maybe fire type attacks could melt the ice taking this advantage away.
                  When Ditto is finally released he should transform into the first defender pokemon and use their stats/attacks. Likewise when he attacks he should transform into the first attacker and give the player access to their attacks.
                  The I believe Sliph scope should be required to cpature ghost pokemon and should be earned through a challenge level. Without the scope ghosts are uncatchable. In the game your pokemon would be afraid to attack them but I don't think that would work here. Maybe without the scope they should be harder to hit as well or something.
                  We should require the Pokeflute to capture Snorlax. He should appear where he did in the game but without the flute his health bar should be blue and without it should be normal. He'll appear everytime the player plays that level but is only catchable with the flute.
                  For a later challenge level I'd like to see Porygon as a prize. I'm not good at designing levels but I think it would be interesting to have to use maybe the tree starters with a grass, fire and water attack to respond to incoming attackers weak to one of those three elements from several different paths. At first there would be plenty of spots to place your defenders but after so many turns of being occupied the spot would disapear and you would have to move your pokemon somewhere else. This would add to the challenge of also having to match up your defenders with the incoming attackers. There are probably better ways to do it but I do believe Porygon should either be a challenge level prize or a game corner prize as I couldn't really see one appearing in the wild.
                  Maybe a level where you can only use a certain type, like fighting for a fighting competition or water for an at sea level. Maybe not a regular level but maybe a challenge level or something. Just so that things such as type advantage and all are removed.
                  Well those are my ideas, I might be able to come up with more later but no matter what as long as you keep making the game I'll be happy. I'll admit I'd love to see the Orange islands as none of the games touched on them, maybe with select Jhoto pokemon, but I can understand if we never see them. Looking foreword to Lavender town and the Elite 4, really curious about how the Elite 4 will come out.

                66. Hydro pump -could- be a TM I guess, and therefore it's irrelevant want level they are.

                  Good work Sam. Level cap is cool. An idea for the future might be to add a challenge level which lets you get the coincase (for the good old slot machines in the game corner), and then add some sort of minigame or whatever to collect coins which you can use to buy some pokemon? :) for example, ditto, dratini etc. I'm sure the game corner is soon, so it's just a little heads up to maybe plan for the future.

                  As for Lt Surge. It should totally be like nugget bridge where you attack and defend: lt surge could maybe defend with selfdestructing voltorbs and attack with his raichu. :)

                  Keep it up, looking forward to the update.


                67. Hey, Sam!
                  I don't know if this has been requested already (don't read all the comments), but do you plan on making a level where pokémons like Arbok/Sandshrew, Paras and Clefairy are more common than their currently appearences?
                  As for now, specially Arbok/Sandshrew, they're almost impossible to catch a shiny version of them :(

                68. iv been wondering,
                  how many catchable pokemon are there?

                69. @Sam
                  If I could hug you right now I would. This update will be by far one of my top 3 updates. The moves we are getting are fantastic. Thanks for the awesome work and the sweet progress.
                  -Cody (p.s because I can't give you a hug I feel an interwebz High 5 is in order. *Slaps high*

                70. I've got an idea, sam, about a device called "pokemon seeker". This device, that is given as an award for beating a future challenge level, or getting an specific archivement (e.g shiny hunt 1 ;) )

                  This device has two functions

                  1. Allows you to repel up to 3 kind of different wild pokemon in a story game, with an increasing cost of each one (e.g, imagine you wanna beat Route 5, but you don't like to see 1st poliwag <5000 pokedollars>, 2nd growlithe <10000 pokedollars> and 3rd oddish <15000 pokedollars>; if you pay, then you won't see green or red bar poliwag, growlithe or oddish, depending on how much you pay, but you'll still continue seeing them as a blue bar pokemon, if they're programmed. These pokes will be replace by another one from these wave, in these example pidgey among others. If you're beated, or you beat the game, the effect disappears, unless you pay again)

                  2. If you pay 25000 pokedollars, gives you an increased chance of seeing a shiny wild poke in a game, if it appears continiounsly (e.g, if you pay before going oak lab, every ratata you see will increase the chance of the next ratata to be shiny in 0.01%, id est, 1st ratata will have a 0.01% shiny chance, 2nd ratata a 0.02%... 10th ratata 1%... and these shiny chance will continiously increase untill the appearience of another wild pokemon , or a shiny ratata, you beat the game or you're defeated)

                71. Samm niceee ! cant w8 for the update ! i was wondering how much time does it takes to make each level? 2 levels per update would be cool... but it must take lots of time, right?

                72. Craig

                  To beat the challenge you need to catch the 2 Golem then level up their to lvl 21 each one. cacth too the 3 charmander and level up each one to charmander (3 charmeleon) and you need more one geodude that you will keep until the end and using this in the right momment.

                73. Sam, at some point are you going to make all of the original 151 pokemon catchable? Ponyta was always one of my absolute favorites, but you made it a boss :(

                74. What's the difference between the versions Red and Blue on PTD? P.s Great game, great storyline, and great everything..keep it up :D

                75. wow looks like its gonna be a good update interesting

                76. @ Sam,
                  I make a design of a new challenge level here is a link of my blog where I put it
                  I make a little description,(please read it >_<)

                77. Sam & Dan,
                  Are you guys going to make Flamethrower a TM as well? Because I would really like to evolve my Shiny and regular Vulpix, but I still want them to have Flamethrower.
                  Outstanding game, keep up the good work :)

                78. @Anon 3:44PM - Interesting, thanks.

                  I don't know - breaks? Usually once the update is out I take a day off.

                  Sheila - thanks :D

                  Anon 3:57PM - It's simple, you have to put spearow in the latest story level then beat the level. At the end don't skip and you will see an old man that wants to trade with you. Once you traded you can't trade again for that pokemon in that save file.

                  Richard - Single player will be done before multiplayer.

                  Ekar- I might be out of the house or just busy with something else, and sometimes I'm right there answering and publishing as much as possible. Other times the comment is not bringing anything new to the table so I don't publish it.

                  AtlanticFan - 1. yes
                  2. yes
                  Legendaries will be there :(

                  Iron Man - I will see what I can do.

                  Darren - Yup, also yes on the trade thing. It gives you or the other people something to do.

                  Duripen - I'm hoping to add more achievements plus prizes.

                  TJ - Yup soon.

                  Craig - Try youtube, also it is not necessary.

                  Anon 4:34PM - It already is.

                  Anon 4:41PM - I would love to add one but since the game was not build from the ground up to support this feature it would take way too long to do it, so I have decided to spend my time on other things like level cap, new pokemon, new levels.

                  Balcomwrs - It's simple, you have to put spearow in the latest story level then beat the level. At the end don't skip and you will see an old man that wants to trade with you. Once you traded you can't trade again for that pokemon in that save file.

                  Pyro - Yea recover is kinda buggy.

                  Ekar - Something like that.

                  Anon 5:01PM - Sounds very interesting, thanks.

                  Anon 5:21PM - Not sure yet.

                  Anon 5:24PM - I has to be a story level, since I don't expect everybody to do all the challenge levels.

                  me2pl - Nope it's all random.

                  Elliot - Interesting but way different to what I had in mind.

                  Nico - I saw the email, didn't get a chance to reply.

                  Veritas - Think of it as flipping a coin. Every time you flip is totally independent from the time before. It works the same here. Each pokemon is like a coin. Before it comes out the game flips a coin to see if it should be shiny. It has a 0.1% chance right there. When the next pokemon comes out that one has a 0.1%. So even if you played the level a million times it is possible never to see one since it is all independent.

                  Anon 5:56PM - Thanks.

                  Anon 6:00PM - Interesting idea.

                  Charmanderattata - I like story levels more :D

                  Anon 6:09PM Thanks :)

                  xtremevillian - Eventually the game will be at 100 level cap but I doubt everybody will get there.

                  Lily - You can only trade for a certain pokemon once per save file :)

                  Anon 7:11PM - Thanks.

                  Arbiter - New pokemon are tricky, cause the more I put in now the less you will have later.

                  Anon 7:45PM - Lots to read there, some good ideas tho :)

                  graphicforce - hi, thanks for the suggestions.

                  Neo - That's the good thing about them they are rare.

                  Anon 8:22PM - I have that info in my FAQ page.

                  Cody - :D

                  Hisamiamyourfan - I had a somewhat similar idea to this. Thanks.

                  Mauro - Each level can take up to 5-10 hours to do.

                  Anon 10:31PM - Yup, the game has a long way to go.

                  Anon 10:48PM - Same as the original game, there are different exclusive pokemon in each version.

                  Carlos - Interesting, thanks.

                79. Phoenix - Yes most likely.

                  Also to everybody posting new comments, make sure I haven't already answered your question in a previous post. I'm not posting the same questions over and over. If you can't bother to read the post then I can't bother posting your comment.

                80. @Sam, i've always wondered
                  what exactly does the status "confused" do in this game?

                81. I would like to say that i beat the new challenge mode while it was called impossible!! 2 jynx using fake tears followed by 2 alakazams using psychic a venasaur using growth & petal dance and a golem using rage & rock blast.


                82. Sam,

                  You should add Farfetch'd to the list of obtainable pokemon on the FAQ page.

                83. yes gots a SHINY farfetch'd XD
                  use a shiny spearow to trade for it!!!!

                84. Thaks for the best flsh game I have ever played:)
                  I really like the thing about stone evo's learning moves, 'cause i don't want to wait with leveling up just for getting special moves.

                  I love it!

                85. Ok Sam the exp trade thing makes sense, but it sucks trading to yourself. I have some suggestions for future update that also include a solution for this.

                  1.Transfer system between save files. No lost exp, no codes, just drop and drag between your own save files.

                  2.Hold items, like the everstone so we can get moves like seed bomb more easily.

                  3.Game corner. Here's my layout/idea. You place some pokes who defend a stack of 10 coins. Attacking pokemon are game corner pokes like porygon and dratini etc with blue bars. You get all the coins you saved at the end of the level to spend on TMs or pokemon. TMs will be added to TMs list after they are bought. For pokemon, you buy their catchability. It costs a fair amount but turns the blue bars green or red if your lucky :)for whatever pokemon you selected. It lasts for a round, until one is caught, or forever based on what you think would work best.

                  That's all I have. Thanks for all the hard work you do day in and day out for us. It's greatly appreciated.


                86. Sam referring back to our previous post/conversation, im so glad your getting main game out the way before you start MP, sounds amazing :)

                87. Yes, yes and yes I can't wait for the new update thank you!
                  And sam, isn't it time for the trio and mewto to become bosses in the game?

                88. Well if it isn't my God name Sam, how are ya mate, hope you're well.

                  Love the game, I really do, now one question and on question only:

                  Are you going to be including Achievement badges to the game?

                  I really hope you do becuase then it gives the game something more and makes it more better all becuase it has a new feature the other games don't quite have.

                  But if you do make the achievement badges, please can you include them in the next update, I'd love to see them, the sooner the better.

                  Any chance the prize for shiny hunter 1 is coming out this week too, and new challenges?

                89. Sam, I was looking at some of the older posts and saw that you havent added Sam and Dan coins yet. will you ever do that? or just use in game money and regular real money, please respond.

                90. Awesome cant w8 for the next update :D

                  I have a suggestion for PTD,
                  special chapters, you can only go to that chapter if one of your pokemon have the HM moves (Fly,surf etc.) story like using fly chasing down the Trio and use surf for catching water pokemon.

                91. Sam, you don't have to reply to every comment as long as you read them, because we would rather have you work on your game during that time. If you see something that you would like for your game just add it into the game. You don't need to reply to all our comments. That time should be used for making the game.

                92. Hey Sam,

                  Do you plan on adding some sort of storage organizer or something like that? i would love to press a button and have all my pokes organized in alphabetical order or # of pokemon based on the 151 list. :)

                  Really Enjoy playing this game, thank you so much Sam :D

                93. for people who got a shiny farfetch but not a normal one:
                  in each profile u can trade only once,just like in the pokemon red and blue.make another profile for the 2 farfetch

                94. I think to help people like me with OCD, that the pokemon in storage should automatically be put in either pokedex, alphabetical or level order, or optional. Maybe the option should be put in the options menu?
                  Thats if you can be bothered.
                  Also, just incase you didn't see my other comment, I think the font colour should be changed in the storage section where the level is in white font. Can be difficult to read sometimes. Maybe a red or something.
                  Other than that... Your game is pure genius!

                95. I patiently await the prize for completing the challenge. Take your time. :)

                96. Aw. I wanted to thank you for raising the cap to 40 like I asked last week. It's not a question per say, but it's certainly similar to all of the other people who are excited about it. So many key moves in just 4 levels. I guess us pro level cap raise people can rest easy for now. Anyways, thanks again.

                  Btw, I love how the story is coming along. It's pretty brilliant. I personally would like to see Maruto (with more than just his Ninetails) and Joey in battle more. I'd like to see them fight against the common enemy at the time, and a few times against each other. Also, I mean this in terms of inside actual story and/or challenge levels, not just in the cut scenes. (I'll try and think of some pokemon that would fit Maruto besides ninetails later to make it easier for you. So far all I can think of is some sort of flying pokemon.) Anyways, I'm sure many other people would like to see this too. Don't get me wrong, there's no rush at all. Just sneak it in here or there for a change of pace.

                97. hey Sam, are you ever going to make it so that someone who's forgotten their account password can recover it or something?

                98. Thanks Sam!!! Flamethrower for my charizard!!!!!

                99. looking forward to sandstorm! should be helpful in capture hunts, especially if i compound it with Poisonpowder and/or Wrap/Fire Spin!

                  Joke suggestion: Since Surge is American, you should try to release/announce his level on July 4th. XD

                100. Thank you for finally making your blog mobile friendly. It makes viewing/commenting so much easier and more enjoyable.


                101. hey sam hope your doing well, anyway I just wanted to know if you played the game yourself?

                102. WooHoo mobile blogging XD Cheers sam.

                103. Hey Sam for the can't lose glitch, it happens to me under a few circumstances.

                  A) a move like double slap, fury swipes, that sticks to the pokemon after it leaves

                  B) a move like water gun or gust that chases the pokemon off screen then kills it.

                  C) a status effect on the pokemon that kills them off screen (most common for me)

                  The only solution i can think that is relatively easy to do is lengthen the stage after the candies. It has to be long enough that all moves and status effects wear off before the pokemon escapes. You can either make the stage longer so this doesn't happen, similar to mt moon 1 where they have lots of time at the top to escape. Other option is to make the place where the candy is considered captured farther in the black zone. That way candy will still be obtainable when it looks like it's gone. Just test the longest lasting status move on the fastest pokemon on the level to make sure it doesn't die before the candy drop.


                104. How are you suppose to evolve Kadabra into Alakazam? Do you have to trade him, like in the games?

                105. Joke suggestion: Since Surge is American, you should try to release/announce his level on July 4th. XD

                  Not a joke. Actually it's a great idea. It'd be a great tribute to the country.

                  However, I DO have a joke suggestion.

                  Add Vanillite to the game on July 4th, as like Surge, Vanillite is American. (Vanillite and it's evolutions, Vanillish and Vanilluxe, are the only Pokemon created so far by a non-Japanese person. Their creator is an American, and thusly, so are they, especially since ice cream, which they're based on, is an American invention.)

                  Also, on July 4th, raise the level cap to 1776 as a joke.

                106. Wow! So many creative and cool ideas, everyone wants to make the game always improving but you Sam are doing such a good job, i just want you to keep your thoughts and your way to work. I know you consider every person's idea and it's very nice but i just think the game is overleveling people only think in level raises, i just hope you don't hurry this up and am i wrong but you are not rising the level cap to 100 like some ones wish, even before we get to the league pokémon, right ?

                  Anyways, any choice you take i will approve because i believe you know what you do and probably, diferent of the rest of the people i am not running to level up my poké cause my goal is to have fun, not to tell to everybody who i was the first to get a lvl 100 pokémon.

                107. Yes, Anon 2:57, you have to trade him.
                  Unless Sam changed it, you should be able to trade with yourself. Just write down the codes and type them into your own "Receive Pokémon" thing and you've just got yourself an Alakazam.

                108. Sam

                  You are a very nice guy, you make us feel like a bro, unless to me. Just one question. Dan second bro hehe, Why doesn't he answers the comments questions like you do ? XD

                109. Did you know about the bug with Synthesis?

                  Everytime my Bulbasaur uses it, the wild pokemon start to freeze. Sometimes my pokemon will keep attacking for a few seconds, but then they will stop even though their animations don't. When I switch to another move, everything works fine except for about 50 pokemon flood the screen all at once. Please fix!!

                110. is the jynx NCP trade still working because I just won both cerulean gym levels with poliwhirl and I got no offer to trade for a jynx. I actually used both a shiny and non-shiny poliwhirl too just in case and it didnt work. and if it matters I just got the shiny farfetch'd yesterday

                111. you can only do the trade once on a profile chances are you have already done it if not you are probably skipping, Do not skip!!!!!

                112. that game is one of the best games i´ve ever played. keep on going :)

                  i hope you can give the pokedex the ability to say in which map you can find the pokemon you search.

                  but all in all your game is very great. keep on with that work! x)

                113. sam, completely honestly, PTD is the best computer or smartphone game i've ever played,will PTD have a next generation pokemon td game? please tell me that yes, it's amazing :)

                114. Sam, i agree with stephen5566y regarding the sam and dan coins, whatever happened to them?

                  Or will they be implemented soon?

                  And I'm glad you found the lvl ending bug :) x Never happened to me but it was still strange.

                115. Sam - Loving the new level.

                  this level takes us into the real mechanics of pokemon, the type advantages. this is how i always thought the gyms were going to be but putting it in here works equaklly well. i would like one or two more of these along the way, maybe for the elite four? or for the champion?

                  The first thing so far in your game that i haven't been a big fan of is you making the challenge levels use your own pokemon. this will make the challenge not challenging as you level them up more and that seems wrong. maybe make it so that challenge level is unlocked after you complete chapter 3? instead of using your own pokemon?

                  Other than that one thing, loving the game. it's the best game available for android and i love it.

                116. Sam after you are done with this tower defense game i think you should make another game..maybe something that doesn't deal with Pokemon. More original stuff :D

                117. I disagree with Mike i thought using my own pokemon was very fun and I liked the old mount moon level before it people start complaining. I wish Sam would make the levels a little harder again

                118. Hey Sam, I found a bug in Route 5. After clicking the exit button, the game suddenly froze.

                119. Sam,
                  I have noticed that when I trade my pokemon from one save file to another one, if I don't have multiple pokemon of the traded one that I don't plan on trading then I lose the pokedex information in the original save file of the pokemon I traded. I traded my blastoise from save 1 to save 2 and my save 1 pokedex now says I haven't caught blastoise or wartortle. The same thing happened with a persian and a few other pokemon.

                  Hope this helps for the next update.

                120. I like the update!

                121. Nice to see the level cap getting increased. Great job! By the way, I have an idea for the pokedex achievement, why not make the reward one of the currently unobtainable Pokemon like Onix?

                122. @Anon 9:49 AM, Some of us like him replying to us. It lets us know he's actually reading what we say. How often do game creators write to each individual person who says something? Not often.

                123. anon 1:17AM - Confused works similar to poison, it damages the enemy a number of times like he is hitting himself.

                  anon 1:40AM - Done.
                  Darren - 1. I'm doing something like this.
                  2. Hold items will come in a future update.
                  3. Thanks for the suggestion.

                  anon 5:07AM - No way, not for a while.

                  anon 6:24AM - I'm hoping to have some prizes this week. No promises.

                  Stephen5566y - Those won't show up for a while.

                  Anon 9:00AM - I might do something kinda like that in the future.

                  anon 9:49AM - I think people appreciate getting a reply, it also only takes a little bit of time to answer things.

                  Matt - I'll see what I can do.

                  Nancy - I'll see what I can do a lot of people want better storage including me :)

                  Kmacroxs - Yea you can email me and get it.

                  Rockman.exe - Who knows it might end up coming out that day.

                  Michael - Yea blogger recently added that feature.

                  Idon't - Barely, only to test.

                  Anon 2:42PM - Thanks :)

                  Anon 2:57PM - Yup.

                  Ovamiat - Interesting ideas.

                  anon 3:34PM - While I do read a lot of suggestions and consider them at the end of the day I make the final choice into what goes in the game. I hope that you guys can trust in me to make the right choice.

                  anon 3:49PM - Mainly cause Dan has no clue about pokemon.

                  Tiedye - Yea there seems to be a bug with healing moves while defending. I will check it out.

                  Anon 4:29PM - Did you ever do the jynx trade?

                  Anon 5:29PM - I agree!

                  Mabuhayxyz - I will check it out.

                  Poke trader - Right now the pokedex will only look at what you have in your storage and party only.

                124. Sam-
                  So any comment you do like my last one or my suggestion one you don't put up? I think telling you what I think is not spam. Now if I posted over and over that would be spam, but I just want to tell you how I feel.


                125. Hey was wondering.. I absolutely love the game.. Is there any chance you could upload it to Kongregate? It's a win-win situation because I can absolutely guarantee that you'd be winning the $1,500 game of the month prize if you enter it. This game is amazing.. plus I'd love to se badges.

                126. why can't magicarp evolve in this? unlike teleport, splash yeilds no experience. you should make it so that we can get a garados.

                127. Cool the menu button thing was added. Will we be able to view our pokemon's actual stats next update? That'd be cool to have since quite a few people are curious. (I know you have it in the suggestion page.)

                128. @me2pl: Splash does yield exp. If a pokemon is in it's range. I have a shiny and non-shiny gyarados.

                129. How do i get the new npc poke

                130. @Matt reed
                  trade spearow for farfetch'd
                  (p.s.shiny gets shiny)

                131. Can you add exp text like damage text so you see how muxh exp per kill as well as numbers to go along with the blue bar in pokemon check at the select screen. (ie 350/3700 for next level). Thanks!


                132. if theres a game corner will u be able to buy coins for pokedollars???
                  i luv the game tho

                133. Wow sam, menu feature is amazing, cant wait to see

                  And WooHoo, damage and ex txt, fantastic, sam you surpass yourself. You've made me happy :) Keep this up.

                134. Wait Wait Wait....
                  I went though the plot and said
                  we (Players) have met the real mewtwo (before 1st gym) Brock said snap out of it as if conroled. Mewtwo (bad) controlls people.
                  After gym 2 Ash said it took all my pokemon to capure mewtwo.
                  And ASH MARRYED MISTY!!!!!

                135. Will critical hits appear as a different color as well? Perhaps yellow or something. Nothing important, was just curious is all. Great work thus far. Keep it up, man!

                136. I have an idea,a challenge & multiplayer with squares to 8x20.
                  You have 300 energy wich you can send 15 diferents Pokémon
                  Below are=
                  SUPER STRONGHT
                  Mewtwo:1500 energy LVL MAX
                  Charizard=500 energy LVL 30
                  Venusaur=500 energy LVL 30
                  Blastoise=500 energy LVL 30
                  Nidoking=300 energy LVL 25
                  Nidoqueen=300 energy LVL 25
                  Pidgeot=250 energy LVL 25
                  Raticate=200 energy LVL 20
                  Jynx=200 energy LVL 20
                  Pidgeotto=170 energy LVL 20
                  Poliwhirl=150 energy LVL 20
                  Kadabra=100 energy LVL 15
                  Charmander=50 energy LVL 15
                  Bulbasaur= 50 energy LVL 15
                  Squirtle= 50 energy LVL 15
                  There will be 4 divisions to clic:LOW,MEDIUM,STRONGHT & MEWTWO.Bear the cost of energy below and not win experience.Depends on the Pokémon that defeat,you win X energy,
                  I leave the number at your choice.8x20 squares because you can send the POkémon for 8 diferents ways by clicking the arrow will be the first step of the way.When a Pokémon reaches your base,causing damage depends on the class:
                  Mewtwo is the most powerful and durable, but go very slowly. You can reach your opponent's base and any of these 8 ways.
                  When a Pokemon reaches your base, causing the damage and disappears. The attacks will be adjusted in a lobby, you will choose your Pokemon attacks for one minute, after that time,
                  begin the battle. The reward challenge can be a valuable Pokémon, 5 different evolution stones or 100000 of money, your choice. In multiplayer, the reward will be 1 / 5 of the money from the loser.
                  I am Spanish and I have a bad level of English, than if they apologize if they do not understand something you've spelled.

                137. @ iamgood, kongregate took it down due to copywrite issues.

                  @matt spearow has to make an appearance in the lvl ie he must attack,then do not skip the txt at the end of the lvl...

                138. Didn't think Ptd could get more Awesome but it did :D keep up the great work

                139. i really like your game but can you put some more pokemon in the game: like onix and the 3 birds? i like them very much!

                  awesome updates sam, i love the game

                140. oh, i'll finally check the math for exp&dmg in my pokedex:)

                141. Sam, sorry to say this, but Vermillion is poorly desined. First off, Charmeleon's Scary face wars off rigth after you have started attacking it, making it less helpfull, and poliwhirl's hypnosis makes the pokemon sleep before it reaches your range, and with the slow status, it may even fall asleep thice before it reaces you, making it even less helpfull. I am not so good at solutions, but i think if you placed Charmeleon first using Scary Face, you in the middle, and Poli at the rigth of you using either Helping Hand, Supersonic (or confuse ray) or codeing a special Hypnosis that have a 100% sleep chance, and will be fixed so it will hit only when the coming pokemon is in your range. I love the game and wish only for it to be sucsesfull, not trying to be mean in any way!

                142. Jynx NPC trade seems to have stopped working. I completed both levels of Cerulean Gym with poliwhirl, to no avail. I've never tried it before. If it makes a difference I did the farfetch'd NPC trade first

                143. wow, the damage and exp pop-ups are going to be a pleasant surprise for the gaming experience...yours truly, fatman\killer 7

                144. a couple of suggestions from an anon you probly shouldnt listen to. If you want to implement exp pop ups maybe beneath the pokemon square thing have a total amount of exp for that round so we can see who our mvp is. also next update i think u should work on the inventory i keep forgeting what stones i have or need to buy. the game is amazing and you are awesome for working this hard on it.

                145. I looked around, but I can't find the site that lists which pokemon attack types are good against certain types of pokemon, I remember being on the site before but don't remember what it was called.

                146. Hey, great games i am so thankful this is my favorite android game, but i was wondering: is it possible to evolve the pokemon who require friendship, such as crobat, I have a shiny zubat but dont wanna bother training it unless I can get a crobat. I also wanted to know if indeed kyogre was obtainable, just some rumors floating around.

                147. Great upgrade!
                  not for the lvl raised
                  but the adds
                  well done

                148. Hey Sam. Love the game. At some point in the future could you add a pause button? If i'm shiny hunting but i have something open in the next tab (lets say facebook for arguments sake.) If I switch tabs because i got a notification or whatever I feel instantly paranoid that I'm missing shinies (in one situation I switched back just to watch a shiny disappear of screen) Many thanks. Amy

                149. When I was playing the 3rd challenge level I was having some difficulty because a least for my game when Charmander evolved it didn't learn fire fang, and in all the videos of that level on YouTube Charmander learned fire fang. I was just wondering if my game had a bug.

                150. I've spotted a bug. When you select a TM to learn and click "learn" and then "Don't learn", the money are spent anyway.

                151. Hey Sam,

                  Great work! Love playing it, just a suggestion though, how about adding a sorting system for the storage box? I'm only suggesting this because sometimes when I'm looking for a certain pokemon to put in my party, I have to cycle through like 14 pages. Please give this a thought. Again, love this game! :D

                152. Sam, I was wondering if it was possible to make an option that allowed your pokemon to automatically level up when they had enough exp for the next level.

                153. For some reason, the game keeps freezing and acting slow. Can you please fix this? I'm using Chrome and IE.
                  Can't wait for the update. Keep up the good work

                154. Also on the pokedex it says I caught the shiny pokemone already but the challenge says o didnt?

                155. @Sam

                  Is my suggestion of a shiny trade ban still up for a vote anytime soon in the future?

                156. hey sam for your next update what you should just do is bug fixes and story levels and for the acheivment award i think it should be shiny evee because we just passed bill and IMO evee is a cool pokemon

                157. This update will be awesome I cant wait until we (Hopefully) get to Johto, I was also wondering if abilities (DW [Dream World] & Regular) Will be added in to the mix before then?

                158. @ davidhong73 yea but i want a eevee not a evee

                159. @anon 2:17 lol sry i meant to put eevee but i type kind of fast and dont even look at my mistakes unless it is something very important i am typing

                160. Sam can you add the all the punches. You already got Ice punch with Jynx but can you add thunderpunch and firepunch.

                  Great Update!!!!!

                161. @Anonymous 1:38pm you have to stop the charmander from evolving and then it learns fire fang. If you let it evolve to Charmeleon it won't learn it, you have to stop the evolution. Good luck!

                162. Cant wait for the update Sam! looks like it will be pretty funky! could I just add an idea, how about for a challenge level(preferably a realllly hard one) you unlock a better poke ball!

                163. Answer time, (sam, take a break) ;)

                  @brett, no crobat won't be in the game, and no kyogre is not obtainable in any way shape or form.

                  @annon 1:38pm don't let charmander evolve, he will then learn fire fang.

                  @annon 1:39pm you click learn and money gets spent, not sams fault you decide to not learn once purchased..

                164. Sam you need to add a challenge mode level to unlock the the new level cap.

                165. Sam,
                  You should talk to the websites that host your PTD to see whether you guys could devise a method that could notify the gamers on your page automatically whether the websites have the updated version instead of having to check manually.

                  Probably too advanced.

                166. @sam is that the same framework you use for the entire game? Omg no wander it takes so long.

                167. Sam,
                  In the Pokemon selection menu, instead of having to click out of a particular pokemon in order to inspect another in detail, how about you install arrows that allows the users to scroll through pokemon in detailed view without having to click out and click in?

                168. @Raiko
                  i don't think we are getting to Johto. I think we're only going to be in Kanto. yeah. but that would be cool;chikorita,cyndaquil,totodile...

                  i hope we can get mewtwo sometime or another because i see accounts with kyogre and mew and other hacked pokemon. mewtwo would be cool, but you don't have to do it Sam. keep up the good work.

                169. hey I just wanted to know which Pokemon is gonna be learning seed bomb is it vileplume victorybell or venosaur?
                  -Richard when is the wedding it's some time this week or early next isn't it?(if Ii remember an old post of yours correctly)

                170. @ I don't know what to put here...

                  Bulbasaur learns seed bomb at level 37

                171. @sam
                  So ratatas going to know flamethrower?!?

                172. @idontknow wow you remembered? AWSOME, XD its on the 25th @5pm gmt (UK)

                173. is pikachu suppose to evolve into raichu with a thunder stone because i got one and i cant use it on pikachu

                174. to all asking for a pause button just press exit and it pauses it but obviously dont press yes or no as it will close it

                175. This comment has been removed by the author.

                176. Sam, you're doing great work with Flamethrower.. It looks great! I can't wait untill next update.
                  You make me very happy by adding this picture :-D

                177. when its not effective instead could it be another color instead of dark gray so it doesn't look like its black

                178. SAM THERE IS ONLY ONE question I have:
                  HOW ARE U GOING TO CONVICE EVERYONE THAT you'll produce all pokemon if u keep them >50 cause HOW do you suppose your going to get DRAGONITTEE if its evolution lvl. Is 55?!!?!

                179. @ anon 5:44, shut up dude, we ain't even a gym 3 and cap is going up to 40, i can vouche for sam when i say that by the time we get to the point of having dratini dragonaire and dragonite, you will have the capability to get them...

                180. Anon@5:44 pm: It's not just Dragonite, but Braviary, Mandibuzz, Tyranitar, Volcarona and Hydreigon as well.

                181. About moves in general...I know you don't want the game to be too easy, and that's why you handicap some of the stronger moves by making the cooldown longer, etc., but doing so really defeats the purpose of having those moves. For example, Doubleedge is clearly supposed to be superior to Takedown (both normal type, recoil moves, but 120 vs. 90 power). But the handicap on DE makes it twice as slow, with an additional 25% chance of missing. As a result, it is so much more efficient to just use Takedown, making a DE a useless, although more "advanced", move. On top of that, both DE and Takedown are TM moves, and pokemon that can learn one can also learn the other. This is just one example...Other ones include Flame Burst, Bubblebeam, Petal Dance (now its better off to just use Razor Leaf...), etc. Another case is Swords Dance, which is supposed to boost attack x2, but here it is only x1.5, making it a redundant version of Rage...

                  Just my thoughts. Thanks for all of your hard work.

                182. anon 12:14AM - Sometimes I see a comment and it's not spam but I might not feel like it's adding anything useful to the blog so I won't post it.

                  anon 12:37AM - I will see if I can fit it in.

                  Darren - Added.

                  anon 3:17AM - Possibly in the future.

                  Richard - Thanks and thanks for answering questions here :)

                  Durus92 - Crit already has a graphic.

                  Datoyo - Huge wall of text! Thanks for the suggestion.

                  anon 5:13AM - thanks

                  anon 5:29AM - Those will come soon.

                  wolffus - No offense taken, I like the way it is. It is not supposed to be the best set up ever.

                  anon 9:52AM - There seems to be a bug that if you did the Farfetchd trade you can't to the Jynx trade I will fix it for the next update.

                  teemu92 - thanks, I've been wanting to add them for a while.

                  Brett - Nope.

                  Allan - Thanks.

                  anon 1:32PM - I might add a shiny notification in this update.

                  anon 1:39PM - This is intended, not a bug.

                  anon 1:48PM - Will do!

                  anon 2:00PM - I don't really like this idea, until I add some sort of level up stat page, that tells you how you grew.

                  Marshall Carter - be a little more specific please :), you have to see them in the wild and also have internet enabled.

                  anon 2:06PM - People want to trade shinies, I just need to make it more secure.

                  davidhong73 - Bill doesn't give you eevee he just talks about it.

                  Raiko - This game is kanto only, maybe for a sequel.

                  anon 2:24PM - All in due time.

                  i don't know - pokeballs is the next big feature, but pokedex needs some love still.

                  ricardo - dont' really like this idea, I don't want to force people to do challenge levels.

                  anon 3:12PM - this is free :)

                  richard at 3:14PM - what do you mean?

                  anon 3:15PM - This is in my suggestion list :)

                  anon 4:09PM - They can't lol, that is just my guide for making animations :)

                  t7 - just email me :)

                  ferdy - flamethrower will be awesome, it does splash damage, a very cool move. I gave it a lot of love.

                  anon 5:05PM - I said its dark grey but its not that dark actually lol.

                183. Sam, when are you going to make the game auto save your progress, because I forget, and yesterday I trained my Farfetch'd to level30, and forgot to save it, and I lost it... :(

                184. Oh, haha. Fail on my part. Completely overlooked it.

                185. I thought it was a burden to read the blogs before, now it's just insane!

                  GW sam, keep it up.

                186. @sam I know he doesn't give you it but it would still be a good achievement prize because of how rare eevee is

                187. @Ovamiat
                  We're only dealing with first generation Pokémon, the others you mentioned are all second gen or later.

                  @everyone asking for a pause button
                  If you click on a Pokémon (the same way you would if you wanted to change your stats, raise your level, etc.), it pauses the game. Or you can do it like Anon 4:21 PM said.

                188. hey sam, next update may i suggest you put in the reward for the achievement and the inventory feature it would be pretty awesome... also i only have the geodude to catch and i will have the shiny hunter achievement DONE

                189. Oops, made a mistake in my last post. I meant to say "change your moves" instead of "change your stats". My bad…

                190. men do not mess it up with the power of the attacks, if you learn a flamethrower or thunderbolt for example you must do a lot of damage, or it would be best to have more powerfull attacks according to the level, if you go up attack power goes up. thanks for the game its awesome

                191. Sam-
                  I think saying that I think Ninja-ja should be your main focus and that you drove PTD downhill is useful to you. And if you want me to share my ideas for PTD please say so, as I would be happy to help


                192. Just a suggestion, but i think you should raise the level cap to 38 then focus on fixing bugs and adding suggestions and then if there's time keep working on level cap.
                  Having a good overall experience is more important than anything else.
                  (Level cap should be low on priority list for a few weeks imo. Everyone has a ton of level 36's and we're only at Vermillion. Good luck getting even 1 level 36 poké when you reach vermillion in the real game)

                193. I'm against this:

                  Changing most damaging attack cooldowns down to 18 but reducing their attack power. This will result in some moves hitting for less but hitting more frequently.


                  Less maths=less tactics, we'll just see a few numbers to see which attacks and which pokemons to use, which will lead multiplayer to a boring game :(

                194. Some good comments coming in, I wanted to answer some of the last ones.

                  Charigengar - The attacks do more damage as your level up, this is how the game works right now. With the damage text you will see how it increases as you level. I don't want a single attack being way stronger than the other ones. They will still be strong just not a huge 50+ point difference.

                  Anon 10:29PM - The only difference is that in this game you get to fight 10 battles in a less than a minute so the level cap can't possibly follow the real game. I am however not raising from 40 until at least the 4th gym.

                  Anon 10:37PM - Trust me there is plenty of math left. You have special and physical attacks, each pokemons unique base stats, different status moves, healing moves, all the different pokemon types with their advantages and disadvantages. Having to deal with different cooldowns is just not fun for anybody, and makes it confusing rather than tactical figuring out which move to use.

                195. Who agrees with Pikmin (anon 10:19PM) and who doesn't agree with him? I surely don't agree with him.

                196. I couldn't help but notice that my Shiny Charizard that had been evolved from the mystery gift shiny Charmander that was given away a few weeks back has disappeared from my file.(but my other two Charmander are still there) Do you have any idea why this might be?

                197. I completely disagree with Pikmin.
                  You've done nothing wrong with PTD so far, although I *did* want my Pikachu to learn Discharge… Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

                198. I hope you are planning on changing superfang. Sure it does half damage, but its almost broken the way it is now. The cooldown is way to long to have ANY use at all.

                  ps dont agree with the anon. Although I rarely every do

                199. Pikmin is nuts.

                  BTW: Once all the pokemon are released, do you plan to go back and fill levels with more appropriate pokemon? Like water types appearing in cerulean? Or will you keep it the same to reflect their catch availability in that part of the game?


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