Weekly Update: What's coming next for PTD, Ninja-ja's update, and taking a break!

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Happy Monday!

Ninja-ja's update will be coming this week, we apologize for the lateness.

I will be taking a break from updating PTD this week, meaning there won't be an update this weekend. Constantly updating a game can put a lot of strain so every once in a while I will take a weekly break to recharge my batteries.

Update: I'm considering adding a new mode called "Classic". Basically in this mode your pokemon's attacks will have the same stats as the original game or as close as possible. You will be able to use the same pokemon for both "Classic" and regular mode but there will be different achievements for each mode. In regular mode the attacks will be more balanced and towers will have health. In classic mode towers won't have health and attacks will do the attack power that the original games have (based on Gen 5). Vote on the poll and let me know what you think. 

But I want to talk about what's coming next for the game and just comment in more detail about a lot of the questions and concerns you guys are all having.

First about the move balancing. By looking at the poll I can see that a lot of you guys liked the balancing except for a few special moves that could use some more love or uniqueness.

So for the next update you can expect quick attack and extremespeed (to name a few) will have a lower cooldown.

I will also be looking at how difficult or how high of a level you need to reach to get a move in order to figure out the appropriate damage it should do. If you can just buy a TM then chances are the move won't get significantly stronger, but there are some specific exceptions.

Let's look at Earthquake! It hits everybody on the field while it has a target in range for 20 attack power. Most of you think this is too low, which I can understand seeing as how powerful the move is in the real game. I can make it stronger (40 attack power) but there needs to be a drawback to such strength. I tried longer cooldowns but I just don't like how it makes some moves useless. Some people in the chat actually mentioned something that I originally sorta brushed off as I won't be adding that to the game. But today thinking about it, I think it can work. So for the next update I will be introducing.... Tower Health!

That's right your towers will now have a health bar, just like the enemy! But slow down a bit... the enemy isn't going to stop and do attacks towards you. The point is that a move like double-edge can now actually have a recoil damage (and much higher attack power). A move like recover is useful while defending, and best of all, defense moves will be useful both in attacking and defending, a defense move will lower the amount of damage received from all sources.

Another big thing is the duration of defense and offense buffs. It is a pain to keep using rage every time it runs out on one pokemon, imagine keeping it up on all 6! Therefore I'm drastically increasing the duration of these buffs. They won't last forever but you won't have to re apply them nearly as often making it more manageable to use in battle.

Now let's talk about trading. Trading is going to change radically. The trading center is coming, and no more trade codes! You will be able to search for the pokemon you want or search for somebody that wants your pokemon, also transferring pokemon from one save to another will be easier than ever.

Next update will also include two new story mode levels one being the S.S. Anne level and the other being the Vermillion Gym level. You can expect to get the HM Cut, and you can expect to use it on different levels to find secrets.

Lastly I haven't forgotten about Daily Codes, Missing Relearner moves, so those will be coming also.

Below is my progress on these things, keep checking back to see how I'm doing!

Tower Health (50%)
Move Balancing (0%)
Buff Durations (0%)
Trading Center (0%)
Story Levels (0%)
Daily Codes (0%)
New TMs (0%)
Relearn Moves (0%)
New Pokemon (0%)
New achievements (0%) (old ones won't get removed ever)

That's all I have for now, as always let me know what you think, read the FAQ and also read the comments on this blog post before you post as I won't be publishing comments that have already been asked.


  1. Bring on the questions! First.

  2. Fantastic Sam.

    You have surpassed all my expectations once again, you deserve a break and if anyone says other wise, they need shooting...

    As for what you have planned. Amazing. Can't wait..

  3. So is there gonna be a 3.1.1?


  4. I think you should alter some of the challenges, since you've rebalanced the skills it's made some of the challenges more difficult. Also I was hoping that we could install a counter of how many of the upgrade stones you have cause there is nothing to show whether or not you have any so i keep buying them thinking i'm out of stock.

  5. Still hoping for a preloader

  6. No question here, buy I am not a fan of Tower Health.... I've already spent plenty of money on Earthquake TMs, and if health is added, I'm definitely going to need to get rid of earthquake. And because there will be health bar, the enemies should also be using moves that damage each other (not all of the time, of course) when we are attacking and they are defending, otherwise it would be a complete nerf to us, the players. So personally, I am nowhere near a fan of adding team damage. Of course, you make the game, so what you say goes.

  7. Lol you had to get first :P Nice to see you having a break, you work too much! Anyways great game, but I'm wondering at what point do you expect tower health too take full effect? e.g. Them giving you damage at the same time you are attacking them

  8. Perhaps there should be one top move of each type that is powered higher then others, such as for fire - flamethrower, for ice - ice beam, for psychic - psychic etc. and leave the others as they are.
    Also not a fan of your towers attacking your own towers for moves like earthquake etc., but double edge hurting ITSELF is a good idea.

    Have a nice break and keep up the good work

  9. that update sounds great!
    and it was also a great idea with the onix code, that will kick the hackers ass ^_^

  10. so far, I've been building up tons of money easily. Perhaps with the tower health, this will allow for improvements to the market. Adding potions, revives, etc. This would of course also necessitate some sort of inventory screen.

    The tower health I think is a good idea, it'll add another thing to think about, and make some currently useless things actually be useful. Just make sure re-coil is adjusted properly, in the normal games in a given battle you'd make dozens, often less, attacks. Here we're making hundreds of attacks per battle. So for recoil and team-damaging moves to have any use, they are going to have to do relatively little damage to our own towers.

  11. Looks awesome, it opens the way to new strategies. :D

  12. @ anon 4:58 you are so right ;)

    I think a counter for killed shinys would be nice

    btw: next upgrade is going to be great, althoug I didn't learn any defensive moves yet^^

    respect for (nearly) perfect game!

  13. will there be diglett, drowzee, or mr. mime?
    because cut makes you able to enter the house at route 2... you can pass Diglett's Cave but need cut to get lightning and the npc-trade abra-mr.mime
    and the only possibility to catch drowzee in fr/lg is at route 11, east of vermillion city ...

  14. I don't know if you've seen this post of mine before because you didn't leave any sort of response to this post of mine. In case you haven't, I'm reposting it. If you've already seen it, then I apologise.

    The game's excellent. Really enjoying the new twist on the Pokemon game.

    Many people are coming up with suggestions as to what should happen next, what kind of levels should be put on etc. etc. I have a few too but at the moment, I just want to post one sort of technical problem I've been facing and perhaps a solution to it.
    Sometimes in a level, the opening portion of the path where the Pokemon enter through is very close to some tower spots. This means a lot of the times, the Pokemon are killed without even having entered the screen. It's annoying because I like to see exactly which Pokemon are coming and it's a bit weird they should be killed off screen rather than on-screen. But where this really becomes a problem is when Shinies are appearing. At one time, my Pokemon killed a shiny JUST as when about half of it appeared on the screen without me having any chance to realise a shiny was coming so that I could catch with a Pokeball. Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed.
    Now you might say that why don't you place your Pokemon in other towers. The problem is of course that in some levels it can't be done otherwise you won't have any tower spots left such as the Cerulean Gym 1. Also, in Mt. Moon 2, if I don't place any Pokemon in the first 2 spots, the wild Pokemon will grab all the first set of fossils there and with only 4 Pokemon in the way, grab the second set of fossils somewhat easily too hence increasing the chance of failing the level.
    So my solution? I was hoping that perhaps the initial portion of the paths where the Pokemon enter are extended a bit further so that there is some distance between the initial portion of the path to the tower spots. This gives enough time for the Pokemon to come on screen and actually be SEEN before they are attacked and in the case of a shiny, it can be caught.

    I really hope you take this suggestion on board or at least consider this seriously.
    Thank you!

  15. Sounds like a good idea. Not many moves would affect other towers, thus far, so.... It would still be fine early game, and something you worry about later on.

    Good calls all around.

  16. Reese. It's not supposed to be an easy game. If you can't handle the degree of difficulty don't play. We're all very sorry you don't like using strategy to beat a game. And no one should be complaining about a lack of money in this game. Even with pay day not what it was before.

    On a separate note. This update sounds amazing. Definitely take a week off.

  17. I was disappointed when I saw there wouldn't be an update this week.........Then I read on. Now I can't wait! Keep it up!

  18. Do you think you could keep us updated over the next 2 weeks with progress as you normally do? :) Thanks Sam!

  19. why are you removing the trading codes? even if you make trading center, the codes will still be usefull in other ways.

  20. about the move balancing I think Hydro Pump should be stronger because it is one of the strongest water moves but bubble beam has been doing more damage.

  21. Richard - Thanks bud :D

    anon 4:57PM - Nope, it will go into 3.2

    anon 4:58PM - Yea I will be going back again and looking at how difficult some of the challenge and levels got after the balancing.

    anon 5:00PM - White screen of death!

    reese227 - Yea the moves are the same regardless of who is using it so if the enemy does a move that will hurt tower then he will hit his own towers. You are correct in your last statement but I also take the feedback that is given to me very seriously. Thanks.

    FudgeThis - Well for example on Earthquake when you use it your other towers will take damage at the same time the enemy will.

    anon 5:07PM - I do think moves should be better than others, just not but a huge margin I will be looking at that for this next update. Things like earthquake hitting your teamates happens in the real game also. To make something really good there has to be a cost.

    anon 5:08PM - Thanks but the onix code isn't enough ;)

    Matt - Interesting suggestions, I will def make sure recoil doesn't kill you in so little hits.

    M@t - Yes indeed I'm excited also! I just thought of this today.

    Gomez - Thanks!

    anon 5:16PM - I will be adding those shortly.

    jamz159 - I will see what I can do, thanks.

    LanderZ - Yup not every move is going to hurt your tower. Thanks.

    anon 5:21PM - Thanks!

    anon 5:26PM - Thanks :D

    anon 5:28PM - Sure why not!

    anon 5:31PM - I don't want people creating codes out of thin air.

  22. I do not want to be considered one of those people that demand a change to EQ, I merely want to offer a suggestion.

    Since this attack (and others such as sandstorm) attacks all enemies, why should it be activated only when there is an enemy within range? If this was changed to the constant 18 CD, I am sure it would be more balanced for everyone, even with the 20 base power.

    About tower health, I think it is a great idea, especially since some people like myself put tm takedown on many of my pokemon knowing they could use the relatively strong damage for no cost. It would introduce a new element of strategy to this game.

    About Onix, how are you planning on putting it in the game after the weekly giveaway event? The Shiney will still be there from the acheivment, but what about the normal? Perhaps the old mount moon challenge giveaway?

    Please don't forget that it is still a work in progress, and nothing has to be perfect the first time. We will be patient.

    Apart from that, I really enjoy looking forward to the update every week, but you most certainly deserve a break. Have fun resting!


  23. ADD achievements to kill the time =D

  24. Added a progress list to the post.

  25. anon 5:47 - I will probably be removing the target restriction since it can now hit your own towers also.

    Onix will show up on the game as a catchable pokemon.

    anon 5:47PM - more achievements def, non luck based ones :D

  26. hey sam,
    can the next achievements please not have shiny hunts. it was a b*tch trying to find them all. can the next one be something as difficult but not as time consuming as the shiny hunt? thanks

  27. anon 5:53PM - yes the intention is to make them skill based and not luck based.

  28. Thanks a lot Sam, you really do deserve a break,
    I have a few questions about HM 01 tho:
    How will you activate cut? I'm thinking if one of your Pokemon know cut you can swipe the screen (i play on Android) or click and drag the mouse across a certain point like a tree and something appear, or will it just happen automatically?
    Also you said you can use it to access "secrets" wat does this consist of?
    And finally will you retroactively add more of the secrets for cut in already existing levels?
    Thanks and have a good week off

  29. Sam Great Update! but please recheck the power of some attacks like hidro pump... its even weaker than aqua tail!... Also i think that flamethrower should be as strong as thunderbolt.

    Except for those details I loved the Update.

    Have a great break! and thank you for this game. It's Awesome!

  30. I noticed you did not add the stacking weather effects to the progress list. Is this something meant to stay in game? Or probably you simply forgot to add it.

    Also, great idea for EQ. There were other attacks (from what I remember) that hit your allies too, such as selfdestruct and explosion.


  31. irishwolf - Thanks!

    I can make it more interactive or just happen on it's own haven't decided yet.
    secret areas on levels.

  32. Tah - thanks, I will def keep those in mind.

    anon 5:59PM - need to fix stacking weather.
    Yup I will be looking at which moves will make sense for this.

  33. Hey Sam, I was just wondering if you will add to the mart a metal coat so that we can evolve our onix

    Your doing great with the game though and personnally, I think you deserve a longer break ;)


  34. Yay I'm ...... 29 awwww.
    Anyways great work Sam and have a great break. I'm looking forward to next update.

  35. Some problems still exist with the move rebalancing. In fact, most of them just don't follow a logic, like you've just entered random numbers:

    -Flame Burst: 40 power (originally 70)
    -Powder Snow: 40 power with CD 72 (forgot this one?)
    -Bulldoze: 30 power (originally 60)
    -Magnitude: 10 to 100 power (originally 10 to 150)
    -Earthquake: 20 power (originally 100)
    -Bubblebeam: 45 power (originally 65)

    For some of them, it looks okay. Bulldoze and Flame burst both have near 50% of their original power. Powder Snow becomes the weakest of the AoE moves, because you forgot to modify it. Magnitude becomes, in theory, the best AoE. Minimum damage is still weak, but max should also follow the logic of 50% of normal power. Then Bubblebeam is now the most powerful and stable move for all AoE. It should follow the same logic of 50% of their original power. Then Earthquake... I just don't understand. The most powerful move becomes now the weakest? If you're that worried about being able to buy TM too early and being strong as early, then just make those TM unlockable as the story progresses or something.

    As for single-target moves, I have not noticed any problem. Only remains that Dragon Rage still has a cooldown of 36. Dunno if you forgot it or decided to leave it like that, since I do agree it would be too powerful early on.

  36. One more thing I forgot to ask you... I have most of my pokemon in codes... should I put them in my profile before the update is on?

  37. I think Earthquake should only activate when there are targets in the user's range, because why would it attack when it doesn't know if there is anyone around?

  38. Hey Sam umm I think you should male the numbers slower like the attacks numbers. I always try to read it but its to fast. Thanks and have good break.

  39. @Sam
    You deserve a break no doubt. I absolutely love the 3.1 update to the point where it is by far my favorite. Flamethrower and Hydro Pump are just astounding (as well as the other moves). I like where you plan on taking this game with the next update, I do however have some suggestions:

    1. The weekly mystery gift this week (onix) was a major success (imo). I feel that giving out new pokemon is better than giving out shiny pokemon. This is because still allows us to hunt for shiny pokemon while enjoying something new. So I feel that you should keep adding new pokemon (Misty's, Team Rockets, etc.) as mystery gift prizes because it just seems right.

    2. The Daily code, now I think that because of its frequency it shouldnt do much, possibly a stone or a free TM but nothing extreme you know?

    3. The trading center, though im not sure how it will work in its entirety I think that if it can stop hacked pokemon from being traded then it is a well worth while success.

    4. When you add new pokemon people can hack to get them right, and this is because you have to add their stats to the game. However pokemon like Drowzee and Mewtwo cannot be hacked because their stats werent added to the game. So is there any way to incooperate non catchable pokemon while at the same time not adding their stats to the game?

    5. The secret levels, I think are a well worth while idea. I think that in adding them it adds more depth to the game. Saying that however, I hope that when you can find the secret levels that they dont add something that without finding would otherwise be unobtainable.

    Well thats it. I cannot find anything else to comment/complain about. Your doing a fantastic job. Easily my favorite computer game. Please keep up the good work and I hope to see you develop this game in the direction you have it going!


  40. I think that what you have done is great.
    You could also change tms so you can only buy them if a pokemon has learned it before.
    I also think that there should be moves that help pokemon get rare candies like thief or string shot.
    I also think that you should be able to buy rare candies

  41. Allright, that everything is going to be just awesome

  42. Sam, I thought you were taking a break? I do love progress lists, but that means that you're not taking a break ;) Love the new ideas by the way. The tower health makes a lot more move more relevant.

  43. Man, I hate this update of tower health.
    The enimies are outnumbered of our own pokemon, so will be impossible to win, making the game boring.
    And i cryed when i was so excited waiting for the flametrower atack and them i see that it is worse than the fire fang, so there is no good fire attack.


  44. really nice update im sure the next pokemon will be...

    Diglett,npc trade mr mime or drowzee and i think we can catch magnemite two but im not sure!! and for the pokedex you should do like all the game cause on ss anne we can see the snorlax so like this it will be 1 more pokemon to the pokedex and maybe we can see the picture of the pokemon we got (sorry for my english)

  45. since now we can tell how many XP points we are getting could you make it so we can see how many XP points our pokemon have and how many more they need to level up, or be able to. please and thank you. awesome game and keep up the awesome work

  46. I assume you made the onix code impossible, was that a way of getting at the hackers?

    I'm confused lol.

    and can you elaborate of tower health? I can't seem to get my head around it..


  47. Just a quick question. With the addition of tower health, will you also add items such as potions and whatnot so we can keep our pokemon from fainting?

  48. Hey Sam I would suggest making a level in which the design is a path with 2 exits, where the waves come in from one path and exit out the other path. You should be able to place Pokemon both at the entrance, middle, and exit to the paths so that way you can make more use of certain moves like Avalanche and Assurance, etc.

    Either way, great job!!

  49. Since there are different tiers of move speed, is it possible to structure them according to those tiers of move speed?

    I know this is a really radical idea but, is it possible to limit the amount of moves a pokemon can use in battle from 4 to 2? This way, people will actually have to use different towers with different moves to accommodate for the different waves of enemies. (Vermillion City as an example)

    Another suggestion I have it to restore the power of many of the powerful TM moves but change their prices. If earthquake goes back to being very powerful, set it as something along the lines of 40l or 50k. Pokemarts do that, having more powerful moves be more expensive, so just kinda throwing it out there.

    That and I hope hope Machop will be in there too! :3

  50. Perhaps certain moves like earthquake should hit all Pokemon on the field, including your own towers, which would balance out a higher attack strength for earthquake.

  51. I Cant Wait but does putting onix as a mytery code mean that we cant catch him in he wild?
    and do you think we can use the old rod on the S.S.Anne?
    i mean i know that you cant catch them inthe game but you caught pokemon in he cerulean gym right?

  52. 1st only the bosses should be able to attack your towers so forget about tower health
    2nd the pokedex should show the names of the pokemon u killed not just the the ones u caught
    keep up the good work


    This is something we've all been waiting for. Thank you Sam. Take as much time as you need to get it perfect!

  54. You should make a yellow zone so you can make Ultra and Great Balls. Like you could pay 5,000 to get unlimited Ultra Balls for a level, or pay 2,500 for unlimited Great Balls for a level. An Ultra Ball could catch you anything less than half the pokemons health. A Great Ball could catch you any pokemon with 33% of its health or less.

    Also, can you soon add False Swipes so we can catch pokemon easier.

  55. Will there be a new shiny hunt next week for something like a shiny paras with the paras knowing a good move that isn't out yet like X-scissors. Mainly curious though will there be a shiny hunt next week?

  56. Will the avatars be in the next edition?

  57. How many new CATCHABLE pokemon will be added in the new edition and will some be from Vermillion City.

    -Ava Tarous

  58. Will held items be added next edition like Charcoal, Magnet, Miricle Seeds, Mystic Water, etc. that will be possible to get at the shop?

  59. I stick around for the story at this point. You've made the game itself worse over time

  60. Will there be missing relearn moves like dragon claw, shadow claw, and flash cannon (if they are not missing Charizard and Blastoise are forgotten).

  61. ok, i completely disagree with anonymous 6:23.

    Buying rare candies would be extremely pointles because it would remove part of the fun. Also, for the tms, its also a bad idea because some moves can only be learned by tms and for his idea about stealing candies, it would pretty much make it impossible to lose because the enemies would never be able to get away with them.


  62. Sam just one question, when will Ice Beam be added (Don't weaken Ice Beam too much maybe 70, because that would have been a better attack damage for flamethrower rather than 60 because then people are afraid it is a weak move, after all Ice Beam is the Flamethrower of Ice pokemon)? Jynx and a few water pokemon can relearn it or learn it as a Tm.

  63. Sam one question, Is Slash in pokemon tower defense? Because it is one of the strongest normal type moves.

  64. @Anon 6:34, the enemies won't attack you...

    Also base power isn't everything. If you actually use flamethrower it's really useful, it can hit multiple pokemon and it can hit the same pokemon multiple times.

  65. When will this game be updated outside this website (ONEMORELEVEL.com)?

  66. I am NOT Iron ManJune 27, 2011 at 8:07 PM

    Can you increase the power of Earthquake to 30 and not have a consequence to its all pokemon hit?

  67. Simple suggestion: a level restart button! On the menu page. Thanks, great job!

  68. so are u taking a break and going to update it in 2 weeks but working on it now?

  69. Samuel, I beg you.
    Please, be kind with Psychic and Thunderbolt too.

    Psychic can't have only 5+ damage than Psybeam...
    And at this point, Discharge is going to be better than Thunderbolt and it can't happen. Even Electro Ball at slowed down enemies is better than Thunderbolt. =(
    I'd suggest 75~85 for both. Or 60~70 with splash damage (AoE - like Flamethrower or Hydro Pump, but the range could be different).

    Flamethrower is good as it is. Hydro Pump too. Good job on these.

    EQ must have a bigger attack but I don't like the idea of damaging the other friendly towers. It's awful now. Almost every level has a bunch of flying pokémon, making EQ even more useless.

    Rock Blast could be at 20 each damage. Like someone suggested. 15 is too low and 25 is totally OP, yet awesome, hehe.

    Rollout must have the old bonus of repeated attack. It can be weaker though. What do you think about 30-60-90? Or maybe 25-55-85? Perhaps 35-65-95. Come on, it isn't overpower since you have to hit twice to do the same damage of moves like Petal Dance.

    Sandstorm isn't a very good move. I doubt it'd be at PTD. It could last for more time though, it could make it profitable.

    Bubblebeam, Flame Burst and Mud Shot are epic and perfect!

    I think the Elemental Fangs at 65 and the Elemental Punches at 75 are ok. No changings here. xD

    Seismic Toss with 60 power loses its main characteristic: the damage variation depending on the target's level. Since the levels are way lower than the HP now, I'd suggest to put Seismic Toss with 1.5x or 2x the level.

    Dynamic Punch is the best friend of Poliwrath! Why reduce it to 50? Please, set it at 70~90. You are making Low Kick stronger than Dynamic Punch. =(

    Quick Attack at 40 damage and 12 cooldown was fine. Extreme Speed with 55~70 damage and 9 cooldown is the biggest tribute Arcanine can receive!

    Petal Dance with 80 damage and 18 cooldown is fine. But I'd like it more if it had 100 damage and a little chance of confusing the user (like at the real game). What confusion would do is up to you, but be gentle with the flower lovers! I love flower-like pokémons. xD

    Well, if we are going to get moves with 9 and 12 cooldown, why can't we have moves with 15, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33 and 36 cooldown? I think it's totally fair and helps to build an even more complex strategy! After all, Hyper Beam and Solar Beam CAN'T attack at the same rate of Tackle, ouf course. We have charging/resting time!

    Another suggestion: like damage variation, you could do a cooldown variation. Sunny Day + Solar Beam lets you to use it without charging. You can set the SB cooldown at 36 and then reduce it to 18 while Sunny Day is on.

    Last, but not least: If you'd plan to set Thrash, Dynamic Punch, Double-Edge etc. at cooldowns higher than 18 (like 21, 24 or more), I'd suggest to set their attacks back to normal or maybe just a little bit weaker (like 105~110 for Thrash and 90~95 for Dynamic Punch).

    And... phew. I'm done. Please, Samuel, pretty please! Read my comment! Tell me that you read it! It took me almost an hour to put everything I wanted to say on it.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. =)

  70. Anon 6:23 here I should explain more

    I don't like how I didn't evolve my geodude or my charmander so i could get flamethrower and earthquake, but now I can just buy them for a measly 10,000, I think that there should be a difference in price or a way to unlock more powerful tms

    I was thinking that there could be moves that help enemies get candy not you get candies. I think that string shot and thief could be used to help the enemies, not you.

    And I was thinking that you could by them with real money, and that could help fund Sam and Dan games


  71. yo, so there totally needs to be, like, a day care center. seriously, it got completely skipped

  72. at this point I only have one problem with the game. The TM's. First of all half of them aren't actually TM's which makes it unlike real pokemon. Also, since you can get it right at the start, you can have super-powered level 1 pokemon. I suggest that you unlock TM's from either story modes or once a pokemon you have tries to learn that move. Thanks Sam

  73. if you are implementing many new things how about "finding items" and leting pokemon to equip them?

    from exp share to rare candies ^^

  74. Sam, can you please add to attack desc, especially like flamethrower, the % to burn as well that it's a multi-hit attack. That way, on paper, flamethrower will actually look better than fire fang instead of forcing us to assume it is. As the desc are now, flamethrower at first looks like a one-hit-one-target attack with an unknown burn % while fire fang tells us it's flinch/burn chance.

    If we had access to that information, it'd be noticeable that flamethrower is better and we wouldn't have to assume like so many people are telling us we should.

    No I won't assume anything's better, don't expect me to, to everyone that is telling us flamethrower is better and especially those who are flaming us who won't assume.

  75. Hey Sam, here's a very minor bug, but Abra should be able to relearn Teleport if you've replaced all 4 slots with TMs (like I did). Not that I would relearn Teleport, but you should be able to.

  76. Note to self: Teach all six of my Charizards Earthquake, so they can't hurt each other while still massacring everything in sight.

    Blah, still want my Pikachu to learn Discharge soon, but I'm guessing that's not gonna happen for at least a while.
    Oh well… back to slaughtering everything that dares to oppose me.

  77. Sam,

    I am not sure if it is intentional, but onix only uses rock tomb once per target.


  78. Lol not much of a break considering you just do 2 updates in 1. I guess thats why your the best!

    Some new quetions about this update.

    1.Will there be potions, revives, awakenings for healing damaged pokemon, fainted pokemon and asleep pokemon in battle?

    2.Will shiny onix be obtainable in the wild? It takes away from the hard work o the achievement only to be caught later on.

    3.I think there should be a level cap on chapters/ earning badges to prevent grinding and add a challenge. ie level 20 at start, level 30 after brock, level 40 after misty and so on. Also the price for leveling should increase on a curve like exp.

    4.What sorts of prizes can we expect from daily codes. I want to see a special pokemon like surfing pikachu given out.

    Enjoy your time off!


  79. hey sam...don't forget gary and ash have to finish their stories!!!

  80. Haroo Sam!
    This Game is awesome!
    But i have just one question...
    Do the Badges in here give you better pokemon stats like in the game?

  81. Hi Sam,

    Is STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) implemented into Pokemon Tower Defense? (As in, if an Electric Pokemon like Pikachu uses an electric move, like Thundershock, is the attack more effective than if a normal-type were to use thundershock?)

  82. Sam you need to make confusion actually do damage to the enemies. (The status) Confuse ray and stuff are useless.

    I think Seed Bomb's power should be lowered down to like 60 but I think it should actually create a "bomb" effect and if multiple pokemon are in the way of the attack they get hit to. It's just an idea, I think it'd be cool.

  83. I agree with anon June 27, 2011 7:05 PM
    but you should change all the moves back to what they should be..and like anon 7:05 said make the powerful moves really expensive..it isn't like money is hard to get in this game..
    health sounds okay i guess..hopefully i don't have to view it..
    it is bad enough they have random numbers popping up every time they attack..
    good thing there is a button to make them disappear
    I'm glad you are taking a break because the recent updates have been garbage

  84. It is so much better when you provide a more detailed progress list, with sub-sections. Also, can you provide a list of moves you are rebalancing in this second wave? I had to spend a good hour relearning all the moves after the last update and a list would allow me to just focus on the changes instead of double checking everything.

  85. Random question: Is 1.67 million Poké a lot?

  86. Sam im glad your taking a break you should really do it more often id hate for u to get burnt out with the game but also had an idea with cut maybe make it like the old rod like if u have cut in digletts cave u can go back to get flash and mr mime ne ways just putting it out there your amazing man keep up the good work and take ur time with the update they call it a break for a reason :) so jus relax bro

  87. i have 4 million dollars.... money needs balancing

  88. Since it looks like you're going with 5th gen move sets for 1st gen pokemon, will you be adding PT/HG/SS later? Since Magikarp will be able to learn Bounce?

    Also, what does confusion do in this game? From what I can tell, it doesn't seem to do anything beside adding an animation to the effected pokemon.

  89. Hey Sam,
    My bulbasaur is level 34, each time he levels, the game freeze, and the evolution music continues to play forever. Is there anyway you can fix this bug?

  90. The new stuff that is coming is great and will also give even more strategy to the game. I don't care about the move rebalancing (in fact I hate it right now) but you're the creator and get to decide what you want to. I guess I only don't care for the rebalancing because I prefer everything to stay the same like in the original game.

  91. Hey sam, you should make it so you can choose your pokemons target priorities, such as choosing between top priorities of most health, least health, first, last, and bosses. Also you need to show in the game what each of your pokemons types are. Oh one more thing, not very important but I would like the music to be properly looped (music never fades out).

  92. Sam,

    I was just wondering, can the Pokemon only learn moves that they can in Pokemon Black and White? And, are all the TM's really in the Black and White game? Please answer.

    I also wanted to say, I think that you should make the moves attack power like the ones in Pokemon Black and White.

  93. Anon 8:49PM has the right idea. One of the most well thought out comments on this board on attacks.

    Personally, Vermillion is super hard with all the attack updates. Took me a while to get my top pokemon up to level 40, and now the attacks don't do so well, even when I change to attacks that are "super effective". But I practically had to get rid of about over 6 or so TM moves in order to make a combo of switching out pokemon for Vermillion to work and still it doesn't do the damage needed. (Perhaps have it were you spend a TM on a certain pokemon it can relearn that move for 1000 when you need a different move) Whirlwind is the best friend I can have in that level... anyway the tweaking Anon 8:49pm seems very logical.

    I am very disappointed with Selfdestruct, that should have a much higher attack power, if I'm going to blow up a pokemon he should do extra damage. But with the tower health coming into play (maybe revives and such are in order) it might come in handy but it needs a power boost. Any sacrifice moves should be compensated for the risk.

    However, the idea that friendly towers hurting each other in not appealing. (like how risky moves hurts themselves though perhaps some health/rest time in between rounds. The idea of sandstorm was to inflict extra damage while you had a pokemon out that didn't get hurt by it, but that's not the case with PTD because the whole team is out.

    Also the idea of micro managing with potions and revives sounds both tedious and annoying, as it was annoying as fuck in the blue in red. It happened the same way every time, your pokemon would kick the bucket or get dangerously low hp and you would have to spend a move whilst one of the other pokemon would get a guaranteed hit on themselves (taking one for the team). So please please please work on the tower health a bit more then a week before you throw that crazy monkey wrench in this wonderful simplistic engine.

    The challenge levels are very fun themselves as far as micro managing, as well as the difficult vermillion city. However, can you please make it so one can change what attacks a pokemon has highlighted on while they are not placed on the map? You lose valuable time while both trying to switch out pokemon and change there attacks. It would be easier to click on them to change moves when they are all in a row without them being placed down. (I know you can do that before the level starts, but for switching out multiple pokemon like one has to do on vermillion, it gets frustrating)

    Can there also be a sort of different placement for the storage system? It would help greatly to set up different teams of 6 instead of loosing track of a pokemon in storage pages. For example, use the space next to "Current Team:" and you can click on a number square 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 (six should be enough to mess about with) and you can have your team already up there (like mini personalized storage) and switch out what you want to work with from the main storage and make up teams of pokemon. That way you could have different "main" teams with pokemon that compliment each other. I think lots of people would enjoy a feature like this.

    Still playing since I donated before Ninja-ja and still loving it! Choffee15

  94. Suggestion:
    Order the TMs from most useless to most usefull, and have it to where the player unlocks like 2 or 3 at a time for every level they complete, that way you can power up the moves that should be powered up, but make them to where they cant be used until later levels

  95. Hey Sam, I would suggest as one possible achievement for the Pokedex that you have to do Route 5 without losing any rare candy.

  96. Can you do the NPC trade more then once? I kinda want more then one jinx and farfetch'd...

  97. what do u meen by secrets in levels with cut? maybe all hms willdo that?
    also can u make the game corner as maybe a reward from a challenge level so we can get dratini scyther porgon and u can buy coins with ur poke dollars so u can buy pokemon that wood b amazing
    cant wait 4 the next update
    great game already and only in stage 3 of alpha

  98. I strongly disagree with the health bar. You rarely see them in tower defense games and with good reason. The strategy with tower defense games is to build a good offense, to balance power ups and attacks, not to defend the towers in addition to the candy... And here we have elements to worry about, which I love because it gives a great touch to the game... but No Health Bars... Just my thought

    Also, I think higher than health, should be tower targets... now that would be an amazing add on.

    And lastly, people who have large amounts of money and think it should be re balanced... we only have so much money because we spend so much time training pokemons... earning 5 dollars per kill isn't much considering things cost 10,000 pokedollars... we're just addicts, that's all.

  99. @Sam
    Sorry for a second comment but, how come we havent seen venonat yet? Also, with the secrets your adding, maybe you can use cut to get up to diglett cave??

    All just suggestions and questions. Keep up the good work as usual.


  100. This game seems like it isn't as good as it once was
    oh well

  101. For those who demand a powerful earthquake but WITHOUT any cost, shut up please. Everything has advantages and drawbacks. Now Sam claims to raise its power to 40 with a whole-field damage, that's already powerful enough. If there is no self-hurting side-effect, the game will be definitely imbalanced and ruinned. Tower health is such an innovative idea that there is no tower defense game nowadays has similar system. I believe we want PTD to be a different but outstanding tower defense game, not a common but dull game that we can get everywhere on the internet.

    So Sam, good idea to introduce tower health, as what I always dream about during my toilet time. A lot of players here admire your work and creativity. Keep it up. Please take enough rest before your work (but also complete what you've promised in next update lol)

  102. Hey Sam, could you make some more levels with type restricted spaces for pokemon. Leads to extra strategy and more widespread training. Also, it wouldn't hurt to keep some moves out of the 18 speed range, not double but some non integer multiple (eg. 24). Then it's not so slow that it appears useless but also staggers the damage a bit (when two pokemon hit at the same time) so that pokemon are easier to catch.

  103. I want my money back for the moves that suck now..

  104. Master Sword Farfetch'd (sound farfetch'd?)June 28, 2011 at 4:32 AM

    I know it's tiring and everything, making a game and updating it every week...but I really think you should keep updating, week after week (no beaks). I may sound harsh, but I don't think you should start getting slack now... because if you do, you'll build a habit out of it and eventually...no more PTD!!! :(

    I may be over reacting but I was really unhappy with the latest update you made. And I can't wait for the new ones! I think you should spend 2 weeks fixing all the bugs, and adding the things in the suggestion list. Once you've refined the game, do as you wish.

    But I have a few suggestions of my own.

    Would you be able to make it impossible for hacked, or fake Pokemon to be traded? I did a few trades with a guy named Gary, and he just created fakes and gave them to me! I feel like I'm cheating now!

    I feel Guilty! Also, could you post a new "training" level every time you up the level cap?

    This would be a great help.
    Anyway I'm not even sure you'll read this Sam, but if you do, please remember that I'm a HUGE fan of yours and you're obviously doing something right because you have an EVEN HUGER following. So do as you do as you see fit. And I hope you enjoy your week off.

    Thanks Sam for a great game!

  105. hey Sam could you modify the storage system? I don't wanna pick up my team from 200+ pokemons every time!

    There are many many many grids on the storage screen, each pokemon occupies a grid once it's caught. The grids are fixed, and each pokemon always stays in its own grid unless you move it to elsewhere. It means that even if I pick out or release one pokemon, the remaining pokemons in my storage will not automatically re-arranged their position as what it does right now. The idea will be the same concept as the tower grids during the game play. This idea may give players more authority to arrange their pokemons at their will, and meanwhile prevent the annoying auto-rearranging problem.


  106. I think that you should change the fly-time of moves like gust and water gun. Even if the first attack KOs the target, pokemon attacks it second time. This really slows down the turrets. Please answer my comment Sam. And thanks for the great game.

  107. Don’t think of evolving onix to steelix guys, currently Sam only introduces generation 1 pokemons in the game (but with generation 5 move set), so don’t expect even a single ghost- and steel- type pokemon in this game. (PS. Personally I don’t want Kyogre appears in this game, unless Sam decides to introduce other generations)

  108. Strongly agree with the tower health idea thing, Sam you rock!

  109. "Wes said...
    I think Earthquake should only activate when there are targets in the user's range, because why would it attack when it doesn't know if there is anyone around?

    June 27, 2011 6:12 PM"

    Well it makes sense man, I agree with you.

  110. Sam, any chance of having a stat screen for each pokemon? showing some information and pokemon type

  111. I hope you enjoy your deserved break, Sam! Just remember not to slack off from your update :D


  113. By the way, I've found a little error. Going to the menu in the Old Rod challenge simply brings up the Exit Level option.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. glad to hear, you will finally change the trading system!:)
    wanted to suggest you to make it a little harder to trade, e.g. switching on trading only after the first gym or something like that. so that everyone won't just get all the starters in any amounts straight from the very begining.

  116. Idea for a challenge level or a xp training story level - unlimited waves of pokemon that go up by one level every wave - ie. wave 1 is level 1 pokemon, wave 2 is level 2 pokemon etc. If you make this a challenge level, you could have a sliding scale of rewards depending on the result

  117. Definitely the most addicting game ive played in a long time always waiting for the new updates and loving them. I agree with making the CD for some moves lower even if it means lower damage but one thing i think is some moves deserve to be stronger such as flamethrower. it only has 60 power as of now just like fire fang and FF even has a 10% chance to burn/flinch which makes flamethrower a less useful move in comparison. it was just a let down but i still love the games i hope there are many updates to come and maybe even a sequel to johto? ;) thanks for all the work you do and i hope you have a relaxing week off :)

  118. do somthing about challenge lvl old rod beacus i cant get pas beacus the geodue kill me geudude to fast so me pigey cant get pas the pickachu

  119. Sam please post this comment, I only want it posted so people can see my picture.

    Me and my new wife, doesn't she look amazing XD

  120. Take the break, you deserve it!

    I also find this change with the trade mode very good. Because I resently found a way to clone my pokemons...

    Yes, you heard me. Cloning. Just like in the original Gold and Silver. I won't say how I did it, just that it was very hard and I haven't been doing it since I discovered it. That would be cheating, right? And I don't like to cheat.

    With this new update this will (thank God) not be possible!

  121. Woohoo, flamethrower is good, 'cause it hits more poké's with one attack!!! I LIKE IT!!!

    Thanks for the best flash game ever ;)


  122. so just to get this clear sam. will only moves like takedown damge our own tower and eartquake hurts everyone


  123. Finally recoil DOES something :D!

  124. Just a quick note: about 80% of the people that leave comments on here either know absolutely nothing about TD games, or absolutely nothing about the Pokemon games.

    If you are one of these people, do not comment week after week complaining about improvements to the game simply because you don't understand why they are improvements.

    The game has gotten better every week and will continue to improve.

  125. Dear, Sam
    Why don't you put a use limit in some attacks? So you can raise attacks like earthquake without making the other attacks useless.

  126. Are there any great Ice type moves for Jynx. Fire has Flamethrower, Electric has thunderbolt, and so on but Ice has not any INCREDIBLE moves.

  127. Can Flamethrower and Earthquake's attack power be increased by only ten but kept the same attack (Not damaging other towers).


  128. What happned to the Multiplayer? I'm sure nce that gets finishe you all will probaly have awhile to rest because everyone will do multiplayer than the story mode till a new one is released

  129. Like the tower's defense idea. The trading system was ok, but you should make another trading system mode that allows you to trade with more people. Like how you are adding two story levels (will there be a challenge).

    This looks like a good update!

  130. Pidgey gets roost at level 37, add that

  131. it would be really fantastic if you have to buy your pokeballs to catch wild pokemon, because i think i have to much money and i dont know how to get rid of it. I also think it would be more realistic than having an endless amount of pokeballs.

    i love your game..


  132. the next update should be undoing the last one lolz

  133. seria genial si tu pones las fotos de los pokemon que ya emos visto y los que tenemos en la pokedex

  134. POKEMON TOWER DEFENSE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!June 28, 2011 at 11:51 AM

    Can you add to the Tm shop Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Blizzard, Solar Beam, and Thunder soon. They could cost double the price of a normal Tm. Solar Beam could be 90 power (18-24 cooldown). Fire Blast could be 100 power (18-24 cooldown).
    Hyper Beam could be 80 power (cooldown 18)
    Thunder if made should probably have a splash effect and could be 90 power (cooldown 18-21).
    Finally Blizzard (although you should make Ice Beam first) could have 50 power, but hit multiple enemies (like Earthquake, and have a cooldown of 18).

    Earthquake should cost double too, but the power should be double (40) with the same cooldown, and doesn't hurt your own towers. Flamethrower is good the way it is. Psychic was great the way it was (90 attack power 18 cooldown). Thunderbolt should have at least 80-95 power, because after all it does only strike ONE pokemon. Quick Attack was great the way it was originally was. Extremespeed should have a cooldown of 9 and do at least 60 damage (preferably 70-80).

    We should unlock a new Tm/Hm after beating the gyms like in the games (After Misty we get the Hm Surf, and after Surge we get Discharge or Thunder).

    A list of Tm's/Hm's that should be added in the next edition. Ice Beam (made the same way as Flamethrower), Discharge, Cut, Rock Smash, Dig (Cooldown 24-32 80 damage maybe splash effect), Air Slash (cooldown 18 attack power 65), and finally Dragon Claw (cooldown 18-24 damage 60-80). These moves need to be added soon!

  135. first vote on the blog!!!

  136. Lol first vote on the poll! But this is a tough call. If you put in classic, it will mess up what moves are used for your pokemon cause EQ will be extremely strong in Classic but might be a risky option in regular and your pokemon would be stuck with it in both. Rest and recover would also be useless in classic but good in regular. I'm torn!


  137. DF, and others thinking, towers shouldn't have health in tower defence, go play "Plants vs. Zombies". that's the best tower defence i played and their towers actually have health.
    We play pokemon and they always had status moves. i want my pokemon to us those status moves for a reason.

    ricardo_rslp, great idea about the PP system

    Sam, one more suggestion: how about making TMs harder to get? There are no shops in real games, giving you any TM right away. I suggest selling a TM or two after each level (same as npc trades are done right now) also you may do it obly learnable by a pokemon in your current party. also you should make those revisitable, imo.

  138. Hey Sam, in the regular mode can some pokemon attack your towers? Not like all of them coming to attack your towers but maybe there would be "Purple Health" pokemon who would move 1.5X the speed and also attack your pokemon. (The move they use is dependent on your pokemon) If you don't do this tower health really won't be that important at all except in certain levels where field effects might hurt your pokemon.

  139. ok love everything and will always be a fan. Just dont over complicate things; if it aint broke dont try to fix it. Keep up the good work!
    some new pokemon on the next update would be awesome ;)

  140. Hey Sam
    Your game is very clever and wonderful I enjoy the updates and hope that you have a good rest you deserve it after all that work :)

    Catch Rate Topic:
    I think the catch rate is a little difficult becuase sometimes my pokemon end up killing them with one hit or that their health is really low but not low enough to be catchable so they die anyways.

    I think to make the catch rate a little interesting would be to have a yellow bar on the pokemon's health. Therefore when the health goes yellow you can catch it, but you get a 50%-75% chance of catching it. Like in a real game where you don't know if the pokemon will stay inside or what not.
    So red health bar is still an automatic catch while a yellow health bar is a possible catch.

    Well that's my suggestion thanks for making a fun game ^^
    - Tunnelinu

  141. hey Sam, I know this might be hard to code, and I know there are about a million other ideas, but maybe you should make an option that makes your pokemon do a random attack of its four instead of one that you pick, as this would make it so people might use support moves more, and you could make it switchable, it would be realy good, thanks, i dont mind if you dont do this i just thought it would be good.

  142. Hey Sam,

    Personally, I don't think you should develop a classic and regular game mode. This will just add extra work for producing new levels when you're already hard-pressed to do so. If everyone wants it 'classic' the game should stay 'classic' and likewise with 'regular'. That being said, I think most people still don't understand how you mean to implement tower health and that is unfairly skewing the votes.

    Also, for those concerned about TMs over-powering low level characters: 10k PokeGold isn't that easy to achieve off of Oak's Lab.

  143. To those of you that are having difficulty beating Vermillion City with L40 Pokemon, you need to brush up on your Pokemon basics. Last week, I beat it with a team of L27-29 Pokemon and this week I beat it with a team of L29-30 Pokemon. I don't have any Pokemon over L30.

    Your inability to play is not Sam's inability to develop a good game.

  144. Waste of time for classic mode. Just revert the moves to the original strength. This gives us plenty of strategy. Do I go for the 18 cooldown with 40, or the 36 cooldown with 100? Combined with tower health, strategy enough.

  145. So, are all the moves still divided between physical and special, like aqua tail is physical yet water pulse is special?

    Like if in the future a Gyarados with dragon dance will boost the power of attacks like aqua tail and ice fang?

  146. @Tunnelinu
    What's stopping me from using the Pokéball several times on that Pokémon, then?
    Assuming my team doesn't slaughter it beforehand…

  147. :) ditto es fantastico es verdad ponlo y tambien poner en los TMs "transformacion" me gusta mucho ademas poner los siguientes pokemon: psyduck,magnemite,ponyta,slowpoke y doduo ademas en los objetos la sunstone y Rev. metálico
    y tambien poder equipar objetos a los pokemon poner mas objetos en la tienda como:semilla milagro,agua mistica,roca del rey y pico afilado

  148. I'm greatly looking forward to your updates.

    I only have one suggestion, that you pause the game when a Shiny enters. I don't know if that's possible, but if it is, then it'd be greatly appreciated. I lost a Shiny Abra for turning and talking to my father for a split second. I turned back in time to see it run into my Wartortles's Aqua Tail.

  149. hacer un avatar para uno mismo estaria bien y poder comprar ropa y todo eso....(cuando aparece el pokemon shiny "salvaje" deberia aguantar mas atakes para que no pase eso) !saludos!

  150. sam on dwayne you could put it that way had some part writing system that had to choose between him and the pokedex


  151. One question: Is the Trading Center going to prevent us from being able to trade with ourselves?

  152. will you be able to choose between Classic or Original every time you log on or what?


  153. Sam why even consider this? Isnt it going to cause more hassle and problems for you?

  154. I like the trade system how it is. It's nice to be able to just give a Pokemon to a friend. It would be a pain if I wanted to give my friend a Pokemon and they had to give me a tower that I'll just release any way. I'd suggest adding the new trade system to the game but keeping the old trade system as well. not making it either or.

  155. aqua tail is so much weaker than water pulse but the power says its higher? this doesnt make any sense to me... agua tail barely does damage to ponyta and charzard but water pulse that says is less power, does double the damage.

  156. I would not waste time on the Classic version if I were you. You seem to be putting enough time in this game as it is. Most of us will forget you ever rebalanced things in a couple of weeks anyway. Seriously, people tend to overreact when their 'comfort zone' is being breached by changes. As long as the changes add to a better gameplay experience just keep changing stuff!

  157. @anon12:47 just because a lot of people don't share your opinion doesn't mean they are stupid, even though i will admit a lot of people on the forum obviously don't know much about how to make balancing in a game work.

  158. I do not like the visible damage and experience. It is distracting and takes even more away from strategizing and challenge. It is too busy on the screen.

  159. hey sam looks like a great update! however make sure you rest! officially im pissed theres no update but unofficialy i'm glad your taking a break! also hey richard my sincire congratulations about the wedding i would of posted comment on the day but i kinda accidently smashed my comp(opps). also sam i have an idea how about you introduce a move tutor challenge level, so after each time you do the level you get a heart scale and, you alternate the pokemon each level(as much as possable) so people cant pass it easily over and over, it would probably take to long but i thought i would say it anyways. p.s. sorry about any spelling/grammar mistakes or my coment just not making sense in general, my screen is cracked badly so i cant see a thing i am typing! i am also not feeling the differnt mode vibe.... sorry. i do like the health idea though! will make the game more about strategy....... interesting........

  160. @Anon 3:14: There's an option in the menu button that lets you turn off the damage/experience text.

    @Sam: just a small nitpick here. When I trade pokemon between my profiles, if the pokemon is at max exp before the trade, the exp meter is reset to zero afterwards (level remains the same; only difference is the blue bar is now a white bar). Is this intentional, or can it be fixed?

  161. @aanon 3:14pm there is an option to turn txt off lol... read the blog

    @i dont know,

    Thanks mate, means a lot, and why did you smash your pc/comp up?

    @pyro (2nd comment) trade exp drop is the same as how it is in-game (if im not mistaken)

  162. The idea is interesting but I'm afraid this will be more work and a slower development of the story

  163. wait is this 3.2 or 3.1.1? also, are these new pokemon catchable? i love catchable pokemon.
    don't have to really update though. still trying to get my pokemon to level 40. but yeah, nice game. love the ideas.

    also agree with some cooldowns need to be faster(quick attack,extremespeed,etc.)hence the name.
    still looking foward to updates!rest well!

  164. Sam-
    i think classic mode is a great idea, just as long as you make it as close to red and blue as possible (taking out kygore, ading the badge level cap that you will never let me post, ect.)
    classic mode will put the fun back in the game.


  165. @Richard: Ah I see. I haven't played the actual game in a while. Thanks for the heads up.

  166. if the two different modes are both unique but the same experience we enjoy it should be a blast. Also to people saying the game won't be made as fast, he will get twice as much done in each update because he will design one level and it will have two as much replay value with two different modes.

  167. Great job on everything. It's awesome you're listening so much. But don't call the bar HP Bar. It gets confusing; how about the energy bar or something?

  168. @pyro your welcome :) glad to could help

  169. @SOtero

    Hey, I just noticed that string shot does not work in Vermillion City anymore. I don't know if this is because of the new move adjustments or not.

  170. Suggestion:
    Since you have factored in normal defense and Special defense, you should also display whether a move is physical or special on the move stats

  171. About the tower health, does that mean that moves like selfdestruct, magnitude, and other moves that would normally hurt your allies in double or triple battles hurt surrounding tower members?

    Also, there seems to be a bug regarding flamethrower. The first hit seems to determine how much damage the following wild pokemon take when it should be different. For example, I have a Charizard using flamethrower on a growlithe followed by an oddish. On normal circumstances, the growlithe will take less damage since fire vs fire is not very effective and the oddish would take more damage since fire > grass, which is super effective. However, if growlithe comes right before oddish, somehow oddish takes not only the same amount of damage as growlithe, but it's also not very effective rather than super effective. While this bug certainly helps against certain groups of pokemon (ex. oddish followed by polliwag), it does more harm than good in my opinion.

    By the way, thanks for the exp. display. I now finally know when I've hit the next level threshold.

  172. Psychotic Pokénerd said...

    What's stopping me from using the Pokéball several times on that Pokémon, then?
    Assuming my team doesn't slaughter it beforehand…

    I'm just saying it would be an interesting play to the game. It would be kind of like the real game where you don't know if you really caught it or not. Red is automatic catch and yellow is a possible catch. :)
    Just my suggestion. Then again the game is about defending the rare candies and creating strong towers with clever strategies. Catching is only 10 % of the game.

  173. ok sam these are some moves that are kind of hidden because they r moves that pokemon dont learn at certaint levels that i figured id let you know of and their power (in parenthesis), I sent you an email as well however like you said youve got too many emails

    Move tutor moves: Grass pledge(50), Frenzy Plant(150),fire pledge(50), blast burn(150), hydro cannon(150) and water pledge(50).

    Charizard: Air slash(75), dragon claw(80), shadow claw(70)
    Blastoise: Flash cannon(80)
    Fearow: Pluck(60)
    Arbok:Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang(65)
    Vileplume: Aromatherapy(N/A)
    Parasect: Cross poison(70)
    Persian :Switcheroo(N/A)
    Mankey:Covet (40)
    Arcanine:thunder fang
    Poliwrath: submission(80)
    Victreebel:spit up, swallow, stockpile,sweet scent
    thats all i have but you dont have to add all of these or any really just wasnt sure if you knew or not enjoy your break

  174. Hey Sam I think there's a glitch with Stealth Rock, because after a while the whole field is littered with Stealth Rock that lasts permanently.

  175. I know the poll is weighing heavily towards both modes, but I don't think its worth doing. It's simply just an overreaction of the few moes people were dissatisfied with that you promised to fix. They also dont want the consequence of tower health for upping EQ. Focus on what you initially promised in the update, leave classic mode alone and let people experience the new features before they hate on them. Suggestion for tower health though is healing items that are used when health gets low enough so its not annoying and keeps the game at a quick pace!


  176. When I began on the new update today my pokemon storage area was redder than a Communist party meeting at Red Square.
    New update looks really good and I'm looking foreword to the SS Anne and Lt. Surge as well as new Pokemon, that's always a good thing.
    Like other posters on here I would like to see the TMs not all be made available at once, perhaps so many could be released after a certain level and more powerful TMs could cost a significant amount more money than weaker ones. This could help add to balance in a minor way by not allowing us to buy highly advanced attacks early in the game.
    Speaking of in game purchases I remember you talking about wanting to introduce more powerful pokeballs later in the game. I like this idea though think they should have to be purchased one by one like in the game, maybe 1,000 for a great ball, 2,500 for an ultra you get the idea. This would stop people from capturing weakoned pokemon before they could escape the level with candy, or at least limit it to some degree.
    I'd also like to see side gyms like fighting, flying, normal you get the idea where only pokemon of that type could be used (dual types included) and winning could give a special prize like a powerful TM for the type or a rare pokemon in the type (maybe a Jhoto Pokemon even or a shiny). These could make interesting side levels I think people would enjoy.
    I'll probably think of more but whatever you do you have yet to disapoint me. PTD is a rarity in the tower defense genre, a good long game with much to give to the player.

  177. For the shiny onix achievement, do you just have to see the shiny pokemon (rattata, geodude, etc) or catch them?

    Also, is it even possible for any of the rattata in the first level to be shiny? Or have I been just wasting my time?


  178. Woah a lot yo come, nice ;)
    Glad to hear about the buff time increase
    Can't say I like the health bar idea =S
    If you really go into that, can you please make a check thing in the new GREAT ingame menu to display/not the towers health bar?

  179. To anon 8:01 good idea I think that Sam keeps talking about ideas and then goes to something else without telling us what his going to do with that I just don't understand why?

  180. um i forgot my password. how do i get it back?

  181. 1. Are you going to answer anytime soon Sam?
    A lot of people have good ideas.
    2. Can you add the storage rearranging soon?


  182. take a well deserved break, keep up the great work sam!

  183. Me and my friends have a few ideas so here we go. By the way, we all give the game a 10 out a 10

    1. Making different pokeballs in pokemart (which we know you mentioned once). This would also make more use for money, and the inventory.

    2. Make one or two levels where your pokemon are trying to get the rare candy's the whole level instead of guarding it. You could still level up cuz for every rare candy you get a certain amount exp.

    3. Make a challenge level that has three different prizes and rankings. bronze: 3rd prize silver: 2nd prize gold: first prize (the shiny pokemon)

    4. Add potions and x attacks, x defends etc. You could buy them and use them. Your actual inventory is unlimited but the number of items you take per level is limited.

    5. Finally, since we heard you are adding health to the game, you could make it so that your health doesn't automatically get restored after every level. Instead, you can choose to go to the pokemon center and pay 1000 money to get all your pokemon healed.

    Thanks again for the great game

  184. Just a small note if I'm publishing your post that means I read it, I'm just not able to reply right now.

  185. I really like the classic idea Sam especially if all the moves are back to normal :3
    but to be fair maybe classic mode shouldn't have good achievement prizes or something

  186. All the updates sound great!

    But please make storage rooms soon
    I have 7 sites of pokemons - beginning to be confusing finding the pokemon you want to use in different battles...

  187. Five things to add...

    1. Tm's like Ice Beam, Dragon Claw, Air Slash, Discharge, etc.

    2. A shop where we can buy Ultra Balls and Great Balls, I keep killing rare pokemon (we would have to pay a lot to get those items for one level, Great Ball half of Ultra Ball)

    3. Avatars, Pewter Gym is weird without them

    4. Fishing that can catch a new pokemon

    5. A challenge level for a gym leader's shiny pokemon.

  188. Oh, okay.
    Have a nice break!!


  189. I think classic mode is a very good idea, some people want a challenge and others like me just want to beat the game

  190. Is it also possible to list out which moves will be physical and which moves will be special along with the types that's already shown?

  191. AWESOME!!!! the HM moves and secret levels are in thnx for adding it :D i just cant w8 what is this? im feeling like i....i...im gonna....BOOM!!!


    Mr. Doctor:
    He exploded cuz of that inner energy he has BUT he will be fine, his gonna be resurrected(or shud i say reborn) in about ohhhh.....lets just say the next update of this freakin awesome game.

  192. Don't make both modes, because then it will make you work twice as hard. I would rather have one mode with more levels added consistently. Have a poll on it. Explain your reasoning for each one and what would happen for each of the options. Options: Both classical and original mode
    Just classical
    Just original

  193. Love this game!!!! I can't wait for the next level!

    I have some suggestion for the PTD game :D

    1.More items in the pokemart(potion, different pokeballs etc)

    2.Pokemon that you kill drops item like chorcoal(gains fire type atk)

    3.your pokemon can hold item but 1 item only and that pokemon stats or/and attacks increases.

    4.Lastly, after finish a chapter or mission(you(Sam) choose) you get EXP SHARE, sry iv always wanted those :D

    thnx 4 the reply :D

  195. Good job so far Sam! Take your time on what you need to do. On a side note, I really like the idea of classic mode.

  196. This next update sounds amazing, I think classic mode asounds great but dont worry about it if it is going to be too hard or take up too much time.

  197. Sam,

    I think this update is awesome. I can't wait for it to come out in a couple weeks. I have an idea for a Challenge.

    So, this Challenge takes place on the S.S. Anne.
    You're walking with Joey and Maruto the rest of the way to the Captain's cabin to get the HM Cut. You're almost there when you see Gary come out. Gary was talking to the Captain, for old times sake (I'm not sure what they were talking about yet. Tell me if you might wanna' do something like this so I can make a dialogue). Gary sees you and you chat for a while (Same as the parenthesis above). He eventually challenges you to a battle. You accept and you battle. If you win, you get pass and get the HM Cut (If you already have a different way to get Cut, you can make it so you get something else that's good). If you lose, he asks you to come back as soon as you can to battle him again. Then it goes on the rest of the way from there.

    Again, if you want to use this idea, or something like it, tell me when you answer comments, and I'll make up a dialogue for you and E-mail it to you.

    Everyone, please tell me if you like this idea.
    Thanks Sam. Reply as soon as you can.

  198. @Re"Dirk"ulous
    I caught my shiny Rattata there, it's not a waste of time.


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