Ninja-ja: Alpha v1.3 update is now available!

To get the latest update check the Ninja-Ja Game Downloads page. We sent an email out with a link to everyone who purchased it but if you never got it or need some assistance just email me at with the email address you used to make the purchase or TrialPay offer and I'll look into it for you.

Hey guys! Dan here, just letting you know there is now a new version of Ninja-ja out for those interested. It's still just survival at the moment but now you get to see your score and store it so you can try breaking your own records. Eventually you'll be able to compare your scores against others but it's not set up yet.

I'm hoping to start getting into some story elements soon as well as some RPG elements to give it more replay value. Right now it's more of a fun thing to just do every now and then but I'm hoping to turn it into something that gives you a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Also, don't worry! We haven't forgotten about the weapon/projectile requests that came with your purchase. I'll get to those eventually, just not yet.

Here's the list of changes:

Android Graphics (One step closer in bringing it to the phone markets)
Graphical Combo Counter With Multiplier
SCT (Scrolling Combat Text)
Added Footsteps Sound
Shuriken Hit Limit (Nerf!)
Score Level Totals
Your Top Scores
Title BG Sound Bug (Overlapping after fame over restart)
Added Profiles

That's all for now, thanks for the suggestions and support, enjoy!


  1. sam the time is really messed up i mean its saturday and it says its wensday so is there a way to fix it

  2. I got a free apprentice edition of ninja-ja, do i get an upgrade too?

  3. Will you send an e-mail out again?

  4. Got an idea for how you easily could release ninja-ja. You could give a mystery code for PTD to the people who have bought it, and the people who have used that code, can download ninja-ja from the trading center

  5. If I buy this game, can I use it on my phone to when its ready?

  6. @Richard - Yes, you can just go to the Ninja-Ja Updates page and get it there. All new updates will be posted there. If you never got the link we sent to you then send me an email ( with confirmation that we sent you the game before (or an email that I can look up to check).

    @Anon 5:12 - No need, we have an update page for it now that you should have received an email about if you purchased it.

    @Anon 5:50 - It's already released and there's multiple ways you can get it as noted near the top of our most posts.

    @Anon 9:18 - Thanks :)

    @xxxx - Watching EVO?

    @Anon 9:40 - Yes, you'll get the phone versions free when we finish them.

  7. uh you never said how to get update

  8. Sounds good dan, looking forward to buying it on the andriod market :3


  9. dan you need to add a save feature like in ptd so we can save our highscores

  10. Just a heads up, I will only publish comments that have to do with Ninja-ja on this blog post. Post all the PTD stuff on the previous blog.

  11. How do I get the update? with the answer please.

  12. How will pricing work for the Android Version(s) of Ninja-ja?

  13. Will there be version of ninja-ja that realyy is free sometime?

  14. They are free, if you pick the right one, all I had to do is give my email and make an account

    And they haven't sent me an email since

  15. Can anyone help my with the trialpay thing. Are any of the offers that I need to do possible without spending any money or giving away my phone or credit card number?

  16. There isnt any free offers for me

  17. ive completed 3 of these orders on trial pay and still havent recieved my upgrade

  18. @Dan- I bought the Master version of Ninja-ja yesterday (almost exactly 24 hours ago) and haven't gotten the email with the game or codes yet. I paid with paypal credit, so you should have gotten the payment right away, so I was just wondering when I should get the email with the game? Thanks!

  19. @Anon 10:34 - You get the update through the Ninja-Ja Updates page, you should have received any email about it from the last update a few weeks ago. I'll edit the post with details since others are asking as well.

    @Anon 11:38 - I assume you mean like leader boards that compare your score against other people's and not just your own because that's already in. Leader boards are coming soon though, just didn't have time for it this update.

    @Anon 2:21 - I'll edit the post but you sohuld have received an email with a link.

    @Anon 2:46 - We're still working that out but if you already bought the PC version you'll get the phone versions free.

    @Anon 3:21 - Several people have asked about this and we hear your requests for a truly "free" version of just the game with NO bonuses. We understand now that the TrialPay offers deal is sort of random as far as being free or not depending on the offer you get so we'll see what we can do for those of you interested in a real free version of only the game itself. :)

    @Anon 7:30 - These should be processed now, we were a bit busy this weekend and fell behind a tad but should be all caught up now. Let use know if you still didn't get an email for yours.

    @Anon 10:30 - Check again, if you don't have it now then email me at and I'll check into it for you. Sorry for the delay!

  20. @Dan- I got the email when I woke up this morning, I'm just impatient. Thanks so much! (10:30)

  21. Hello Dan. Will you add upgrades to ninja-ja like life upgrades and so? And will you add more wepons to the game?

  22. @Anon 10:47 - Yeah, there's plenty more to come! :)


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