Weekly Progress! Mid-week edition.

Welcome to this week's edition of the Weekly Progress, I'm your host Sam Otero here bringing you the goods! But first a word from our sponsors!

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Okay we are back on air and ready to roll. If you have read my past blogs you will know that right now I'm concentrating on security, so this week's update will be all about that. Unfortunately new content will have to wait while I make the game secure.

But just like last week I will squeeze in a new pokemon hunt along with a new achievement. The pokemon hunt and achievement will be like before the hunt will get you the non shiny version and the achievement will get you the shiny version and also like last week it will be a pokemon that you can't capture in the game currently. I will post a poll with 3 possible achievement challenges and you guys will decide what gets in the game.

Speaking of achievements, I made a change on my achievement server code. Now you can receive the achievement reward 3 times! You only have to do the achievement once for all your profiles but now you get 3 rewards instead of just one. Enjoy! Note: This works right now on v3.1.5, you don't have to wait for the new update to receive the rewards.

Also I wanted to publicly thank a good friend Haplo the owner of Haplo Rp Haven for helping me basically cut out most of the regular and shiny pokemon sprites. Thanks Haplo!

What's coming this weekend:
  • Must have an online profile to play. (100%)
  • Internet required to log into the profile (100%)
  • Auto Saving online (100%) - The game will try to save your profile online at certain points in the game (example: After you quit or finish a level) if you are online the game will save automatically. If you don't have internet at the time the game will show a message asking you to try again or to cancel. Meaning you can play offline but if you don't save at some point and close the game all the progress you made won't be saved. So you have to be online to log in, but you can then play offline until you decide to stop. When you decide to stop go back online and trigger a save. If you are always online on the phone or computer then just play normally.
  • Trading Center (Postponed for during the week)
  • Transfer between profiles (Postponed for during the week)
  • New pokemon for hunt and achievement (100%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Add this pokemon's stats to the game (100%)
    • New move (1) (100%)
  • New Evolution for hunt and achievement pokemon (100%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Add this pokemon's stats to the game (100%)
  • Add Achievement (100%)
  • Distribution (0%)
    • Pokemon Tower Health (100%) - You will now notice a health bar on top of your towers. Right now none of the moves in the game will hit your pokemon. So this change really has no real meaning yet. In the future for "Advanced Mode" moves can hit your towers, and moves can heal your towers.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Making Staryu show up in the pokedex after you evolve it to Starmie (100%)
      • Pressing back after selecting a level will now take you to the correct chapter (100%)
      • Starmie will now learn the proper TMs (100%)
      • Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock not dissapearing (100%)
    As always I will be updating this as I work on it during the week. Let me know what you think!


    1. Damn Sam, you beat me to it! Well played.

    2. hey sam, how long do you think it will take till we can catch all 151 pokemon??

    3. @mjgalvani - I actually delete any that say first before mine ;)

      @anon 2:33PM - Let's see, assuming you will get one new pokemon and all it's evolutions each week. It would take 48 weeks! I hope to be done a lot sooner than that.

    4. Okay this is it I have posted this 4 times now!! Please can you have a look at this you, choose a level and realise you don't want the level so you hit back and the game sends you back to the chapter selection screen not the chapter you are on please can you fix this.

      Can't wait for the update!!

    5. will ptd have only 151 pokemon once its finished?

    6. @Sam Otero,

      Lol, you cheater...always gonna be first, eh?

    7. I'm very excited to see this new update and equally excited to see we get three of the achievement shinies! (internet) high five, Sam!

    8. Dilgett or Drowzee (:

    9. are there ever going to be trade items

    10. I have every single Pokemon available :3
      You do realize how easy this was to do without having to buy anything from you, right?

    11. hey the poke is probably goldeen or shelder not dudou or diglet.the only reason i say tht is because in the real game u can catch goldeen or shelder but u cant catch diglet until diglets cave and dudou u get later......good guess thought

    12. Love this progress list. you are making a pokemon for achivement, but no new achivement :P
      But got a question: the pokemons you only can get in weekly hunt, will they be able at some point in the game? and if they will to able, will we then be able to catch the shiny version? Because then the achivements will be meaning less

    13. so how would i go about getting the shiny staryu for my pokedex? i got one through the achievement and evolved it, so wat do i do?

    14. I wish one of the levels was just for capturing Pokemon. I enjoy those immensely <3

    15. I really like this game it is awesome.
      Very original idea.
      All the pokemon that i use are lvl 40 with this upgrade i cannot continue playing becouse there is nothing to do.
      With all this progress with the "security thing"
      could you please add few levels to the level cap
      so players like me could continue playing.

    16. Sam, I really hope that one the Big N and you fuse, imagine your game in nintendo ds (!)

    17. @Anon 3:34

      That would be so awesome! I would get it for sure!


      I'm really glad you're fixing up the security. The Hackers are gonna be so mad. Thanks for improving this game with every update.

    18. On the Mystery Gift tab it always says Daily Code is not yet implemented. Is there ever going to be a daily code?

    19. Sam
      I have a question, are there gonna be any moves that we can only learn if we prevent our pokemon from evoluting?
      Awesome Game.

    20. @anon 2:43PM - You are right, adding it to the list now. Thanks.

      @anon 2:44PM - The plan right now is yes only 151, plans don't always stay the same.

      @crazymerio - ;)

      @pokefan gen.1 - :D

      @anon 2:47PM - Nah.

      @TJ - like trading items, or items that make your pokemon evolve when you trade it with them?

      @anon 3:06PM - I know exactly how easy it is. I will work to make it harder.

      @m - Don't want to spoil but I will say that your logic doesn't apply in this case.

      @anon 3:13PM - totally missed that... well I rather do an achievement and get it instantly then hoping for a 0.1% chance especially if the pokemon is rare.

      @jacob - The game will fix it and you won't have to do anything.

      @anon 3:18PM - First we gotta get the 3rd badge.

      @anon 3:24PM - no new level cap for a while :(, start a new file maybe restrict yourself to playing it harder.

      @anon 3:34PM - We can only hope.

      @ekarlau - you are welcome, and thanks for playing I hope you will enjoy my future games as well.

      @light y - yes, it's coming in the near future.

      @anon 4:02PM - I think there is a move like that for caterpie and weedle. I'm following the games.

    21. Can I have a bagon? If not. Could it be in the game? I just want to see it.

    22. Sam
      might all of this security stuff wipe out all of our data? What brings you do doing this anyways?

    23. @Bagon - Odd request, I wouldn't mind showing him but a lot of players can't stand non gen 1 pokemon. So I won't be doing this.

    24. @anon 4:17PM - Your data won't be wiped. The thing that brings me to do all this is that I can't really add any interesting and meaningful challenges or rewards to the game if somebody can get them easily.

      If I had to work hard for something but I see a way of getting that without the hard work I will choose the way that is easier, unless of course it causes damage to somebody.

    25. Could you maby add him as like a explorers pokemon. Because explorers have different pokemon. All Gen.

    26. I suppose this is where I stop playing and say good bye. There's really no excuse for a single player game to require internet connection except for downloading updates. As for security...Some people like to cheat. So what? Why do you even care?

    27. 21st!!!

      Anyways Sam, the name is MasterHoyt.

      Flamethrower is amazing, I really love the graphic and how it damages the enemy, it looks really good, like from a really good comic and the effects of the move follow the graphic, I think that's your best work yet, but you've done a lot of really great!

      I have a huge concern. You are bringing in things from beyond the red, blue, and yellow versions, yet you keep taking about only the first 1-151 pokemon! Well, let's be honest, pokemon has gone beyond that and every single on of your fans here is hoping that you keeping making levels and working on this game for as long as you live! :) lol

      So, what about Pika, the pre-form of Pikachu? What about the steel form that Scyther evolves into? I think that it would be a great benefit to include all new pokemon that are directly related to any of the first 1-151 pokemon. This would also include the dark and light forms of Evee.

      Also, I'd really like a Safari Zone level, where we can catch Ponyta, Venonat, etc.

      Great work and thanks for the update.

      You've been doing better on the security than I thought you would do. I don't have the best connection and it fades a lot, so I was worried I'd no longer be able to play. Thanks for doing it how you did! :)

      Enjoy this next weekend, you deserve it! :)


    28. Do you enjoy doing this?

    29. ok-the game dose need to be more challenging-but its a good game anyway

      -anon 4:17

    30. when will there be trainer avatars?


    31. @bagon - that might be a good work around. Who knows maybe we will see him in the future.

      @dreamseeker - do you use Steam by any chance? I understand your point of view, as you can see that I have allowed it for quite a while. Yet I don't think you understand my point of view. You will be missed.

      @MasterHoyt - Thanks! I spent a good amount of time on flamethrower and hydro pump to give them a very unique look and mechanic I'm glad you enjoyed them.

      Objective 1 is all 151 pokemon we will see what happens after that.

      @anon 4:24PM - Very good question, I do enjoy making games quite a bit but I enjoy the first half of building a game more than the second half.

      What I mean by this is I enjoy crafting the base of the game and getting that to work. The second half is adding more content and polishing, which I like but not as much.

    32. Hello Sam.
      People where talking about(this is long time ago) there should be shadow(some thing from a gamecube game) versions of pokemons in the game for things like weekly hunt and so on.
      Maybe you should add them as achivement rewards, because then you will have rewards for a lot of achivements, and it won't take so long to make, because it is "only" 4 sprits

    33. anon 4:35PM - a yes shadow pokemon, I want to add those :D

    34. @ anon 4:24 "masterhoyt"
      first, its pichu not pika. second, the first generation has the best pokemon, after it not too good ones were made. third,...Safari?

    35. Wait so this security blocks out all the hacks right?

      Well how about the people that already have hacked pokemon? What will happen to them.

    36. @anon 4:42PM - I want to be very open about what this update will mean.

      Basically most of your pokemon will stay intact. This is mostly to prevent future pokemon to be hacked.

    37. @anon 4:40 -
      agree that generation 1 has the best pokemons. Personally, I don't appreciate almost all pokemons from other generations. They look either weird or non-streamlined.

      @Sam -
      I doubt the online autosave is really user friendly. Yes to some lazy people it does help, but your proposal sounds like we can't save unless got connected, I mean, the problem is sometime we can't connect to internet or wifi in some area, for example in college or office, where we have to quit the game because of classes or work, then we can't save and hence lose the saving. Got what I mean?

    38. @Sam 4:51


    39. sam i love this game is there going to be a prize for the 4th challenge

    40. hey sam is dan working on ninja ja this week because i like both games

    41. Thx Sam! I cant wait for it! T.T

    42. @anon 5:12PM - You can always leave the game on until you can save it.

      @anon 5:15PM - There might be some exceptions that will be removed. I don't have any specifics yet.

      @anon 5:24PM - Nope.

      @anon 5:31PM - He is working on it.

      Allen - :D

    43. are we going to be able to catch mewtwo

    44. @Ovais - you will eventually be able to capture all 151 in the game.

    45. A lot of people seem to want pokemon beyond the original 151, maybe the second generation 152-250 or so could be included but beyond that they sort of dragged it out a bit much. I only played through the third generation and it started to go down from there if I remember, some good ones in it but still. With the second generation you do get a little larger variation such as more ice types, I believe that was an under represented type. Maybe include Jhoto levels where you can select one of their starters but if not that's understandable, depends on how long you want this game to be.

      Speaking of the original 151 is Mew going to be actually catchable in this game, a prize or what? I don't remember being able to catch him in the original games. Also if you simply stick to the Red/Blue type format don't forget the game corner, Lavender Tower ghost Marowak and other little features that made those games what they were.

      I'll also say I like the shinies being prizes for completing achievments. Maybe those given away like that should only be available shiny in the achievments. Just please no more shiny hunter achievements, I'm still hunting for shiny zubat.

    46. Hello sam, I'd like to quote a previous comment I made regarding something I personally think you should do sometime in the future. That being multiplayer.

      I believe you should do multiplayer because the mechanics are there. Being able to attack and defend on certain stages sets the stage for a 1v1 tower match and the trading center allows you to connect online to find pokemon your looking for. Unless things are a lot more complicated than I thought, finding players to battle should be at least a little bit of the same thing right?

      I'd also like to quote another comment I made about evolving this game and that's original pokemon battles. You have at least some of the stats of the pokemon and their attacks going. maybe you can somehow put that together with two pokemon standing still and battling. Of course I do realize this is a tower defense game but first, I believe this should only be done in gym matches. It seems traditional. Second, it's pokemon. This is just my personal opinion but I believe a pokemon game needs to have pokemon battling in some way or another. :D

      Anyway, I gave my two cents about this. I understand that this is your game and you do with it what you want to. Just giving some suggestions :D

    47. Hello Sam.
      I am soon going to be with out internet for 2 weeks, and i want to play PTD while having no internet. will this new update mean i can't play it?

    48. has anyone else had the problem where the wild pokemon come on but stop as sonn as they are visible. they dont even come to the first towers. i tried refreshing but it didnt work. maybe its just me...

    49. mega-like to PTD !

    50. it'd be interesting if you added all the legendaries. put it as a battle and if you win you can capture it.
      i'd also be interested in capturing the starters but the legendaries are a better idea.

    51. anon 6:17PM - Will keep that in mind.

      anon 6:39PM - I won't be talking a lot about multiplayer, other than it won't be out for a long time.

      two pokemon facing each other could be interesting if the attack cooldown was increased to give you more time to react.

      anon 6:41PM - You won't be able to play v3.2 without internet. But if you have v3.1.5 you can still play that.

      anon 6:42PM - what are the moves that your towers are using when this happens?

    52. This is how I rank the Generations.

      4 > 3 = 5 > 1 > 2

      I came up with this based on how many Dragon types are in each Generation...

      Adding a few more Dragon types to the game would be a great idea, as would adding Dark types and a few more Ghost and Steel types.

      Also, Sam... What happened to that 7th Pokeball in Pewter Gym? Did the good Mewtwo take it, or is that the ball you get the Shiny Geodude in when you beat the first Challenge (which I can't do!), or is it something else?

    53. @ovamiat - the 7th pokeball used to be your pokeball that team rocket too but I removed that from that level. I need to fix that cutscene.

    54. I am anon 6:41 pm.
      Would it be too much work if you each week release a offline version where trade is disable?(and maybe achivements are offline)

    55. Ii sam
      Is the inventory and the multiplayer option going to be out at the same time?

    56. Hey Sam, Love The Game.Seriously!!!
      Anyway, I agree with beefing up security, and I'll tell you all why:

      Remember when you were a kid, and your parents told you not to climb the tree at the bottom of the garden? That instantly makes you want to climb the tree, right?
      And not just that, but you would plan it so you have the hardest possible route, going out of your way to make it difficult. Then, when you finally get to the top, with your hands covered in bits of bark and knees scraped all over(or in my case, bleeding copiously with a funny-angled arm.LOL) you feel a tremendous burst of joy. All the hard work and time spent on this project has been worth it because you know that you have beaten this challenge and proven your parents wrong!!!

      In terms of this metaphor, we hard-working people who take the time to play the game properly are the ones who take the challenge, and the Hackers and cheats are the ones who just picked the easy path on the trunk, with clear handholds. In the end, although we may have sustained some metaphorical injuries, we are stronger than you when it comes to hard work, and that isn't just some hackable acheivement.

      Please put this up sam, because I want this message to be heard.

      NinjutsuMaster out.

    57. Everyone who is complaining bout level cap relax or your gonna be stopping at like saffron city cause all ur poke will have made it to 100 and those wanting new pokemon hes using 151 idk if youve looked at your pokedex but its getting fairly full we can only hope sam loves this game enough to make the johto gen and maybe beyond I kno this im a fan of this game I play for hours on end hacking was a cheap way to play seems how it jus made it more for 10 year olds and im not leaving this game and if he continues it ill follow on all u non true fans werent worthy of the game ne ways

    58. sam, please dont make the game so u cant save it unless ur online, because i always download the game and play it on my computer and pendrive, and use it in places i dont have the internet, like the car. if you add the online it means i cant play and save the game when i dont have the internet, i like it better the way it is, when it saves onto the website/game that ur using and u dont have to save it online

    59. The 3 on achieve was a great improvement specially so we can get either 1 on each profile OR one of each form if we prefer ;)

      Have to add this internet mandatory thing sucks =S I agree with making hacking harder but this way will affect more the gameplay then the hacking (cause I bet there will come more ways to hack for the hackers and we ALL will get stuck with the internet conection issue).
      With the log in you mean if I need to start the game at home, hibernate the pc and can't shut it till i get back home in the end of the day? only hibernating?... or even that brakes it =S

      About the health bar, have to say that the bars don't seem "normal" in a tower defence game (in the towers i mean) so PLEASE add a "show/hide tower health" button in the menu. Is that ok?


    60. I hope to see some more epic animations before catching MewTwo and at the end of a shitton of waves!

    61. well said micah, you've made a very true point. I will follow this game to the bitter end, and not just because I love the game. It's also because, like i said before, of all the hard work i've put in.
      I want to see it through.
      Thanks to all the people who've resisted the temptation of hacking, and taken the brave path. Well done Sam and Dan!

      NinjutsuMaster out.

    62. I've been posting about this a while now. I can't get the shiny even though I beat the achievment.Also the typo with meet instead of met.A few questions:
      1:will we be able to catch the shiny and non-shiny versions of the bird trio and mewtwo because I really want to fill my pokedex like Professer Oak said.
      2:What will you add to the pokedex?
      3:why can starmie learn mega punch?
      GREAT GAME!!!!!

    63. i guess im anon 6:42, i posted about the wild pokemon stopping before the first tower...
      i found out its my shiny venasaur. i hadnt used it since last update but after this update it crashes the game. i lift it up and it starts again. i traded a shinyy butterfree i found in the wild. going by the security updates, i am betting the venasaur is from hacking or a trade generator type thing.

      either way, test shiny venasaur and see what your get.

    64. Amazing update, can't wait. You thought of some minor things I thought of (pressing back going to chapter instread of chapter select) and some cool major updates too, I might have to start playing all 3 profiles for extra shinies :O


    65. BTW to expand, I loved that solar beam and whatever sequence where the substitute died. Mad awesome animation.

    66. Sam, will you put new things in the pokemart and when do you think you will be able to update the tradeing center. thanx- Kaz

    67. @anon 6:56PM - I would be a lot of work doing that weekly.

      @anon 7:00PM - Inventory will be out sooner.

      @NinjutsuMaster - Thanks!

      @Micah - <3

      @Chrop - I'm sad to hear that, but it's something that must be done. Perhaps in the future I will find a proper solution.

      @Gon - Hide/show for healthbar will probably come in a later update.

      @xtremevillain - yup.

      @anon 7:27PM - 1. yup
      2. pictures, pokemon info
      3. bug.

      @anon 7:30PM - It has to do with which attack the pokemon are trying to use.

      @Zuphix - Thanks!

      @anon 7:41PM - Thanks!

    68. @Kaz - trading center this weekend, new stuff for pokemart in the future.

    69. hey Sam, love this game and update.
      but i got a question for you...
      i know you are not going to add pokemons 152+, but will you add more moves that Kanto does not have? or some TM's that can't be learned?
      also, i kinda wanted to know if you could add some more evolutions like politoed or kingdra or crobat,etc. cuz that would be very interesting. along with those evolutions, can you add more stuff to the pokemart? cuz there ain't much.

      anyway, hope you had the time to read this and i also realized that was like, 4 questions.

    70. OMG, Trade center this weekend????!!!

    71. Sam,
      Would you please clarify the move rock tomb. When used, it only attacks each pokemon once. I understand not slowing down the target multiple times, but it should be able to continue attacking and inflicting damage until the target leaves the tower's range.

    72. what will be new in the trade zone this weekend Sam?


    73. I kno anon 8:34did not just ask for crobat we r not starting that again

    74. The ONLY thing I want in an update is a targeting system. I really don't care at all what you do other than that... I can't fully enjoy a TD game without targeting. (Yes I know many TD games don't have that feature, but I enjoy the ones that do have it the most.) It may be just my own personal opinion, but I'm sure many would appreciate that feature. IMHO it's a MUCH more important addition to any TD game than silly achievements. It actually affects the gameplay itself. Isn't the most important part of a GAME the GAMEPLAY? Well I definitely hope you will add this feature within a month or so, because I'm really getting bored without it. Besides, it's not as if you never considered it - I remember seeing it on a poll a while back, against achievements and other pokeballs, possibly among other things. (I can't quite recall the exact poll choices.) But I think this at least should mean that it's not unfeasible. I'm just disappointed that you give priority to things like trading and achievements, which aren't really essential to the gameplay itself, by any means, rather than giving that priority to things that actually change and better the gameplay experience for the player, such as targeting.

    75. i'm kind of new to PTD and i was wondering what other comments were saying like tower range, tower health, and more than one tower.

      i thought you had to protect rare candy and only one time?

      - Zac

    76. I feel little bit sad about this new coming. As I am going back to Korea, I down loaded game to play in the plain. Well, as well as I am leaving this Friday so I do not have to worry about. But when I come back to America, I should find other game to play in the plain...Cuz we cannot use internet in the plain

    77. Sam,

      This security thing, how long will it take? I really don"t want this taking a long time, I want no hackers as much as the next non-hacker but I want game play too.

      and zac, read some of the other posts to see what every ones talking about.

    78. i've read all the posts on this page, but if your expecting me to read on all the other pages then you can forget about it stephen.

      it'd be alot faster if someone told about the ones i put up


    79. What timezone are these posts on?

    80. How bout rendering shiny pokemon a differnt color? This can be earned through an achievement or sold in the pokemart? By this I mean e.g. Magikarp instead of being Golden how bout a Hot Pink/Leafy green/lighting blue/orange/purple. This will be unique and AWESOME...Ive always wanted a Blue Charizard.

    81. I know the pokemon is Shellder because you can only get Staryu in Leafgreen (in Kanto) and Shellder only in Firered (in Kanto excluding Red, Blue and green).

    82. Could you make the moves Ice Beam, Iron Tail, and Discharge. They are needed!

    83. @Sam
      Many of your fans have been asking for eggs, because of the daycare on Route 5.
      However, I'm against the idea of eggs and breeding, because they'll just cause unnecessary problems. It would either add second generation egg Pokémon, such as Pichu, Cleffa, and Tyrogue, or it would end up ripping off the mainstream games by not inputting them.
      Either way, I do not approve. Plus, think of all the egg moves you'd need to add!
      Not to mention that all the Pokémon are currently genderless…
      So, I would prefer if you kept out breeding and eggs altogether unless you decide to add more generations (and genders) of Pokémon to this game.

      -Psychotic Pokénerd

    84. @Sam:

      This didn't get answered in the last blog post: will we still be able to use codes generated in version 3.5 or lower after the next update, or should I covert all my "storage" codes back to pokemon and clutter everything again?

    85. @ Anon 4:40pm - It's MasterHoyt again...

      You obviously haven't played the 1st generation pokemon games... The Safari Zone is where you catch most of the unique pokemon. I believe it was in Fuchsia City, but it's been many years since I have played any Pokemon game other than this one. My two brothers played and we did it on gameboy, the blue, red, and yellow versions. Then we were able to connect them to Nintendo 64 Pokemon Stadium.

      Is there anyone else there that would like a Safari Zone level? Sam, what do you think???

      Also, I still haven't been able to find hydro pump yet, maybe because my Blastoise is only lvl 38...


    86. @anon 8:34PM - thanks. Only moves that kanto pokemon can learn will be added.

      @rolfcopter - If I do that then he will ignore other pokemon.

      @Pedro - It's just a place that you can trade.

      @Sei - Targeting will come.

      @Zac - Not sure what you mean.

      @anon 9:19PM - Well you might as well wait until you get back to America before you get v3.2

      @Stephen - It will be done asap. Not a moment later.

      @anon 10:00PM - Eastern Time

      @anon 10:06PM - I think in the future I will be more open towards different color schemes. Not now.

      @anon 10:11PM - Not shellder.

    87. @anon 10:15PM - The moves will come, stop asking for moves. They will come when they need to come. :)

      @psycotic - It will take a long time for eggs to come. Nothing to worry about.

      @anon 10:16PM - You might want to start using those asap.

      @MasterHoyt - There is a Safari Zone Level, the characters just haven't reached that location, so how could they play it ;)

      Only way to get Hydro pump is level 40 squirtle. Blastoise learns it passed that.

    88. sam will we still be able to use electric and grass moves with non grass or electric types like butterfree can learn giga drain from a tm and nidoking can learn thunderbolt as a tm

    89. @Psychotic: For some reason, my shiny Butterfree is female, whilest my normal one is male. The Sprites are slightly different, so gender does seem to be implemented.

      ...Unless that just for aesthetics. Is it, Sam?

    90. Hey Sam! I had kind of weird idea, but I thought it might be good for the game. I don't know if you have an iPhone, but I was wondering if you could make it so there is a storage system in the storage system, kind of like you can put apps in groups on the iPhone. I have certain Pokemon that I like to keep together, teams, if you will, and it would be much more convenient if there was a was I could just put them together like that! Thanks a lot! I love the game, I've played it pretty much non stop for the past three days! hah I'd say at LEAST 40 out of the 72 hours!

    91. Wait; you say you get help with the sprites such as cutting them out; Are you unaware of Spriters Resource, or am I just a re-re and not understanding?


    92. Thanks for putting different types of shinies up... I run one of my files as "shiny only" which means the types of pokemon I have are rather limited. (I also don't spend a lot of time level grinding)

      Also, I managed to find a shiny poliwag, evolved it, and have been wondering if I can get a shiny jynx with it. Could you confirm this?

    93. Small typo in the update list, should say "disappearing" instead of "dissapearing" (two p's instead of two s's). I'd be glad to do all of your grammar work if you like Sam =)! Amazing game by the way, love everything you have done so far. I wonder if the new Pokémon is Goldeen? Hmmm..

      -Your Friendly Neighborhood Grammar Nazi

    94. Hey Sam for the achievements it should be do all 3 of them instead of just one. Its a better challenge for us and takes 3 times longer.


    95. It's gonna be really hard either way without electric pokemon, but harder to beat Cerulean without losing a single rare candy.

    96. Hello. i just wondered will ABILITIES be added into the game at some point?

    97. @Sam Did you read my comment about the Boss Blitz mode? You would win Advanced Mode to unlock it and the prize must be valuable as the Champion's pokemon should be level 100's.

    98. I think that the mystery pokemon is either Voltorb or Magnemite, because you have been choosing the main pokemon of the Gym leaders (And Richu is already out so) the pokemon is probably the pre- evolve form of his Electrode or Magneton. So my guess is that it is...Magnemite.

    99. I will sing my Abc'seas

    100. This game is awesome. I am 200 years old (Not really, but in a way yes) and this game is the most amazing ever.

    101. heya sam just something to remind you for later updates you know how you said the two turn moves will have longer cooldowns well with solarbeam if sunny day is in affect it is a one turn move so im thinkin 18 cooldown for charging and 18 cooldown for attack so the overall cooldown is 36 unless sunny day is in affect to take away the charge process then the attack would have the normal cooldown of 18

    102. sam i saw the voting for the achievement i think it should be defeat cerulean gym without losing candy or can't you try using a different level like route 24?(or was is 25 i can't remember.oh yea well its the level on nugget bridge.)so you could try putting like beat nugget bridge with lvl 25 pokemon.(it's like one of the options for cerulean gym but on a harder different level).
      i think the level difficulty is based on what pokemon is the achievment.

    103. @anon 12:21AM - No genders yet, Butterfree having different graphics is a mistake on my part.

      @Nathan - interesting idea, my gf has an iphone so I will check that out. Thanks.

      @anon 1:06AM - I use those sprites, by cutting them out I mean removing the background color and saving each of them individually.

      @anon 1:39AM - Yes shiny poliwhirl will trade for shiny jynx.

      @anon 4:29AM - Thanks ;)

      @Darren - I don't know if some of those are even possible lol.

      @Xtremevillain - yea you guys went for the easiest one.

      @Andrew - I hope so!

      @anon 9:14AM - Sounds cool, I'll think about it when we get close to that.

      @anon 9:29AM - Good logic but nope.

      @anon 9:50AM - Haha

      @David - Thanks :)

    104. sam i wanna make acheivment beat route5 don't lose ANY rare candies.oh wait i've already done that lol.ummm i like idea of beat cerulean gym with all your rare candie still left.it means beating all the starmie which would get us all a whole lot stronger.
      Anyways sorry for wasting your time sam!

    105. I think it would be nice to have in game items. Like repel could actually be used or even potions for our Pokemon once they can get damaged.

      A fast forward button would be nice so I could quit using cheat engine to fast forward.

      I'd love to see our players avatars, which we could choose everything, or maybe even holding items for pokemon.

      I'd also like to see didn't colored shinies. Once you have all the Pokemon the game gets a little dull.

    106. Sam, My Battle Royal Idea is good right, you fight all the Pokemon you have to test their duribility, not fighting the ones you chose of course

    107. Sam

      If we beat the level without losing rare candy then doesn't that make Star Wars pointless?

    108. Anon 11:42 is right about all that especially about adding an avatar and different colored shinies

    109. I'm sorry i don't know if this is the right place to post this. I think I found a bug with the move Smack Down. It says that it knocks flying types to the ground. So they should be able to be hit by ground type moves like earthquake right?

    110. I'm really looking forward to our game avatars, so I figured I'd speak up for once.

      The PokeMart is really bare with only the evolution stones. So why not make a part in the Poke Mart for clothes/hats/hair/etc for our avatars?

      Plus, a lot of us (including me) have problems with having too much money because of level grinding.
      Special customization items could cost a lot of money to fix this problem. It also gives us another goal in the game.

      Yes, this has nothing to do with Pokemon, but it would add a touch of fun to the game.

      And now that we brought the subject of the Poke Mart up, I would like to suggest something that would come in handy when there are a lot of items in the mart.

      Tabs. Like an avatar customization tab, evolution stones tab, etc. etc. etc.

      Items for your avatar or pre built ones could even be a weekly search thing. I'm sure users could even suggest things to add on a weekly basis.

    111. Sam

      I found the same bug with smack down as Anon 1151.Would you please fix it?

    112. Just wanted to say that if you give away all new pokemon through weekly hunts that then if you miss a hunt how will you get the non-shiny version of that pokemon. And if you keep this up we might get pokemon like magmar in both versions.

    113. A level editor would be nice and then players could post their levels up. This would cease the complaints about the game being boring because they'll be a never ending amount of levels for other players.

    114. i geuss anon 9:56 are you going to add stuff like daycare genders and a hard challenge level like very very hard but get a rare pokemon like a shadow

    115. It'd be nice to see how much experience a Pokemon needs till the next level.

      The Pokedex is hardly a Pokedex is you know what I mean.

      A n over all kill counter would be sweet and maybe the amount of each Pokemon beaten.

    116. for those complaining about the lvl cap being too high if you didnt notice we are on route 5 and running into lvl27 pokemon and with there being HUNDREDS of them we need as many lvls as we can get BTW micah if sam keeps giving unrealistic enemy lvls we might need lvl 100 pokemon at saffron city

    117. It'd be nice to play my own music while playing the game on my phone.

    118. Got it it's Tentacool! :)

    119. So! The level would be split into two paths: one path would have a continuous stream of Mr. Mime's using Reflect, and some others using Light Screen, and Chansey using Heal Pulse. Even worse, they'll be like the Geodudes in the Mt. Moon challenge level- you can't attack them.

      The other path would have Onix's using either Defence Curl or Rock Polish, Arcanine's and Nintales, Pidgeots, Persians, Vileplumes, and a few other boss Pokemon, all trying to get a single Rare Candy.

      Your Pokemon (all level 15):

      Quick Attack


      Water Gun

      Razor Leaf
      Poison Powder

      But you only have 3 spots to put Pokemon.

      The strategy used to win this challenge would be to switch Pokemon out as needed to attack the boss Pokemon and using Poison Powder/Thunder Wave to your advantage.

      The prize could be a new non-shiny Pokemon.

      What do you think? Too hard? Too easy? Opinions are welcome!

    120. -Placing a pokemon on the field will activate it's battle cry
      -Endless Mode would have a score and when you beat pokemon it adds up to your high score which can be used for bragging rights and just to see how good you are in the game
      -The use of berries in challenges or a prize
      -Targeting specific pokemon based on criteria(first, last, strongest, weakest, super effective only, not very effective only)
      -Auto Level Option so that pokemon will level up when your not paying attention during a level
      -Directly Swtiching pokemon towers instead of having to put on in the inventory to switch it
      -team would remain in selection as long as I don't change profile
      -Celadon Casino and Coin Case
      -pokemon world map on the level select screen and as you moved your mouse over the different places the levels would appear.
      -pokemon dropping items when defeated
      -Pokemon towers having a range of attack
      -Chime for Shinys entering a level
      -A fast forward button for grinding levels
      -Letting pokemon run around in between levels on the screen
      -New Pokemon Tower Defense Opening Screen because it's too plain
      -Remove the stop evolution button when using a stone
      -the UI bar at the bottom with all the pokemon and the pokeball dissapears/minimises if you move your mouse away from it for more than a few seconds.

    121. Sam i found a few bugs with helping hand. If the pokemon that got helping handed uses a phyisacal move then the red color disappears on them while they're attacking. Also if you use a move like T-bolt or Physic that changes the users color then they keep the stat upgrade but lose the red color.

    122. Sounds like a fun level anon 1210! ;)

    123. -Pokeballs determine how high hp you can catch of a pokemon
      -Pause button for game
      -Hot Keys(asdf) for managing pokemon
      -Storage organizatio
      -Seeing if update is available to download
      -friends list
      -Pokemon and Trainer Ids
      -Timer balls that automatically catch shinys
      -missingno add in
      -Lvl caps and when to instate them or not
      -gym badges that make your pkmn not listen at a certain lvl
      -HMs and how they're used in the game
      -Changing how trading is done
      -Create your own avatar
      -Booster/special effect that can be used in a stage
      -Multiple language options (spanish, french, portuguese, etc.)
      -Rental Pokemon
      -Gifting items

    124. -Grouping groups (think pkmn stadium where you can save 6 pokemon for future usage instead of continually looking up groups)
      -Sort by(type, lvl range, name, etc.)
      -Update pokedex to show location of pokemon and if it has been seen
      -Scroll the map by using the arrowkeys or wasd
      -Kill counter to show how many pokemon you've made faint in
      -Rick Rolling Jigglypuff
      -shiny radar/tracker
      -Displaying The exp lvl bar in the pc
      -Loading bar instead of a white screen waiting for the game to load

    125. thanks for fixing the problem with the level selecting now can you look at this on Mt moon 2 challenge level when you lose you click on it again and all your pokemon are in storage so you have to select them again have a look at this by the way my name I'm going to use at the end off these bug comments is bugfinder


    126. @anon July 6, 2011 10:11 duh, we already got staryu. in fact you can get it until this sunday
      (7/10/11). it could be any of the uncatchable pokemon. it should be machop. you level it to machoke and you level that to machamp by trading. this could be an experience to first try out the new trading center. but Sam is talking about cerulean gym, so the only obvious answer is horsea or goldeen.THINK MAN!!!

      P.S to Sam if you are reading this:how will we trade our kadabras and gravelers without instant

      i guess i am anon July 6,2011 8:34... from now on, i'm Pokeman because it is hard to find some replys

    127. Hey, Anon 11:52 and 12:10, stop posting my ideas. If you're going to, give me some credit. Okay?

    128. Sam I saw this a few posts ago and thought it was genius. At the end of the Kanto region you make one new level to start off the Johto region. In the cutscene at the beginning team rocket steals ALL your Kanto pokemon. Then the professor of that region comes along and asked what happened what version do you want to play(Gold or Silver) and gives your choice of Johto starters. You then cannot play Kanto region anymore until you beat Johto and have to beat the Johto region with Johto pokemon you catch(some of which turn into Kanto) and possibly some Kanto that turn into Johto(like Zubat). You also start off broke. At the end of Johto you get all your money back and all your pokemon which you can use for both versions. Also there could be a new level cap that wouldn't be impossible to rise as many move will already be there new moves. Or you could just start the level cap at one hundred. You could also add in freindship stones and metal coats and upgrades to evolve certian pokemon. Also the same thing could happen in Hoenn, and Sinnoh, and maybe even Unova!

      Tell me what you guys think.

    129. @Sam, I've been playing since pewter gym came out, I was playing on newgrounds but it took them too long to update, so I transferred the file here, but i kept the file on newgrounds and made new characters, unfortunately because of people Duping pokemon through trading, the both have the same profile name, I want to trade my shiny caterpie back to my main file, but i'm worried that in the process my other file will be deleted due to them being the same address with same password. IF I put the caterpie up for trade, would it desimate the other profile?

    130. Sam-yes like trade items to evolve

    131. so last time my post wasn't as good because I had to go but this time I will say more.Here are some questions, comments, and suggestions:
      1: I can't get the achievment prize even though I have the checks. Why is this?
      2: Are you going to let Ash have his pikachu back?
      3: The challenge level Old Rod is too hard because of the move balancing.
      4:Will there be achievments,challenge mode, and shiny hunts in classic?
      5:you said on another blog that nugget bridge /route 24 would say what happened to gary but it never told me. you also said that it would tell me if Ash beats general mewtwo but the intro stops in the middle of the battle.
      6:it would be nice to be able to change your username and password as so many people share my username and password that whenever I import there is a different name.
      7:beating cerulean gym 1 without losing a candy is nearly impossible! A staryu or starmie usually ends up taking one.(Sometimes a magikarp takes one LOL!)
      8:when can we get our third badge?Our pokemon are kind of overleveled for only earning me two badges.
      9:take a break sometimes I don't think you've gone a week without updating. Everyone loves you already!!!
      10: you are really awesome!!!!!!!!!!GREAT GAME and thanks for the work you put into this game it'll pay off one day!

    132. Sam: Your awesome, when do you think chapter 4 will come out?


    133. I hope nintendo spots your genius in the future!

    134. Sam
      If you ever do Unova, use this because it gets updated weekly!


    135. Haha yeah some of the achievements are kinda sketchy and plus it interferes with Starwars. I think you should use a different map(s) for it or even challenge levels. Here's some ideas
      1.Beat old rod using each pokemon once.
      2.Beat VF2 without letting anyone pass.
      3.Beat Vermillion with only 3 pokemon.
      4.Beat CG2 with one pokemon.
      5.Another shiny hunt?

      Feel free to use/change them. Also the weekly hunt should have more variety like avatar customs when it comes out or pokedex customization.


    136. I saw "trading center" on update list
      I know you made many people happy!
      Great game

    137. I only have a few more comments.

      1) Any chance you can make Toxic Spike's duration longer than the cooldown?
      2) Did I ask this earlier; will there be level redos where we can see the pokemon before they come out (shinies)
      3) Can you re-do Misty's gym with all water pokemon and blue bars, kind of like Brock's gym?

    138. sevii islands? if you do add the sevii islands could you also change the pokemon up? this way you could only add the "good" pokemon from other generations to the game. i know you're a far away from the end of the game, but it's just a suggestion. keep up the great work!

    139. Seriously? Defeating Cerulean Gym 1 without using any grass or electric pokemon? That's almost impossible right now! Also, it'll get easier when you increase the level cap, so when you can have you're pokemons in level 50-60 it'll be too easy. That achievement doesn't work. Would be a lot better if it was only pokemons in lvl 25 or less, because then difficulty will never change.

      Just my opinion. Seriously, I don't think this is good.

    140. Alissa(Aron 3:28)July 7, 2011 at 5:38 PM

      True but,Could make it Limited time offer

    141. @Emeric
      What? You don't need grass or electric to beat it. It's incredibly easy when you have level 40 pokemon. Just get a team of golem, alakazam, primeape and charizard(most of the pokemon are bug, grass and flying anyway)
      I was disappointed to see the result of the poll. If that is the achievement we get, I hope the gym get a buff.

    142. PLEASE continue the story and make it so we can trade pokemon between files.thanks your the best online game creator ever keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    143. you should increase some move powers. some are kind of good, like earthquake for catching pokemon before you kill it, and others are like a last resort weapon (my last resort was dynamicpunch, thunderbolt, and psychic)

      but whatever, i don't care if you do or don't.
      the game's all good without it. but keep it in mind when we get farther into the game.

    144. when r u going to create a new level and what is the levelup cap cuz i thought it was 36

    145. I hope the new pokemon is Gastly...please please please be Gastly!


    147. A level editor would be nice and then players could post their levels up. This would cease the complaints about the game being boring because they'll be a never ending amount of levels for other players.

      Such a good idea, as it would allow us to add stuff like the Routes of Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova, as well as the Sevii Islands and even attempt to give Orre, Fiore, Almia and Oblivia Routes!

      Also, anon@ 12:55 pm, I second your idea. However, I think that for Pokemon of previous Generations that happen to be in that region's Pokedex, they should be reduced to Level 5 and Pokemon from previous Generations that evolve into Pokemon in that region's Pokedex be reduced to whatever level they evolve at (or Level 10 if they evolve via other means). This way, you can keep your Golbat, Chansey and Scyther once you get to Johto, your Tangela/Rhydon/Lickitung etc. when you get to Sinnoh... and your Luvdisc once you get to Unova, because by that point, Generation 6 will have come out and given us a Pokemon that evolves from Luvdisc and evolves into Alomomola.

    148. @Ovamiat
      I think the main problem for level editor is it takes really much server space, and you need a very big server. And i don't think sam got money for that.
      But ofc he could insted make a level editor where you gain a file when you have made a level, and then you can share that file your self. then it wont take any server space

    149. Thanks for seconding my idea Ovamiat! :)

    150. Hey sam the names will and I know ur already busy but I have a request, for the acheivments, can u make it so that if u catch say... a shiny geodude on one file, it counts on all ur save files? Let me know thanks man doing a great job, I've been playin since day one and am loving it as much now as I did when it first came out! Email me at horton.will@rocketmail.com if u have a question as to what I meant by my request thanks

    151. Randomish question: Are critical hits capable of hitting through defensive buffs (like in the mainstream games), or do they still take the defensive buffs into consideration for the critical hits?

    152. can you make hydro pump a TM or relearn move. and for the poll can you use pokemon that are electric but dont use electric moves like raichu with slam

    153. i posted a suggestion called "Flamethrower" on the forums about how flamethrower does the same amount on damage to the second pokemon as it does to the first pokemon, even if it should be doing more or less to the second one. i just wanted to make sure that this was intentional. if not, please fix it. :)

    154. At the Pokemon select screen, when you select Pokemon, there should be arrows that will allow you to scroll through Pokemon directly rather than having to go back and select another Pokemon. There should be two sections: one for the Pokemon in the reserves, and the other for the Pokemon in your team.

    155. saw this in another comment. give him/her full credit.

      hiding a health bar should be part of this "classic mode" coming up and in the "advanced mode", you cannot hide the HP bar.
      i think that would make it more plausible.
      (don't know what that word means.)

      this is my last checkup because i'm going camping until tuesday. i know i'm a noob because i look at this all the time. anyway, keep the HP bar idea in mind.(the mode styles are mine so if you mention this, you have to give me some credit...)
      OMG first time using this name,

    156. Sam

      Why did you make this poll on the blog? the result is not obvious? What makes this game cool is his challenger way and most of people are mediocre, who always would choose to turn the game to the easy way (Defeat Cerulean Gym 1 without using electric or grass), i believe you understand this very well cause when you changed the moves's damage you received hundreds of applications to unmake all those, the problem is that the achievement should be something hard to get but like this anyone will have the shiny staryu that should be to few persons. I voted at the hardest option "Defeat Cerulean Gym 1 with only lvl 25 pokemon" though this being easy too cause i defeated the Cerulean Gym with my pokémon only lvl 23 between 22.

      Sorry for my english, amazing game

    157. To the person who found the butterflies gender bug...HOLY FREAKING CRAP...that is like 2 pixels that you noticed...great eye...

    158. Sam,

      I understand and agree with the need for security, but I feel like the online measures you're planning aren't the best solution. Storing the data on a server is the best plan to eliminate hacking, but that may be incredibly inconvenient our even impossible for some players. For me, I prefer to play on my phone (most satisfying experience) but I don't have a data plan. So, if I'm at the doctor's office and decide to play, I would have no access.

      I believe a better system to emulate would be the way diablo 2 works. That game allows for both offline and online only gameplay. Also, you could make it so that certain things (perhaps achievements or shinies or something else) are only available to the players who play on your servers to provide an incentive for the people who cannot be hackers.

      I know it's probably a lot more work for you, but this would likely help satisfy the people who are currently discontent with the mandatory internet connection idea. I know that I would personally have two games going: my offline file and my online file for when I'm at home. Also, I do recognize that the game state reads"alpha" and that the game is clearly in development, so maybe a plan such as this could be implemented someone in the future even if not particularly soon.

    159. Please...if you see problems with any of the sprites feel free to email me and I will fix it and send Sam the fixed version...

    160. I can not get it already wait for update

    161. Wait you can hack in this game seriously!!!! Who would want to do that that makes me kind of upset all that hard time spent leveling and earning money and getting my SHINY ODDISH (L33t) how are ppl hacking? I'm not curious because I want to hack I've pretty much beat the game except for that pesky challenge lvl 3-4 (was this close) currently just lvling up all other caught pkmn anyway I liked how one guy here said u should join up with Nintendo I'd pay the bug bucks for that game anyway I nvr said how much I love the game it's so super fantastically amazing and awesome I remberedwhen it first started (good ole days) anyway keep up the super awesome excellent work thank you for making such an amazing game gives me things to do instead of HW XP

      -Afro Ninja

    162. there is a problem with some attacks.
      after making a killing blow, it would take much longer than the 18 cooldown to change to a new target.
      i'm havin that problem right now with my primeape using low kick in mm2. but it happens with other attacks too. not all attacks are affected however, aquatail works fine for example.

    163. Hey Sam!

      I remembered one of my idea's which might be AWESOME-er: A button! This ''Button'' can show you a selected cutscene from the game! Understood? If not, I can explain better later... Then you can see them without beating 20 rounds of battling (without ensuration that you actually beat the level).

      Think about it!

      One of your beloved fans: FinalXagon.

    164. sam & dan, actually is really hard to see shiny pokemons (specially certain pokemon shuch as ratatta). I can understand that if shiny pokemon are special one they shouldn't be shown frequently, but... what about increasing the number of waves & incoming pokemon in each wave??

      This would certainly raise the game difficulty, and also the time taken to complete a level, but also would increase de chance of seeing shinies.

      what about creating a new playing mode called "swarm mode"; a hard version of the game based on the advanced mode (attack base power balanced, tower health...) with his own archivements (shiny hunts obviously); and of course the double waves in each level and the double incoming pokemon in each wave??. In this mode, strategies based on STAB/attack&sp attack increase, and area damage moves would be neccesary to beat any story/challenge level.

      Think of it... it could be interesting

    165. sam you are making a tower health......so i tink that you could add potions,super potions etc. to the poke mart

    166. will trade center make it so you cant give away pokemon? i give my younger brothers pokemon i dont want instead of releasing it

    167. Will you please make it so you have to do the achievment under lvl 25 pokemon because that is more difficult than without grass and eletrc pokemon.

    168. Too many to answer, but I did read them all.

    169. hey guys i think were all idiots when we tried to guess the new pokemon for the achievement....its obviously horsea!! only 2 evoloutions like the progress report says and it figures how he was done the sprite and stats but not the shiny sprite because the others were already in the game...just to back up my point the new move is probably dragon dance or or brine! OHHHHH YA HORSEA RULES

    170. :( if not then do u want to give a hint :)

    171. @m - I already gave a hint, but it's kinda hidden.

    172. Sam, it would be better (for all new gamers), when you create a little message that says "Archievement X solved" or You reached Archievement Number 10", cuz I think that if more archievements are in the game, you don´t notice a solved one.

    173. Hey Sam,

      Just wondering if shiny rattata shows up in oak's lab or not? I've been playing the level forever and have yet to see one. They show up once every 1,000 spawns correct?

    174. What the heck is up with my pokemon storage? Why can't I arrange my pokemon in order? Any time I drag a pokemon over to a certain spot, my pokemon get mixed all around

    175. Based on what we know about the new Pokemon so far, as well as what's already in the game, I am 85% sure that the new Pokemon is...


      This is based on the fact that Seel is the only Pokemon of the Water type that:

      1. Isn't a fossil
      2. Doesn't have itself or it's evolution already in the game
      3. Has exactly two stages in it's evolution chain

    176. Adding to my comment.

      There's a fourth reason that I believe the new Pokemon is Seel.

      4. Seel is the only Pokemon that is not already in or has an evolution already in the game that learns Aurora Beam.

      4a. Every other Pokemon in the game that learns Aurora Beam is currently an NPC.

      Thus, the new Pokemon is Seel, the new evolution is Dewgong, and the new move is Aurora Beam.

    177. Hey i was thinking why don't you add a daycare center and have an option to give pokemon genders male or female then afterwards you cant change it.because of this you will be able to put the move attract in which only paralyz half of the pokemon on the field. also how about eggs that will only hatch after you have beaten a certain amount of pokemon and you can add an acheivement hatch about 5 and over shiny pokemon or something similar to that and the prize could be dratini.

    178. Hey Sam and Dan, I was wondering when will the Suggestions be added to the game?

    179. Hey i was thinking why don't you add a daycare center and have an option to give pokemon genders male or female then afterwards you cant change it.because of this you will be able to put the move attract in which only paralyz half of the pokemon on the field. also how about eggs that will only hatch after you have beaten a certain amount of pokemon and you can add an acheivement hatch about 5 and over shiny pokemon or something similar to that and the prize could be dratini.
      July 8, 2011 1:10 PM

      Good idea, the achievement idea can also be used for Baby Pokemon.

      For example, hatch 25 Pokemon = Pichu.

      Hatch 35 Pokemon = Cleffa

      Hatch 39 Pokemon = Igglybuff (The idea is to hatch the number of Pokemon equivalent to the National Pokedex number of the Baby Pokemon's evolution. This way, it'd be hard to get the Baby Pokemon, especially in the case of Happiny [113 Pokemon], Mime Jr. [122 Pokemon], Smoochum [124 Pokemon], Elekid [125], Magby [126], Azurill [183] and Wynaut [a whopping 202!].)

    180. Is it Goldeen? I think it is.

    181. if you are only doing 1st generation pokemon 4 now, why did you put kyogre in?

    182. why wont you add a survival mode?
      you only use 3 pokemon, each wave gets harder (uncatchable pokemon) and there is a timer showing how much time you have survived, and maybe get prizes if you survive a curtain time.
      also there is an unlimitted # of waves

    183. The Mystery code is Machop everyone.

    184. I think the new Pokémon is Tentacool, but can be Dratini (one evolution at the moment)

    185. anon 1:03

      you are incorrect because seel can learn brine an aqua jet b4 level 40 which is the level cap.
      good guess but the new pokemon is voltorb...it has 2 evolutions in its chain and the only new move it learns b4 level 40 is magnet rise which would be the one and new only move. i know there are other possibilitys but ive been asking sam all the other logical pokemon and he said no to all of them which mean voltorb is the only choice left.im not 100% sure but its the only one left tht makes sence but if u find other pokemon let me know

      p.s. sam said tht there was a clue he alredy told us but its hidden

    186. sam, just an idea, maybe you should have an achievement for getting a certain amount of money, like 2000000 or something, this should keep some people busy and help add strategy to how much we spend so we don't spend all our money just because we can because we have no need for it because we have so much. i think you should also raise the price of things because the amount you earn going through the game is ridiculous compared to how much you spend

      keep up the good work sam

    187. Update the Suggestions/Bugs page so you don't forget anything.

    188. The mystery code is magnemite, sure.

    189. dude sam are you going to like i dunno make it so that (in maby a year) when you compleatly finish the game you will make it like before the chapters menu theres a region select screen so like johto kanto hoen cino unova

      (PS.i want lugia)


    190. is there going to be missing no? just thought it would be cool lol. Also are you going to make sequels with hoenn, johto, sinnoh, and unova? Also do you use the actual stats of the pokemon in the pokedex because then charizard would be the best out of all three.
      p.s. do any other anons post as alex besides me?


    191. Dear Sam,

      1. Just as we can now receive the Achievement awards up to 3 times, would it be possible to allow for us to trade for Jinx and Farfetch'd again? That way we could trade for both shiny and non-shiny versions...

      2. Have you considered making the level cap. relative to a player's number of badges collected? I recall on the cartoon how Charizard wouldn't listen to Ash due to his high level. I also recall that sometimes in Blue, Red, and Yellow that our pokemon wouldn't listen to us until we won the next badge, if they were too high of level. I believe each badge added 10 levels or something like that. I'm sure that someone here knows the exact formula or that you could find it quite easily...


    192. It can't be Voltorb. SonicBoom isn't in the game yet.

      Seel makes perfect sense, but so does Ponyta (if the new move is Bounce).

    193. Yo Guys, I'm making the comment that you shouldn't be posting about him making sequels in the johto and onwards regions when he is barely halfway in the kanto region!!!
      Well done Sam, by the way!Excellent job with the latest stuff!

    194. Some recommendations for extra pokemon to add in. You've already had Misty riding on some new whale pokemon, I'm sure players would be more accepting of these add-ins than any of the others that are outside of Generation 1:

      *Does anyone recall the rumors of "blue pikachu"? I believe that it had started from American players first seeing picture of Marill, the water rodent pokemon. But I believe that this might make a fun achievement award.

      *Also, I think much of us recall Togepi, the half hatched egg from the cartoon. That would also make a really great achievement award.

      *Have you considered adding in Generation 2 pokemon? Maybe you could put it to a vote? Kyoto and Johto I believe? I mean, you have been talking about "steel" moves, but I believe steel was introduced with Gen. 2 anyways, like the evolved form of scyther, and that onix then learned additional (steel) moves.

      *MissingNo. We used to catch this off of Seafoam Island I do believe. It would also evolve into a kangaskaun, so my brothers and I decided that it was probably the baby of kangaskaun, the one that you see in the pouch of the mother... I understand that it was a common glitch of Blue and Red versions, but I thought it might be fun. I'd use the image of the baby and have it evolve into the adult Kangaskaun... just an idea... ;)


    195. Dear Sam

      I know your goal is all gen 1 pokemon for this game but can you add the other evolution of pokemon that is a gen 1 pokemon (example: eevee's 4 other evolution (espeon,umbreon,leafeon,glaceon))


    196. @MH
      Kyoto is a region (and a city) in Japan. Don't you mean Kanto?

      Espeon/Umbreon evolutions are caused by the times of the day (Umbreon-night; Espeon-Day) as well as by friendship, and Leafeon and Glaceon are evolved by certain areas that your Eevee levels up by. None of which are currently implemented in this game.
      Besides, Eevee hasn't been brought into the game yet, either. So quit getting ahead of everything. (That goes for everyone else begging for the additional "Eeveelutions".)

    197. i think the new pokemon is diglett and the new move is earth power cuz every1 is talking about how weak earthquake is and diglett got 1 evelution and last but not least sam gave us a clue and the clue is *drumroll* now we can get the achievement 3 times so first 1 then 3 just like diglett :D


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