HTD Tuesdays: Day 1! & PTD Progress List

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Welcome to the very first Hero Tower Defense Tuesday!

Sketch of Logo
Like Pokemon Tower Defense, Hero Tower Defense was born from the idea of combining two great things into one package. In this case we want to combine the things we all love the most from MMORPGs into the tower defense formula. Also everything that I've learned from PTD that I know you guys like will make it into the game as well.
What you can expect from the game is:
  • Different classes like: Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue, etc.
  • Loot Drops from enemy and bosses.
  • Armor and weapons
  • A unique talent tree for each classes
  • Different races
  • Quest
  • Achievements
  • Crafting
  • Auction House
  • Guilds
  • Raids
  • Co-op
  • Versus
  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • and more!
Just like Pokemon Tower Defense your towers will stay leveled up as your play. At first you start alone but as you beat levels you will meet new companions that you will add to your party and eventually form your own guild and take on bosses.

We have many more details to offer but today I want to talk more about the artist for the game. As some of you might know I sent out a request on the blog for any artist that was interested in joining Dan and I on the quest to create games. Many people applied but we narrowed it down to the top 9 artist, and then we sent them all a challenge. The challenge was to create a "tower" for Hero Tower Defense, we gave them very basic instructions so that they could fill in the holes. One contestant caught our eye and he ended up winning. We saw the other 8 entries and they were good but we felt this one captured exactly what Dan and I wanted to do for Hero TD. Below is his entry for the challenge.

Kevin's Entry for the challenge

Since we picked Kevin he has been hard at work making animations for the tower units and creating armor, each week we will show you a new piece of artwork so look forward to that.

So for the day that we worked on Hero TD I talked to Dan about level maps. There are two types of TD games. Ones like PTD that you have a limited number of spots that you can put your towers and some that any where in the map can be a spot. For HTD we want to do a mix of these two. The enemy will go down his path similar to PTD but in HTD you will have a lot more spots to work with. The reason for more spots is a new mechanic that I thought would be great for the game. I'm calling it the "Chain Buff" mechanic. Let's say you have a Warrior Tank (Tank is a tower designed to take the damage and defend the other towers), and he has a passive buff that makes his health higher. Well if you have any other Tower that is next to this tank tower they will also receive this buff thanks to the "Chain Buff" mechanic. Also if another tower is touch somebody that receive the buff they will also receive it. Thus you can create a chain of towers that will all receive the buff. The drawback is that some enemies will have attacks that will attack everybody in a chain. So you will have to be quick about breaking the chain when those attacks come.

I made some awesome diagrams for you guys below.

Above: Towers are not chained so wizard doesn't get the buff

Above: An Archer is added so all 3 units are now chained and they all receive the buff

Well that's all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed the post and I can't wait to talk more about and show you more about HTD. Dan told me he was also going to post something on this same post so keep checking back for more. As always let me know what you think!

Dan: Sam covered most of the current topics we discussed together so I'll give you guys some insight into how HTD will progress without hindering the other games and some other tidbits.

As you know Sam works primarily on PTD while I work on Ninja-ja with the addition of Kevin doing most of the HTD graphics. Since I've learned some more about programming from Ninja-ja (sorry for the slow updates btw) I'll be helping Sam out on that end as well as helping Kevin out on graphics. We also both think about HTD's design and concepts while we work on the other games, so while it might seem like we don't have the time we're really just multitasking and doing stuff at the same time. So never fear!

Also something worth mentioning is we want HTD to be a good mix of what we both enjoy the most in games. This works out really well for Sam and I because we lean slightly different ways when it comes to genres and such. While we both enjoy and play all types of games Sam enjoys the more casual games while I enjoy the more hardcore games, but since we have that overlap we know where each other is coming from. This means you can expect HTD to target both casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. It's a tough task to take on but we're up for it and with everyone's suggestions and ideas, along with our own, we feel we can merge the two successfully. We're excited and think it'll be awesome and we hope you guys do too!

Okay so now for the PTD progress list!

You can play v3.7 now here on the blog, I have to leave for most of the day so the blog post, exe, and apk will be up by tomorrow. Enjoy.

New mystery gift avatar on Monday! 

Update v3.7 will include:
  • Distribution (90%)
  • Being Able to Offer up to 6 pokemon in a trade (100%) - This is available right now!
  • Trade will automatically be accepted if somebody offers all the pokemon requested (100%) - This will not happen if you offer any hacked pokemon. This is available right now!
  • Search for pokemon requested (100%) - This will allow you to search for trades that request a certain pokemon.This is available right now!
  •  Rock Tunnel Typos (100%) - Girl Trainer name.  
  • Expanding the Move Description to include things like Accuracy, Category, and any percentage that the move may have for any status effect (100%)  
  • Some moves now behave properly like the game suggest (Ex. Reversal now does more damage the less hp your tower has) (100%) 
  • Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock have had their Attack Durations increased from 180 to 1800 (100%) 
  • Substitute now works properly (100%) 
  • Move Rebalance (100%) - All moves will regain their original attack power straight from the Generation 5 Move set, but will now be able to recoil damage, miss, etc.
  • Fixed an Issue with your avatar showing a different avatar for a split second during intro scenes (100%) 
  • Bug Fix: On Digglet's Cave when you whirlwind a pokemon back to the entrance he will turn in the candy at the entrance (100%) 
  • New Story Level - Lavender Town  (100%) -Arriving at Lavender Town you meet a familiar face, and find out the Team Rocket is recruiting members in Lavender Town.
    • Level Intro (100%)
    • Level Layout (100%)
    • Level Waves (100%)
    • Level Ending (100%)
  • Add Girl Bug Catcher Avatar (100%) 
    • Graphics (100%) Thanks Kimmy!
    • Implement in game (100%)
  • Add Mystery Gift Avatars (100%)  
    • Graphics (100%) Thanks Kimmy!
    • Implement in game (100%)
  • Adding a sort by Level button for the storage (100%)
  • Making the "Super Effective" targeting option use the current move's type instead of the tower's type (100%) 
  • Trades will only last up for 3 days (Postponed until early next week) - This will prevent old trades from staying there and the trainers never responding to request. Viewing your trade request will reset this timer so you will get 3 more days.
  • Daily Codes (Postponed until early next week)
  • New Title Screen (Postponed until next update) - The artist finally got back to me! His prize is a Legendary Dog of his choosing and he choose Suicune! 
  • Forms of hacking will make the game go to the main screen automatically without warning (Postponed until early next week) - This will cover the previous adding candy, I won't be adding candy to levels that didn't have them.
      As always let me know what you think.


      1. Awesome!!!!!!!


      2. Looks cooler than PTD!!! Looking forward to playing it!!!


      3. Looks good. Just wondering if you're gonna let PTD taper off as HTD becomes more developed.

      4. sounds great.
        can't wait to play it =)


      5. @Vince - Thanks :)

        @anon 5:12PM - PTD will be finished first, and so will Ninja-ja. HTD comes after that.

        @manuel - As soon as we have something playable.

        @prop - Thanks!

      6. Sweet Idea! Co-op and Versus will rock. Have you thought about trying Paladins? Necromancers? Others.

      7. Could you include ninja class and robot class???

        Or could u make lvl up classes

        PEASANT.........Wonderbird =D
        Yes, PEASANT, not pheasont!!!!!

        Bard............A talking harp????
        Animal Master...ShapeChanger
        A Spy...........A SuperSpy
        A Shadow........A Dark Lord
        A Robot.........A Cyborg

        Thats all MY ideas, no copying, HONEST!!!
        plz could u include theze???

      8. @logosan - you can expect classes like those

        @clement - thanks

      9. Undead..........Necromancer

        Its Shadow by the way.
        (So you know whose comment that other one was)

      10. The class we will be able to be sounds a little like the ones in WoW(World of Warcraft) :D

      11. Love the idea by the way!!!!!!


      12. lol my mistake i wanted to say: "The class sounds a little like the ones in WoW(World of Warcraft)"

      13. is HTD going to be something you have to pay to get like Ninja ja is or is it going to be free to play like PTD?

        if it is like Ninja ja where you pay for it, is it going to have some things for PTD like codes and special things like that, or at least give you SnD coins to use in PTD?

      14. This is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Good luck with it and i hope it is a hit.

      15. Whoa, it looks cool~ I hope there's a female character the girls too~
        I would love if there's a buddy system to add your friends and have them in your party :3
        Another of my ideas is class with one fan on each hand. It would be like a japanese dancer or a rogue :3

      16. Looks really interesting.
        I can see why you picked that particular artist looks like a great style, can't wait to see more!

      17. well i will most definately play it because it sounds very good.

      18. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 16, 2011 at 6:10 PM



      19. @Shadow - Those sound interesting, we might keep it more traditional but who knows.

        @anon 5:36PM - World of Warcraft is one of the inspirations for this game, so yea you will see some similarities between the two.

        @REZ - If HTD cost money to play then it will give prizes, if it's free then it's free :) and no prizes.

        @Aimi - There will be female characters :)

      20. Amazing guys, truly amazing.

        Kevin your pic is amazing, cant wait to see this develop..

        Fantastic concept :)

      21. Nice! Good job, picking that Kevin guy! That tower's design is awesome! I feel myself wanting to try the game out just looking at it...

      22. @Heather - Yea we felt the same!

      23. Wow. Whoever made the diagram is a good artist. LOL!!!

      24. @anon 7:08PM - Hey don't be mean at my art!

      25. I pretty much fell in love with the not-yet-made game just when I saw that picture.
        Congrats Kevin, you definitely deserve to be working alongside SnD.
        Good luck Kevin. And of course you too SnD. :)


      26. Sam just have to say I LOVE YOUR DIAGRAMS! they are the most amazing thing i've ever seen and my sister is and artist lol! game sounds amazing (kind of like runescape) can't wait to try it!


      27. Looking good.
        Anything RPG related, I'll try.
        Anything Tower Defense, I'll try.
        Anything Multiplayer, I'll try.
        All 3 = too effing right I'm trying it!

        Just hope there is a large emphasis on the multiplayer part. Trading (donating gold/currency), crafting items from a crazy amount of objects (maybe in levels you can have silver veins and copper veins which your characters can mine resources from as you fight the waves, added pressure!), with these resources you can craft more powerful weapons for your characters (assuming that's the RPG element of it). Could therefore mean you can sell weapons / mined resources in the auction house to the highest bidder.

        Also, what about something similar to Pokémon added to it. We all know the best part is "catching em all", so why not include a trading card game into it or something. Like have 150 rare cards to collect in game, or gems. And maybe you could equip the gems to your characters like materia in Final Fantasy 7 giving them certain powers. And the more you use that gem, the stronger it gets

        Fire I
        Fire II
        Fire III
        Fire IV

        Etc. I definitely think collecting something like gems would be fricken sweet. And if you do trade it, it keeps the level it got to, so if someone levels the gem up to Inferno (highest fire move), it stays as an Inferno Gem instead of resetting to just Fire I

        I'm rambling though... xD


      28. @Jamz - I know what you mean :)

        @Tristan - ;P

        @GForce - Great suggestions all around thanks.

      29. @Sam, I am anon 7:08PM. I'm not being mean.I can't even draw that. I'm being honest. Don't take it the wrong way. I love your games and drawing.

      30. @anon 7:39PM - Lol I was joking when I said that, but thanks :)

      31. 1- Seems its comming some really nice thing ;)
        2- Hope its free ;)
        3- Well its me so... we need pets!!! =P Animal/creature companions ^^,
        4- LOVE the 1st tower, lets see how the rest comes (and the pets!!! I want a dragon ahaha =P Ok, maybe a whelp)
        5- LOL on the diagrams AHAHA!
        6- the chain idea seems a cool thing but as it becomes more of a real time thing probably the shortcuts will come in handy
        7- what platform? Pc? android?
        8- Go team!

        ps: PEEEETS!!! =P

      32. @Gon - I forgot pets and mounts! Added them to the list. We will be announcing platforms in the future but def PC and Android.

      33. Love the idea. It will be great.

        P.S. Fire Emblem ROCKS!

      34. So a few questions,
        1: Will there be different element mages or one mage knows all elements? I would like to see like fire emblem, soren for example Wind is his main and he can use higher level wind than other spells, but can also use fire and thunder.
        2: When you said different races, every DBZ episode replayed in my mind, now I need muffin button...
        3: I can imagine a hero design (Character design not attributes etc.) If you want to hear, I'll e-mail you, but I'd understand if not, because then you'd get character design spam email, you probably already get it...
        4: How would pets work?

      35. @anon8:17, I like fire emblem. It's awesome. I'm playing it right now. And to keep this on subject: I love the game idea, pets are gonna be awesome, and versus and co-op are going to be amazing.

      36. Who is Dan? Why doesn't he ever post or say anything?

      37. This sounds amazing, and I really like the chain idea. Can't wait to give it a try!

      38. When you say pets do you mean real creatures like wolves and lions, or fake creatures like dragons and slimes. Or both?


      39. Um...I hate to break this to you.

      40. @Xtemevillain - Lol that is not even close to what I'm doing here, did you even play that game?

      41. @Sam, "pets and mounts" well I'm all set now then, if its free, count me in playing more hours then I probably should =D

        @pvippy, in a world where magic exists both animals and magical creatures exist =D hopefully we'll have both kinds as pets(dragons aren't fake creatures, they're mythological creatures ;P)

      42. Xtreme - What? I'm confused, hate to break WHAT? a game that has absolutely nothing to do with what sam is doing?

      43. I am soooo excited for this i think its going to be much better than PTD i dont actually like pokemon that much i just like the leveling and game play. i cant wait for this game, i was just wondering if ur planning on making a large portion of the game before releasing it or are you going to introduce it with only a few levels and update it, sorry if this has already been answered

      44. 1-I play WoW and I got 2 pets: a chicken (I... found an egg close to the wolves ...) and a mech squirrell.
        2-I hope you make a druid (my character is a druid night elf)
        3-And some challenges like PTD to unlock other classes and partners.
        4-You should make a demo with those cute diagrams :3


      45. how about being able to team up with friends? that would be fun!

      46. I thought it was similar because of the chains and whatnot?

        Let's say you have a Warrior Tank (Tank is a tower designed to take the damage and defend the other towers), and he has a passive buff that makes his health higher. Well if you have any other Tower that is next to this tank tower they will also receive this buff thanks to the "Chain Buff" mechanic.

        I guess there's bound to be similarities.

      47. @xtemevillain - lol you probably should have mentioned that you meant the chain mechanic was what they had done. You made it sound like the game was the same.

      48. What about my idea for a class, Sam? :(

      49. Trading error.
        Fatal error: Call to a member function bind_param() on a non-object in /home/content/62/7819662/html/games/ptd/denyRequest.php on line 29

      50. @aimi - I will see what I can do, we haven't gotten that far :)

        @anon 9:56PM - Fixed, go back and refresh the view request page.

      51. love the diagrams sam, lol. :D

      52. great game!this game sort reminds me of adventure quest, dragon fable and gemcraft. anyway can't wait 4 it but whens it coming out? and also what about
        having ur own house?

      53. Hey I was wondering that if in the game the characters could have elements and also have classes like in fairy tail
        example: Fire Dragon Slayer
        Ice Summoner
        Wind Knight

        Thanks for all your games

      54. ¿estilo final fantasy?


      55. All I can say is... this NEEDS Haar, if you know who I'm talking about, +5 points to you.

      56. Already the best game online.

      57. hmm sounds pretty good, the chaining mechanic is what is really intriguing me at the moment so i hope you dont mind if i ask a few questions.
        firstly if you have a chain of 5 people and the person on the far left side was to start the chain, would that mean that the person on the far right will receive the same level of buff as the rest or does it grow progressively weaker as it heads down the chain?

        secondly would the buffs be able to stack, so having 3 tanks with there passive health buff means it would stack 3 times?

        third with the attacks that attack entire chains, do they become stronger the longer the chain becomes or would it be just one devastating attack on any chain that they should come across?

        and final question... for now, would having a chain only be used for chaining buffs, or will there be other benefits if you chain strategically i.e. placing a skeleton warrior next to a necromancer (if those two do appear that is)

      58. @Anon 8:26 PM - I'm Dan :P The reason you probably haven't seen me say anything is because it's mostly PTD stuff that is posted here and I don't know anything about Pokemon. I work on Ninja-ja and post there but most people are here for PTD so Sam answers all that. You'll be seeing me a lot more in the HTD posts and comments though.

        @ansul - We're just starting on it and want to take our time to iron out features we want to implement so it'll be awhile. BUT we will be doing the same sort of very early alpha release that you guys can play awhile we develop it like our other games. As far has having your own house, hmm if it expands in that direction then perhaps it's something you might see eventually.

        @Narutosager - There will definitely be elements. Right now we're going more for the traditional warrior, archer, wizard, etc classes. The ones you mention might be more like titles for certain builds and such since they are quite specific.

      59. Looks like a great game, very impressed with the graphics :)
        Hopefully it will make its way onto the apple store assuming there is no copyright problems like PTD had. Good luck on this its gonna be epic!


      60. Dan lives once more! =P /wave Hey Sam!

      61. So I am curious as to whether you can get pets and companions and if some pets can be in battle same for mounts

      62. This looks awesome! Almost sounds like a fire emblem tower defense game! Maybe it will turn out to be like one too.

        Speaking of fire emblem, will you be implementing tower health in this game too? Though I'd rather not let my units die, it'd make the game more challenging.

        I'd also like to see breakable weapons as well as a shop where you can buy weapons and such. It would kind of be like the PP system you described in an earlier post, except once the weapon runs out of "PP," then it breaks and can't be used until repaired or replaced. Can't stop thinking about fire emblem...

        I like the whole chain idea too. A little bit of strategy elements here and there ought to spice the game up. I'm hoping that there will be visible stats in the game as well as class changes/promotions. Looking forward to this game!

      63. @ anon 11:30 PM: Depends. Which Haar are you talking about?

        If it's PoR Haar, then meh. He wasn't that great in that game. Jill was much better by that point.

        If it's RD Haar, then, by all means, bring him in! Most broken beorc unit ever besides any marksmen (specifically Rolf), Mia, Nephenee, Soren, Oscar, Ike,...*blabbers on about other amazing characters*

        *Holds out hand* Now give me +5 points.

      64. @ anon 8:17 PM: If everyone had a muffin button, the world would be a better place. Guaranteed. And FE FTW.

        On a more serious note, will this game have a story to go with it as well? So far, it seems like the game is just a bunch of RPG elements (Not that there's anything wrong with that. I like RPG elements). I'm curious about how raids, auctions, and guilds will be integrated into the tower defense world.

        Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to have my Silver Knight take his spear and pierce my enemies' *faint voice says "Oh my!"*...*sighs*...guts, Takei. Guts for *Eff*'s sake, jeeze. Get back to training ninjas or whatever it is you do nowadays.

      65. 1) With HTD coming up, where will a Johto sequel for PTD come in?

        2) When is HTD likely to release its first update? (I know it won't be for a while but maybe you have a rough idea?)

        3) Will HTD be free and easy to play on a website like Newgrounds just as PTD is? Please say yes!

        Keep it up guys :)

      66. Why dont you include mystery gift or similar for HTD too???

        My idea 4 1'st gift class/skin "Dragon Master"?

      67. maybe adding these:

        cannoneer - mortar - uuuhh... something

        Golem - veteran Golem - Tank

        Wizard - Fighting mage - Super angel or something???


      68. Sam, when do you think the earliest stage of gameplay will release so that we can play like a Beta or something or even Alpha. P.S. I can't wait to play!

      69. This is really exciting! I really love Tower Defense games so I look forward to HTD. It looks like it'll be a great game.

      70. @ Dan WHAT?!Go to Bulbapedia and start with Bulbasaur and look at the first 151 and report back here and say what you have learned :P.

      71. @ Dan
        You really don't know Pokemon?! It was a staple for our generation! You should at leasssst know the 151st XD.

        Overall though, the idea sounds awesome! I can't wait for next week to see what It's like :3


      72. @ sam and dan

        so how can you make this game more of a mix between mmorpg's and tower defence. the point of rpgs is that you are free to do whatever you want, but n tower defense its only in certain levels. The only way i can think of is to have a really big map and it would work like you can go to neighboring maps, and if there are enemies there you can fight, or retreat back. Also there should be paths or roads leading to a town which there shouldnt be any battles on. Thx!

        -defective droid

      73. @ sam.
        I know a lot of people will disagree with this, but i think you should take a week of PTD and help Dan with preventing hacking from ninja-ja. Maybe it is not needed now, but when he release stuff like skins and such, he will need to clean up like you did with the mews. It took you so long time, so i don't think he should make his own mistakes, but insted learn from you. You have made a game (almost) hackfree, so it should not take you so long time to do it again

      74. Hello Sam. I am @ 11:30. If you are not going to awnser my comment, can you then atleast tell me what you are planning to do to prevent ninja-ja and HTD from getting hacked?

      75. even if those diagrams aren't very good at least it gets the point across and i cant wait to play it and wen do you think we will be able to play it

      76. GO KEVIN!!!!! :D

      77. Dan?
        Do you REALLY have no idea about pokemon???

        Watch episodes 1-3 season 1 and tell us if u like them cuz i think they r pretty cool.



      78. Good job, guys.

        Can't wait to play this, if it are going to be as good as PTD.

        But does it have to have an unoriginal name as hero TD? sadly I don't have a better alternative for a name, but it doesn't really capture the epicness I am especting from you.

        Secondly if different playable races is going to have an important part, may I suggest that humans only stay as NPC? It doesn't make any sense to me that among races that is equal to each other one is real and the others aren't. Maybe you could invent a new race to replace them?

        Lastly I wondered if the player only are control of one or two towers like one character in other RGP's, or you have a team like in PTD. I hope you not are expecting to rely on multiplayer to have enough towers for the hard levels; lonly losers like me prefer gaming on our own.

        Again thanks for the work.
        Please Respond.


      79. When will the next update of ninja-ja be out?

      80. Well I read about half the comments.
        My suggestion to you guys for HTD is try playing a game called Eden Eternal. You might find some unique features and ideas from this game since they have a unique class system where u can switch to any class at any time if the class is unlocked. and other unique stuff.

        GL on this HTD, I'm expecting alot from this since PTD is already such a good game.

      81. about the villanous game spoken, I tried a bit after it was posted, just finished now unlocking gold medals in every map, doing all achievements and mastering all flags in the castel and not even the chaining thing is the same. If you were talking about aoe buff all I have to say is... -.-' instruct yourself lol from the first pen and paper game that you have buffs afecting nearby allies, and still chaining is diferent if you are the same distance but with an ally between you and the source of the buff the results are diferent so... HTD is diferent ;) ofc some stuff will have similarities to other games/setings but it part of all games ;)

        Still the mentioned game has some cool artwork, woudn't mind seeing trees and rays like that =P but as I know you (Sam) enough, you like it more cartoonish right?

        Any prediction for when the 1st alpha? Like month or season (year? LOL)

      82. your idea isn't so new. the most of the "protector" series is this thing exactly, and there are a lot of games that involve TD and adventures, but good luck anyway!

      83. have you decided whether or not its free yet?

      84. @Matt - Yes, there will be pets and you'll pick up companions. Pets and possibly mounts will definitely have a roll in battle but we're still figuring out how it'll work exactly.

        @Chris Tan - Oddly, I don't think either of us has ever played Fire Emblem lol so it's interesting everyone is pointing out some of the similarities. Sounds a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics though which I did play.

        Towers will have health but you'll be able to heal and resurrect like in typical RPGs.

        Hmm equipment repairs, maybe. I personally always hated that feature because it's more or less just a money sink. We have some sweet ideas to make equipment unique though but you'll hear more about that later. There will certianly be shops of some kind but we also really want to encourage trading among players.

        Yes, there will be a story. It might be a bit cliche because we're not exactly writers but we have some cool ideas in mind.

        We're still figuring out the details for larger groups working together in rais, auctions, guilds, etc but we have a general idea. I don't want to give any specifics yet because it's still a concept we're working on.

        @Anon 6:52 AM - We'll most likely have something similar.

        @Anon 10:05 AM - Lol, nah I'd rather spedn that time working on the games :P

        @KimmyLube - I haven't had a Nintendo system since the N64 so that might have something to do with it :D

        @defective driod - If you remember in the old days mmorpgs were split up into sections (zones) which are now seamless today (for the most part anyway). The had neighboring zones and such like you mentioned. Think of it like that. You'll be going to different zones essentially with each having it's own setup for towers and whatnot. These zones will probably be larger than your screen size so you'll probably need to scroll around it to place towers and such which means you'll need to be on the ball for tougher fights.

        @Shadow 2:14 PM - I saw the Robot Chicken episode with Pokemon in it, does that count?

        @Sredna - Hero TD is about as original as Pokemon TD but it's kind of on purpose. It's short, easy to remember, and gives you a general idea of what it's about without even seeing the game itself, that is heros within a TD setting.

        I'm not really sure why the idea of mixing a real race with fictional races wouldn't make sense. Some people just like playing as something they are familiar but with special abilites and such while others like to take on the roles of various races and creatures they have no association with.

        There will be a mix of both. A raid encounter will of course require more than one player to beat. Unless you really did want to try it on your own but I wouldn't expect you'd get very far lol. We'll have stuff for both though so no worries, might even have dungeons and bosses and such that you HAVE to do on your own.

        @Anon 3:06 PM - This week, I'm almost done just tying up some loose ends.

        @ChanMan - Hm I think I've heard of that game before but never played it. Might have to check it out at some point, thanks!

        @Anon 5:01 PM - That's fine, we'll just do it better! :D

      85. Hm... item durability is... well, not a good thing lol. Specially if its one of those games that if you don't fix it "in time" they brake and it becomes either permanently damaged or destroid so...

        The other thing that is "scarrying" me is the guild/raid stuff, I mean encourage trading seems cool but forcing into multiplaying can become an issue. One of the problems with mmos is the people interaction and when your progress is dependant on other people you can fall back on the game content due to other people and trust me it can become really frustrating... just adding some info to the table now that is still all in "skech" ;)

        next week can we see an animal (possible simple pet) like a wolf or something? =D

      86. Woah! Exciting news!!

        Since I'm a mmorpgaholic (wow.. that went pretty weird) I got some suggestions to make:

        1) If we're going to have races, let's make them with a purpose. What I have in mind is something like:
        If u're a dwarf u get a def bonus as a tank class
        If u're an elf u have exclusive skills as an archer
        If u're a gnome ur fire moves does more damage as a mage
        and so on...

        The idea is to each race have different bonus for each class, so that adds more diversity to the game.

        2) Promotions! It would be pretty nice to have some kind of "evolutions" for the characters. I was thinking about u get evolutions based on ur race and have some of them in common with anothers.
        Human mage --> Choose Wizard or Warlock
        Zombie mage --> Choose Necromancer or Warlock
        Elf mage --> Choose Summoner or Wizard
        Gnome mage --> Summoner or Necromancer

        So you see... it stills only 4 evolutions distributed between the races, but it would add different stats/bonus based on ur race. It would be nice to have more than 2 options too.

        3) Give some buffs/stats/skills/etc when u have especific classes in the field:
        When u have a Warrior, a Knight and a Paladin in the field your melee atacks does 20% more dmg
        When u have a Priest, a Wizard and a Summoner in the field the Summoner gains a skill to summon an Ent that does nature dmg and helps on healing

        I always enjoyed to have tons of classes to choose, with many different skills between them. Takes more strategy and variety to the game.

        Well... I know it seems that the game maybe get too wide with this kind of stuff but I think if it would be implemented for once in a while u would be able to handle it xD.

        I guess that's enough for now...

        Thx for the efforts and keep the awesome job.


      87. @Dan: You could say that it's like Final Fantasy Tactics, though, assuming you're talking about the Tactics for Playstation and not for GBA or DS, there are some big differences.

        Take job classes for example. In Tactics, you could change classes for any given character. In most Fire Emblem games (except for Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem), characters generally stay in one class type. Yes, they can promote, but they are stuck with one or two types of weapons (i.e. bows, staves, magic, etc.). Also death works a bit differently. In Tactics your character could "die," but still live to see another day if you save them or beat the level in time. In Fire Emblem, when a character dies, he/she dies, and you can't use them again. Ever. Unless you bring them back to life with a very rare staff, but that's not in all the games.

        In short, Fire Emblem is a lot more strategy based with a bit more luck and in depth when it comes to stats than Tactics. Both are still enjoyable nonetheless. I'd look at some game play to see the differences and similarities for yourself, or you could go to "SerenesForest". Fun fact: There was supposed to be a Fire Emblem game for Playstation, but it was never finished.

        Well, at least units aren't completely expendable. It'll at least take some stress in regards to keeping them alive.

        I always thought that breakable equipment is what made Fire Emblem more interesting. Having your stronger weapons be more breakable is what balanced weapons out. It also made players rely on character stats more (though some characters just plain suck in general. I'm looking at you, Fiona and Meg). It would work like the PP points in Pokemon games, except you would "restore your PP" by buying new equipment or, in this case, repairing your equipment. Though I don't know how you plan to use money. In Fire Emblem, all money was really used for was to buy equipment. Same with Pokemon Tower Defense and Pokemon games in general too.

        I'm not looking for a complex story or anything like in Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem. Maybe something as simple as the early Pokemon games. Just hoping that there are some exciting plot twists and such there aren't any Mary Sues in the story *stares at Micaiah and shakes head*.

        Well, I wish you, Sam, and Kevin the best of luck with this game. I can't wait to see those new features.

      88. @sam and dan

        Lots of people are talking about job advancements sort of thing. mabye you could add like a quest u need to pass to upgrade each job. like the achievements in ptd u could make it win without a certain attack or only with certain characters. you could have a list of upgrade quests as a menu option and the requirements 2 do it. for example to do the fire mage quest you have to have a basic mage at least lv 20 .

        Btw i've always been a fan of tower defense games and PTD is the best one i've ever played but by the sounds of it HTD is going to surpass it by far!

        ???(???? in PTD trading center)

      89. Looks better than PTD...

        I never tought one day I would say that...

      90. Dan,

        Is robot chicken a real thing?

        No, sorry.

        Dan, if u watch ep. 1-3 ull b amazed how cool it is!


        if u watch those episodes (season 1) and u still dont like pokemon u just dont have the spirit for it... (i guess)

        its nothing bad really, but pokemon is well known nowadays,

        (not like digimon, which i also like)

        Do u think at least that bleach is good?
        or Vampire Knight?

        Man, those things really ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!


      91. dont you think you guys might be doing a little to much at a time? maybe you guys should go slower or something else i think you guys are going a little hard on yourseves and i think you should slow down a bit.

      92. Dan if you really want to see how good pokemon is I would suggest watching the jhoto season (best season im my opinion, i think the pokemon like politoad,crobat,toadidile,ho-oh, and lugia are the best).

      93. Sam Dan is you ask me i think HTD is the best thing ever.Next to PTD of course because thats cool too.(sorry dan i dunno what the heck ninja-ja is ive never played and it looks very strange).Well i think id like to see more pictures your new artist kevin draws up because i really wanna see what the game looks like and your vision of it.Then i will know for sure if i want to play it or not!!!

      94. Let me throw out some ideas thats both made up and kinda inspired from other games.
        -Villages! My idea is that this game can function in villages. (This is just an example) Lets say the story starts with your village getting attacked by an unknown army, and with only one Warrior/Rouge/Wizard standing [You] figthing for your life to defend the village, you succsesfully draw back the enemy, leaving your village destroyed. Lets say you build things in your village, like a Training house (A place to raise th max level of your towers) A recruiting place (To train up and get new towers) and much more
        -Multiplayer! Do your village match up to your enemyes? Choose your friends and enemyes!

        Well, hope you liked it and mabey took it into consideraion :)

      95. @copycat - we have to go hard if we want to accomplish anything. I tend to be an all or nothing kinda person. So I choose all :)

        @anon 1:18PM - We hope to make HTD really really good :)

        @WolfieXp - Interesting ideas there, we will keep them in mind :)

      96. Hello Sam. Got a question for you:
        How many have bought each pack of ninja-ja?

      97. Will this be available on the android market? It looks awesome

      98. Can't wait to play this!!!!


      99. @Gon - I'm not really a fan of item durability either but some people do have good points about it. We'll see how it goes when we get there.

        We understand the concern about that. You definitely won't be forced inot multiplayer but it's most likely how you will get the best loot, otherwise there'd be little incentive to even do it. We're still throwing ideas around but we want everyone to experience all the content so we might even have two versions of every dungeon/boss, one raid style, one solo style. The raid one will obviously be harder but better rewards. Hmm, we'll see.

        @Anon 10:00 PM - 1) Yeah, those are like racial talents. Good to have but tricky to balance. It's definitely a consideration though.
        2) Lots of people have mentioned similar ideas with titles, jobs, evolutions, etc. We'll probably have something like that because it adds a lot.
        3) This is an idea that came up when we talked about the chaining idea as well so you might see something similar at some point.
        Thanks for all the suggestions!

        @Chris Tan - Yeah, FFT for the PS was the one I was referring to. I see what you're saying though. Some interesting concepts for sure.

        I've played a few games with equipment durability and I agree it can definitely have a purpose but most of the time it's just a money sink. Demon's Souls is one where they made it have an actual purpose. Awesome sword, but very low durability, etc. Sounds similar to how Fire Emblem did it. We'll have to discuss this and see if we like the idea overall.

        Everyone loves twists so we'll definitely be trying to do something like that to keep things interesting.

        Thanks for the wishes!

        @??? - It's certainly possible to have something like that in order to unlock certain jobs and such. Interesting idea.

        @Shadow - Lol, Robot Chicken is real indeed. I was joking mainly because the Pokemon segement they had was pretty funny.

        I haven't seen Bleach but heard of it plenty and not sure about Vampire Knight. I've seen a bunch of other animes though.

        @Anon 1:03 PM - Perhaps at some point but for now I'm spending my time focusing on HTD and Ninja-ja :)

        @Anon 1:18 PM - Lol, it's all good. It's not based on a franchise or anything so it's not like it already has fans and it's not really a genre that is around anymore. It's more like a shoutout to some older games like Lethal Enforcers, Time Crisis, Terminator 2 for Sega, etc but my version of it.

        @Anon 7:52 PM - Yes it will.

      100. Will this be able to be played on the phone as well Or just a computer.


      101. @Explicit - We are shooting for that.

      102. less talk, give us releases.
        p.s. never a good idea talking about a game your going to release, better always to talk about games you've released ;)

      103. i think that this is an awesome idea but, i do think there should be a couple different things that each class can learn, like if its a mymridon (swordsman) than it would have its normal slash but it would also be able to learn new swings and techniques, also i think some of the techniques should be able to hurt the defending towers or else the health is pretty useless, like in ptd the only times you use health is when your trying to get through. so i think it would add more of a challenge. by the way i tried posting this once and it didnt post

        -Mr. Awesome

      104. Dan?

        What anime do u like best?

        Could we include Shinigami in HTD???

        Did u watch Soul Eater?
        That's pretty cool!!!


      105. You should work on HTD now since you're done with PTD update.

      106. @Sam what language do you use when you program?

      107. Sam

        I just wanted 2 make sure u guyz r still working on PTD...

        Since this post has to have something bout HTD on it then I just wanted 2 remind u that u said only Tuesdays r HTD and rest is PTD...

        (Not that i dont want 2 see HTD come out)


        Why dont u get someone from another region of time which isn't very far from the one u live in?

        That way u could get a little more PTD and HTD done i guess.

        Would help if it's ur friend...


        Same thing xept with Ninja-ja


        Why don't u release another edition of Ninja-ja with no download, no added bonuses and codes, and FREE???

        U could then show ppl how great it is and make them buy the others!!!


        Sam, Dan, do u live nearby each other or not???
        (just wonderin')


      108. Sam or Dan, about SnD coins, for those who bought NinJa-Ja, will SnD coins be included in thier package or a seperate purchas(Purchas looks wrong how is this spelled?) that must be made?

      109. Hey Dan. I'm the Anon who asked who you are. That explains it. I was always wondering why it was called Sam & Dan Games when I only saw things posted by Sam. And you seriously never played a Pokemon game? Wow! You should. It's a great series.

      110. Kevin's graphics submission looks amazing, can't wait to see what he comes up with for the game. It's definitely a very interesting concept, I'm looking forward to it guys!

      111. Just wondering is there going to be an update this weekend I've been popping back everyday and not seen any news?

      112. Sam in the past few updates there hasn't been an ending cutscene on the levels like there used to be. After you beat viridian forest it showed joey catching his pikachu. Can we get another cutscene like that instead of the box that says one line like let's go and possibly in the future could you go back to those and make the ending more interesting


      113. Check my profile I have rare shinys and good pokemon---->ivand

      114. Have you considered having a last updated thing on your posts instead of just when it was posted?

        -Haxing Cat

      115. hey sam, have you considered adding a survival mode to pokemon tower defense?

      116. HEY the game is very nice, A good idea would be that when you win 8 medals have the pokemon tournament and also that when you finish the kanto region could go to the johto region and then to the Hoenn region and so on in each region

      117. hey sam,

        did you get my email? i was trying to talk to you about how my idea can work and you never responded. i understand you are very busy with the update, but can you let me if you at least got it, but will discuss it later with me?

        please respond to this.

        Thank you,

      118. i just searched for a drowzee and the first one that came up is level -100. the person who is giving it away is man pleaser, i think he hacked

      119. This information is for Sam Lavender people out in the following pokemon hunter (1%), Gastly (90) and Cubone (9%)
        and I would recommend you to do 35 waves of 10 Pokemon and could also put in blue Gastly and Marowak

      120. I emailed same for my password and i tried to login, but I still can't? Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't played since like version 2.6 or something.

      121. wow, how will you manage 2 games at once? this sounds cool. my ideas for classes are

        warrior:classic slashing
        archer:longer range, but a little weak
        magician:powerful, but slow/short range
        boxer:extremely strong but really short range
        whipper:decent power and range
        sage:weak, but can power allies up
        gunner:long range and strong
        angel:infinite range. its halo is a boomerang, so it can do 2x the damage.
        etc.(more will be added.)

        these classes are actually from a game called "stick ranger" and you know why this comment might be removed or flagged. that's right.


        JK but yes, this sounds like it is going to be a successful game.

        any way, with the PTD list here, i have one idea about PTD. different tower ranges. i think that explains itself.

        so Sam, please think about this and don't rush this game. it sound good.

      122. when are you going to put in multiplayer in PTD, and what is it going to be like if you actually put it in the game

      123. You know what you should do is you should add one of the legendary dogs in the hero edition of ninja-ja and I would for sure buy it becauuse right now paying $20 for just Mew doesn't really seem worth it since I doubt anyone cares about shiny pikachu, the starters, and magikarp. Just a suggestion I would buy it in a heart beat.

      124. @anon 8:43PM - You are right, we plan to address this issue very soon.

      125. wait didn't this toppic used to have something saying "only post on HTD here"? lol

        anyway, is it too soon for some clue on the release date? OR if you find it can be troublesome to set some date you're not sure, how about a progress list (with no limit of time) so that we can see how stuff is comming like:

        Playable Classes:

        Warrior (xx%)
        Graphics (x%)
        Animations (x%)

        Oh and one thing I remembered for money making could be a double way to get stuff, like when you do quests or so you win something (there is a similar system in DDO) like reputation points or SnD or whatever but at a slow rate. And with those points you could unlock races/classes/hairstyles(LOL)/etc BUT you could also buy that currency say rep/SnD with money. Not exclusive with money so it doesn't afect the actual gameplay but easier to get.
        Other idea that came to my mind to keep it interesting and making ppl want to pay was like Artix Entertainment worked with Dragon Fable/Adventure quest/ etc etc etc that was a one time payment per profile(not per account, there was a discount on if you upgrade the full account) with the reward not only beeing something for the moment but things that were coming as bonus with the game. For instance, lets say the game starts with 4 free classes, and you can buy the 5th. it wouldn't end there, meaning after some months there would be 8 free and 2 or 3 that the people that upgrated the account would have, without buying more, but increasing the bonuses for ppl that would buy. Dunno if I mande myselft clear, its not in a way that payed have more hardcore chars, only more cool looking. And the same for races, etc.

        Hope you like my suggestions! ;) And lets see what new stuff next tuesday will bring us =)

      126. Is this going to be available for iPhone too? Because no matter much I have to pay I would get this and other people would too.

      127. please read

        i think you should make and inbetween world and quit multiplayer the inbetween world will let you walk into levels and also you will see trainers in the inbetween world if they accept theyy take turns in tower and stuff

        your most creative helper

      128. So, because you were working on HTD you never had the PTD update ready for this weekend :(

        Oh well, best of luck programming!

        We were hoping that after the security updates, that you'd focus on completing the game. We were hoping for about 2 levels a week, but you seem to get so focused on other details and stuff, that we'll never finish the storyline...

        Thanks for all of your hardwork nonetheless. We really appreciate it and the PTD is pretty sweet, which is the only reason we are really hoping you finish it! Thanks!

      129. @anon 2:13AM - Cause I was working on HTD? Nah try again, I was working on this update for PTD all week.

      130. So question, will there be any new pokemon this week? or is thins going to be a deeper story level and not a find new pokemon level?

      131. Could you guys put it on the android phone? :3

      132. Dear everyone in the Pokecenter:
        I'm not going to trade my rare shinies for the freebie ones that everyone has (Geodude, jigglypuff, pidgy, rattata, zubat, and any others I've missed ),
        I'm NEVER going to accept any Hacked pokemon, no matter how rare.
        and I'm not going to accept non-shinies either.. please make real offers.

      133. Sam
        I have a new idea for the next PTD update, you could make a level where we can choose what kind of pokemon comes out so when we want to train a pokemon like garyados we could choose rock type pokemons. And to avoid hacks that level would have a lot rounds and no shinyes and a speed raise.


      134. This comment didnt show up last time so here we go

        When we trade pokemon. do the pokemon that we got from the trade just go to our email?? or do they just pop up in our storage??



      135. Sam I found a glitch on the trading center I Traded and it was a girl and it said him instead of her

      136. Pokemon also droP candy at the entrance of rock tunnel levels when whirlwinded. Is that intended or is it like the digglets cave glitch? It happens for sure against the first picnicker with gyrados not sure about other fights with candy tho :/


      137. @anon 2:25AM - no new pokemon this week...

      138. is the update going to be out today or later this week? And if you aren't sure yet thats all right, just wondering.

      139. Hey Sam

        can you make version exclusives such as Ekans in Red, and Sandshrew in Blue, available in the other version, like for a week, sow we can get the other versions exclusive pokemon

      140. @Uptown

        If you have any chance of seeing this please tell me what 6 shinies you would like for your suicune i have nearly all of them i'm just having a hard time figuring a combination of pokemon you might like

        Thankyou, that guy you prob no

      141. @Anon 12:38
        You can just make a second profile with a different version than your first. Catch the Pokemon you want then trade it to your main profile.

      142. Am I the only one constantly clicking refresh?

        -Haxing Cat

      143. Maybe you should just postpone the hacking security until early next week. I know there are a lot of people waiting for the update and you are doing a lot this update.

      144. sam are you there, this s to see if you are responding right now

        HTD looks awesome. Its very cool of you to take the time and money to create games that million(s) love. I absolutely adore RPG games. This will be a huge leap in RPG games. Could you add a function where you can cut down trees, mine for gold, fish... This way you can build stuff, sell it , or do whatever you want with the materials. You would have to train a certain skill in order to make a certain thing out of a certain material. For pets can you be able to buy multiple pets then crossbreed them, like a Dragon with a Fish so you could have, say a swimming dragon. Sam you are very awesome and so is Dan even thou I dont here from him much. Thank you for taking the tie to read this detailed letter. (P.S. Is Dan the creator of Dan Ball Games, I was third :D, and if anyone wants to trade with me on PTD my name is"MASTERTRADER/VERYFAS" I have amzing pokes. Cant wait for HTD!!!!!!!


      145. v3.7 is now out on the blog, I have to leave for the day so the apk/exe will be released by tomorrow. Also new avatar gift on Monday. Enjoy!

      146. There is a bug that freezes. After I lost, I could still see my pokemon, but there weren't any buttons to click.

      147. Found a small bug, when using rest, if the pokemon's bar is in red, the full bar stays red.

      148. Nice update sam. Took me a second to get used to the old style of moves. BTW IT'S A GREAT IDEA TO GIVE YOUR VENESUAR GIGA DRAIN AND PETAL DANCE! That confusion is annoying. Especially on the lavender town stage where the last 4 waves attack you.

      149. Hey Sam...quick note...during Rock Tunnel, I got to the exit and it told me I got why can't I play Lavender Town? Fair enough I haven't beaten Giant Onyx yet, but I still got out of the Rock Tunnel? Bit of a flaw there.


      150. i know you are away know but ive got a question:
        is it possible to win without light screen, barrier and other lowboon DEF rising attacks?

      151. nice level. love it. :)

      152. aha npc persian can attack while it sleeps and regenerate hp .... thats fukn dump giovanni hacked the game and learn his persians selfcreated moves?!?! cauze my persian cant attack and restore hp at the same time

      153. i'm the only one that have seen that the game in the blog is still v. 3.6.1?

      154. 5th or 6th wave is glitched. Once all but one persian is killed the last one freezes and everything attacks it without damaging it.

      155. umm... I don't know if this is just me, but I can't access v3.7 on the blog, oh well guess I'll just have to be patient, thanks again for all your hard work!

      156. Sam,

        When will the daily codes be here??
        We waited 2? updates for it!

        I guess it must be rly hard 4 u 2 do all this internet/game stuff, but u said it will be here a long time ago...

        Your big follower/fan/???


      157. Poliwrath has a bug in the new level: It frozen and block the target, and the towers next him will attack the frozen tower and they do no damage, making the other enemys getting candy easily

        Sorry for my bad English


      158. @ sam (or dan if he can fix this)

        there is a glitch in lavender town(im not sure if it is only in this level) but sometimes my pokemon just dont attack. even when the cooldown is down they dont attack. Also i know it cant be the pokemon because i used disable on them, and also there would be an arrow pointing down. can u plz fix this?

        -defective droid

      159. Lavender Town is... hard to say the least. Sam, why can't our Persians be that OP? We want OP Persians.

      160. The new level has a bug: Sometimes a Persian frozens and makes towers attack without damaging him. It happens to me not only with Poliwrath.

        Sorry again for my bad English.


      161. ptd is the best game ever I am addicted to it

      162. Having seen a recent tweet of yours I'd like to say I've made text-base games and oh yes I enjoy programming. If you'd like assistance that'd be fun.

      163. Why can't Machamp learn Dynamic Punch through TM?

      164. At Wave 5 of Lavender Town, I put a Persian to SLEEP, but it was still attacking my towers.

      165. for some reason there's a glitch with machamp when it uses submission, the hp bar becomes extremely large for some reason.....
        I'm Iceblade by the way

      166. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 21, 2011 at 8:28 PM

        I JUST CAME UP WITH THE MOST EPIC THING ABOUT THE GAME SINCE THE GAME ITSELF! Okay, I'm overreacting a bit, but I do have a good idea. Since many people havent played any other pookemon games before this one, and/or have never watched the show, it would be a good idea to have a story page that exxplains the story up to the players personal progress in the game, and is updated whenever they finish a level. Just anothe cool idea to throw out there, don't reply if you dont like it, though.

        PS can't wait for Sinnoh part just so I can get Infernape and Luxray (hence my name). I await patiently. *turns back to stare at screen*

        your insane fan,
        Leader of Luxinape XP

      167. Hay Sam
        I love tower defence games, I can never get enough of them but I've been starting to get bored of them.But lately they've been starting to add a new ability for a couple of them where you get to play as a selected tower.I love that because your not just sitting there watching a screen doing alomost nothing.An example of one of these games is Bloons TD 4, they just added a monkey that shoots wherever your mouse is and it's made the games 1000 times better.So it's something you might want to think about, thanks! :)


      168. Hey Sam, I really liked the new move rebalancing, however I noticed a glitch when with double edge. I taught it to my pidgeot, however due to the way I set up my pokemon, somehow pidgeot kept gaining hp, making his life bar huge. My set up was first column, venasuar (giga drain), alakazam (physic)/ 2nd column charizard (flamethrower) Blastois (hydro pump)/ 3rd row pidgeot (double edge) nidoking (earth power). I tried different set ups to figure it out, but I couldn't.

      169. Ok, I found a very odd glitch. I was going to train some pokemon on route 5, so I also used Venusaur and Charizard to help. For some reason though the Venusaur would dissapear after a while and the box would still be blue, but it would say:


        Capture Pokemon."

        So I tested it with a different Venusaur, and the same thing still happened. It was quite weird. I still have the Venusaurs, a shiny one and a non shiny one, both from a trade, not hacks, and somehow this thing is happening only with them and not my other pokemon. And it happens when wave 17 appears. Honestly, it's creeping me out a tiny bit. <.<


      170. ... wait, never mind. I'm getting a feeling now that's my pokemon being beaten, right? First time that happened to me, so that's why I got creeped out. My mistake. XD;


      171. Seems to be a glitch with frozen pokemon. A frozen persian is still able to attack towers.

      172. @anonymous 8:51 Are your venusaurs using a move that decreases their health? Thats what happens on the new level when things are killed by the persians.

      173. idk if this happened to anyone else but during the lavender level, at the 7th wave, my machamp multiplied itself when it died. But only his image(the copies did not attack) oO

        Also i would like to propose that whenever our pokemon get killed and we lose the level, the same team remains there when back at the pokemon storage so we don't have to put all of them back again *every* single time

      174. i don't like the new earthquake/petal dance attack effects. seeing as not every move is implemented in the game, i don't know why you would want to hinder pokemon that don't learn good attacking moves like Diglett and Venusaur.
        protect's effect seems like it lasts for too long which is also a hindrance to the gameplay.

        just some thoughts!

      175. So i am excited to play the new level when i find out all my data from the last time i played is gone!
        and yes i did save, i remember, please help me! it took me a while to beat the onix and i really dont wont to do it again.

      176. the only thing i don't like is that in lavender town, the persians can do some decent damage and i do not like only bringing my pokemon that know healing techniques(venusaur, vileplume, and golbat) could you add a technique where you can heal 50% of all party members' HP? or is that too much to ask?

      177. How come Disable doesn't stop the Persians from attacking my towers?

      178. umm... I think this is a bug but when a pokemon is frozen I dont think they can attack but when u freeze them they attack so can u plz take care it?

      179. Sam, when are you planning on replacing the link to the Meebo Trade Chat with the link to the Mibbit trade chat on the forum? I'm usually unable to access the Meebo trade chat because the site isn't loading correctly, and the server has random errors for random people. A lot of people were wondering this, so I just thought I'd ask.

      180. Now that you've made the attack damages and hit rates true to the original, which I'm ever so happy about, I do have a couple of modifications to pitch. One, Dig does 100 damage rather than 80. Two, Slash is something I use on my tank Snorlax in Pokemon Blue because it doesn't double the critical chance- rather the critical chance is half. I don't remember the random critical rate but I want to say ten percent. You probably already know and coded it in.

      181. I need a way to search to trade the pokemon that i want with the pokemon that i have, all in one

      182. Hi Sam,

        i cant change my Pokemons nicknames no more! Is it a glitch?

      183. I agree with Anon 12:44. What everyone really wants to check is whether the pokemon they want is available for something they have.

        A couple other trade center recommendations:
        1. It would be really nice to be able to pull a selection of Pokemon off the trade center together, instead of one at a time. If I want to move 10 or 20 over to a different profile it takes a while. (A checkbox would be good)
        2. When checking trade requests, I would appreciate it if the screen came back to the Pokemon I was on after I deny a trade offer, instead of going to the main trade requests screen. It's hard to deny many trades for a Pokemon at a time. (A checkbox might be good here too)

      184. sam i didn't do the event , to hard , but i completed rock tunnel and its not letting me on lavender town and i beat the giant onix help!


      185. Lavander town... thats it? lol =S guess next week then... ppl all worked out in "is it possible to get a ghost cubone/marowak this week?" nop lol not even enter the tower, wait shouldn't he have recieved a silph scope now?

        btw liked the intro missed the ledge JUMP!!! please add sam

      186. Hey, the latest story level has some major glitches. The opponents pokemon keep freezing on the map and so thus my pokemon keep firing at that frozen pokemon which never goes away. So I lose every time no matter what...

        Also, its cool the dogs are now able to appear in the wild and all, but the rate must be $%^! nuts! I spent all last week...yeah nothing. Which honestly, dont see the point in it when your just going to start giving them away in daily codes or some prizes. Defeats the purpose for those who kept at it trying to get a dog at an insane rate.

        Btw, shiny rate at .1% is fine. .01% would be the lowest I would ever set ANY thing for this game. .001% rate is just giving fans the finger.

      187. Hello Sam and Dan!

        I need help. Up to now I have never had any problems with PTD but now v3.7 doesn't load on my computer. I deleted the cache and i pressed Ctrl+F5 several times, but nothing helped. I would really like to play the new level. What can I do about it?

        Greetings from Austria.

      188. Hey Sam,
        I love the fact that it's now displayed if the attacks are special or physical.
        But now I'd like to know what the attack and sp. attack from my pokemon are. Is it possible to display or implement these numbers?

      189. i was playing the lavander town level today and when my alakazam used recover nothing happened and as a result it was defeated by the persians, thankfully i cleared the level despite this, but it is something that needs to be fixed, and how do people have shiny drowzees in the trade centre below level 20 and it says they arent hacked? good update anyways, keep up the good work and i look forward to the daily codes :)

      190. lavender town is so annoying! on wave 7, apparently, i was about to ko a persion ,when suddenky, my golem glitched, use buldoze a few times, but the perian froze: the health bar was BEHIND it. WTF??? then my machamp started to glitch and a copy ofd itself was there and it froze. Then my golem froze. That sucked

      191. My game is having problems at Vermillion gym, it just enters the title screen at wave 28/29l. please help!

      192. sam

        there is a problem in the pokemoncenter. If you trade any pokemon from one of your acounts to another the 2 pokemon go to 1 acount. please fix.


      193. Could Fire Spin and moves like it stop the pokemon from moving for 3 seconds while inflicting about 20 damage per hit, because in the original games the opposing pokemon could not attack when Fire Spin was still on them. It would be great if Fire Spin was a mix of Thunder Wave and Ember. Besides it takes a lot of pokemon a while to learn it.

        Also an item that needs in is the Amulet Coin because of the daily codes thing. You could make it a challenge level involving Giovonni (could be like Lavendar Town except certain pokemon need to be used like Vulpix, Machamp, etc. all level 44, with Giovonni having an extra Persian on each wave come out. You can't look me in the eye and say adding the Amulet Coin is a bad idea. It would double the amount of money you earned on that level. That would be great huh!

      194. Your number one priority right now daily codes!

      195. Sam are you working on the game today?


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