Ninja-ja: Alpha v1.4 update is now available!

Well, I'm finally done with this update. You can get it at the Ninja-Ja updates page as always for those of you who bought it or did an offer.

Sam had to show me how to do all the database stuff which I've never done before so that took most awhile. I made some tweaks as well as added a bunch of stuff. The Top Scores page is now set up so you can compare your scores to others. Keep in mind this is a lesser version than what we will eventually have.. and there might be some bugs so be sure to let me know if you run into any problems. Also it'll probably get cleared once we release the real version that will only allow unique usernames and such but for now it's just there to have some fun with.

The next update should have a bit more fun stuff in it. I might be able to start the story mode and add other things related to that. Also hoping to add in the special abilities soon which I think will be pretty cool.

Here's the list of changes:

  • Made Profiles Screen Go Directly To Menu Screen
  • Fixed Profile Overwrite Scores Bug
  • Shuriken Depth Hit Detection
  • Added Low Health Slow Heartbeat
  • Added Critical Health Fast Heartbeat
  • Added Skill Score
  • Added Top Score Notification
  • Added Top Scores Page
  • Added Stage Select Screen
  • Added New Stage

That's it for now, thanks for the suggestions and support, enjoy!


  1. First!
    And i there is a big bug... You can't press any of the buttons from the score screen

  2. i love ninja-ja, but not ptd. keep the good work going!


  3. Fantastic Dan.. Loving the scores feature, oh and the depth of the shuriken is amazing, seems more real now :)

    Keep it up :)

  4. Why isn't it free?

  5. Dan i love ninjaja i cant wait for it to be finished it is an awsome game i wonder if it will get a whole lot better. ps.first

  6. I am 1:12. Found out this bug only happens if you got a save created in version 1.3

  7. @anom 1:40
    Because they need to get some money somehow, in Ninja-ja you have to pay and PTD will be the donation button.
    Sam and Dan, you make awesome games, can't wait the new HTD and PTD update!

    -Gabriel-have to pay and PTD will be the donation button.
    Sam and Dan, you make awesome games, can't wait the new HTD and PTD update!


  8. Ops, my comment ir laggy :D


  9. @Pikman - Thanks, there's certainly more to come.

    @Phinq - Thanks :)

    @Richard - Glad you like it, Sam had to help me with the shuriken depth lol

    @Anon 1:40 PM - Might be a free version eventually but it won't include any of the bonus stuff.

    @ The T Man - I have a bunch of stuff I plan to put in so it should get a lot better indeed :)

    @Anon 2:13 PM - Hah oh yeah gotta use v1.4, had me worried there for a moment. :P

    @Anon 2:17 PM - We're doing our best!

  10. you need to add a pause menu that if you get ingame points you can buy stuff with the points in the ingame points like weapons and armor/lives

  11. Hey dan,please ask sam when the multiplayer will be out!i want to challenge other trainers!
    One more thing,i am a great fan of sam,please tell him that.
    And i bet HTD will be a great success! :)
    (i am brazilian)

  12. Keep up the good work Dan, I await the day it becomes available on the andriod :3

  13. I found a bug in PTD, for example, i have 45P money, and pokemon level costs that much, i'll take that and BOOM, i have -45P money, i dont know that will it work in all levels but that happened to me in route3

  14. Still waiting for my birthday, so i can get an Android, but when i get it (With i will most probably) I'll get at least some version of Ninja-ja.
    Also looking forward to HTD


  15. When it comes to Android it is

  16. Is Onix' Sandstorm supposed to hurt your own team? .. or is that a glitch?

  17. Hey Dan, I was thinking maybe adding some calm music to the levels; maybe something oriental that goes with the stage.

  18. pikman your that dude that made a fight on a PTD blog page and dan love ninjaja

  19. you guys make awesome games, and i cant wait to try out ninja-ja for real, and i love ptd You guys rock!
    -An Awesome Fan for Awesome Dudes
    ps you guys didnt see my message :D sam you should add eevee because i LOVE THAT LITTLE THING! ask anyone i go nuts for it :P anywho.. dan you should make a level in ninja-ja where they start shooting sharp poisonous darts at you, and you have limited sticks to block them :D SORRY FOR A SUPER LONG MESSAGE!

  20. @awesome august 25

    Thats not a long message.

  21. @rashid - I actually did have something like that in mind so you'll probably see a similar idea put in at some point.

    @KimmyLube - Haha thanks, yeah sorry the phone versions got delayed a bit.

    @Anon 2:13 PM - Hmm, yeah I might look into adding some music eventually. Just trying to get in the main features first.

    @awesome1awesome - Lol thanks, there will certainly be some different types of levels once I get to making the story mode.

  22. At the Rock Tunnel you have to have a pokemon that knows the Flash Atack? And if yes then which pokemon can learn the Flash Atack?

  23. YES! Ninja-ja is finally free! AWESOME!:D


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