Weekly Progress: PTD v3.5, Title Screen Contest Finalist, ideas for the future.

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So our forum members have voted and the Title Screen Contest Finalist have been choosen! View the entries below and then vote on the poll for who you want to win! This title screen will replace the current one until I do another one of these contest.

WINNER! - Entry (1) is a flash animation, click here to view it.

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Thanks to everybody who participated!

You guys voted and now you can change the nickname of a pokemon regardless if you got it from a trade.

Okay so let's talk about the update for this weekend.

We have another story mode level coming. This time we are heading to the Rock Tunnel and all it's darkness, Flash will finally have an "out of battle" use. This also means 2 new pokemon will be added along with their evolutions. Plus regular onix will also show up to be captured.

A new feature that many of you have requested for a long time is finally coming. I will be adding a tower targeting system to the game. You will be able to set your individual towers to specific targeting instructions such as attack first, attack last, attack with candy, etc.. please post your suggestions for good targeting commands on the comments below.

Finally, many of you have talked about alternative ways to get shiny pokemon that don't require extreme luck. So for one of the new pokemon that is coming in the update I will be adding a special quest inside the game that once you finish the quest you will be awarded the shiny version of that pokemon. The quest will be a combination of things that you will have to accomplish, the game will give you clues as to how to do the quest. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Eventually every pokemon will have it's own quest so that you can find it's shiny version. On top of that you can still find shiny pokemon randomly in the while just like you can now.

That's all I have for the update below you will see my progress in completing it, keep checking back during the week to see how I'm doing :)

New Story Level  (100%)- Rock Tunnel - Make your way across the maze-like tunnel and find the exit. Battle against multiple trainers, wild pokemon and a giant onix! Can you save the old man and finish his quest for a shiny voltorb? Or will your spend your days on the cave training your pokemon?
  • Intro Scene (100%)
  • Level Layout (100%)
  • Level Waves (100%)
  • Ending Scene (100%)
  • Rock Tunnel Preview - Choosing which path you want to take.
 2 New Pokemon to Catch (100%)
  • Graphics (100%)
  • Shiny Graphics (100%)
  • New moves (9) (100% done)
  • Add these pokemons' stats into the game (100%)
3 New Pokemon Evolutions (100%)
  • Graphics (100%)
  • Shiny Graphics (100%)
  • Add these pokemons' stats into the game (100%)
New Relearn Move (100%)
  • Submission
    Increased Shiny Rate (100%) - Increased it from 1/10,000 to 1/8000 to better match the real games. I won't be increasing it anymore than this.

    Trade Center - Non Shiny Pokemon will now say "Regular" after their level and "Shiny" is now bolded (100%) - This is to prevent scamming.

    Attacking pokemon can only be made to turn around once (100%) 

    New Title Screen (Postponed) The Winner has not sent me the fla files yet.
    Title Screen skip function (Postponed) The Winner has not sent me the fla files yet.

    Certain pokemon's tower health is too big when caught (100%)

    Targeting Menu
    Targeting System (100%) - Choose from a variety of commands to your pokemon so that he will attack specific targets. The commands are: Regular, Fastest, Slowest, Least Health, Most Health, Super Effective (Super Effective will prioritize target's that your pokemon would be more effective against. For Example Pikachu will now hit Zubats first before he tries to hit geodude if they are all together.), Ignore Red (Ignore pokemon when they have a red bar), Focus Candy (Prioritize pokemon with candy), Ignore Candy (Prioritize pokemon without candy).

    Pokemon used or captured on the hacked version of the game will now be tagged with (Hacked Version) on the trading center and will not be eligible as pokemon for any shiny quest requirement. (100%) - This will only affect pokemon that are placed in a spot or captured from v3.5 of the hacked game. All your previous pokemon that leveled up with the hacked version will not be retroactively tagged. (Note: You can still use these pokemon in your game like any other pokemon.)

    New pokemon shiny quest (100%) - Get clues in the game to finish this quest and get the shiny version of this pokemon.

    Increased Duration of all Buff (100%)

    Fix Diglett's Cave Level (100%) - Pokemon hit with moves that make them turn around will make the candy dissapear before reaching the end.

    Fix Diglett's Cave Intro Typos (100%)

    Lower Diglett's Cave's pokemon's health (100%)

    Security Update (100%) - Preventing the use of programs like Cheat Engine to change a pokemon's number or level. Doing this will result in not being able to save your game and having to log in again.

    Adding New Mystery Gift Avatar (100%)

    Bug Fixes (100%)
    • Enemy pokemon can no longer grab candy from far away (100%)
    • Doing two achievements at the same time will now save both achievements (100%)
    Distribution (0%)

      So that's what I have so far for the update, like I said before let me know which commands you would like the best in the comments below.

      More on Shiny Quest - For people who are worried about all their time searching for shinies being wasted. This shiny quest won't be for a pokemon that was previously in the game. Also the shiny quest isn't going to be easy and will require a lot of effort for example you might need to catch a rare pokemon 10 times in one sitting, or might have to present a pokemon with a certain move. Even beat a level a certain way.to finish the quest. The quest won't be quick and easy I'll make sure of that, the good thing about the quest is that there is a guaranteed prize at the end. You aren't just looking and looking not knowing if it will show up. 

      Ideas for the Future
      I've come up with an idea that will make it possible to keep all the attack's cooldown at 18 and give them their proper attack power from the handheld games.

      The idea is to implement PP.

      After a lot of great feedback I've decided to scrap the PP idea, and find a better solution to make it work. Scrapping the PP idea is actually better for me since I don't have to deal with coding that system. If you don't know about the PP idea don't worry about it, chances are you wouldn't like it.

      Instead I'm going to do something with pokemon abilities. Basically the more your pokemon attacks or gets attacked (think street fighter 4 meters) the more rage it will build. Once you have a full rage bar you can use that pokemon's ability! I'll be looking at what abilities the games use for each pokemon but I will tweak them or completely change them into something that will be extremely useful in the game. For example when using Bulbasaur to defend you might want to use his Overgrow ability which would remain similar to the game. Once you fill up your meter and use the ability his damage will gain a great boost for a limited time. But if you are attacking then you might use Chlorophyll which I would change into not only giving you a speed boost but also heals you as well. These abilities will also have a passive component to them. So for overgrow if your pokemon gets damaged and only has very little life left then the ability will trigger for a short amount of time (abilities will have cooldown). So they will be passive yet if you build up your rage meter you can unleash a stronger version of the ability whenever you feel like.

      For the moves to keep their original values and have relatively close cooldowns (some will be slightly lower or slightly higher) I will have to implement: being able to miss, being able to take recoil damage, being able to heal yourself (moves like absorb), towers being able to get status effects like paralysed and confused.

      So what do you think? As always leave me comments below about what you think.


      1. Of course.

        That's an awesome idea. I'm way excited. Thanks for the great updates and game!

      2. Not a big fan of the PP aspect, it would take away from the tower defense... but it would give a reason for all 4 moves as I generally only care about 2

      3. Honestly I don't like the pp idea as it involves changing every pokemon's move every now and then. Also I think one of the two pokemon is Machop.

      4. That looks really cool. Just be sure that you don't make the powerful moves such as fireblast useless due to the PP usage. This game is much faster moving than the actual game. So, while in the normal game you get 5 uses of such a move, in this game, you will run out very quickly. Adding an option of buying PP recovery items may alleviate this issue.

      5. PP seems like a bit of a pain to micromanage on a long stage like route 5 where a pokemon will use 500 attacks if they are at the front. Shiny quest sounds good, hopefully it will be challenging or shinies will be even less valuable than the 1/1000 rate. Can the quest be done more than once per shiny? For targetting add not very effective, super effective, not attack shinies, full health pokemon, red health pokemon(not shiny), slow pokemon, fast pokemon. All the artwork is very well done gret work guys!


      6. I like all of the ideas you have besides the PP. Of course, this is nothing like the Pokemon RPGs that Gamefreak has made, but I'm pretty sure most people that play Pokemon don't have ember and Flamethrower on the same moveset. With the way that the moves are now, with lowered damage compensated by a given cooldown of 18 (for most of them), it wouldn't really seem plausible to me to have ember and flamethrower having a small 20 point base power difference. I would think the purpose of lowering damage and give most moves the same cooldown was to offset the purpose of not having PP, but I personally would think that it should be revamped to truly implement a PP to damage/cooldown ratio. Of course, this game is nothing like the RPGs, and the moves have already been changed to fit the TD scenario, I just offered my simple opinion. But keep up the awesome work!

      7. Can I leave blank?August 3, 2011 at 12:49 AM

        fourth :)

        This game is getting better and better :)

      8. Targetting Commands:
        Highest level
        lowest level
        type advantage

        The PP thing is aight i guess... it will bring a whole new spin on strategy and make the game more difficult.

        Conclusion: I really like this update.

        The shiny quest thing sounds questionable to me... shinies are supposed to be caught using pure luck, like in the games....

      9. youre idea has pro and cons to it, unfortunately, most of your fan will hate on your idea, id just like to say that i like it

        and for digletts cave.... its not just a whirlwind bug, its any pokemon with a candy that is turned around and goes to the top of the level
        also, i found a pokemon placement square where when i put my pokemon there, they cannot attack at all

      10. would anyone mind trading me a shiny abra i can trade alot of my own shinies put what you might want and ill see if i have it

      11. (Adding to my previous comment) If Pokemon regained PP differently depending upon the attack (Fireblast vs. Ember restoration rate as an example), then I may think a little differently of the whole idea of adding PP.

      12. another few things i would like to say

        1. unfortunately (in my opinion this is unfortunate) the first entry will win in a landslide because it is animated

        2. i would suggest that if you are going to implement PP, then you should let us order our attacks the way we want them to be used, if the attack we make first runs out, it will move on to attack 2, if attack 2 runs out it will move on to attack 3, but if attack 1 is full again is will go back to that one
        this minimizes the time our pokemon will be sitting idle
        and this can be and optional setting

      13. i love the shiny quest idea, sounds great. Also I agree with most of these post saying no to PP. First of all, lets look at an example, say you are on the Vermillion stage (not challenge), it is still hard even with the use of whirlwind, so combining having to move said pokemon back and forth, along with having to change moves, to prevent an even longer track, it seems a little bit to much to control in a quick reaction stage.

      14. i think this update sounds good but if you are going to add PP then i would recomend adding shortcuts to the pokemon for example the first pokemon box could be the key A and the second one would be S and so on this way when your switching the move because the move ran out of PP it will be easier to change it fast

      15. Sometimes a Pokemon on your team repeatedly attempts to kill an oncoming Pokemon that is simply to strong for it...such as several Pokes do against Jigglypuffs that raise their defense. So I would suggest a setting that tells a Pokemon to attack Pokemon that it hasn't yet attacked...this would ensure that it gets the most exp possible and doesn't simply waste it's time on Pokes with lots of health.

      16. I like the whole pp idea but like Josh was saying it would be good to have some pp recovery items it would be great for two things one it'll make the user start spending more money and it'll slow down the wait. I have a question involving the dogs, you mentioned quests would there be any for the dogs? Like maybe after you complete the quest the spawn rate could possibly go down a little cause im guessing its very high since the shinies are high and you did say it would be extremely higher then the shinies

      17. For target priorities:

        Most Damage the pokemon will attack a wild pokemon it can do more damage to. Riachu will target water pokemon and not ground pokemon. And a Spearow will be targeted rather than Fearow.
        Good for leveling up weak pokemon.

        Least Damage opposite of most damage. However Riachu will not attack ground pokemon.
        Good for getting rid of more buff pokemon.

        Mercy If the pokemon is has a red bar it will not kill it.
        Useful for catching pokemon and not accidently killing it. (rapidly clicking the pokeball is annoying)

        And of course click target once chosen screen freezes and you may chose the target for that pokemon only. (Pidgeot will only target Geodude while the rest ignore it.)
        Makes the whirlwind tactic easier.

        The PP idea sounds interesting. It is still confusing. Still using Fire Blast as example, Will the cooldown activate between moves or will 5 Fire Blasts appear in half a second and wait 18?


      18. one last thing,
        (although if i think of something else i might say it)

        as said by previous posters, i think there should be many targetting options, many more than you had mentioned in the description, and im glad youre finally adding it

        and with the news of the PP im guessing youre no longer doing easy and hard modes???

        and i thank you for taking the time to read and post what i have to say, and i know you are busy but i would love to hear what you think of my opinions

        if not on here, you can reply to my 3 ( and future more) posts at charles2532@gmail.com

        thanks again :D

      19. Oh and additionally, before you begin work on the Shiny quest thing, I would just like to say that you may want to make it in a way that it can be done more than once so that all forms of said Pokemon will be obtainable. There could be a limit though so that no one simply does it repeatedly with the most rare Pokemon and sells them on the trading center. Maybe you could only do it enough to reach the maximum amount of evolutions of that particular Pokemon. Eevee for example would need 4 while others would need 3's and 2's...

        Thank you and Sam for making such good games...and sorry for the long post.

      20. So Sam, I know you like to keep it on the DL what the new pokemon will be but my guesses are:

        Machop which covers 2 of the evolutions.
        and Cubone which covers the 3rd evolution.

        Now Im skeptical of myself saying Cubone because he wasnt there in the original R/B version but can be found there in many other versions.

        As to PP could you further explain how long it takes to re-juice moves?

      21. Also Sam will saving 3.4 profiles on 3.6 be blocked because I will be away for over a week and I really don't want to lose all my hard work like some people did from 3.2 to 3.4 :) Thanks!


      22. @anon 1:03 - Brilliant idea! =D


        I don't mind PP, but as Josh said, recovery items would be nice and a way to access those items in a level.

        Other that that, you could make the shiny rate 1/8192 as in the main games, that's still very rare~

        Looking forward to the next update, you're doing a great job! Keep it up!

      23. first title sequence definitely is the best cause its animated.
        love the shiny quest idea should be great.
        love darrens comment about different attack commands especially not attacking shiny ones.
        charles comment about order of attacks if PP is implemented would be the way to go but am not a fan of the PP idea as a whole.

        great game man keep it up

      24. Whether you add the PP or not,I want you to leave the cooldown differences.

      25. I think the new level you put this week is sorta hard sam I mean the normal pokemon are almost imposible to kill and the boss pokemon are undefeatable, is there anyway you can make it a little easier

      26. the update sounds great and i love the new title screen poll,but i don't like the pp idea. i think it'll change the whole aspect of the game. it wont be ptd anymore but thats my opinion.

      27. Nope, no PP. The PP system, I believe, will only ruin the game, unless it done on par with the game. Lets say you use fire blast 3 times to kill a pokemon in the real games. But in PTD, it takes 6 fire blasts to kill that same pokemon. You should double the amount of PP for fire blast, making it 10 to account for the increase in stats of enemy pokemon. I think the PP should be balanced out compared to the normal game, but not compared to other moves.

        PP, if implemented, should be increased compared to the original PP in the games. Also, I'm still against PP, but this is the next best thing to no PP.

      28. what kind of pokemon , other than entei even have fire blast?

      29. Not teh PP!!! Man, that was a problem even in RPG's and Mystery Dungeon. It would be horrible unless you had really cheap instant PP recoveries and they instantly heal PP. I'll guess the Pokemon in the tunnel are Cubone and Machop. Good nuff'? P.S: Please don't have heck loads of HP. I had to use the Whirlwind juggle trick -_-

      30. I LOVE the pp option, from the looks of it most people dont so a poll would be pointless.

        Honestly a game is no fun if all you do is spam the same move over and over again, especially if it's an insane power move that your opponent has no chance of getting past, it would make the eventual multiplayer battles useless and boring.

        With PP however you force the trainer to think on their feet, and the fact that the moves eventually regenerate make up for the all the pokemon we see in each PTD level.

        The question is, how will you implement the regen of the PP? How fast it regenerates makes all the difference and can possibly sway anyone who does not like the concept. However don't make it too short though or there will be no point in adding it. Maybe every two-three attacks regen's 1 PP?

        In a real pokemon battle most pokemon have multiple attacks for different situations and don't spam the same attack over and over again. So while a pokemon approaches that requires a different attack then that in itself would provide a good way to regen PP.

      31. I have two suggestions. 1: Make a poll for PP (If you think it wouldn't be overdoing it) adding. 2: Music changes after the legendary beasts come. And speaking of that, try different stage music if possible.

      32. Can we have multiple auto targeting slots per pokemon? This would tell the pokemon to do different things in a variety of different situations as opposed to having just 1 auto targeting slot which would only really do one thing.

        The more slots we have per pokemon the more fluid the battles become because the pokemon will be pre-programed to attack and react to different situations differently. This will be a HUGE plus in multiplayer because it would be really lame if I had to click on the pokeball for each battle to pause the game to inspect the field and the change attack commands for each pokemon myself. Perhaps you can do it this way: for every 10 or 20 levels your pokemon goes up it gets an extra auto target slot? (preferably 10 though) This way we would already start out with a decent starting amount to experiment with.

      33. i personally love the PP idea i think that it is genius and maybe this is where you can put the market where you buy like the fire stone to use and put elixers i think thats what they are called but the thing that restores PP. also when the towers can be damaged add in like full restores and what not! also i saw you said maybe being able to buy rare candy i hope you mean like extra ones to defend and not actually leveling up. but maybe add more depth and strategy into the game but DUDE you are seriously like a god for making a game this good. although the hacked version will be much easier considering it adds money after each buy. just so you know i ONLY play on your blog so i could care less about the people who dont want to actually have a challenge!

        oh yeah and PS some people have said that they didnt like how hard the new levels are but i think it would be REALLY funny to make a level like super easy and then see what they have to say!

        your doing a great job with this game and while you should listen to some suggestions from the gamers dont try to make everyone happy that will just end up making no one happy and i think that you know whats best for the game and you may say that people wont play if you just do what you want but you still have ALOT of people that enjoy a challenge i know 90% of my school plays so keep up the good work.

      34. Finally got my first shiny since update. a shiny oddish

      35. My vote got stolen by a flying pikachu! =P (you know will need one in the future right Sam! =D)

        won't repeat Tads suggestions cause mine were the same except the lvl ;)

        Love the quest stuff, would it be possible for the moves (like the HMs) to actually unlock "mini-levels" after the actual level? that would be awesome, would fit right in with the quests (and would be the great platform for something else *COF*safari zone*COF =P)

        The only down stuff in my opinion is the PP system, I love strategy, picking the right pokes, the right moves, switching them at the right time etc etc etc (I NEVER used whirlwind/roar or alike in Lt.Surge gym ;p) but all pokemon moving around and sometimes switching attacks during the lvl PLUS the PP's doesn't seem to work, but its just my opinion ;)

        BTW for those who know what I mean its version 3.5 time!!! =P (D&D lol)

      36. I don't really want PP because it would be difficult to keep track of the amount of PP for each move for each pokemon on the level. Love the shiny quest though!

      37. The PP would also regenerate while you are using the move, right now I'm thinking about 1PP per 3 moves. Essentially if you run out of pp then your move would attack every three turns (cooldown of 54). This means that you can still beat levels with not even bothering changing attacks, but for tough achievements or challenge levels you will want to be more efficient).

        Also the Low PP would flash on the buttons of your pokemon so you will be able to tell it's time to change really easily.

      38. I suggest the following auto targeting abilities:

        1) cast helping hand as soon as battle starts and then start using a different move.

        2) attack pokemon with super effective moves if possible
        3) DO NOT use whirlwind/roar on the same pokemon twice for atleast 3 seconds(I've always hated that and with the time wait, it will give the whirlwinded pokemon a chance to get away instead of being whirlwinded right away again which is pointless)
        4)Cast stealth rock or spikes or posion spikes and then use attacking moves.

        5) Only whirlwind pokemon holding candy
        6) only attack pokemon holding candy
        7) use weather changing move

        If you are allowed multiple slots it will produce interesting results, for instance, if you placed 7),1),4),2) in that order, the pokemon would start the battle by changing the weather, then use helping hand, then set out spikes, poison spikes, or stealth rock and then stick to using super effective moves.

        Perhaps you can work out a priority system such as certain commands take priority over others?

        Such as when helping hand runs out the pokemon will use it again instead of attacking with a super effective move. Or if a pokemon had the command to attack for super effective damage but sees a pokemon holding a candy that is a resistant type the pokemon would opt to use whirlwind or roar on that pokemon instead of attacking for super effective damage.

        Please respond as I would love to hear what you think!

      39. I'd prefer a quest for the beasts/dogs, I dont know why everyone wants shinies so badly. And as I said, make the beasts only useable after a level is cleared already in story mode.

        Not a fan of the PP idea though I'm satisfied with the way it is now.

      40. I don't really like the idea of PP in a game like this, but I like the auto-targeting. It think that it could just be 5 choices: first, last, least HP, most HP, and candy.

      41. Also I will test this out personally, if I feel like it makes the game too hard to play and takes away from the fun then I won't add it.

      42. maybe with the whole pp idea it could work with the whole targeting system to automatically swap to the best move against the pokemon (although that may make it to easy)

        also sounds like cubone and machop will make an appearance in that other tunnel

      43. we need a link to the trading centre up with the play ptd link on this website

      44. I was just thinking about all the problems in the game withh PP and shinies and figured out a great solution. When you implement classic and advanced mode, classic has normal shiny rate 1/10000 no PP no tower health, while advanced mode has difficult levels easier shinies 1/5000 PP and tower health. It makes the game more challenging with a bonus for easier shinies. Automatic move seitching, PP ups or increased PP regen hold items to a 1 per 2 moves coupd also help out.


      45. 2 new pokemon to catch?
        Sounds like machop and ?????

      46. I like the PP idea, but I always thought that a good idea would be to have a setting where the pokemon randomly use each of its 4 moves. This way one can take better advantage of moves like calm mind or harden or whatever without having to reactivate them all the time. Also ads an element of luck I suppose.

      47. Some good ideas for targetting: Highest Hp, Lowest HP, Holding Candy, Same Pokemon (until dead), Type effectiveness (may be too extreme).

      48. Is it possible to implement multi-trading? (Like... trading one pokemon for two for example?)

        On topic, the shiny idea would seem to diminish the value of shiny's in general. It would be better if we limit this new shiny system to a certain set of pokemon. Loss of the rarity of shiny pokemon hurts the "trading economy". Rarity adds thrill to the game

      49. Sam, about the title, the poll you're given is too simplified. Obviously, title 1 is the best but there's some other features from the other titles that are nice. To be honest, I think the game's title screen should have a mixture of 3 of the title screens.

        Keep the opening for Entry 1 (the pokemon ball, pikachu using thunderbolt and the title) as it's very nicely done (even keep the Pikachu that flies by, that's a nice touch), however, I think the best background is Entry 4. If you use Entry 4's background, using Entry 1's "Click here" for so and so pokemon and the buttons from Entry 6 (the start/option/feedback with starter's faces), I think you would have the best of all the entry for the title. You probably want to keep it simple and just go with one entry, which most likely will be entry 1.

        As for the PP, will there be a PP up ability? Also, can you make it so when one skill runs out of PP, it'll automatically go to the next skill (or have an option to select if you want to have auto skill selection on or off, which will be better).

      50. Sam is there maybe a way you could make 3 very hard quests for Suicune,Entei,and Raikou? Because me personally I think its like impossible finding them I spent this whole day looking and it turned out I found none I really like the pp idea because it makes it more like the real game but then again its taking away the true thing about tower defense games. But to be completely honest I would love to have PP in PTD I kinda like the quest thing but I personally think that quest should have some shiny pokemon but I mean not all shiny pokemon have a quest to where you can obtain them just like that I'd be nice if half of the 1st gen pokes that are shiny be in the wild but not in quests and the other half could be in wild and a quest. Now about the commands there should be
        First-Attacks the first pokemon that appears
        Last- Attacks the last pokemon that appears
        Strong- Attacks the strongest pokemon
        Weak- Attacks the weakest pokemon
        Candy- Attacks pokemon holding Rare Candy.

        But to get back to the start about quest and the dogs, Sam you asked us if we would like it if you added the dogs but would be extremely rarer then shinies. Like a previsous comment shinies are now a lot harder to us it pretty much seems like we can't find them since shinies rate is 1/10000 I could only image how much the dogs rate are

      51. hello Sam I'm back with more bugs

        Bug No.1 on mt. moon 2 (challenge if you lose the level you have to select your pokemon again this will therefore frustrate players and make them give up.

        Bug No.2 try this on every level select screen and click and drag in the background the levels move with the mouse, on challenge mode the jup to the top right corner and stay there

        Bug no. 3 you haven't updated the thing above mt. moon 2 (challenge mode) to go above 36

        please fix all of these also could you consider a versus mode


        p.s amazing game
        p.p.s go for the pp who cares if it makes the game more challenging more challenging means mor fun!

      52. Sam love everything you're taking about!

        With the targeting system, please make it have multiple prioritys! So you can put something like priority 1 attack candy, but priority 2 attack first and things like that.

      53. There are many things going on with the game lately in regards to shinys that I have opinions on, and if you would allow me, I would like to discuss some of these thoughts.
        it’s clear that there is disagreement across the board about this topic. From my experiences, the best way to resolve disputes about control is to distribute control. I can only guess that sam’s current idea about “shiny quests” is a means to reward hard work and still retain meaning in shiny pokemon, which based on 3.3’s experiences, became overinflated due to its high shiny rate.
        While I certainly agree that rewarding hard work is the best way to achieve meaning for shiny pokemon and to resolve the fan’s disputes, I disagree with the plan proposed by sam to simply hand over shiny pokemon. I believe random encounters are the fundamental basis of pokemon capturing. to simply hand over shinys, even for accomplishments, does not follow this spirit that I enjoy in the original game. I feel removing the "random encounter" aspect as well as removing the "grinding" aspect will change the game too much. I know grinding isn't normally what a fan would want to keep, however it is such a staple of both pokemon and tower defense games in general that to remove it for obtaining rare prizes such as shinys is too radically different.
        Therefore my solution to this problem is to instead implement one, or both of these 2 changes to the game:
        a. Level unlocks – each level can be solved in a certain way to unlock more elements within that same level. Examples of unlocks could be new pokemon and increased shiny rates. This can be done incrementally such as increasing shiny rates by 10% for each accomplishment up to 100% or whatever number sam would like to stop at.
        b. Market – The current game doesn’t employ money as effectively as it could. What if subjective items were available for purchase? Such as “increase shiny rate by 10%”, a 1 time use item that can be used on a specific level for an achievement or for any level. This way, fans will have to work to obtain enough money and items to achieve their goals, such as finding a specific shiny. You can also consider items like “mushroom cap”, an item that can be used to increase paras encounter rates in the paras levels. This type of item system can be tailored to be anything, and with proper restrictions on when the items can become available, add far more depth to the game, each level, and each pokemon.

      54. I think if PP should come than all attcks should revert to their normal power. I mean the reason they were lowered was because they were too strong, right? PP is kinda like a restrainer, so the attks should be normal power back :)

      55. If u want PP bring back the original attack powers!!!!

      56. For the targetting system you should include farthest traveled and least travelled, so the pokemon will target the enemy that has gotten furthest on the track, instead of some slow enemy that happened to have spawned first.

      57. Hi Sam,
        some things i would fix/do:

        1. Soundbug with "Helping Hands" (too loud).
        2. new Vermillion City is too easy/boring.
        3. no Duration visible for "Calm Mind".
        4. rare pokemon like Abra should get a bit better shiny rates than the others (i played about 100 MAPS without even seeing a shiny pidgey) realy demotivating.
        5. Shiny-achievement-Pokemon only 1-3 times storeable.
        6. enemy pokemon should use confuse or sleep on your pokemon, giving a sense to the other moves available.
        7. some items to buy (e.g. everstone). A 999.999 pokedollar expensive Masterball to catch a pokemon with a blue bar.
        8. I never know which attack is a spezial or a normal attack and how much damage it realy does. maybe adding some visible stats for each pokemon.
        9. A Round based Mode like in the real game.
        10. Create a .css with some div-container or a table structure for the Tradingcenter to make it more userfriendly.
        11. (searching Trades) Back-button should guide to the overview of all searches.
        12. Whirlwind should not be the solution for most of the maps ;)

        It´s important to keep the game challenging and complex enough... all the time. Instead of PP you can include idea 6. I think its a waste of time and wont give a meaning to the other "unused" moves.

        I have to say, you´re doing a great job !
        Thank you for the best Android/Flash-Game so far. (Angry birds sucks) =)

        Best regards
        A German Software-Developer
        (Android/HTC Desire)

      58. The PP idea sounds pretty cool if you can make it work properly. Although Im not a fan with the whole shiny quest thing. I like the idea of being lucky and playing the game to get your shinys. Adding this feature might make the trade center a bit usless.

      59. I think that you should use the buttons from entry 6 of the contest on the screen of entry 1. Because the buttons are so cool, but it will never win the contest :(
        Or is it not possible to combine two different entries?

        Also the animation of entry 1 is very slow on my mobile phone, if this will be the same in the game, would it not be better to pick a different entry for the Android version?

      60. PP would be great, making the game harder is always a good idea.

        @sam could you tell me when we can catch mew ? Because i dont have the possibility to spend money for mew and no one want to trade it :(

        email changing would also be great

      61. This comment has been removed by the author.

      62. Personally, Entry 2 is the best

      63. sam I already had given the idea of the PP system, do not know if you remember but I gave that idea in June I guess.

      64. wow this quest idea is just awesome sam! cant wait for it and the new shiny popup...i love you for this^^ pls never change it
        keep the nice work up

      65. where do you get the hm flash?

      66. I'm excited for this update. It seems like a lot of good things are coming at once. Targeting!!! The thing I'm most excited for.

        I have some suggestions for what to target:

        First in line
        Last in line
        Boss only
        Non-boss only
        Highest HP remaining
        Lowest HP remaining
        2x type advantage
        4x type advantage
        Specific type (water only, etc.)
        Specific Pokekmon on the level (Rattata only, etc.)
        Pokemon with increased stats
        Pokemon with decreased stats
        Pokemon with status conditions
        Pokemon without status conditions
        Non-shiny (or legendary dog) only

        I'd rather not spam this whole page with my ideas, because I'm sure there are other people who will contribute ideas as well.

        I can't say for sure until it's released and I play it, but this might be the best update yet. I'm really looking forward to it!

      67. @Sam - If Entry 1 wins the contest (from what I'm seeing) it would be good if u add music to it. I've thinked about Pokémon Season 3 The Johto Journeys Theme Song. The music could play until you press a button.

      68. Listen, you have GOT to remove that first entry. It's going to make the game unplayable on my phone.

        I'm currently on a netbook with a 1.6Ghz atom processor, my phone has an 800mhz snapdragon. The animation is going at a crawl on the netbook, can you imagine this on the phone?

        It would be absolutely ridiculous. At least don't release the first entry(when it wins) with the apk, please?

      69. I don't think the PP idea would be all that benefitial to the game. I love pokemon games, and i love tower defense games, the game thus far has been a near perfect balance of both. By making it too similar to actual poke games its going to lose some of the magic of what this game is, it is unique and interesting enough, it isn't too easy, and it's definitely not impossible. I don't want to see this to turn into one of those games that got ruined because things got too complicated and over thought. Sam you are doing a spectacular job thanks for all the hard work.


      70. Hey, with the recent update you were unable to transfer from 3.2 to 3.4. Now i'm going to be away for the next 2 weeks and therefore will probably be jumping back in at 3.6. Does this mean i will lose my pokemon again or was that problem just on the 3.2 to 3.4 jump to stop exploits.

        if there is a risk of me losing my profile do you have any thoughts as to how i could avoid losing all my (uncheated, unexpoited, unhacked) save.

        cheers, ollie.

      71. I feel the need to voice my opinion that the quest for shinys is an awful idea. The whole point of shinys is that they are rare and to have them is a big thing, if this quest thing is implemented they will only be mildly more rare than normal pokemon. Personally to stop the whiners I would take away the exp boost they get so as to make them not so much of an advantage and more of just a cool thing to have, just like in the normal games. To reiterate making everything easy does not make a good game. On a similar note don't stray to much form your source material after all this is supposed to be pokemon in a tower defense setting, obviously things have to be changed to make it work correctly but this is not one of them.

      72. I don't personally like the idea of PP. I would do a poll to see how many people would like the PP to be implemented and how many wouldn't. It'd be a bit more fair, and less time consuming that way you don't take all that time to work on it and get it coded into the game, then everyone starts freaking out on how much they hate it.

      73. For PP why not have a "1 2 3 4" system where you can rank moves as 1-4 eg

        1- fire blast
        2- flamethrower
        3- wing attack
        4- ember

        So the pokemon (using charizard for example) would use fire blast 5 times then flamethrower until PP runs out, then wing attack, then ember, then back to fire blast. But you dont have to rank all moves so you can have
        1- fire blast
        2- flamethrower
        then back to fire blast :)

        also have an option to go back to 1 when it's recovered so use fire blast 5 times, then flamethrower say 3 times by which time you can use fire blast again automatically

        what do you think? :)

      74. Hey guys i'm kinda new here and wanted 2 say I am loving the game. Since I found the game I've played almost nothing else. The vermillion gym level was so hard! My winning team was:(All lvl 42) Venusaur with petal dance, Charizard with flamethrower, Blastoise and shiny Starmie both with bubblebeam and 2 shiny Golems with bulldoze.

      75. This and the "Hi i'm kinda new here and..."
        post are by PokemonRulez.

        The pp idea is great, but judging by the amount of people who don't like the idea, u should have a mode that has pp and a mode that doesn't. And, like Charles2532 said it would b cool if, when move 1 ran out, move 2 started 2 go. but i reckon that automaticly switching back 2 move 1 wood b overdoing it.

      76. It really depends how people play, It's an amazing idea overall; you just need to choose the right regeneration rate to make it work. Imo 1pp/3sec is too slow, but I haven't seen it yet.

        If this turns out to be a change that the current players don't like, but the new ones don't mind it; Please keep it, It wastes too much time in games when the developers remove things just because the players don't like the change in their playstyle.

      77. Owww... Hard to see the game community has no taste in design...
        Since it moves, it' s excellent...
        Seeing the flash animation will be the worst moment of my days.

      78. Is it just me or has this new update got no shineys what so ever???

      79. .................Hey Great game..........
        Was wondering if you could make pacages too buy that didnt include that ninja stuff in it and like make it cheaper..

      80. i have a bad feeling about the pp idea. :/
        i cant even manage to keep my buffs like rage etc up. and then i have to swap attacks with all my pokemon? that sounds really stressful. :0
        or maybe i'm just lazy.
        but there is already enough to do in challenging levels, everything is so fast, you have to choose right attacktypes and reposition your pokemon correctly.
        btw. with a better scrolling system it might be easier, because you wouldn't lose the overview over the battle so easily.

      81. oh, just an idea that occured to me right now:
        why not use the pp system just for very strong moves. and let us use the weak to quite-strong moves without restrictions?
        so we can use the strong move when a big wave enters the level. use all the pp. after that we swap back to our normal attack.

      82. In terms of the PP, I support what some of the other people said. If you are going to implement it that the attacking stops when PP runs out, you should add ways to set a default second attack (will use when attack one is out of PP). In the original games, pokemon were a fair bit weaker and there weren't nearly as many as them, so the constraints of the game's PP in combination with attacks stopping when they run out might make micromanagement a bit too necessary (changing the moves of all of your towers every wave).

        In terms of attack priority, I think the following would work.

        Highest Health, Lowest Health, Fastest, Slowest, Most Damaging, with a toggle for Attack Shiny/Legendary.

      83. Sam some inconvenience issues,
        since you make a arrow at the back of the achievement, why not make 1 at the front to jump to the back. By the way have you let wild pokemon attack? i noticed my gyrados(normal) suddenly had less health. And... you create the best games ever :O!

      84. some targeting commands

        first, last, with candy,strongest,weakest,ability to click on a pokemon and target until killed,heading towards candy,heading away from candy, sleeping paralysis etc., slow, fast,target area (as in click somewhere to attack and it will attack in that area only).

        I hope you like my input, and another bug,I think, in the new level it says I lose when there is still candy left on the field. I hope you into it, and thank you for staying with this game Sam!

      85. I think that the PP idea is interesting but will make the game too difficult. Let's say that you have 6 pokemon on the field in a difficult level. You will have to shuffle between all 6 of them to make sure that they don't stop attacking. On a different note, the notification system that temporarily pauses the game whenever a shiny pokemon or a legendary dog appears is INCREDIBLY helpful, but it can be improved still. I was wondering if you could make it so you HAVE to click in order for the popup to go away. The reason for this is because I know many people, including myself, that play this game and they leave it running while they do other things, like homework, so that they can maximize productivity. And I know that while not focusing on the game there is a chance that shiny pokemon and the legendary dogs can pass by. That is it should be clicked instead of the 3 second delay. If people don't like the click only option then perhaps make it toggle-able?

      86. Add a skip button if you go with the animation which has by far the most votes at the moment. That is going to get damn annoying to watch every time you start up.

      87. small typo, Targettting System (0%) - Choose from a variety of commands to your pokemon so that he will attack specific targets. targetting only hs 2 t's

      88. I think is much a better idea to balance the move than add the PP. ( Even with the strongest supereffective attack is still hard to kill some enemy in the new level. ) The PP will just make the level ridiculously longer. Change continuously move with 6 pokemon on a 45 wave level will be crazy...

      89. One of the new pokemon could be a cubone.

        In my opinion, the PP idea is good, but if you run out of PP for a supereffective move and the rest are not very effective that pokemon is dead for that period of time.

      90. I think for targeting you should definately implement:
        Highest Max health
        Lowest Max health
        Highest health
        Lowest health
        Highest level
        Lowest level
        Type Advantage
        Holding rare candy
        Not holding rare candy
        Last enemy (as in furthest away from the destination)
        First enemy (which would be the standard)

      91. I think the new Pokémon are gonna be Machop and MAYBE Slowpoke (could be Cubone now that I think about it).

      92. I think i found a bug.
        When I'm using Seismic Toss against Clefairy or Onix, it seems like there is no 'Super Effective'-ness calculated.. I don't know if it's the same with other fighting type moves..

      93. attack commands target: first, middle, last, weakest, strongest, fastest, slowest, and random target.

      94. I can't wait to see the new Pokémon.
        I agree with Machop and cubone.
        next level is hopefully Pokémon Tower.

      95. Hey Sam, just wanted to tell you the quest for shinies is the best idea you've come up with since the beginning. Love it and can't wait till it's implemented into the game (as long as they aren't luck based). Especially if you'll be able to obtain every shiny form :)But will you be able to do quests for each profile and get 3 shinies? Personaly I think that Crazymario's idea is exactly what should be done about shinies. Oh, and one more thing. Imo the current shiny rate is a bit too low. Previously there were tons of shinies and now I can't get any shiny at all. Not even a pidgey, lol. But maybe it's just my luck. However could you set the rate somewhere in the middle? You know, not too common but also not that rare :) Anyway you're doing an amazing job, keep it up :D Greetz

      96. I think target wild and target strong.

      97. I don't like the PP idea, for reasons already stated above. I think it detracts from the simplicity of a tower defense game. I think if you're really set on adding it, you could do it as a separate challenge mode.

        As far as targeting options, I feel like the less you have, the better. Most tower defense games have a couple simple options. I think many more than 4 or 5 options would be too much. Here's my suggestion on targeting options.

        Normal: Leave it as is. I don't know what formula you have, but it's fairly easy to get used to. It targets "stronger" first (i.e. Jigglypuff over Pidgey, Kakuna over Weedle) but wild pokemon over bosses. Within all this, candy carriers take precedence.

        First: Obvious. Whoever is in the lead gets targeted.

        Type: Pokemon attack based on tower strength versus target weakness (i.e. Pikachu attacks Pidgey and Poliwhirl before Geodude).

        Speed: Similar to first, but pokemon with higher speed in a large group will be targeted.

        I considered an HP or level option where the highest of these categories is targeted, but I don't know if adding those adds anything much different than normal or first.

        Keep up the good work, Sam.

      98. BUG REPORT: Hi Sam great game, but I've completed digletts cave on newgrounds 3 times now and as soon as the level ends it says I've found cut then takes me back to the menu. it doesn't let me try for mr mime at all :(

      99. Amazing list Sam! I love everything on it that I can. Can as in, I can't decide whether I love the PP idea or hate it, because obviously, I haven't tried it, and don't want to be quick to judge like many other posters here! Right now, I'm assuming 1 of the new pokemon is Machop, which makes sense because you have 3 new evolutions, so one will have to evolve twice, ala Machop. The second one however, is a bit trickier. I'm assuming it will be voltorb because he's found right outside the cave in Fire Red for GBA, but you never know.

        Another thing, if you're creating this story on your own, but taking the journey from fire red/leaf green, are you going to be adding the The Elite Four? Or even farther past that, the Sevii Islands, where a few pokemon are only found? Such as Ponyta/Rapidash, Tangela (Assuming you don't add a route 21 due to how small it is) and a few notable others.

        Great work though Sam!

      100. Where is cut? where is flash? what or who are these npcs you trade for these hidden pokemon you never tell us about? I need answers!

      101. do people even read the blog? some things about PP like it would be hard to keep track of and stuff like that, sam will have some sort of sign that says your PP is low. i honestly think PP is a GREAT idea. Now on easier levels when your just trying to get to the level cap it gives you something to do instead of just sitting there watching the pokemon go by. really looking forward to the update. good job Sam.

      102. What did you use to make ptd?

      103. Hey Sam, if you update it, will 3.4 profiles not work with 3.5? Because if I'm gone for a week I don't want to lose my DAYS of hard work.

      104. Hey Sam,
        The contest entries look amazing! We have some talented people playing Pokemon Tower Defense. Hehe. I'm a little worried about having a flash animation for the title screen though (as it looks like Entry 1 is on the road to winning). I won't deny that seeing Pikachu use Thunder is pretty damn cool but I think that eventually I'll get tired of the extra 7 second load time. Is there any way you could implement a cancel of the animation? Maybe the flash animation starts playing whenever you refresh / load up the game but clicking the animation brings you straight to the title screen?

        On the concept of PP, similar to the title screen, although I love the concept, I think it may get burdensome if the actual implementation was to take place. I wouldn't mind having PP for challenges as it would add yet another aspect of strategy to the game... but when I'm trying to level up Pokemon on Route 5, I think it'd be more of a hassle than something I enjoy. Usually when a new round of Pokemon is put into the game, I catch one of each, pair them up with my highest-level Pokes with AOE moves and play through Route 5 multiple times. If PP was implemented, I would have to choose between using my AOE move every 54 seconds and constantly switching between moves. Neither option is very appealing.

        Also, when new difficult levels come out, I usually tackle them with a "division of labor" approach. I have a designated slower, designated stat-upper, designated AOE damage dealer, designated STAB damage dealer, etc. I'm not sure how other people take on new challenges but I know, for me personally, that PP would complicate a lot of things. I'd have to change the movesets of my Pokemon around and have Pokemon able to play a variety of roles.

        I know "competitive" Pokemon battling in the actual Pokemon games use a similar mindset of "division of labor". You have a baton-passer, a special wall, a physical sweeper, etc. I feel that as of now, Pokemon Tower Defense requires strategy that is similar to that of Pokemon battling. You don't want a Pokemon to know how to stat-boost, heal AND damage. You want a Pokemon to specialize in a role and be very good at it. I feel that implementing PP would cause the game to move away from this specialization tactic and more towards a "my Pokemon can do everything" tactic. As a person who delved into the world of IV's, EV's, team setups and "competitive" battling (again I use that term lightly!) I'm hoping that PP can be implemented in another form?

        Thanks for reading this. I know I leave long psots... ^_^


      105. autotargeting rocks!

      106. My targeting system ideas...

        highest level
        lowest level
        type advantage
        red health bar
        blue health bar
        boss (legendary or rare)

      107. only powerful moves (blizzard, thunder, fire blast, hyper beam, etc.) should have PPs since these moves are really powerful. But moves like tackle, quick attack and moves that cost damage 75 (or what ever you wanted to but the limit should be 50) and down + the varies/ status affect/ non attacking moves. since for some levels like vermillion city & gym and diglet cave are hard enough. So if you add PPs to all of the moves, it would be a nightmare to those levels due to their hardness + PP reload.

      108. Oh noes.. Is there a way to see who we've traded with in the past? I accidentally traded a pokemon I promised to somebody else and I really need to beg for it back :/

      109. Sam, i think you should make shiny pokemon's health bar orange cause sometimes i get confused with weakened and shiny pokemon. and what is htd?

      110. It's a good idea but the PP needs to be a lot higher. If it has 5 PP it will only hit (usually) 5 Pokemon in a potential 45 round level? Needs to be higher.

      111. The PP aspect is kinda bad, no offense, but it's annoying to keep switching moves and it will mean that pokemon will need at least two attack moves for efficient attacking. like if you have an Arbok with stockpile, swallow, spit up, and a move of your choice (let's say mud bomb), then you will be mud bombing till it runs outta PP then you needa stockpile and spit up to do attacks to let mud bomb recover and that means you will keep on needing to command Arbok to switch attacks and in the time being some other pokemon will need to change attacks too. What I'm trying to say is sometimes you might want your pokemon to have defensive moves or buff moves and always rely on one strong offensive move, in these cases PP is gonna make everything hard and annoying, sometimes you might even spend too much time switching moves that you cant think the strategy straight on defeating the level. One more thing, if you, lets say, add PP to the game, wouldn't the PP reset everytime you withdraw and send out the pokemon again just like how rage and transform does?

      112. Maybe as have the PP system as a hard difficulty when you pick your version(like Red or Blue). and they way it is now is Easy mode.

      113. try making a target on strong first, weak first or good against first, but if you do good against first it might be a problem with dual elemental pokemon or pokemon with sttacks not of their type so if you put the good against first option, then base it on the attack they use and not their type.
        also can you let us choose two options such as good against first and one with candy first so when a pokemon has a candy they will choose to attack the candied one before the one its good against?

      114. I think some people mistakened Title Screen 2 for Title Screen 1 and chose 1 in the vote not knowing it was actually 2, try posting a pic of 1 and the link too.

      115. I think that we should be able to arrange the pokemon in the pokemon selection screen b4 a level. Some ppl, like myself, are far in the game and have alot of pokemon so that they can have more than one of each type for certain level, or whatever the reason might be. So it can be a pain in the you-konw-what to find a certain one. so i think we should be able to arrange our pokemon the way we want.

      116. I hate the PP idea, honestly. It will just be something else you have to keep track of and It seems like something that could potentially screw you over if you're in a tight spot. Say a shiny suddenly appears, or a boss pokemon in gym, and you can't take full advantage of your pokemon because they're recovering from PP fatigue. Besides, most of my time playing this game is spent level grinding. PP would just hinder that.

        On the other hand, LOVE the shiny quest idea, especially for every pokemon obtainable in the game.

        Targeting ideas: Targeting for super effective hit, target fast moving pokemon first, targeting boss pokemon, AVOIDING SHINIES, unless specified, if it's possible manually drawing an area of affect to attack

      117. can you like change the weather in some of the levels (possible future ones)to shake things up a bit

      118. Good Sam good this game es the best i realy like it but i dont very happy with PP.
        you know about this, this is on your hands

      119. it would be hard with the pp becacase we would go back and fourth to various pokemon, and they attack quick so it would lower game ratings due to player frustration

      120. I like the idea of PP because it gives the effect of the actual game because you have to use more than one move all the time. The quest sounds awesome! It will give us something to do while we wait for the next update (other than shiny hunt!). I enjoy the level route 5 because it allows me to set my pokemon out and walk away for a while becuase its such a long level with a lot of different pokemon so i think another level like that would be cool. Also i was thinking maybe you could do another challenge level for the great rod so we can get goldeen, horsea, regular staryu and regular tentacool. (since you obviously know that the codes are disabled for the non-shiny version of them) if you need any suggestions for that level i would be happy to help with that and you could email me at tristanl123@aim.com.

      121. What about the route before Rock Tunnel you run into voltorb so shouldn't there be 3 new catchable pokemon and 4 evolutions??
        (sry if someone mentioned it already)

      122. sam if the 1st entry does win (as it looks like it will) can there be an option to skip it?

      123. Hey Sam if you are going to implement the PP mechanic, then you should sell PP ups and extend the normal limit from 8 (for 5 PP moves) to a slightly larger amount, like maybe 12.

      124. Hey Sam,

        I posted something on twitter bout this, but I figure you might read this first.

        I would like it so that when you get a pokemon, it registers in the pokedex, but if you trade that pokemon, it stays in the pokedex as you still having it. This would make it more like the game and its really difficult to get doubles of shinies to trade for things you cant get. That's why it would be easier if you got a shiny once, but if you traded it for something else, it would remain in the pokedex as owning it.


      125. Sam,

        I personally love the 2nd title screen. I think you should somehow implement a way to choose which title screen you want. That, or maybe put a newer title screen on with each update. Anyway, I think you should put the starter Pokémon's shinies on certain maps, but with about as low of a chance as the Legendary Dogs, so not everyone will have to buy Ninja-ja to get them.

      126. Update (Wednesday): I've been reading a lot of the great feedback you guys have provided. I think the biggest issue that most of you have pointed out is the micromanaging aspect that adding PP as described above will add to the game.

        To solve this I'm suggesting an idea that Anonymous 6:10AM (lol anon) proposed in the comments. Which is basically to have the move auto change when one runs out of PP. Read more below of the updated idea.

        The way it will work is that every attack will have the same PP as the real game. Your move will attack at the 18 cooldown until it runs out of PP for that attack.

        The game will then change your move to your second priority move and use it's PP until it runs out, if you first priority move is now fully recharged then it will automatically move to the first move. If not then it will move to the third priority and so on.

        I also want to make the buff work with this system, where if you set the buff as the highest priority it will do the buff then switch to a different move, until your buff runs out then it will go back to the buff and re apply it.

        Here is a scenario. Let's say you have Fire Blast as your first priority and it has 5 PP, with a cooldown of 18 you will attack with Fire Blast 5 times. Now it will switch to the second priority attack, let's say it's ember, it will keep doing ember either until ember runs out of PP or until fire blast has recovered all it's PP. If ember runs out of PP and Fire Blast hasn't rully recovered it's PP then it will switch to the third priority attack.

        Using this method attacks won't restore their own PP while you are using it.

        A scenario with a buff as the top priority would be: Growth is your top priority, your pokemon will check if you already have growth on it self, if it doesn't it will use growth. If you already have growth on your then it will go to your secondary attack.

        Also I will test this out personally, if I feel like it makes the game too hard to play and takes away from the fun then I won't add it.

      127. Sam haw about you add a pop up when ever some one is trying to trade with you in the Pokemon center that wound make every thing a very easy

      128. aweeeee come on now Sam, i proposed that idea hours before he did

      129. @Charles2532 - You are right even tho he expanded on it :) I'll put your name up there.

      130. hey sam,

        would it be possible to include my pokedex idea from earlier this update? i really would like that put in there so i can actually use some pokemon to trade for stuff i dont have.

      131. @Rez - I'm going to add that just not this update.

      132. Sam can you tell us whether or not a wild dog has been found yet?

      133. Meh i dont like the PP idea since its a TD game the towers are suposed to spam the attacks for a unlimited amount of time or it takes the whole point away might as well make it a normal pokemon game

      134. @anon 12:55PM - Not yet.

        @anon 12:57PM - It's either PP and move can have their high attack power or moves will be balanced around each other, meaning no really high attack power moves.

      135. Sam,

        The animation in Entry 1 is really awesome, that guy definitely deserves a prize! That's really sweet. But I think that for a non-animated title screen, that Entry 4 is the best. It just speaks really true to the game, with 3 leveled up Pokemon attacking with everything that they have! I really think that they are all great and that they should all win a prize, it is all stuff that you can use!

        I think if you asked, that people would love Entry 6 to be edited to read text for the Pokemon Center, with another bar added, so it can read "Create Trade", "Search Trades", "Your Trade Requests", and "Inventory". I would also like to see a picture of Nurse Joy added into the edge background welcoming us into the PokeCenter, as we all saw so many times growing up! Also, it'd be nice to see Bill, inventor of the PC storage and trade system there when we go to one of the trade screens. Also, "Prof. Sam", (if you will, make a combo of your features with Prof. Oak and Prof. Elm) should be on one of the other screens, for the video phone conferences they held so often. But you'll need your Avatar's photo on a screen in the background.

        Regarding the new title screen, I believe that in the interest of the game, that a screen without animation would be best. It will make all of the servers and everything run faster and smoother, it will take less time to load, and it will save electricity. If you do decide to go with an animation, I do believe that the Entry 1 Animation could easily be combined with Entry 4 as the background and I really think that'd be amazing! But please consider using the animation and the other entries as advertisements for your game. We could make them into banners, photos, and advertisements and have your users/fans/players distribute them as they desire.

        (more ideas in separate posts to follow)

      136. Just one favor to ask, don't let PP get on the way of this week update lol Its supposed to be only an "idea for the future" right? lol

      137. hey sam, you should make the trading system here like the gts in nintendo pokemon games.

        Where you put your pokemon in the trade center and then put in what you want and then wait until someone has what your looking for.

        this would be better than nicknaming all your pokemon over again since people mostly nicname them of what they want. now they can just type in what they want.

        dont know if this has already been put up as an idea but whatever.

        That new idea you put up for your pp was a great idea. keep it up.:D

      138. I agree with 12:57. PP is an awful idea unless it can auto-switch to another move. And even better it should be in order.

        I like the idea of shiny quests but they should be hard. Really quite hard. And it shouldn't give you ANY legendaries.

        As for targeting. You should make a 'rarest' option. Because when a rare pokemon comes and you don't damage it enough to catch it, it is really annoying.

      139. Sam... here are some of my thoughts...

        1. I think that the FAQ #10 needs updating for some of the more common pokemon that appear on the newer levels.

        2. Move Diglet's Cave into Chapter 4.

        3. Reorganize Chapters so that it reads "Chapters 1 & 2", "Chapters 3 & 4", "Chapters 5 & 6 - locked currently"; Move "Oaks Lab" to "Pewter Gym" up and put in all of the chapter 2 levels in underneath, so there will be less chapter pages when you finish and that in the meantime we'll start getting used to how they'll be in the finished product of your amazing game! ;)

        4. On Diglett's Cave, when Jessie and Brock are talking, it reads, "It's the twerp. Where are 'you' (your?) other twerpy friends? ..."

        5. Is there supposed to be an ending to Diglett's Cave, because it just flashes back to the Chapter Selection screen for me.

        6. The player that helped you with the pokemon images, could they help you with the Avatars? Could other players help you with the Avatars as well?

        Great work! I know you are busy, but you seem to handle feedback really well and you really seem to want to really make this game the best that you can! Keep it up, it'll pay off! ;)


      140. Some suggestions to fix in the next update:

        1. After beating diglett's cave and the vermillion challenge level have a different winning ending text if you have already beaten it once.

        2. Add the HMs that you have to your inventory screen.

        3. Take the top 3 title screen and put a button in the starting screen options to select which one you want.

        4. When a NPC trade or special event is unlocked, remove the skip button so we know that we did something new.

        5. Add pokedex slots for the dogs but leave a bit of a space under mew and colour their circles gold instead of white (do this for all legendaries!)

        6. Some pokemon don't have their locations updated on the FAQ ie ekans, sandshrew etc


      141. does anyone have a shiny abra up for treade and would they be willing to trade me for it.

        I have (all shiny) pidgey,oddish,poliwhirl,rattata,jigglypuff,zubat,tentracool,onix,and staru.

        i also have some non shinys
        Put what you want and i'll reply with the code of the pokemon.

      142. Dear Sam, I think PP is cool, but it maybe too hard for beginners so if we can switch WHEN we use the PP and if we WANT to use PP

      143. Can you add "Don't attack pokémon with red health bar" to the targeting system... it's useful when you're hunting...

        Also, instead of PP you can add an Energy Bar an powerful moves will consume more energy and you can decide how use it. Energy can be recharged by waiting (fast) or using a weak move (slow). What you think?

      144. Sam an idea could be to make the travelling opponents 2 be able 2 harm v towers but only if wanted 4 a challenging twist when pokemon r defeated sent back 2 box.and be able 2 use our own pokemon in challenges hirer v level means stronger pokemon

      145. synchronoise doesn't affect psychic pokemon

      146. I still don't like the idea of PP.
        It would be ok if you can choice to use it or not.

        I guess the fair way is to ask in a poll.

      147. Title Screen 1 really needs sound. It feels kinda weird to be watching a pokeball bounce without the binging sound and it's also weird seeing a pikachu using thunderbolt but not saying PIKA-CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU and the pokeball sending out pikachu and not making a pokemon coming out sound... all those features of the screen is great and all, but no sound makes it seem weird.

      148. @Ryuga and about PP at all: The prob with PP isn't only the cooldown. The main issue is we are not controling 1 but all 6 pokemon at the same time and the "mainest" (lol) is this is in real time, not turn based. Hope it helped

      149. I really like the idea of a targeting system and the shiny quests. The pp is a really creative idea too, I hope it works out well.

        I had an idea for the targeting system. Maybe there could be type priorities. You can set certain pokemon to attack say a fire type, and if there are no fire types in range, attack another type or just switch back to default.

        Just an idea. I love the game and how challenging it has become. Keep up the good work!


      150. sam

        about the pp you should have pp ups so the pokemon could raise their pp.
        say if your pokemon had 5 pp for flamethrower you could use a pp up that u bought at the shop
        and send you pp from 5 to 6 or 7.
        you could also have a intervory on the game and you could buy from the pokemart pp restores so u could restore all your pp to the max.
        you could have these pp items.

        pp restore(restores by 5)price is:$50 pokedollas
        pp restore super (restores by 10):$100 pd
        pp restore (restores by 15):$150 pd
        pp restore deluxe (restores by 20)$200 pd


        pp up (raises pp limit by 3)$300 pokedollers
        pp up super (raises pp limit by 5)$500 pd
        pp up ultra (raises pp limit by 8)$800 pd
        pp up deluxe (raises pp limit by 10)$1000 pd

        thanx if people actually read this.
        if you make a comment and you really like this idea just to show sam put at the end or begging of your comment put

        jackflap101 i like ur idea

        sam please reply.
        please any one reply and tell me if my idea pleases you.


      151. the whirlwind bug is buggin me ^^, kk bad pun, but this PP idea sounds nifty, so long as we can set up our move 1/2/3/4, i cant see why it souldnt be in

      152. @jackflap101

        i like your idea, i just think that for all of the dollar values for the items, you should add a 0 at the end of all of them. the amount of money there just seems too little considering i have 2.5 million pokedollars and most people have at least 1 million if they have been playing for awhile.

        its a good idea, just make the values of items cost more.

      153. I know it's real time but if energy recharghes over time (ie. 10 energy units per "turn") and you use a strong attack (15-20 energy per attack) you will consume your energy, but if you use a weak attack (5 energy per attack) energy will slowly replenish.
        Also, just to be more realistic, more powerful or evolved pokémon should have more energy than others (just like health) or recharge it faster.

        I think it leaves the programmer with more freedom in balancing the power of attack moves cause he can make moves like Fire Blast or blizzard having more attack power and still being fair simply increasing the energy consumption for that move.

        Maybe it's a bit difficult to understand but i think it's a great solution.

      154. As i suggested before you can add an item that is really costly and when you let any Pokemon hold it, it increases the shiny rate of meeting that Pokemon and its prior evolution(s). That would cover for the people who want a clear but not exactly easy way of catching shinies AND put some use into that money everyone has lying around.

        Also, if you decide on implementing that idea with PPs you can put an item that can increase the PP recovery rates when held by a Pokemon.


      155. But if you're going to make that PP-thing, would we still be able to use roar and whirlwind without changing attack all the time??

      156. Good game, blah blah blah I know you're probably so tired of hearing that by now, so I'll cut to the chase. I found a glitch in Digletts Cave when I tried a poison strategy with my level 41 Butterfree. I had it on Poison Powder, and had an Alakazam as backup to get all the Ekans and Arbok that would be unnaffected. Then I realized they WERE getting poisoned, even though Poison types should not be affected by it. I dont want to complain but this just seemed like a more substantial bug than many of the rest -Leader of Luxinape

      157. BUGS: I've noticed these while playing
        1. drowzee's health bar is giant after being caught
        2. On the new level, on the vertical lane, the left 2 spots won't allow my pokemon to attack.
        3. On route 2, if I place an abra the health bar becomes shifted to the left by one of it's lengths and stays that way if abra teleports
        3. Don't know if this is right or not but the duration of mediate, I think that's the move, is 18000. Is that suppose to be 1800?

      158. I think that anything you add that adds more variables to the moves is good. Right now, you only have damage, enemy speed, AOE, damage-over-time, and status. You effectively removed damage speed, which I think was a good move, although it might be better used sparingly (e.g. only for attacks like quick attack/extremespeed) than not at all. PP is a great variable to add to the mix. More variables would be even better.

      159. @All

        Hey folks, I have worked hard today and I believe that I am #1 in sheer number of Drowzee, Spearow, and Diglett.

        I'm also #1 for shiny Mr. Mime and tied for first with shiny Jynx. So remember, when you need a pokemon in trade, just type POKEDADDY in the search for all your needs.

        I am currently seeking these monsters:
        shiny Squirtle
        shiny Paras
        shiny Abra
        shiny Poliwag
        shiny Poliwhirl
        shiny Drowzee
        shiny Diglett
        shiny Mew
        ... AND the Dogs, of course

        Great Wednesday update, Sam. If anyone could make the PP idea fair and functional, it's you.

      160. sam you are a genious, Pokemon + Tower Defence = best tower defence EVER!!!.

        I come to your blog every week since I had 5 levels(pewter gym)

        PD:I used google translator(again) so i can have spelling errors

      161. i agree with most of the commands for taargetting but i also think there shoould be on for any pokemon you already have. That way you wont kill any shinies or pokemon you dont have yet. The pp thing is ok but how long will it take to recharge 1 point? Also i think to make it more of a tower defense game, each wave pauses once it finishes.

        one more ting, the new levels are really nice because they pose a challenge, but everyone just uses whirwind or roar on them. Is there a way to make a level that needs strategy but whirlwind or roar wont help? thx

      162. @Sam: Sorry man, but there is a lot to talk about so bear with me.


        Quite honestly, I enjoy title one not because it is animated, but because it is not cluttered and they menu buttons stand out. The buttons dominate the screen because they glow, and the only large art on the title is faded and in the background. This makes it highly effective in my opinion. However, I do agree that the lengthy opening should be skip-able. While cool the first couple of times, it would get old fast.


        I don't remember quite who said it, but I agree with the fact that targeting should be minimal. Minimal targeting can still relieve frustration while preventing an auto-pilot. I understand many multitask while playing the game (I do), but having the game play itself is no game at all.

        Shiny Questing:

        Interesting. Every single one? I can imagine a unique story tattered to every pokemon(or at least there first evolutions) and the idea sounds great. As for people complaining about it lowering the value of shinnies, the encounter rate is already much much higher than in the main games and I have way to many shiny pidgeys as it is.


        As for people asking for more things to spend money on, ditto. I'm far to rich and it makes money rather useless. A monetary system is fun when you must prioritize your next purchase. Not when you can buy everything you need when you need it. It might as well not exist in that case. Another issue, the leveling cost clearly doesn't scale with the amount of money gained from reaching those levels. Obviously you don't want to rob something to let them level, but right now it really is an insignificant figure. After a certain point in game, it is as if the level up button is free.


        Ah the big one. I am torn on this subject, for you see, each side makes good points.

        -Closer relation to the main games. I don't really agree with this one. The game relates well enough and still stands on it's own.
        -Move diversity. This I'm not so sure. It would create more strategy by stopping someone from spamming one move, but it will also ruin dedicated roles someone else had mentioned. I have move sets that run offense and support or diverse type offense so my mons can rise to whatever occasion I need them to. Rarely will I want a mon to run both offense and support and multiple type move pokemon become near impossible.
        -Move Auto-Switching. I don't care if PP is implemented or not, this feature must stay. Having a mon use a buff whenever it runs out or switching to attack once everyone has been stat reduced is brilliant.

        -Balancing. Turn based and real-time are not easy to just transfer battle mechanics between. Even with PP regen, the proportions are still off. 5 Fire Blasts in the main games, if assumed OHKO, equals 5 kills out of 6 or 83% of the battle. Now real time gets tricky, as one mon taking out 83% of a level is absurd, but that would be the equivalency. See the break down? It can't transfer over quite the same. Although I'm confident Sam could find a way.
        -Dedicated Roles. I already talked about this.
        -Micromanaging. You've already taken care of it with the alert and auto-switching.

        There ya go. My overly detailed opinions. I do realize it might be skipped over because of size, but I said what I believed, so I hope it is read through.

      163. Sam, i have another suggestion, you could also mix the targetting system with the attacks

        for example, using the example you used in the blog,
        you could have Fire Blast set to target bosses while having Ember set to target non-bosses,
        thiss would help save the PP of Fire Blast for the bosses
        and the target of the moves can go along with the target of the pokemon its self


        -your fan ;)

      165. Sorry, but I really hate this idea. I really enjoyed the aspect of giving my pokemon different types of attack and some other skills so I could vary their use in different situations. With the intensity of some levels, this will now be impossible. Also, dedicated debuff/slow/AoE towers won't work.

      166. Making the PP thing wouldn't be the greatest idea, what happens if you run out of PP? some levels would become extremely difficult because of the update. But the shiny quest is a good idea

      167. lol @ title entry #7 tell me how i can improve of you

      168. I really hope that PP isnt added as i think that it will defeat the whole Tower defence feel to the game
        And i know that for a fact im not the only background player i think that this would make our lives alot harder
        And i dont think that i will play unless there would be an option to turn this on and off if it was added.
        Well my two cents...

      169. will you be able to chose the second moves order or will it be the next one down (if so will you be able to change the order)

      170. Im kind of sad that the title screen entry #1 is going to win it takes too long to get to the game and then we will have to watch the Tower defense games thing too.

      171. What about a suggestion? Why not not try to implement linked moves like on the Mystery Dungeon games. For example an Alakazam with Calm Mind and Psychic and linking both of the moves making it so that whenever the effect of the buffing move ended it would activate itself and restart the attacking. I don't know if this would make the game easier (which could be a bad thing).

      172. hey pokedaddy,

        i gave a request for two of your shiny abras.

        i offered a shiny poliwag and shiny poliwhirl

        Please accept

      173. hey sam awesome ideas and amazing game! i cant wait for the new title screen and thx for the great game that i play everyday!

      174. @sam great update love the shiny alert helped me catch shiny diglett but had a question what move is drowzee using cause my charmander burns him and when he gets to my pidgeotto at the bottom hes no longer on fire

      175. i do not like the idea of pp thing because in huge waves i would be like oh no i ran out of pp some people maybe like this but there should just be a pp version thats all and the normal version

      176. Targetting Commands:
        Highest level
        lowest level
        type advantage

        Also, since this is a tower defense game, pp usage might not be the best idea. Although, if you do it, you should at least increse it in some way, like multiply it by two, or maybe put each move's pp at its max.

      177. what if you find a pokemon you like and then your like no i not have pp to weaken it noooo that happens

      178. anon 5:32 i also agree that it takes too long and yet its gonna be picked anyways so: @sam if entry 1 picked(which probably will)i suggest a skip button 2 it if u dont mind =) ps:love the game and what your doing with it keep up the good work =)

      179. Hey Sam...
        I think you should not put PP in the game becasue i fear it may indeed take out all the fun, and i think you should put how much xp a pokemon needs to reach the next level becasue it is a pain to know how much xp you get and not knowing how much more to level...

      180. Digglets cave is bugged slightly. Some candies dissapear when a Hypno or Arbok that's carring them is beat

      181. well if your going to do the pp thing (which i do not like the idea) get items like pp up pp max and other things maybe even health items like potion oh and the target idea is great maybe these commands like stop attacking and when you do that you can get pp and attack fast pokemon attack slow and target types like only target non flying so you dont waste time.

      182. Hey Sam,
        I loved the idea of the shiny squest, but I think the idea of ​​the PP will make the game much more difficult.
        I've been thinking, why the existence of the life bar if our Pokemon do not die?
        you should think about the pokemon die in battle, it would make the game much more fascinating, and also that such an achievement like this: 'have 60 marks of shinys pokemon on pokedex' prize: a Mew (because the only to get it shiny is buying ninja-ja, and the game has about 80 Pokemon I think)
        How about that?

        Your game is great. Keep it up. (Google translator, sorry)

      183. @Sam
        I was thinking of something. I'm a shiny hunter, and now when the shiny rating is so low (thanks those who traded Pikachu, Sandslash, Jynx, Ivysaur and Meowth with me) it's gonna get really hard. People will try to trade via the Pokemon Center.

        So, here's my idea. Why not add some sort of a chat system, like sending messages to each other? This would help people to understand what they need to trade to get the pokemon they want (man, you should see how many people requests regular pidgeys for my Mr. Mime!).

        I mean, I'm in need of a shiny Ekans. So I try to trade a shiny oddish, because it's a quite rare shiny. But when everyone denies my requests, I'm incapable of nowhing what I should propose instead of the Oddish. I have simply no idea of why the guy put him in the Center and what he wants. And I can't try with all of my pokemons at once (well, I could, but it would take lots and lots of time).

        Therefore you should be able to negotiate with the guy. Getting to know what he want.

        This idea is now very developed. It needs work. You don't want to answer 30 messages for a single pokemon. Or maybe you do, couldn't take more then a few minutes to tell what you want.

        I think this would be great to have. But hey, that's just me.

      184. I meant to post this @ 2AM last night, but I guess my posts weren't "approved." So anyway, here it is again.

        On title screens...
        I like a little bit of both Entry 1 and 2. In my opinion, entries 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 are all the same and look very generic.
        Entry 1 is animated and it looks pretty cool, but is it quick to load (if it is, then great)?
        I also like Entry 2 because it focuses on the actual game itself, and it isn't just some "cool" looking image. I also like the badge progress bar that Entry 2 has, but you can't see what your progress is on the title page since your account doesn't load there, but I think a badge progress bar like that would be a great aesthetic addition, regardless of which entry wins.
        As for the PP idea, I like the idea, but how long would it take for PP to regenerate? Some pokemon are already hard to beat without PP, even with type advantages due to high amounts of HP. Therefore, if PP were implemented, I think items should be able to be bought and used by pokemon as well.
        Perhaps a "Mart" option that sells items (not pokeballs) for PP? And maybe introduce PP items/elixers/ethers?

      185. does anyone have a shiny abra? I have a shiny charizard 14e39c99ab164e.

      186. Continued...
        PP Ups could permanently increase the PP of a move. (Can be used three times maximum)

        Ethers could increase the PP recovery rate of one move of a pokemon (have a duration rate or just have it last the whole level.

        Max Ethers could increase the PP recovery rate of one pokemon (all moves).

        Elixers could instantly increase the PP of all moves by X% of the move's max PP (rounded down/up to the nearest whole number).
        -So for example, if X=10%, Tackle has a PP of 35 so one elixer could restore 3 or 4 PP. Or if 3 PP ups are used, Tackle will have a max PP of 48, and so one elixer could restore 4 or 5 PP.
        I think rounding up would be better since moves are used pretty quickly on mobs.

        Max Elixers could completely restore all the PP of a pokemon.

        In order to use these items during a level, you could maybe allow an inventory or just let the item be held by a pokemon, and then when we want to use it, just click on the pokemon and maybe have an option next to the levelup/moves to "Use Item" and make sure the item that the pokemon is holding is labeled so we know what item it's holding before we use it.

        These are just some ideas, but the ether/elixer idea could probably be played with a lot more until a solid initiative is started.

        I also like the idea about the shiny quest.

        Thanks for slaving through and reading this ridiculous post. :)

      187. Love the game but I don't like the PP idea
        Change that and I'll love this game :)

        PS Anyone got a Shiny Diglett? I'll trade for a Shiny Staryu lv.40.

      188. The new pokemon are slowpoke and machop 2 pokemon. slowbro machoke machamp 3 new evolutions .

      189. please dont make pp. it seems way too hard.
        P.S. i think entry 2 is the best :P

      190. so sam I have a theory that people who vote just click the first option a good chunk of the time. Next time there is a yes or no poll then put no at the top and yes at the bottom and lets see the results. If my theory is right no may have a much larger percentage than what it normally does

      191. Your a genius these the quests and the pp will make the a lot more fun and i cant wait till its finished

      192. @xehanorto...

        I thought the exact same thing!


        Most of the polls you make have questions / answers that are extremely biased. Make the poll's wording more neutral and switch the order of the answers.

      193. (Pardon my English...)

        I've got some suggestions:

        1: Shiny rate at 1/10.000: Why don't you increase some Pokemon rate, like Meowth or Abra?

        2: Shiny Popup: Put a sound systeme different of Music/FX. Make possible to mute Music and FX but the Popup will make a noise.

        (3: Not important: add a column in the Pokemon choice's menu, before enter a level. To set an even number of column. Just to compare Shiny/Normal Pokemon.
        I said that wasn't important...)

      194. I just put some of my pokemon up for trade, and when i went back to check my collection, after i traded them, it said i did not have those pokemon in my collection. I am wondering if you can fix this glitch

      195. I think that on your birthday(obviously you will have to send an email to ask for our birthday) you should get a shiny pokemon of your choice or even a mystery code that will enable you to get a rare item or pokemon

      196. Sam, you think you'll be able to add the relearn only moves this update?

      197. Is anyone else having a good laugh at people saying how much they love or hate pp?

        ...just me?

      198. ok i agree the ideas are good, but PP = bad, as an avid strategy gamer yes micromanagement can add some challenge and be fun, but you will kill off alot of your casual gamers who dont want to think to much about what they are doing


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