Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.9 is now out! Progress List

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Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

What's new in v3.9
  • Being able to level up your starter pokemon properly when making a new account
  • Putting an enemy to sleep or freezing him or making it flinch will make him stop attacking
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing people from saving
  • Fixed a bug in the Trading Center that prevented automatic trades from happening with "Any Pokemon" was one of the request
  • Issue with Charmander not leveling up properly in the challenge mode level
  • Skip button at the end of Route 8
  • Fire Blast not working on certain levels
  • Extremespeed will no longer make the targeted enemy turn white
  • Vital Throw and Submission attack effects will now rotate more as intended
  • Submission will now un-fade your pokemon after the attack
  • Pokemon being affected by moves that shouldn't affect them
    • Fire Types can no longer be burned
    • Ice Types can no longer be frozen, except by Tri Attack
    • Ground types can no longer be paralyzed  by Electric Moves
    • Leech Seed no longer works on Grass type enemies
    • Poison and Steel Types can no longer be Poisoned
    • Bulldoze will no longer slow down Flying Type Pokemon
New TMs - (Sorry but Hydro Pump is not a TM ): )
  • Blizzard
  • Solarbeam
  • Thunder
  • Fire Blast
Where can I play?
New mystery gift code will come on Monday! Sponsor is not around so we will wait until Tuesday for the Mystery Gift Code. No new code this week :(

Another week another update, this week we took it easy no new pokemon or level but a lot of fixes and some nice new TMs for you to enjoy.

This week coming up we got a lot coming at you, new pokemon, a gym battle, new daily code prizes, new TMs and more.

Distribution (0%)

New Gym Level (100%) - Celadon City Gym
  • Level Intro (100%)
  • Level Layout (100%)
  • Level Waves (100%)
  • Level Ending (100%)
Game Corner Section in the Pokemon Center (Pushed to Monday) 
New Daily Code Prizes (Pushed to Monday)
New Mystery Gift Avatar (100%) - Thanks Kimmy Lube! 
  • Implement graphic (100%)
  • Link to Sponsor site (100%) 
    Non Obtainable Pokemon (2) (100%) - Exeggcute, Tangela
    • Graphics (2) (100%)
    • Shiny Graphics (2) (100%)
    • Add these new pokemon's stats into the game (100%) 
      New Pokemon (4) (100%) - Porygon, Scyther, Pinsir, Dratini
      • Graphics (4) (100%)
      • Shiny Graphics (4) (100%)
      • Add these new pokemon's stats into the game (100%)
      New Pokemon Evolutions (1) (100%) - Dragonair (Level cap is not high enough for Dragonite)
      • Graphics (100%)
      • Shiny Graphics (100%)
      • Add these new pokemon's stats into the game (100%)
      New Moves (10) (100%)
      • Conversion - Porygon (100%)
      • Conversion 2 - Porygon (100%)
      • Signal Beam - Porygon (100%)
      • False Swipe - Scyther (100%)
      • Vacuum Wave - Scyther (100%)
      • Razor Wind - Scyther (100%)
      • X-Scissor - Scyther/Pinsir (100%)
      • ViceGrip - Pinsir (100%)
      • Brick Break - Pinsir (100%)
      • Dragon Tail - Dratini (100%)
      • Dragon Rush - Dratini (100%)
      TMs (100%)
      • False Swipe (100%) 
      • Aerial Ace (100%) 
      • Gyro Ball (100%)
      Add the words "Hacked Version" on the main screen of the hacked version of the game (100%) - Big red text will let you know  that you are playing the hacked version.
      Fixing types affecting the wrong moves (100%) - I thought I had fixed it but I made a mistake in my code, this now works correctly.
      Make Daily Code Reset at the same time every day (100%) - This is available now! Instead of the code's 24 hour timer triggering when you get the code, it now resets at the same time everyday so no matter when you use the code you won't lose time. A lot of you requested this so here it is :)
      Fix typo on Meditate attack info (100%) - The duration text is now 1800 as intended.
      Fixed Vaporeon Graphic (100%) Thanks Haplo! -Graphic had a green color that didn't belong, this is fixed for this update.

      Also don't forget to check out Ninja-ja, now available for free (the game only, no coins) and let us know what you think.Click here to download it.

      I'll update this post as the week goes on, as always let me know what you think!


      1. Cool update Sam, you sure fixed a lot! Maybe next, next week you should take a break, you've done quite a bit so far and I could wait. ~Jonathan K.

      2. I love the new pokemon coming in the game... 2 of my favs all time

        On a different note since we will be in Celadon city the town that has a huge mart can you possibly put in everstones for pokemon to hold so they dont get the evolution notice when they lvl up?

      3. 4TH
        jk, cant wait for this update

      4. Awesome! Thanks for everything you're doing for us!

      5. Its Jacob again… the guy who was 4th. Just a yell out to Sam that the update is awesome but could you maybe in the future but modes or something and make a fishing mode for the old rod and catch water types and stuff?? That would be really awesome!!

        Thanks, Jacob

      6. Hey Sam,
        any chance you can add a choice for attacking first and last pokemon? It's really helpful for maximizing the hit rate of attacks like fireblast.

      7. Sam or Dan, do you think at any time, Ninja-ja will also have apk versions for the android?

      8. 6th! maybe u could (in the distant future) make an offline version wher you register it to a profile and use it for that profile and you only use the internet to go to links, or something like that. Just an idea.
        Leoman443 :D

      9. Nice one sam, loving solarbeam.

      10. Can't wait for Porygon and Dratini. I like your game Sam, it's awesome.
        But there is 1 thing. Steel and dark types came first out in Johto. I f you want to make Kanto only, i'ld choose for removing any dark and steel types.
        P.S. 6th

      11. could you also fix the flying type being affected by toxic spikes(and similar moves)?

      12. Yes! Dratini! for 4000 coins in your coin case! haha but Dratini is awesome even if there are moves from out of Red and Green(blue) O.o

      13. Omg... Sam, the lag on my Htc desire is insane, it runs fine for about 5 seconds then seriously lags for another 5 seconds, (.APK) but believe it or not it runs ok if i play through the browser :$

        As i mainly play on my phone, is there anyway it can be tweaked a bit for Phones?


        (Forever your No.1 Fan)

      14. Awesome!! Thanks for the update!

        Next one looks very promising, too! :)

      15. All the immunity fixes are finished :D That means no more superbuldozer Dugtrio though...

      16. 6TH? maybe...
        Finally my Venosaur can learn SOLAR BEAM

      17. Hypno's attack "Synchronoise" doesn't take any damage.

      18. YES! At lease i am amongst the top 10 posters.....
        i know you are realeasing new pokemon almost every week but when are you going to add " Ghost " type pokemon
        please reply .......

      19. I've just reached lavender, and Id have to say that the attacks from the persians are very overpowered for a person who doesn't grind a lot/doesn't have specific pokemon...

      20. WOW, those TMs are superb...

        and is it normal that charizard can learn solarbeam?

        (my english sucks)harizard can learn solarbeam?

        (my english sucks)

      21. good idea. im fifth

      22. when can you get gastly? fire blast, solarbeam, blizzard and thunder is awesome!

      23. how come dratini so fast ? and why no gastly yet :/ still cool 1 of 2 pokes i want fo my team :D

      24. Sam, is it possible for you to put up a list of which regular Pokemon we can get from the daily codes. Right now, I'm thinking there's just Pikachu, Ratatta, Pidgey, Abra, Weedle and Caterpie. Are there anymore? Or do you just not want to tell us (ie because you want to keep it a surprise or something?)
        If you don't mind revealing what all they are, then it would be nice if you could perhaps put a list of them in either the FAQs or in the Pokemon Centre when we click "View Prize List."

        AND, is it possible if you can put the Avatars available to buy in the Daily Codes. The advantage for those who have been playing every week and hunting for the codes every week is that they get it free. However for those who have missed a week or for the new players who have just started to play, at least they still get a chance by being able to buy them.

        AND ALSO, is it possible for you to put all the HMs at the very end of the TM list. For some reason, I noticed on charizard that Shadow Claw came after Cut. I would've thought that all HMs should be at the very end OR at the very beginning.

        AND ALSO ALSO, can you make the trading centre such that it allows the moves of the Pokemon to be displayed or a description bar so that we can type in what moves it has (though some people could lie) and perhaps use it as a means to communicate with the other player.

        And ALSO ALSO ALSO, do you remember the hotkey idea I once proposed about using the keyboard to help carry out some of the functions when the battle is going on such as using numbers 1-6 to select Pokemon and then once selected using QWERTYUIOP to select targetting and numbers 1-4 to select moves and SPACE to level-up and ENTER to select Done. What do you think still? I know you liked it then? Any thoughts on when you might or whether you will implement it?

        And ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO, Onix can't relearn Sandstorm even though it has passed the required level to learn it (which is 25 I think.) Unintentional glitch which needs fixing???

        And ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO, ... , KEEP IT UP!!! :)


      25. i have a few suggestions this is my list 1 first
        1. An archivent complete your pokedex /win: 1 000 000 000 pokedollar
        2. TM’s can you buy in poke markt
        3. Ad poke- ultra- and great balls
        4. Ad potion, super potion, full heal, antidote,…
        5. New background ( lay-out ) for pokemon center
        6. New levels (5)
        7. Pokemon levels can up to 48
        8. New level (1) + gym
        9. Pokemon game house with points and 3 prizes
        9.1. 33333 points evee
        9.2. 66666 points ditto
        9.3. 99999 points Porygon
        10. Bike challenge than you can get a bike for the bicker road

      26. Sam, i think before you do anything you should increase the level cap, before there are too many pokemon, with too many more moves to code, and it takes forever

        This is just my opinion, feel free to comment on it as you wish.

      27. How do you get flash?

      28. Sam, you've done a lot of work, but we're still waiting for maybe potions to use in some levels ;)

      29. Thanks for the update! I know I sent you emails before, but is there ANY way you can get the moves back...

      30. Hey Sam or Dan look here http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/69/newmoneybarmaybe.jpg/# is more cool way to show the money do something like that

      31. Also, can't wait for the new updates. Three of my four favorite pokemon! Plus, False Swipe will be immensely helpful.

      32. O_O you gave me the ultimate elemental moves! -dance- i am SO happy i've been waiting for those TMs to come out for EVER this is gonna change my pokemon line up alot. fire blast is an awesome fire move and i love that it's just in time for celadon, blizzard to, my jynx thanks you from the bottom of her Ice-coated heart! >:3 oh yeah and thank you for adding solar beam, though i bet alot of people with lvl 44 ivysaurs are angry :P

      33. great update sam love the 4 new tm's! and sadly im a sucker for gambling for the daily codes hoping for a legendary that im going broke lol but great stuff it keeps me playing, loving the work so far!

      34. Awesome! Fantastic fixes Sam, great stuff as always.

        Can't wait for next week to get Dratini and Scyther!


      35. Sam, you forgot to mention that you've made Aurora Beam look awesome!

      36. Hey Sam, quick question: does the pokedex still not remember if you had a pokemon if you trade it (i.e. Let's say I traded for a Butterfree and then traded it away again- does the pokedex still stay incomplete for Butterfree)?

      37. Sam,
        is there any way to dehack your pokemon?

      38. Yeussssss finally pinsir scyther porygon and dratini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      39. "Fire Blast not working on certain levels"

        its a bug fix or they are levels like gym on which we cant use this move ?

      40. thx for the new update I helped me beat Lavender town and I can't wait for scyther he's my favorite Kanto pokemon also Dratini seems cool I alos think u should increase the level cap to 50 soon anyway keep up the good work and it is ok if u take a break (I hope u don't though)

      41. yay 6
        hay Sam pleas read my comment sandbox mode I'll post it hear so you don't have to look for it

        I just had a crazy idea you should add a sand box mode which would be there just for fun.

        make it that the player can choose any pokemon available so far for the player to use, and to attack him/her, also make it that the player can't catch the pokemon and you don't get any money from them, Its purely for fun.
        you can have it on any map that you have cleared, or a specially made map.
        also the player should be able to select how much candy/poke balls/fossils/whatever at the end like 10/20/30 or sudden death with 1 candy and the pokemon that he/she chooses continuously spawn at the start till they change to different pokemon

        this is just a suggestion you can add it whenever you if you want.
        you can make it a reward for completing a challenge level

      42. Sam-I finally got my ideas for 4.1 or later updates in order, so here they are!!!

        Bag-obtained by doing a challenge level or something.It replaces the giant Pokaball, and acts as a toggle showing all of your items and quantities. To buy nonstone items, you have to do Route 2 again and not skip the intro, and the store will magically be open.

        Buyable items-When the Bag is toggled open, you can drag the items to a certain Pokemon to do whatever the item does to it.

        Other types of Pokeballs- Instead of programming the catch rates, different Pokaballs will make different, or all, Pokemon hit red HP quicker, which would make some captures easier.

        I found an amazing quick way to get a lot of money to pay for daily codes, but I will never tell anybody! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

        PS: TOTALLY NOT 6TH!!!!!

      43. also is the daily codes should either reset at 12 pm est or have a 23-23.5h reset time, so if we are a little bit late we can get back on schedule incited of having to wait later and later to get it

        on another note is there going to more challengers like the first 3 they where fun
        also will there be hats for the bird trio

        i also found a bug in route 8 when any of the fairy pokemon (jigglypuff ect.) used double slap the spite of the pokemon using the move would stay on the pokemon that was attacking tho you might of fixed this i don't know but if not you now know

        by the way it's games like this that keeps Pokemon alive thx Sam keep it up

        @every one else search Jav for trades I took my rare shines down because people where just offering common pokemon that i already have if you want a shiny jigglypuff, machop or eevee evolutions, post a comment hear and ill get back to you
        i am excepting:
        eevee or evolutions

      44. Where you can play:

        Aways updated :) Website in brazilian portuguese =D

        Greeeeeat game!

      45. On the next uptade, we will saw Porygon in the wild or in the casino???

      46. I'm think the move Aqua Ring should be passed by Baton Pass. Healing all pokemon.

        Great Work Sam.

      47. 6th is good \
        this is my first comment

      48. DRATINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        SHINY VERSION IS SO MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      49. can you put moves on the trading center so we know what move they have??

        thanks for the update bc i thought entei cant use the fireblast like the last one on v3.3.

      50. isnt horn drill a tm?? how you gonna do those one hit KO moves like horn drill, fissure, and that frozen one... cause diglett can learn fissure at lvl 45

      51. Sam, will it be possible that you can get shiny versions of the Game Corner Pokemon or not?

        Because if I'm guessing correctly, it's not possible.

      52. I personally think that instead of making the daily codes reset 24 hours after buying one, you should reset it everyday at the same time. If you make them reset 24 hours after buying you will time everyday even if you wait right when it's reset and ultimately making you one day miss a day of the codes, and I know you didn't do that because people have different time zones but if you buy them everyday at the same time, it won't make a difference whereas if you buy them everyday at the same time after waiting 24 hours you'll lose seconds or minutes everyday. That or you can let the codes stack up so if you miss a day, you'll be able to buy two the next day. I hope you find some way to help us with the daily codes.

      53. Hey sam you forgot the move steamroller (for Golem)

      54. Sam, are the shiny quests over or did you forget about them.
        if there still alive then i suggest a ultimately hard shiny quest to get shiny eevee.

      55. anyone have shiny eevee? if you do i have lots of great pokemon to trade for it except for dogs and mew. name what you want on a post. here is a good set of pokemon i will trade for one shiny eevee. shiny charizard, shiny nidoran, shiny kakuna, shiny golem, shiny starmie and shiny poliwhirl. i'll trade four for one eevee or all for two. i'll even give you a shiny farfetched. just comment if you wann trade

      56. Hey Sam or Dan please look this link
        http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/607/newthings.jpg/ is a really cool menu and all ,if you think is cool too add to the game !

      57. Can you make an endless mode? I know you've been asked this, but it would help in grinding. Please reply. Also what is your name in trading center, an are you online by the time I typed hthis I think 4 posts have gone by...

      58. LoL is me again i forgot to say one thing if you go to the link on the image you will se "Pkm" and "Items" i have the ideia when you clik item will show potion and etc when you clik Pkm will show your pokemons. i hope you like the menu =D
        the link again...
        and call me reywizz XD

      59. @Jav I've got shiny Charmander! I've actually got 2 of them and will trade for shiny mew, bulbasaur or squirtle, the dogs or if you havent got any of them I'll trade for shiny pikachu, magikarp, machop, eevee, paras, diglett or drowzee but if any of those 7 you'd have to trade 2 of them :)

        @Sam You say the next level's Celadon gym but will we be able to play slots in rocket game corner? Maybe even as a challenge level just so we can play slots to get the pokemon. This is what i've waited for ever since i first found PTD when we were still in Cerulean gym!

      60. Poison pokemon are still getting poisoned... Try using poison spikes.

      61. thanks sam thats all i ever wanted : pokemon that can learn those moves anyway, thanks

      62. whoa nice menu rey i liked,but i guess sam or dan dont go but that in game that too bad =/

      63. When will Hyper Beam or its variations show up?

        And I was wondering if you can make it possible to rearrange to moves of the Pokemon easier. It's possible to rearrange them now, but I have to buy a TM or Relearn to do it. Make it rearrangeable from the Pokemon Page rather than the Relearn or TM.
        Because I want my Pokemon to use certain moves instead of others, and it would really help if they were rearrangeable.

      64. sam, the update looks great! one question though, will the new pokemon have a shiny version? thanks

      65. try this if you want to put your app on iphone/ipad without paying and not putting on the app market but by putting it on cydia

      66. You should put in Umbreon and the rest of the Eeveelutions. At least make a poll for us all to decide. We already have the dogs in game, I think it'd be fine for new evolutions to be in-game.

      67. Lol so the shiny sprite of dragonite looks like elliot from petes dragon lmao jus thought id pass that along

      68. PORYGON!!!!!! DRATINI!!!!!!!! AND SCYTHER!!!!!!!
        YOU WILL BE SHINY AND MINE!!!!! Although Pinsir sounds good.

        From Tri Master

      69. @ Sam

        FAQ question 5 says that the only way to get shiny starters is by adopting them. i think this should be changed to also inform us of the daily codes. and also maybe emphasize that all of them can be got by trading?

      70. @anon 11:47
        youre not getting any of those except maybe squirtle or bulba. lower your pirce

      71. @Cxt1 11:40 it is SamO but i don't think he has anything up for trade right now.

      72. who has a shiny machop drowsee AND/OR digglet there willing to trade name your price and look up minimii on the pokecenter i also have tons other pokemon not in trade center. i don't have dogs or mew.

      73. Wow. Sure were a lot of bugs crushed in this update. And now we get extra TMs too! All right! But, yeah, no hydro pump makes me a sad panda. Ah well.

        Can't wait for the next update. Time to beat up another gym leader and get some very sweet Pokemon!

      74. What are the new TMs that you are going to put into the game?

      75. hey sam, could you sometime add "make trading center more efficient" to the progress list?
        like a "stay signed in" check box when we're signing in

        and a check box by all the pokemon you have to pick up, so that you can check them all and call them back at once instead of call one back, go to the previous page, call another one back etc cause you cant just open all "call to profile" in another tab without having to sign back in, and its quicker if we can call them all back at once
        maybe a way to instead of making trade offers and calling them back to another profile we can just click on a "send to (other profile names here) or (other profile name here)" just to make it like, a one click thing to transfer pokemon between the three profiles
        and of course like others have suggested an icon that appears on the start up screen that shows you have trade offers/pokemon to pick up, and any thing else that makes it easier to get things done quicker
        hope you consider doing this kinda stuff sometime

      76. bug: on route 1 before joey sends out his pidgy, his dialogue box gets stuck and stays on the screen even after his pidgey is already sent out

      77. Hey Sam, does the game pause when a shiny appears?

      78. Hey Sam I just came up with an idea for the bike. When you get the bike you have the option of speeding up a level your on.

      79. Sam, this game in progsress are affecting this game way too much, both good and bad. The last levels (minus R8) are way to hard and maxed level cap is required! The fact that the levels require the cap (44) result endless grinding! I mean, i started over back in the days Cerulean Gym 1 was first made, and every level after VF2 required too much grinding, especially CG1 and 2! and Lavender Town, OMG this is ruining the game expecience for people starting over too much! I reccomend getting some people to play through the game, testing how hard it is and nerf it down to much less grinding required!!1! please

      80. Finally grass types have a really good move to use. Solarbeam just ate my heart out as soon as I first saw it.

      81. @Anon 12:35PM, really?

        you want to be able to rearrange moves, you can just click the other move to use it. That's so insignificant and useless. Just a massive waste of time for your petty trivial needs.

      82. Hey Sam, I have a problem. Whenever I log in, I get a screen that tells me my profile is being retrieved and to please wait. However, my profile never loads and I am unable to play the game on any site. I recently moved to college and am using the wireless here if that is an issue. What do I do? Thanks in advance.

        Matt R.

      83. Yes! Scyther! My only favorite grass pokemon. :D

      84. Hi Sam. I've been a big fan of this game since i downloaded it from the android app store 2 days after you released the first levels. I played all the time and downloaded almost every update until v3.3. When i downloaded v3.3 i was unable to sign in. Unfortunately i had a very busy schedule with a lot of travel and i couldn't address the issue at the time. i just downloaded v3.9 and it says "ERROR, could not find a match for your email." I tried entering my email to get my password and it sent the same email I've tried every time. I'm hoping not to lose all the pokemon I'd worked so hard on. If you can't do anything that's fine, but i was hoping you might have some suggestions or help. Thanks. -Marco

      85. Will we find out soon why General Mewtwo couldn't mind control us? I just want to know so badly! Thnaks! :)

      86. anon 12:50 i don't think so.

      87. Hey, I need help for Cerulean Gym 2. I'm trying to do it (without hacking or using traded pokemon), I'm using my Charmeleon and my Growlithe. They are both using Dragon Rage. I'm doing 80 damage per 18 cooldown. I get really close, but never manage to kill it. This means I must be doing more than 80/18. Problem is, my next best attacker (Clefairy Lv. 16, Tri Attack) does 9 with a chance to burn (20 damage). Do get it to doing 40/18, I would have to level it to about 30. I really don't want to train my guys to 30, can you make Rest heal a little bit less?


      88. @anon 1:09 I'm 11:47 and as I say I have 2 charmanders, I'll more then happily trade one for either squirtle or bulbasaur! My name is Alex and i think the levels are 2 and 8 but if you trade squirtle/bulbasaur I'm only asking for one of those two!

      89. @Sam
        Do you think you could allow moves such as Aqua Ring, Substitute and Double team to be Baton Passed (like they can in the games)? Otherwise, I don't really see a point to Baton Pass. Moves such as Helping Hand and Tailwind are much more efficient at boosting your team's stats...

      90. I have a suggestion about the title screen it's awesome, but when you click start or options it goes back to black and blue. I think you should change that to like the title screen because it looks weird when you have all of this cool stuff on the title screen then click start and back to normal. This is just my opinion it would be cool. Also I like the idea of pikachu making noise in the title screen.

      91. Good news for those that cant seem to catch a break in capturing stuff, Scyther is coming :D

      92. Hey Sam, loving the new update but I think I found a bug. On route 8 I'm using Jolteon with Thunder and Rain Dance and the Sandshrews are still getting paralyzed even though they're ground types. Can't wait for the next update!

      93. @Sam.
        Got an idea for how you can create more stuff to earn. You could do so some of the more epic moves, if you want them as TM, you need to unlock them. An example: Use cut in route 1 to unlock flamethrower TM. Then there will be more stuff to unlock.

        And please make an achivement for doing all 3 NPC trades

      94. Sam, two requests,

        1. PLEASE make this gym level so hard it will make me throw the computer out the window, and don't cave into making it easier
        2. PLEASE have a shiny boost next week for two reasons 1. I WANT SHINY PORYGON 2. I NEED SHINY DRATINI I ran out of SnD coins so yeah
        3. Oh, I have another one. Do something like drawing a card for SnD coins and the top value is 500 and the lowest is 1

        From Tri Master

      95. Fell in love with Solar Beam while grinding for levels. D8 IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND FULL OF DEATH. I LOVE IT.

        Can't wait for next week! :D

      96. Anon @ 9/3/11 @ 12:50 PM>

        Sam said it'll be a long time until we see non- Gen1 Pokemon (although that was back at v. 3.4).

      97. The Automatic trade thing still is happening!! I was going to trade with someone, but it said 'Any Pokemon, level (Any) and SHINY. So all you needed to do is request a shiny and you had it!!

        Please help!!!

      98. @ Anon 11:47 AM i have a shiny jigglypuff and machop and regular eeveelutions and eevee whats you trainer name so i can send you a request ill put them back up for trade

      99. please trade me my trade name is I RESPOND FAST!!!!!

      100. Hey Sam,

        Is it possible to have a no-hack option for trades. If trades become automatic if they offer what you want, I don't want to end up with a bunch of hacked trades. It defeats the purpose of actually trading pokemons when I can just hack the game and get what I want.

      101. Hi, I found a bug with stealth rock where all pokemon that walk over the rocks take the same damage. Like if it hits a vulpix, vulpix takes 18 damage. Now all pokemon that walk over that rock take 18 damage. Now if my pokemon uses another stealth rock but this one hits sandshrew and sandshrew takes 8 damage. That rock will do 8 damage to all pokemon that walk over it. Now i have 2 rocks, 1 doing 18 damage to everything while the other does 8 to everything.

        Also stealth rock's attack cooldown is not listed

      102. Sam, the new TM's would make the Vermillion Gym challenge level easier. But even with 2 strong shiny Golems on my side, the stupid Raichus make the Gym hard as heck!!! Why'd you make the Raichus impossible to destroy?!

      103. @all peeps
        by the way the yay 6 was when i posted the comment there was only 5 posts bat when it became visible i was in around the 30th spot why it takes so long i don't know but any way.
        remember i only want shiny that are rare or uncommon that i haven't got also ill except a mew or dog and shiny starter.

      104. "New TMs - (Sorry but Hydro Pump is not a TM ): )"

        who cares? is this PTD or pokemon? I think you should add hydro pump as a TM if you like

      105. Can legendary dogs be seen on Kyogre's boss level?

      106. @ Anon 11:22 AM - I'd like to know what you can give up! I have shiny Golem, shiny Charizard, and shiny Starmie! I also have shiny Kakuna (evolved), and shiny Poliwhirl (evolved)! Question: what gender Nidoran do you want?..... because I have shiny Nidoking, but no shiny Nidoqueen!

      107. Hi sam,

        My towers rarely attack since the last few updates, even when set to regular. In lavendar town they ignore the second wave, but I am using quick refresh rate abilities. Currently playing the apk off a SGS2.

        Another thing, whirlwind only effects the first pokemon of a type now (a wave of five diglets will result in only the first being targetted and the rest being ignored), a possible bug?

      108. @ anon 12:50

        then he would have to implant daytime, nighttime,happiness, moss rock and ice rock.(not stone, rock. there's a difference.)

        see the complication?

      109. incream1

        hi man i could have ben in the top ten but I went to bed about 10 minutes early.

        Same can u possible put bosses in route 8 because i wanta train their but theirs no bosses.

        One more thing can you make are pokemon level up to 46 or something because i want to level up my strong pokemon

      110. Sam, I just wonder, is there a move tutor to teach our starters the 3 elemental beams and our dragonite the move draco meteor? And could dratini have an egg move of extremespeed like they have in HGSS?

      111. anonymous 11;47 am i have a bulbasaur and squrtle i want to receive a shiny eevee and charmander
        this is my profile account name ash cetchum

      112. @Sam - The new Mystery Gift should be Ace Trainer or Shiny Dragonite code!!

      113. Hi!! I am Raptor!! Look me up in the Pokemon Center!!

      114. Is there a reason why my post are not showing up on the blog? I keep mentioning that the daily code is not truly a daily code but a 24+ hour code, you can eventually skip days if you don't use it in the exact hour you did in the last day. Please make it reset at a specific time like 12AM PST or EST.


        Also I had a couple suggestions:

        1) Have an "and/or" selection when asking for trade pokes. That way it is clearer if someone wants any or all of the pokes on the list.

        2) I saw someone suggest a continuous game and I thought of an expansion on it. Have a continuous wave level, where rarer pokes appear the longer you survive (or perhaps shinies become slightly less rare, etc). I think it'd be a great twist to use for the safari zone to catch something like chansey :).


      116. sam will the new pokemon be caught in the gym or bought will they be shiny thanks
        Your ptd fan from the beggining

      117. Why does it say all my Pokemon are hacked?
        I got all of them by playing an playtowerdefensegames.com

      118. sam, how many evolutions can we get of eevee in ptd, because the only way i can find out is to evolve it into vaperoen jolteon and flareon via the stones, is there a way to evolve it into the other evolutions? thanks-power3

      119. @anon 10:55PM - I will be changing this :)

        @anna - 1) sound good even tho it will take time to create.

        2) could be interesting.

        @anon 11:19PM - I don't think they will be in the gym, but outside.

        @Andrew - They have 2 versions over there the hacked version and the regular version.

        @anon 11:55PM - not for this game.

      120. -choo choo- I love it when I get excited and start bouncing up on the walls every time I see something going 100%. But try making the Gym moderate so I can get my rare daily codes :D Anyhoo, I hope it will be pure grass, or ack. I also love the corner guys. But how will we get the coins? If you have to pay pokedollars, I'm totally cool. Not with SnDs though. And I'll just hope you will be making me bounce off the roof!

        -Haxing Cat

      121. Any chance of Snorlax at some point?

      122. @thearo1 - hell ya! once we reach him.

      123. i really would like to have pokemon from other generations <:(

      124. 1) Is it comming anything awesome for the game corner? some minigame built in? =D really hope so, that and the safary zone are probably 2 of the most exciting parts of the original games =D

        2) Btw, have you already thought about the game corner pokes shininess? (specially porygon)

      125. If anyone wants to trade my acc name is Lukas D I got all the shiny starters and shiny drowzee I NEED shiny eevee and will offer shiny drowzee and the shiny starters

        ps i love your game Sam

        pps do you got an acc name to Sam which then

      126. @Sam,

        Well Im checking out the dogs in greater detail, and well I have a few concerns. The first is that we no matter what get them at level 40, however they learn moves prior to that is there any chance we could work a relearn move list for these guys?

        Second, with the addition of the new TM's you seemed to have missed Entei with Solarbeam.

        Just some concerns, let me know if anything is possible to fix these up.

        Thanks for the great update and looking forward to Monday's 3.9.1 release.

        4.0 = 4th gym hell yea!!!

      127. @Sam Otero September 4, 2011 1:08 AM

        I think you missed him, he is found just before Digletts cave in Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Silver and Gold!!!

      128. What do you think of diffrents pokebals ex. great ball or ultra ball. Than you got to buy the balls ex 1000 for 1 pokeball
        5000 for 1 great ball
        10000 for 1 ultra bal
        because you can catch a pokemon faster with a better ball and some pokemons cann't catch with a normal pokeball ex.
        butterflee - great ball
        evee - great ball
        dratini - ultra ball
        so pokemon at last evolution or a bit rare - great pokeball
        and very rare pokemon or pokemon that evolve into very strong pokemon like pupitar - ultra ball

      129. Lol, I just saw something funny
        in the title screen if you wait arround 5 minutes a pikachu will come fliying with baloons

      130. Hey Sam. Great game. Is there a possibility of having new music. i was listening to it for a while and then it got all boring listening to the same thing over and over. I also found that on my "Pokemon Center" all my pokemon are all classified as hacks when I just level them up or catch them.
        Thanks Josh

      131. @ Sam- what URL is the non-hacked PTD? I looked on Google(for some reason playtowerdefesnsegames isn't working for me at the moment) and it said that the non-hacked version is
        and the hacked version is ...
        I've been playing on game number 1078...

      132. this is weird, this just now started a little bit ago but im playing on the cerulean gym 1 and every time on round(i do mean every round) 15 the achievement pop up comes on, and i assume its for the shiny hunt 1 or something, but there wasn't a single shiny in any of the wave 15's(just now happened on wave 17), why is this happening? and the achievement bug is still here where every time a shiny pidgey, or you complete any other achievement, it still saves it even though it was already done

      133. I actually like Anna's idea for Safari zone. It combines Lavender town's stamina and strategy with the reward of rare pokemon.

      134. I've just noticed that every trainer in the trading center is referred to as a he, even though that person has a female avatar.

      135. Wow Sam nice language! Love the enthusiasm! Anyway wondering how many weeks you think it will be until lapras is out (he is my favorite) Your greatest fan since the first release, Tristan

      136. @anon 8:52, I think this is because your doing the star wars achievement, defeat a starmie on cerulean gym one. Just a thought hope i was helpful :) (I do agree he should fix this its kind of annoying every time a shiny pidgey shows up XD) Tristan

      137. 14e6391124241b
        level 31 shiny tentacruel

      138. hi sam i think u should put in a new challenge level called pokemon tower where u can catch gastly,haunter,cubone,marwhak,and gengar because some people really want them.second wat happened to prof.oak?

      139. What are the new Daily Codes prizes going to be?

      140. Sam

        Can you please implement auto save again? It's really annoying since when I play, occasionally the game freezes, and when I get back in, all my data is back to the same place. I'm tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

      141. Hey Sam, I do not post here a lot but I had a really important question.

        I have a clefairy that has stored power and cosmic power, when I combine the cosmic power with a boost from one of my poke's helping hands I have a clefairy with 4 stat modifiers. I was wondering if that is enough to do 200 damage?

        If not then how exactly can I get my clefairy's stored power to do 200 damage?

        I am debating whether to drop those moves for the new TMs you put up.

        Thanks again for everything Sam, I love what you've done with the game.

      142. I found a bug in the entei hat achievement, I beat the challenge level without using whirlwind (I used sand attack intsead) and I was given a raikou hat at the end of the level (which I already have). I went into the achievement page and it didnt have a check in it. I check my inventory and it wasn't there.

      143. When will the next version on ninja-ja be out?

      144. Hey Sam, just postin to say how awesome you are!
        You have put a lot of effort into making this game awesome for everyone. I do have a couple questions however.
        ?#1.Has the thing where trades come down if you dont check in 3 days started?, if not when?
        ?#2.What is the exact rate for the dogs, Im really good at math and Im going to figure out my chances.
        Do the dogs pop up like shinyies, every 100000th or something like that, or do they appear randomly after a certain amount of level?
        ?#3.I think I saw you post something about this but im unsure, in the trade center it does not automatically respond to any poke and does not trade it
        ?#4.Is mew ever going to be catchable(just curious) not shiny just regular
        ?#5.Will you ever add a place to catch starters like the squirle squad so you can catch them in the wild?
        ?#6.Will you add more achievements, that was fun and gave me somethng to do
        ?#7.Could you add tournements when multiplayer comes out and you could win money or a pokemon depending on the lvl of your opponent
        (high lvl =more money or rarer pokemon)If you dont want to fight real ppl you could face an npc who has a fixed prize, the more npc you beat the better the prizes
        ?#8. Sam, on a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are you, because i think your an 11!
        ?#9.Dan you are equally as awesome but Sam is a bit more awesome
        ?#10.Trade with me world my name is MASTERTRADER/VERYFAS , I check every day at 3:30pm to 10:00pm.
        ?#11.Sam i really hope you respond because my posts have been turned down latey an this kinda bugs me because i use this page to direct trade
        ?#12.Oh almost forgot Kevin,HE IS A GOOD ARTIST!!!!!!! Gonna love HTD!!:D
        ?#13.SEE YOU Later bye austa lavista aloha gutentaug konicheewa

        Lov the game keep up the great work


      145. Hey sam it would be cool if in the dialy code you include some shinys with breeding moves or some rare shinys like eevee (or scyther, dratini,etc) also, it would be nice if there were more variety of pokemons you can get so we dont always get an ekans. besides of this, great game, sam, i'm really enjoying it

      146. I think people are getting confused about the requested pokemon thing, I'm fairly sure people think that you only have to give them one requested pokemon for the trade to go through, for example, I saw a shiny bulbasaur offered with a requested list of all three dogs, mew, and both other starters, also shiny, which is highly unrealistic unless you plan on just having one of those with the mistake outlined above.
        To sort this out, either make it clear that ALL pokemon requested have to be offered for an auto-trade, or better, put in a drop down selection for AND or OR, for each of the requested pokemon.

      147. Jav will you trade a shiny machop for a shiny charizard that is lv.44 non-hacked that i got from daily codes ill also add non-shiny venesur with solarbeam and seed bomb non-shiny blastorise with hydro pump and non-shiny charizard with fire blast.

      148. I've got two ideas for PTD

        1. New targeting system: Multi-target (only works with single target moves). This targeting mode allow your tower attack another enemy pokemon in range, instead of attacking the same pokemon until it faints or is out of range (it would be great for fast leveling up 1 or 2 towers that can't learn moves that affect more than one target while another towers finish off enemy pokemon.

        2. Challenge level: on the bridge (peudo-pvp level). In these level u can't use your money or your pokemon; u'll have to gather them both.

        There are 2 platforms; the first one, with 6 blue rare candies and 6 squares to place pokemon that u may defend, and the second one with 6 red rare candy that u've to get, but will be defended by your rival.

        These 2 platforms will be continiously attacked by wild pokemon, but u can also use your towers to attack your rival platform, and he can use his towers to attack your platform.

        Every candy stole in a platform (doesn't matter if it's stole by a wild porkemon or by a trainer pokemon) will appear on the other platform. Your objective is to have, at least 10 candies in your platform at the finish of the last wave, but anyway, you wont lose the callange if u lose all the your candies before the finish (u can only lose if u have 9 or less candies at the finish).

        Now, let's talk about the waves. The first wave will be composed by 6 different shiny pokemon, both from you and your rival; they'll be DRATINI, SQUIRTLE, CHARMANDER, BULBASUR, ALAKAZAM and GOLEM, em'all with a breeding move (also both from you and your rival). The following waves will be composed by different non-shiny wild pokemon, that increase in number, HP, level and defensive moves like recover, wide guard, light screen, agility... The final wave (60 th) will be composed by the trio, kyogre and the dogs (they'll be lvl 50 blue bar); remember, these is both from you and your rival.

        Every time u defeat an enemy u'll get exp., pokedollars and energy.

        If it's a wild pokemon, u'll receive 2.5 times it's level in pokedollars, 6 times it's level in experience and 5 energy points.

        If it's a rival pokemon (remember, u can't attack em while they are defending as towers on his platform; only while they are in your platform trying to grab a candy) u'll receive 6 times it's level in pokedollars, 14 times it's level in experience and 10 energy points.

        If u (of your rival) decide to use one of your towers to attack the enemy platform, u'll lose 20 energy points and 60 pokedollars, except if these pokemon grab a candy and carry out to your bridge; in these case u'll recover energy and pokedollars, all your party will receive 1000 exp points.

        U'll begin with 1000 pokedollars and 120 energy points; u can store up to 620 energy points, but there's no limit to pokedollars. Use your pokedollars to level up and envolve your towers, cause your rival will do that and u'll be soon in problems if u don't upgrade your party

        decide also what moves they should learn and what others they have to forget!!! (cause u won't be able to re-learn or get TM's moves), and also when is the best moment to envolve your pokemon, in order to allow em to learn moves that, once envolved will need a higher level.

        Finally, u'll be able to see the amount of money and energy that your rival has got; them both as red numbers in right, and also the lvl of it's towers as a black number over it's head

      149. in cerulean gym 1, "ninetales" is spelled wrong. it says "ninetails" but it is supposed to be "ninetales." just pointing that out. great game.

      150. hey Sam,

        Could you change the catch rate for wild Pokemon when they're paralyzed, burned, frozen, etc.?

        You know, like in the games when you paralyze or sleep a Pokemon you have a 1.5x or 2x chance of catching it.

        Maybe you could make it so the red bar would be a bit longer when they have a status (like, instead of turning red at 1/6 HP, maybe change it to 1/5 HP or something like that)

      151. sam u should make achievement involving the pokedex, like 50 pokemon caught =100k pokedollars, 20 shinies =a shiny pokemon and so on..........

      152. I third Anna's idea, with a suggestion that certain non-gen1 Pokemon be added: Those that evolve either from or into Gen1 Pokemon via either level-up or having certain moves, such as Mime Jr., which evolves into Mr. Mime once it learns Mimic, as well as Lickilicky and Tangrowth.

        I also suggest that when the Power Plant is added that Magnezone also be added (as Magneton evolves into Magnezone with a strong magnetic field, such as those found at Mt. Coronet, Chargestone Cave and Kanto's Power Plant).

      153. Does Rain dance also weaken fire moves? It doesn't say anything in the description

      154. You guys might not see me much anymore because once school starts, I won't be able to play this much anymore! You won't see me on this blog site much anymore! But while I have free time, I will give and take any trade offers including:
        Shiny Eevee(s)/Eeveelutions
        Shiny Dugtrio/Diglett
        Shiny Mr. Mime
        Shiny Mew
        Any of the Dogs!!!

        I don't have much freedom time left! I'll take any offers that include any of the pokemon listed above!! I don't care what you want for them, I'll give you if you give me!!!!!

      155. Will Rain dance double solarbeam charge time and weaken fire moves?

      156. @Jav will you trade your shiny machop for my shiny charizard with fire blast and solarbeam non-shiny venesaur with seed bomb and solar beam blastorise with hydo pump and blizzard.

      157. 14e62d4f1e30f6 , for my shiny eevee. i need shiny mew. i will add more to the offer than just eevee

      158. o shit sam mi computer was stollen and i had to use a rent computer and i forgot to log off and mi account was erase it can i remember mi information until 3 hour ago o something like this
        if not i m happy dont had bought my snd coins still and at least had somes pokemons in the pokemon center thanks and o shit that hurts in the bones

      159. Hi! Here is a TradeID for a:

        Level 29
        NON HACKED

        I post more trades than this one!

      160. @Anonymous 5:37 PM

        Ouch!! Are you sad?

      161. 2 idea Sam.

        1. Can you make it so when you complete a level, it saves automatically??

        2. Can you make an Ultra Rare Daily Code and make it easier to get the 3 Legendary Dogs and also can you put in a Mew!!

      162. Shiny Farfetch'd, Shiny Mankey, and Shiny Growlithe all on the trading center. Search for Cartersoccer22. Looking for shiny abra or eevee but offer a trade and I might accept it. No hacked pokemon.


      163. hey i am the guy who lost his pokemon for rent a computer i am trapping every pokemon that i can an di will put in trade if you want to help me to recover a little my name in the pokemon center is anx3l

      164. Bulldoze still seems to be slowing down flying types. Though it could just be me going insane because I don't think I've seen anyone else mention it yet. o.O

      165. hey sam can you make it so it says that the poke center asks if you are sure that way you dont buy the wrong code

      166. Hi Sam, I'm having trouble with lavender town, the game seems to freeze on me. One Persian will stop moving and I can't damage it anymore. Then the game keeps playing but with a Persian in the screen. Also,one time the graphics stayed up for the moves of whirlwind and fire blast and even though the candy had gone and my pokemon feinted the level didn't end. I had to press the back key on my phone to stop the level.


      167. hey sam you will make a more cool menu like the that SS or you dont go change anything?

      168. I was wondering if shiny's (when they do appear) could somehow be unkillable, so the only thing you can do is capture them? Because, um, I've sen 3 shiny's so far, and everyone has been killed before I could capture it, and when that happens my heart breaks a little >__>;;;;;;;;;;;;
        Also, Abra appearing more often in Cerulean Gym.
        And I can't get past Route 3, and tips for that? The Mankey keeps killing me, and there are NO Ghost types out yet :/
        -Kirili (On PTD)

      169. Hi currently im playing on a different website with ver 2.5.1 and it hasnt updated to the newest version yet so i decided to move sites and go on to playtowerdefensegames but having saved the game online it wont let me import it on the newer version... Help?!

      170. @pokemaster316 i have a shiny mr.mine ill trade for a shiny machop drowsee or digglet (or shiny eevee but you don't have one)

      171. Somebody just gave me a shiny Diglett, shiny Machop, AND shiny Voltorb for my regular tentacool; with the account name of Cody! Either he understood what I said earlier, or he wants my Tentacool badly! Or he has too many shinies to know what to do with! Either way, I'm getting good requests all of a sudden! And I have Pokemon worth a shiny Mew! (Unless Dogs are the only ones worth a shiny Mew!)

      172. I love the new TM's Sam I've been waiting for those :) Also hell yeah dratini! If theres anyone looking to trade I have shiny char/sqirtle, clefairy, paris, machop and more! Trainer ID - Cook

      173. Sam, can you make Hydro Pump TM learnable? Because I have my shiny Wartortle stuck at level 44 because I'm trying to get it to learn Hydro Pump! Can you please make Hydro Pump TM learnable for the next update?!

      174. @ minimii - I already have a shiny Machamp, so I'll think about your shiny Mr. Mime offer! I have a shiny Machop I'll give for an awesome trade request (good requests only)!!

      175. Sam, you make Vital Throw look funny! Awesome what you did to make Vital Throw attack spin a loop before hitting it's target! :)LMFAO!!!

      176. @pokemaster316 just tell me on the blog if you want to trade and cody has tons of shinys look at pokecenter

      177. does any one have a shiny machop drowsee eevee or digglet they want to trade for

      178. I love the game! And after figuring out the Challenge Mode, it's much more fun >3
        However, I'd like to ask if you could make the storage system a little more organized? Like in the actual game where you can have different boxes and stuff, I'm just a little OCD about that and it would be a nice feature.
        Thanks so much for the game, can't wait for the next update! :>

      179. @PokeMaster316

        I am the Cody who traded you those shiny's for your tentacool. Everything you said is basically why I traded for it.
        I have way to many shiny pokemon
        I missed out on getting regular tentacool
        Good trade for you!

        Also @ everyone, I dont have anything good up in the center but I do have a lot of good pokemon. Right now im looking for a shiny eevee along with these pokemon:
        The shiny charmander evoloutions,
        shiny weedle
        shiny sandslash
        shiny clefable
        shiny drowzee
        shiny hypno
        shiny eeveeloutions

        If you have any of those and are looking to trade E-mail me at Fattyboifresh@gmail.com with an offer.

        Thanks all!

      180. Hey Sam,
        I don't know if this has been mentioned before but bulldoze is still affecting the Pidgey's speed on route 8 (that's the only one I have tried).
        I also have to say well done on the Eevee graphics! I'm a huge sucker for Eevee and refuse to let one die! As a result, I have plenty of Eevee, one of which is already in the trading center, search CrazyItalian and make any offer! I will probably always have one up for trade so if you don't get it first time round, try again :)
        P.S. Here for you and your games Sam and Dan!

      181. i have a lot of cool pokemons ! check ´em out!
        Blastoise - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e61348929a90) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Butterfree - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e5d08c29390a) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Butterfree - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e5d08dc36749) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Beedrill - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e5d08f9a4006) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Pidgeot - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6134c7a3acb) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Raichu - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6135d22d9c2) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Nidoqueen - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e5d09348b39c) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Ninetales - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e5d091e88d61) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Wigglytuff - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e5d09888be5f) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Golbat - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e61361ed4e08) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Parasect - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e61370e768c0) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Persian - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e61380681e3a) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Primeape - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6138952b582) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Alakazam - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6138ce4ce54) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Machamp - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6138b6a4f61) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Tentacruel - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e613877c6768) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Golem - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6138631c45e) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Farfetch\\\'d - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6138224f558) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Onix - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e61373f648af) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Hypno - Lvl (43) Regular - TradeID (14e613844c4bd7) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Electrode - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6136e2bf8cc) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Starmie - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e613724f0bb9) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Gyarados - Lvl (44) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e6136bf3812c) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Vaporeon - Lvl (21) Regular - TradeID (14e6136aa4afae) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Jolteon - Lvl (21) Regular - TradeID (14e61369371b9e) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Flareon - Lvl (22) Regular - TradeID (14e6136752c079) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

        Mew - Lvl (44) Shiny - TradeID (14e61365acfa47) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

      182. What time does the new mystery code coming out sam?

      183. @ Cody - Thanx! :) I have shiny Clefable, and shiny Sandslash! But not shiny Drowzee/Hypno, sorry! :( I have a shiny Charizard, though!

        @ Anon 9:24 - What do you want for your Mew?! I can give a shiny bunch of pokemon! Just ask for it and I (might) have it for you!! I NEED YOUR MEW!!!

      184. Sam do you think you will be adding any new acheivements? or shiny pokemon quests?

      185. @PokeMaster316
        What are you looking to get for the Clefable and Sandslash?

      186. Small request....please stop posting all of the ridiculusly stupid comments. It's hard for me to try to read through them. The only ones worth reading are the ones you respond to. So, if you don't want to respond to a post, odds are good we don't want to read it either. You wanted to moderate the comments, please do it. Thanks


      187. WOW for some reason i never knew that ivysaur evolved at lvl 32 then. i thought it was always 36 for some reason...

      188. Sam,

        usually i have something positive to say, but i actually have a few complaints. I still love the game and love your progress though.

        First of all, there hasn't been a new challenge level in a long time. Those are fun, and i miss them.

        Second, you said you were gonna do a lot of things that it seems like your ignoring. Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Potions, and other items.

        Finally, (this ones not that important) a fast forward bar to make the game move faster.

        Also, great work on Route 8, and also, i had an idea for a challenge level prize. SND coins. It can be really hard and have a bunch of achievments to go with it. Beating it gets you a SND coin. And beating the achievments gets you another SND coin.

      189. @ZKS Hey, lay off. Sam has better things to do then look over more than 50 comments at a time. He's trying to work on the update.

      190. @Anyone and everyone, I've got some shinies to trade you look up CaptainSarckle on the Pokemon Center you can see what I got, however those are only my duplicates but if you're looking for something special ask and I might be willing for the right trade I would be willing to trade anything for a shiny mew but you can contact me on here I read all comments or you can email me at holy42@gmail.com just put the subject as PTD


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