Pokemon Tower Defense: Weekly Progress for v4.1, Level cap, and Potions

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Okay so we are starting this week's update a little late but I will update this weekend. First if you haven't seen my brother's fan film I suggest you check it out, it came out great. He told me he is making a second video since you guys liked it so much. We also thought that you guys would enjoy a different point of view of the events in the game rather than just follow the game exactly so the movies will follow two new trainers.

Pokemon TD Fan Film
The Game Corner is out, you can play up to 500 times every day. You get 100 coins to start, if you ever go down to 0 then you will get 100 coins again, compliments of Giovanni himself. Different Machines have different rates of winning and different rates on their prizes. Some machines win more often, some win less often. Some have higher chances to win better prizes. You can win 8, 15, 100 or 300 coins. Play every day and save up for the new pokemon. Some of you, before the Game Corner came out, in the blog comments mentioned that you would like to buy the shiny versions of the pokemon with the casino coins, I thought it was a great idea but obviously the price for them has to be extreme since shiny pokemon are meant to be something that takes some time to get.

I get a lot of request by email or in the comments about converting Pokedollars to SnD Coins or Casino Coins. Before I can properly answer this question I have to address Pokedollars, right now getting a huge amount of Pokedollars is very easy to do, so providing a way to convert them to SnD Coins or Casino Coins essentially means that you could have an unlimited supply of SnD Coins and Casino Coins. I have decided that I'll be adding Casino coins to the Daily Codes. Instead of getting normal pokemon with breeding moves often you will get Casino coins often and the pokemon will be uncommon. The more you pay for the code the more Casino coins you can get. This will be implemented by this weekend.

Okay so let's talk about this weekend's update. These are the main things I want to get done.

These are for v4.1 which will be out this weekend.

Distribution (0%) - Creating all the different version, sending out the different versions to all it's locations. 

I want to increase the level cap up to 50 but I don't know if I will make it so I will do it one level at the time. When that level is done I will post the next one.
  • Level Cap Increase to 45 (100%) - New Moves (4)
    • Horn Drill (100%) - Nidoran Male
    • Fissure (100%) - Diglett
    • Punishment (100%) - Mankey
    • Lock-On (100%) - Porygon
  • Level Cap Increase to 46 (100%) - New Moves (2)
    • Quiver Dance (100%) - Butterfree
    • Curse (100%) - Onix
  • Level Cap Increase to 47 (100%) - New Moves (5)
    • Hyper Beam (100%) - Gyarados
    • Leaf Storm (100%) - Victreebel
    • Wring Out (100%) - Bellsprout
    • Grudge (Skipped) - Vulpix - There is no PP in the game so this move will be skipped. In the future I might come back and add it.
    • Guillotine (100%) - Pinsir
      The other big thing I want to do is add potions to the game, the first implementation gives you the regular potion for free as a default, eventually you will be able to buy upgrades for the potions. Once you upgrade you will get the updated potion for now on. With potions you will be limited to using 6 potions per level. Once you use 6 you won't be able to use it anymore until you start a new level. 6 should be enough to provide you a chance to beat the more difficult levels. They will work like the pokeball, you can drag it to your tower or drag it to the button at the bottom of the screen. I will also be adding the life bar to the button for each pokemon, so it will help you keep track of the tower's health.
      Scyther doing Fissure (He can't learn it, I'm only testing). Notice the life bar in the button, and the potion above the pokeball.
      • Adding life bars to the tower buttons (100%)
      • Adding the regular potions to the game (100%) - Drag this to the towers to heal that pokemon for 20 health. Does not work on enemy pokemon.

        Like I mentioned before I want to add Casino Coins to the Daily Codes and tweak some of the numbers on that.
        • Add Casino Coins to Daily Codes (100%) - Casino Coins will become the easiest prize to get on Daily Coins. This is available now!
        • Tweak the Daily Code prizes percentage to fit in the Casino Coins (100%)
        The last thing I will work on is the big bugs that are hitting the game right now. The button pictures of the new pokemon are not showing correctly. (Examples: Eevee evolutions show gyarados, porygon, pinsir, scyther showing up as moltres, and new shinies showing up as Bulbasaur). Another bug is the life bars of your towers, making them behave correctly when you take damage. Also there is a bug when you remove your pokemon before it dies, so I will try to squash that also. Another small bug is pokemon in the Celadon Gym Level are running away after using their powder attacks (poison powder, sleep powder).
        • The tower's button showing the wrong pokemon (Ex. Flareon showing as Gyarados) (100%)
        • Tower's Life bar not showing correctly when taking damage (100%)
        • Removing a Tower before it dies bugs out (100%)
        • Enemy in Celadon gym turning around after using Sleep Power or Poison Powder (100%)
        • Fix False Swipe to actually work (100%)
        • Fix Daily Codes Reset (100%) - This is available now, you will no longer be able to use the code as much as you want on certain occasions.
        • Allow only members of Team Rocket to play in the game corner (100%) This is available now! This was made because you guys voted it to be this way!
        • Fixed a bug that was causing your moves not to go on cooldown when you missed (100%)
        I was going to add a new challenge level but because I'm starting at the middle of the week I won't be able to fit that in.

        We are about half way done with the story mode, 4 more gym battles, the elite 4, and then the final battle against Mewthree!

        As always let me know what you think about the game, and about all things going on with Sam & Dan Games.


        1. Sounds like there's some good stuff coming. Are we going to be able to purchase casino coins at some point, other than in daily codes?

          Also, did you get that thing I sent ya?

          Thanks much,

        2. Great stuff as always Sam, just want to say thank you for all your work making this game.


          PS Is there any way to implement an option (like how the targeting system gives us multiple useful options) to auto-use potion when health is low? Kinda like FF9's auto-potion ability :)

        3. @Pokedaddy - nope, yes I got your email I replied back.

          @Dirk - thanks :), also I doubt it.

        4. Sam i recently brought dratini from the game corner (YAY). and just started levelling him up, but on my little box it shows a moltres icon?? Minor bug to fix, Thanks for everything

        5. @Tanishk - I mentioned this on the blog.. I'm aware of it and it will be fixed for v4.1

        6. 7th!

          This is a fantastic update. Thanks for all your hard work on PTD :)


        7. Sam, I just wanted to point out one more glitch. I don't know if you have already planned to deal with this or not. This may just probably be a mere reminder.

          On your previous blog post, a guy called Nicholas Smith posted a comment about how he save and then it mentioned that he had apparently saved somewhere else and then kicked him out and upon logging back in, had lost a huge amount of Pokemon.
          Sam, do you remember something exactly like that happened to me some time ago when I lost exactly 100 Pokemon?

          It seems it wasn't just something that happened to only me but seems to be a very rare glitch that can happen to others too. I spoke to someone else a couple of weeks ago on a trade chat and it once also happened to him but he only lost 10.

          Though this is a rare glitch, it's one of those that can absolutely wreck one's progress
          I know you are the sort of guy that would be willing to compensate but I do think you need to look into that issue a bit deeply to figure out what is causing it.


        8. @Jamz159 - The problem with this "glitch" is that I don't know how to recreate it so I have no idea where to look to fix it.

        9. @Sam.

          Hmm yeah, I know what you mean. I remember when it happened to me, I also tried to recreate it but with no luck. :(

          One thing I do remember though, is that the whole game was lagging that day as I was playing for so long. I doubt that had much to do with it but it was the only thing "DIFFERENT" I noticed.

          Maybe we can just hope it doesn't happen anymore.

        10. @Sam,

          Could you first:
          Add Casino Coins to Daily Codes (0%) - Casino Coins will become the easiest prize to get on Daily Coins.
          Tweak the Daily Code prizes percentage (0%).

          Because with that done, you wont have to release another version of the game and keep the players more entertained, while you work on the other updates.

        11. hey sam, what happens if we used all our coins in the game corner? do we get 100 coins a day or are we able to buy some of them, when we are out of coins...i would add a button that gives us 100 new coins every day...

        12. Sam, will the different win rates of the machines stay constant, or will they change from day to day? just curious. :)

        13. I totally agree with Kunkka. It will also be nice if there are more prizes to win.


        14. @kunkka - I will see what I can do :)

          @wqaq - When you lose all your coins you will get 100. That will only happen if you reach 0.

          @anon 1:57PM - I'll change them every once in a while.

          @Armin - I'm working on it :)

        15. Hey sam,

          As i seem to be the minority of phone users now, will you still fix the .APK bug i emailed you about? The one where you can't start Cerulean Gym?

          Forever your No.1 Fan :)

        16. Hey thanks for the update. For the game corner, I think there should be a higher maximum of coins you can get in the slot machine. Instead of 300 being the highest I think it should be higher since getting all the shiny pokemon will take forever.

        17. how do you get to "game corner" i cant figure it out

        18. another thing is the use of weather changing moves...rain dance should decrease the power of fire and increase the cooldown of solar beam, but increases the accuray of thunder^^
          greetings from europe

        19. sorry i meant accuracy^^

        20. Sam I'm still playing 4.0? :( Where or how do I play 4.1 and the game corner?? I'm feinding for some PTD!! haha

        21. Removing a Tower before it dies bugs out (0%)

          yeah i used this sometimes in celeadon gym xD

          Enemy in Celadon gym turning around after using Sleep Power or Poison Powder


          Sam Otero i really want to help you in something please! please i want to help you for this game. i Love PTD and i know a method with players can gain a lot of money without do anithing...please give me your skype~msn contact.

        22. Something wrong with the pokemon pictures i think.
          And yeah, great game, keep up the good work!

        23. Sam in pokemon center when you trade pokemon or receive it from daily code you have only one choice:
          'Send To Profile'
          could you make another one like 'Set Free'.
          Greetings from Poland.

        24. instead of a challenge level, what about adding an achievement for killing Celebis?

        25. Will you be posting when you have changed the slot machine odds? I'm using the PTD slots as a Stats Project in high school and kinda need my data to work when i present in a month lol

        26. I'm here! I'll put up some of my best pokemon for trade and you tell me what you want for them!

          Sam, can you decorate the trading center with some sort of background?

        27. 29th YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        28. Do the shinies last until you click play or for only 3 seconds?

        29. @snappy - v4.1 is not out yet, it's coming out this weekend.

          @luxuz - sounds good.

          @anon 2:53PM - I'll consider that.

          @anon 2:54PM - I probably won't change them for a month.

          @pokemaster - I'll have a new layout in the near future.

          @lily - what?

        30. hey sam i was thinking along with showing the health bars on the tower buttons, it'd be a nice feature if the buttons also showed the arrows that come up when you use buffs like focus energy, rage, etc so we know when they wear off and we can re-apply the buff.

        31. PLEASE READ THIS!!

          I know about the Eevee, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon showing up as Gyarados.

          I know about the Shiny Eevee, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon showing up as Bulbasaur.

          I know about Pinsir, Scyther, Porygon showing up as Bulbasaur.

          I know about it, I don't need anymore reminders.

          Thanks :D

        32. Hey Sam, this sounds like an excellent update and I'm excited to see how it all comes through. This game has progressed so much since I began playing it on the first week in April and I just want to say congrats and making such a quality game.

          Anyways the Casino coins idea sounds great, esp since the daily codes began I've been paying 100,000 a day and I have like 3 catepies and ekans each, which I mean is fair but some more variance in prizes would be good. My only suggestion would be to keep the legendary and shiny rate the same, but instead of making the Casino coins the vast majority of the rest, possibly make the odds of getting them like 50% with varying random amounts of coins available and breeding moves the other 47 or so percent. This way should keep the very expensive prizes seeming closer, but not yet that close that they should be getting significantly easier to buy.

          You might just be doing this that way anyways, so if so I just want to say great job so far and just keep up the awesome work. I look forward to all your updates.

          Kyle B

        33. @the one with the statistics project: you could use some statistical test to compare the distributions of your samples from day to day. if the test fails you know something changed. ;p

        34. Can you consider making it so when pokemon evolve they get a larger attack radius because that is a major part of tower defense games?

        35. Sorry, Sam! But I do want to know if you've used your 500 game corner attempts, how do you try to use the game corner again?!

        36. Sam,

          Just wanted to say thanks - this has been a very enjoyable experience - my family enjoys the game greatly! Keep up the great work!


        37. hey sam i have an idea to get SnD coins in another games you can buy coins by a text message i dont know if you can do this that would help me a lot
          and if you do that .
          i´m in mexico so i dont know if you do it it works here
          well thats all i have a dragonair !!!!!!!!!!!!

        38. wow, you just managed to destroy the story for us who cares about it, but other then that, it was good news.
          Any release date for the next version on ninja-ja yet?

        39. So how many casino coins are you talking about winning in the daily code?

          And i am unsure what you mean about the pokemon in the daily code. Are you getting rid of the common ones?? ( It would be cool if you did, im sure people would agree with me that it gets annoying winning a stupid common pokemon with a breeding move. and always getting rid of them)

        40. Hey Saaaam, my eevee are showing up as gyara-lol just kiddin' :P.Congratulations for PTD Sam.I'm lookin' forward for this update,also I loved the game corner, as I was waiting for Scyther since I started playing in MAy I tihink...all I know is that it was v.2.something...Anyways, keep up the good work.
          Gratz 'n' greetings from Brazil(just for you to see how ur game is popular:we've got a guy from Poland and another from Brazil here :D)
          PS:Hooray 41st

        41. Great work so far. I'm a big fan of tower defense, and when I first started, I thought this would be awful, but, it's actually pretty great! :D

          Couple things I'd like to (someday) see.
          1: Actual Stats of Pokemon you have. I wanna see it say, for example, 100 Attack 50 SpA, 20 Def, whatever. I don't need it to be super accurate. But, just a general idea of attack vs special attack. It'd be nice to have.
          2: I'd like to see an option in the trade center to specifically search for Pokemon that haven't been "hacked". Of course, that may just be me.

          Anyway, it'd be cool to see more Pokemon, and more variability in the ones that can be caught. But, I can tell you're putting a lot of hard work into this, and I really wanna say thanks, and that I'm noticing, and I'm sure everyone else is, too.

          Great job, once again.

        42. @sam: I hope who potion won't be a obbligatory things for complete a level. I hate the idea.
          Much better fight normal enemies with a good strategy than fight a overpowered enemies who force you to heal/use potion your pokemon.


        43. Hey Sam, you should have double exp and/or shiny rate weekends

        44. Hi Sam,do you think you will be making a second Pokemon TD?(Jhoto)Because when Joey was all talking about it i got excited but i see we will stop mewthree before we go there.Thanks for this AWESOME game.
          beana 9000

        45. Yush, potions are back! They would have made Lavender Town so much easier!

          I like the idea of different slot machines. At first, I thought it was pointless until I tried them all out and noticed the different prize rates. Then I fell in love (not really :]) with slot machine # 4. Didn't know about the complimentary coins if you hit zero. Isn't Giovanni a swell guy?

          Cannot wait for the level boost. Now I just need to work on getting more casino coins.

        46. @Sam

          Haha, figured auto-potion might be too much to ask for - had to try though :)


        47. sam idea!! u should have a quiz or something each week and the first 100 to get it right get a mystery gift code that adds some amount of game corner coins to their account

        48. F yea casino coins in daily codes cant wait


        49. keep going. good game so far ;)

        50. hi sam just wondering when berries and stuff are coming and pokeballs i mean this game is almost finished rite but can't wait for safari zone and just wondering if in the future theres gonna be add ons to the game?

        51. I can't beat dark cave. Can you give me some tips?

        52. Sam, love the game. The only change i would suggest is a minor one. Could our pokedex retain data from pokemon we no longer have? I dont like that I have to be in possession of a pokemon to have it in my dex (except for evolutions which already retain their pre-evolved data). Just a thought, since this is how the old games worked, even if i trade something away my pokedex should say that i caught it maybe?

        53. Hey Sam, sorry if you said this already but is the game corner every 20 hrs like how you made the daily prizes, and if your doing coins for the prizes, i like that better for the higher chances then just getting a spearow or abra because then we can pick the pokemon we need.

        54. when you say " We are about half way done with the story mode, 4 more gym battles, the elite 4, and then the final battle against Mewthree!" does that mean it will be the end of ptd or will you make another region with different places,pokemon,etc.
          i would hate to see the end of this game. i found out about it when it was version 2.6,and i was hooked. please think about this. but it would be cool to make another region!!!

          -glaceon rocks

        55. Can the level cap be 47 so, Gyarados can learn Hyper Beam already!!

        56. I know this is a stupid question buuuuuuut, how do you access the game corner?

        57. You should make it so we can pay one snd coin and get another chance to get a daily code

        58. Will you do something so that fainted Pokemon won't be removed from the party? Maybe just put a cross on that specific Pokemon's square or something...

        59. @Sam
          You could add converting just make it about 100000000 poke dollers for 100 caseno coins. But you can only bie it once every 24h

        60. Hi Sam,

          A suggestion for you is to introduce gym badge levels like in the game where if you don't have a specific badge, your pokemon above X level won't 100% obey your command.

          This will help keep the game balanced so that people don't just get traded a super powerful pokemon from someone else and blast through a new game.

          So, if you have a pokemon that is 1 badge above your badge level cap, then maybe commands are only 75% effective. 2 badge levels then 50% and 3 badge levels then 25% and 4 badge levels then 0%. It will help keep the earlier levels challenging for people starting new games and not let them "cheat" (with stronger pokemon).

          I suggest to set the gym badge level caps to the level caps you had up until now as you were programming (ex. gym badge 3 only lets pokemon up to level 44 obey, then now the gym badge 4 will let pokemon up to your next level cap obey 100%).

          Let me know what you think.


        61. are people hacking the game corner? cause 10 ppl have shiny porygons... that 1% chance is either great or there hacking... cause with the 500 turns they need to hit 300 everytime...

        62. Are there some pictures of you both. I saw Sam (or whoever the person on the picture is) on twitter but I could not find any picture of Dan.

          Would be happy to see him :)

        63. Sam> I have a list of Game Corner prizes from Generation 2 (Gold, Silver and Crystal) if you feel like adding them.

          Abra -- 100 Coins
          Ekans (Red) / Sandshrew (Blue) -- 700 Coins
          Cubone -- 800 Coins
          Pikachu -- 2,222 Coins
          Mr. Mime -- 3,333 Coins
          Eevee -- 6,666 Coins

          I noticed that the current list is from FireRed/LeafGreen, but this would allow people to obtain Cubone, which a lot of people have been asking for.

        64. Hey, Sam. Do you will make TM moves like Grass Knot, Sludge Bomb, X-Scissor etc.?

          Raichu*, Vileplume** and Parasect are so useless without this...

          *After Vermilion City
          **Even if it have Solarbeam

        65. I don't know if it's too early but does anyone have a shiny dratini or dragonair willing to trade for
          I'm willing to trade any six of those for one.

        66. hi sam the progres of the game is very very gos thamks

        67. i was getting casino coins so i could get my bro a regular dratini, then when i buy it, ITS SHINY! lol i still gave it to him, he better be happy. GAME CORNER FTW!

        68. Sam,

          The Game Corner server is now extremely slow!


        69. Sam, I seem to have found a bug, not sure if anyone found this or not.

          Preface: When the Game corner came out, I looked at the prize list, and decided to use some SnD coins to adopt the shiny versions of the new Pokémon, while trying to use the slots to earn enough casino coins to get the regular ones. All four of them are currently level 1

          bug: On APK version 4.0, I cannot start ANY level if I have any of the new shiny Pokémon in my party. I've tried every level, and if any of the four are in my group, the start button just simply does not work. If I remove the offending Pokémon, I can start the level normally.

          haven't tried the last two challenge levels yet. (my battery died, letting it charge lol)

        70. @anon 10:09PM - Weird I'll check it out.

        71. @anon 8:09PM - They adopted them with SnD coins.

        72. Thanks, Sam, for the Jolteon. I was so happy when I saw it on send to profile list today.

        73. So are you planning on adding Celebi to the legendary adoptable pokemon if not you should I don't think anyone would mind. You should add all the legendary pokemon you introduce in the game even if they are not in Gen 1 just like you did with the dogs.

          Also it would be great if when you buy or adopt a pokemon you could see a preview of how the avatar looks this would be useful to see how certain pokemon look in their shiny form. Yeah I know you can just google to see how the shiny version looks like but still it would be nice feature to have and if it's too much work then just forget about it.

        74. When it says 'A shiny has appeared!' - does that pause the game until you click the screen again, or does that only last for 3 seconds?

        75. @anon 10:28PM - You are welcome :)

          @anon 10:44PM - I'll see what I can do in the future about that.

          @Lily - Pauses the game.

        76. looking forward to the update sam. thanks for all your hard work!

        77. what are you going to do with Kabuto and Omanyte?
          Its to late for them to be in mt. moon.

        78. GO GO GO GO SAM i m rooting for u btw wht were the winner's pokemon

        79. Yes... maybe sell it for 30% of its price =D

        80. awesome update! that last level was tough, but great!

        81. Noticed a glitch with the trade center

          When you win a pokemon from daily code, it says

          (Name of pokemon)'s profile

          Congrats! You've won a (Name of pokemon)

          (or whatever the message was)

          instead it should say your username's profile

        82. Sam,
          Please make legendaries obtainable if you put them in the game im sure people would like it if they could have the legendary birds or kyogre or celebi because in the game whenever you see a legendary you can catch it
          please consider it

        83. Sam been wondering do you have any plans to introduce TM Sludge Bomb? i was hoping becuz then my Vileplume would be so much more useful against grass resistant pokemon


        84. I noticed that ekans, oddish and vulpix are in red, and sandshrew, bellsprout and growlithe in blue but why are mankey and meowth in the same versions? I thought mankey was for blue and meowth for red.

        85. Just a thought...If you introduce different types of pokeballs, such as great ball and ultra ball, you could make it so that if you buy some you can catch pokemon with more health left than just a regular pokeball. This would hold true to the original game and make catching rare pokemon easier (aside from shinies, obviously).

        86. Hey, Sam? Um, if you don't mind me asking, will Kabuto and Omanyte be in the games? o.o And the Good Rod and Super Rod? Just curious. ^^;


        87. brilliant ! go for 50 Sam (and then for 55 : Draconite is waiting for me, I can feel it, and I'm levelling my just won Dratini for that matter)

        88. can you make it possible to buy SnD with sms??

        89. can you update the pokedex, like we can see stats and facts and may be a picture of the pokemon??

          that had been really cool:)
          but love your work sam:) keep up the good work!

        90. amazing job sam and dan keep it up cant wait for the new update

        91. @ano 12:47 if you see the list of pokémon in trading section,you can see Mew,Kyogre,Entei ecc, so is sure which we will caught it. but if we can caught a legendary when we meets it, is very easy caught it,so ALL people will have ALL legendary,stupid thing.

          Sorry for my bad english.

        92. Pikachus Charge is a bit useless, isn't it?
          it boosts just one attack. So I can just let it attack twice, instead of charge+attack. and the result is the same. :/
          also. the buff symbol should disappear, when the damage boost is used.

        93. if your adding potions will there also be other consumable items coming soon as well, like x-attack and revives?

        94. hey guys, sam thanx for the game man bloomin brilliant. i do really enjoy it, it brings back some chilhood memories. anyhu could someone help me out and tell me which or what type of pokemon has flash attack because i need a pokemon for "Rock Tunnel" otherwise i can't further myself in the story i already done the challenge modes for red, ive stated a game in blue (just to fill in the gaps in my pokedex) lol. but aye any help will be apprechiated.
          Thank you. Tarzan.

        95. incream1

          hey sam can you fix false swipe because it is bugged it faints pokemon. this is a major bug for me please fix it in the next update

        96. Will you make something so that fainted Pokemon don't get removed from the party, cuz it gets a little annoying sometimes, having to search for them again in the storage and drag them back into the party.

          I was thinking just put a big Red X across the fainted Pokemon's square and make the square itself Grey like to unused Pokemon or something. Then it will be back to normal when you go back to storage of course.

        97. hey Sam, up to 1000 times a day on game corner! :D

        98. Sam, I agree with Tommy. It would be a great addition to the game to increase attack radius when a pokemon evolves. It should be a stat just like attack defense, and speed.

          It would also be a great way to give purpose to moves that don't have much use when converted to tower defense (like how you made moves like sand attack cause pokemon to drop candy instead of drop it's accuracy).

        99. sam i love the feature of you giving new/legendary
          pokemon to the best trader i think you should keep it up

          p.s. and btw what do you do with the winners pokemon?

        100. Hi Sam great update. I read a commen about converting Pokedollars in SnD coins and I thought... Instead of converting pokedollars in SnD coins what about converting Pokemon in SnD coins or Game Corner coins (but not for they real value... lets say 1/2 or sth like that). I propose this becuase by being able to addopt pokemons, the trade value of the uncommon shiny pokemon (drowzee, pikachu, etc) is really low now.

        101. Will Pay Day give us coins ? (I don't remember if the original game does)
          And, will be the 4 pokes (drat, pinsir, syt and pory) catchable on the wild ?

          (As always, sorry about the bad english)

          Romulo ~

        102. Sam... This is weird.

          Of the 17 Shiny Pokemon I've caught so far, two of them were Shiny Mankey and another THREE were Shiny Male Nidoran.

          If this keeps up, there's going to be a glut of Shiny Primeape and Shiny Nidoking.

          ...Anyone need a Shiny Nidoking?

        103. I think, a minimap would be good to implement.

        104. Sam can u make an Restart button after level finishes and on menu button? would be great.

        105. sam here is a sugestion about the saving in PTD
          i think after a level it should save automaticly
          that means no losing pokemon caught in the wild
          (shinys!!!)and no losing pokemon levels.

        106. Sam and Dan, i would recommend checking the latest HTD Tuesday for new comments, as some people seem to use that, rather than just the latest blog post, for HTD related stuff (And then there is me that finished writing my comment and saw that there was a new blog post in the mean time :/)

        107. I just wanna go on record as saying that while the game itself (game mechanics, animations, Pokemon, etc.) are fantastic (albeit a bit buggy sometimes) I've found the storyline to be... lacking. I think my biggest complaint is that you call Red "Ash" and Green "Gary". I understand that the Anime is more popular with youngsters, but for a more "Original Pokemon" looking game, you might consider checking out the Pokemon Adventures Special canon. That's what the games were based on originally.

          Just food for thought ^_^ Thanks for all your hard work :3

        108. Today's my birthday. When's your birthday?


        109. Ovamiat i could use a shiny male nidoran i have alot of shiny pidgeys and spearows acount name dobby00

        110. Sam> I just had a flash of brilliance.

          You know how in Black and White, the mist of Unova's Routes 14 and 15 clears up on your birthday? Well, why don't you do something similar, like doubling the EXP, Shiny Rates, etc. on our birthdays?

          Also, for everyone, I have a list of odds of finding a certain amount of Shinies.

          1 Shiny -- 1:8,000
          2 Shinies -- 1:64,000,000 (64 million)
          3 Shinies -- 1:512,000,000,000 (512 billion)
          4 Shinies -- 1:4,096,000,000,000,000 (4.096 quadrillion)
          5 Shinies -- 1:32,768,000,000,000,000,000 (32.768 quintillion)

          I mention this because about 3 weeks ago, I found 2 Shinies on Route 8 in one attempt.

          One more thing. The odds of finding 2 Shinies in one attempt are comparable to those of finding 2 Eevee on Route 8 with one of them being Shiny (1:50,000,000, or 1 in 50 million).

          Thus, it is much easier to simply adopt a Shiny Eevee.

        111. Dobby00> The only Shinies I currently need are Pikachu, Vulpix, Diglett, Abra, Dratini, Pinsir, Scyther and Porygon.

        112. Sam, I think Mt. Moon Challenge level is too easy now. I can beat it without leveling up any Pokémon, and with all the candy left. Can you make it more challenging, like before? The Golems with Magnitude kill everything.

          And finally I got my Dratini, looking for Scyther and Porygon, I offer a raichu Shiny in my account: iamthebest

          A Spanish PTD fan


        113. my sugestions:

          - add a minimap (a map that shows in a simple way all the "battlefield"), with it would be possible to see where the enemy is coming from and to travel throught the battlefield without a lot of click and drag or moving your pokemon.

          - the pokemon that you choose before you start a level remain selected in the next Pokemon select screen (before starting a level) even if they die;

          - a way to use two different moves without clicking on the pokemon. Something like : helping~Flametower hand, this way the pokemon will use helping hand than flametower until its possible to use helping hand again.

          Congradulation for the great game!!!

        114. Why do people keep offering rare shinies and requesting Pokemon if they're not gonna accept them anyway? Gaaah...at this rate, I'll never find a shiny drowzee, shiny eevees and shiny mew. @-@ And I'm not even offering to them the shiny pidgeys. Just shiny versions of squirtle, raichu, venusaur, meowth, jynx, diglett or gyarados.

        115. Anon 9/15/11 @ 5:57 PM>

          What about a Shiny Nidoking, or even better a Shiny Nidoqueen AND a Shiny Nidoking?

        116. great stuff but try now to focus on level caps and challenge levels and story mode this is all like bonus and i enjoy it i can't turn off my computer till i go 500 times on the slots but i other than that nothing else i think you should focus mainly now on level caps cuz of the celadon gym it was freaking hard barely beated it and yes add more achivments in the pokedex your sincerely POKE FREAK

        117. @Ovamiat

          Thing is I already have a shiny nidoking and nidoqueen. ^^; I'm mostly looking for the shiny drowzee, eons or mew (and the game corner shinies, but those I'm gonna try to get on my own), since those are the only shinies I'm missing for now. But was there something that I mentioned that got your attention?

          Like I said, I'm offering these shinies:

          Venusaur (1)
          Squirtle (1)
          Raichu (1)
          Diglett (1)
          Meowth (2)
          Jynx (1)
          Gyarados (1)

        118. @ Ovamiat - I think I can spare you a shiny Vulpix I have up for trade! You said you needed one, right? Give me something of your choice and I'll give you my unnecessarily obtained shiny Vulpix! It's currently up for trade, what do you say?!

        119. Hey Sam I Just Wanna Ask When Does Multiplayer Comin Out!!!! I Just Wanna Kno!!!!!!

        120. hey sam i got an ideas at the end could you put a challenge thaths all gyms + elite 4 with 1 pokemon team

        121. Hey, I need a Pinsir or Dratini or Scyther

          Don't have much to offer, but, I have this:

          - 1 shiny Arbok lv 37
          - 1 shiny Pidgeot lv 39
          - 5 shinies Mankeys (lv 38/39) and 1 shiny Primeape (lv 39)
          - 6 Eevee (lv 20) (or evolved, if you want)
          - 2 Alakazam (lv 44)

        122. i cant believe it!!! i havent been playing in a couple days and i just tried the slots and first three clicks were 300 coins!! im loving this!

        123. lol Dratini is a Moltres and Pinsir is a Jynx that's kinda cool sorta reminds me of the mew glitch in Pokemon blue/red

          @ Sam remember how i mentioned about going to the orange islands last post, you said you couldn't introduce new Pokemon, i just remembered in the the episodes ash meats some of the Johto Pokemon while there and you can add the special Pokemon like the pink ones off Pinkan Island. that's just a idea and don't forget sandbox mode :)
          from one of your many fans. Jav

        124. You need to add the game corner pokemon to the faq.

        125. I'm closing the Daily Code temporarily while I fix the bug with the reset time.

        126. Daily Codes are back up. They no longer show how much time is left but they still reset at the same time every day.

        127. some people forget what it was like when you first start the game. when mt moon wasn't a cake-walk and when that 'stupid common pokemon with a breeding move' was that pain of an abra to catch that did the trick for the next 5 levels. don't worry about re-vamping the old levels, they're great! this whole game is amazing! i look forward to seeing it completed.

        128. @ovamiat
          I have a shiny abra willing to trade.

        129. can anyboby help me ? how do i get flash?

        130. hey sam
          just wanted to know
          when does multiplayer come
          after we defeat mewthree or before
          just curious
          and keep p with the good work
          really looking forward to the next four gyms and the elite four
          it would be nice if there was a gym leader who wasnt controlled by mewthree but only wanted to test our strenght

        131. @Ovamiat
          I can trade the first four of the ones you wanted i am looking for shiny mew, any dog, Shiny eevee and any new shiny game corner pokemon eg:
          Dratini not abra/Clefairy


        132. i think you should add an option that allows a pokemon to be able to make multiple trade requests that can be accepted automatically

        133. My pokemon's tri attack takes way to long to actually hit the opposition pokemon. maybe jut change the attack to 1 ball of fire, electricity and ice. That of make it hit all at once

        134. i want to trade my shiny mew for a dog!! Everyone wants two or three shiny mews for a dog. Is there a way to trade mew for a dog?

        135. Sam, will we ever be able to choose how many coins we bet on the slots to double or triple our prize money like in the games? for instance betting 2 coins at a time could win 16 30 200 or 600 coins


        136. I wonder if it is a bug or not but when an ennemy pokemon gets hit by 2 Fire Blasts at the same time, only 1 Fire Blast inflicts damages, the other one just do nothing.
          I hope you can understand me, my english isn't very good

        137. AH mmmh and also i'm the "Fire Blast guy".
          Another minor something-i-don't-know-if-it-can-be-called-a-bug, when you moves a tower, it loses its buff (like helping hand), but it also loses its debuff (for example if you received poison powder). So you just have to "move your tower from a point to the same point" which is taking about 0.05sec, to get rid of poison effect... that's rather strange :/ remember in pokemon games... Poison is staying in pokeballs xD.
          However i want to THANK you sam for this great game.
          Keep on working on it you do it well ;)

        138. Why do people keep calling Raikou, Entei and Suicune dogs? They're not even dogs, or cats. They're actually called "beasts", which is why when the shiny ones were offered in Gamestop, they were called "Legendary Beast Trio".

        139. Hey Sam!
          I just had a suggestion that isn't really in reference to the update, or to anything.
          Can you not add story levels when you increase level cap?
          By that I mean nontraining levels. At this point it's very hard to beat the story levels without all your pokemon at cap and it would be a little annoying to not be able to do a new level because you need to grind out an old one. Thanks!

        140. For the Game Corner Coins, is there a limit on how much you can have in total?

        141. sam why cant i use the game corner anymore? its telling me
          Only Team Rocket Members allowed! Pass Giovanni's Test in Chapter 4's Lavender Town to join Team Rocket! Press back on your browser to continue

        142. this game is the best game i have everplayed in my life

        143. for the issue about effectively infinite SnD Coins and/or Casino Coins you could simply make a limit on how much PokeDollars can be spent each day. Like you could make an SnD coin cost Half a Million PokeDollars, but they can only buy 1 SnD coin a day, then it resets at the same time all the other stuff at the Pokemon Center resets. just an idea

        144. Can you change the requirements for the Rare Code, I used to be able to use it but now I can't because I haven't beaten the 4th gym yet. I don't want this to happen every time a new level is added.

        145. hey what about Maruto? Where is he? are you going to put a level where you have to rescue him or he just disappeared? OH and are you going to make a game for the NEXT GENERATION (johto)?!


        146. sam i suggest you to move porygon to the rare pokemon list so that it cost 10 snd coins. probably the game corner is the only way to find this pokemon so its pretty rare!!!!

        147. Sam, I have a little suggestion

          Like Nox said, when you move a tower, the paralize/sleep/poison/freeze/burn disappears.

          So why don't you fix this 'bug' and make Safeguard for all? (in the games, the safeguard protect all of your pokémons for 3 turns)

        148. Hey, sam. I was thinking and I thought of a way to get SnD coins without people getting a large amount with easy access. How about if some pokemon are carrying the coins and they could be carrying any amount of SnD coins?

        149. (Add-on to my comment about pokemon carrying SnD coins)
          This will not only increase the rate of pokemon caught and sent into trade getting more people involved in the trade it might also increase the amount of people to install the Ninja-ja game because if someone is close to getting amount of coins the will install to get the remaining amount.

        150. Sam,

          What do you mean only members of Team Rocket can play in the Game Corner? Not that we have to have that avatar, but rather that we have to beat the 4th Gym level and be a part of Team Rocket as far as the story line goes.

          Also, hadn't you told another gamer that you would add Tangela to the Game Corner in the next update?

          Good work so far! I feel like you've gotten most of the bugs out and are now starting to get back to continuing the story line and adding more pokemon. Exciting!


        151. Anon 9/16/11 @ 3:33 & 3:36 PM> That would be so AWESOME!

          Anon 9/16/11 @ 3:51 PM> Not sure if he said he'd add Tangela in 4.1, but I do know it won't be at the Game Corner since Tangela is current non-obtainable.

        152. @SAM please answer me.
          I think you should add a day care center it would be cool.
          And i don't think you should end the game so early.


        153. Is there a way to obtain SnD coins without a credit card?

          And if anyone wants to trade I have a lot of pokemon to trade. I'm looking for shiny eevees, shiny drowzee, or game corner pokemon shiny or not, but I will accept any reasonable trade.

        154. Hi today i got a shiny syther with the game corner! But i cant use it in the game, is this à bug ?


        155. Hey Sam, about 70% of the time I load anything on the pokemon center I come across this problem:

          "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

          The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."

          Is there anything you can do to fix this?

        156. Sam (same name XD)i say you just continue to lvl 50 i don't rally care when it comes out as long its not like 4 weeks at least well have more lvls to play with :)

        157. @Ovamiat

          What is your account name on the pokemon centre because when i type in Ovamiat it shows the name but nothing comes up. Just wanted to know because i said i would trade you Abra, Pikachu, Vulpix and diglett

          -Max G

        158. Does the Hacked Version appear when you use the Pokemon in the hacked version? I caught a Shiny Machop in the regular version and trained it the hacked version.

        159. @anon 6:16 im have the same problem im doing the came corner then every other time it says that so i have to reload

        160. @ Ovamiat - I would give you shiny Pikachu and Diglett, but they already evolved. I can still give you the shiny Vulpix, but the problem is--and Max said he's having the same problem--when I type in Ovamiat in the trading center no pokemon show up with your name next to them! Did ya change your account name?!

          @ Sam - You've done a lot for version 4.1! Now just one honest question: do you know the release day for the new version?!

        161. Everyone, I have a shiny Machamp, shiny Dugtrio, and shiny Venasaur! But I'm calling them back to level them up! If you want any of the trio, wait until they are level 44!!

        162. @ anon 6:16 and 6:38 It's because so many people are using the game corner. The same thing happened when the auto-save happened after every level. Too many connections to the server at once.

        163. Sam i have a idea why you dont implamate a acm to get the 3 legendary dogs shiny like when you have 50shinys in your pokedex you become a shiny raikou when you have 100 shinys you become shiny entei and when you have 150 shinys in the pokedex you become shiny suicune the acm price can get every one only one time the shiny starters have you put in the game too without one must support you so i think you can do this with the legendary dogs too as shiny

          greetings Kerberuz

        164. I am looking for a shiny/non shiny Pinsir or Sycther.

          I am Raptor. Please trade with me!

        165. @anon 6:37 PM
          if you use a pokemon in the hacked version regardless of where you get it, it will be branded as hacked. the best way to avoid pokemon being classed as hacked play hear on the blog it is always the first one to get updated.

        166. @sam
          are you possibly getting this update out today?

        167. @ Raptor - I have a regular Pinsir! I'll trade with you, but only if you have a worthy tradable pokemon! My Pinsir is available to the HIGHEST BIDDER ONLY!!! Only he/she who possesses a shiny game corner pokemon, shiny Mew, or a Dog can wield my fully-leveled Pinsir!!! Waddaya have?!

        168. PokeMaster316, I'm interested in your shinies!

        169. what happened to Porygon's Sharpen attack? That attack is always forgotten!

        170. Hey, ummmmm, any1 know the mystery gift code for celebi avatar/hoodie???? if u do could u tell.... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        171. @ PokeMaster316

          Check! I have a few level 44's up for grabs!!


        172. @sam

          can you make the daily code prizes more like this?

          50% common non-shiny breeder move
          15% rare candy
          15% uncommon non-shiny breeder move
          10% common shiny breeder move
          5% uncommon shiny breeder move
          1.25% shiny charmander
          1.25% shiny squirtle
          1.25% shiny bulbsaur
          1% Hyperbeam TM
          0.25 rare dog

        173. What is the time difference between Australia and where ever Sam lives??!?!

        174. hey sam will there be a new mystery gift code this week

        175. Oh,Sam,by the way,it is Epic Trainers here,I will say I am Epic Trainers in every post here now,but YOU HAVE A HACKED POKE'MON?!YOU PLAY ON THE HACKED VERSION OF YOUR GAME?!

        176. @Anonymous September 16, 2011 10:39 PM

          OMG! There is!!

        177. @Sam

          You forgot to edit the percentage on the prize list for common code for breeding move pokemon (but you did do the other two :) Also it seems kinda pointless to have casino coins as prizes in the first two categories when most players buy those prizes because they arent very far in the game, let alone able to use the casino.

          Also how many levels do you think you will increase the level cap to this week? 46 is fine by me with 4.1 being released tonight ;)


        178. when is multiplayer coming? and you could make some serious money sam if u made an iphone/ipad app for 99 cents!! i would buy it!!!!

        179. @anon 123
          it wont be out for iphone/ipad ever unless sam makes the app and uses this p12 file and other stuff required to publish the app file(i told him the website already) in the adobe flash cs55 or whatever and then releases it to allow jailbroken ipods only to be able to use the game on iphone/ipad, but that will probably never happen unless sam can hire an iphone app developer to recode everything and release but then, it would only be available to people who jailbroke their iphone/ipad

        180. @ sam Since Hyper beam is getting added. Are we going to get it in TM form as well?

        181. Anonomous 123, apple wont allow nintendo characters unless it's nintendo making it.

        182. Sam instead of adding the potions above the poke ball i think you should put them in the other corner of the game so that it wont block the Pokemon that is coming in the wave

        183. @ sam I love ptd and i cant wait for the update but i have a suggestion, can you put old ptd avatars back up for the mystery gift? New ptd players might want them but wont get a chance to have them. Please think it over and keep up the good work :)

        184. Anonymous said...
          hey what about Maruto? Where is he? are you going to put a level where you have to rescue him or he just disappeared? OH and are you going to make a game for the NEXT GENERATION (johto)?!

          I answer at your question. I don't think. There are already the three dogs,and them are of jhoto region. if he do another game,after this,in another regio,i hope in Hoenn Region.

        185. thx i got 10000 casino coins :D from the new daliy code :D

        186. hey sam can u please bring the game back to android it was so good when i found out about it on android

        187. @sam

          are you going to add numbers to the health bar like in the real games. For example a full health pokemon might have 90/90 but after it gets hits it's goes down to 70/90. If you added this we would know which potions we need. FOr example there is no reason to getting a heal 50 hp potion if all of your pokemon only have 30 hp.

          ??? (???? in trading center)

        188. @Sam, the potions won't be able to heal enemy pokémon, but will they be able to heal the pokémon of your friends (like when Joey battles with you as a teammate)?


        189. why dont u add music or something to the flash animation ? sound effects too :3

        190. i hope you won't forget adding island 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7?

        191. Is the update going to be out today or tomorrow?

        192. how do you make a pokemon learn flash?

        193. @sam does the daily code reset at the same time as they used to do earlier? I bought one at 1PM and it usually used to reset at 2 PM but I cant buy it.
          @ovimat I can trade a shiny vulpix.(if you give me a nice offer)
          @everyone Trainer name --ronak.


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