Pokemon Tower Defense: Weekly Progress for v4.3, Avatar Chat, Scams, Top 10 forum questions of the week!

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Hey guys, Sam here, v4.2 was released recently, here is a small summary of what is in it.

What's new in v4.2 

New Challenge Level - Celadon City Gym, can you win the shiny magnemite without the help of Celebi and not using your own pokemon?
Level Cap up to 50 - New moves are introduced into the game because of this level cap increase.
New Mystery Gift Pokemon -Magnemite and it's evolution Magneton!
17 new moves added to the game.
New Pokemon Evolutions (1) - Magneton.
New TMs
  • Iron Tail
  • Stone Edge
  • Added Aerial Ace to Scyther's TM List
  • Pikachu can now learn and relearn Thunder at level 50
  • Game Corner now takes 5 coins to play, you only get 50 turns, but you win x10 more coins on each prize (80, 150, 1000, 3000) - This change was made to alleviate the server from too many request. Since you only get 50 turns instead of 100.
Where can I play?
Top 10 Forum Questions of the Week:

I talked last week about our community forums merging and adding some new features. One of the features is that every week the forum moderators will gather 10 questions that they want to ask me or Dan and we answer them each week. So here are the questions and answers.

1) xplay10: In the most recent level, "Celadon City", Celebi has mentioned that Mewtwo's triumph will end and won't be coming back for the sequels to come, along with Joey. Do you plan on having Pokemon like Mewtwo in terms of strength become the main villains for the upcoming sequels? If so, will they be shown in PTD following the main storyline?

I haven't decided if I will make a sequel yet, but if I did I would definitely have a strong main villain in the game that compares to Mewtwo. If I do make a sequel it would be a different game so PTD will stop once it reaches it's last level. You won't see the next villain on PTD.

2) Muncho11/Budgetspaner: What is the chance of actually finding a legendary beast (Suicune, Raikou, Entei) in the wild? And will we be able to catch multiple legendaries (Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mewtwo), or will it be only one per profile?

I get asked this question about once per day lol. I'm not revealing the exact encounter rate of the Legendary Beast since it can lead to hacking. I'm still deciding on the second part of this question. But I would think that you can't get more than one of each of those per profile. (Unless you trade)

3) blastoise 889: What is your favorite Pokemon?

I have a soft spot for Bulbasaur, since he was my first pokemon. I also like Poliwag, which happens to be the first created pokemon.

4) Trainer Red: Where do you get your inspiration for PTD and what was your first acquaintance with Pokemon?

I've always liked Pokemon since I first saw it on a comic on the Nintendo Power Magazine. I bought the game before it became insanely popular in the States and I've really liked it since but I haven't liked how they have continued to make the same game over and over. I got inspired to make PTD when I noticed a bunch of other Pokemon Apps on the Android Marketplace. I figured I would make a Pokedex or a virtual pet simulator. As I was making the simulator I noticed that I might as well do something more enjoyable. So I saw that the highest grossing android game at the time was a tower defense. Immediately I thought about capturing your enemy and using them as towers.

5) almostpro: Do you plan on changing Pokemon adoption prices? (10 for a starter seems high because all other non-legendary are 5 at most. People would rather buy new game corner Pokemon than starters. I believe there should be a clearer distinction between Pokemon in terms of trade value and I believe dogs and Mews should be different in price as well.)

There is a possibility that the prices might change in the future, but it's not in my plans at this time.

6) gogogogo99: Will you ever let new PTD players get the past mystery gift avatars?

I'll find ways to re introduce the past avatars, without boring the people that already have them.

7) ZKS: Have you ever considered buying your own server? (As an accountant, I see how much my company spends on them. They don't have a massive start up cost, especially since our data is relatively small and upkeep is negligible)

I do have a host that I pay monthly for the server that hold the Pokemon Center, I think the game corner really slowed everything down, but now with the change on it I hope it will help the issue.

8) KimmyLube: Real world question - outside of PTD, what exactly is your real world job?

Outside of PTD, I'm a programmer, I work remotely from home. Hopefully soon I will be able to leave the job and focus completely on Sam and Dan Games.

9) Link: How do you think the cooperation with S&D Central will continue? Do you have any ideas for future cooperation plans?
I think think the cooperation between us and the Forums can only get better from now. I don't have anything specific but I'm sure we can work on some contest :)

10) PokeFan Gen. 1: Since the safari zone will be coming within the next month or so I was wondering will the level layout be similar to Rock Tunnel? With multiple rooms (zones) where you catch certain Pokemon? I feel like safari zone is such a key section it may take two weeks to actually put it together

Yeah the Safari Zone is a big deal, a lot of new pokemon will show up there. Right now I'm thinking of an idea for it that not everybody will get every pokemon but that each profile will get it's own pokemon out of a list. This is to encourage more trading. I also like the idea that your profile is unique from another. The layout itself might be similar to Rock Tunnel or it might be something new.

Well that was fun! Head to the forums if you want to submit your question and have them posted next week.

About Scams: 

I want to talk about something that I have been receiving some emails about. I've been receive a lot of emails about people being Scammed. I know that Scams are a terrible thing, but it's one of the things that I really can't stop since most scams aren't doing anything illegal. So here are some tips to protect yourself.
  • If the person wants more than 6 pokemon, avoid the trade unless you personally know this person is trustworthy.
  • Do all trades through the Trading Center's system. Use the request feature that way you know that what you are getting is what it's supposed to be.
  • If the pokemon's picture doesn't show up on the Trading Center then that pokemon is not what it seems to be, do not trade for this pokemon.
I hope that those simple tips can help somebody out there from being Scammed. I can't really help you with scams cause there is really no proof of it happening. For all I know you are trying to scam me!

Weekly Progress List: 

So let's talk about this next week coming up.

New Story Level  (100%)- Team Rocket's Secret Base
We managed to beat Erika and get our fourth badge! Now it's time to head to Team Rocket's Secret base and grab the supply of Silph Scopes, but there is somebody in the way!
  • Level Intro (100%)
  • Level Layout (100%)
  • Level Waves (100%)
  • Level Ending (100%)
  • Level Music (100%) New battle song from The Kira Justice - http://youtube.com/thekirajustice2

Level Cap up to 52 (100%) - Getting closer and closer to Dragonite!
  • Extrasensory (100%) - Vulpix
  • Heat Wave (100%) - Growlithe
  • After You (100%) - Clefairy
  • Superpower (100%) - Pinsir

New Mystery Gift Pokemon (100%) - It doesn't bug me to add this new pokemon into the game.
  • Graphic (100%)
  • Shiny Graphic (100%)
  • Add Stats to Game (100%)
  • New Evolution (100%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Add Stats to Game (100%)

Avatar Chat (0%) - Use your avatar to enter a virtual room and chat with other trainers. This is the first step towards Multiplayer.

Potion Upgrade (100%) - Receive the upgrade when you beat the new story level!
Adding Steamroller to Golem (100%) 
Adding leveling up will restore your pokemon's health (100%) 
Added Arrow key/WASD controls to move the level maps (100%) 

  • Hyper Beam (100%)

Bug Fixes
  • Added Swagger to Hypno and Drowzee at level 45 (100%)- Thanks Tyd from the blog comment!
  • Geodude now properly learns Stone Edge at level 50 (100%)  
  • Make Tri attack faster so it shows all the components and lower the amount of particles in the attack so it will hit faster (100%)
  • Using the attack Double Hit, freeze the game (100%)
Distribution (0%)

That's all I have for now as always, let me know what you think!


  1. Second please!

  2. third love this game!!!!!!!!!!! hey sam, when are you gonna put the other hidden moves on the game?????????????

  3. Alright i got second. just wait sam im gonna get first one day.

    Well, nice work, nothing to complain about. Any new pokemon on this level. Eventually, will you pokemon like raticate and pidgeotto (evolved but not terribly strong) be obtainable by in levels instaed of training. Cuz in the game by now there were some wild raticate, i think.

    Also, i pray the new mystery code is snorlax. That lovable oaf is my favorite pokemon from kanto, prob 3rd of all time. Or make the snorlax level soon. PLEASE, I want snorlax.

  4. Sam I have a really good idea for the sequel also u should be able to link ur old account from here on to the sequel and on the sequel a tyranitar breaks in professer johto guy u get ur pokemon and defeat the tyranitar after the second gym like water gym 2 or something then lugia is the main enemy and u must get ho-oh to stop him. Then u go back to Kanto and get the three legendary birds at that point on u can link ur ptd 1 account to the sequel I hope u like this idea sam and on twitter I also told u about my snapshot idea

  5. Nice post sam. And on that note, I just purchased the domain sdcentral.co.uk for the forums!

    Hope to see you lurking some more :P Maybe even a post or two :O

  6. Third. Anyone think the new pokemon will be bug-type?

  7. Is the mystery gift Venonat?

  8. RE-checked, this is me that posted third. Checked Serebii, the only Bug left is Venonat/Venowhatsitcalled (The evolution). Just seeing if anyone else agrees.


  9. 4th! And noticed how Venasaur knows Toxic Spikes in the challenge level, but normally can't know it


  10. Sam... The new Pokemon (based on the keyword "moth") has pre-evolutions. I noticed that there are no plans to introduce those pre-evolutions in 4.3

    As for what the new Pokemon is, there's three choices: Venomoth, Dustox and Volcarona.

    The other key keyword is Bruno. Bruno is in the Elite 4 of both Kanto and Johto... is he the PTD2 big boss?

  11. The new pokemon is...(wait for it...)

    Venonat!!! =D

  12. new pokemon is most likely venonat. PLEASE make him look cool and spiky! :D thanks, Passarbye
    (i'm too lazy to sign in.) xD

  13. Now that we are stealing silph scopes,will we get gastly at lavender tower after team rockets secret base is out??

    And Nice job on working on Getting Dragonite, Dragonair is the first one i got to fifty

  14. sounds cool Sam...haven't posted in a while, still playing though. I'm interested in seeing this new avatar chat. It'll kinda be like Playstation Home right?

  15. An idea for how you could add the old avatars:
    add them in the pokecenter for 1 SnD coin.

  16. i've got a new idea for a challenge level.

    this challenge level consists of a pseudo-pvp level, in which you have both defend your bridge with 6 candies and attack another bridge with another 6 candies (both bridges are attacked by wild non-capturable pokemon, that provides both you and your rival with money, exp. and energy). The real challenge comes when you and your rival use the same lvl 1 shiny pokemon through 55 waves of increasing difficulty and must decide the attacks they may learn, if use or not potions, the lvl they'll envolve (the more envolved, the stronger they are, but the more time they take to learn certain moves), also use them to defend or attack (when defending they can be attacked only by rival incoming pokemon and not by wild pokemon; you also can attack your rival towers), remember that a pokemon that faint can't be used again on these battle.

    Tell me what u think. Thanks u

  17. yes... baby steps to multiplayer!!! OMG!!!

    anyway, can you tell me the pokemon we can get when we obtain the silph scopes?

  18. New Pokemon is gonna be Venonat. Its the only bug left. Just fyi. :p

  19. Hey Sam, when you get the next update after this one, can you please make the level cap 57? I love my Dratini but i wont let him evolve since he learns outrage at level 55 instead of 75 for Dragonite. Just a modest request. As always, I am a huge fan

  20. Hey SAM,

    You didn't reply to my suggestion yet, bout making the move SOLARBEAM greenish. . XD
    and btw good job for the first step to MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!

  21. ok, i swear i will delete my account and start ptd from scratch if the new mystery gift pokemon isn't venonat. not only did you use the term "bug me" but venonat is the only bug type in kanto that isn't available yet!

    and, @pokeman, we'll get ghost-types (or in other words, gastly, the only ghost type in kanto) with the silph scope.


  22. @ anon 5:36PM insted of snd coins make it casino coins like 100000 for a avitar one so you have to bie the boys and girls sepratly.
    Can't wate for the Sir Aaron avitar from move 8 :)

  23. Hello People!

    Nice update Sam,can'twait for it. =D
    And by the way,the new pokemon is Venonat,it's the only possible answer.


  24. hey sam looking forward to this update! will we ever get another original challenge level as the past 3 were all remakes of past levels? its not as much fun doing the challenge when you already know the basic strategy from playing it in storymode. thats what made the shiny geodude selfdestruct level great.

    just my 2 cents...

    also can we get another shiny quest soon???


    To make trading safer you should incorporate a rating system for each user much like ebay does with it's buyers and sellers.

  26. Hey Sam,
    I know a few fans have made an argument to have the mechanics of Baton Pass enhanced (to allow moves such as Substitute, Double Team and Aqua Ring to be passed) and I was wondering if that would ever be implemented.

    Currently, Baton Pass really serves no purpose. From the original 150, Baton Pass can only be learned by Mr. Mime, Eevee and Mew. Helping Hand (which the Eeveelutions learn) and Reflect/Light Screen (which Mr. Mime learns) already apply to all Pokemon and renders Baton Pass useless.

    If moves such as Aqua Ring were able to be passed, you wouldn't need to add NPC characters such as Celebi for future levels. I know having Aqua Ring on a time basis (healing every x seconds) will require you to worry about time in between waves so I suggest making Aqua Ring heal based on the waves. Maybe 5% of health is healed every wave? That way, levels such as Celedon Gym won't automatically become incredibly easy...

    I think changing Baton Pass to include more moves will add more gameplay elements to PTD.


  27. Since we have Jessie and James in the storyline, will there be any mention of Meowth?

  28. This weeks gonna be a long wait for the update, usually the 5 days of school keeps me busy then i wake up on the weekend and play the new update but (Not COMPLAINING) this week i have 2 days off from school so it's gonna be a long wait. Besides that, NICE UPDATE!

  29. Can you please make arrows that will allow players to scroll through Pokemon without having to go back to the Pokemon selection screen? It would be convenient, especially when mass leveling up.

  30. Any word on when the pokedex will be fixed to remember what pokemon you traded?

  31. Things are getting interesting here, especially in the land of challenge levels! Hope to see Koffing and Grimer soon.

    There are a lot of pokemon you could add as a mystery gift, such as goldeen, shellder, or tangela (which was nice to have as a backup in the Challenge Level). Maybe you could add Mew or the dogs *shot*.

    Speaking of the new Challenge level, I ran into a Super Special Awesome yet Mega Ultra weird glitch on that map involving a dead Mr. Mime, an enemy Venasaur, and a Fearow.

    Here's the story: Wave 15 (or was it 16? I forget) came around. I was fighting the Venasaur on the lower left entrance when I realized another one was coming in from the lower right. I frantically dropped my Mr Mime into the middle space of the lower left area and my Venasaur to the lower left of my Mr. Mime. The enemy Venasaur was about to kill my Mr. Mime when I quickly redrew it. Apparently I was too late and it died.

    Oddly enough, there Mr. Mime was, still on the field with red health and spamming Psychic on the poor confused Venasaur, yet Mr. Mime's slot at the bottom of the screen said that it was empty.

    Then I found that I was able to place my Fearow on a green space (for grass Pokemon only). To be honest, I couldn't have asked for anything else better than that scenario since I only had three candies left with two Venasaurs and one Celebi left to contend with.

    In short, I had an undead Mr. Mime, a Fearow that suddenly turned into a grass type, and one very happy yet surprised gamer (that's me!). Not that I'm complaining. It was just weird. Awesome, but weird.

    Keep surprising me Sam. The last version is going to be GOOD! GREAT! AWESOME! OUTSTANDING! AMAZING! *Trick Bonus 100000*

  32. Also, will there ever be a Charge Beam TM like in the game?

  33. Hi Sam! I love the new amounts of Game Corner coins available, but I was wondering if you could rebalance the daily code prizes (the game corner coin ones) to match the inflation.

  34. *Looks @ Mystery Gift comment* I see what you did there...

  35. Sam ,wring out is only doing a little damage to the enemy pokemon.It says 120 x enemy life %. I have been using wring out on the challenge level pokemon at their full health.It has been doing 60 damage. Is it that the pokemon have high defence? Do the potion upgrade in the new level affect the celadon gym challenge? Please respond soon!

  36. so basically your going to taunt us because if its 2 levels this week then it will probably be 2 levels next week putting my dragonair at 54 1 level away from evolving :) also could you not make the new level as big as celadon gym it required more scrolling then real skill but this is just food for thought.

    -Entei Bound

  37. @anon 5:42 PM - Just Gastly, unfortunately. Unless its evolutions are catchable. There are no other Ghost-types in gen 1

  38. @nick - soon

    @turtleshell27 - snorlax is coming.

    @Jarrett - If there is a sequel you will be able to transfer to it at some point in the game.

    @G-Force - :)

    @Victor - Just for fun :)

    @crazymerio - Yes, in a way.

    @anon 5:36PM - Interesting.

    @anon 5:37PM - Sounds interesting, I still gotta work out how to change from attack to defending but I do have some ideas on how to do that, which is basically to drag a pokemon to a path for it to walk in.

    @anon 6:13PM - Solar beam is yellow in pretty much everything.

    @jav - interesting

    @anon 6:26PM - Yea next challenge mode will be original and based on a fan idea :)

    shiny quest will come soon, they are hard to make.

    @anon 6:37PM - sounds good.

    @Jason - I'll see if I can fit that in on this update.

    @anon 7:25PM - Can't have Jessie and James without Meowth ;)

    @Matt - thanks!

    @anon 8:27PM - Yes, this is in the suggestion list.

    @TJ - Yeah, I would have to take some time for that, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

    @Chris Tan - Thanks!

    @bgoldma2 - Yes.

    @Anon 8:41PM - Not needed.

    @anon 8:53PM - Yea I would think the defence plays a factor. Also yes the potion upgrade will affect the challenge.

    @Entei Bound - I'll see what I can do, if I'm that close (54) I'll just go for 55.

  39. I know im kind of looking ahead but will we be able to catch cubone/marowak in pokemon tower because thats how it is in the game?

    -Entei Bound

  40. Hey sam,

    Yet again, fantastic update. You are amazing (and you know it) :)
    Btw, i think I've found a glitch on the celadon challenge, toxic spikes doesn't seem to work for me.

    Oh and on here you state that it's now 10 coins a go on GC yet on the GC it states 5.

    Don't think there is anything else.

    As always, keep up the great work

    Forever your No.1 Fan :)

  41. One suggestion: when completion of trade, part of it your supposed to "send to profile." If you have multiple pokemon to send, it takes awhile. Maybe you can create a link in which it sends all the pokemon back to the profile at once

  42. Hey sam,

    Just found a bug, when Scyther uses double hit on route 8, the first two hits do damage but as soon as he goes to hit a third time, the game freezes.

    The enemy pokemon just freeze on the map, my pokemon carry on hitting them but do no damage, this is easily resolved, all i had to do was remove scyther from the field and the enemy pokemon moved again and everything returned to normal :)

    Forever your No.1 Fan :)

  43. @everyone 2 Things to remember to make sure you get trade requests-
    1.Keep your pokemon at as low level as possible. When people search for trades they usually see the lvl 1 pokemon as the pokemon are placed according to lvl.(smaller lvls first)
    2.Always request for pokemon you want,this will result in more people seeing the trade.

    @sam how come there are lvl 1 Venusaurs up for trade ???

  44. SO sam, is there an evolution for magnemite, or does that come in the later games? i forget.
    Other than that, the game seems to be coming along pretty well. I've been playing it since 3.1 and it has been a great game all the way.

  45. SAM!The big boss in the sequel should be Shadow Lugia!And you should be able to trade Kanto pokemon to the sequel.

  46. Gideon(srry english is bad im from holland xD)September 27, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    lololol, i've been playing this game since v1.0, and i still love it!!! you made big progress all that time man!!

  47. Sam,
    Keep up the good work, etc etc
    Quick suggestion in the Pokemon Center. It would be helpful if everything was in more of a sortable table form, with each bit of information having its own column. So in the "Your trade request" link, there would be two tables, one for your Pokemon up for trade and one for the trades you've requested. Then you could sort by name, by number of requests, and so on. When you are searching for trades, a table could be helpful, since the order of Pokemon up for trade seems to be in no order. This table could be sorted by name, whether the trader has requested anything for them (yes/no column), date the trade was posted, or whatever else. Just my two cents.

  48. Hey SAM

    About that MULTIPLAYER MODE, What do you prefer to make it look like? Is it gonna be a teamwork TOWER DEFENSE or player vs player BATTLE?

    What do you think should be better?
    pls reply. . TNX

  49. Hey Sam, first time I post here and I'd like to make a suggestion (if someone haven't say that yet). I was talking with my gf about the trading center and sometimes we receive some very crappy pokemon for good ones, so all we can do is deny the offer. She said that it would be nice to send a message why you denied it, or also send a msg to the trainer when requesting the trading. Anyway, congratulations for the game =)

  50. will there be a celebi hoodie avatar for the girls? the current one looks like it was made for the boys only )8

  51. @Richard - I changed it to 5 now :)

    @anon 3:58AM - Yes, I agree.

    @Richard - I will look into that, thanks.

    @ronak - I need to check into that.

    @leoman443 - he evolves to Magneton at level 30. Thanks :)

    @anon 8:49AM - Shadow pokemon would def be a cool thing to work on and yes if there is a sequel you can trade your pokemon to it after completing certain requirements.

    @Gideon - Thanks! It's good to know people like you are still around.

    @Ern - Good Idea, I plan to make it way more robust in the near future. Thanks.

    @anon 10:07AM - Both will be there :)

    @vitormnt - Yeah, it is a great idea, I want to give the Pokemon Center some love asap. But new levels for the game take up most of the time I have.

    @anon 10:42AM - KimmyLube, who makes the avatars, only made the male version.

  52. i was thinking sam, u could add a reward to mount moon lv 36 challenge, such as a fossil(that's where u get them in the game) and once we get to the seventh gym, we can turn them into kabuto/omanyte

  53. Hello sam,

    I play on your game a lot and i cant help wondering to my self about the level caps?
    Is their not a way that you could just make it 100?

    - Pokemon player

  54. hey sam great game and i was wondering about special pokemon events were there are special iteams we can get like in reall pokemon games so instead of the hard mystery gift hunt we get a special level unlocked and at the end we get the pokemon

    i was also wodering if you can make a secound dailey code so ex. 1 for pokemon and 1 for casino coins and pokedollers because when you added the casino coins to the dailey code i only get them and nothing else and im found of bredding pokemon.

    so sam if you do make a sequel you should do something nintendo have not done so heres what i think. i dont think nintendo have done this

    your a pokemon police(not ranger) and you can get your pokemon to do different training levels so ex. ratata biting power and speed course while pokemon like caterpie can do long ranged courses like relesing stench so thats how they train. when getting villians first we pick pokemon that has the requirements like ex. requemient chasing pokemon and trap setting pokemon so the player can tell pokemon which attack and where to move (depending how fast pokemon moves from 1 place to another depending on how fast they are)

    hope you take in my ideas and can you add a bit more of a story to celibi time traveling (ex. celibi says you from future needs help or some one else) thanks for reading.

    account name PikachuSlayer

  55. @anon 11:07AM - I have something in mind for the fossils. They will come when the time is right.

    @pokemon player - To reach level cap of 100 I have to create all the moves required for all the pokemon in the game currently in the game. That is why you don't see the level cap at 100.

    @PikachuSlayer - Interesting ideas all around. I will keep them in mind.

  56. @ Pokemon Player

    The amount of work that has to be put in to raise a level is quite a lot. he has got to make all the new graphics for all the new moves that all these pokemon have. also every pokemon gains a different number of points for their attack stat or Sp.Def stat. so to raise each level he has to put in a few hundred stats etc.

    so the reason he can't make it 100 is because that would be very hard. :)

  57. Hi Sam, I'm not English so excuse me if my english isn't good enough but:
    I'm about to evolve my level 50 Eevee and I wonder if we are gonna be able to evolve it to Espeon or Umbreon someday or not. (Just for know if I should wait for that day or evolve it now).
    I hope you understood me with no problems.
    Thank you so much.

  58. @anon 12:43PM - Espeon and Umbreon won't be in the game for a long time.

  59. Has anyone else noticed the "Bruno" in the labels?

  60. Good to see this game (and you!) have made a lot of progress since I took a break.

    Just a little nitpick: Hypno learns the move Swagger at level 45. It is an already existing move (Primeape learns it), however it looks like you missed this one.

    Keep it going man!

  61. @Tyd - Thanks! About Swagger, you are totally right. I will fix this for v4.3

  62. Venonat or Ponyta?.

    Well. Sam, good work, you are my hero xD.- I have three questions (in spanishglish xD).

    1. Do you help Dan in the progress of the next version of Ninja Ja?.
    2. When do you think what HTD saldrá?
    3. Who is Kevin?

  63. @anon 3:00PM - Venonat!

    1. No, he handles it all.
    2. When it's ready :) We don't know yet.
    3. Kevin is the artist we hired to work on HTD. He is very talented.

  64. thanks so much for the update on the game corner sam! it saves so much time, and i feel that it is very fair now!


  65. @Sam "I have something in mind for the fossils. They will come when the time is right."

    you were answer a question about kabuto and omanyte, can I take it you also meant Aerodactyl ?

    oh and about the "Bruno" in the labels, it couln't be about me, could it ? (only joking of course)

  66. @Bruno - I was was talking about you, if you are the elite 4 Bruno.

    Yes it covers Aerodactyl and it covers any generation 1 pokemon that is not in the game yet.

  67. Hey SAM, there's a big problem with the new GAME CORNER system. The prize amounts may have increased, but the frequency of the prizes hasn't :|

    Before, I got anywhere between 2000-3000 coins a day, and today i got 80...Please make the winnings more frequent!

  68. @anon 3:51PM - I just increased the overall chances for all the slots to win.

  69. Hey sam, what about a button to change PROFILE nickname? :P

  70. @Santi - Added to suggestion list.

  71. where do you catch a voltorb, I'm doing the shiny voltorb quest and i got the 10 pikachu without closing the window but i can't find a voltorb to evolve it. can someone help asap

  72. will they be there own group or are they that one different pokemon in each wave?

  73. ok. thanks sam. You have an amazing game. I've been playing since it was an app and the level cap was like 10. Keep on rocking it man

  74. Sam can you make it so that when pokemon level up there HP returns to MAX

  75. Could you add different types of pokèballs? like greatball, ultraball and make us pay pokedollars to upgrade ur ball?

    Please make the pokedex data stay when you release and trade a pokemon!!

    Like how this progress goes;)


  76. Hello all!

    @Sam, if you pick up a poisoned pokemon, it is no longer poisoned, this should only happen with confusion so you might want to check the other status conditions as well.

  77. When will you add pokemon breeding and pokemon daycare ingame?
    Also will you keep fleshing out the game when you have finished all the levels?

  78. SAM since everyone really wants the dogs so badly here is an idea, you can make a challenge level with the dogs in them and you can fight with them

  79. @ Sam

    I really love this game, but lately i think you've been making everything too hard. I mean all of the new levels are meant to be hard, but shouldnt be as hard as they are now. that's what challenge mode is for. Im guessing but by how many people i talked to, they all said they use walkthroughs. even i do. And challenge mode, i dont even know how it is possible without a walkthrough. it would have taken someone at least 1 hour of experimenting to find out what to do. The point of games is to only use walkthrus when your stuck, but now every time anything gets released the whole community is stuck. in my eyes, normal levels should be as hard as challenge levels. And the celadon gym challenge took me an hour to finish, and i was using a walkthrough!

    P.S. Im not saying this in an offensive way, just a suggestion that i think a lot of people feel.

    -defective droid

  80. I've been having an issue with the trading center/Pokémon Center. When I enter, I don't see the sprite of my character, and when I try to trade, I don't see what Pokémon the other person wants, neither do I see the Pokémon I have for trade. I see their level, their status (shiny or not), but I can't see their sprite. This makes trading slightly hard since I don't know what the other person wants :/

    Also, I'd have a suggestion to make regarding the trade center: When searching for trades, we should be allowed to choose whether the people in the results are asking for Pokémon or not, and we should get to exclude some, like Mew and the legendary dogs. 'Cause a lot of people ask for them while offering ridiculous trades (non shiny pidgey for Raikou).

    Also, the ability to send our current Pokémon to our character in the sequel would be awesome. It should be done like it was done in Golden Sun. At first, you use 4 characters, then finish the game. In the sequel, you control 4 other characters, and you eventually meet the other 4 characters from the previous game. That happens when your 4 new characters are at about the same level as the old ones. Anyway, that's just my opinion.

  81. San hello I am Brazilian and I love PTD!

  82. Sam, can you have the game involve placing the pokemon in strategic areas?

  83. Hey Sam, you can still win 10 casino coins with the 10,000 daily code. Is there any way you can make that higher so it more appropriately fits the new casino system?

  84. @sam How many new moves between lvl 52 and lvl 55?

  85. We shouldn't have a 86%-90% chance of getting Casino Coins, its too much, and when are
    hold-able items going to be incorporated into the game?

  86. @anon 5:13PM - That's actually a great idea, will do!

    @premixz - I will be adding new pokeballs in the near future. Thanks.

    @crazyitaliandetective - The reason for that is how I built the game. I can't really "fix" that without revamping a lot of the code.

    @pokeking - No plans right now to add breeding yet. You can expect something like that in the sequel. Yes I will fix any bugs or make sure everything is balanced after the levels are done.

    @ansul - Yeah, it's a good idea to have challenge levels that you can use pokemon like the dogs and mew.

    @defective droid - I think you are right and I will be going back to play the game from the beginning and balancing again in the near future.

    @Kirby189 - The storage server (holds the game and pictures for the pokemon center) is down so all the pictures not in your cache will not show up. I will be updating the Trading Center shortly. Interesting idea.

    @anon 7:18PM - Thanks!

    @anon 7:36PM - what do you mean?

    @anon 7:51PM - The rewards grew for the game corner since you have less tries. But since the daily code is the same the reward will stay the same.

    @anon 8:26PM - 7 moves to 55. I still have the level and the chat to do after those I will work on the level cap.

    @Somebody - It's not 86%-90% it's much less. Hold-able items will be coming in the near future.

  87. Hey Sam this game gets better and better every week!!!!! I am really looking forward to dragonite

    Keep up the great Work!

  88. so I cant see all of the words in the box!? Maybe a smaller font?

  89. @anon 9:36PM - Thanks :D

    @hunterwolf - Do you play on the phone or tablet?

  90. @nathan Sept. 26 6:14 pm. i know this was kinda late, but thanks.

    so you can catch a cubone in the pokemon tower, right?

  91. i love this game and play daily and have beaten it all so far. My only issue is i LOVE suicune and I so want one. I try the daily code often, but i hope you will put him as a code one day. THANKS

  92. You should sell potions great potions and hyper potions but they should be expensive instead of giving everybody 6 every time make them pay for them :o and only 4 more levels till the strongest pokemon of the original kanto games ;) 56 is the magic number

  93. regarding hitmonlee and hitmonchan. whenever it is they're implemented into the game, will we only get to choose one of the two the way it was in the original games?

  94. Sam I want to thank you for this awsome game and I have a request.Can you add gastly to the next story mode level,please?

  95. Hi Sam,

    Are you going to add Togepi to PTD before we even get to johto, like in the anime?

    Great game by the way!

  96. yo sam, loving the game like everyone else!
    finished the pokedex so far with every catchable pokemon plus evolutions woo! no dogs or mew tho =(
    finished the achievements except the onix and magnemite one =(

    question about a few things:
    1) when you beat the celadon gym challenge, are you supposed to receive the magnemite through the achievement because i dont see it in there =\ (and can't beat it yet to check myself lol)
    2) just wondering why the pokemon moves are following gen 5 instead of gen 1 which this is based off (knowing full well the dogs are in it, but even ho-oh who is gen 2 was in the first episode ;))

    on a side note from that, i read all this sequel stuff and as great as they all sound, i honestly think the best sequel should stay the same as this one, as the reason i keep playing this is because its such a great idea and so unique!

    thanks for the game!! =)

  97. everyone asking about the girl celebi avatar, kimmy said its supposed to be unisex :P

  98. I like ptd very much and hope it will go till unova region too.Starting from Kanto(region in which we are playing,to Johoto,next to Hooen,then comes Sinnoh,and lastly Unova.

  99. @dasman16 when you win you'll get it as reward in the ending scene.

  100. @anon 1:47AM - I doubt he will be mystery gift code. But he might show up as something you can use on a challenge level but not keep him.

    @David - Possibly.

    @anon 2:48AM - I'm thinking just one.

    @Adrian - Once we get to Lavender again you will have ghastly :)

    @FlyingBanana - That would be cool right ;)

    @dasman16 - I used gen 5 move set so that if I wanted to make sequels I would have an easier time. Thanks.

  101. @Sam,

    Looks like Play tower defence games has reverted the version of PTD to v3.8.1 (I was playing v4.2 earlier today).

    Is it a bug on the achievements page that if you keep clicking the right arrow it will cycle back to the first achievement, but the left arrow will disappear.

    An Idea: Stat's page, pokemon caught/released/defeated, Total unique pokemon, shinys seen etc...

  102. When you see a legendary dog in the game, does the game pause like it does when you see a shiny? Oh, and awesome game. Our whole high school is playing it. Keep it up (:

  103. Hey SAM. .

    About the STORY MODE, are you gonna include the places where we could catch the TRIO BIRD, such as SEAFOAM ISLANDS, POWER PLANT and MT. EMBER???

    Pls repls SAM. . Tnx

  104. @Keyser - weird.. yea I do plan to have a stat page and a more detailed pokedex.

    @anon 11:32AM - Yes and thanks!

    @anon 11:34AM - Yes but I will use the original spots from blue/red.

  105. One more question about the legendary dogs. If you do see them, are you able to catch them right away like a shiny? Thanks for the answers, too!

  106. It's been a long time coming but Added Arrow key/WASD controls to move the level maps for v4.3

  107. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  108. @passarbye - No need to be rude, that band came to me and offered me their music. If the guy you linked to wishes to have his music in the game we can work something out.

    I'm glad you like the arrow key controls :)

  109. i am starting to think that it is getting too easy to catch pokemon. i think it would be better if we had a limited use per level like the potions

  110. @Anon September 28, 2011 7:55 AM

    but Sam said that KimmyLube only made the male version meaning its not unisex. cant anyone try to make a female version? if its possible please?

  111. @Anon September 28, 2011 1:19 PM
    i asked kimmy where the girl celebi avatar was and she said it was meant to be unisex, maybe there was some miscommunication

  112. don't mean to nitpick, but i noticed poliwrath should be able to learn the TM poison jab.

  113. @anon 2:01PM - Doesn't look like he can http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Poison_Jab_(move)#By_TM

  114. hmmm that's strange. on the same site if you go to poliwrath's page it says he can learn it through TM. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Poliwrath_%28Pok%C3%A9mon%29#By_TM.2FHM

  115. Hey sam great game as usual.

    Are we ever gonna be seeing draco meteor (obviously the Dratini line can only learn it) in this game?

  116. Hey Sam,

    If you're going to add the WSAD keys, why not key bind the six pokemon to the numbers above WSAD and key bind pokeball/potion as well?

  117. KurashiDragon> I asked Sam about Draco Meteor during v.4.0, and he said that he'd add it sometime soon, along with the other Move Tutor moves.

    However, if that takes too long, I have another idea.

    The Mystery Dungeon series actually ties moves like Draco Meteor, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon and Frenzy Plant to a certain level.

    The problem with this? The level is SEVENTY-TWO (72).

    I, for one, can't wait until v.5.3 for that (based on the current rate of two levels per update, we'll get to 72 for 5.3, the same time that the Saffron Gym Challenge Level is added [I've noticed that there's a pattern to the updates involving the Gyms {usually on a update that ends in zero} as well as the Challenge versions {usually on an update ending in three, but sometimes on an update ending in two, such as 4.2 adding the Celadon Gym Challenge Level}.])

    One more thing: Since the Silph Building is a massive ELEVEN floors, I have an idea on how to add this in: Devote all ten updates from 5.4 to 6.3 to this. Why start at 5.4?

    4.4 or 4.5: Pokemon Tower
    4.6: Route 10 and the Power Plant (with Zapdos, Electabuzz, Goldeen and Seaking)
    4.7 to 4.9: Set-up for Saffron Gym
    5.0: Saffron Gym
    5.1 and 5.2: Either Routes 16 - 18 or 12 - 15 (with Route 11 as a Challenge Level, with the reward being the Exp. Up)
    5.3: Level cap increased to 72 (as mentioned), Saffron Gym Challenge Level, Fighting Dojo and Route 12 Challenge Level (where the Good Rod is the reward), with quite a few new Pokemon between 5.1 and 5.3, including Chansey, (catchable!) Tentacool/Tentacruel, (catchable!) Pidgeotto... maybe even a few non-Gen1 Pokemon, such as Elekid (evolves into Electabuzz at level 30), Happiny (the addition of Items during 4.8, 4.9 and 5.0 will allow for this, with the Oval Stone added to the PokeMart), Blissey (with friendship being tied to an Item), Tangrowth (non-catchable, though...) and even Kangaskhan (catchable in the Rock Tunnel in HG/SS and Route 15 in FR/LG [if I'm remembering correctly...]).

    I hope I didn't plan out something that is too hard to do in eleven updates.

    5.4 - 6.3: Silph Building (made easier by having only one new obtainable Pokemon, the long-awaited Lapras)

    6.5 to 6.9 can be spent on bug fixes, since we've already gotten to Fuschia, allowing for an on-time arrival at the Gym for 7.0.

    As for Cinnabar... that won't be until 9.0 the way I see it.

  118. EUREKA!!!!

    Sam, remember the idea of "Advanced Mode"?

    I know how to do it with minimum hassle!

    Challenge Mode IS Advanced Mode!

    All you have to do is make Challenge Mode versions of the remaining levels that don't already have one, then think of a way to keep the rewards on, and BOOM! We've got the harder version of PTD!

    Try to think of me as an idea factory.

  119. Hello. Sam I have a question. If this is the alpha. What is going to happen with the beta and then the full version?

  120. Hey sam, i saw you wanted to promote trading so i thought of a few ideas of how it could be improved so that people are more willing to look for certain pokemon!

    You should give more of a variety of choices to trading your pokemon, like for example...
    I wish to trade a ratatta for either a mewtwo or a mew. You should have the choice to pick this OR that, as well as this AND that if you get me :)

    I think its kinda strange how you can request six pokemon but cant have six pokemon up for trade for one

    Also i think you should have the search for pokemon to trade more complex also, like being able to search for what you want to trade in exchange for the pokemon you want.

    Having to click on a pokemon to see what the owner wants to trade it for is kind of annoying as you have to click back and can be slow when the servers busy!

    Also i think that you should set up a method where...
    lets say i have put a bulbasaur on trade and requested a geodude
    and you have a geodude on trade and requested a bulbasaur
    the pokemon centre would see that i have what you want and you have what i want, therefore it would send messages to both of us asking if we would like to trade eachother?


  121. Celebi said that joey was not in joto but he did not say anything about "you" maybe you could play off of that.

    You could make it so that you can walk around in the closest town before the battles to heal your pokemon and get potions, pokeballs, etc. Maybe a bag for the items in battle. Also the 4th gym is way to hard I am using all fire moves at lvl 50 and I still lose!?!?

  122. Hunter> Remember that all but two (Exeggcute and Celebi) of the Pokemon are Grass/Poison, and that Exeggcute and Celebi are Grass/Psychic.

    Add a few Psychic type moves to your Pokemon, as well as switching a Pokemon out and adding Jolteon.

    If you have Entei, USE IT!

  123. Hey Sam can you make it so that if you trade your Pokemon away it says you still had it i think that would increase trade and make a lot of people very happy

  124. sorry for posting that sam, that was pretty out of line.. (i'll try not to be that way in the future.)

    anyway, i gave the guy a pm on youtube, and sent him the blog address, and your e-mail, so hopefully we should hear from him soon.

  125. @ September 28, 2011 1:30 PM

    thats kinda confusing then. i really dont see though how its unisex since it uses the body of the male. i guess the female version isnt gonna be made then unless someone else offers to make it. oh well. i guess i will keep using the female version of the entei avvie.

  126. @sam
    when a pokemon uses flash, it lowers the accuracy of all pokemon on the field, including the user, and i think you should add a mini map in the corner somewhere so for places like celadon we dont have to scroll so much looking for enemy pokemon

  127. Yay, the update is almost done!

  128. Thanks for adding my idea about HP restoring after level up.
    minimii in pokecenter

  129. I love your game and I dont mean to offend, but some of your attack animations seem...uninspired. Do you have any plans to update some of the more bland animations?

  130. Sam a idea about the old avatars you can have a extra option in daily codas for avatars that you don't have yet.(you cant select it if you have all of them already)suicune and entei hats wont be in there because they are always available.
    you can then make all the avatars you want.
    hope you like it. :)

  131. Hey can someone tell me how to get the hm flash please I can't get into rock tunnel without it someone please help me

  132. I really like the game, but I think that you could improve it...

    So could you please, PLEASE, add a new target system that includes a "sleeping target" so I can use the my Alakazan's Nightmare correctly and more often?

    That's all for now... lol

  133. sam is there anyway of making it so you have to unlock tms because now new people starting the game can just teach their pokemon hyper beam and flamethrower and stuff and it should be something you get later in the game

  134. @anon 10:54 AM
    Use Cut on Route 2 (place your pokemon with cut near the bush and you will see the bush being cut) beat the level and then don't skip the ending of the level.

  135. @anon 2:23PM - Weird indeed I'll have to check a different source.

    @kurashi - "obviously the Dratini line can only learn it" yup

    @anon 2:47PM - Good idea, I will see if I can put that in.

    @ovamiat - lol I don't think that far ahead :)

    @ovamiat - That might be possible, I thought about doing that a couple of times.

    @agraceful23 - The name will change from alpha to beta. :) I'll try to do something eventful when the time comes.

    @Mark - Yea an OR function is definitely needed. It just takes times to make. So every week I have a choice of doing that or making levels and new pokemon etc.

    @hunter wolf - are you removing your pokemon when celebi comes?

    @nicholas - I think that will come for v4.4 for sure.

    @passarbye - No worries, and cool I hope he will respond.

    @Jesus - Mini map sounds like something useful I will add it on future updates.

    @somebody - Wooo!

    @minimii - Thanks for the idea :)

    @anon 9:32PM - I agree, once the main storyline is done I will revisit those.

    @Jav - True.

    @Matheus - I will see what I can do :)

    @anon 12:04PM - You have a good point about locking TMs just gotta figure out which ones and how you would unlock them.

  136. could i suggest a way of locking the TM moves to when you would actually be able to get them in the game normally? like a few of them you can't get until you reach Celadon City in the department store, and some are from the game corner, etc.

    idk if that would be too hard to do tho =\, have the TM invisible for each pokemon able to learn it till you reach those areas..

    idk just a suggestion =)

  137. a way of locking TMs, i think you could have them in tiers based on their base power. TMs like fireblast, blizzard, and thunder who all have a base power of 120.. throw them in one tier of TMs. let's call it tier A for the sake of the argument. the way you unlock them is you have a certain number of badges from the gyms. so if you have 4 badges you unlock tier A. would that work?

  138. Sam> It pays to think ahead sometimes. That way, if your current plans get derailed, your future plans are safe.

  139. hey sam, the guy did respond.

    basically what he said is that he wants you to contact him, because it'd be weird for him to say, "hey you can use my music for your game, kthxbye." without you actually talking to him about it.

    so please talk to him via youtube, again here


    or on facebook here


    kthxbye. lol jk.

    seriously though, thanks for taking his music into consideration!

    as always, you are awesome! can't wait for the update!

  140. @Sam
    Your very welcome

  141. Do you think you could add a double time button? For when you want to fast forward in places?

  142. Sam i love your game and you are Awesome :)

  143. I used to be an avid player. But the first mine that required flash was so intricate and difficult that it discouraged me from ever playing again...

    Too bad, it seems like this has gotten too difficult to even attempt even more. And don't flame just because "OH YOU DON'T USE STRATEGIZE". This is a flash game on the computer made to pokemon, not the world chess championship. It should be calm and relaxing.

  144. Hey Sam - this is a small thing to correct, but the description for rage powder says, "Tower in range will only aim at him." Maybe change this to "Towers in range will only aim at the user." - one grammatical change and avoiding the Pokemon gender issue.

  145. @Sam how do we know what type has conversion turned porygon into? =S There is nothing indicating is it?
    If not can you "fix" it?

  146. correct me if im wrong but it looks like your going to do the chat center like you did with game corner and SnD coins and release them seperate from the update. i like that because it doesnt overwhelm us. It gives us time to beat the level then go on the chat.

    -Entei bound

  147. Remove "hacked version" by paying 3 SnD coins :)

  148. @sam
    I posted this before but wasn't answered. What was the name of the cannon game you made that was mentioned a week or two ago.

  149. @Sam, can you make celebi and other future boss pokemon have more than 1 move so the disable/encore combo works properly? thanks


  150. Sam,
    I hate to be the one to bring this up, and ruin what is otherwise an awesome (non-solar beam) grass-type move. But isn't Leaf Storm supposed to lower the user's sp. attack? Currently, Victreebel can use it over and over without a hit to damage, and no debuff icon comes up.

  151. @sam suggestion for an additional function in the pokemon center : remove "hacked version" by reverting pokemon level to 1

  152. Hey SAM

    I just wanna ask something, how the hell did JOEY got a CHARMELEON? I know it's non-sense, just curious. . hahaha


  153. @Sam
    i agree with sending hacked version pokemon back to level 1 to remove the labeling. i think it should cost like 100 000 poke dollars to do so

  154. Hey SAM

    I just wanna suggest about the STORY MODE, why don't you try to make a scene/level which is in NIGHTTIME? Isn't cool? what do you think SAM?

    Pls reply. TNX


  155. Celadon Gym was extremly fun! It took me a few tries to get it, but I really like how it was strategy based, instead of just straight up DPS! Very nice work, even though I do enjoy just DPS too haha.

  156. Huge fan, great work obviously. Are there going to be any new pokemon in the new level.

  157. @ anon 4:28 AM - That won't happen because the hacked version lets you catch Pokemon after one hit.

    @ Sam - Love how if you have the Team Rocket avatar on, at the beggining of Route 8, Joey says something about you keeping it on!! Great!

    P.S. Beat you to first in Dan's Ninja-ja update!

  158. i agree with anon@4:28AM, but only if they are level 30 and up. maybe higher.

  159. would you add more Pokemon to the game corner? I all ready have most of them.

  160. when is item finder and exp share coming? and i think joey is gonna turn evil at the end

  161. sam, could you add an achievment for celadon gym aka deafeat all celebis?

  162. @ Sam
    So you think we will have a fast forward button by time we reach 5.0?

  163. Hey SAM OTERO
    What are all the pokemon in the game and how can you get them (ones that can be caught, traded, or earned)

  164. hey sam, i couldnt seem to write down the question on your forum so im gonna post it here: If there IS a sequel, will there be the evolved versions of the kanto region? Also how will they evolve? EX-slowbro-traded with kings stone-slowking,EX-porygon2, porygon z! Please post it on your blog :D

  165. Sam, i see your working hard as always... just a few questions:

    1) When multiplayer arrives, i was curious how it would work. I think the coolest thing to do would be you go on multiplayer and pick "search players". It finds 5 other players who are searching, and you can do various levels, each of you using one of your pokemon to complete a level. I realize this would be incredibly hard to program though, so I dont think you should even try it if its too hard.

    2) Will HM moves start coming into play again. I think you should start hiding some more cut trees in levels, and if you use flash on a certain level, a rare pokemon will have a chance of coming out. also, rock smash could be useful too for this. Like, on Rock tunnel you could add rocks that breaking makes a path with... a secret battle.

    3) Finally, I think Nurse joy and Officer jenny should have challenge levels. Nurse Joys is that her chansey's egg was stolen by the squirtle suad, and you get it back. if you win, you get the lucky egg, which makes chansey appear in the safari zone. Officer jenny's is her arcanine and growlithe have gone beserk, and if you stop them a jenny gives you a silver card, making more items available in the pokemart.

    Once again, love the game, and i thank you for reading my comments, no matter how pointless they are. Also, will the bike be in the next update?

  166. Plese finish the update already

  167. @anon 7:09

    Sam isn't a bot. He's not gonna rush it just because some people are impatient. He has a life. He'll finish it when he can and it'll be all the better for those that are patient.

  168. @KurashiDragon yeah,I know,you don't have to tell me,it's just the updates so close to being finished.I didn't mean to rush the update...geez...

  169. Is it just me, or are we a bit overdue for the Great Ball upgrade? Doesn't matter if we get it or not, I just figure with the addition of the Super Potion with this week's update, the Great Ball would be a lovely addition for the next one.

  170. Just a suggestion, It would be nice to have a countdown until the reset of the daily code and Game Corner (I think they reset at the same time). Not all of us live in the same timezone, So I'm not really sure when it resets. Just something that counts down (2h 30m until next reset), or tells the current time and when it resets, in the same time zone. (Current Time: 10:30 P.M EST Reset time: 12:00 A.M EST) I just think that it would be good to have in the Pokemon Center.

    (I'm not asking you to revert back to the old Daily code style, just asking to have the timer back.)

  171. I also think that it would be a great to add an option to auto-skip the intro. Just the intro would be nice, and skipping the PlayTD.com ad would be better, but I'm not sure if you can do that. Either way, Just the option to skip it would be great.

  172. Just wondering, could you bring out this update without the avatar chat .I am sure it will take a long time to make the avatar chat.Well OK maybe not too sure...
    Maybe you could bring it in 4.3.1.

  173. I was thinking, if you were to add better Pokeballs, maybe you can add different health levels too. Because otherwise, what would be the use of different Pokeballs? They're already guaranteed to catch Pokemon that are low enough health.

    Pokeball can only catch Pokemon with Red health level
    Great Balls can catch Pokemon with Orange health level
    Ultra Balls can catch Pokemon with Yellow health level
    Master Ball can catch Pokemon with Green health level

    Though I don't know if that will be complicated :P

  174. @XmarkXalanX Totally agree dude! And great work Sam! I can see you're hard working on the update.

  175. For chapter five can this be the order.
    Rocket Game Corner
    Pokemon Tower (With a challenge level to catch Snorlax)
    The Biking Route to Fuschia
    Safari Zone
    Fuschia City Gym

  176. Hey can someone tell me how to het to the onix in rock tunnel I have went back and forth 20 times and he wnt come out

  177. I wish you could get in touch with MonsterCatMedia & use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1X243bq-ho as a track for the game :)

  178. @anon 12:16pm - That would be amazing.

  179. Update will be out by Sunday Night (EST Time), I ran into some issues that will take longer to fix.

  180. I love this game, it's amazing! :D

    Can I make a suggestion though? Can you add an auto-save option that automatically saves your progress after completing a stage? I hate when I grind for about an hour, then accidentally close the tab, erasing all my progress. =.=

    Thanks again for making such a great game!

  181. @Dante it had that before and there were soooo many glitches! It wouldnt save sometimes! Btw Sam your really incredible, like this game is just wow. Thanks so much.

  182. sam can u make eventually not now but evolved pokemon like dragonair eg. andachievement for beating celebi and no pokemon dying on celadon gym.Hey andwhen is magmar and electabuzz coming thanx im 10 years old and i check ur blog and play the game daily


  183. How will the orange islands tie into the game?

  184. Will we ever be able to catch/obtain the legendary birds and mewtwo? Because the way the story's playing out, it doesn't look promising.

  185. Wow I can't imagine what it must take to make a totally awesome game like this! Sorry, just had to say that.

  186. Does STAB apply when you use conversion? Because my porygon used conversion and turned into a psyshic type, but it's psychic moves weren't doing extra damage :-/ As always, great game keep up the good work!

  187. What is the deal with the Silph Co gonna be? Because in the game you fight giavonni, but he's on your side now...

  188. I'm assuming that the birds will come into play right around the time we get the 5th badge. That will allow us to use Surf to access the Seafoam Island and the Power Plant. As for Moltres, I personally think Sam should keep him in Victory Road, instead of on Mt Ember, from the Sevii Islands. Also, I don't think we'll be able to use Mewtwo until after we have defeated the Pokémon League. He'll probably just make a Challenge Mode for Mewtwo.

  189. Anon 10/1/11 @ 11:08 AM>

    You have it reversed after the Pokemon Tower.

    Rocket Secret Base
    Pokemon Tower
    Route 12 (with first Snorlax Challenge Level)
    Routes 13 & 14 (New Pokemon: Chansey)
    Route 15
    Fuschia City Gym

    Chapter 6:
    Safari Zone
    Route 18
    Cycling Road (with second Snorlax Challenge Level)
    Celadon Dept. Store (over-run by MewThree's troops; winning the level allows access to Ultra Balls and Hyper Potions)
    Fighting Dojo (OPTIONAL LEVEL; not needed to beat to access the Saffron Gym)
    Saffron Gym

    Chapter 7:
    Silph Building (How to deal with it's size: Any free time you have after completing the current update can be spent working on this level, so by the time we actually get there, 1/2 of the level is already done)
    Power Plant (with Zapdos Challenge Level)
    Route 19
    Route 20 - east
    Seafoam Islands (with Articuno Challenge Level)
    Route 20 - west
    Cinnabar Gym

    Chapter 8:
    Pokemon Mansion (allows access to the Lab, with the Lab acting as a Challenge Level to get Aerodactyl)
    Route 21 (two different levels; the first is the water section, the second being where you find Tangela [perfect place to introduce Tangrowth, by the way...])
    Pallet Town 2 (this time, it's the entire town being attacked! [Challenge Level: Test your skills against Ash's and see how well you match up against the Pokemon Master From Pallet!)

    Chapter 9:

    Cerulean Gym 3 (Yes, a third Cerulean Gym level. Challenge Level: If you thought Ash was good, try taking on his girlfriend. Reward: TOGEPI)
    Pewter Gym 2 (completes the Ash/Misty/Brock trifecta; both Cerulean 3 and Pewter 2 are optional; Challenge Level: Most people don't give Brock credit as a Pokemon Breeder. See if you can beat Brock's secret team, one he personally bred to be the best!)
    Route 22
    Route 23 (Showdown with MewThree pt. 1)
    Victory Road
    Indigo League 1 (Showdown with MewThree pt. 2)
    Final (Kanto) Level (eventually, beating this earns you access to Johto)

  190. i cant believe no one has caught this yet THERE'S NO ROUTE 7. end of route 8 was like :O DA Tunnel 2 ROUTE 7

  191. sam just a quick question. in the blog post with the top 10 questions, you said that we might only be able to get only one of the legendary birds, which i dont like the idea of but what ever you decide will be alright with me, but will we be able to catch mew and mewtwo as well as one of the birds


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