So where's the next Ninja-Ja: update?

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For those of you who have been asking about when the next Ninja-Ja update will be out here's a quick explanation.

When I started on this update I had a few new features in mind that I wanted to add that would open the game up to more than just survival and top scores. As I was developing these features I realized some current things needed to be changed to accommodate the new stuff. What ended up happening was I noticed that some of the core code needed to be revamped a bit as it wasn't originally designed with these new features in mind. Also since I'm still a beginner at programming as I get better I notice some mistakes that I've made earlier that are hindering progress so I have to go back and fix them. This all adds up to a lot of work that needs to done before I continue with adding things but is good because once I have it in place then future updates should come faster.

So while I don't have an ETA for the next update it will have a bunch of new stuff like Story Mode which has an intro and boss fight, attacking as well as defending, actual enemies you can hit with ranged weapons, and different ranged weapon mechanics since they are primarily used for attacking now.

Anywho that's all for now, just wanted to keep you guys in the loop. Sorry for the delay! I know some of you are eager to try it out but bare with me while I get this set up properly and learn some more about programming so I can do things faster. As always any suggestions, comments, and general feedback is appreciated, thanks!



  1. First! In your face Sam!!! (Yes I do know Dan posted this) and thanks for the post! :)

  2. Nice! I had an idea for Ninja-Ja, a rage bar. Say the rage bar took 100 points of rage to fill up, blocking an enemy's attack would add a small amount, say 1, to the rage bar, getting hit would do something like 10+more for a bigger combo (like combo of 1-20+0, 21-40+2, or something like that), when the rage bar is full, all the attacks are slowed down for about 10 seconds so making it it easier to deflect attacks.

  3. Hey Dan,

    Thanks for letting us know. I do have a question though, will this be ever come to an android handset?

    Would love it even more if it did lol.


  4. 4th :)

    Thanks for post :)

  5. 5th hopefully, and nice work dan. hard to believe your a beginner with a cool game like Ninja-ja. When i saw this post i said "hey havent played that in a while", and ive been playing it for like 2 hours now.

    Also, im a beginner at programming too, and i am working on a game right now. Would it be okay for me to send a prototype to you once i get started. I just think i could use some tips

  6. fifth.. l o v e the game!

  7. I second the Android comment. With the added depth, this is begging for a touch screen port. Hate having to judge an unfinished product, but love being able to have input.


  8. top ten >:D and i love ninja-ja, if i could buy it i would. i play it every day after school. there should be a mode where you have to protect your friend running and getting hit with an object

  9. is there a option that makes it so you can turn off blood? maybe i will be aloud to play it.

  10. 11th! hopefully I'm usually 257! looking foward to story mode dan i'll start finding bugs for you like on sam post!


  11. is there a chance that ninja-ja will come to iphone, ipod or android?

  12. Sounds good, looking forward to it :3

  13. ninja-ja is cheesy.
    make it a side-scrolling platformer, and everyone will play it, not just the few that like it now.

  14. IPHONE!
    That is what there should be!
    That'd be awesome!:D

  15. how did you create this game and can you teach me

  16. Make an option to turn off blood so I can play and get my SnD coins for that shiny squirtle I've had my eyes on!

  17. @cfcbesto - lol, no problem!

    @CrazyItalianDetective - Funny you should mention that.. you might like some of the future updates ;)

    @Richard - I'm hoping to, yes. It's just not a high priority right now because I want to finish all the other features that I have in mind first.

    Glad you're enjoying it thus far! :)

    @PokeMon* - You're welcome!

    @turtleshell27 - Well, I can't take all the credit, Sam did part of it as well and has been helping me too.

    Haha, I'm glad it provided you with some entertainment.

    Feel free to send a prototype to my email:
    I'll take a look when I get a chance. :)

    @Anon 3:50 PM - Thanks, it'll get a lot better!

    @Shortben - You're off by 2 positions, sorry! ;P

    @ZKS - Yeah, it's original design is for touch screen and I'm keeping that in mind as I develop it further. I'm just doing the PC version first because the phone verions require some retweaking and whatnot since they aren't as powerful and have other limitations.

    @Awesome1awesome - Thanks for playing, it's good to know you're having fun with it.

    I'm not really sure what you mean by protecting your friend who is running and getting hit. Where would he be positioned?

    @Noah - Hmm, no there isn't an option for that but perhaps I could make one. I'll add it to the list and see about implementing it soon. :)

    @bugfinder - Haha, nice name and thanks! It always helps to have bugfinders around. :)

    @Hahugadiga - Yeah, I want to get it to a more completed state first though.

    @Anon 3:07 PM - Hopefully it'll exceed your expectations. :)

    @Anon 4:06 PM - Speaking of cheesy, I recently had this really good dish at the Hard Rock Cafe called Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese. It was awesome.

    How do you envision this game working as a side-scrolling platformer? Could you elaborate, I'm curious.

    @Anon 6:46 PM - In time, just starting on PC first since it's easier. :P

    @Darren - It's made using Adobe Illustrator (graphics), Photostop (graphics), AfterEffects (minor sound editing, there are better choices but I'm just using it for now), and Flash (AS3).

    I don't really have time to teach someone unfortunately but there is a ton of helpful information online that you can use to learn. Just search for tutorials for the program(s) you want to learn and go at it. That's how lots of people start out. :)

    @Anon 4:00 PM - Someone else requested a no blood option as well. I added it to my list and will hopefully get to it soon. You can still buy the SnD Coins though, a link to the game just comes along free (it's on the site too). You don't even have to click the link to download it in order to get the coins.

  18. Hey um, can you add Ninja-ja for ubuntu(linux).I use to use Windows but now I use Linux so please add it for Linux.

  19. any release date yet on ninja-ja? It sounds so epic that i just want to play it as soon as posible:D

  20. @anon 6:42
    It's already out just click on the tab "Get Ninja-ja" at the top of the blog and you can either get it for free by clicking on the first link or you can pay to get Sam and Dan Coins and different Ninja-ja bonuses.


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