Hero Tower Defense Tuesday: Day 10 - Story

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Tuesday!

Sketch of logo

Go here to read the Day 9 of Hero Tower Defense Tuesdays.

Today let's talk about the story for a bit.

This area of the game is still rather open-ended and undetermined at this point, more so than most other aspects of the game. So I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about what we had in mind for HTD's story and single player and then get your feedback and suggestions on it.

Elements are a key part of the HTD world which I'm sure is rather clear at this point. We have 5 elements (Fire, Water, Nature, Light, and Shadow) each with their own advantages and disadvantages against eachother as well as their own physical and magical skills that specialize in categories like offense, defense, and utility. You also have a native element that gives you a bit more power with that element and you also gain combination elemental attacks when you make certain matches in the elemental trees. With that in mind it's pretty easy to say the elements should tie into the story and world rather heavily.

The game is of course based in a fantasy world so that opens up a lot of paths. That also means there is a lot to consider.. how much technology is there and how advanced is it? Is the current state of things peaceful or chaotic? Is there some major event currently taking place? etc. The same goes for your character and characters you meet in single player.. how old are you? Are you a king's son or a lowly peasant? Is there something unique about you or your family? Do you have some hidden past? etc. I personally don't like things being too cliche but it's a bit difficult to avoid because there's so much out there that people have already seen but, hey, we'll try.

We have some ideas in mind but without giving away too much I can say you'll be old enough that you're out on your own doing things like adventuring and exploring and whatnot. During single player you'll meet other characters that may join you, probably some from your past and some new. At least part of the story will be about you seeking out something related to your native element, perhaps how to master it so you can acquire greater skills with that element. During your quest there will probably be trials that test your skill with the elemental system. So there might be like a crazy shadow boss you have to fight or a water cavern you have to get through. While I wouldn't say there's a doomsday character who's out to destroy the world you'll definitely come across characters/creatures that are much stronger than you and are terrorizing that area or blocking your way.

So as you can see there's a lot up in the air story-wise. As I mentioned we have a several things in mind that are more solid but I don't want to give it all away. This is also mainly for single player. The multiplayer will continue the story to an extent but have a wider scope. We're interested in hearing what you guys would like to see though. Do you like the uber, evil, insane guy wanting to take over the world? The mysterious past that you gradually uncover? Perhaps just the idea of going out and discovering the unknown?

There will also be side quests and such as well that will probably be completely unrelated to the main story but that's why they're side quests right? I know we have some writers out there with ideas they'd like to share as well. Let us know what you have on your mind! But try to summarize it. ;)

Also don't forget to check out Kevin's blog, KXN @ HTD for all things art related to HTD! You'll find additional concept art, polls to help us decide on certain art aspects (currently which female hairstyles to start with), and he recently added a progress list. Here's a new WIP logo design Kevin made:


As always let us know what you think and leave your feedback in the comments, thanks!



  1. 1st actual person! Since we all know Sam and Dan are only figments of our imaginations :P

  2. I agree that cliche is bad...please try to avoid it. Btw, when is the new Ninja-ja update coming. I'm excited to see what you've been adding to it, Dan.

  3. Now for my actual comment:

    Making a fantasy story that's not cliche seems so daunting at this point. Of course cliche ideas and concepts have to be implemented to allow for any sort of movement in plot, but an abundance would turn the game into strictly a Tower Defense game rather than anything with a story.

    I cannot think of story ideas at the moment, but have ideas from being in my second Pathfinder(basically Dungeons and Dragons 3.5) on how to allow for more battles without having an intricate plot for each one. Simply make encounters along the journey. As you walk from town to town or wherever to wherever you come across a band of goblins or orcs; do you run or fight? Initiate battle from here to just enjoy some good ol' fashioned tower defense battle. I suppose sort of like the training levels in PTD, but maybe there is some sort of coding you can do to randomly decide if there is a battle when you travel so it doesn't feel so repetitive with the visiting of one map? I don't know if I explained that correctly, hopefully so.

    @Kevin- I really am liking the logo for the most part. My only complaint is the lettering of HERO TOWER DEFENSE. I liked the lettering on the sketch so much more. And the gradient on HTD sadly makes it look a little cheap. :P

  4. Sounds cool, are you trying to make a dark story(deceipt, murder, corruption, etc...) Or a light one(humorous, heroic, happy go lucky main character)

  5. Can you do a morality system that affects storyline, available powers, etc.? A game is always more fun with a little bit of choice.

  6. Hmm...a story about a world where the elements are basically life itself...I sense an Avatar near by *whips out bug-catching net*.

    Story-wise, I've always been fond of a land that has been at peace for a while, but an evil is rising behind the scenes, an evil that a young man/woman will discover and destroy as he/she goes out to venture new horizons/discover who they are/find their long-lost parent/etc., meeting friends, rivals, and enemies along the way. Or something like that.

    As for who you are, I think Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem for the DS do a decent job of establishing a character (though it doesn't really affect the storyline much). Both of them ask a series of questions, with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon focusing more on decisions (ex. You find a penny. What do you do?), the answers determining a nature for you and ultimately a Pokemon, whereas Fire Emblem New Mystery asks about your social class, what you are proficient at, nature, etc. Perhaps that will spark some ideas?

    Honestly, I'm flexible as far as the story goes in both single player and multiplayer. I do like the idea of the element trials, though.

    The new HTD emblem looks awesome, and that's just a WIP. Looking better each update!

  7. I definitely think it should be some sort of open ended story because it would leave more room for continuation as opposed to the evil overlord thing because its hard to continue on a plot after the world is already saved without being.... Cliche

  8. *Quoting from other post- Dan Bell said..

    Haha, the list of games is long. I'll name a few though that I can remember or see lying around: Hard Rain, SSF4:AE, MvC3, Bayonetta, FF13, NFS:HP, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 3, Dark Souls, etc, etc"

    ahh i see, well a few of those, and they are pretty good games.

    and yeah copy right laws suck, but there are hundreds of ways around that. =P


    Watched a whole ton of that over the weekend. :3

  10. γειά σου (Greek for "hello")October 19, 2011 at 5:16 AM

    I love the new HTD logo design!

    But one problem... I can see that the "light-sphere" is hiding behind the logo's shield, but I think it's a little too hidden for most people to actually notice.

    Perhaps when you release HTD the "spheres" will be animated and will revolve around the logo?

    I don't know, but I just thought it was worth mentioning.

  11. I want to be the evil master who are trying to take over the world! :D

  12. Hello,

    i've done ton's of rp's, and a story of my own.
    idea's are very hard to come by that alot of people will enjoy.

    from what it look like's just from the style of weapon's and armor i'd have to go with maybe your story should have tech about as rich as the middle ages with some other things alittle more advance no?

    this means you don't have to make everything slik and slim, or pretty. also whats a good game like this that won't have magic to help out? why do you need car's / planes when you can tele?

    as for the character, my thoughts are maybe as we pick what they look like we can pick there back round and at the same time this backround choice makes out if our person is the child of a King, or a low class farmer, or say even a travler from another land??? while it makes this choice our own it also plays a key point for you! say we choice to be the child of the king, now our elemental power is better as a light. if we are a travler we are shadow.
    low class farmer, earth...

    then our elemental power can help our story.. then only thing that mainly changes for the first few level's is our backround/intro story to the game. some chat and event's we get in game. say the king's kid won't just run off to war, they might start trainning in back yard?

    the farmer gets a field?
    the travler get's a cave?

    for the other elements,
    fire,could be a blacksmith?
    water, can be a fisher?
    give them a job for later in game that might be useful?

    i know this is a long list of idea's but i have no idea to what you are able to do or get done.
    or what story idea's you have but this something i'd LOVE to see or parts of it maybe?

    think about it....
    Night's End~

  13. ADD-ON!

    forgot here... the world should be at peace, for the time being... but our hero (about the age of 16-20)finds some old teller who forsee's a get trouble to come? so there are monster's normally around but get more and more worse/stronger as the game gose's on cuz of that reason...?

    then you can have a stronger boss at the end/evil-doer or whatever you all have plained.

    there are again to many idea's that able to be used.
    Night's End~

  14. Honestly, I don't really like the logo. Sorry.

  15. to sam: when do you thing HTD will come out?
    to dan: is'nt it diffucult to hold this game up?

    Sincerly, Kevin KV

  16. I haven't posted in a while.
    If you are adding parts of the past throughout the storyline, I would like to see some flashbacks.

  17. Hope we can play the game soon!!!

    This will be great!!!
    (more than great)

  18. i think you should choose your charecters story it would be complicated but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. relees the game alredy!

  20. put electricity as an element plz.

  21. How about there being 5 enemy forces, each worshiping an element. During the story, they will live through their own stories of forging and breaking alliances etc.

  22. Pretttttttttty emblem <3

    Anyhow Looking good :3

  23. Hi,
    what about having a type of quiz when starting a game. that way you could have quite a few stories that are allmost customized for every person.

    please tell me what you think

  24. I know you probably won't want to do this but it sounded like a good idea to me, well here we go, I think there should be an evil villian but instead of destroying the world he will try to get all six elemental orbs (Nature,Fire,Shadow,Water,Light,And that other element sorry). He doesn't realize it but doing that will destroy the world. So six heros and or heroins each different elements in a battle with a level 10 monster and them at level 5 which you must defeat the monster,After you get the message of _____(Villians name) your team splits up to sacure the orbs from ______. So like pokemon tower defence there will be different "Chapters" exept each one will be a character story and will all be equaly hard exept you will fight different element enemies and all the character stories will be open at the same time exept if you beat a certain level with one character only all the characters will still have to do it. For example: Level one completed for fire elemental character but all the other elements will have to do there version of it if the haven't yet. Once you finish all the levels for one character another chapter will open for that character after you do the bonus level fighting either the villian or a monster he made there will be five chapters for each character. then after all characters have beaten there final bonus level in chapter five (protecting the orb from the villian) you will all team up to stop him from getting the elemental orb (also known as "The Orb of all Elemental Power")he will have every ability but will mainly attack being a villian. After you beat that you may think it is finished but it is not, then you must all use your strongest magical ability combined(somehow) in round two to finish him once and for all. p.s. each character will meet some people that will join your team

  25. Add on to thing with different character stories, there will either be jewels or a town if your fighting a monster, if your fighting the villian it will be the orb, also the level 10 monster at the beggining of the game will be the dragon that you mentioned so long ago

  26. Add on to add on to different character stories thing,I don't think the logo should be in work in progress anymore..... since it's so good!

  27. You also gotta consider history and Political social behavior. Is the world in another age from the past. Was there a advanced ancient tech or were they on levels more akin to were they are now. Was the world rules but dragons or gods or elementals exc. Is Freedom a prized virtue (females are considered more equal if there allowed to fight) Or is it a strict status structure. Strict or flexible. Also i would try to avoid race war IE Orcs Vs humans Doesn't mean there not going to be n conflict just perhaps on Country sides.

    Another possibility is 2 starts. You play 1 person on side A whos story unfolds to a point then you play Person 2 on side B whos story unfolds and your main characters is 2 people who converge in story most likely in some sort of exile, abandonment, or betrayal.
    Or its a cold war and the 2 meat and some uniting event like saving people from a raid or war party.

    There is also the Greater Evil conflict possibility. 2 waring states have to ally vs a larger kingdom taking advantage of the situation. There are times for the world ending evil but i don't think its suiting. Another posibilty is in the proses of said conflict a Horror or rash of monsters is unleashed.

    Getting to the original point i wanted to make there are 2 things on the logo that bother me. 1 I don't like the elemental orbs. Think it would look better if say the Fire orb was a ball of flaming fire or water a ball shaped wave of water. Might have to get inventive to get them to come out right like that. Secondly That sword is very very fat looks like a gladius but with no curvature.

  28. For some reason I think the logo would be better if water and nature spheres switched places. That way, it's a circle clockwise saying that the two next are weak and the two previous are strong to the pointed element.

  29. I want to be the master of evil who are trying to rule the world!
    In the game you could choose an initial element and each element had its history.
    This is only a suggestion.

  30. hey sam or dan,2 questions:

    1- When do you plan on releasing the game?

    2- If i'd want to create a flash game, how would i do that?

    Thanks and keep up the good work, it'll pay off someday!!

  31. I forgot to say in my post that every element was like to choose a version in pokemon, like, has the red and blue version.
    At HTD would release the element:
    fire - red or fire red
    water - water blue or blue
    nature - nature green or green
    light - white, yellow, white or light yellow light
    shadow - black, purple, or black shadow shadow purple
    That was just a suggestion.
    Keep up the good work.

  32. In the next post I send a story of the game I create.
    To help you with a historian game.
    I'm going to perfect.
    I hope you enjoy.

  33. what about having like a best friend who turns evil at the end? modern warfare 4 the win!!!!!!!!!!1

  34. I think that the story should have some past stories. However, dont make this too complicated like maybe you could be searching for your master, but you dont remember how you got separated, etc.

    I think there should be a lot of bosses. And unlike PTD, these bosses arent normal enemies with blue heakth, there AWESOMEv(best word i came up with). Like a cyclops, a ninja, etc.

    Finally for the story: At the beginning of the game, if you beat a level a certain way, different things happen. That way, there could be like 5 different story lines, each with different endings. The actual levels could be the same, but the pre/post level movies could be different.

  35. I have to suggestions:
    1. DOn't make the rival a evil person. Make an antagonist that has a real, understandable reason to be how he is. Characters that are evil, and that want evil to win against good are to childish.
    2. I would like that you guys create new races. Instead of going with tradicional orcs, elf, and so on. It would be great that you think of new and original races.

    keep up the good work.

  36. One more suggestion,
    would be better if the ball of light element to swap places with the element's shadow.
    To give an air of dark shadow on the element.
    Just a suggestion.

  37. how about making the bad guy seeking some sort of ultimate power/artefact that could change his past but end up destroying the whole world.
    what do you think about that?

  38. when will that come? 8|

  39. heres a suggestion how about the main character could have any race i.e. elf,dwarf,orc,human etc. maybe ther could be a subtitle to what the character is ( example ''fire elf'', ''shadow dwarf'' etc.

  40. @ chillie - I'm strongly supporting the idea of new and unique races. While I think the elf and orc staples should be there at least at some point, I don't want to rely on that tried-and-true triad. I think new races is what will be remembered, not our takes on the ones that every other game already has.

  41. Here's my story idea:
    You set out on a quest with no connection to the main story. Maybe it's to slay a monster or whatever. On your way there you meet a weird organization that attacks you, but you beat them and carry on with your journey. You eventually get involved in a full out war with the organization, who wants to find & use this ancient artifact that could destroy the world. After a long battle you lose, and they use the artifact unleashing near-unbeatable monsters. More goes on and eventually you face the leader of the organisation, win, and stop the artifact from creating more monsters. The End.

    I know this is a lot, and I don't really want to influence the story a lot with this idea, but I've seen this in games and like it.

    ~aardvark king

  42. I like the above comment about the antagonist having a good reason for doing what they are doing, such as trying to save a life of a family member at the cost of other peoples lives, or a false belief that violence is the only way to bring unity to the kingdoms, maybe ur trying to start a revolution against ur own kingdom which oppresses their people, or maybe they just guard a treasure that all adventurers are after maybe even make it a story about seeking the thrill of adventurimg and conflicts cud just be part of getting to the ultimate tresure such as helping a party members village

  43. Can't wait to get this game onto my website it's going to be so awesome :) Keep up the good work (With this game and PokemonTD)

  44. Okay this will seem rude, but seriously, everyone with the whole history this and that stuff, most of the things i am reading are so incorrect it isn't even funny.

    first of all, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci created a car, but he wasn't the first one to do so! He also created flying machines, again, was not the first to attempt this!

    Whilst having correct history is somewhat important in games, it is not 100% needed, a story should be based on the writers ideals, not what is fact and fiction.

    if you must know, in medieval times, most combat on the field didn't last hours upon hours like some movies that claim has "history based" action scenes let on to believe, also, most deaths were not from open wounds, most were caused by copper poisoning (They used copper tipped arrows) and blunt force trauma.

    The only thing i could think of, that is correct that would be needed is the correct spelling, and names of armor(Armour) and Weapons(Arms)

    and for those who think "well what about magic? it didn't exist!" actually, alchemy was considered Black Arts (Magic) back in those days.

    stop with the failed attempts at history lessons, and let them design the game how they think it should be designed, suggestions are fine.

    Do not demand things of them however, especially when most of you haven't got a clue on history, nor the programming skills to back up what you are talking about, most of which would take a lot of energy and even more trial/error.

  45. The map could be a growing expansion, based on where you have traveled. Each element would start on a different area, and as you pass levels, more "paths" open up, so you can choose where you want to explore. Also, because it seems you will be visiting the same places more than once as you learn more, the areas could have like a selection list, or open up like in PTD, so that you could choose to review a level or go on with your story.
    Some games that I've played have directed you where you have to go, and I'm okay with that, bu I think that if you can decide where you are going to explore, more people would be attracted to it.
    I realise that this might make it harder, but if there was a way so that, as you start a level, it does like a recap of what you've done, or what you're looking for, that would make it easier for people that haven't played in a few days to remember what they're fruit to do. Or, if the map could have a "goals" or "objectives" tab, with both necessary and optional goals on it, then the goals you complete could also open areas.
    Email me at tobias_fr3ak@yahoo.com if you need some clarification.

  46. @Sam: Hey man I'll keep this short. I don't have any suggestions for specific story lines, but I think it would be cool if the world it took place in was made of different layers for each of the elements. Certain places these 'layers' would intersect, like having all intersect in a capital city or hub world. Naturally anyone could travel in each layer, but those attuned to it would feel more natural and alive there and vice versa.

    Anyways it sounded cool in my head. Later Sam.

  47. monty python and the holy grail. nuff said.

  48. I love the uber, evil, insane guy who's trying to take over the world

  49. @silent ji
    Or if there was a way that each element group had a different one of those situation, and you would only learn what was going on with other groups by traveling troubadours or something. That way, each group could somewhat affect the other groups, but it wouldn't be the exact same storyline for all the element characters. It would help make it more interesting.
    By the way, love your work!! Can't wait for HTD!

  50. This is Aardvark King again. I'm going to change up my idea a little. Your village is being attacked by (insert monster here). You go on a quest to defeat it and along the way you encounter a group that is against using elements to fight. There will be a whole backstory on why they are like this. Then, after the fight you continue the quest, slay the monster, and go home. You find it destroyed. The 'anti-elementals' had decided to destroy the capitals of each elemental region, and your town got in the way. You then join the military, and they send you out to warn the other elemental regions, starting with whichever region has the type advantage. (That part might be hard to program, so if you can't do the type advantage levels then oh well...). You get them to join you against the anti-elementals. Then, as my past idea said, they find this artifact that they use to send out monsters to destroy the world. You climb a dark tower or something and face their leader, and you learn of whatever their backstory is and their reason for being evil. You win, world saved, yadda yadda. Ps. I had temporarily forgotten my password so I had to do anon before.

  51. add on to thing with different character stories again, sorry, i meant five characters and five orbs not six

  52. Yay! I am so happy that someone else knows about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The first (Blue) was excellent at building character. I remember my pathetic self crying as I lost my level 60-some Charmander to save the world. Then everything worked out just fine.

    I still feel pathetic that I cried then, heh. But you could take a leaf out of their book, maybe create an ending that had a lot of strong wills and maybe something like by the time you are there, it's too late and darkness has engulfed the world, so you have to save Heaven and Hell from the corruption. LOL Run-On.


  53. @NyanDog the first pokemon mystery doungeon was red but the only difference from was that it was for the gameboy advanced

  54. Actually, it was Blue/Red. They came out at the same time, for different gaming devices. Both were excellent.


  55. I think that storywise you should do something simple like that you live in "tiny village" and it gets attacked by bandits and you will have to protect it. The bandits will then kidnap your childhood friend and you must rescue her. After the battle when you're about to hunt down the bandits an old man stops you and tell you that he is a master of your class and will teach you magics/techniques and such so that you can save your friend. You go and save him/her and then he/she will join youu and travel to "great city" in order to find out why she was kidnappded. Then the story goes on.


  56. I would really enjoy some choice in this game, like a morality system that affected how things played out, maybe what characters join you, how a town treats you, etc. Also I think it would be cool if you could get monsters/pets as other towers, or have like a summoner class, so that its not always the vanilla human heroes fighting the waves of enemies.

  57. @sam/dan

    I have an idea on how to combine rpg and td. You can have an open map and the character can free roam but there groups of monsters on the map(not many though) and every time you walk into a group of monsters it starts a battle - mabye the monster could try and steal some special jewel you're carrying that's important to the storyline. You could make it that you have to go to certain places to continue the storyline and unlike PTD you can't replay story levels. If you want to train you can just walk into random groups of monsters on the map. This means that sometimes you might have to battle between story levels. Also after you finish the story mode, dungeons could appear on the map for you to explore.

    I got most of these ideas from the game dragon quest IX. But in that game the battles are turn based fights. You could make the fights tower defense battles instead.

    ??? (???? in PTD trading center)

  58. I've been with loads of work so not much into writting so I'll resume lol

    I'd go either for a world saving stuff, from the manaces that come, some bosses that wan't to dominate bla bla bla wich would feet nicelly the invations ideas I gave some weeks ago (that could include the seasonal stuff)

    OR and hybrid that when the times were of peace (from the greater menaces) we'd conquer the "lower power" lands and claim it as ours muahaha

    Don't think I'll get a reply from the bosses cause its alredy sunday of this post but...

    ps for kev: I can see why the light ball is at the back I'd do the same =P Light is always a pain to make it look as good as fire for instance. It looks awesome (the logo I mean) =D won't say anything (woops too late) about the diference of styles in the "Hero tower defence TD" or the overkillness of tower defence TD =P

    keep up the good work and let us play! =P

  59. Truthfully I put light in the back since I felt it was the worst designed of the five icons/symbols. :x

    In more recent renditions I already have the elemental circle not so skewed, so light isn't QUITE so hidden. I also swapped nature and water so that the cycle actually flows correctly (which just happened accidentally initially).

    I won't promise a new logo WIP this coming week, as while I have been throwing around ideas actively, I haven't come up with anything concrete enough to show. As I keep telling people on my own blog, the logo will probably change pretty rapidly up until launch.

  60. Sorry for the late replies, I've been busy. Time for some reply spam! :)

    @Sly Mamaui 11:14 PM - I'm not Tyler Durden.. or am I..

    @Crazymerio - We'll certainly try. As far as Ninja-Ja, I'm working on it. I've just been very busy with stuff and there's a lot that needs changing. I'm getting there though and learning a lot. It'll be much easier once I get this set up finished and undaptes will be much more frequent then. Sorry for the delay! :)

    @Sly Kamaui 11:17 PM - Right, I mean the story won't be like 100% original or something because that's kind of impossible but I want to keep the cliches to a minimum is all.

    Random encounters eh? I did want something like this so people could level up their characters if thye are having trouble with a certain map or trying to farm for special items or something. How it'll work I can't relaly say because we haven't gotten that far yet, but idea has certianly been considered.

    @SilentJi 11:39 PM - I'd like to have a mix really, it's fun dabbling in all areas.

    @Karnos - Possibly, I agree it's more fun but it also takes much longer to implement since the story and dialog start branching.

    @Chris Tan - Good to know. The thing I don't get about the questionaire idea is that it only really caters to someone who really doesn't care what element they end up being or they like to be surprised by it. The moment someone wants to pick a specific element though it becomes a big hassle for them and they'll most likely just go online to figure out what answers to give in order to get the element they want. So if that's the case then you might as well just let them pick it or give a random option and save some time. We'll see though, it's still up in the air.

    @Jer Bear - While true we prett ymuch just have to weigh our options or come up with different ideas, which is why I'm asking you guys for some hah

    @Anonymous Programmer - Haha, we don't really want to push our luck with copyrights and stuff with this game, PTD already does that. :P

    @?e?? s?? - Good eye, I was wondering if anyone would notice the light sphere back there lol. I was thinking the revolving spheres could be cool for like a loading screen of some sort, we'll probably use them in a lot of areas actually.

    Any ideas are helpful in one way or another :)

    @Anon 6:11 AM - Dr. Evil?

    @Night's End 9:04 AM - Interesting, definitely some good ideas and points there. You're definitely looking at it the right way with tying various aspects of the game together in order to determine where you start. However one problem is it's more upfront work to have various starting points.

    We were thinking of having you start at the point where the different choices would have already converged regardless of what you picked, since you know, the entire story wouldn't be different for each element. At a different point in the game though might have to go back to where you grew up or something and that could be where these "starting points" would be essentially.

    Good ideas though, thanks!

    @Night's End 9:10 AM - I've actually seen this done a few times in various forms. Certainly not off the table but looking for more something a bit different.

    @Anon 10:37 AM - Don't be sorry, it's good to know! However, if you could offer some suggestions on how to make it more to your liking we'd definitely appreciate it.

    @Kevin KV - I'm not sure what you mean by "hold this game up"

    @CrazyItalianDetective - Welcome back then :P Good thought, if we need to show something like that then that's probably how we'd do it.

    @Magnus - Thanks! We told ourselves when we started that we didn't want to rush things so that's why we can't give an ETA really. Otherwise we'd rush stuff in order to make that deadline instead of making things solid.

  61. @MICHAEL - How do you mean exactly?

    @Anon 12:33 PM - Release the kraken!

    @name - You'll find electricity type skills in the Nature element tree :)

    @jespoke - Haven't thought it about that way, interesting. It reminds me a little of Naruto actually heh

    @KimmyLube - Haha, it's funny because none of us have really played any Fire Emblem games. That's okay though, there seems to be a lot of fans of FE here so they'll be happy it seems. :)

    @Sparx - Someone else had mentioned something similar to that as well. It's not a bad idea but something to keep in mind is the amount of additional content that has to be developed by having lots of variations. Even if it's just story-wise.

    @Anon 3:11 - 3:16 PM - Some interesting ideas there, hadn't thought about doing a separate story with each element and then combining them at the end like that. The only problem is we would need all the elements to work together from the start rather than be like all fire for one story, all water for another etc.. at least that's how I'm understanding what you explained. But the other aspects of your post are certaintly something worth considering.

    Thanks for the comment on the logo! We're still trying some different ideas with it so that's why it's a WIP :)

    @Unknown - Good thought, I agree with the avoiding race vs race wars and instead having them more localized rather than universal.

    Hmm, interesting idea. Someone else mentioned a similar concept but it was you playing the hero for each element and then having them alle ventually meet up.

    The idea of two opposing factions uniting in order to conquer a common enemy is kind of overdone nowadays, imo so might try a different route. I do like having the possibilty of having an event happening out of no where though.

    Very good ideas and eye on the orbs and sword. I'll be sure to let Kevin know and see what we can do. Thanks!

    @Giovanni O. F - Good call, I agree with that completely.

    @vinicius 5:03 PM - Lol, I see, the main issue with going two completely different routes is that we essentially have to create two completely different stories and then keep that going for multiplayer. I agree with the idea but have to consider the additional work load. We'll have to see though.

    There might be something similar with the elements and each having a different history like you've mentioned.

    @Anon 5:13 PM - No ETA for the release of the game right now because we are taking our time and don't want to rush things out just so we can meet a deadline.

    If you want to create a flash game by yourself you'll need to learn to program in actionscript (AS3 is the latest and best version), create/find graphics or have someone do them for you, create/find sounds and music, and of course design the game concepts, mechanics, features, and story. If you don't know how to do any of that then you should probably do some reading on those various areas and articles about game development.

    @vinicius 5:16 PM - Having multiple versions of the game wouldn't really benefit anyone, it's better to keep everything together so everyone has access to everything. Having people have to buy the game 5 times just so they had access to all 5 elements seems quite unfair.

    @vinicius 5:21 PM - I look forward to it! :)

    @ansul - There may be something along those lines, I always liked the old/best friend character that may have his own intentions.

    @turtleshell27 - There will probably be past story of some sort, at least for some characters. I agree it shouldn't be too complex but it's rather difficult to make a cool story without it at least having some twists and such.

    I agree with the bosses, my hope is that they are plentyful, fun, challenging, and memorable.

    Hmm, so just the first level determines your path? Interesting. Good idea for using the same levels but having the story be different for them.

  62. chillie - I agree, a character being evil just to be evil is kind of lame. Needs to be more to him.

    We'll probably have a mix of both typical and new, thay way everyone gets something.


    @vinicius 7:41 PM - Not sure I understand what you mean with the light and shadow element swap.

    @Anon 8:17 PM - Intersting, but why does he want to change his past?

    @Anon 8:22 PM - When will what come?

    @Anon 8:30 PM - Why would you need the race in the title when you can see the character? Or did I misunderstand what you meant?

    @aardvark king - Haha, I've played a few games that are like that as well. They are fun and intersting so it's not a bad suggestion and that fact you say you like that sort of thing is helpful. Can't say we'd follow that fomrula exactly but we might have some similarities.

    @SilentJi 10:21 PM - I agree as well, I like some of your suggestions too. Keep it coming!

    @Tower Defense - Thanks! :)

    @Jesse - An open world would be great but as you mentioned it's a bit tricker and harder to pull off. What might end up happening is single player will be linear but once you beat it and play multiplayer it'll open up. Some RPGS do this actually.

    Having a journal of some sort for goals and objectives will be there because we'll ahe side quests and whatnot as well.

    @Guitardood - Maybe we'll have a bridge you have to cross but the keeper requires you to answer some questions first...

    @Jesse - Certianly an interesting idea, and thanks!

    @Aaardvark King - Hadn't thought of the idea of having anti-elemental people, that could be pretty cool. I can definitely see that being some kind of theme for some characters/groups you end up fighting against. Cool idea!

    @NyanDog - Hah, the only problem is that sounds very end game and we need to keep things open for multiplayer and such.

    @J.K - Simple stories can certianly be fun. We're not looking to do Inception or something here but we do like twists and such. Plus we can have a bunch of very simple stories for things like side quests and such.

    @Anon 6:58 PM - More and more people seem to prefer that choice method, it just requires additional work is all. We'll have to see.

    There will be pets and such, probably summoning skills as well.

    @??? - Good idea, I had similar idea at one point but there are some technical limitations that are possible with such a design. We ere thinking more like zones that you kind or proceed through but we'll see. The world will probably open a bit more for multiplayer.

    @Gon - I see, so good and/or evil paths. Seems like a bunch of people would like that sort of flexibility, we just might have to try something like that. The more otpions there are though the more time it'll take to make but we'll see how it goes.

    Thanks, haha when there's something to play you'll find it here first, I promise! :P

  63. i really like the idea of the evil guy who wants everyone to bow beore him. I got a few suggestions: 1. if you do evil mastermind you go after him once he raids your village and kills your family 2.give the final boss two forms (it was so awesome in ocarina of time where you think youve killed ganandorf and then he turns into a huge demon) 3.add an underwater race of fish people 4.for apet i want a narwhal so can you pliz put one in 5.treasure maps with dungeons you couldn,t otherwise find(like in DQ IX)
    Pliz consider these guys


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