Pokemon Tower Defense: v4.3 is out now!

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Hey guys, Sam here, v4.3 is now out! Here is a summary of what is new and changed.

What's new in v4.3

New Story Level - Team Rocket Hideout - Meet a certain video game creator that will train you for your next battles. On this level even if all the candy is taken you will still win. Later on I will add achievements for actually beating the level correctly.
New battle song from The Kira Justice - http://youtube.com/thekirajustice2
Level Cap up to 52 - New moves are introduced into the game because of this level cap increase.
New Mystery Gift Pokemon -Venonat and it's evolution Venomoth!
New Adoption Pokemon -Venonat is now available for adoption!
4 new moves added to the game.
New Pokemon Evolutions (1) - Venomoth.
Added Keyboard Controls for scrolling the map - Arrow keys or WASD.
Potion upgrade - When you beat the latest level.
New TMs
  • Hyper Beam
  • Pokemon that level up will regain all their health.
  • Added steamroller for Golem.
  • Added Swagger to Hypno and Drowzee at level 45- Thanks Tyd from the blog comment!
  • Geodude now properly learns Stone Edge at level 50
  • Made Tri attack faster so it shows all the components and lower the amount of particles in the attack so it will hit faster.
  • Using the attack Double Hit will no longer freeze the game.
  • Pikachu can now learn and relearn Thunder at level 50.
  •  Game Corner now takes 5 coins to play, you only get 50 turns, but you win x10 more coins on each prize (80, 150, 1000, 3000) - This change was made to alleviate the server from too many request. Since you only get 50 turns instead of 100.
Where can I play?
On monday I will post the top 10 forum questions of the week along with the new weekly progress list. Next week we are going back to the Pokemon Tower! Gastly and Cubone!

That's all I have for now as always, let me know what you think!


  1. hi sam it's me ansul just wondering if we get the poke flute soon? and what about day and night shifts?

  2. Also here is my strategy for people in case they want it. I ended up losing 2 rare candies and using 3 potions.

    Venasaur 1st slot, Giga Drain
    Charizard 2nd slot, Flamethrower
    Blastoise 3rd slot, Flash Cannon / Aquatail
    Alakazam 4th slot, Reflect
    Gyrados 1st slot right side, Dragon Dance / Hyperbeam
    Starmie last slot: Flash Cannon, Psychic, Thunderbolt.

    I lost 2 rare candies to the Clefables and Dragonair killed most of my Pokemon even with the potions, but as it was crossing the bottom a Thunderbolt from my Starmie took it out before it got a candy!

  3. 3rd and Sam I love everthing about the update and when will Ghastly be avialable.

    And will the ghost marowak be catchable?

  4. Nice spoiler, Xtreme. I haven't even beat Celadon Gym yet, and likely never will (due to this POS mouse!)...

    Also, why are all the Challenge Levels available for me when I never beat the first one?

  5. Hey Sam, I have something you might want to look into. There seems to be a bug in the Team Rocket Hideout level. If you place a Pokemon on the bottom right corner spot, and then take it off of that spot, you won't be able to place Pokemon on that spot. ~Jonathan K.

  6. starmie achievement is still showing everytime we beat a starmie on this new lvl

  7. Thanks for the update i loved it beat the level pretty easy and had fun doing it keep up the good work.

  8. Will we be able to obtain shiny Venonats in game (other than through SnD) coins sometime in the near future? Or will we only be able to adpot them?

  9. I was disappointed that I chould not catch any new pokemon this week, but otherwise great job!

  10. Noticed that Wigglytuff or whatever does double slap and freezes onto my pokemon and i guess a beedrill can one hit my onix haha made me laugh

  11. thanks Xtreme for the strategy.

  12. cool already beat the new level without losing any rare candies or using any potions

    pokemon used-
    blastoise-aqua tail/rest
    venasaur-giga drain

  13. i only want to congratulate sam on the dialogs of this new level, really funny jaja

    great game

  14. Cubone 4EVA! God I'm so happy about this update!

  15. Hello Sam.
    Do you know when Dan will have the next version of ninja-ja ready?

  16. Once again great update Sam! The plot scene had humor, the training level had some strategy, the new level itsself was pretty interesting, and it was a fun update overall. Keep up the great work!

    Once I figured out the new level, I did eventually beat it losing no candies and only using 3 potions. My lineup was:
    Gyarados: dragon dance, aqua tail, rest
    Charizard: flame blast
    Victreebel: leaf storm, giga drain
    Vaporeon: aurora beam, aqua ring
    Two Mr. Mimes: One light screen, one reflect, and both barrier and substitute

    Very fun and enjoyable, looking forward to the next update as usual! The Gastly line is one of my favorites, can't wait!

  17. Hey Sam,

    I like the new level, and the surprise characters were lots of fun. I also liked the references to the Game Corner. :P

    One glitch: I played the newest level and lost, but still got the potion upgrade. Was that intentional?

  18. I like this new level! It's like a parade of killer shinies!

  19. Are You going to make rocket hideout easier?

  20. Man, that was a good one. I must say your Dragonairs made me sweat, though beat I it without losing one single candy x3
    Also, I think Venusaur is the best choice for this level, mine was level 50 and took most of the pokemon using Giga Drain

  21. my layout looked like this
    Venasaur (gigadrain)
    Ivysaur (gigadrain) Charizard (fireblast)
    Blastoise (aquatail) Alakazam (psychic)
    Electrode (charge beem)

    I didn't lose any candies and only my venasaur died towards the end.
    just gotta be smart with your potions.

  22. Hey Sam,
    Just an idea but I read this "Meet a certain video game creator that will train you for your next battles. On this level even if all the candy is taken you will still win. Later on I will add achievements for actually beating the level correctly."

    Maybe the achievement could be a shiny Venonat?

    Idk just a thought, looking forward to Gastly and Cubone!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Noticed a glitch:

    If you use shiny Golem with Steamroller, it will display regular golem using it. And it doesn't seem to affect multiple "targets", as worded in the description.

  24. its spelled gastly, not ghastly

  25. seventh! (maybe) and the new level is hard but thats only because I have really underleveled pokemon. Great update Sam I hope the weekly code is a shiny cubone!

  26. great update sam. can't wait for next week. i've been looking forward to getting gengar and marowak on my team for a while now.
    on a side note, the starmie's in the new level, when they're killed the achievement from defeating them in cerulean gym 1 comes up. is that supposed to happen?
    again great job, loving the new potion upgrade.

  27. Sam that is a great level to train i like the new npc ;)

  28. Loved the new level them dam clafable really did a number on me. The level intro was beyond awesome can't remember the last time i laughed that hard at something.

    one minor glitch, when i killed the starmies it came up with completing achievement screen

    oh and 7th?

  29. Just used rest on the new level, and it put all my pokemon to sleep instead of only the one using it

  30. Sorry that's dratini at level 55, my mistake lol
    But I was wondering if you plan on adding the pokemons abilities into the game? like how Golem won't be hurt by recoil damage and stuff like that

  31. Can I suggest removing the restore max HP on level up? I can already see "exploits" with it. New hard level, keep 6 pokemon from leveling up, they get near death, level up, back at full HP. Much better than a potion... Expecially for a new hard challenge... A lvl 54 vs a 55 isnt much of a difference, but having essentially 2 full bars of HP, not including potions, is a big deal.

  32. Sam, nice level, i like how it was difficult, and that you beat it even if you lose or win, the super potions really helped me get my shiny magnemite :D, also it helps you train your pokemon to 52, i dont have any at that yet but i couple 50's and 51's (garydose, flareon, jolteon ect...)and when are we getting a tangela because you have been showing it alot lately ? im guessing it will be next weeks mystery code pokemon, we should also get gastly, i would love to get a gengar! and you should also make the legendary pokemon the same catch rate as shiny(1-8012 or close to it)and add shiny lengendary as the lengendary pokemon are now. just spitting out idea's to make the game more fun, because in the actually game legendaries are easier to find then shinys, but shiny legendaries are really hard to find.

  33. Love the game. Pokemon is awesome!
    Wondering if Blastoise will learn move hydro pump
    In next version??

  34. got a question...... how will/do breeding moves work.i know I've heard them mentioned a couple of times. I'd like to know, mostly because i want my Charizard to have crunch.
    Keep doing what your doing... its making PTD awesome.

  35. Good job on the level. are you just going to continue concentrating on the playable game or will the trade system get upgraded anytime soon?

  36. Lost no rare candies:
    Venusaur with Giga Drain + Growth
    Vileplume and Victreebel with Giga Drain
    Alakazam with Psychic, Calm Mind and Recover
    Machamp with Cross Chop
    Mr Mime with Reflect and Light Screen

    Venusaur died within the first 10 waves, but after that it was smooth sailing. Just switch between light screen and reflect depending on the pokemon, use recover when alakazam loses life and use potions on Mr Mime. All of my pokemon made it to the last level where they all died except Machamp and Mr Mime. Didnt lose any candy though.

  37. SOOO loved the new lvl =P btw did you shave during the lvl? =P at the end you look like you lost your beard when we beat the training ;)

    loved all the references =P

    ps: nice meeting you ingame

  38. I think it would be very great if you find a way that the bufs will activate automaticly if they run out
    Mr President

  39. hey, first of all, LOVE the new level, AND the music, second, when you beat the starmies on wave 37, it saves the achievment for the "Star wars" thing. also, loved the guest appearance XD. keep up good work


  41. the only thing i have to say is that, for a while now i have started saving when i get to the main menu to quit. and then when i hit back to go to the menu with the profiles it saves again, is it possible to make the saving only let you save if u actualy changed the page/menu to something else or have it be unable to save for about 1 minute?

  42. Are there any plans to make Charge Beam a TM?

  43. I love the game. What was the move that celebi used in the gym to heal everyone. that would be nice to have on a "healer" pokemon. the potions seem pretty weak, and not everyone pokemon can learn self heal moves (unless they can all learn rest and then i am sounding ignorant right now). never the less, i like how a new training level has come out. as much as this is probably going against everything everyone else is saying, please don't change the level cap anytime soon. i never got everyone on my team up to 48 before it changed, and then not everyone to 50, and now im working towards 52. i like how new updates are going out often, its just hard to keep up. thanks for making the best game on the internet

  44. @anon 3:45PM - Yes when he shows up in the wild.

    @anon 4:37PM - He is still working on it.

    @kyle b - Glad you liked it!

    @frank - yes

    @anon 4:49PM - yup!

    @firered man - nope, since you will beat the level even if you "lose"

    @victor - Will check it out. Added to bug list.

    @anon 5:36PM - fixed.

    @Stephen5566y - I don't think it will be shiny cubone, nice try though!

    @anon 6:01PM - Glad you liked it!

    @anon 6:28PM - Thanks!

    @mikey - Glad you liked it :) will fix that next version.

    @icorndogl - Will look into that.

    @anon 7:10PM - Abilities will be coming soon, not sure when I have some things I need to do before.

    @H3ll - I don't mind the "exploits" seems like a good strategy ;)

    @Jesse - Glad you liked it, will keep your suggestions in mind.

    @anon 7:58PM - What level does he learn it?

    @Terry - I will see what I can do, and thanks :)

    @TJ - Both, this week I hope to give the trading center a lot of love.

    @Gon - :D somebody made those sprites a while back :)

    @Mr President - Fix the economy, ;) yea I've been thinking about that.

    @anon 9:28PM - Will fix, glad you liked the music :)

    @anon 9:31PM - LOL GOOD JOBZ JAJAJ :)

    @RDT - Good point.

    @anon 10:29PM - Yes, soon.

  45. Hey Sam
    I thought I'd let you know that PTD is only v. 4.2 on playtowerdefensegames.com.
    Other than that, great game. The new level is interesting. =)

    The new level was basically easy, up until the eeveelutions. I used an eeveelution of my own (Vaporeon) and the level was kinda easy, up until the eeveelutions. Then all the candies got taken (but I still won =P).


    Great game! Keep it up!

  46. SAM! Great patch. The funnest level yet.
    Keep up the great work.

    I noticed a little bug while playing you might wanna look into. It seems my blastoise doesn't do "iron defense" after he's already been affected by Mr.Mime "barrier --> Baton pass" combo. I have to reposition him on the map for him to do the move

  47. That. Level. Was. Awesome! Didn't actually think that I'd see you in game anytime soon! And that 4th wall breaking scamp Joey was at his best today!

    Cannot wait for Ghastly and Cubone! But wait, we never picked up any Silph Scopes at the end of the hideout. How will we be able to find Ghastly? Oh well, I'm sure you'll throw in some Deux Ex Machina plot twist to give them to us (hey if abridgers can do it, why can't you?).

    One thing is bugging me a bit, and that would be the level ups *prepares anti-flame shield* Yes, level ups are great, and three weeks of them in a row puts us that much closer to Dragonite, but here's the problem: I can't sit playing PTD 24/7 to keep my team up to speed. I'd love to, but I, like many others out there, yourself included, have things to do like schoolwork and jobs. So that's why I'm bringing up the idea of the day care center. Every mainstream Pokemon game has had one (some spinoffs too like Colosseum). Why not PTD?

    Here's the general idea: You would go to the pokemon center and drop off one or two pokemon (sorry no eggs) you want the day care woman/couple to raise. Each minute the pokemon is in day care, they gain a set number of experience points, whether you are online or off. They will also automatically level up (that's the hardest part to program besides keeping track of whose pokemon is whose) when they gain enough to do so. When you pick them up, you pay a certain amount of poke dollars based on how long you left your pokemon there. What do you think?

    We'll finally be getting our first (and only) ghost-type pokemon soon! Watch out Mewthree, as we, the PTD community, will be sending an army of Gengar on your sorry hide soon enough!

  48. "We'll finally be getting our first (and only) ghost-type pokemon soon! Watch out Mewthree, as we, the PTD community, will be sending an army of Gengar on your sorry hide soon enough!"

    LOL, don't forget, the only Ghost types of Gen 1 are also Poison types which are weak to Psychics XD

  49. @sam

    You have too many shinies(47 waves worth)! Share some with your fans.

    ??? (???? in trading center)

  50. Hey SAM

    I thought we're gonna take some SILPH SCOPES from the ROCKET HIDEOUT??? anyways, I want to suggest about the STORY MODE, why don't you try to make a level/scene which is in NIGHTTIME? It would be cool especially when you do that in SAFFRON CITY. .. . what do you think SAM??

    Think about it SAM. . tnx

  51. @ anon 1:00: Very true. Still though, Gengar is the best non-legendary to use. All of the other bug types have terrible speed compared to Gengar. Other pokemon can learn dark/bug/ghost type moves but will not get SATB bonuses, which can make or break a trainer in a battle. Now if only we had dark type pokemon like a Super Luck Honchkrow or a Moxie Mightyena (helpful if there's any backup)...

  52. Hello Sam

    Love the game :)
    I have one bug on Celdon Gym Challange level.

    To the right of charmeleon it is two spots.
    one where you place an grass pokemon and one where you can place whatever you want.

    I placed my Charizard between these spots and my Charizard was standing on the grass spot.
    (Charizard is not grass type)

    Thanks for the update I love it.

  53. Sam

    When you answer questions in the comments, can you please provide a little context for your answers? It isn't very helpful to see 20 different monosyllablistic answers to questions that are half way up the comment thread.

  54. @sam

    I think anon@2:15am's IDEA is cool, why don't you try to do it, it'd be awesome. btw GREAT GAME SAM.

  55. great work!

    still waiting for the fast forward button

  56. @Anon 1:30am

    Exactly my thoughts, looks like he's just showing off!

  57. Can you make it easier to move pokemon between profiles?

  58. beat it with no poke losses or candy losses.
    used a victrebell with stockpile and giga drain, fireblast charizard, hydropump blastoise, solarbeam venasaur, charge beam electrode, and buldoze and stealth rock golem.

  59. Hey Sam,

    Is it just me, or does the Stone Edge animation look exactly like Rock Blast? Judging by the move's description, I figured that it would look different and might be a bug. Love the game, btw. Sundays are always an exciting day for me, doubly so now that football is on, too.

  60. hey sam,

    are you able to make it so you can use the wasd and up down left right keys while holding a pokemon or pokeball? idk if thats too hard to do but thought i'd ask!

    also, wondering if you could add an 'attack strongest' as an option, as the strongest gives you more exp, i'd rather hit an arcanine than a poliwag but the strongest are usually the fastest so i dont hit them =\

    thanks for the game as always!
    great update!

  61. Sam, one day i will be first;D

  62. Hey sam Great game as usual.

    Update is difficult but hopefully I'll get past it before the next update comes out.

    In other news for me, I'm finally up to 25000 coins. Just 75k more and I'll have my shini Dratini :D

  63. great update Sam

    I guess the move Aqua ring should passed by Baton pass.
    At the moment Baton pass is very useless

  64. Hi Could some one help me get or find the HM move Flash I can't get it anywhere?


  65. just passed rocket hideout.... it took me a while to get what i was supposed to do but finally passed it....

    @sam love your game keep up the good work!!

  66. Could we possibly attack in this new level? Also shouldn't we be able to use potions on levels where we attack i'm on route 24 and its not letting me.

    -Entei bound

  67. there's a funny thing you can do with baton pass in the new level. use metronom with mr. mime until you get a def or spec-def buff. then button pass it to the whole group. if you're lucky, you will have a full buffed team at the end of the level. ;D
    I use eevee as a second baton passer, to reapply the buffs constantly. the only problem is, you have to do all this after the golbat wave, because they remove all buffs from the group. :/

    so the move is not totally useless. haha.

  68. unbreakableunion, go to route 2 with a pokemon that knows the move cut and place near of a tree and at the end of the level you will gain it

  69. Sam,

    I have a question that's been bugging me for a while now, as I'm sure it has for others, but do buffs and debuffs stack? For instance, if I have a pokémon using Leer on oncoming pokémon, and another using Screech, do the effects combine to lower the target's defense by x2 or would it just be the higher of the two? Same thing with buffs, if I have a pokémon using Helping Hand, and another using Growth, will the one using Growth get twice the effect?

    @unbreakableunion: To get HM Flash, you need to teach one of your pokémon the HM Cut (which you get after beating Diglett's Cave), then bring that pokémon to Route 2, and place it under the small tree (in the first upper corner of the path), and using Cut, your pokémon will cut down the tree. Once the level is over, DO NOT SKIP the dialog at the end, and Prof. Oak will come out and give you HM Flash.

    Hope this helps.

  70. The Hero of Tower DefenseOctober 3, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    Sam, you should spend more time on HTD. PTD isnt that good... no offense. Just my opinion. Cant you devote 3 days to HTD and 4 to PTD? And all you ptd fans dont start yellin at me cuz i got different tastes.

  71. Sam, i come to you with a request for whomever makes the PTD wiki. you should make it the "samanddanwiki". That would make more sense. It could cover sam, dan, kevin, htd, ninja-ja, and ptd.

  72. I have defeated teh new levels! (No pots)

    Moves used:
    Everyone but Alakazam: Rest
    Alakazam: Reflect, Psychic
    Starmie: Light Screen, Psychic, Blizzard
    Venusaur: Giga Drain
    Machamp: Cross Chop
    Raichu: Discharge
    Charizard: Fire Blast

    But the trick that makes Rest work shall not be revealed! Meh!

    -Haxing Cat

  73. @ unbreakableunion
    use cut with a pokemon and go to route 2. Pace the cut Pokemon at the spot with the little bush and finish the Waves. After it dont skip the outro. Oak appears and hands u HM Flash.

    29 of 300

  74. hay sam do you know how to evolve hunter
    into genger


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