Pokemon Tower Defense: v4.7 is out! PTD Fan Film part 2, Web Series, Weekly progress!

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What's new in v4.7

Pokemon Fan Film Part 2 - Short by Joel Otero (My brother :D ) - Check out part 2 of the PTD Fan Film!

New Story Level - Poke Tower 2 - What awaits us at the next level of the tower!?
New Pokemon to capture - It's a surprise!
Level cap up to 62 - Why not!
New Special Halloween Avatars to collect - Thanks Kimmy Lube and Zyon!
  • Follow the Mystery Hunt to get the Gastly Avatar!
  • Play the Daily Code to win one of the 5 Halloween Avatars!
  • Buy the Duskull Costume with your Casino Coins in the Game Corner!
  • Buy any of the Halloween Avatar in the Avatar Store in the Pokemon Center for SnD Coins!
Implementing Accuracy and Evasion properly - Meaning attacks that lower or raise accuracy/evasion will affect the chances of hitting the target. This will work with your attacks and the enemy's.
Add a new effect similar to Black and White when an ability is triggered
Adding more abilities for other pokemo
  • Keen Eye - For Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Spearow, Fearow, Farfetch'd
    • Prevents other pokemon from lowering the accuracy of this pokemon. 
Changing the way saving works to prevent pokemon from being lost due to server errors - This will also make your saving take less time since it only saves what is necessary.
Fixed a duplication exploit - There was a hole in security that allowed people to duplicate their pokemon.
Added security to the Pokemon Center - It is now okay to share your url with other players.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the lowering of special attack debuff from working
The Lower (Special) Attack Debuff will now last 1800
Attacks that lower the target's (special) attack will no longer make them drop the candy. Only attacks that lower accuracy will make them drop the candy. This results in a shorter cooldown for these attack

Where can I play?
That was a long week! I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I got most of it done :) My brother finally finished the second part of the PTD Fan Film check it out and let him know what you think. Speaking of my brother, him and I are co-writing a new web series that is a mockumentary (Think The Office) about two brothers who want to work in the entertainment industry. Him  making movies and me making video games. I'll be co-writing and doing some voice work for my character and he will be doing everything else. You can expect the pilot episode sometime in December. For Hero Tower Defense we want to release the first version of the game by January, so look forward to it. I still plan to make a HTD tab and a Labs tab in the near future to talk about any ideas that we have here at Sam & Dan Games. Now for the weekly questions from the forums.

Weekly Questions from the Forums!

1. Mitha: How important is balancing to you? Since most of the stats and moves are given by the original, you don't have much leeway, but you can balance a bit by how the animations work etc. Or don't you care at all about this?
Sam:I do care a lot about balancing the game, once the game is done I will go back and try to fix any imbalances but for now I fix as I go.

2. Robert Conley: Would you ever consider coding the Pokemon Center's trading system using javascript(link showing as javascript:void when moused over) so that we don't have to wait for a page load (instead possibly having a pop up that says the pokemon was removed, put up, or received) to deposit, remove, or receive Pokemon and then returning to the trade page?
Sam: I don't have a lot of experience in javascript but as time goes on I will try to make the Pokemon Center more intuitive.

3. Crazymerio: Will you eventually revamp some of the levels and features so that a new player can better understand the game/give the game more continuity. The best example I can think of is the adding of the main character not appearing in the very beginning of the game. It is very strange for the main character to go from you(outside of the computer) to an avatar in the game.

Sam:Yes! I do plan to do things like this little by little. The level rebalance is for this very thing. Even though I didn't get to finish it this week.

4. Mudkipz: Are we going to see more "cameo"-esk characters?
For example Maruto - The majority of people know who this is supposed to be, and i like the idea of them. If so will se be seeing any of them soon?

Sam: Yes! I will try to fit more in here and there :)

5. Trainer Red: What do you have to say to all the people trying to hack PTD at the moment?

Sam: Stop! Please :)

6. NinjaGod: Do you plan for avatar chat to become the main chat for PTD? (do you expect it to replace the IRC channels when it is done)?

Sam: No, I don't want it to replace the IRC chats.

7. Djm1997: What do you plan to make fly do since we can go everywhere instantly? Will it give us special levels or what?

Sam: I'm still thinking about what it can do exactly.

8. Xehanorto: Do you plan to nerf certain abilities that can't work for a Tower Defense game?
Sam: I usually remove moves that doesn't fit or try to change them. An example of this was Sand Attack not lowering accuracy since the enemy couldn't attack you before, but now that they can I added accuracy and Sand Attack behaves like it does in the game. So some of the missing moves will show up later on possibly.

9. ZKS: Do you plan on changing how Helping Hand works? Right now, it's extremely overpowered and makes all other stat boosting moves (Quiver Dance, Baton Pass, Dragon Dance, etc) worthless. And, do you plan on making BP able to pass a Sub or Water Ring like the games do?
Sam:Helping Hand is overpowered at the moment, to really make things interesting I would have to make buffs/debuffs stack 6 times. I do want to make Baton Pass more useful in the future.

10. Slash: Have you considered making special sprites/versions of certain Pokemon? ex. Ash's Squirtle (Wearing the Squirtle Squad glasses) or Gary's Giant Krabby?
Sam: Yes I have considered it but I never get the time to add them in.

If you want your question to show up on next week's blog go to our forum now (look at the fan links tab up top) and submit your question.

So we have a lot of left over things to do from last week so let's start there.

I won't be able to work a lot today (Saturday) and tomorrow so I will be postponing what is left for next week and releasing in about 2 hours (1:28PM Est), thanks for playing :)

Adding more features to the chat to prevent spamming (100%)
  • Added names being in a blue color to prevent users from impersonating other people (100%)
  • Satoshi users will now have name Satoshi1, Satoshi2... etc (100%)
  • It is now possible to ignore somebody by typing in /ignore nickname (Replace nickname with the users nickname) (100%) - They will be ignored while you are in the chat room, leaving the chat room will reset the ignore.
Adding a new layout to the trading center (Postponed ): ) - Thanks Nssvelocity!
Going back and making the game less grindy for new players (Postponed ): ) -  The newest level will always be top end and require a high level team.
Allow players to change their email and/or password in the pokemon center (Postponed ): ) - You will have to supply your own email and password in order to change them to prevent hackers from changing it.
Change the way getting shiny pokemon in the wild works to prevent hacking of shiny pokemon (Postponed ): ) - Adding a new way to find shiny pokemon.
New Pokemon To capture (100%)
  • New Moves (3) (Skipping one for now, but will add it once I fit all the mechanics in the game for it) (100%)
  • Implement Graphics (100%)
  • Implement Shiny Graphics (100%)
  • Implement Stats (100%)
  • Implement Moves/TMs (100%)
New Story Level (100%) - Training Level!
  • Level Intro (100%)
  • Level Layout (100%)
  • Level Waves (100%)
  • Level Ending (100%)
New TM (100%)
  • Ice Beam (100%)
Level cap to 64 (100%)
  • Acid Armor (100%) - Vaporeon
Add an exp tag when leveling up (100%) - This is a technical fix. This is included in v4.7.1
Made the Waterfall attack animation quicker (100%)
Made Waterfall attack show the correct attack type (not effective, super effective or normal) (100%)
Fixed Zap Cannon doing Shadow Ball instead of Zap Cannon (100%)
Make Destiny Bond and moves like that only work on pokemon that are at lower level than you (100%)
Fixed Onix learning Double-Edge twice and not learning Stone-Edge (100%) 
Made both Nidorans have a unique name ingame (Nidoran F and Nidoran M) (100%) 
It is no longer possible to put pokemon in type specific spots if they don't match the type (100%) 
Added the attack power to the attack description of Snore (100%)

That's what we have so far, as always let me know what you think, and keep coming back during the week to see how my progress on the update is going. As I work/finish parts I will update the blog.

Have a good week and Hero Tower Defense Tuesday is tomorrow so look forward to that!


  1. sencond good updated and nice snorlax

  2. Labels: creature and sea

    with no evolutions its lapras!!!!!!!1

  3. Sam your all way,s first let your fan,s be first some time,s.

  4. Oh what's this? New level ok...Maruto's back uh huh...and giant Snorlax. Yeah so this won't be so KILL IT WITH FIRE!

    *5 attempts and 1 win later* Dear God this one was a lot harder than the first floor. Still trying to catch a 2nd Snorlax, but it's hard to look for one while keeping Maruto safe (Actually, I did find a second one but Alakazam killed it :[). Found a pretty good strategy though.

    Happy Halloween everybody! I've only got the mystery code avatar. What other ones are out there? I could have sworn Daily Code and Game Corner had them too...

    I like the ability activation effect. Looks pretty cool.

    I'll be checking out your brother's flash after posting this comment. See you around!

    BTW, I'm pretty sure you mean Perish Song or Destiny Bond in the description.

  5. 5th!
    what pokemon is coming next time?

  6. Hello, I am sure the update is great, but I still cant play it. Shows up at 4.6.2. Refreshed a bunch of times and restarted the reader. Any hints on how to make it go?

  7. "sea" is a tag, and no new evolution - its Lapras! YES!

  8. 5nd
    Love snorlax
    I did poke tower 10 times to get snorlax

    Great game Sam:)

  9. Hello sam,

    Well what can I say? Fantastic. Level is amazing.

    And the rarity of snorlax just adds an awesome twist.

    Can't wait to see what I can get for him from the trade centre.

    I need help, i have just read that maruto is a cameo esq character. Can someone tell me who? As I'm dumbfounded.

    Forever your No.1 Fan :)

  10. Sam, assuming v4.8 is going to have a third story mode, can we please make it something really challenging? I've grown less and less fond of this game, as the levels are no longer challenging (Maybe you could even make a challenge mode where all the levels are hard like the original Mt Moon was!). Digletts cave, Mt Moon 1(original), and Vermillion Gym were my 3 favorite levels, and truth be told, they were the most challenging. I hadn't played the game since the Dragonite update, so most of my pokemon were around 53-55, and I just waltzed through the newest level on my second try. It takes the fun out of the game. The 3 levels I mentioned you needed to strategize, build an efficient team for the level, and you needed to be attentive while playing. That's where the true value of this game is for me, and the newest levels just haven't been cutting it. So I ask you, can you create an 'expert mode' as a second option to the regular. The differences between normal could be something like

    1) Enemy pokemon all 5-10 levels higher
    2) No trading (NPC for Genger, Golem)
    3) Waves are longer

    I have little knowledge of programming to be honest, so I'm not sure if the changes for 1) and 3) would be done in a few keystrokes, or would take a few hours, but regardless, I'm sure many avid players would enjoy it.

  11. @Anon 4:50PM - Clear your browser cache.

    @Richard - Maruto = Naruto

    @anon 5:05PM - I totally understand what you mean, but right now I'm focused on finishing the story and getting all the pokemon out there. After that you can expect more challenges :D

  12. LOL Sam I like how the mystery gift code is for November 31 (11/31/2011)instead of October (10/31/2011)haha.

  13. The Battle-Ready pokemon are no longer available for free, they now cost 1 SnD Coin to get, but their level is now 62. Also added Snorlax to the Battle-Ready Pokemon and to the Uncommon shiny adoption.

  14. hey sam plz right back i have 2 things to say the 1rst one to say is that how do u pass the last lvl of chapter 4 i play hacked version and the 2nd part is can u make it easier i love ya gamez it just to hard

  15. @Anon 5:23PM - WOW you are so right lol, I guess I'm too focused on November right now o.O

    @anon 5:24PM - The best strategy is to level up your pokemon, and make sure you have a type advantage (fire beats grass). Good luck.

  16. too easy,
    1. let snorlax get maruto
    2. use whirlwind/roar/dragon tail/circle trhow/etc. on snorlax
    3. snorlax goes back ot the top, then to the left, and then to the right, giving you a whole bunch of time to beat him/her and the ghosts-is this a glitch?


  17. Wait... Maruto is NARUTO?


    Please kill Maruto off!

    In other news, Sam hasn't really added anything on the new Pokemon, like the stats being added or anything, so I am NOT saying it's Lapras.

    I am saying that Lapras is one of three options:

    1. Horsea
    2. Shellder (With Slowpoke coming in 4.9 since Shellder is what makes a Slowbro a Slowbro [and by extension makes a Slowking a Slowking]... and maybe even Psyduck in 5.0 via the first-season episode The Evolution Solution)
    3. Lapras

    Personally, I don't like getting all these Water types so close together. I know Water is the most common Type, but we could seriously use some variance in new Pokemon, Sam! I WANT A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS! (hint hint; and I don't mean that MLP crap... although Keldeo would be a gigantic surprise!)

  18. Sam, i have a question about snorlax

    does the "catchable" snorlax appear at the beggining on the left instead of the right one or is it a random chance for it to appear anytime?

  19. Sam can we still get shinies this update? In last preport you said that you were making a new way to obtain shinies? This will affect some achievemet pokemon, no? Well love the update and keep up the good work :)

    - gogogogo99

  20. The free battle ready pokemon was a GREAT way for people who lost there account to get pokemon back But also people who didnt lose any pokemon got them which sucked for the people who toke days to get game corner coins to buy regular pokemon when other people got them at a higher level for free even though the people never lost pokemon.

  21. @juan - Yes a catchable one will show up on the left side, there is a random chance of it showing up.

    @gogogo - You can't get shinies in the game anymore (except for achievements or challenge modes) I will have to change the shiny hunter achievements.

    @Anon 5:36PM - The Battle Ready pokemon for free was added to help people that lost their pokemon but also people that just wanted them could have them, why not? Now they are no longer free so it is not a big problem. Nobody will be losing their pokemon so there should not be a need for this. Like I said before the free ones were there only for a week.

  22. Not saying you should do this now but you might want Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar to have levitate because that is one thing that makes the ghost levels easy because they die in one hit of a earthquake.

  23. Sam, could you let me know what level the large snorlax is? if you don't want to say a number could you at least let me know if he's over 62 lol? kinda want to try a strategy against him and want to know =)

    also, if i use whirlwind on a pokemon, can i then also use roar on a pokemon? or is it only 1 repelling move per pokemon?

    thanks for the new level!

  24. Dasman16 - he is 63.


    Snorlax level 63!

    Problem, Fissure? Horn Drill? Guillotine?

    I actually tried with guillotine with pinsir, so i was trolled to LOL

  25. Your brother's doing pretty good with the fan movie. Send him a fan's regards would you?

    Hmm, new Pokemon to catch, has to do with the sea, no new evolutions. Considering that we had a Snorlax this level (and the fact that this Pokemon can't be found elsewhere besides Silph Co.), it probably is Lapras. So what, will we be encountering a giant Lapras too? If Sam adds levitate to the Ghost Pokemon, Poke Tower 2 will have a contender for hardest non-challenge level yet.

    I figured Snorlax would be at least one level above the cap. Then again, I never use moves like Fissure. Too inaccurate for my tastes.

    Oh come now Oviamat. Naruto's not that bad. Nowhere near as good as One Piece or Dragonball, but not terrible (unlike those Mermaid Melody Fandubs or Neon Genesis. LK was right when he said those sucked. Blegh). Anime aside, patience young Padawan. A pony soon shall you get. Though I'm pretty sure Twilight Sparkle is secretly a Rapidash with high special stats, psychic abilities, and abnormally low speed...

  26. Hey just wanted to check if you had thought of a full screen button in the near future the scolling on some levels gets a bit labourious (celadon gym)?

  27. Sam, have you seen the pokemon episodes? TEAM ROCKET FALLS EASILY, YET SNORLAX NEVER FALLS, ALSO MAKE SNORLAX A LITTLE LESS RARE! like an eevee

  28. i honestly think a full screen will take more programming than you think. and plus, would it not be very, how do i say it... pixel-y?

    and Sam,
    have you considered adding a way to get SnD coins without ninja-ja? because honestly, i see many people wanting them, but not ninja-ja. sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but ninja-ja just isn't what people want to play.

    and i never got a refund for my lost shiny magikarp and my 2 shiny drowzees. i had to buy 2 more and i'm clean out of SnD coins, with still no shiny magikarp :( .

    love the game still.

  29. @Anon 8:31PM - Send me an email about it again :), also even if I take out Ninja-ja the price would not change. Ninja-ja is essentially free.

  30. the new level can be beaten really easy with mirror move on snorlax

  31. the challenge levels shouldn't allow you to use your own pokemon, they are really easy now!!!

  32. you mean over-pixelated yeah i did think of that and i am also a programmer i havent done much in the way of games programming yet but doing a games uni course i will be so i did think of how much progamming it could take but also at how it COULD essentially not take as much as some may think its just the website behind the game seems to lure the eyes sometimes

  33. in avatar chat you should make tthe space bigger so we can play hide and seek

    one suggestion for avatar chat is that you can have battle arena's to battle other ppl there

  34. GLITCH: When my bulbasuar or Ivysaur(I forgot) learned take down during a level I told him to start using it, but it wasn't hurting me at all; it just displayed the number ZERO over and over.
    When i played the level again it started hurting me. :( but that's what it was supposed to do anyways.
    It was on route 4. Please fix.
    ALSO, if you go with Rashid's idea ^^^^ then maybe you can also put a spectator place to watch like a tournament for example

  35. for snorlax i taugh mr.mime safeguard n then mimic which gives u infinate time on killing tht snorlax. cause snorlax will always be asleep because of his move

  36. When you click on snorlax in game (to bring up his move list) it doesnt automatically direct you to where he is placed.
    Small glitch i found, but other than that, I LOVE SNORLAX :D

  37. The game needs a new female trainer to help the team now. May I suggest a parody of Serena from Sailor Moon. She could be Called Selena and have a Meowth and can be introduced by fighting team rocket when you leave the tower in the name of love and justice. Love the game bud.

  38. @Sam

    How long are the Halloween avatars gonna be available? I want to get all of them but I can't buy SnD coins so essentially with a 1/10 chance of getting one in the daily code it would take a month to get all of them.


  39. Hey Sam how long will avatars in the Daily Code last?

  40. @Victor & Darren - I don't have any plans to take them down :)

  41. Because I care about you guys, v4.7.1 is now out, fixes the missing pokemon bug!

  42. Sam - I have problems about the trade center
    My trade request section has A LOT of pokemon (As far as I know, over 400) and because I have so many it doesn't load up every pokemon. It instead crashes at a certain point and leaves me a message:


    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log."

    Anyway to fix this so I can actually see who's bidding on my Dragonite? ;)

  43. Maybe I'm just not good at this, but I can't beat Kyogre because all it does is use "rest" and sleeps for like 5 seconds, regaining 500+ HP each time. My Pikachu (with Thunderbolt) and Wartortle (with Bizzard) both level 30, get that sucker down to less than half and then "rest" happens.

    The only real problem with this, is that the time for which Kyogre remains asleep is too short a duration. Either make him stop using it every 10 seconds, or please extend the time in which Kyogre is asleep. I feel like I shouldn't have to reach level 40+ to beat Kyogre since it's just the second gym and all. Comments/help/tips?

  44. @ anon 2:53 AM: You can evolve your Pikachu into a Raichu. That would certainly help increase its special attack (don't worry about missing out on moves. Raichu learns everything Pikachu learns except about 3 levels later).

    I would also use a grass type rather than Wartortle with Blizzard. The two are a bad combination, Wartortle being a water type and Blizzard being an ice move. Not only does Blizzard not deal extra damage (since STAB does not work if the types are different), but it also deals EVEN LESS damage since ice is not very effective against water (Ice alone can't freeze water).

    Try catching an Oddish/Bellsprout, have them evolve, and use moves like Giga Drain (fast and medium damage) or Solarbeam (slow but heavy damage). I beat that level when it first came out, and my Pokemon were at the level cap. Though I don't remember what it was at the time, I do know that it was below level 30. Hope that helps.

  45. @ Sam: There's an odd glitch with my level 62 Raticate on Poke Tower 2. After being attacked several times in succession, it will have very little health left, as if it had used endure (mind you, my Raticate is using Crunch and does not know endure). However, it won't ever get killed by any other attacks until I use a super potion on it. In fact, wild Pokemon outright stop targeting that Raticate. Just something I find to be a bit strange.

  46. anonymous use 2 lv 25 golems with rock blast and thts all :P

  47. I beat kyogre with a level 30 Ivysaur with razor leaf, and a level 30 Pikachu with thunderbolt.

  48. Hi Sam!

    A suggestion for the game: I'd like to see an ingame description of the abilities of the pokemon. For exemple, If I were someone who does not follow the blog, I'd saw Bulbasaur shining green sometimes and I would be all "WTF IS THIS!". I think the pokedex has more potential than only showing the pokemon you have caught. You could use it to display the name and description of the ability each pokemon has. So I would visit the pokedex, click on Bulbasaur and read:

    Overgrow:Increased damage by x1.5 on Grass attacks when you are below or at 1/3 of your total life. Your pokemon will glow Green when this ability is activated.

    It would be less confusing.

    PD: Also, displaying the pokemons name over their sprites when playing the levels.

  49. Sam, there is a problem with the avatars you get from Daily Code, as it makes it possible to have a repeat avatar (for example, I just got a Gastly Avatar from daily code, which I already had from mystery gift, and it simply replaced it!) Can you fix this so that it guarantees no repeat avatars?

  50. I've got several questions, Sam.

    1: What happened to Gary Oak and the birds?
    2: How did Maruto end up in the tower?!?
    3: Where is Ash now?
    4: When will we get a new shiny quest?
    5: Is it possible to get a shiny voltorb without needing all the requirements (the non-hacked pikachu and electrode, the 10 captured pikachu)?


  51. One possible way to make Helping Hand less overpowered in comparison to other power-up moves is by using the fact that in the video game the helping-hand boost is temporary while the others shouldn't actually go away until the Pokemon is switched out or the battle ends.

  52. where i find a snorlax to capture?

  53. Hey Sam,

    Could you please start adding more TMs to the list


  54. WAIT!

    There aren't shinies in the wild anymore??? Not even with 1/8000 rate? Please confirm this Sam

    I mean the point of playing the game throw the week is to look for shinies and stuff... if and update come you take get the daily code, you do the new lvl (this one I did in 2 tries) and what to I do ingame for the rest of the week?... Please don't take us the shinies...

  55. The catchable Snorlax is a lie! I played like a hundred times that level, and didnt see not even a single one.
    Is it that rare? Or am I just really unlucky?


  56. @Chris Tan: Raticate is Normal Type. Confuse Ray doesn't affect it, and False Swipe can't kill it.

  57. "Add an exp tag when leveling up (100%) - This is a technical fix. This is included in v4.7.1"

    what is an exp tag?

  58. There is a bug with the tower´s bar when they level up. If the tower has not full HP and it level up, then it has full HP.

  59. @Gon - I'll be adding a way to look for shinies it just won't be by playing the levels over and over.

    @anon 2:34PM - The exp tag is something more behind the scenes I added to the list to remind myself.

    @anon 3:10PM - Getting your health back when leveling up is intended :)

  60. for people that want to catch snorlax. this will make things go by a lot faster. pokemon i use for the new level... all level 62: vaporeon, marowak, parasect, magnemite, primeape, and machamp.

    vaporeon and marowak i set to the left of the field. vaporeon on the far left slot, marowak to the spot to the immediate right of vaporeon. the 4 slots to the very far right of the level i put magnemite with screech, primeape to its right with close combat, parasect directly below primeape set on spore, and machamp to the immediate right of parasect with dynamic punch.

    marowak's set on bonemerang to take out ghosts, and vaporeon is set on helping hand when the level starts, then aqua ring so it can't die, and then to bubblebeam to hit everything and take care of enemy cubone/marowaks.

    with this setup, the giant snorlax won't even make it halfway down the path it starts on and vaporeon/marowak will take care of enemies coming from the left, leaving you free to just watch for snorlax to appear.

    hope this helps. i'm sure there's other ways to run this level, but it's efficient and guaranteed this way without having to worry about any moving pokemon around to take out the giant snorlax.

    -Hustler Kid

  61. @Sam - so you want us to do the lvls only once? =S (except for some quests or so?)

  62. How long are the avatars going to last? A few months maybe because unless you by SnD coins it will take time to get he avatars

  63. @Sam, when will we have Hyper Potions? The Super Potions are a little useful, but aren´t indispensable

    A spanish PTD fan


  64. Hey sam do you have a preview of the new pokemon center?

  65. @anon 12:59 PM: Well that would explain why Raticate is dealing 0 damage to itself when confused (though I don't know why it gets confused in the first place). Didn't know about false swipe though. Thanks for clearing that up.

  66. sam i think there is a bug.
    charizard some times activates blaze and keen eye.
    its not a major concern but.. yeah
    love the update though

  67. @ Chris Tan 8:09 PM: Whoops. Just realized this is the LAST Poke Tower level we'll be doing, so we probably won't be seeing the new Pokemon there (unless we have to fight our way down). The next level is probably Route 12.

  68. Chris Tan> I'm 30, buddy. Don't call me young.

    Sam> I noticed that one of the new avatars is Duskull... Does that mean we can expect Duskull any time soon, as well as other Ghost types like Misdreavus, Shuppet and Drifloon?

  69. I have a question, Will SND Coins soon have a possibility to become free (Like a way to get em free) Because I cant buy em cuz they too much for ME, i understand your using the money to help the game but still will there be some daily thing to get 1 snd coin like lets say there is this Daily Thing in the Trading center, You gotta do this and that...i dont know what to put down but you know what i mean right?

  70. if you guys are having trouble with the poke tower 2, i can help with my quick strategy.

    5 pokemon:

    Machamp Lv.55: Cross Chop
    Mankey Lv47 or Primeape: Cross Chop
    Wigglytuff Lv 55: Mimic
    Clefairy Lv 60/Clefable: Meteor Mash
    Gengar Lv 58: Shadow Ball
    OPTIONAL Venusaur~ Lv 62: Worry Seed

    clefairy and gengar on left side on the 2 edges.(not corner or below pikachu) and machamp and primeape/mankey on the 2nd column of spots, wigglytuff on the first, top or bottom.

    the only thing you have to watch is a haunter using confuse ray on gengar.

    wigglytuff's mimic should "reflect" snorlax's yawn and cross chops should usually deal crits.

    hope that helped.

    and i played poke tower 2 about 50 times and no snorlax. and thanks sam, for the refund.

  71. In answer to #8 of the weekly questions, I think you should implement fly when we have to chase an enemy, or search for a legend.

  72. Why is horn drill never hitting snorlax?

  73. Sam, please, no more avatars! Please! PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease!

  74. Disable is not working against Snorlax! At least, I don't think so.

  75. @anon 6:43
    snorlax is level 63, one level over the current cap. Horn drill cannot hit pokemon of a higher level.

  76. When you use someone's idea for PTD, do you reward them with S&D coins or something?

  77. um sam i think you should take the rest of this week off! like you said you worked your butt off last week and sometimes its good to just step back and watch what people think. also maybe give us some time to develop our teams. or maybe put a training level in but kinda just have a light week this week i think all your fans would agree that you deserve it. not that i dont love the game or that i want you to stop but i think you deserve a week off. its been a while.

    -Entei bound

  78. @ Oviamat: Sorry. Meant no disrespect with that "young Padawan" statement. Least I didn't call you old.

    @ anon 12:59 PM: Actually, are you sure that's false swipe Marowak is using? I'm pretty sure my shiny Pidgeot just went down for the nth time because of "false swipe." And it can't be due to confusion since Pidgeot is a normal type and is therefore not affected by Confuse Ray.

  79. anyone want to trade me a snorlax? ill give almost any thing besides dogs and mew of course.

    -entei bound

  80. Well ive gotten through the long list of comments and ive come to realise that everyone makes things incredibly difficult for themselves in respect to the poketower lvl 2. The best way to beat that level is to get a lvl 55 jynx (learns perish song) and kill the snorlax boss in 2 sec (if you're fast you can move jynx immediately after it uses the move so it doesnt die) and then pick your favs for the left side...don't know if this stradegy is a taboo, kinda makes it really easy to beat any boss level now XD

  81. Taking a Gengar (isn't affected by False Swipe) with Shadow Ball (doesn't affect Snorlax) a any Guy with False Swipe on the Left in combination with Jynx on the Right makes catching Snorlax really easy :D

  82. Sam.. Is Outrage suppose to make my pokemon faint after its used twice?

  83. Hey Sam,
    As I browse through the Pokemon center and I click on a person's name to view their requested Pokemon, when I click "Go Back" it takes me to the homepage of the Pokemon center as opposed to just one screen back. If I want to continue sifting through the Pokemon center, I have to re-search my Pokemon. Is there any way you can change this?

  84. Sam, I was wondering how money is given out per level because route 5 is basically the best money maker but I want to play other levels. I feel that route 5 is so because of the blue bar pokes. If the money is connected to pokemon evolution, I feel that it should be changed to pokemon level.


  85. Where can I email Sam about the SND coins? I bought Ninjaja ages ago and need to get the coins for ptd

  86. @Anon 9:48 PM
    That's because Outrage causes confusion to the user and in this game, confusion causes your Pokemon to attack itself with the chosen move rather than simply hitting itself like in the other games.

    I noticed that sometimes, when my Pokemon attacks and then I move it, and the enemy gets KO'd by another Pokemon, the first one that was moved doesn't get any experience unless it attacks again. Is that supposed to happen?

  87. hay i got a genius idea why don't u make the speed controls by number keys eg. 2 = x2 speed

  88. also i hope you haven't forgot my custom moves idea

  89. Hey Sam,
    This has happened to me twice now, When I want to exit PTD, and the data is being saved, it says that the data could not be saved and after trying a gazillion times i still can't save the data, (it says my internet is not connected or the server is busy) but I keep trying and it still won't work, this resulted in my pokemon dropping to their original level's before I played :( could I get some help? Thank you! :)

  90. If someone suggests something awesome,can they get s&d coins( Example:they suggest a way to keep people from hacking the game).

  91. Are you considering a way of collecting shiny Pokemon that is skill-based?

  92. hey Sam you should make the range get bigger so we can kill Pokemon that we can,t get before, like Charizard get,s a little Bigger, Charmeleon get little less then Charizard and Charmander Does not get his range any bigger only the evoled form of it can get the range bigger. your No.2 fan

  93. sam,i got a glitch to report......
    when my charizard was running low on health he activated blaze but when i healed him and when he was at low health some abillity activated and it said -ke- yea i hope i helped

  94. Sam is shiny Snorlax in the wild? If not i'm wasting my time.

  95. Sam, at some point would you consider making an endless stage where we try to see how many waves we can last before all of our Pokemon are defeated or all candies are taken? It would be easy to create achievements for a level like that (last 25, 50, 100 waves etc.)

  96. Hey Sam, just two questions:

    I presume that the next gym battle is against Sabrina, the psychic leader. I don't like spoilers, but she just have a Kadabra (according to the cartoon). So it will be like Cerulean 2? A battle agains one single pokemon ?

    Your work is awesome, but in my opinion, you should, during the actual level explanation, show some other scene, like Gary's or Ash's situation, because a lot of thing still unexplained. So, if you had to do this all in once, it will be sort of complicated and enological. The game is yours, and you do whatever you want with it. I'm just a big fan, asking you to do some changes. Kudos to you, Dan and Joel(what a family!).

    Caio A.

  97. Hey sam in the next update you need to have another training level like rte 24 where you dnt have to worry about your pokemon dying and mak it really long so we can train all of our pokemon and make it where you can't lose. Thank you if you read and reply

  98. Whoever suggested Perish Song> Great idea. I now hope the next Pokemon is Lapras (If it is, I'll be trading my Shinies for it) since it learns Perish Song below the current cap.

    Sam> That's not how Destiny Bond works. Destiny Bond only activates when the Pokemon that used Destiny Bond faints, taking the Pokemon that made the user faint down with it. As for Horn Drill/Guillotine/Sheer Cold/Fissure, they don't work exactly that way either. They can hit any Pokemon of the same level as the user or lower. I.E., if Fissure was used by a Level 62 Sandslash, it would work on any Pokemon Level 62 or lower. The current way you have it means you could troll us with Level 96 - 100 enemies, knowing that those four would never be able to hit them.

    Chris Tan> Thanks for apologizing. I still want to see Ponyta become available, though. We need a horsie!

  99. I've played the level for about three hours total and still no Snorlax has even shown up at all. what the crap. Even if it shows up at 1/1000th rate it still should have statistically shown up about three times already.

  100. Anon 11/2/11 @ 11:17 AM>

    That is a WONDERFUL idea, and I fully support it! I also agree with the idea of achievements for surviving a certain amount of Waves, and you've even got the right idea. However, I think making the achievements for every 25 Waves is better than 25, 50, 100, 150, etc.

    I also think that for every 25 Waves you survived, you should earn a Revive to help you get farther, as well getting another (Super/Hyper/Max) Potion, so you can keep on going. As for what type of level, it would have to be like Route 5, where the Pokemon get progressively harder, and also have one Pokemon per Wave attack you.

    The total Waves? 649, of course! One Wave per Pokemon (Wave 1: Bulbasaur; Wave 2: Ivysaur; Wave 3: Venusaur, etc.). Imagine surviving a full 300 Waves only to get one-shotted by a DELCATTY (Pokemon #301), or some other embarrassing scenario (like having a Unown [Pokemon #201] score a lucky Super Effective Critical Hit on your last Pokemon or worse, the Delcatty scenario above! I mean, getting defeated by a HOUSECAT is something you don't want to think about... *purr*)

  101. Hey Sam
    I think there needs to be an option to remove all offers quickly as it takes ages to load when you have quite a few pokemon on trade.. i think the pokemon centre relaly needs some updating now!
    Hope this helped

  102. Hey Sam, I'm sure it's not just me but Waterfall isn't doing critical damage to anyone, I think you accidentally made it a Normal type move or something.

    It's kind of weak too (and time consuming with the long animation) considering it's one of the few good HMs to give your pokemon in the real game.

  103. @Oviamat: Regarding the fissure/guillotine/sheer cold thing...Sam did take that into account (thus why those moves don't work on the Snorlax boss in Poke Tower 2. It's level 63, and the highest level so far is 62).

    As for Destiny Bond, it's kind of hard to make a wild Pokemon faint at the same time as the Bonded Pokemon if the wild Pokemon has left the map. To be honest, though, I've never used Destiny Bond in PTD, so I don't know how it works currently.

    Not too sure I'm gonna like Perish Song. If it's anything like Earthquake, then your entire party's at risk, especially on a small map. Also, I bet Sam's going to tweak it so that you can't just call back affected Pokemon to get rid of the Perish Song status. Then again, most Pokemon in Generation 1 don't know Soundproof so...

    Yeah, I also can't wait for one of the few fire Pokemon to be available. Kind of sad considering the sheer amount of water types to fire types, which is a grand total of 10 (including evolutions).

    It could be worse. You could get owned by an ice cream cone. I can see it now...getting Sheer Cold in your face from Vanillite. Vanillite: "Problem, trainer?" *troll face*

  104. Anyone know what move Gengar uses in the Tower? That could be what's knocking out my Pokemon, since Marowak does indeed use False Swipe (my bad).

  105. hey sam i agree with ovamiat about that idea it would 1 help us train
    2 catch 146 differnt pokemon[not including legendaries] and
    3 it would be easy to fill the national dex
    + please make the mystery code a [drum roll]

    #138 Omanyte [red] /#140 Kabuto [blue]

  106. What do you plan to do to people that keep hacking the game and people that keep trying to steal other peoples info ?

  107. Hey Sam

    When you press Options (at the main side) It only commes up two different options but when playing the game and press pause button it commes 3...

    Love the Update/Snorlax (or both)

    Mvh Olini

  108. Another new Pokemon and level!!!

  109. Sam, can you make the graphic for earth power a little better?

  110. Sam, is ther any way to Unignore someone in the avatar chat?? I had ignored someone and heard they were trying to trade some stuff. I wanted to know what they were trading pretty badly (because he might have a mew or something). I had to exit the room to see what he was trading. I was thinking you would have to use Stop/ignore nickname. Btw, LOVE the avatar chat. PTD is my absolute FAVORITE game.

  111. Hey Sam
    Just thought of some ideas.. XP can be quite distracting when you see the numbers on your pokemon avatar.. Maybe you should have XP on the image of the pokemon instead so you can concentrate on damage?

    Also with money there should be like numbers falling into a wallet showing how much youre earning per kill without getting in the way of combat!

    I dont think a zoom out button is as necessary as having a wider gap between where you can base your pokemon and where the wild pokemon come from so you have time to prepare

    Also instead of a speed button have a pause play and fastforward button instead? i think this would allow more of a tower defense feel :)

    the pokemart also needs some extra items, maybe like X Defense? And maybe youd consider us buying potions instead of having 6 for free? i feel like the shop is kinda dull and boring atm with just E. stones
    Hoped that helped

  112. Hey Sam
    Sorry for annoying you with my posts :P
    the avatar chat has a really annoying problem where it scrolls to the bottom automatically when im trying to read above comments :P
    Also if youve ever played runescape and been to an area of trade you should make your avatar chat like that.. Area for specific things such as shinys in one place normals in another and legendarys in another too. people who are looking for pokemon of a specific type to go to a specific place once the avatar area is larger
    Hope this helped :)

  113. @ Getthemall
    Dan is not Sam's brother. They worked together at a warehouse.
    Plus wanted to say this before Sam, :p but Sam posted a shiny Snorlax up for trade. His account name is samO. Get you best shinies up for this Snorlax quick!(But how'd I post this before Sam?)
    -The Black Mask (In trade Center to)

  114. Hey Sam. Did you ever think of making an endless mode/survival mode? Also did you ever think about making an option for autoleveling? It would make grinding a bit easier because I don't have time to keep checking if the level is done or not. Thanks. And why doesn't my comment ever appear? Is there like a time period where you can't comment? I commented at like 8 pm.

    Some Dude

  115. @Chris Tan I'm anon 12:59. idk about Pidgeot, what move is he using?

  116. I found a bug, when Onix grows to level 62, it tries to learn Double Edge not Stone Edge. If you tell it not to learn it, Stone Edge still appears in the Relearn moves.

  117. I think I messed up somewhere. I caught ten Pikachu the other day, all without turning off the game, then I trained one of them, along with an Electrode, until they were 42, but when I went to get the Shiny Voltorb from Rock Tunnel, it still said I didn't have everything yet. I had the Pikachu and Electrode with me, and I had an empty slot in my party. Is it because I shut the game off after I got the ten Pikachu? Or is it a glitch or something?


  118. can you raise the level cap to 68?i need my dragonair to learn outrage and evolve

  119. Sam said it will ONLY affect shiny wild pokemon, not achement shinys!!!

  120. i have no doubt the new pokemon is lapras. 3 moves being implemented into the game, ice shard, ice beam, and sheer cold. with sam's mention of skipping 1 of the 3 moves for now until he fits the mechanics for it, that move is sheer cold.

    sheer cold has a bit of an odd way of attacking, so it's understandable that sam would leave it out for now. with the tags "sea" and "creature," i think all of these clues add up to only being lapras.

  121. Hey Sam i am really not trying to troll or spam but how do you fell about digimon.

  122. @ anon 6:42 PM: Pidgeot is using Air Slash, but I don't see what move it's using has to do with it taking damage (besides recoil damage).

  123. I don't really think earthquake is all that great as it is. Perhaps if you change it so that it has the range of Bulldoze but will also hit the two closest towers it wouldnt be so bad.

  124. Great game and still playing it! I took a long break. Great job on Rock Tunnel! Very fun level. Excited to see Ice Beam. Couple problems though. It seems Tri-attack looks like zap cannon or just a kind of electrical attack. Shiny magnetite from challenge level, which I lvled up to magneton just got up and left and i can't get any more from challenge even from different account, and shiny Pinsir which I bought from game corner never got to my account though it says I have it in pokedex. Very confusing... Anyway fantastic job on the game and keep at it!


  125. @ anon 6:42 PM: NVM. Just figured out Gengar is using Dream Eater.

  126. Hi Sam

    Can you tell me the chances of finding a snorlax you can catch. Still the best game around

  127. Sam,

    Is it normal that in the latest level the last wave exist out of 1 pokemon?Or is that a bug?

    Still a great game Sam!
    ( love snorlax )

  128. Hey, Sam.
    How did Maruto even get in the tower?!? Could you explain that because I am confused on how he even got there!


  129. Hey, Sam! Your game is awesome!
    But I have a question... My Pikachu's Feint hurts him too - I mean, it receives recoil damage. Is it right? 'Cuz in bulbapedia I didn't find if this attack does recoil damage or not...


  130. I hope the new level will have strong pokemon (Fully Evolved) to battle...

  131. i really hope the new training level doesn't have anything that can attack you, as well as giving more exp than pokemon tower 1.

  132. Is the new Pokemon Lapras? 3 moves plus 1 that will be added later. No evolutions mentioned.

  133. hey sam, i thought of something that i think would be a pretty interesting addition to the game. i don't know how difficult this would be to program, but what if the avatars gave you bonuses? like say if you have 1 of the ghost avatars while being worn in poketower 1, you do extra damage against ghost types. or maybe you just do extra damage against ghost types overall while wearing a ghost avatar despite what level it's being worn in.

    or say you do more damage to celebi or take less damage from celebi while wearing the celebi avatar in the celadon gym level.

    they don't have to be damage buffs/debuffs, they can be whatever you want. i just think it would be a cool bonus while wearing specific avatars. it'd add more incentive to try and get them. and possibly make levels like the celadon gym level easier for new players having trouble with it.

  134. Hey sam, i have been playing this game from the beginning and love it. However, i really want a mew but have not been able to get one in a trade and cant get snd coins. please make an ingame way to get one. Thanks and great game!

  135. Hi Sam

    Great update (as always)but i wonder if you are going to add multiplayer and if when i really looking forward to it.


  136. 90% chance it is lapras.

    first, lets look at the tags. it says "sea" and "creature". second, lets look at the update. it says "no evolution" and it says TM as ice beam. third, lets look at bulbapedia. it shows 4 new moves, one(we might not know...)that Sam states he will not add yet. the only thing countering this possibility of a pokemon is the fact we have just discovered Maruto and we don't know what is going to happen to the storyline, therefor making the pokemon 90% lapras.

    and Sam, is the new area we're going to Silph Co.? cuz that would be awesome. and if we do go there, maybe you can finally consider of adding new pokeballs(great,ultra, or master[maybe not master])!

  137. I hope the training level is one similar to route 5. Lots of evolved pokemon, no pokemon attacking you back, and a lot of pokemon per wave. =)


  138. I hope ice beam is only buyable with casino coins.

  139. @Kyle: Route 5 is 2nd only to Route 8 for farming Pokedollars. 6 Meowths with the move Pay Day can make you 35,000P per run :D

  140. Almost done with update, what new abilities will be implemented?

  141. hey sam did you mean that you won't be able to catch shiny pokemon in the wild? and will the "other way" to get the shiny version of a pokemon be some kind of challenge like the way to get shiny voltorb? and if you do challenges for shinys would you also do some kind of challenge to find the dogs for people who are not able to buy snd coins? sry this are a lot of questions^^ but i really want to know that. i love your game and hope you will continue it

  142. i found a bug on the game

    on the level with rocket hideout
    when a pokemon attacked(it was wigglytuff using wake up slap on venasaur) i used a potion on one of my other pokemon and wigglytuff stood there on venasaur until i moved venasaur or some other pokemon

  143. I think the new poke is lickitung

  144. Sam I received a snorlax from trading but then it won't show up in the game. Please fix! I want to use him A.S.A.P. Thanks!


  145. I got a Gastly avatar as my daily code prize, which is cool except I already had the Gastly avatar... Could you make it to where you can't get an avatar you already own as your daily code?


  146. Now that the game has progressed further, are you considering changing moves like Belly Drum and Growl back to something closer to the way they work in the video games?

  147. yo,sam what program you use my friend wants to know

  148. @anon 11:03AM - Yes, Growl was recently changed to be like the game. Belly Drum will be fixed soon.

    @anon 11:31AM - Adobe Flash Professional CS 5.5

  149. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS new training level to train up to level 62's W00T


  150. I like so much PTD,and...What is the next gym,Saffron,realy?The last level was so hard...and I dont find wild snorlax T.T.I am waiting for the next update n.n.Please,dont stop.

  151. Sam, can you make loggout button for the Pokemon Center?

  152. sam, what age do you think people are playing PTD at? I see people making fun of other people for liking Pokemon. I want to put an end to it. Can you tell me what age people usually play Pokemon? PLEASE REPLY!!! D:

  153. @Sam
    Who got Shiny Goldeen? I didn't see a twitter update. ( I don't go on twitter but I check on the blog)
    -The Black Mask

  154. @sam
    cant wait for the new level...as for the pokemon i think its going to be lapras

  155. Sam,in the avatar chat, can you make it possible to walk diagonally?

  156. @sam
    Is it possible to make celadon gym (the challenge level) a little easier? I don't think Tangela or Vileplume are very good choices for beating the level. I know it's a challenge level, but it's a little hard; could you do something about it please!

  157. sam what about a tab in the blog only for the weekly progress of ptd and htd? that way it would be easier to find them!

  158. Yes, add walking diagonally to the avatar chat.
    Then, add avatars with one pokemon walking after them.
    Next, make three pokemon following the avatar.
    After that, make pokemon attack each other.
    Later, give each avatar 6 pokemon and every pokemon hp bars.
    You'll be so ready for the multiplayer after doing this.

  159. Finally I Got SNORLAX took me 100 Times but totaly worth it.

  160. To answer what people had asked but not answered yet:

    Marowaks use false swipes so he won't knock out your towers. Haunters use Confuse Ray which causes GHOST TYPE damage over some time (normal types would receive no damage). Gengars use dream eater on your towers that are asleep. Quickly drag them out of the box and then back into the box to wake them up.

    I just caught a Snorlax and it took me A LOT of visits to Poke Tower2. Each visit, the number of Pokemon encountered is only 19 (1 boss Snorlax plus 2 Pokes x 9 waves). So it could take 53 visits to get one since the chance is a mere 1/1000. I think I visited the place 45+ times ... sheesh. But the place is a great source of experience points :)

    A strategy to completely ignore the right side (the boss Snorlax) is by using a "freezer" (ice fang, powder snow, ice punch, etc), a slower (buldoze, low sweep, mud shot), and a frightener (roar, dragon tail, whirlwind). Their levels don't need to be high .... put them in the right places and they will occupy the boss Snorlax for at least 8 waves. So you can concentrate on the left side where the catchable Snorlax may appear.

  161. Sam,

    Why is it that you release the .exe version before the vX.X.1 versions, and not release a new .exe afterward? I much prefer playing the .exe version than on the blog, as I'm sure others do. I mean no disrespect to the blog, but I prefer the freedom of not being tied to a browser to play the game. But you really don't leave me and others like me any choice.

    Awesome game all around though. Can't wait to see what you do with re-implementing shiny pokémon, and to play the new level, and catch me a Lapras *fingers crossed*

  162. @anon 4.27 PM
    I'm 40 and I'm swapping pokemons with my 15 years old nephew... what's wrong with that ?

  163. Sam:
    So, if shinies are no longer going to appear in the wild, what are the people who like to collect a shiny of everything going to do?

  164. Sam can you explain more about changing the way getting shiny pokemon in the wild works to prevent hacking of shiny pokemon - adding a new way to find shiny pokemon.

  165. Could you make the other avatars available with casino coins also

  166. Sam I hope you will take this in but to get a new way of finding shinys. There is a chapter in story mode if you click it there will be extra levels and one will say shiny level you click it and you have battle variations of your and not your pokemon and every hundred you kill you get a common shiny and every 1000 uncommon shiny and every 100,000 you get a shiny mew or the dogs I hope you like this idea James

  167. Sam,as thomas said a trainer card would be great :D can you make please just a suggestion and i think everyone would like it that:tangela,golbat,lickitung etc. can evolve into their 2nd 3rd 4th gen evos please think about it.And in the avatar chat there are still some noobs like C A R L spamming and people obviouly cant read that they can type /ignore username now :/.And charizard has a bug:when it ran low on health it activated blaze thats ok but when i healed and he ran low on health again he activated an abillity -ke- so can you fix it?also i lost my 3 mews :(

  168. Hey,
    @ the video,
    when Dereck chooses one of the 3 pokemons, it says bublasaur, instead of bulbasaur.

  169. I won't be able to work a lot today (Saturday) and tomorrow so I will be postponing what is left for next week and releasing in about 2 hours (1:28PM Est), thanks for playing :)

  170. sam what are the chances of lapras showing up in the new level?

  171. Sam,

    For this week, we won't be able to get any shinies w/o buying them, and the only way to get shiny lapras will be buying. Can you please keep the catchable shiny pokemon in the game for now until you get the new way implemented.


  172. Hi Sam, I just have one request for next week's update (not the one in about an hour). Could you please include the TM for Dragon Claw? I want my Dragonite to know a dragon type move that's still powerful and physical, but is more reliable that Dragon Rush and not suicidal like Outrage. Thank you!

  173. 4.8 is now out on the blog, enjoy!

  174. Since you're changing the Shiny Pokemon system now, are they currently catchable in-game?

  175. Sam, is it possible to catch lapras in the new lvl??? Cause every time I see one, it has blue health. And I really want a lapras......

  176. i already caught a lapras :D and i offered for your too sam my acc is: Blast 324
    I hope i win :)

  177. when will shiny lapras be on adoption?

  178. Maybe consider putting the stat changes underneath the Pokemon's picture at the bottom of the screen, since it will start getting too cluttered if you make it possible to raise and lower stats by 6 stages.

  179. If a pidgeot uses sand attack even one time, then for some reason your accuracy drops to 0. It really stinks because of how often pidgeots show up.

  180. I don't think Lapras should be able to learn Solarbeam.

  181. Hi there! I'm requesting some features:1: Adventure mode: Make maps for it, battle computer controled players and see your friends
    2: find friends: search for friends and send friend requests
    3: User names: Make a user name for your avatar
    4: Multiplayer plaza: Go online for battling fun
    Change email/password: I don't use T.awesomeman@gmail.com anymore so I lost the password for the email but not PTD, and I really want to change it tough because I can't always remember it correctly nowadays. Change my email to terryyu4@gmail.com I will send you the password for proof, but I forgot your email so send me an email at terryyu4@gmail.com

  182. damn it sam, i don't want to vent at you, but the ratio of Blue HP Lapras to Green is pissing me off!!

    the ONE Green HP Lapras i see ALL DAMN DAY doesn't even get touched because of the three BLUE HP Lapras right in front of it!

  183. sam i want horsea please sam i believe you that you can create horsea please thats my favorite pokemon please sam please thank you very very much

  184. sam i want horsea i know that can you creat horsea because thats my favorite pokemon please sam please thank you very much

  185. i wonder if you can add a daycare in the game

  186. Not a huge deal, but with the sound disabled the Voltorb explosion isn't muted.

  187. WARNING: this has nothing to do with anything!
    sometimes it looks like machamp's hind arms are coming out of his ass...


  188. At Pokemon Tower 2, there is a bug about Perish Song, because when i do it to Snorlax, it wont faint.

  189. I think you should put 1 SnD coins and 5 Snd Coins as prizes on the Daily Code.

  190. To danychriz about catching a Snorlax, you forgot the option to use a bird type with mirror move (which is what I did). It worked just as well.

  191. I was on route 8 and used a battle ready Eevee who used last resort it never attack a pokemon but got Exp points.

  192. version 4.8.1 is out on the blog!

    How can i be posting this before you sam?

    Great update
    One of your greatest fans


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