Pokemon Tower Defense: v4.9.1 is out! and Weekly Progress!

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What's new in v4.9.1

New Story Level - Saffron City - Hurry and get Maruto to the hospital!
New Mystery Gift Alakazam Avatar!
Shinies are back in the wild! - Shinies are back in the wild just like they used to be, the shiny popup will show up just like before and will stay on until you click on it.
Went back and made the game less grindy for new players -  Each level has bonus exp for pokemon under a certain level. If you pokemon training on that level is under the bonus cap then he will receive twice the experience.
Added Zoom In and Out - After countless request Zooming In and Out is now in the game.
You can now choose from the speed options independently instead of having to cycle them.
Fixed Thunder missing when it's raining.
Fixed Solarbeam graphic when the speed is not x1
Fixed Doubleslap not being removed from the target in certain occations.
Added an Opening Song to the game!

Where can I play?
Alright let's get down to business. Another successful week of Sam and Dan Games has passed and a new one is now beginning. Not sure if you guys noticed but on the new level, Saffron City, there is a Mewtwo in the end and he works in a very interesting way. He is the first pokemon to have simple AI. Usually I'm limited to having the enemy only use one move but I for mewtwo I wanted to make him a little smarter. The way he works is that if his health is low he will switch to the move Recover. If he is missing any defense buffs he will switch to that and if non of the above are needed he will use his attack. You can expect enemies to have some simple AI kinda like Mewtwo has in newer levels.

The next update is v5.0 and I wanted to do something special for it since well it's v5! What can be more special than Multiplayer? Well nothing! So v5.0 will have a multiplayer map that you will be able to play. Now multiplayer is something that is not so simple to make. We have to take it one tiny step at a time. For one the service that I use to host multiplayer charges based on bandwidth use. Now the avatar chat was a test to see how much bandwidth would be used by something simple like a chat room. On a really active day the chat will use about 1GB of bandwidth which is actually quite a bit. Now imagine a multiplayer mode of the game with people playing constantly.  Yeah it's going cost a bit. In fact I think a fully working multiplayer mode that is free (meaning no restrictions to only paid users) would easily be over 1,000 dollars a month to keep up. Right now the plan I'm in I pay 25 dollars a month for the multiplayer (avatar chat servers) so let's see how far our plan can go. If we go over the bandwidth limit of the account I will have to shut down the multiplayer for the month or limit access in some way.

Besides that the first multiplayer map will be a simple attack/defend map. One player will attack and the other will defend. To start with everybody will have a preset team available to them but eventually you will have your team available to you for use in multiplayer.

The thing about multiplayer is that it's going to take more than a week so this week the update is going to look really empty because I'll mainly be working on multiplayer and that will take more than a week. So this weekend I will release v4.9.5 and then the week after we will get v5.0. This also allows me to rest a little. It's been a lot of back to back updates with little to no rest in between. So even the great Sam gets tired ;)

Multiplayer - First map (0%)- This is for next week!
Distribution (0%)
Allow players to change their password in the pokemon center (100%) - You will have to supply your own email and password in order to change them to prevent hackers from changing it.
Level Cap Raised to 66 (100%)
New Mystery Gift Pokemon (100%)
  • Graphics (100%)
  • Shiny Graphics (100%)
  • New Moves (100%)
    • Dragon Pulse (100%)
  • Implement Stats on the game (100%)
  • Implement TM/Relearn Moves (100%)
  • Implement on Trading Center (100%)
  • New Evolutions (100%)
    • Graphics (100%)
    • Shiny Graphics (100%)
    • Implement Stats on the game (100%)
Added pokemon attacks to the trading center pokemon (100%) - Thanks Nssvelocity!
Added Shiny Icons to the Trading Center so you can identify shiny pokemon easier (100%)
Added a better description to Silver Wind (100%) - It wasn't missing buffs, the attack excludes accuracy and evasion. Changed the attack text.
Added Hydro Pump as a TM (only usable after you beat Saffron City) (100%)
When a pokemon faints don't remove him from your party turn their button red, except on the 3rd challenge level (100%) - Thanks George C and others that suggested this in the past!
Haze not removing the accuracy drop (100%)-Thank to all that reminded me of this.
Fixed Stealth Rock being able to miss (100%) - Thanks Justin for letting me know!
Fixed a bug with Trading Poliwhirl for Jynx (100%) - Thanks Micah and others for letting me know!
Highlight which speed and zoom you are currently in (100%) - Thanks all who suggested this!
Added Dig as a TM (only usable after you beat Pewter Gym) (100%)
Fixed Sand Tomb not showing the correct weakness color (100%) - Thanks MagZ!
Added Dark Pulse as a TM (only usable after you beat Saffron City) (100%)  - Thanks Jarret!
Fixed not being able to put secondary type Flying types into Flying only spots (100%) - Thanks Arturo!
Added a better description to Moves that can cause instant KO, detailing that they won't hit pokemon higher level than you. (100%)
Fixed Harden being misspelled in the Trading Center (100%)
Added a minor security fix (100%) - Nothing to see here, move along.
Added a star next to shiny pokemon in the Pokemon Center (100%) 
Fixed a typo on the move Acrobatics (100%) - Thanks Daniel!
Fixed an issue with prize pokemon (100%) 
Fixed an issue with not being able to request a pokemon past level 62 in the Pokemon Center (100%) - Thanks Anon! 
Fixed an issue with moves like Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, and Zap Cannon from working properly in faster speeds (100%)

Just wanted to thank you guys again for all the support, even if you just started playing and visit us or if you were here since the cap was level 10. I personally could not have made it this far without you guys. Thanks! As always let me know what you think!


  1. Multiplayer! Second!

  2. hay you should be able to change music to fire red and leaf green music or red and blue retro music

    b.t.w any one want shiny beedril search thomas bully

  3. nice update Sam BTW when i beaten the new story level and i went to save the game Crashed so i have to start all over i think

  4. @thomas Bully - Who knows maybe in the future..

    @boo - all over? did you never save at all?

  5. Great work, Sam! No new story this weekend is fine with me. Haven't even beat Sabrina :(
    I have a question; what is the benefit of multiplayer in terms of your accounts? On the first version, we don't use our own Pokemon so obviously no experience points benefit but what about money? Do both player earn money after each session or just the defender or no one gets any Pokedollars? If not then I guess it's just for fun, eh?

  6. @dany - Would be just for fun for now, eventually can hold tournaments for rare pokemon etc.

  7. hi Sam
    I just want to ask you for adding another one thing on the list the i believe that is important and not difficult to implement:
    When a pokemon dies I'd like to remain in my basic team. It's really frustrating trying to find the same pokemon between hundreds others when playing again and again a hard level like the last one
    George C

  8. Maybe charge $1 a month for each player? Also maybe for your multiplayer you would have to unlock pokemon with different moves, levels, and evolutions.

  9. I swear this new level puts the Vermillion City Gym to win. Not only do you need to be near or at the current level cap, but you also need a killer strategy. I almost have it (if only I knew how to counter Destiny Bond more effectively).

    Two level 63 Golems, one up top and one at the bottom, to intercept the incoming Pokemon with Bulldoze. Guarding Meowth for the first four waves are a level 63 Nidoking with Megahorn and a level 63 Beedrill with Assurance. All of the Ghastly go down before they can use Destiny Bond.

    At the bottom with the second Golem are a level 63 Butterfree with Psychic and Silver Wind and a level 64 Charizard with Shadow Claw and Fire Blast. Everything goes well until the Mr. Mime's show up. Normally, they wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, because the lower-left most position is not by the entrance like the upper-left most position is, the Haunters coming in can use Destiny Bond, and I have no way to counter it.

    Assuming I do get past those Mr. Mimes and Slowbros, Mewtwo comes along to ruin my day. By that time, my Charizard and two Golems have gone down thanks to Destiny Bond. Nidoking and Beedrill get owned thanks to being poison types. Butterfree's Silver Wing just doesn't have the damage output to put a dent in Mewtwo's special defenses.

    I haven't the slightest as to how I beat the Haunters without going down. I'm sure if I had my full party, Mewtwo would not be a problem. Any advice would appreciated.

    Very challenging update Sam. I'll keep at it.

  10. Will every one be able to play the new level? because it seams like you can't aford to make the multiplayer free to play.

  11. Have you ever thoguht about letting multiplayer run on the players own server? like in minecraft

  12. Hey sam,

    Can't believe how far we have come from that first ever gym battle, and the most complicated item was Manky and seismic toss (still waiting for my pooof!!) Haha.

    We have had some ups and downs, some left some right. But we still keep marching onwards.

    On a different note now, what has happened to Ninja-Ja? Its dissappeared off the face of the earth. So much for Bi-weekly updates. Lol

    As always sam, keep up your fantastic work. You have thousands behind you

    Forever your No.1 Fan :)

  13. hope the multiplayer level gives rewards to both attacker and defender.
    It should be like lavender town. attackers and defenders killing each other.


  14. Keep it up, I actually donated and this would be the first time I donated to a game developer =)

  15. Multiplayer!Eighth!In top 10!

    -Lightning Boy

  16. Another awesome update. New story level, pretty hard! I keep getting stuck on Mewtwo. Maybe i'll just wait until the level cap rises so I can beat this level with more ease, you know? Anyway, looking forward to future updates. Oh yeah,um, aren't I 8th or something? Whatever, good luck on making multiplayer!


  17. Hi SAM thank you creating this wonderful game but there are many players who cannot save there game in downloaded version and online take time to load so you should add myster gift code input in Pokemon Center.
    Your biggest fan

  18. Thx Sam finally multiplayer

    But how will it work????

  19. multiplayer w0000000000t !
    go on bro !

  20. 8th?(: Well Sam, doing as amazing as usual. Maybe after mulitplayer you take the week off like in v2. something. You've worked very hard & we appreciate the effort.

  21. Hey Sam gret update! it was kind of a tricky one, just a few comments... It did make it more interesting but destiny bond can't affect pokemon that uses attacks like perish song, future sight or toxic confuse ray etc (at least in my experience it doesn't work that way...

    i know i should put this in the suggestion section but i would like to post it here too.

    What about having a way of choose more than one attack and make a loop. For example constantly use defense curl and rollout without the needing of changing them manually, to preset them. Is that possible? because it would be huge for the Multiplayer.

    Your game is great, and it's so cool that only the first 151 pokemon are included...

    Greetings from Argentina

    P.s: Please forgive my English :P

  22. hey im new to this blog but not new to this game Sam ive made like the best game for tower defense pokemon freaks (like me) hahha ive got most pokemon now and thats cool

  23. Haze doesn't dispel accuracy drop from sand attack, and sometimes, my flying type pokemon can't land on the stones at the latest fish level.

  24. are you going to make pokemon like machoke and kadabra only envolving with a different account because it seems pretty easy to envolve pokemon by trading.

    Also another question for trading. Are you going to make kingdra, magmortar magnezone etc... available in this game

  25. Oh my gosh.......Saffron city was HARD. VERY HARD. I think I finally beat it, but I can't tell. I think the pkmn I had the hardest time killing was the slowbro. It was a great lvl, though. Plz make more of them in the future.
    #1 fan in the U.S, J-dog

  26. Sam, Now what is the chance to see a shiny poke??
    It changed many times and i don`t remember it.
    It`s 1/1000 or 1/10000?? (Sorry for bad english)

  27. im one of those long time supporters. iv been playing the game since before accounts were made, so im one of the people that have been playing since the beginning. it really has changed a lot since then, some good some bad (in my opinion, not necessarily everyone elses), but yea great game so far and keep it up :)

  28. Hello, you can improve the game translating in other languagues. If you want I could translate it into Spanish language, I love translate games!


  29. Hey Sam, I can't believe multiplayer is starting up :D I got 2 question about it though, will we be able to choose who we battle or is it random? Also will pokemon only have 1 attack to use or will we be able to change attacks? Well thanks for bringing shinies back in the wild :) and wonderful level, it is hard but when you find a strategy not as much. Keep up the good work Sam, your amazing :D

    - gogogogo99

  30. May I ask a question about weekly contests? When you put something like a shiny Lapras on trade, at the end of the week, do you give more or less attention to Pokemen that are easier to adopt that to find in the wild? For example, I have a shiny Kingler that I got from the wild and a shiny Venomoth that I got from a trade, meaning that I spent no real-life money on them, and I wanted to know if that makes you impressed when you see a trade like this or would you think it's too cheap?

  31. So how will it be decided what Pokemon can learn Hydro Pump? Only those that learn it by Level Up?

  32. Shinies are back, yay. I caught 2 Gastlys yesterday :).

    Uber Dan

  33. Sam, when you have the time, could you find some way to let us preset our team so we don't have to get them from storage to our current team when pokemons faint?

  34. hey sam, why don't you make a survival mode? you can't catch any pokemon there (only 3 pokes available), and the pokes become stronger and stronger each wave, non stop. after you lose, it tells you you'r score, (and possibly have a high score list)

  35. hey are you going to add more ability's like static. and i did save it look's same maybe i did beat the new level or not Because i can't tell the Different Because There's no level after Saffron City. Please Comment. your No 2.fan

  36. Sam,

    As always, great update and cool multiplayer idea!

    One suggestion I have is in the trading center it would be really helpful to indicate which players are asking for a pokemon or not in their trades. Even a little exclamation mark or something beside the trade would be a huge help. This would help those of us who are looking for an instant trade based on what the player has asked for - gts style.

  37. @SAM

    Tournament? That really sounds GREAT!!!
    And it will be really cool if the prize pokemons are from JOHTO, What do you think???

  38. take your break sam! You deserve it :3

  39. Lawlz, Saffron City + Alakazam avatar gave me an idea (though it will take quite some time to make of course)
    How about an avatar that represents each of the defeated Gym Leaders?

    Onix or Geodude for Brock (wait, Geodude has already been done)
    Starmie for Misty
    Raichu for Lt. Surge
    Vileplume or Exeggcute for Erika
    Alakazam for Sabrina (already done)

    Later ones:
    Koffing or Weezing for Koga or Janine (Don't know who you're gonna go with, probably Koga)
    Magmar for Blaine (Or Arcanine since Blaine only has Magmar in Gen II and IV)

    Final Gym Leader?

  40. 8th!

    Hey Sam, you didn't do the weekly questions this time :P

  41. Hello Sam! I have a question to ask.
    Here is some info:
    Perish Song (normal type)
    Yawn (normal type)
    Jyns (Ice and Psychic)
    Snorlax (Normal)
    Gengar (Ghost and Poison)

    Ok I will be asking about the Poke Tower 2 because I haven't beat that. Why does Jynx's Perish Song not work on Snorlax while Snorlax's yawn worked on Gengar?

  42. Sam i also have a question bout multiplayer

    Will we catch shiny pokemon on multiplayer? how?

    Will the first map of multiplayer be 1 of the already ingame or a new one, like the room for multiplayer battles foe example

    Btw, been playing this game since Petwer gym took 1 of your pokemon away, keep up the good work ;)

  43. Great game Sam, it´s really cool.
    v5.0 will have multiplayer.. What will the first map be? Forest, Mountain, or something a whole lot different?

  44. will we have to start alllll over with the multiplayer pokemon? i would like it that way, cause i know PLENTY of people who have hacked pokemon but it doesnt say theyre hacked, and they would wreck the fun of multiplayer

  45. Hooray multiplayer

    and its my pleasure to support you :)

    cant get past sabrina *sigh* i get stuck on wave one but hey MEWTWO and new attacking siystem what could be better?


  46. i uploaded ptd on kongregate, should i take it down? i'm not taking revenue, giving you guys credit, and people there really like it plz respond soon

  47. Sam, if there aren´t enought money from SnD Coins to pay host, why don´t you add a banner on the blog? Players can pay costs of the game by their clicks.

  48. It's cool that you're working on multiplayer Sam and hopefully you can get the other things on your list done as well for this version 5.0. And the Mewtwo AI thing explains why Mewtwo stopped attacking me when its life got low. It didn't recover so I guess I killed it too fast after it stopped attacking. ~Jonathan K.

  49. Sam, you are wonderful.

  50. Damn, Sam, I've been here since i saw this on newgrounds the day it debuted and i haven't strayed since. This is a great thing you have here and you've accomplished so much. I'm rooting for you Sam, on this and all your other TD ventures. Goodluck


    btw (since everyone else has one) thomas' idea was great, incorporating that will increase nostalgia ten fold. Oh and adding new pokemon powers starters power bonus, keen eye, etc. Every update would be extremely rad. Hope you consider these things. Take care.

  51. Zoom is great and the Speed is great :)
    I´m excited about the Multiplayer :)

    Keep up the good work!

  52. Would you consider adding in some of the moves Suicune, Raikou, and Entei are supposed to learn?

  53. Sam, (call me 123 when you answer)you should put more Pokemon in the training level where you show up (team rocket base) because it's getting easy to beat when you are training there. great game

  54. in multiplayer you should deffently be able to battle other trainers!

  55. Well come broo you have here a nice and really cool game

  56. @Chris Tan - Just set something that can 1-hit a Haunter with Thunder to hit the fastest Pokemons, and put it on the first lower slot. Then set 2 Pokemons that can deal huge amounts of dmg to attack the slowest ones, and place'em in the next slots. Since Thunder is pretty much instant, you won't have any problems. Also, make sure you have a support Pokemon that can do Helping Hand and Rain Dance. Nidoking is just perfect, since he also knows Megahorn, wich will be useful against Mewtwo. Check the last page of the last week's progress list. I also posted a strategy. Hope it helped.

  57. @George C - You have a good point, when your pokemon die he should stay on your party list, that way if I add a revive you can just drag it to him and you won't have to re select him in the party select screen.

    @anon 2:45AM - Charging a dollar a month would cover the expenses but I don't think a lot of people are willing to do that. It would be cool if unlocked things by playing multiplayer.

    @chris tan - thanks :)

    @anon 3:55AM - Yeah I'm not sure how it will turn out, I know if everybody goes to play multiplayer I will run out of bandwidth in the online server.

    @anon 3:55AM - That would be amazing the problem is I use a service called PlayerIO, they handle pretty much everything on the server side, so basically I'm not building a program and you install on a server and it runs the game I'm using a service that handles server scaling and maintenance, etc. So it won't be possible for a user to run the server on his computer but it would be a great option to explore.

    @Richard - Hey Rich :), Ninja-ja is being worked on exclusively by Dan and I haven't heard much about it, it's not dead but I don't know when you will see the next version of it.
    Thanks for the constant support!

    @MagZ - Yeah both sides will get rewards, and it will be like lavender town in that both sides can attack each other.

    @anon 4:42AM - I'm honored I was your first donation :)

    @anon 4:55AM - Thanks, much appreciated!

    @anonymous - Thanks!

    @Himanshu - I guess I can add the mystery gift input to the Pokemon Center. I'll put it on my suggestion list.

    @anon 5:42AM - I don't have all the details figured out yet (a lot of things change while you are building games) but it will be you vs another player in something like the lavender level.

    @Patar1010 - Thanks I appreciate the support!

    @Tah - I'll look into those things, the automatic loop thing is kinda tricky to implement for the player but I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks.

    @Jassen - thanks!

    @Anon 6:59AM - I'll fix Haze not dispelling accuracy drop in the update. Thanks.

    @joe - Nah cause making a new account and trading it that way is also easy but more of a hassle. Kingdra, magmortar etc won't show up until after the game is finished.

    @J-dog - Will do!

    @Lukazz - Shiny chance is the same as last time it was back 1/8000.

    @Rez - Thanks for sticking with us, hopefully the game is more good and bad :)

    @Avan - I'm waiting on translations until the game is completed.

    @gogogo99 - It might be random at first who you fight with and later I'll add you choosing who you want to fight with, you will have more than one attack. Thanks.

    @Anon 8:24AM - I don't have like a set requirements for the trade I look for unique offers. I don't really think about how much was spent on it or anything like that.

    @anon 8:44AM - I still have to decide who will learn Hydro Pump.

    @Gustavo - That would be good if you can preset your team, I'll see what I can do.

    @David - Survival mode sounds pretty good, I'll keep that in mind for the future.

    @Boo - yea abilities like static will be added, but aren't easy to add, I have to change a lot of how game works to make abilities work correctly.

    @Monksblend - Yes I agree, I'll see what I can do in the near future about making trades easier to find.

    @Anon 9:58AM - Johto pokemon as prices for multiplayer tournaments would be cool.

    @KimmyLube - Thanks, I have been needing a break!

    @Anon 10:21AM - Yeah! We def need an avatar for each gym leader I'll get my top women on it!

    @cfcbesto - Good catch, we are moving the weekly question to a bi-weekly question it seems there have been a lack of quality questions so it will take 2 weeks to gather 10 good ones.

  58. @chawenfeng - Perish Song won't work on a target that is higher level than you.

    @Juan - Thanks for sticking with out, multiplayer will be able battling against other trainers so there won't be any wild pokemon for this map at least.

    @bulletbill101 - You won't have to start over in multiplayer, the first map you will get preselected pokemon like some of the challenge levels.

    @bugfinder - thanks for the support :)

    @Jester - Kongregate won't allow the game to be placed on their site due to copyright reasons.

    @anon 12:01PM - I do have banners on the blog :)

    @Jonathan K - Thanks :)

    @Anon 12:29PM - No, you are wonderful.

    @Uptown - Thanks for sticking with us! I will try to add abilities each update :)

    @anon 12:59PM - Arigato!

    @anon 1:18PM - Yes! I know people have been asking for this for a while but I do think it's time to give them their proper move set in the near future.

    Also thanks to anybody I didn't reply to!

  59. Sam Otero said...
    ...eventually can hold tournaments for rare pokemon etc.
    November 15, 2011 2:21 AM

    Will the tournaments be non-hacked pokemon only also will it be by level (1-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-100) or by evolution (non-evolved, evolved once, final evolution)

  60. Hey Sam,

    Are the dogs back in the wild yet? I know shinies are.


  61. @Minimii - Yeah, brackets would be cool.

    @anon 3:11PM - Yes, dogs are back in the wild also and no I'm not revealing the chance :)

  62. The new level is hard I am going to train my pokemon and beat if I can't I will train more pokemon and wait for the level cap to increase to use perish song. On a side note LOVE the opening song It is helpful if your computer is slow and you play other games while waiting for PTD to load because you just have to wait to hear the song and not check back every minute. One the last PTD post someone had an idea about adding more shiny quests and another person had an idea about lowering the chance of getting casino coins in daily code. I think these are good ideas you should think about.

  63. Sam please help. A person on avatar chat named POKEDUDE (with all caps) scammed me. Here is how:

    I was on avatar chat when a person ( POKEDUDE ) said "Who want SnD coins?" I wanted some (obviousy) and answered "me" he then told me to email him my email and password.I did.The next day I find out that my shiny pidgey,and shiny ratata were stolen.I didnt care much though.But I then got angry that my precious Raikou had also been stolen.Before you ask I got it in a trade.
    Please help!Also I went back on and avatar chat to find people angry with me beacuse I scammed them!So POKEDUDE used my account for scamming too.After I also found out that he scammed these people I will list:
    PEEPOTTY PIE!!!!,Bunny-Rabbit,and WolfKing


    -KingAlan of Darkrai

  64. Sam what about adding more ways of payment? I don't have a credit card so i can't pay and i would like to buy SnD coins...

  65. Sam you should remove extra black space when you zoom out on Route 8 at 50% you can move the screen and make it ALL black.

  66. hey sam

    in the search trades section in the pokemon center when u search for pokemon other people want can you organize the pokemon by pokedex number or at least if they are shiny or not i hate searching to see who wants a shiny starter or sumtin and seeing like 10 normal low lvl pidgeys....
    if u read this plz add it to the progress list sumtime coz it really annoys me


  67. Can you add all the Halloween avatars on game corner

  68. Hey Sam, did you include wild shiny Pokemon in Route 12?

  69. Stupid destiny bond I hope you ever look at my twitter stuff gamermod947 anyways I have played since april when my friends little brother started playing it and I have been hooked I am not your number 1 fan I am your #0 fan it is even bigger than one haha lol keep up the good work

  70. @anon 4:08PM - Shiny quest are hard to do just cause you have to make them hard enough to get so that that shiny pokemon keeps some value. Casino coins in the daily code do need to be toned down.

    @KingAlan - Your mistake was giving him your email and password. Until I add the change password feature you would use a different account.

    @anon 4:27PM - Do you know of any other payments out there?

    @Minimii - I'll work on that.

    @anon 4:33PM - Yes I will add that in the near future.

    @anon 4:37PM - Nah, I like that some of them are harder or more luck based to get.

    @anon 4:37PM - Yes.

  71. Hey Sam, theres a rare candy in the top left corner of route 12, i think its a bug. PLEASE REPLY!!!

  72. @coolioguy77 - Not a bug I just didn't hide it right lol.

  73. For the trading center, do you think it would be possible to make an option to distinguish between "I would like this Pokemon AND this Pokemon" vs. "I would like this Pokemon OR this Pokemon"?

  74. Hey Sam, what about some new achievements? Maybe an achievement for the Hydro Pump TM? Thanks!
    (Since level cap 10 :D)


  75. Sam, have you thought at all about adding back in an option for the Pokemon menu to allow you to drop a pokemon in rather than replacing it with the one you dropped? I understand that you have a large list of priorities but I see this as reasonably high on that list and would at least like to see it on suggestions. If I sound rude at all, I don't mean to be. Thank you for the great games.

  76. @anon 2:36PM Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It took me at least 20 tries with some improvizing, but your strategy worked!

  77. Sam, this is just me being paranoid, but i fear you may make shinies harder to get.

    Well dont, you said you were going to do that because it would be more like other games then.

    Well, think about it, in Pokemon:The real games, you see shinies, just incredibly rarely.

    In mystery dungeon, you see NO shinies

    Each game had a different concept for shinies, and PTD's could be that this is the first game that actually has lots of shinies, and they actually are somewhat important.

    By the way, multiplayer sounds great, i just hope the hackers wont play with us legit-ers

  78. @anon 5:14PM Think about the fact that in this game you encounter much more wild Pokemons than in the original games.

  79. sorry cant be bothered to check if this has been said before. i just managed to purchase the 100,000 daily code when i haven't beaten safron, i thought the requirement was to beat the latest level. bit of a pointless bug but hey, thouhgt i'd point it out.

  80. I just checked again and you have the switching out on bugs. If it was up when I posted that last comment and I didn't see it then I apologize. Either way thank you for considering it.

  81. @anon 4:49PM - An AND/OR would be good for the trade center.

    @Tristan - The Achievement is beating Saffron City?

    @anon 5:31PM - I always forget to add the new level to the requirement for the daily code.

    @Crazymerio - :)

  82. when a legendary dog like entei shows up is the bar all red and does it stop like when a shiny arrives?

  83. With the speed and zoom would it be possible to make the speed/zoom highlighted because I never know what speed it is until the waves start and it would just be easier for me.

  84. @Unknown - Added it to the list :)

  85. @Sam, if you beat Saffron City, you unlock the new TM.


  86. put a level cap to pokemon you can use in callenge levels to make them more challenging, also the mount moon 1 challenge level has no reward, so maybe a great ball??

  87. Sam, your game is really cool. What is the chance that a catch-able Lapras will appear on the latest fish level?

  88. hi sam, for the paying thing for multiplayer, you could limit playing to once per 10 minutes or something. People who don't want to wait can pay 1 dollar or something per month to have a "no wait" feature.


  89. Hey Sam! I have a question. How do you give Prof. Oak a Pokemon with the Move Cut? In Chapter 4, Rock Tunnel it keeps saying: Oak told me to bring him a pokemon with Cut back to Route 2. So how do I do that? I tried releasing my pokemon there but it didnt work.

  90. Just make Gastly and Haunter of Saffrom City level don't use destiny bond, it's bad when you reach the mewtwo part and you have only two pokemons

  91. Hey Sam I havn't uploaded a comment for a very long time because I just really didn't have any reason too but now I'm just worried where the storyline is going with this game, it definately is a lot different than what it was heading towards when the last level of the game was Vermilion City.

  92. Sam:
    Have you tried putting PTD on Armor Games?
    It would get a HUGE amount of extra people playing the game.
    The problem would be the Armor Game Accounts...

  93. @samuel wan
    cut the bush. place a pokemon with cut beside it.

    The attack sand tomb's 1st hit does not show the weakness color. It should right?


  94. Hey Sam.

    Here's an idea. Add a new pokemon to the game in a previous level. Don't tell anyone what it is or where it is, and make it as rare as Snorlax and Lapras with green bars. That'll get people hunting.

  95. As much uber Mewto is, he does not attack if his defense buff is not up. So just annoy him with leer and he won't attack you ;-)
    Finally beat the level with a team of level 54 Pokemon .... thanks to Whirlwind, Helping Hand, Leer (lol).

  96. One of your long time supporters, reporting for duty ;) I remember back before VF1 was introduced haha!

    I agree with Chase98, but I don't have any suggestions for it, I'm sure I couldn't make a good enough story anyhow.

    Is there any way you could tell us what the 2x experience cap is for each level? I'd like to know when it's time to switch training levels for when I get a new poke or something.

    Also, could you implement a refund feature for the Daily Code if you get a duplicate prize? I've wasted nearly a million pokedollars on repeat Halloween Avatars and useless ice-punching Abras =P

    On a related note, can you see the moves of pokemon that are offered for your weekly trade? If so, I might just train up all the pokes I get from the code and trade them in ;)

    If you reply, you can call me Cosgrove

  97. When a pokemon faints don't remove him from your party

    Then we can't beat the third challange 'MT. Moon'

  98. Thank you for replying to me earlier Sam
    I have another idea that may not me so important but it will make the game look nicer.
    I'd like to see the player's avatar to look where the mouse is pointing while playing a level. it will be more realistic and this is also working in the avatar chat (but I believe it will be better if you didn't have to click somewhere for the avatar to change the direction it's looking)
    simple things make us come closer to perfection :)
    take care
    George C

  99. Sam, there is a bug with dragonite Outrage, it should kinda work like vinazuar petal dance - 120 base power 100% accuracy and make you confused
    BUT when you use outrage the confusion kills you almost instantly!

    you can only use outrage like once or twice before the pokemon using it faints..

  100. Uhmm I Think It Would Be Good If Pokemon Have Genders And They Can Breed In A Breeding Center And The Egg Will Be In The Nursery for an hour to hatch.

  101. Hey Sam,
    Would you make an option to choose rooms in the avatar chat(I can't find my friends)? And if you could do that, you can surely make an option to change backgrounds. And since you are not making the weekly shiny hunt, can you make another way to take one of our pokemon to the avatar chat?

    Your great fan

    Ace Ketchum (this is my account name if you wanted to gift me a shiny or something)

  102. Hi Sam !
    Its me again why don't you make a targeting system in which you put the name of the pokemon before each level and when that pokemon comes it moves from 4x speed to 1x or it stops or gives a warning like when a shiny comes. So it makes it easier to catch specific pokemon while doing some other work.

    Your fan,
    Ace Ketchum

  103. Sam, Can I Request Something To Be Added In The PTD??....
    Pls Add A DayCare Center With A Chance To be Shiny When The Egg Has Hatched.......So That We Wont Be Trying So hard To Find Shinies.....Just The 2 Same Pokemons...Will Make Egg....Ex. 2 Arboks....=1 Ekans(Maybe A Chance To Be Shiny).......=3...Pls I Hope So...And Pls Update Pokemon Center With More Interesting Things To Do WIth It......I Hope that All I Requested Will Happen.....=3

  104. you should leave the music even after you log in then we wont be board choosing what to do

  105. When are we gonna find out who wins the Entei? I can only play on Friday so I want to know if it's worth leveling the shinies I want to offer.

  106. Hi sam again Himanshu here but there is a bug in avatar chat a blank screen comes when i login with my original id but if i open my fake id it come alright dont know if others also have this problem.

    your biggest fan

  107. Sam Following on from anon 4:20 who asked for an alternative method of payment i think he meant like PTD money :) and i would appreciate that to :)


  108. @mmewk - I honestly don't mind that you can beat the challenge levels easy cause of overleveling I will add more challenges in the future that will give you pre selected pokemon. No prize for MM1 :)

    @anon 6:49PM - Lapras chance is 1/1000

    @Chris - I like the idea of limited multiplayer play so that more people can play for free and then unlimited pay to those who paid. We will see how it goes.

    @Samuel Wan - Teach one of your pokemon the TM Cut and then place it on the top spot on Route 2.

    @Anon 8:54PM - You have to figure out how to defeat them without losing pokemon. You can do it!

    @Chase98 - Why are you worried about the storyline? What part of it don't you like?

    @Mike Marra - I actually had a talk with the person in charge of Armor Games, in the end the copyright issue kept the game from appearing there. Also the account thing was also a factor.

    @Magz - Added to the fix list.

    @Santoryu02 - That sounds pretty cool on paper but it leads to me getting spammed with a thousand where do I find _____!

    @danychriz - Clever ;)

    @Cosgrove - You should be able to tell what kind of experience you are getting and if one of your lower level guys is getting double.

    I want to implement trading avatars to help with duplicate prizes. Also I can't see the attacks while I'm deciding what to trade. I'm adding that feature this week.

    @PowerTitaniumDragon - Very good catch, I added a little comment about this on the list!

    @George C - Having your avatar follow your mouse could be an interesting detail. I'm adding it to the suggestion page.

    @Anon 4:38AM - The reason for this is that confusion is being assigned a damage value based on the attack type, so Dragon is weak against Dragon and the confusion is hitting for a lot. I need to make confusion always hit for a certain amount.

    @Wayne - Genders won't be in this game, if I make a sequel I'll add Genders.

    @Ace Ketchum - I do want to do all those things but they will be in the future. Having the game stop on a pokemon you assign just sounds like you want the whole game to be played for you :)

    @anon 7:28AM - Eggs and gender will be for a possible sequel.

    @anon 7:48AM - As far as leaving the music on after you log in, I thought a lot of about and even tested the music on and it's really weird because you go from the music to the level intro music or the level music and it seems really weird.

    @Himanshu - Make sure you password is correct for the chat.

    @Bugfinder - using PokeDollars to buy SnD Coins is not happening. Mainly because of how easy it is to hack pokedollars and how hard it is to stop it.

  109. ``using PokeDollars to buy SnD Coins is not happening. Mainly because of how easy it is to hack pokedollars and how hard it is to stop it.´´
    You can make the oppossite: using SnD coins to buy PokeDollars or Casino Coins. Also, you can make we can use Casino Coins to buy PokeDollars. I have serious problems with PokeDollars, but I have very much Casino Coins.

    Pd: Someone hacked my account and steal me all my Casino Coins. :(

    A Spanish PTD fan


  110. Hiya Sam,

    I've been on route 12 for a really long time now. I've been training all my pokemon up to level 64. Anyways, I have not seen a single shiny pokemon yet, and I've let the game play for more than 10 hours. Am I just unlucky or something? I dunno, but I also found two catchable lapras in one wave, so yay for me.

    Also, it's kinda hard to place Lapras and Snorlax on the level sometimes. I guess it's just since they're big.

  111. Sam thanks for adding shinys back, I got a SHINY GOLDEEN!!!!!!

  112. Hey, Sam. I just came up with an idea about the languages. This might take a few weeks, but it would be worth it. I mean putting in a button on the options screen, so when you press it, it changes your language to tings like Japanese, Portuguese, and German. Also, you should put in Pokemon Green. It was Japanese only, but It had different Pokemon than Red and Blue. Plus I loved Pokemon Green more than the rest.

  113. Sam, I don't know if you've address this before, but will it be possible in the future to have Aqua Ring Baton Passed?

  114. Also, a player should only be allowed to enter multiplayer 3 times a day. And the winner of a multiplayer battle should get either 500 Casino Coins or 5000 Pokedollars.

  115. Hey sam, i just saw bugfinders idea. and i agree, pokedollars for snd coins is outrageous.... but, why not do trade pokemon for snd coins. I mean, you cant do hacked pokemon obviously. But seriously, you could trade only shinies. And the way could be, non-evolved shinies tjat are not that rare get you one coin. Rarer shinies like eevee, alakazam, etc. and the starters get you 3. And finally.... super rares like lapras or snorlax (shiny) get you 5 coins!!!

    I think this could work. but maybe you have to have at least bought one of the packets to access this, that way you guys dont lose to much money.

  116. You should not be able to buy the avatars you allready own.
    Also it would be great if you add the "old" avartars to the shop

  117. I found a possible glitch. When a Gastly dies in Saffron, it takes out 2 of my pokemon or one random pokemon that didn't deal the KO.
    Also, when is the next level cap increase?

  118. On route 8 when I move some pokemon they lose half their HP is this a bug.

  119. can i make a request to add either bulldoze or dig as a TM since both moves are already in game?

  120. sam if u cant do the multiplayer can we just get a three legendary dog mystery code

  121. hey sam, just a little observation. i think that the description of the move "Wring Out" isn't correct. it says that the power of the move is "120*enemy life % " in that case if the enemy is at full health the power would be 120*100% = 12000
    given that the move's power in the games varies beetwen 1 and 120. you should check that but it isnt really important, i know there are things with higher priority. anyway, i really admire your work and i really like the game, specially the last level. keep up the great work, im really looking forward to the finished game as well as to HTD


  122. Hey Sam,

    I haven't played for awhile and I am very surprised with all of the great new levels. However, I am having trouble getting snorlax and lapras. I heard they were 1/1000 but I also heard that killing big snorlax makes it easier to find a catchable one? Also does catchable lapras appear in the spots of a catchable pokemon or a boss pokemon?

    Thanks and looking forward to multiplayer :)

  123. Hey Sam. Mud Shot is causing flying types to slow down. Can You fix it?

  124. @ Anon 9:20 PM - learn2Math

    @ Anon 9:21 PM - I believe both Snorlax and Lapras have a 1/1000 chance of replacing any pokémon with a green health bar in their respective levels. Similar to Eevee, Pikachu, etc. Same way shinies work as well (except a 1/8000 chance) and the Legendary Beasts (1/? chance)

  125. Hey Sam (and kimmy Lube if you read this) what about a snorlax avatar for thanksgiving? I think it would be kind of cool because, you know, he likes to eat :)


  126. @Sam its not that I dont like the storyline its just that we have no idea whats happening with Gary, Ash, Kyogre, and Brock.

  127. Hey sam really cool game but what happened to the kyogre we were supposed to bring to cinabar island?

  128. @ Anon 9:20 PM:

    120 * 100% enemy life is saying that the base power of 120 is multiplied by a number between 1% and 100%, meaning 0.01 to 1.00, so the power is still capped at 120. 100% doesn't equal 100.

  129. Sam I have a bug with gastly using destiny bond it still shouldnt affect pidgeotto cause destiny bond is a ghost move ghost moves do not affect them and a select few others

  130. Hey samO i think some people like myself would like use a new caught pokemon to occupy its space i the team for the fainted one so why don't u make the revive an equipped item so everyone can be happy


  131. @SAM
    What program you are using to make PTD?
    Your game inspired me to make my own ( which makes you my teacher :D)

  132. @Mighark - Using SnD Coins to buy pokedollars or casino coins is something I don't have a problem doing if users want it. Also using Casino coins for pokedollars is something I'm also willing to do. So I'm adding it to the suggestions.

    @Santoryu02 - Yeah, it's all based on a random number roll (luck). They can be hard to place because they are big and might be touching two spots at once.

    @AwesomeTrainer - As I've said before I'll be doing different languages when the game is completed. Added to the FAQ page.

    @Pyro - I have it on my bug list for the near future.

    @turtleshell27 - I might do something like this, what I had in mind more was letting users to bought one of the packets be able to put their shinies up for adoption at a cheaper prices but it allow them to get snd coins.

    @anon 5:09PM - I will be adding old avatars to the shop.

    @anon 5:30PM - I will check out that bug, also next level cap can be this update.

    @minimii - I'll check it out (added to the bugs page).

    @anon 8:46PM - I put Dig as a TM for this next version :)

    @anon 9:17PM - What!? No...

    @Darren - Killing big snorlax will not affect the rate of seeing a regular one. Also Lapras only show up on catchable pokemon spots (the two at the end of each wave).

    @anon 11:26PM - Added to bug list.

    @Tristan - Snorlax Avatar would be cool for thanksgiving!

    @Chase98 - We will be seeing more about gary, ash, kyogre, and brock soon.

    @Micah - Added to bug list. Thanks.

    @Mikan - I'll probably have both an item and an equip item to revive.

    @Lighting - I use Adobe Flash Professional CS 5.5, I'm glad I've inspired you :) (Added to FAQ page)

  133. Ah Ok, maybe when the forum has more members we could make it weekly questions again xDDD

    For the poll, I voted Psyduck :P

    I don't have any complaints if it's Horsea, I'm just voting Psyduck so some of us (me) could become closer to completing the second page in the pokedex with Psyduck and Golduck :)

    P.S. You could probably work out that I'm requesting for Ponyta and Slowpoke in future levels/Mystery Gifts ;)

  134. @Micah: It is true that Destiny Bond is a ghost type move, but in the REAL GAME (by Nintendo and Game Freak) it affects everyone. It's just like hypnosis is a psychic type but still can put a dark type enemy to sleep. So SamO, please don't pay attention to all the holes people are trying to find. DestinyBond is pure death (lol). Well according to the REAL GAME, it can kill higher level Pokemons as well but that would make this game easier I suppose. And also don't listen to people who ask for (what the heck) free legendary dogs.....

    I am not sure about this but I think it is still possible to hack the non-hacked version of the game so that all Pokemon that appear in the wild is shiny. If so, then cashing shiny Pokemons for Snd coin would be a bad idea.

    And also, I regret suggesting that thunder should never miss during rain, serebii.net simply says 100% accuracy during rain (not never misses during rain).

    I personally think Mudshot should hurt a flying type too because it's mud hurled at the enemy not just the ground shaking. Regarding this, it's your call, Sam!

  135. 2 Pokemon on the Poll for Mystery Gift... will the loser be a Mystery Gift next week?

  136. Sam

    By the suggestions you set gender
    But your are saying that there will be on gender added in a seqeul of PTD

  137. Anon at 9:47 PM, 120 times 100% is equal to 120 times 1.(100%=1)

  138. so sam... no plans on including more abilities this week? also... do you have any idea when you'll include held items?

  139. You know how you talked about tornumants for multiplayer?Well the prizes could be somethig like this:

    Day 1:non-shiny common with breeding move

    Day 2:non-shiny uncommon with breeding move
    exept laras/sorelax/jynx/mr.mime/farfetchd

    Day 3:non-shiny laras or sorelax or jynx or mr.mime or farfetchd

    Day 4:common shiny

    Day 5:uncommon shiny exept laras/sorelax/jynx/mr.mime/farfetchd

    Day 6:shiny laras or sorelax or jynx or mr.mime or farfetchd

    Day 7:non-shiny dog

    Day 8:shiny mew

    Day 9:shiny dog

    Day 10:non-shiny mew

    and you could switch around the days like doing Day 1 and Day 2 alot and almost never do Days 7-8 and so on

    -KingAlan of Darkrai

  140. Hey, Sam. My dragonite and my fearow are being hit by my pinser's earthquake! That shouldn't happen. Can U fix it? I posted this here because I don't have a twitter account and my laptop won't let me on twitter. I also don't know your e-mail. So that is why I posted my problem here.

    Sincerely, Dragon King

  141. why would anyone vote for horsea? Goldduck isso much better than seadra :P


  143. Sam i think there should be secret levels. Like for example if you have a pokemon with cut on route 12 you somethig will happen and there will be a level with rare pokemon, but not exactly a required level

  144. Hooray, Horsea is winning!

  145. sam you should have pokemon walk with you in the avatar chat

  146. KingAlan of Darkrai, that would make those Pokemon worthless instead of a treasure to have.

  147. Adding pokemon attacks to the trading center pokemon (50%)

  148. Did anybody see the change in the Pokemon center yet?

  149. Thanks for looking into the multiple pokemon fainting "glitch" (I was Anon @5:30 on Wednesday), Sam!
    Also, when will we see what happened to Gary and Maruto; Gary was last seen hiding from the bird trio, and Maruto turned out to be Sabrina in disguise.

  150. @Anon 8:30 cool but now takes even more time to move around a big list of pokes. Besides the diference in color is not that noticable between normal and shinies (in the background and also some pokes like scyther). Still more appealing.

    I'd suggest a tiny star to mark shinies

  151. I may be a little OCD, but I'd like shinies to be a 1.5 version of the pokemon, like Bulbasaur is Pokemon 1, and Shiney Bulbasaur is Pokemon 1.5, or Ivysaur is Pokemon 2, and Shiney Ivysaur is 2.5. That way, when I sort pokemons, they're organized in a way where shinies are always after the non-shinies.

  152. Hey Sam, this is a great update. I was wondering, maybe you could add a difficulty bar, in which the user can increase or decrease the level's difficulty, so that one may level up faster?

    Thanks again,
    Bartholomew J.

  153. hey sam i though final gambit fainted the user, if this is right, then could you please fix this

  154. Sorry, but I finished Pewter Gym (both challenge and story) but I still haven't got dig TM. I thought that move could be for diglett but there's no DIG on the TMS/HMS selection.

  155. Hi Sam i noticed a thing in the trade center i see that you have done so we can see moves and other stuffs (i loves it) and you have spelled harden wrong it sais hardem instead

  156. @Anon 1:04 AM - Dig TM is for the next update.

  157. Hi Sam,

    I see that most of the people have voted for horsea(including me).Then why don't you add the abilities for them?And if you do that, will you add both the abilities(swift swim/poison point and sniper)?And are you going to add hidden abilities?

    Ace Ketchum

  158. Hey Sam, I'm not sure why this is, but I haven't been able to log on to my account for weeks. I've been playing practically since the beginning of PDT and it just suddenly stopped working a while ago. Not sure if it's a bug or something I screwed up, but it saddens me not to be able to keep up with my favorite online game. Any thoughts?

  159. hey Sam, me again, in the game corner you gave clefairy the moves pound and ground? I think its supposed to be pound and growl because I checked and ground is not a move :)


  160. The new Pokemon Center is Weird and i cant identify where is shiny pokemon because i am a color blind please put back the SHINY sign Please thnx ;"good game". :)

  161. I found that in the trading center you can only ask up to 62.

  162. Oh, I almost forgot

    Can you pause the game (like when shinies appear) when catchable Lapras/Snorlax appear?

  163. Finally!
    After long thinking and a careful read-through of posts, I think I might have a solution to the shiny rarity problem! Stand back! This is going to be one long post...

    A shiny island!

    Basically, at some point in the game, you can pay a certain amount of money (a lot) and go to a newly-found shiny island where the shiny rate increases the closer you get to the center(the level of the pokemon also increases the closer you are to the middle)!

    One problem. There is a maze you have to navigate to get there (like rock tunnel, the closer you get to the middle, the more likely a shiny will appear (this will increase gradually) but there is no way of telling which way to go to get to the center or any indication that the shiny rate has increased (other than seeing more than before). There are no pokemon centers around so you will have to make it with what you've got.

    Once all your pokemon are out, you will have to go back to the mainland and heal up before paying to get back across.

    There could also be a certain requirement to get across, like having to find 10 different shinies and show them to Professor Oak.
    Hope you consider this! :)

  164. "Add a better description to Moves that can cause instant KO, detailing that they won't hit pokemon lower level than you. (0%)"

    Do you mean higher leveled? :P

  165. HEY SAM!
    Sorry to complain but I don't the new way pokemon are displayed on trade, it takes up too much room and I can't tell which are shiny as quickly!
    Could there not be an option how to view pokemon up for trade?
    I was also wondering if there may be some easier way for trainers to list the pokemon they want, at the moment you have to click the trade to find out, and certain trainers may be after one or two particular pokemon, there could be a way to suggest this without having to put it as a request on every pokemon you have up for trade or putting it in your name as I've seen some trainers do.

  166. Sam I just wanted to point out that keen Eye says K E when it activates. Might wanna fix that.

  167. @Ace Ketchum - Abilities are hard to add at the moment but I plan to have them all :)

    @fa2ef12c - If you have a lot of pokemon in your account try trading some to a new account and see if you can log in. This is a common problem with people with a lot of pokemon on one account.

    @Tristan - Fixed :)

    @anon 6:44AM - Added a shiny star next to shinies :)

    @anon 6:59AM - Good catch I will fix that up right now!

    @PG - Nah! Just keep an eye out for them.

    @CrazyItalianDetective - You and your crazy italian detective ideas, it's interesting, not sure when I will have time to add something like that.

    @cfcbesto - Yeah.. opps...fixed!

    @TIM! - I'll be adding more and more features to the pokemon center as time goes on, each feature takes a while to implement.

    @anon 3:31PM - I'll check it out, thanks.

  168. In multiplayer there should be two modes. Team and Vs. battles. In team you can either play on the normal story levels with two of your own files, but each level has more spaces to place your pokemon, or you could play with someone anywhere if you have their E-mail. In vs. you battle an opponent and their are 5 candies in the middle of the course. There are NO places to set your pokemon, but like in the second challenge level when you click on one of your pokemon you send them out using that move. You have x5 of each one of your 6 pokemon, so the round may last longer, with a max of 3 pokemon out at a time (like in Unova triple battles) Winner is whoever takes more candy. Tell me what you think Sam!

  169. Yep me and my crazy Italian ideas! I suppose that it could be a side project, work a little at a time until it is ready.

  170. Can you add the ability Levitate if you have spare time?

  171. dear sam

    i am omega red from ptd player

    i sent you 2 mounths ago 3 letters but u didn't answer me .why ,my email is giga-man555@hotmail.com

    the letters were some suggetions:

    1st: can u plzzz add the snd coins as a daily code to let other players getting them for free

    2nd:add more chooses for searshing trades to searsh them easily

    3rd : upgrade the pokeballs

    please this is the 4th time i send u a letter
    so plzz answer me quilckly

    omega red

  172. @Sam - like to see how the things I suggest get in game even tho its only after other people REsuggest it or just gets polled or so... whatever! Bad Sam never giving credit to all might Gon that always gives feedback and great suggestions =S

    (yeah I have and exam tomorrow lol... inorganic chemistry)

  173. hey sam can you answer these please please please

    1] are you adding seadra and kingdra or just seadra?

    2]instead of voting for 2 at a time why dont you try

    [ex] 1]psyduck
    or maybe just 3
    sincerly from tonfon(and im not chinese just in case your wondering)

  174. I have a blog named:

    Pokemon world

    on blogger.Can you please check it out and give me some tips?Also I am gunna put you and PTD on there first. :)

    -KingAlan of Darkrai

  175. sam
    i am very disappointed with how you decided to do multiplayer. I had hoped it would be like you have a friends list of people and you can play the story mode in a co-op way. This would work where shinies would be disabled and the game would never pause. each person would choose 3 pokemon for 2 people, 2 pokemon for 3 people and 1 pokemon each for 6 people. This is what i had been expecting for the last 6 months and been been so excited for that long. But know i see what you are doing and I like it because there has to be competition because that will make it more fun but, at least make a poll to have another section for co-op. Please! :(

  176. hi SAM,
    i have an entei on trade.But i got one request have mewtwo and there are many people who do this but i dont know how can you fix this.I cant give my entei because mewtwo is not in game till now but if accept it can be a bug to my profile. =(

  177. hey sam i have a glitch for you in the trade center: harden is spelled hardeM and round on clefairy is spelled Ground so i'd be glad if you added it to the list

    Charmie 222(Blastoise 324)

  178. hi sam
    i rly like the new stuffs in the poke center but the movesets takes to much space i think but the other things is great.

  179. Working overtime! v4.9.5 is out on the blog, on Monday we will get the official launch (v4.9.6) with Mystery Gift, and any fixes! Enjoy!

  180. Hi Sam i agree Guitarman13579

  181. hey sam since the horse will be a mystery gift on monday, can you make psyduck the next mystery gift please. or if you have other plans in mind, its cool with me.

  182. Sam I really wanted to have both psyduck and seadra for mystery gift but we all were supposed to vote for anyone so..........I wanted that you should add more than 1 mystery gift for the next update it will make the game more fun.

  183. hi SAM,
    i cannot login into avatar chat and its written version 1.4 is out but it's version 1.3 and when i try to login a blank screen appears and i have done it hundreds of time and i am sure that i have written right password please fix it =(
    - Himanshu

  184. Hey, Sam, when a shiny shows up, the speed resets normally, but it still highlights the speed you had before it appeared.

  185. Sam I got a new Idea for next weeks mystery gift.......You should add a mix and match avatar like bulbasaur's skin(probably for the chest and stomach,Squirtle's shell and charmander's burning tail with the regular character's face......I know it will look a little funny but its a very good suggestion I think....so if you want then please try to add this mix n' match avatar also.

  186. wich pokemon can learn dragon pulse

  187. sam i know how hard you have been working but i was wondering if you can make the pokemon at safron city a bit weak plase
    thx keep up the good work

  188. On the last level of story mode are you going to make it so you can catch mewtwo?

  189. I always miss a level cap update when I read the updates list...

  190. AAAAAH! Can't play the game, I can't drag my pokemons before starting a level... So I can't start... Sam help me please! Do a little update to fix this bug I can't play any level now...

  191. Hi Sam

    Why can't dragonite learn dragon claw with TMs?
    There is no TMs for dragon claw... :(

  192. My Gengar was using Destiny Bond and when Mewtwo beat him, Mewtwo wasn't defeated. Shouldn't be defeated?

  193. There's trouble with Earthquake on Rote 12. I used Dragonit, Gyarados und Charizard with Earthquake and Fearow with Whirlwind. All my pokemon got damaged, Fearow fainted. Shouldn't fyling types be unaffected to EVERY ground-type attack, even my own?

  194. Sam, i think there should be one small update for only TM's and such, sorta like this...

    TM's(28)- 0%

    or like this...

    Level Cap raised to 100- 0%

    instead of like this...

    New Story Level- 0%
    Level Layout- 0%
    Level Waves- 0%
    Level Music- 0%
    Level Intro and Ending- 0%
    Level Cap Raised to... 99!- 0%
    New Mystery Gift- 0%
    Implant Code- 0%
    Implant into Pokemon Center- 0%
    Set Codes- 0%
    New Pokemon to Catch- 0% BEST SURPRISE EVAR!!!
    Graphics- 0%
    Shiny Graphics- 0%
    Add stats into game- 0%
    New Moves(2)- 0%
    Psystrike- 0%
    Aura Sphere- 0%
    New TM(1)- 0%
    Bug Fixes(12)- 0%

    Sam, i would rather have you work less(TM's) for indirect pleasure than you working you butt off for immediate pleasure. one small or big update for a big level cap or a lot of TM's, please! some TM's are some i wish my pokemon knew!(toxic,psywave,etc)

    and Sam, love the game SO MUCH!!! keep up teh good work

  195. Hello! I do have a suggestion, but first let me tell you, PTD is the best.
    The suggestion was to be able to buy more things in the pokemon center, like super potions or hyper potions instead of only potions. We could also be able to buy more potions, like at the start of a level we only have 6 potions. I wish we could buy a higher number of potions. The idea of different pokeballs is a great one, and I do encourage it. Please if you can add a 5x to speed. And that is about everything i can think of. Thank-you very much, and please consider thinking about all this. :D

  196. When I play the Saffron City level, my Pokemon freeze up whenever they level up (the part that usually flashes red stays red, and I can't click on them to do anything with them). What should I do to fix this?


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