Pokemon Tower Defense: v5.0 is out! Another week of attempting multiplayer!

Want to get the legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Purchase some SnD coins and get Ninja-ja bonus items free! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

What's new in v5.0

  • Level Cap Raised to 68 - closer to 100!
  • New Mystery Gift Pokemon- Birthday Victini! You guys voted for which Legendary you wanted as a special gift just in time for my birthday. 
  • Added Raikou, Entei, and Suicune's level up attacks and relearn attacks - If they were previously in the game any new moves will be added in the next update. 
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed when a shiny shows up highlight the speed back to 1x
    • Changed the background color of fainted pokemon so that it doesn't match the leveling up color 

Where can I play?
Hey guys! Thanks guys for making this birthday really stand out for me, I had a lot of fun and took some time to rest and relax with friends and family. Now it's back to business. Not much to say other than Multiplayer is what's coming next and that I'm going to put 100% on getting it done. Like I mentioned before Multiplayer like everything else in the game will be a work in progress. We will start with one map and premade teams for everybody while I slowly but surely add more moves and maps to it. There is also the issue of bandwidth but we will be playing that by ear and see what happens. There is a chance that I will have to shut it down if the bandwidth gets out of control but if we can keep it free that would be wonderful. I want to add moves that are missing for Victini, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Also raise the cap to 70 which will require a couple moves. I know it's been some weeks but bare with me, I will get this done!

v5.1 is now out on the blog. Blog post on monday for official release! Enjoy!

Level cap to 70 (100%)
  • New Moves (100%)
    • Me First (100%) - Mew
  • Change level cap in game (100%)
  • Change level cap in saving code (100%)
  • Implement new level cap in Trading Center (100%)
    Missing Moves for Victini, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune (100%)
    •  Lava Plume (100%) - Entei
    • Searing Shot (100%) - Victini
    • Incinerate (100%) - Victini
    • Endure (100%) - Victini
    • Flame Charge (100%) - Victini
    • V-create will be learned at level 98 for Victini.
    • Fusion Bolt will be learned at level 99 for Victini.
    • Fusion Flare will be learned at level 100 for Victini.
    Adding Seadra and Horsea properly to the Pokedex (100%)
    Removing Shiny Horsea that are hacked, and then adding Shiny Horsea for adoption (100%)
    Multiplayer (100%) - First map, premade teams, can't change moves, randomly either attack or defend, attackers win if they carry the old rod back. Attackers have 1000 energy to use. Defenders win if they don't let the attacker carry the old rod back and the attacker is out of energy. Winning or losing has no rewards or penalties.
    Putting a new pokemon up for trade on my Account samO (100%) - Shiny Horsea is now up for trade on my samO account!
    Added new moves to the Pokemon Center Move List (100%) 
    Removed odd looking reflection on pokeball on the main menu (100%) - :)

    Top 10 Forum Questions of the Week! 

    1. Xehanorto: How do you plan to handle the water routes later in the game? Route 12 was easy as it had the bridges, but for the Seafoam Island routes it will be difficult.
    That's a really good question, I don't really know the answer to that right now. They might require a pokemon with surf to travel them or I might give you a boat or something to travel in.

    2. Robert Conley: Do you have any plans to add more speed multipliers to the game?
    No, I think what we have is fine. Any faster and you might as well just give out free leveling and free shinies.

    3. Ayso24: What would you say is your main motivation for creating such a fantastic Tower Defense game? And one with Pokemon no less? Are you just a HUGE fan of Pokemon or was it an idea that you thought might just work? Is it the fans or the joy in making something that actually is of great quality that pushes you for greater heights in PTD awesomeness?
    I'm a huge original Pokemon fan, I haven't played all the recent ones as much. Creating games is more fun for me than playing them. I've been wanting to make a pokemon game for a while but too afraid of getting shut down and with this one I just went with it. At this point in the game the fans are really the big motivation to finishing it. I feel that I've accomplished what I wanted to accomplish but obviously it's not completed yet. Without fans I wouldn't finish this game.

    4. gogogogo99: Well since your delaying shiny hunt and reimplementing the old way, I got a new question, will there still be a dogs quest? The reason you said there would was because you took out the dogs and shinies, is there still a dogs quest even though they are still in the wild?
    I don't think there will be dog quest. I don't want every player to get a dog. If every player pays for a dog then I can live with that lol.

    5. Miss X: You've added the avatar chat. What will be the next step towards multiplayer?
    Next step is what's happening this week, which is the first map with pre made teams.

    6. Ninja God: How many Mews and how many dogs exist in the game? Or if you don't wanna go that specific, Which are there more of?
    I think they are pretty close with dogs edging Mew out. It's close cause Mew has been around a lot longer and but dogs have more since you can get them in the daily code.

    7. awesome2awesome/Link: To not be boring the heck outta veterans of PTD by doing repeats of mystery avatars, can you put a section in the avatar store in which the previous mystery gift items will be bought? For example in the game corner, so that newer players can obtain them as well?
    Yeah, I doubt I'll revisit old Mystery Gifts and try to include the avatars in different spots.

    8. Ninja God: Could you possibly make it so that there is a send all pokemon to profile button on trade center?
    Yes, all in due time.

    9. Do you plan on adding Waterfall as an HM or only is it only going to be learnable by Goldeen and Seaking?
    Probably add it as an HM at some point.

    10. Grim Reaperchu: Will we be able to catch any legendaries more than once?
    One per profile. Three per account.

    Go to our forums to submit your questions that may show up here on the blog!

    That's what I have for you this week, expect me to update this more often this week, and as always let me know what you think!


    1. also sam i had an idea for multiplayer maybe you should make it to whaere the safari zone is the multiplayer?! it would be cool

    2. 3rd? Please...


    3. lol, hopefully top 30 at least. so will we be seeing more legendary beast move updates as well?(entei lv 72 overheat or something)

    4. Sam, no more level cap raise! Please...

    5. I thought the map was already 10% done?

    6. I wonder...what will be the next pokemon Sam will put up for trade? My guess would be: Shiny Horsea, Suicune, Raikou, and not sure about this one but maybe even SHINY Victini. That would be nice!

    7. Whoop finally the blog post

    8. wel one actually posted yay!(: poor sam he is so busy to keep us happy tthank you sam+dan

    9. 1deco nice I think even in story mode safari zone

    10. Lapras isn't supposed to be able to learn Solarbeam by TM, maybe it's something that you could add to your list? ~Jonathan K.

    11. Sam, is the game based on a Japanese Magna?

    12. 6th! i thought you said it wouldn't pass 60 until the next gym was out :P


    13. HEY SAM
      I was wondering if you could add snd coins to the daily code or the game corner it would be great especialy since alot of people are saving up their money for the holidays and cant buy snd coins for that reason or some ohter reason.


    14. Sam for this week if you have time can you try to add a new level


    15. Id just like to say thanks sam for this awesome game.. I look forward to every update each week and i love where you've taken us.

      Keep it up and thanks for all your hard work


    16. Hi sam i was wondering if we could still catch the dogs in the game cause i heard some people saying you took them out of the game?


    17. Hey man thanks for the free victini I would of chosen different but still thank you very much.

    18. 4th we should have an update like this for Christmas like a Chrismas Special:D!

    19. Sam, can you mark the Pokemon you traded away, to make them worth more?

    20. you know how people want V-Create for Vicini? You could make a challenge
      level thet starts out with a bad guy and sence Victini can become
      invisible, a Victini comes out of nowhere andsaves you and it uses
      V-Create to stop the enemy but he won't give up so the level has the enemy
      repeatedly tryng to take the player (he paralysed you) and with the help
      of Victini your pokemon stop him for howevermany waves Sam decides to give
      it and when it's done Victini gives you a TM for V-Create. PLEASE ANSWER!

      -KingAlan of Darkrai

    21. If I bare with you O.O, no keep the cloths on please.

    22. Sam, how about.............
      Mystery Gift Island/Zone
      You can walk around like Rock Tunnel but all you see are Mystery Gift Pokemon. You can Update it every time you have a new Mystery Gift.And the rarer they are they have a lower chance to show up so far. As for the shiny mystery gifts it won't be all shiny.It will instead of 1/8000 chance of shinythere will be 1/4000 chance chance of shiny. As for non-shiny it will work like normal and will have 1/8000 chance of shiny. So far it will be like:

      Onix: 10% chance
      Magnemite: 10% chance
      Venonat: 10% chance
      Krabby: 10% chance
      Goldeen: 10% chance
      Horsea: 10% chance
      Staryu: 3% chance
      Tentacool: 3% chance
      Shiny Spearow: 3% chance
      Shiny Abra: 3% chance
      Shiny Zubat: 3% chance
      Shiny Rattata: 3% chance
      Shiny Jigglypuff: 3% chance
      Shiny Pidgey: 3% chansce
      Shiny Bulbasaur:3% chance
      Shiny Charmander: 3% chance
      Shiny Squirtle: 3% chance
      Victni: 1% chance

      i didn't put dogs because you didn't let us keep them. i put shiny bulbasaur and squirtle in because it didn't seem to only do shiny charmander (wich he did).You can change the chances around for when a new mystery gift pokemon comes. Just make sure legendary Mystery gift pokemon (only if you let us keep it) like Victini are ALWAYS 1% chance.

      -KingAlan of Darkrai

    23. Sam, what about giving free SnD coins for every 100 trades to at least 50 different people? I'm sure that will encourage trading a lot.

    24. King Alan, you posted that like 3 times already!

    25. you misspelled year in the first paragraph line 4 second to last word :P any ways i haven't left a comment in a loooong time but I still play and so far the game has been grate the only thing I have to complain about is that i'm down to about 20,000 poke dollars but that's my fault :(


    26. Can you make it so that each account uses a single list of profiles because I have one I started late and is missing a few avatars such as shiny geodude and I got a couple Halloween avatars on one and I want them on all 3.

    27. Sam, have you ever considered advertising your PTD?

    28. Hey Sam,
      I was wondering if you could put in a notification system for rare pokemons like snorlax and lapras just like how there is a notification for shiny pokemons, it would be great if you can, thanks a lot Sam.

    29. Surely the thing to be on trade is a shiny horsea,

      Also I have a question. Have you written a rough script for the whole storyline or are you thinking them up level to level?

    30. Hey everyone, if you have a Victini and you bring it onto v4.9.6, it becomes a shiny seadra! Don't worry. It changes back to Victini.
      -The Black Mask

    31. Hey, Sam.

      When dogs come out, is there a notification, or will they just run out like normal Pokemon?

    32. and @anon 8:09 u are right how weird its word for word he probably wants sams attention i have done this too

    33. @ Somebody 8:08 PM: You can just trade back and forth between 2 accounts that you make for yourself ......

    34. heres a potiental boost for your game. seeing how this is a TDG, a great way to bring out more players is to not only do multiplayer but to add more ways for these players to get SnD coins, like said by someone else. The problem today in economics is the basic fact that no one has the money to do the needed things in life, let alone the wanted things. Games are not only for the rich but for the middle class to enjoy. Thats what i did and got over 2mil pple to join. Cater to the fans, trust me. Your awesome for making this version of the game. Just heed my advice. GL and you will be sucessful on the internet gaming world.

    35. Sam
      First. did you get my email about the mystery coade
      Second. We should get a shiny jinx for crissy because in the cartoon santer has a heap of jinx helping him or it counld be a lapras withe the same move set a santer's

    36. Guys lol, i tryed playing hacked version with my victini and sooooomething special happened, LOL sam I thinked you should check it out. I have a lot of lv.1 Shiny Kingdra that I can't use for battle since it dosn't let me put it in the battling field.....I hope they turn back and kind of hope they don't lol.

    37. I really agree with Anon about the Island with mystery gifts, and please have a huge special for Christmas :D I can't wait for multiplayer I hope you make alot of co-op maps, it would be awesome.

    38. Have you given any thought to the Xmas event (if there will be one)? (Or as is customary these days, Happy Hols event.)

      I think maybe a giveaway of Stantler or Deerling. of course, if you want to keep it as pure as possible with regards to gen, maybe just do a poll and see what people want? (For example, you could give people the option of the fossil pokemon, which is pretty special.)

      If you go this route, mayyyybe have a Challenge for Xmas involving the only tree Pokemon of gen1, Exeggutor. I would most definitely love to get my hands on that.

    39. Best game since emerald!!! Since hitmonlee and hitmonchan were gift pokemon in red how are you going to make him catchable? will you keep it as a gift or make it a wild pokemon in saffron gym??? Can't wait for the safari zone!!!

      Your biggest fan, alexthegreat14

    40. Bad ass game, but i have an idea that might make it better. In the pokemon center under (search trades) you should make it availiable to see what pokemon they wanted specifically for the trade or a new section for people that have a defined trade pokemon would be cool to, it would save alot of time with trading. Nightowul

    41. Thanks for the birthday gift! (Even though we should be giving you something)

      It took me so many weeks, and I finally caught a frigging Lapras. About time too.

      Speaking of bug fixes, something weird happened with my non shiny Pidgeot. As soon as it hit level 65, it can't occupy the flying only spaces on Route 12. However, all other flying Pokemon are OK on those spots.

      It's good to see that you're taking time to focus multiplayer rather than trying to juggle it between new levels and the Pokemon Center. Multiplayer should come out much sooner this way rather than switching your focus between different aspects of PTD.

    42. HI SAM

    43. Sam
      1.I want the avatar of team rocket put it in game corner or in challenge mode or something like that.
      2.Put a dog(suicune or raikou) or shiny horsea for trade in your acc.

    44. Hiya. Im Babyha. I have some PKMN Sprite for Christmas. Hope you like it. :)

    45. Hey, Sam.
      I have a question about the ability to change passwords; I thought we could change e-mails as well. The reason I am asking this is because my old e-mail address expired, and I had to get a new one. Could you add this to the game if possible; it would be a great help for me.

    46. Hey, whatever happened to Kryoge, Gary, Misty, Ash, and especially Maruto?

    47. I think there is a typo on Double-Edge; the cooldown says 2070.

    48. Finally multiplayer and when do you plant to change from Alpha to Beta Then to 1.0.0

      Plz answer


      p.s. is Beta and Alpha choice or what :P

    49. Sam,we will be able to catch legendary pokemons of the game? (Articuno,Zapdos,Moltres,celebi,kyogre,mewtwo,mewthre)?

    50. Hey Sam, can't you make Delibird a Christmas Gift? He looks like Santa and it would be really funny!

    51. I don't understand why you raise the level cap without any need. There are no new levels you need stronger pokemon for.

    52. Hi Sam, just writting to tell that you forgot to add Victini to the PokéDex.
      Nice Game

    53. Hi Sam

      I though that maybe you should add evolution-inducing held item like metal coat and up-grade so you can evolve scyther and other. That would be awesome

    54. hi sam, if victini is a lengendary pokemon and we can only have one legendary pokemon per profile, does that mean that i cant any dogs/mew as long as i have a victini?

    55. Sam I have received the Duskull costume 3 times from Daily code. Anyway you can make it to where we dont receive a costume more then once?

    56. Hey Sam,
      Three things,

      1) Can you be on Avatar Chat and PTD at the same time?

      2) Can you be on Avatar Chat and the Pokemon Center at the same time?

      3) Is having two Old Rods in one profile a glitch or bug? I have two in one profile that is why I'm asking.

    57. Sam why u dont put in megaupload >.< its the only place i can download the game, because i have modem 3g internet 33 k ¬¬ please put in megaupload i play this game since january ^^.

    58. is there ever going to be a second game?

    59. Sam, in response to question #4, what about a quest for a hundredth of a percent chance to get a dog?

    60. i dont know if it got through but ill ask again.

      youre not going to mark peoples pokemon as hacked if they got shiny horsea or shiny seadra are you? some people got them from trades and ig their pokemon get marked as hacked for having a shiny horsea or seadra they would be getting punished for something they didnt do and thatd be unfair.

    61. danychriz said...
      @ Somebody 8:08 PM: You can just trade back and forth between 2 accounts that you make for yourself ......
      November 28, 2011 9:17 PM

      I said:

      Sam, what about giving free SnD coins for every 100 trades to at least 50 different people? I'm sure that will encourage trading a lot.

      Notice that I said:

      "trades to at leas 50 people"

    62. If you find a Dog in the game and kill it do you have another chance of finding it again? Or once you kill it their is no going back? -Matthew10


      Here's your chance to prove that you're not a 5th gen noob. All you have to do is NOT get a victini, or release the one you have.
      If you think that all black and white pokemon shouldn't count as pokemon and that victini is crp, then just don't get one.
      If you keep your victini then you're officially a 5th gen liker!!!!
      Don't ruin a 1st gen game with 5th gen pokemon!!!!!!!
      Join my "5th generation sucks" club and release your victini!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. putting SnD coins into game corner? Seriously? Use common sense! How can Sam make money if you get SnD coins everywhere? All pokemons will be worthless. Stop suggesting stupid things. Many people don't use common sense and just post what they want without thinking.

      Also, those that can't write complete sentences just piss me off.

      Ok enough ranting. I do agree that the trade center needs to be changed. I like the other guy's suggestion, to make a feature that you can use and search for pokemons with requests (or requests without legendaries). For example, if I want a shiny oddish, I look for "shiny oddish with request (w/o legendaries)," and I see a list of shiny oddishes with requests so I can seal a trade instantly if I have the right pokemons.

    65. Dear Sam,

      For the mystery gift could you have a poll between PONYTA, TANGELA, and SHELDER. These three are already in the game and I want them. Every time I see them I wonder when they'll be made catchable or in the mystery gift.

      It would make my day if you responded to me for the first time!

      Please and thank you

    66. Sam, I've just got an incredible idea! A ranking system on the worth of each Pokemon similar to a stocks in the stock market.

    67. Oh god. Oh no no no no. Sam, we have a big problem. I just got my victini, but when I took a look at my Pokemon, all of them had de-leveled. For some reason I still had the ones received from trades, but days of progress have been undone. I know this isn't just from one mishap, either. I've been leveling up my Snorlax over the course of several days and I take a look now and it's back down to 40.

      Please have someone take a look into this! I don't want to have to re-level all of my Pokemon again, that would take another week at least, barring any further server derps.

    68. hey sam!where can i get a snorlax?

    69. Darn, a lot of people are voting for a new story level. As much as I would love a new story level, I want a new challenge mode level. I haven't had a nice, good challenge from a level since the old Vermillion Gym (which is now a challenge mode level). Maybe it's just me... ~Jonathan K.

    70. Hi Sam,
      Please add Delibird as the Christmas Spacial Mystery Gift.You know, its related to Christmas.If you want its sprites, go to pldh.net/dex/sprites/delibird.And don't add Shiny Victini.Its a Unova Pokemon.

    71. Multiplayer (20%) - First map and premade teams

      What is the system about multipayer?????


    72. i cant play... adobe air is not compatible with ZTE v9 tablet :(

    73. Sam, next week can you try and get a new story level out, aswell as new ability's & new achievements.

      I for one really want some new ability's aswell as new achievements. Sadly i cant vote for both and i want ability's more. There is only 4 ability's and its about time we had some more :)

      Ability's you could add:
      Poison Point
      or any others that would affect Pokemon in the first levels.

      Achievements you could have:
      Try that! - Beat Mt.Moon 2 challenge level with only fire types, level 40 or lower. Prize: Shiny Magmar/Regular Magmar

      Gusts of Glory - kill Celebi in Celadon gym with only Flying types. Prize: Shiny Douduo/Shiny Aerodactyl/Regular version of either of them

      Move Along, Nothing Here - Kill Mewtwo Before He Reaches Meowth in Saffron city. Prize: Shiny Slowpoke/Shiny Eggsacute/Regular version of either of them

      You've probably got ideas but they are mine :)
      The prizes probably aren't as good as i think they might be.

    74. Wow, i voted for exactly the least popular pool options :/

    75. THERE IS A WEEK ago to i can enter to the game. It appeared "ERROR-THE SERVER SENT A FAULTY RESPONSE..." What can i do for can play it?

    76. Sam,where can we find the legendary dog in the game?

    77. People who dislike Gen. 5: I am a new Pokemon fan.I spent months studying them all on Bulbapedia in numerical order.Pokemon Tower Defense probably will never work for me now,but I WOULD get Victini.You are not a Pokemon fan.True Pokemon fans appreciate every Pokemon,they are allowed to have a favorite and least favorite,but I can tell I am one of the few on here that is an actual fan.Thanks for listening.

    78. why cant i beat poke tower 2 help!!!!!!

    79. how do I change pokemon?
      q is a time I was not playing and now I do not know how to change the pokemons

    80. this is an awesome game, you must really put a lot of work into it. im interested in what you do for a living. i dont see it possible to make enough from ads and SnD coins.

    81. How about a loading bar when loading the game?

    82. You're right!!!!

      Anonymous(November 29, 2011 6:54 PM ) you're right i will release my cr*p(victini) i will join your "5th generation sucks" club.
      Nice idea :)

    83. Seriously? So many people are either asking questions that Sam has answered 100 times or requesting some absurd new element to the game. PLease think about your suggestions before posting them. And stop posting the same things over and over and over. It's mind numbing. I understand most of y'all are like 10 years old, but that doesn't mean you can't think somewhat logically. Just try to stop wasting Sam's time with meaningless suggestions. Think realistically. Some ridiculously huge additions aren't happening anytime soon.

      And to the people complaining about Victini. I mean, I'm an original 150 person all the way. That's what I was raised on and what I like the most, but if Sam wanted to add a couple random legendaries or something, then he should be allowed to. It's HIS game in all technicalities. He added the dogs, didn't he. No one's upset about that. It's just not a big deal... chill.

      Keep up the incredibly amazing work Sam.

    84. Hope this works. Sam when will you add fossil Pokemon like Omanstar and Kabuto? When will you put in Arodactal? When will you add Hitmochan and Hitmolee? Will you add Hitmontop and Tyrogu to the game so you will have all of the Tyrogu evolution. Omanstar and Kabuto fossils are in Mt.Moon, Arodactal is in Pewter City, and the Hitmo brothers are in Safron in the Fighting Dojo.

    85. Hey Sam, this is just my opinion but I think you're giving too much choices for the polls. I think 2 possible answers in a poll is enough, but that's just me xD

    86. Sam, can you tell me the abilities you already put??? ;D

    87. i like my idea say ya if you like it to my idea is the second comment

    88. its better to give us as much choice as possible in the polls

    89. Sam, please don't use shiny Pokemon as prizes for achievements. When you search through trades, it's clear that shiny Tentacool, Staryu, and Geodude are completely worthless as a trading commodity. It's more exciting to find them in the wild, which is again why you need more story levels.

    90. Vote for more game corner prizes or daily prizer in poll 2 people. THINK: We have way to many coins for the game corner when we get what we want. More prizes let us spend them. More daily gifts give us something other than the annoying coins.

    91. Sam pls change the chance of appearing in the wild for Eevee. Bot much but some.
      if u take the 0.2% to come a normal and the 0.0125% chance of appearing in the wild u need 40.000 trys and with speed of 4 u need ca. 31 days of gaming for 1 shiny

    92. My sister has a Golem that she used in Lavender Town. When it was in the red zone she took it off, waited for the wave to end, and put it back on. She used some potions on it but it's life bar was still red?!?! Can you look into it?


    93. Oh yeah. Completely forgot I waas sick of casino coins. If there were more things to spend them on, I wouldn't be wasting my pokedollars....

    94. Can you add v-create, searing shot, fusion flare/bolt to victini's learnset?

    95. sam i think you really should stop rising the level cap for a while, most of the story levels doesnt really requiere strategy if you got high leveled pokemons. and as we haven't had any new story level from a long time all we can do is level up our pokemon and search for shinies. so make the levels more challenging (so we actually have to think a way to beat it and not only placing powerfull pokemons) and/or stop raising the level cap.

      i really liked the saffron level when it first came out because it was hard to beat and, despite my pokes were like 5 levels below the level cap, i had to think a strategy to get pass it. but now i had strogner pokemons i just placed them and it was really easy, not even mewtwo could get past my pokes. i really admire your work sam, but i dont want the game to turn easy

    96. Hey! Sam! Once again, don't mean to bother you, but if your birthday is on 11/28/11[( it may be 11/26/11) um... 11/26/11 doesn't mean anything!!!] but if it's on the 28th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 'Cause you'd have the SAMe birthday as my cousin!!!

    97. HAPPY HOLIDAYS SAM!! sam just thinking maybe this holiday you give holiday gifts something like ice types pokemon.. and will you be able to put dark type pokemons in the game too?

    98. Please Guys. No new achievements. There are only 4 abilities and we seriously need more of them. Or we will be facing a Ability Deficiency Syndrome. :3

      And Sam, why don't you add a Mystery Gift as 1 SnD Coin. You can get only one of that Mystery Gift per account. It will be real help for poor people who don't have a credit card.

      Btw Sam, what's your Birth Year? I want to figure out what's your age. ;-)

      P.S. Please make multiplayer this week. I have already placed bets with my friends on wins. Is you don't make multiplayer you will be owing me 100 bucks. :3

    99. will this new version 5.0 be released to other game sites for example MAX GAMES

    100. Hey Sam,
      Can you fix mud shot slowing flying pokemon??

    101. Hey Sam! Once again - Happy Birthday!! Victini was a really nice present, hope you got some nice too :)

      Sam, i was just wondering - I noticed that you don't update the game as fast as in some of the other sites, is there a reason for it?


    102. WAIT A MINUTE...I meant Double Team, NOT Double-Edge! Double Team says its cooldown is 2070. As one would say in Latin, "Mea culpa." :(

    103. Hi sam:

      Can you add a system in which the player chooses the pokemon that are signaled with the message '' a shiny pokemon has appeared''so it can be ''a lapras has appeared'' or ''an eevee has appeared'' for a more advanced version? because I always lose sight of the eevees or I'm focused on the giant Snorlax, then I do not know if the catchable Snorlax appear

      Can you do it please


      PD:I have victiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    104. when it comes to the question about seaform island, i wonder if u can get a rid from kyogre, that u can stand on kyogre and he surf you over. btw is kyogre going to be in future story levels and is he still with the main characters?

      / Hampus Sundqvist

    105. @Ace Ketchum - I THINK Sam was born in 1986 because his Email is 'Sotero86@gmail.com'. S = Sam, Otero = His surname, 86 = PROBABLY his birth year? xD I've wondered that question as well and that's always been my conclusion.

      WAIT! Actually, I think Sam is 25... which makes Sam born in 1986! Because I remember someone on Twitter asking Sam how old he was, and he said 24, and his birthday's just gone so Sam must be 25! ;)

    106. Who the heck wants achievements? Guys you are not going to get the beasts or shiny mew or anything that good on the achievements. Okay,even though it is too late. i advise you. vote for game corner prizes. u might get 500,000 casino coins for 1 snd coin which can get u good stuff.

    107. yo sam waz up

      love da game

    108. Hey, Sam, do you use the generation 5 movesets for the game? It seems like it to me. You definitely are using it for Victini (At least in the next update).

    109. well the achievements are fun to toy around with. and SAM i sent you an email about a bug i spotted.

      is it just me or is chat down, btw

    110. Multiplayer's done...Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    111. Sam can you tell us what the New Daily Gifts will be what the New Game Corner Prizes will be the New Achievements and the New Abilities so that we have an idea what to vote for. Like game corner and daily code will they be pokemon if so then will they be rare to get(Lapras, Snorlax etc.) or new pokemon. What are the achievement prizes and what would we have to do, and what abilities will you add.


    112. Hi Sam,
      Multiplayer (100%) - First map and premade team
      WOOT WOOT!

      Missing Moves for Victini, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune (0%)
      Does this include Searing Shot?

    113. @minimi Dec 1, 9:35 pm
      Sam will decide that after the poll.

    114. Sam, do something about the symbol exploitation in PTD chat! People are using symbols in their names to impersonate others and to avoid being ignored!

    115. Awesome Sam multiplayer 100% can u put it up on the blog plz

    116. I finally beat Saffron Gym!! Here's what I used: A Golem using Bulldoze, a Venusaur using Roar, a Charizard using Fire Burst, a Pikachu using Discharge, a Gengar using Dark Pulse, and any Pokemon with Helping Hand. I tried it two times and it worked on the second try!! You can guess where each Pokemon went! ;D

    117. Hey, how about opt-out and opt-in buttons for the casino coins on the daily codes? If we're sick of them, but we haven't gotten everything on the daily codes, we could "opt-out" of casino coins and get the other stuff instead. And if Sam adds new pokes to the game corner, but we opted out of the coins, we could opt back in again! Anybody like it???


    118. The /ignore command for avatar chat isn't working correctly. I was just on and I couldn't ignore a user named "Gildartz" or "samO". And yes I know that is Sam's username as well

    119. Will there be new pokemons on v 5.1?

    120. nice going Sam! I'm looking forward to see all those shiny horseas removed. I know hackers aren't ur priority to crack down right now, but think of them as people that are interfering with your business. people that just pop up with shiny snorlax and laprases and put them up for trade takes away UR profit. you know this already, but b/c u are working on flash I know that will always be a problem so you are probably just waiting to crack down the hackers after u are done with the story. also, the trading center disconnects a lot lately, it could be that it's overloaded. you might considering removing the trades that have been up there for months b/c no one accepted anything.

    121. Hi Sam! I like to play ur PTD v much! Im been keep wondering how multiplayer look likes and what will happen at the next chapter? xD
      Anyway why Sam appear at Team Rocket Hideout? is Sam is the Game Corner's owner or forced to help Team Rocket to do work for them or same as players and Joey pretend to help Team Rocket and join them ? ( P.s asked too much ) ><
      Im so excited on the next updates! Keep it up Sam! ^^

    122. Hey sam I looked on the suggestions page and didn't see this on there but it would be cool if you could turn on and off the attack visuals. I didn't know if you had already thought about this but it would be pretty cool

    123. Dear Sam, I found a bug. When my Dragonite uses Outrage its confusion makes it take 98 damage and It is at lvl 67 and also... Sorry I forgot the other one PEACE!, Pat

    124. Whoever posted this People who dislike Gen. 5: I am a new Pokemon fan.I spent months studying them all on Bulbapedia in numerical order.Pokemon Tower Defense probably will never work for me now,but I WOULD get Victini.You are not a Pokemon fan.True Pokemon fans appreciate every Pokemon,they are allowed to have a favorite and least favorite,but I can tell I am one of the few on here that is an actual fan.Thanks for listening. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THAT! And hey, I'm ten put I have played all of these versions: Blue, Yellow, Silver, Heartgold, Saphire, Ruby, Firered, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and White. I appreciate every pokemon as they are all special in their own way. -Pat

    125. Hay sam when you putting ditto in the game and why cant i play multiplayer );

    126. I am 12 and have played pokemon firered, crystal, silver, ruby, emerald, diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, and black. If you are a true pokemon fan you would only play 1st and 2nd generation games you would of played all the generations
      if you are releasing your victini just because you hate 5th generation you aren't a TRUE pokemon fan. If you hate 5th generation so much and you hate victini then just don't get the mystry gift and stop complaining that victini is going to make the game easier since you were whining a lot about it sam made victini learn v-create, fusion bolt, and fusion flare at level 98, 99, and 100

    127. Sam
      I said some of these a while back, but if you do make achievements, I have a few ideas. I've already tested most of them

      1. "Mystical tale of Pikachu"- beat up to cruelean gym (water) with only pikachus (not enirely sure if yo can beat Mt. moon with them)
      Prize:a pikachu that follows avatar

      2. "Gift of the Magikarp"- beat first level set with only magikarps

      3. "Rocket Grunt"- own all pokemon used by team Rocket (meoth, persian, ekans, arkok, ratatta, raticate, & in the future- koughing, weezing)

      "Start 'em up"- have all 3 starters
      Prize:bubasaur that follows avatar

      start 'em up 2- have all 2nd forms of all starters
      Prize: following squirtle

      start 'em up 3- do i need to explain?

      that's all that's possible for now. I also have the collect all pokemon ideas, but those are obvious choices.


    128. @Pat
      By that logic we should enjoy everything that a company makes even if it is terrible. That is called being a fanboy and is generally considered a bad thing. I haven't played black and white though I personally think some of the sprites do look slightly strange. But because I haven't played it, I have no room to judge. I will most likely get Pokemon Gray whenever that comes out and then I will see how I feel about this generation, but I can't agree with your opinion of blind fanboyism. This in no way is meant to be a direct attack against you. Have a nice day. P.S. Sam, I like Victini but now I'm sad that I have to wait for V-create. I understand why you did it, and agree with the decision but the wait is still kind of sad. Best of luck with development.


    129. Sam

      I like your MMO idea- i want to do something simular. I even have drawlings of over 200 pokemon I made up (I get bored sometimes).


    130. all pokemon are good i personaly dont like the 5th generation( too cheeesy) but thhey are all good you suck if you say that only originals are good ur just not used to these newer one

    131. When checking for offers on our Pokemon, maybe we could have an option so that we can have all the Pokemon with offers on the top of the page? It's a bit annoying having to scroll down the page for ages all the time.

    132. Hey sam, just wondering if battle ready pokes will be moved up to 70, and if seadra will be going into that? Cheers.

      Plus, I wanted to post a comment, not done that in a bit. HAIL SAM AND DAN!

      - Gforce

    133. @Pat
      I don't give a care what pokes are put into the game; I just want to play PTD, as do many other people. BUT I am not very excited to have other generation pokemon. Still, Victini IS a good pokemon (Legendary with combined base stat total of 600, I believe) AND can learn Searing Shot.

      Look at my previous post (Dec. 2, 2011 10:23 AM). Any likes? ;D

      @ Sam
      What's next in the story level? It's definitely a clear-cut winner, so you might as well remove the poll.

    134. anon 5:13 PM multiplayer is not out yet

    135. never mind sam says its out but its not

    136. Could you place a limit to the number of players in the multiplayer so the server doesn't overload of requests and the bandwidth is lower from use.

      And I would consider that you should give players the ability to train their pokemon somewhere where they could get the pokemon stronger in case of players with low level pokemon.


    137. Update should be out by tomorrow. Sam, next poll should be, Should PTD be on addicting games?
      -The Black Mask

    138. Sam, I just have 1 question...
      Why is victini learning the signature moves for zekrom (Fusion bolt) and reshiram (Fusion Flare) at lv.99 and 100?
      V-create and searing shot are victini's signature moves, the other 2 were just added for the film event victini (On wifi today!)?

    139. Hey sam, Looks like new achievements is gonna win so can i suggest this.
      a achievement for playing 100 hours in game or something to that effect. Dont know what any prizes could be but it would be nice to have something to recognise the the anount of time i put into this game. Keep up the great work

    140. the multiplayer service, PlayerIO, is down but hopefully it will be up by tomorrow ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!!!!!

    141. @anon 4:12 I know, right? These so-called "fans'" statements are pointless, every Gen. has advantages and disadvantages, and Pokemon isn't the only franchise suffering from people like for changing, Crash the Bandicoot has who has people who hate the new stuff and like the old ones, and Spyro has a similar but worse problem, people have been DEATH-threatening Spyro's company for making the Skylanders video game. Or maybe TLoZ's Majora's Mask. Like, come on, fans, no matter what, support every video game of a franchise.

    142. Hi Sam , are you going to up Victini shiny on pokemon adoption next week ( category legendary ) ?

    143. Dear Sam and Dan,
      There is a bug in Oaks Lab. If you do oaks lab without any pokemon, some rattatas won't grab the candy, they are out of reach. Just thought you should know.
      Also, when are you going to do a major level up, I mean like, the level cap is 68 right now,so could you make it level 80 instead of doing it 2 level ups every update?
      Oh, and can you make a daily code where you can get SND coins? That would be awesome because I don't like to give my credit card number.
      If anyone wants to trade with me my account name is I check every day, and I am working on training some non-hacked pokemon. My hacked pokemon are good though. I have a Shiny Golbat, Shiny Dragonite, Shiny Starmie, Shiny Tentacool, and a bunch of other good pokemon.
      Can you also put Mudkip, and Hitmonlee. Thanks!


      I check every day

      P.S If you get the daily code a certain number of days in a row, will it increase your chances of getting a legendary?

    144. multiplayer is not out yet. he was hoping to get it done for v.5 but it didnt work. and all the people that are complaining about victini, look. i have followed pokemon since i was in pull-ups 14 years ago. yes all the additions with new pokemon after around the 386 mark do start to get more ridiculous, but hey, nintendo is courteous enough to at least try to appeal to the new-coming pokemon fans of later generations too. if they used the same 150 original or even the johto ones added after that, everyone would lose interest alot quicker. they arent trying to appeal to the 14 and 15 and even 16 (me) year olds anymore, our time has come, and it's to appeal to the kids that are in diapers and starting school now, not the ones that were in diapers 15 years ago. quit complaining, cause sure, i hate that victini got picked, but hey, its all a game, nothing to get mad about. some people have real issues, just be thankful sam even started MAKING the game.

    145. looks like the server, PlayerIO , is back up :)

      KingAlan of Darkrai

    146. When we catch legendary pokemon (bird trio) will they have red health or will we have to weaken them.

    147. @ anon 4:12

      since your a new pokemon fan you wouldn't understand. i have been a fan since pokemon came out. its more a generation thing. you really have no say who is a true pokemon fan. its cool that you played all the games but you werent there in the 90's to understand that the gen 5 pokemon really are bad.

    148. Dear Sam, I have found yet another bug.
      I was doing multiplayer when the rod was far away from the goal while I was attacking and then the old man popup came up and said "Thank You for helpin me out!" or something like that. and then It exited the battle. Okay thanks and I understand if you can't fix it in the next update or two.

    149. Add-on to the thing about the bug in multiplayer. It is Pat

    150. 2500 follower YAY.

    151. v5.1 is now out on the blog. Blog post on monday for official release! Enjoy!

    152. Hey Sam,

      You should give the defender a little time to adjust their pokemon. Right now you can overwhelm the defender easily by just spamming all pokemon immediatly after the start.
      Also I'd like to know which attacks my pokemon use, even though I can't change them.

      that's all for now =)

    153. samO i have good ideas for multiplayer and trade center and new story level. For multiplayer i think that you should use your own team also your pokemon and opponents pokemon should be level 50 for the battle only and use safari zone instead of old rod challenge level.
      For trade center i suggest new game corner pokemon such as koffing and grimer and shiny victini for 20 SnD coins.Also on that note can you make SnD coins have an alternative way to be obtained instead of buying them?
      My final suggestion is for the new level.It should be either route 17 (cycling road) route 13 or route 25 which would include bill more.


    154. Sam, you should add a win-loss counter to multiplayer, and then add achievements for getting a certain amount of wins in multiplayer.


    155. hey sam
      just a small sugesstion, i was thinking you should add rankings to multiplayer, and you should also add a thing were you can battle friends on multiplayer.

      thanks, and there are a few bugs on multiplayer where the game just randomly cuts out and some people were sending out more than 1 of the same pokemon.

    156. make multiplayer easier

    157. @sam,

      I think the defender should be granted three seconds to put their pokes on the map. Also, there is a glitch where the old rod just moves across the map by itself. I have also seen people put multiple pokes in one box and have a couple of the same poke.

    158. Sam,
      This game helps me revisit my youth. Pokemon Red and Blue were the only pokemon games I have played (besides Pokemon Stadium on N64). In fact, I still whip out the old Gameboy Pocket sometimes just to pretend like I am back in elementary school. I don't mind you putting in the newer pokemon, as long as you don't lose sight of the originals. Overall, thanks for everything.

    159. No offense and I know that is a work in progress and stuff, but the multiplayer kinda stunk. I thought it would be coop rather than competitively. Having a coop adventure might be cool. Also, instead of finding a random person, could you make it that you find a specific person?

    160. Whoever said this, I don't give a care what pokes are put into the game; I just want to play PTD, as do many other people. BUT I am not very excited to have other generation pokemon. Still, Victini IS a good pokemon (Legendary with combined base stat total of 600, I believe) AND can learn Searing Shot. I understand and thaank you for understanding me because I know that no one pokemon is absolutlly PERFECT. -Pat

    161. Whats the 'My Blog List' on the left for?

    162. Sam can you get rid of the extra black space the appears when you zoom out.

    163. Found a bug!!! On the old version (5.0), when Snorlax attempts to use Snore without being asleep, it actually WORKS!!! It could only be used if Snorlax is asleep, I thought.


    164. What about two maps at once, so everyone can play offense and defense at the same time?

    165. Hey Sam,
      I hope you see this. First off, I gotta say, I love the game ("the game" everyone reading looses)
      the only thing i'd like to mention is that when I go to check my trades its had to keep track of my demanded pkmn. Maybe think about setting up the Trade Center to organise pkmn by demand of trade. So the pkmn with (0) trade options appear at the bottom of the list.

    166. Searing shot´s graphics are soooo cool!

    167. como consigo coisn


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