Hero Tower Defense Thursday: Day 20 - First Impressions And What's Next

Go here to read Day 19 of Hero Tower Defense Thursday.

Alright, we're back! The first release of HTD was rather well recieved considering the low amount of content. I think pretty much everyone knew that's how it was going to be though and nearly all the feedback was written accordingly so it was very helpful as always. Several of you pointed out that bug where you could swap locations with the damsel in distress, sending her to the front lines to fend for herself lol. We're really glad you guys enjoyed it though and we got a lot of good comments and suggestions, so thanks for that!

Now to fix that low content problem. We'll be releasing updates for HTD as often as we can. On average I'd say every 1-2 weeks but we're not guaranteeing anything because we'd rather take our time to do things correctly instead of rushing things out. Sometimes things might take a little longer than usual because we're making everything from scratch and trying to keep everything original. We're also still finding our groove as far as having a steady workflow which will allow us to schedule things more accurately. So it'll be a little up and down at first but figuring all this out is part of the fun!

Currently we're working on the next update which we hope to have ready for the next HTD post on Thursday. A few things on the to-do list are a refined interface with better portraits and more information displayed, skill and cursor icons, clickable skills which will allow you manually use them on specific targets, separate heroes that you can customize a bit so that all 3 aren't identical, a male hero, and more! We'll see what actually ends up making it into the update but we're working hard to get as much done as possible.

In the meantime continue having fun with the initial release and don't forget to see some concept HTD art Kevin's currently working on at his blog, KXN @ HTD!

We always welcome feedback from our fans so leave any suggestions, questions, or ideas you guys might have in the comments!



  1. First of the year! (For HTD anyway)

  2. There is still a bug, when you hold one of the 3 characters and move it over the npc that cant move (the one in brown) it switches spots with your character. Isn't the one in brown suppose to stay in that one spot?

  3. second, I am a fan of Ptd, but I saw that there was only one comente, so yah

  4. 2nd of the year!


  5. @anon 10:30PM - We will fix it for the next release.

  6. Please say that htd will be coming to android :3

  7. 3rd one to say which comment spot theyre in! aka 7th -Pat

  8. Sam/Dan will you post a progress bar like ptd on what's finished?

  9. Yey!

    Oh I've thought on something about the character mooving, why not just simply do as that other tower defence game does? Whats the name of it... Basically when you moove the "tower" the game pauses, so no problem with the dmg delt/recieved. I know you know the name of that game... and you can easily access the code of it. (Or if real time seems beter the 1 unit imunity + dealing no dmg can also work, just tossing some more ideas to the table)

    Waiting for the next update ;)

    (ps: The game I was speaking is PTD ofc =P)

  10. Hey can u make this game available on the app store? I'd buy it.

    Ps u could give snd coins for buying the app however this is just if.

    Tnx, alex

  11. is there going to be a story line
    (i just needed to make sure)

  12. I posted last time wondering if the person in distress can have anymore clothing on and you responded that the base may need less. In that case, can you make the damsel in distress not just the base and put like a princess dress on or something or at least more extra clothing (like armor that doesn't effect stats)

  13. @Anon 10:34 PM - lol

    @Olini - Possibly at some point but right now it's a little tricky because priorities of things are still getting changed around since it's very early in development.

    @Gon - Moving is more vital and open in HTD, so you may be doing it rather often. So having the game pause every time could get very annoying. You'll have a way to pause the game but basically don't want it to happen automatically for doing things. The immunity + doing no damage idea might work, we just have to try it really.

    Next update will be soon! :)

    ps: I know, lol

    @BobTheLawyer - Oh she'll definitely have clothes, lol, we just don't have the graphics yet and didn't want her to match the other characters by being in the plate armor.

  14. Will there be a P.V.P( Player vs. Player ) system soon?
    Or a Guild(Clan) system soon?

  15. cool my dad is a tech geek so il ask him and maby he can help?

  16. can there be an alert system for trading? some people take a looooooooooong time. and can there be trading currency like pokedollars into snd or game corner? and vice-versa? and trading into anonynous profiles (not real ones) ??? please consider. zpoke...

  17. hey sam/dan is there different levels or is it just infinatelty that one because i stood in the one level for 30 mins and it didnt change
    plz reply:)

  18. Nice game.

    When the game starts would be interesting if you could choose your group, like 2x mage + warrior, 2x rogue + mage or something like that.

    Range of classes could differ, IE warrior close range, rogue mid, mage high.

    Different skins for every class would be appreciated(or maybe not, the girl is secsay).

    Projectiles could differ between classes.(This is something you're probably working on)

    Attack speed could differ between classes, and affected by stats.

    Personal and combined skills would make the game more attractive to pvp, and maybe to kill monsters too, like "this skill requires 2 rogues and a warrior".

    Will each character have its personal stat points and skill tree points to spend or will it be more like general? IE "Your mages deal more damage with skill X", "Your warriors attacks now do area damage"?

    When pvp comes, turn-based actions for every character would be interesting.

    There are more suggestions, I'll keep posting along the way.

    Good luck in your project! :)

  19. can u only be a girl in htd?


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