Hero Tower Defense Thursday: Day 23 - HTD Pre-Alpha v0.004 Release! Fire skills are back and more!

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Thursday!

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Go here to read Day 22 of Hero Tower Defense Thursday.

Another week, another new release for HTD (and another late post, sorry about that). Fire is back and Shadow is still here. You will now have a character with all Fire skills, another with all Shadow skills, and the last with a mix. This gives you an idea of how your characters can have different skill setups and allows you to play around with each. The effect of the Shadow skills is now more apparent with it's new graphics, namely the DaT effect of Shadow. We've also added some cooldown visuals so you know what's going on when the skill you're spamming isn't triggering. There are also some new (re-colored, lawl) whelps flying around, they are a little older than the other ones so we've nerfed the younger original whelps to only be able to melee while the new ones can spit fireballs and will melee when someone is close to them.

What's New:

-Re-added Fire skills

-Added Key Bindings, 0 is your Native Skill, 1 is skill slot 1, and 2 is skill slot 2.

-Added new Native Skill graphics for Fire and Shadow, they are no longer just glows that grow

-Made one hero all Fire, another all Shadow, and the last a mix which randomly picks which NS to use and which other two skills to use as well as which skill slots to put them in between 1 and 2 (so sometimes magical skills like the fireball and shadow bite will be in skill slot 1 for example)

-Added new graphics for Shadow skill icons and effects

-Added a new red whelp that is stronger than the original whelp and will attack you with fireballs unless you get close to them

-Nerfed original orange whelp so that they can't spit fireballs anymore and only melee attack

-Implemented Elemental Countering, currently with only two types of elemental skills this isn't going to be very noticeable but the Fire Native Skill (NS) will erase the Shadow NS because Fire counters Shadow (Currently only NS counter eachother, other skills are left alone for now). However, your heroes are clever (well a little anyway) and won't use their NS on a target that already has another NS on it unless it's the same type, otherwise they'll attack the target using one of their other skills.

Each week I'll list and update the descriptions for the current skills available in the game. That way you guys know what they actually do (eventually there will be in-game descriptions). I'll just provide a brief description for now because the actual damage values and such will be changing a lot as we tweak them. You'll be able to see them in the future though.

Key Terms:

Direct Damage (DD) - Causes full damage instantly
Damage over Time (DoT) - Causes continuous damage over a period of time
Damage after Time (DaT) - Causes damage after a period of time has passed

Here are descriptions for the current skills in the game:


(Native Elemental - Stackable DoT - Fire Burning Man Icon) - Sets your target on fire causing it to take continuous damage. Stacks up to five times. Grants the caster a Fire Charge that increases their Fire Damage. A character can hold up to five charges at a time.

Flame Strike (Tier 1 Physical Elemental - DD - Fiery Sword Icon) - Attacks with your weapon ignited in flames.

Fireball (Tier 1 Magical Elemental - DD - Fireball Icon) - Hurls a fireball at your target


Infliction (Native Elemental - Stackable DoT - Shadow Consuming Man Icon) - Inflicts your target with Shadow decreasing it's Physical and Magical Defense. Stacks up to five times. Grants the caster a Shadow Charge that increases their Shadow damage. A character can hold up to five charges at a time.

Dark Strike (Tier 1 Physical Elemental - DD + DaT - Shadowy Sword Icon) - Attacks with your weapon engulfed in shadow, does additional damage after timer runs out.

Shadow Bite (Tier 1 Magical Elemental - DD + DaT - Shadow Bolt Icon) - Casts a shadowy bolt at your target that fills it with darkness till it explodes, does additional damage after timer runs out.

Currently in the Works:

Revised Human Male
Water/Nature/Light Elemental Skills
Character Customization
Character Skill Selection
Interface Additions
And More!

Kevin currently has a poll going on his blog, KXN @ HTD for determing what order we'll be adding the elemental skills in (Ignore the The Second Element title, he's just extending the time and it won't let him change it). Shadow was winning originally so we did that as the second element already.

On a final note, if you haven't been to Kevin's blog let me provide you with a glimpse of the revised Human Male who will be join the battle soon!

Revised Human Male

Thanks again for all the support guys! As always feel free to leave any suggestions, ideas, or just plain feedback that you might have in the comments!



  1. Top Ten! Heck yeah! Can't wait!


  2. Second I think wooooo ptd and htd r the best games ever


  3. and the awesome features keep coming. keep it up :D

  4. yeahhhhh wooot wooot besp pre alpha ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hello Dan.
    When will we get a update on ninja-ja? like what you have added since last, and when next version will be out? Because i really liked that game, and i think it is the best of the 3 games you have made so far(the 2 others are epic too).
    I have just been waiting for so long on that update, and i really just want something new for that game :D

    1. Yeah, sorry I'm still working on it. I've just been very busy lately. I can't give an ETA unfortunately but I am definitely still working on it so it will come out eventually. I'll see if I can squeeze some more time out of my schedule to get something out sooner though. :)

  6. I know this is a HTD post, but... anyway... realise that the link to the lickitung hunt does not work. Could you please tell us the code or at least the clues to get these pokemon, if possible??

    anyway, I may admit that HTD is a really great game; better in every pre-alpha update!!! continue working both in PTD and HTD and u'll get probably two of the best tower defense games!!!

    1. Thanks for posting about the link error, it's fixed now (as I'm sure you know).

      Thanks, glad you like HTD and PTD, it is indeed our goal to make them the two best TD games out there!

  7. Infliction (Native Elemental - Stackable DoT - Shadow Consuming Man Icon) - Inflicts your target with shadow decreasing it's Physical and Magical Defense. Stacks up to five times. Grants the caster a **FIRE** Charge that increases their Shadow Damage. A character can hold up to five charges at a time

    Is this intended to be such? (not being sarcastic, some games cross-match like Reshiram in Black and Zekrom in White)

  8. Nice graphic for Burn and Infliction statuses. If the dragon monsters are Fire element, would they be immune to burn and resist fire damage? Also, shouldn't the sword do area damage since it's being swung? (not just thrown like kunai)... why should we get rid of the dragons one by one when they are just right in front? I would like a special attack where the character swings the blade 180 degrees to do area damage to monsters all around .... just a small area though.

    Also "and the last a mix which randomly picks which NS to use and which other two skills to use as well as which skill slots to put them in between 1 and 2 (so sometimes magical skills like the fireball and shadow bite will be in skill slot 1 for example)"

    Which character is the mixed one? I got one fire kunai, fire staff, and shadow kunai, no one was mixed fire/shadow (All comes with sword)

    1. The dragons are indeed Fire Dragons but they aren't immune to fire. They will (once we implement it) be more resistant to fire though.

      Good point, making melee do a bit of an arc attack and hitting multiple enemies would make sense, we'll probably add that soon. Ranged have the advantage of range and eventually will have the ability to shoot through multiple targets and spread shots so should balance out.

      The top character has Fire skills, the middle has Shadow skills, and the bottom has the mix (sometimes might be identical to one of the other two).

      They all have the same weapons right now, they just switch between them based on what they are doing for now.

  9. For water, enemies should be slowed down and for nature, health would get drained from the opponent and the user gets healed like absorb.

    1. Awesome! I agree

    2. Actually that's pretty close to what we have planned except they are switched. The Water Native skill heals and the Nature Native skill temporarily roots (immobilizes) and lightly heals your target. You might as why have them heal your target. It's because you can use your skills on your heroes as well (not implemented yet) and there are additional bonuses to the Native skills that haven't been added yet. It'll make more sense once it's all in there lol

  10. I played the pre pre pre alpha version of the game, not too bad, but can we have more space to attack the enemies and more elements like water, air, and earth?
    i like the game but what does the last girl in the ragged clothes do? Does she just stand there?

    1. Not sure what you mean by more space? You can zoom out with the buttons in the upper right if that's what you are looking for.

      More elements are coming as we create the graphics and such for them.

      The girl is just there as a temporary civilian character that you have to defend, she doesn't do anything except get beat on for now. :P

  11. I played the pre-pre-pre alpha version of the game and like i think:
    *Elements like water, earth and air
    *Male, Female and Baby characters
    *More space to attack
    *Make the last girl attack (the one in the ragged clothes)
    *And everything else Sam&Dan can do!

    1. I'm guessing you are the same person as Kikidomo lol, if not I apologize. See my response to above for answers. Also, baby characters? What do you mean?

  12. You need elements,male and female and baby characters,and ragged girl can attack

  13. @ Anon Jan 27 2012 03:45 PM

    Have u realised there are also light skills??

    I make u that question because I think that light is better to heal than nature

    most of the light skills could be "heal all group in a certain amount", "heal a select friend target in a certain amount" or, perhaps a damage skill could be "hit all targets in range, with a low-damage light that blinds them for a short period of time, decreasing it's accuracy and preventing them to evade/block/parry any move while blinded"

    nature skills could be poison-based such as "damage target with a low-damage poison move that poison the target making him to receive damage during a certain period of time" "make a poison cloud that poison all targets in range" , "spread corrosive acid that make nature-based damage to the target and decrease a little it's armor" and... perhaps... a heal nature move could be "grants all ally units self-heal for a short period of time"

    water, as u say, could be slow-based moves, and also freezing moves (obviously freeze should be aviable only as a special skill got in the very last levels)

    1. You got the right idea of have skills will work out based on their element. Also don't forget that some are primarily offense or defense, while nature is primarily utility. All the elements will have a variety of attacks though so it won't be like Light only has healing skills and nothing else. That would be boring. :P

      Good thoughts on skills though, you'll probably see similar ones in the future. :)

  14. When is the male character coming out? Also when is the next Ninja-ja update coming out?


    1. Male characters should make it in the next update or the one after that. He's progressing nicely though.

      Ninja-Ja is still in the works, I've just been really busy. I gave a more detailed explanation further up in the comments.

  15. Which update is the revised human male coming out in?


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