Hero Tower Defense Thursday: Day 32 - HTD Pre-Alpha v0.012 Release! Inventory and Equipment!

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Thursday!

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Go here to read Day 31 of Hero Tower Defense Thursday.

This week we get to implement one of the bigger RPG elements of HTD, the inventory and equipment systems! Well, the start of it anyway, it's rather limited right now but we'll be building on it. Once again the graphics for the menus are temporary for the time being. Kevin will be replacing them with nicer ones soon.

The inventory is a place to store all your items that you gather through your travels. It will hold everything from potions to materials to ingredients to equipment. You can access the inventory and equipment screens from either the Hero Screen or by pressing the Inventory button in the bottom right during battle. The inventory itself is universal for all your heroes, they all share it. However, depending on the hero you have selected will determine which equipment is shown in the hero equipment window.

You can see that there will be quite a few equipment slots. Not all will be visual, smaller items like rings and necklaces most likely won't be visible on your hero. You'll also have a Main Hand and Off Hand weapon slots for both melee and ranged weapons. Your character will automatically switch between melee and ranged based on the enemies distance and the skill the hero is currently using. We'll get more into this later but basically you'll have Physical and Magical based weapons which your hero will choose to use for optimal efficiency for whichever skill they are about to execute.

Right now all that you can do is equip and unequip your armor and Main Hand melee weapon. You can move things around however you like; give each hero a different weapon, take off some of their armor, or take away all of their armor if you want to be mean (those of you that intentionally KO your own heroes will probably do this). Keep in mind that your equipment setup will no save for now, we're still working on that.

Currently none of the items have stats yet so you'll just be affecting visuals for now but those are coming soon! There's a bunch of stuff in the works that are taking some time but we're slowly but surely getting there. Some of you may have noticed the game getting a bit choppy after awhile. We're currently in the process of fixing this and should be able to resolve it soon.

What's New:

-Inventory System

-Equipment System

In the Works:

  • Design

    • Story: Intro (100%)
    • Story: Intro Scene 1 (0%)
    • Class Skills: Tier 1 (100%)

  • Graphics

    • Inventory Screen Graphics (0%)
    • Light Skill: Radiate (Native) (10%)
    • Light Skill: Shinning Strike(T1 Physical) (10%)
    • Light Skill: Fleeting Light (T1 Magical) (10%)
    • Unit: Fire Gecko Concept (100%)

  • Audio

    • Sound Effects: Light Spell (100%)

  • Programming

    • Multiple Profiles (100%)
    • Light Skills (0%)

    Check out Kevin's blog, KXN @ HTD for HTD art-related concepts, WIPs, polls, and more!

    As always feedback is welcome in the comments!



    1. Cool! It feels kind of like I'm dressing dolls. Er. Action Figures.

    2. I found a glitch. It's when your character dies when your about to use another move on an enemy and you die before you use it. Once you die, that red target fire thing will still be there and when you click on enemy it will say invalid target(your char.'s dead already so it should have the hand). It should have the blue hand, not the red target.. please fix this.. ASAP(not to be rude)...

      1. Nice find! We'll try to fix that in the next update, thanks!

    3. i am actually 5th!!!!!

    4. OK I just spent and hour typing in hear and the page thought it was a good idea to sign me out destroying an hour worth of work. *Twitch* OK so let me retype this.

      I haven't checked into HTD in awhile so your making a lot of good progress but there are a few things i noticed that i would like to mention mostly design things probably in the early stages.

      1. On the party tab there is no backspace for portraits and the black joints blend in perfectly making the chars look like there missing spaces. This makes them seem odd. This can be remedied with a char backdrop but doesn't help if black or dark background would be wanted in maps later on. Or possibly making them off black and not solid. This is a minor detail.
      2.The tabs are in opposing locations. The party tab has them at the top in rectangles hero tab at the bottom in rectangles and skills at the top in circles. The transition is sum what discombobulated. I'm guessing these are simple temp tabs.
      3.The sword you equip in equipment has no handle i assume you simply used the character sprite for the time being. That is minor
      4.There is no left or right in the hero tab. ATM you have to click back to party then select another char and back to hero similar with equipment. A left or right button to switch from warrior 1 to warrior 2 without going to tabs would make things smoother. Now im not sure how many chars you plan on letting people create cause if people have a few its fine but if people have like 40 right and left is not an optimal method of selecting chars.
      5.Equipment isn't its own tab you have to go thought hero tab. My gess is hero tab will have more info such as stats and class/race exc exc. ATM its simple enough to combine the 2 pages.
      6.Equipment tab needs touch ups. Not everyone knows right off the bat what MH OH RMH ROH are not to mention there usually refereed to as right hand not main hand and left hand not off hand. One method for RMH(i believe Reserve Main Hand) is a mini tab buy the weapon for quick set switching. Additionally items seems packed into a space to small placing them next to one another instead of in appropriate places. Example that helmet is next to chest not above it. If the character backdrop was moved and shrunk a notch the equip block could be extended and expended making more room. You would have to redesign it a bit. A common way to format it is to have a generic humanoid shape and empty squares of different sizes in there respected location. Rings, amulets, and earrings in small size Head, shoulders, hands, feet, and belt medium size and chest, pants and clock large space or some similar configuration. This conveys both location, placement, and type without having to say so in writing and freeing up the block and or prevent trying to cram Helmet next to the block so we know that square is the right one. For dual places like 1 shoulder armor for both shoulders the 1 piece could either appear in both spot when placed, appear faded in 2nd place (usually right spot is faded has to do with how we view left to right like how we read) or the character placement dose not have to be symmetrical. Another possibility is wile the space is occupied with a equipment the text dose not appear but dose when nothing is worn in that spot.

      I do have one suggestion that may or may not be plausible. Info tabs that show up when hovering over a space. Such as Weapon name and stats once implemented when over them. Even simple tings like the rotate to view your toons from different angles seas *rotates character view* if you hold it there for 3-4 seconds.

      I hope some of this was helpful as menu design and ease of getting around and doing things makes game smoother for everyone. This was better the first time i typed it blasted log out.

      1. Doh, I always make sure to copy/paste to notepad or something to avoid that lol

        1. We'll be adding additional functionality and Kevin's graphics to the Party Screen soon. These are just placeholders for now.

        2. I agree completely. These screens are still being worked on as well so we just threw together something temporarily so people could play around with it.

        3. Good eye, and yes it's temporary as well.

        4. You'll have 10+ characters spots eventually (in battle only 5 can be used at a time though) so yes, having previous and next arrows may not cut it. We'll have to see, might have a small list of icons. One of the biggest problems is the limited amount of space so it's a bit of a challenge to fit all the optimal features in some of these screens.

        5. Yes, the Hero and Inventory (which will include the equipment) screen will be expanded on eventually. The Inventory Screen will actually be on it's on section at some point, for now we just tossed it on the Hero Screen though.

        6. The Equipment window item slots will have indents for showing you the kind of item that goes there as well as rollover tooltips that tell you what each slot is so that'll help. The RMH is actually Ranged Main Hand. You basically can carry 2 melee weapons and 2 ranged weapons that your character switches between automatically. The humanoid shape with corresponding equipment slots you described is indeed what we will likely do. This set up is just temporary like most of the other things. The biggest issue is limited space though so we'll have to see what we can do. Items that would appear on both sides like shoulders, gloves, and boots would probably just be one slot on either side.

        Yes, we'll have a tooltip system in place that gives you information on just about everything you can click and such. It'll help a lot because with such limited space we don't have room to fit detailed descriptions or instructions all over the screen.

        It was very helpful, thanks! Luckily we are already planning to implement the majority of your suggestions so it's good to know we have fans like you and others here that are able to point out such things that we may have possibly missed. Great suggestions, I hope you continue to critique the game with such detail and care! :)

    5. Does the Fire Gecko Unit mean that there will be a new enemy?

      1. Yes, Bill is working on it and we should have it within the next few updates.

      2. Awesome.......no, REALLY AWESOME.

    6. I has Suggestion. To work in things like potions and stuff, I suggest you cannot stack potions OR you have to have a recharge time after using one similar to what Terraria did so you cannot abuse lesser healing potions. Also, you can have 3 potion slots so you can choose what potion you want with the hotkeys 4,5, and 6. Example the 4 key will be " Use lesser healing potion" 5 will be " Use a Healing Potion" And so on. of course you can set the hotkeys so 0 could be use a lesser healing potion. Try to make mana potions as well. Well hope you like meh idea. Reply on your thoughts.

      1. Good suggestion. Things like potions and other items will have a cooldown so you won't be able to spam them. They will stack though because I always find it annoying in games when you can't. Hotkeys for skills are currently 0-5 but we may or may not have hotkeys for the items because they likely won't need to be micromanaged or used constantly. In other words, the character themselves will have options (behaviors) that you can set to automatically use things like health potions based on how much health they might have left, etc.

    7. sam, later on can you make waves for the survival level (the one that you can play now) and a leader board?

    8. Hopfully you will make some sort of Aprilfools joke. With sams humor,i can't wait for that :P

      1. Kevin did one actually that Sam tweeted about on April first. Here's the link if you missed it:


    9. The game needs music. Yeah I can turn my own on but I'm too lazy to do such. Rock or Anime works. Also you should be able to customize your character a bit more. Like the looks, Different hairstyles fighting stance, and more classes. You should also make the clothing change as the items are equipped to the character. One other thing is that you should Create a shop to buy different armors and items either with Money or SND Coins.

      1. There will likely be music of some sort eventually, we just haven't bothered with it yet because we're still working on the core mechanics.

        More ways to customize your character will be coming soon, we always start with a basic set up and then build on it. The armor and weapons currently do change when they are equipped.

        We'll definitely be adding a shop once we have more of the game established.

    10. its like you read my mind i was hoping for an update ware we could change outfits next please make it some we can change hair color i am hoping for red and blonde oh and different kinds of armor of maybe just different color armor please don't add armor stats i like having sleeve less guys but don't want them to be weaker for it

      1. Haha, glad you like it! There will be different armor and hair styles and colors, etc in time. As far as sleeveless I don't think we'll be able to do that because of how the armor is set up. Usually the more requested options are for having no helm or cloak which is why we have those in but this is the first I've heard of no sleeves.

    11. I believe you spelt "response" wrong in the screen where it waits for the profile to load.
      It says "responce" instead of "response". No big deal.

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