Birthday Wishes! Breeding and Soft Cap Increase! Creature Universe Toxic Starter!

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Hi everyone! First off thanks to everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday, my birthday is today (Monday) and last year on my birthday I made a very special mystery gift and so this year I want to make another one. This year I will choose and it is my wish that the mystery gift be Jirachi!

Newgrounds and Hacked Arcade Version
I recently released the Newgrounds (same as the one here, go and rate the game por favor) and the Hacked Arcade versions of PTD2. The hacked arcade version will give you more experience per kill and it is easier to capture pokemon but it tags your pokemon with the hacked tag. Enjoy!

Soft Cap Increase
Many of you have been asking for the soft cap to increase, so I will work on that this week. You might ask yourself what the soft cap is since you can level up to 100 already. Well the soft cap is the level in which your pokemon stop learning moves. The soft cap is currently 12 so my plan is to increase it to at least 14 if not higher.

Another highly anticipated feature is the breeding mechanic and I think this will be a good week to introduce it. Okay so here are a couple of details on how it will work:
  • Most of the rules regarding egg groups, gender, and families from the actual games will be in play here.
  • Breeding and Egg Hatching will take place in the Pokemon Center.
  • To hatch the egg you will have to visit it for a number of days. It will usually take less than 7 days of visits for it to hatch depending on the rarity of the pokemon in the egg.
  • The parents stay with the egg until the egg is hatched. They are very caring!
  • Egg moves will be implemented, same rules as the real game.
  • You can have a shadow or shiny egg hatch
    • You will find out if it's shiny or shadow the moment it's hatched, the egg will look the same.
    • Each parent can increase the chance of the egg being shiny or shadow by a percent.
    • Special held items will be sold that can also increase the chance of the egg being shiny or shadow. You will be able to buy them with SnD Coins or Daily Coins.
    • So let's say each parent can increase it by 4% and the item can increase it by 4% then if both parents are shiny and they are both carrying the item then that will increase the chance for it to be shiny by 16%
  • You will only be able to have 3 eggs hatching per account but you can increase this number with SnD Coins or Daily Coins.
Everstone and Neeverstone
Speaking of items I will be adding the Everstone and the Neeverstone (never everstone), the everstone will stop evolutions from happening and the neeverstone will stop any experience from being gained. Both of these items can be bought with SnD Coins or Daily Coins.

Daily Activity Tweaks
I won't be adding a new daily activity but I have a changed planned that will make this one more doable. Right now every day you have to find 10 new people to trade with that you had not traded with before. The Tweak will reset the people you traded with each day, essentially you can trade with the same people once a day. I will be adding a different one at some point but for now we are sticking to this one.

My friends do stuff!
Joel did a great comic smashup for thanksgiving check it out!
Kevin put up some great sketches that he made in his spare time check them out!

Creature Universe - Toxic Starter!
This is the Toxic Type starter, he starts off pure toxic but ends up Toxic/Ground by the third evolution. Here is the concept drawing from one of our artist Bill along with some non-final names that he came up with.
Toxic Starter with non-final names

Alpha v1.27: Released!
  • 1v1 Mode Changes - As described on a previous blog. FINALLY!
  • Mystery Gift- Jirachi!
    • Graphics
    • Stats
    • New Abilities
    • New Attacks
      • Wish
      • Swift
    • Add to Pokemon Center
    • Add Mystery Gift Graphic on Game
    • Add Mystery Gift Server Code
    • Change Blog Links
  • In game Items - You can buy these on the Pokemon Center Item Store page, once it is available.
    • Everstone 
    • Neeverstone 
    • Gold Incense
    • Shadow Incense
  • Soft Cap Increase to 14 - Missing Moves
    • Sleep Powder
    • Spark
    • Icy Wind
    • Shadow Punch
    • Light Screen 
  • Daily Activity Tweak - Described in teh blog above
  • Added list in the FAQ page on where to find pokemon and at what time, similar to the PTD1 list
  • Save Party Position 
  • Fixed a bug that was letting you duplicate your party pokemon
  • Release Pokemon - Note: You can't release a pokemon in the game, it is not humane! Please go to the PokeCenter Webstie to release them that way Nurse Joy can take care of them!
  • Add new Level Item interface graphics for the ui (0%)   They are fine the way they are!
Alright well I'm off for now, keep checking back to see how I'm doing! As always let me know what you think!


  1. We love you!

  2. Giving our love at PGN!

  3. With Jirachi, I wish that you are more appreciated.

  4. Beetillery-Octillery....

  5. That's why I said non-final :)

    1. How do I get the toxic starter?

  6. Looking at Joel's thanksgiving smashup was funny, but I felt sorry for Bowser, a fire breathing dragon turtle and a bit surprised that Mario would do such a thing to his arch enemy. But it was still funny and I liked it.

  7. Yeah the first time I saw it I just lol'ed I was shocked

  8. I get it. You wish Jirachi to be the Mystery Gift, because Jirachi is like a star you wish apon. And in there was a Pokemon movie titled Jirachi the Wish Maker. Happy Birthday again.

  9. Add list in the FAQ page on where to find pokemon and at what time, similar to the PTD1 list (0%)

    Sam, I could do this for you.

  10. The other names are pretty good though... too Pokemon-like...

  11. Loving the soft-cap rise, looking forward to breeding, and loving the new starter! Keep up the great work and grats on making it another year.

  12. Breeding! So excited! Looking forward to the new moves, and I like the idea of the neeverstone. Question, if a pokemon has a neeverstone equipped, will the experience it isn't getting be lost, or given to the other pokemon who were fighting? If you're asking for daily/SnD coins, I think the latter would be appropriate. Also, I don't think the everstone should cost daily/SnD coins, but maybe that's just me.

    The toxic starter looks great, love how it is a mesh between a beetle and a tortoise. Also really glad to see some color on the second form. Keep it up, artists!

    And once again, happy birthday, Sam!

  13. Happy birthday, Sam!

  14. Please, Sam! Implement happiness! Also, please unlock the locked houses/shops. That will make the game feel more complete.
    Anyway, I love the game and think you're doing a fantastic job. And happy birthday!!

  15. What is your reasoning for the neeverstone? Is it for things like you did on PTD where there was an achievement for beating a gym with pokemon below a certain level?

  16. Caterpie
    Route 30, Route 31 Gold Only

    Route 30, Route 31 or Evolve at Level 7 Gold Only

    Evolve Metapod at Level 10

    Route 30, Route 31

    Route 30, Route 31 or Evolve at Level 7

    Evolve Kakuna At Level 10

    Route 31, Route 30, Route 29

    Evolve Pidgey at Level 18

    Evolve Pidgeotto at Level 36

    Route 29, 30, 31, 46 At Night, 29 in the Morning

    Evolve Rattata at Level 20

    Route 46

    Evolve Spearow at Level 20

    Route 46

    Route 46 at Night, Dark Cave

    Evolve Zubat at Level 22

    Route 31

    Evolve Bellsprout at Level 21

    Dark Cave, Route 46

    Evolve Geodude to Level 25

    Trade Graveler

    Route 31

    Evolve Gastly at level 25

    Trade Haunter


    Evolve Chikorita at Level 16

    Evolve Bayleef at Level 32


    Evolve Cyndaquil at Level 14

    Evolve Quilava at Level 36


    Evolve Totodile at Level 18

    Evolve Croconaw at Level 30

    Route 29

    Evolve Sentret at Level 15

    At Night Route 29, Route 30, Route 31

    Evolve Hoothoot at Level 20

    Route 30, 31 Morning Only Silver Only Unless Trade

    Evolve Ledyba at Level 18


    Route 30, 31 Night Only Gold Only Unless Trade

    Evolves From Spinark at Level 22

    Route 29, 30, 31 Morning Only

    Evolve Hoppip at Level 18

    Evolve Skiploom at Level 27

    Route 46 Morning Only

    Evolve Phanphy at Level 25

    Mystery Gift

    Evolve Swablu at Level 35

    Mystery Gift - Expired

    Evolve Shinx at Level 15

    Evolve Luxio at Level 30

    Mystery Gift - Expired

    Mystery Gift - Expired

    Evolve Zorua at Level 30

    Mystery Gift - Expired

    Evolve Vanillite at Level 35

    Evolve Vannilish at Level 47

    Mystery Gift - Expired

    Evolve Golett at Level 43

  17. Oh and I Jirachi you a happy birthday!!!

  18. Done.

  19. Happy Birthday, Sam!

  20. Some people don't want to level up passed the soft cap, this is a way for them to stop it

  21. question is the 3 eggs meaning FOREVER or at a time?
    if forever, you must be kidding me

  22. That's right! My Riolu is sooo sad... he wants to evolve!

  23. Finally breeding has been put on schedule. I can't wait to have some non-shiny pokémons from my shiny ones. This and to reach Goldenrod City to catch a Ditto (maybe a shiny one).

  24. How it will work for the genderless ones? Like in the original games, where you can only breed them with a Ditto and they cannot learn egg moves?

  25. Guess it'll work that way...

  26. Good work but you didn't added the time of the day in which you can catch them.

  27. I think so... otherwise he'll have to program egg-moves for them.

  28. That happens when you fall in lava.

  29. It would be AWESOME if the experience wasn't lost. Pretty useless otherwise. And your right, everstone shouldn't be either SnD coins or daily coins, but just pokemoney AND found on wild geodudes.

  30. Sam, who's your favorite pokemon?

  31. sam we need to add Happiness Evolution and battle trainer 1vs1

  32. Finally! Jirachi as a Mystery Gift! I voted for it in the other poll and I think it's the best Mystery Gift Pokémon for a birthday. Happy birthday Sam!

  33. happy (late) birthday sam lol

  34. The mistery gift will be shiny or normal? Jirachi can't be bred so
    that's very important. Since we can have only one of them, there's no
    real difference, I'm just curious.

  35. and you forgot about the Zapdos level, in which you can catch some pokemons ;]

  36. Probably 3 eggs at the time

  37. I haven't thought about that... thats really smart. I see what you did there. ;]

  38. first thanks for jirachi. i voted for it last year and yeah will the jirachi be shiny or reg. i hope if you add a reg one it will also limited to 6 or 3 (there isnt male or female) per account. last year there were too many victinis :D

    oh and one question for breading. did i understand it right, that if you have 2 shinys with each carrying this item the chance of hatching a shiny will be 16 %? cant wait to transfer my shiny ditto from ptd1, its the ultimate breeding machine xD

  39. the toxic creature is fantastically made IMO

  40. though its final evolution seems to lose the back splitting apart feature from the previous two. not sure ifthis was intentional or not, just seems like it should still be there

  41. hey sam happy late b-day, and i just noticed rollout for gollet does not do anything so could u fix this? and again happy b-day

  42. try raising soft level cap to 20 so we can get moves which are useful against Falkner

  43. Sam, thank you very much for the next mistery gift, It'll be awsome!

  44. last year poll on PTD 1.

  45. when sam implements everstone you should be able to find it on wild geodudes

  46. happy birthday sam.

  47. now i have a question. will there be items like metal coat in this game? and if yes how will they by colected?

  48. yes, probably from quest or buying them with snd coins/daily coins

  49. and I love the jirachi idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. one more question. if you make jirachi will it be shiny or regular?

  51. I'm wondering about the moves not working like flame wheel on lv 20 for Quilava why is that?

  52. hey I got one idea about the next wild pokemon. they could interact more betwen eachother. what do you think?

  53. hey is there anyone?

  54. we should be able to buy things at the pokemart during the quest.dont you think?

  55. Beeeeeautiful Creature Universe design. No complaints. Love the names, the designs are great and the typing is interesting.

    Breeding feature looks like a good method too.

    Maybe a Jewish Pokemon week for Hanukkah? Litwick for the candles, Baltoy for a dreidel (haha), a Cuebone in reference to a kipa? Other than that I can't really think of any ultra-loose Jewish tie-ins. A Deerling would be ideal for winter months (as it's cute as a button) though.

    Softcap to 15/16 please?

  56. I know that it takes long till christmas but mistery gifts should be ice like snover,frosslass,criogonal,belibird,cubcho or legendarys like kiurem,regice. do you agree whit my idea sam?


    #10-Caterpie: Cherrygrove City (Story Battle), Route 30 (Morning & Day) (Gold Version), Route 31 (Morning & Day) (Gold Version)

    #11-Metapod: Evolve Caterpie (Level 7), Route 30 (Morning & Day) (Gold Version), Route 31 (Morning & Day) (Gold Version)

    #12-Butterfree: Evolve Metapod (Level 10)

    #13-Weedle: Cherrygrove City (Story Battle), Route 30 (Morning & Day) (Silver Version), Route 31 (Morning & Day) (Silver Version)

    #14-Kakuna: Evolve Weedle (Level 7), Route 30 (Morning & Day) (Silver Version), Route 31 (Morning & Day) (Silver Version)

    #15-Beedrill: Evolve Kakuna (Level 10)

    #16-Pidgey: Route 29 (Morning & Day), Cherrygrove City (Story Battle), Route 30 (Morning & Day), Route 31 (Morning & Day)

    #17-Pidgeotto: Evolve Pidgey (Level 18)

    #18-Pidgeot: Evolve Pidgeotto (Level 36)

    #19-Rattata: Route 29, Cherrygrove City (Story Battle), Route 30 (Night), Route 31 (Night), Route 46

    #20-Raticate: Evolve Rattata (Level 20)

    #21-Spearow: Route 46 (Morning & Day)

    #22-Fearow: Evolve Spearow (Level 20)

    #39-Jigglypuff: Route 46 (Morning & Day)

    #41-Zubat: Dark Cave, Route 31 (Night)

    #42-Golbat: Evolve Zubat (Level 22)

    #69-Bellsprout: Route 31

    #70-Weepinbell: Evolve Bellsprout (Level 21)

    #74-Geodude: Dark Cave, Route 46

    #75-Graveler: Evolve Geodude (Level 25)

    #76-Golem: Evolve Graveler (Trade)

    #92-Gastly: Route 31 (Night)

    #93-Haunter: Evolve Gastly (Level 25)

    #94-Gengar: Evolve Haunter (Trade)


    #152-Chikorita: Elm's Lab in New Bark Town (Starter Pokémon)

    #153-Bayleef: Evolve Chikorita (Level 16)

    #154-Meganium: Evolve Bayleef (Level 32)

    #155-Cyndaquil: Elm's Lab in New Bark Town (Starter Pokémon)

    #156-Quilava: Evolve Cyndaquil (Level 14)

    #157-Typhlosion: Evolve Quilava (Level 36)

    #158-Totodile: Elm's Lab in New Bark Town (Starter Pokémon)

    #159-Croconaw: Evolve Totodile (Level 18)

    #160-Feraligatr: Evolve Croconaw (Level 30)

    #161-Sentret: Route 29 (Morning & Day)

    #162-Furret: Evolve Sentret (Level 15)

    #163-Hoothoot: Route 29 (Night), Cherrygrove City (Story Battle) (Night Only), Route 30 (Night Only)

    #164-Noctowl: Evolve Hoothoot (Level 20)

    #165-Ledyba: Route 30 (Morning) (Silver Only), Route 31 (Morning) (Silver Only)

    #166-Ledian: Evolve Ledyba (Level 18)

    #167-Spinarak: Route 30 (Night) (Gold Only), Route 31 (Night) (Gold Only)

    #168-Ariados: Evolve Spinarak (Level 22)

    #187-Hoppip: Route 29 (Morning), Cherrygrove City (Story Battle) (Morning), Route 30 (Morning)

    #188-Skiploom: Evolve Hoppip (Level 18)

    #189-Jumpluff: Evolve Skiploom (Level 27)

    #231-Phanpy: Route 46 (Morning)

    #232-Donphan: Evolve Phanpy (Level 25)


    #333-Swablu: Current Mystery Gift (84871514)

    #334-Altaria: Evolve Swablu (Level 35)


    #403-Shinx: Former Mystery Gift#404-Luxio: Evolve Shinx (Level 15)

    #405-Luxray: Evolve Luxio (Level 30)

    #447-Riolu: Former Mystery Gift


    #570-Zorua: Former Mystery Gift

    #571-Zoroark: Evolve Zorua (Level 30)

    #582-Vanillite: Former Mystery Gift

    #583-Vanillish: Evolve Vanillite (Level 35)

    #584-Vanilluxe: Evolve Vanillish (Level 47)

    #622-Golett: Former Mystery Gift

    #623-Golurk: Evolve Golett (Level 43)

  58. Hey Sam,

    Maybe for the next mystery gift:


  59. and easter should be bunny or things that are next to it like buneary.

  60. To be honest it's not as if Game Freak own the word artillery. But still valid point. Maybe like... Beeternal? (Beetle+Arsenal). Or maybe Colerrior? (Coleoptera+Warrior, as Coleoptera is the Greek origin of the word Beetle).

    Just a thought!

  61. Yes, but it is a special level and you can't repeat it so it has no sense.

  62. i love the staters. and i like the nevereverstone but can you add the shiny charm to the pokemon center as well to increase the general shiny chance on a account

  63. Yeah, the last year poll. I'm Spanish and I sometimes have problems when writing in English.

  64. The toxic starter designs are great & so is your idea for new mystery gift(will it be shiny or normal & how many can 1 get per account?). As far as the pokemon center is considered can u add, in the create trade page, default options in brackets wherever Trade is written. I have 2 suggestions for the default options:
    1. Any: It puts the trade condition as: any pokemon, any gender/type/Lvl.
    2. Same: It puts the trade condition as: the same pokemon put up for trade, any gender/type/Lvl.
    These are the 2 most common conditions for the current daily activity, so putting them as default options would help a lot when the server is busy. The new create trade page can now have options: Trade(Any, Same) | Change Nickname | Abandon.
    You can also consider the option of putting multiple pokemons up for trade simultaneously.

  65. Sam, I just found that while Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray all appear as options when searching for a certain pokemon in the trade center, they do not appear as choices when choosing a pokemon that other people want. I thought I'd let you know. :)

  66. How it makes no sense? If you don't kill Zapdos you can do this level more than once and catch pokemons in it.

  67. You mean the next after the Jirachi, right?

    This poll sounds fair enough. ;]

  68. The soft cap is only to level 12 now. It means that you can't get moves after level 12, but you can still lvl up.
    Later when the Sam will make moves like Flame Wheel, then you will be able to relearn them to your pokemons. ;]

  69. happy late bday sam i was out of town so i couldnt wish u happy bday yesterday

  70. yes we can make eggs now it sounds pretty cool to me

  71. Your awesome. Pick what you want the mystery gift, you deserve it. I don't care even is it is a Magikarp that can't evolve. But take your pick wisely, as always.

  72. They are there, you have to clear your cache or press ctrl-f5 on the request page

  73. It does, and it's hard to choose. I'm stuck between Aron and Ralts.

  74. Did both but still they didn't appear...

  75. i have the same, you cant search for pokemon which have shinx, luxio or luxray as a request

  76. It's Bulbasaur!

  77. You can beat the level without beating Zapdos, unless when Sam made the level easier, now it is required to do so.

  78. No, it's all right I just didn't understand which poll you were talking about.

  79. Sam, minor thing, if two things both increase the chances of shiny by 4%, the boost should be 8.16%

    1.04 x 1.04 = 1.0816

  80. aggron and gallade are both in the rarely used tier in competitive battling, Aggron has MASSIVE def and attack, however its PITIFUL speed and spdef means it can be killed by anything that moves and uses special attacks. However in Tower defence games, that just means pull it off the field from anything that can kill it very sturdy very dangerous automize is a saving grace, increasing speed by two stages.

    Gallade has equally high attack as aggron, but also has EQUAL special defence as Gardevoir, however unlike gardevoir Gallade has so many attack options(leaf blade, night slash, close combat, drain punch(gotta love the drain punch, respectably high damage,' with gallades atk plus drain punch = enemy dead and gallade immortal, as long as it`s effective of course. not to mention the all important psychocut < i prefer this over zen headbut due to it psychocut having 2x crit rate and 100% accuracy vs, zen headbut having 10 more power and a chance to miss> stone edge(rhydon in ptd1 just shat bricks) and ice punch. slap on swords dance or bulk up on gallade and you have a 100% unstoppable killing machine on your hands(Bulk up seems like it would work better in PTD) .

  81. heres a hint, vanillite- icicle spear, golette-rollout, take them off the field before gust hits them.

  82. beettalion looks awsome

  83. My zorua's icon turns into a swablu icon when it goes into battle. y does this happen?

  84. Sighs...
    the answer is the ability illusion. Do you play Pokemon at all?
    Put zorua as your last Pokemon.

  85. Sam, I hope that eventually, you will move the breeding and berry growing into the game, not the PTDCenter

  86. maybe you are searching for regular shinx, luxio or luxray you have to search them as shiny since they were only available as shiny

  87. 2 things on my mind. 1- Why don't u get a badge after u defeat falkner?
    2- When is the next level coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XP

  88. We'll get a badge when the next story level comes out :) (like how in PTD 1 you got the badge the level after you defeated the gym leader). Since it is not currently on the list, my guess would be next week at the earliest.

  89. I think Sam's point was that he wanted it to be simple and not have the boosts influence each other. That's why he explicitly said that they would add to 16%.

  90. It would be fun, but only if we could get around quickly to the breeding/berry places (e.g., via fly). It would also be fun if the PTDCenter could be more incorporated into the game, rather than having to exit out and go to a different place.

  91. Hopefully Sam will remember that.

  92. when you you make it be able we can learn all moves we can relearn the ones we didnt learn

  93. Isn't that way too high?

  94. I guess so. It would have a 4 out of 25 chance of being shiny or shadow. But then again you can only hatch 3 eggs a week so I think the time requirements and the precedence of it being shiny/shadow is fair

  95. Happy B-day Sam more COOL mystery gift to come .

  96. i honestly dont like the 7 day system for the hacth of eggs, i'd prefer the "step count" as in normal pokemon game

    maybe you can put both

    with pokemon center u have higher chance for shiny and shadow, with ingame hatch you have less chance

    after this, i still think this game is great; cant wait for the "soft cap" increase and the daily activity change.

    ps. the CU toxic starte is AWESOME

  97. happy b-day sam plz get a good day.


  99. You took the poll of whether CUTD will be PTD1/2 style but didn't explicitly declared what decision u took... Will u make CUTD, PTD1/2 style?

  100. hey sam I tink that after you make another area the pokemon(wild) should interact more beetwen eachother

  101. i'm srry i am late, i was not home, but Happy Birthday Sam

  102. how do you get into buildings?

  103. There is no way to get happiness now, so you can't get Lucario yet..

  104. Or if you have Golem with Rock Polish, Rock Throw and Defense Curl, then you can take Falkner with just Golem. ;]

  105. i already beat him but for those who can't

  106. Oh okay, I just wanted to say how i beat this level. ;]

  107. Yes, Howme is right, I think that the balance of limiting the time it takes to hatch and the number of eggs will make it fair. Of course this will make shiny ditto incredibly valuable. But suppose you have two shiny parents and both shiny items, so the 16% chance of the egg being shiny. Suppose you have three eggs this way. The odds of getting no shiny pokemon are (1-0.16)^3, or about 60%, so the odds of getting one shiny pokemon are about 40%. If it takes a week to hatch the eggs, this is roughly a 40% chance of a shiny per week, or 1 shiny every other week (roughly, rounding the 40% up to to 50% and accounting for the fact that within that 40% chance is a chance for more than one shiny). Considering that shinies can be found much more quickly in the wild, it makes more sense to hunt for shiny pokemon that can be found, assuming you have time. If you don't have time, then this gives people a perfect way to invest only a little time over a long period and still get shinies. Also, given that it is probably better to spend the time hunting for shinies, the shiny breeding will most likely be reserved to pokemon that cannot be found in the wild yet, e.g., starters or mystery gifts.

    Finally, consider that the items that increase shiny chance cost SnD or Daily coins. As a result, suppose someone doesn't have them. At most 8% chance per egg. That's about 22% chance of a shiny per week, or closer to one shiny every month. Completely reasonable.

  108. That is correct. As Sam implements moves, you'll be able to relearn them if you missed them.

  109. Most buildings are locked and do not have programmed interiors. You'll have to wait for Sam to add them in later versions.

  110. These comments are for suggestions and discussions regarding the making of PTD2 and CUTD, not philosophical inquiries. I would submit that there in fact is someone, but I offer no proof thereof.

  111. pretty much all I did. a chikorita/butterfree with poison powder helps. (does butterfree learn poison powder by then)?


  113. Sam you forgot Dunsparce in the dark cave.

  114. He didn't forget. He has stated before that he chose to not add dunsparce yet.

  115. And when they are programmed, you will just walk at the through the door like the doors that are currently open. Unless Sam plans on having a door or two where you will need a secret key, like maybe a team rocket key, to get in some buildings.

  116. Wild Pokemon interacting more and the you saying a lot of "Yes" 's with exclamation marks makes me think of Pokemon having bad interactions, if you now what I mean. And I really hope that is not what he meant because this is supposed to be E for everyone.

  117. You are right. But Sam has to make it so we can get Gallade instead of Gardevoir.

  118. Not to be an apple about this, but you forgot Luxio.

  119. Ok, maybe that's not way too high.

  120. I guess, that may be it. Thanks!

  121. Don't the geodudes do just that?

  122. How about fully raged totodiles or their evolutions or geodudes with +6 speed and defence?

  123. Ok, skiploom's sprite is now my favorite. It's so adorable!

  124. CUTD will be in PTD1 style. The poll was because I was curious.

  125. gallade= dawn stone on male kirlia, not that hard, just have to get the stone

  126. Hey sam, can you add a "are you sure" to accepting trades. i mean if a guy accidentally clicks accept he could lose a really good pokemon.

  127. I get your point, but I feel that it is unnecessary because you can always change it if you put up the wrong Pokemon up for trade. Also, the mistake that most people might make is to put it up for trade without a trade request.

  128. I was expecting CUTD to be PTD2 style and some things that I was expecting to see in CUTD will defiantly not happen. Like starting in different cities won't be as cool as it would of been PTD2 style. But I understand your reasoning, it would be hard to make extra interactive maps, interactive creatures, and multiple story levels (one for each city). I remember in much earlier stages of CUTD that the plan for it was much different, but now it is continually changing. Either way I hope it goes well. And I'll see if you still find a way to add the things that I believe will now be left out of CUTD.

  129. how about golurk's sprite?

  130. You can make CUTD a mixture of PTD 1 & 2. Like you can select a level and then enter it and go around completing the missions. This unlocks the next level. This way, the levels can be replayable and you can program map abilities.

  131. Don't have one. :(

  132. Sam, did you forget to add the passho berry?

  133. No offense, but Beettalion looks overpowered as compared to other starters.

  134. And the chance of having two shiny pokemon in the same egg group and different genders is not too high.

  135. Good ideas, btw, you will get six shiny mystery gifts per account. I think it will be the same for Jirachi.

  136. Easter can even be Happiny, because it looks like an egg.

  137. Yes, please program Pokemarts.

  138. They do that already.

  139. Yeah I think I read it somewhere that bulbasaur is his favorite.

  140. He can't evolve if he's sad.

  141. Experience shouldn't be lost, it should be given to the other pokemon(s). This way, you can level up other pokemon fast.

  142. I just used a golett with defense curl and rollout and defeated the gym. But it took me some time. Allright, a lot of timt.

  143. the new mystery gift is a jirachi

  144. I am asking this because I either forgot or was actually never informed, but is HTD gone for good?

  145. You can find HTD in the more games tab.

  146. I know... in fact the problem is exactly this. There's no happiness for Riolu... T_T

  147. I think it has been officially abandoned.

  148. hey sam what do you think of more pokemon interaction?

  149. and more secret areas????????????

  150. todos ficam mal quando falo!

  151. I was thinking about CUTD starters & noticed that some of them show bizarre properties like leaves turn into mushrooms, pseudo-wings→no forelimbs→arms, quadrupedal→bipedal→quadrupedal & now a beetle looses its flight!(No offense), But individually the all are good designs.

  152. i think that steel should be the tipe of mistery gift after jirachi!

  153. Can you put the daily activity tweak on priority? Especially since items are being released that you can buy them with.

  154. geodude is spose to hold the everstone

  155. I was looking for it, hopefully it will get finished in development after CUTD. Thanks

  156. That is sad to hear, but thanks.

  157. their will probably be more, it would seem weird if there were only those two secret areas.

  158. It seems like that won't happen in this game.

  159. pobably cuz steel types are AWESOME!! i mean theres aggron,lucario,metagross,REGISTEEL,magnezone,DIALGA,HEATRAN,and of course JIRACHI(there are many more).

  160. and phanpy is supposed to have passho berry

  161. The point we are trying to make with them is that we are doing something different from what you would expect and breaking certain rules.

  162. I like that idea but I don't always have enough time to add that

  163. It's on indefinite hold. We really love the idea still but there are things we want to do first (CUTD)

  164. looks aren't everything I suppose. He does look sweet tho.

  165. Sam, Butterfree also get Stun Spore at Lvl 12.

  166. We would rather you add this first, not squeeze it in between other stuff.

  167. I have a limit in this game for learning more than one move in the same level so I spread those out by one level each. Stun Spore is already in the game so it didn't make the list.

  168. samO, I don't have anything to trade tho

  169. That was my point...

  170. I played Pokemon Emerald version on my GameBoy Advance after a long time today.
    It is the best game i've ever played. No other game can ever give me the fun that it did. (no offense, Sam)

    Ahh................. Brings back memories.

  171. Sam, I'm quite sure you've already answered this question ( so sorry in advance), but in PTD2 are there going to be all of the pokemon from all of the generations so far ( that is 650 pokemon more or less) or just "few" of each generation? Thanks in advance for your answer.

  172. Mainly 2nd generation but some of other generations

  173. Did you just copy this from the FAQ page?

  174. Also you will be able to get all the Pokemon from Kanto because of PTD to PTD2 transfer, which is not out yet.

  175. Translation of what you said using google translate "everyone gets sick when I speak!"

    Then speak English? translating this into portugese using google translate means "Então, falar Inglês?"

  176. What will be buy-able with in-game money (not real money, SnD coins, or Daily Coins)? So far everything is buy-able without real money and I am starting to wonder if you have planned that out yet, Sam.


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