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Released some time ago, this title quickly built up momentum and now with over 18 million plays, it’s the most popular game available on the legendary Hacked Arcade Games site. Sam and Dan have outdone themselves with this awesome take on the epic Pokémon experience. It encapsulates the original game play and goal of catching all the creatures in a hybrid Tower Defence / RPG format. You get to follow awesome stories, evolve, trade and collect cool mystery gifts and many other incredible bonuses. Gotta catch ‘em all!

You start the adventure by following the guidance of a very familiar figure, Professor Oak. He’ll help you set up your game play and provide you with your first Pokémon to get the ball rolling. While this is happening the incredible story will start to slowly unfold and you’ll be drawn into the cool twists and turns from the outset, starting by protecting the professor’s rare candy but quickly moving out of Pallet Town and on to more dangerous tasks out in the wilds of a mystical land!

As you progress through the game and watch the mysteries unfold, you gain new and powerful Pokémon to help you in your quest. You’ll soon come to realise that each of the awesome Pokémon have their own unique powers that work best in certain situations, so pay some thought to when and where to deploy your little dudes to maximise their effectiveness, defeat your enemies swiftly and protect the prize at all costs!  

The game play itself is a seamless cross between the typical RPG format of exploring new lands and the cool TD experience of defending your ground and stopping invading forces. The defensive towers in this game are the Pokémon team members, but the objects and characters you must defend depend on the particular situation and point in the game you’re at. Before you start each stage you must select your Pokémon defensive line-up that you’ll strategically deploy to defend yourself during the game, but you can also get more versatile and select other Pokémon on the fly to help out in a scrape.

During each stage, you can click and drag the Pokémon in your line-up and place them into the path of the attacking Pokémon to stop them in their tracks and prevent them from carrying out their evil masters’ wishes. Once deployed your little Pokémon dudes can pretty much stand their own and fight by themselves but you’ll need to keep looking back on them frequently to check their health and help them evolve to become faster and stronger fighting critters! Keep your team evolving to increase their fighting powers and make them a formidable force to be reckoned with!

To truly become a Pokémon master and catch them all, you’ll need to take the time to understand each of their powers. This will help you to recognise the most effective place to station them so they can inflict the most damage to your opponents and prevent the baddies from carrying out their dastardly plans for world domination!

The storyline and game play for this classic are really quite entertaining and you can easily find yourself caught up in things, spending a lot of fun-filled hours building your team and trying to catch every last one of the Pokémon!  Sam and Dave have put in a lot of effort to beef out the story and it has paid off in the form of a cohesive game play melded well with a great storyline.

If you enjoyed this classic and would like to see other cool games from this amazing series then why not take the time to explore the HAG Pokémon archives! And check our Pokemon Tower Defense 2 at hacked arcade games.


  1. Hi, on PTD when ever I try to beat Route 2 after a bit on it, it will take my back to the menu. Don't know what's going on.

  2. does it have a blue HP bar? If so, that would be why. If not, idk why it would do that

  3. I want to register so I can play the game from my phone but I don't know how! Please help!

  4. Sam Otero can i ask something.Can you put your pokemon in Adoption?So that you can get SnD Coins.If no please add it if you can

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