Path to Cosmoids TD Prototype

Hello again,

With Cosmoids TD I want to return to writing weekly blog post to give you a glimpse of the development process. So here we go.

The first step of making a game is to choose a genre or multiple genres that you want your game to be. For Cosmoids TD that genre is obviously Tower Defense with a mix of "Pokemon" which is a Role Playing Game.

This provides a sort of guideline for building your game. After you have figured this out you can have a good idea of what are the different components that your game will need. These components will be a part of your first prototype.

Your first prototype should give you an early glimpse of how your game will play. At this point you shouldn't care too much about graphics since you are still figuring out the controls and feel that you want.

Prototype Work In Progress

So here are the first items I have for the Cosmoid TD Prototype and my progress on them:

  • Create new project in Unity (100% Completed)
  • Create Player Avatar Graphic (100% Completed)
  • Put Player Avatar on Level (100% Completed)
  • Player Avatar must be able to move to different spots on the map (100% Completed)
  • Create Cosmoid Starter Graphic (100% Completed)
  • Put Cosmoid Unit on Level (100% Completed)
  • Enemy Units must be able to travel down a path (100% Completed)
  • Create UI for showing the player's Cosmoids (100% Completed)
  • Be able to place your Cosmoids into a spot in the map (100% Completed)
  • Add a basic Attack (100% Completed)
  • Enemy units can take damage and have a life bar (100% Completed)
  • Be able to change a units spot on the map (See next blog for more progress)
  • Be able to capture a weak enemy unit (See next blog for more progress)
As I work on the game I will update this page, on my next blog post I will post about some ideas I have that will make Cosmoids TD different from Pokemon Tower Defense.

Thanks for reading and playing my games! See you next time! As always, let me know what you think!


  1. Hey I'am Interested on how you make those games. I want to know what kind of browser do you use to make these cool games.

    1. For PTD Series I used Flash, but unfortunately Flash is a dying software.

      For Cosmoids I'm using Unity3d which is a great software (they have a free version)

  2. Finish the game im dying here come on

  3. Very excited to see what's coming!

  4. Can u make it like PTD 2 by making it an open world kind of game plz

    1. I found that most people like ptd1 style more than ptd2, so cosmoids will be more ptd1 style

  5. I've been around since the shiny Raquaza days and have really enjoyed watching your development skills grow. Your doing great man keep it up. I've recently gotten into ptd3 and back into ptd2 ;which is still as good as when I left; but do you think you'll have any plans of shiny dailies and elemental dailies? Also congrats on the a baby!

  6. olá, eu sou um fá de seus jogos principalmente os pokemon tower defence.
    eu achei muito interessante sua ideia do cosmoids TD, e como sera o tema? e como ficara diferente do PTD?
    Eu estou usando o nick anonimous pq nao sei logar na minha conta, meu nome é pedro.

    1. The game will be very similar to PTD but with original creatures, some of the mechanics will be different

  7. I really want an open world like PTD 2

    1. I found most people preferred the straight forwardness of ptd1

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. what happened to ptd2 weekly giveaway

  10. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

  11. you should add another level to 1 v 1

  12. Super excited for this! I remember PTD being a big part of my childhood and am glad you're still making awesome games!

  13. ptd 4 more easy please do

    1. For the future of SnD games it is better to do Cosmoids TD

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  19. Dude! I'm literally speechless this is amazing work! Congrats on the baby! Also can you please bring in kyogre and groudon back in mystery gifts for PTD3? please do, Keep up the good work!

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