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Pokemon Tower Defense: So what happens now? Donate button? Next Game? More pokemon defense?

It's been a really crazy day. Was just about to get the level cap update out, and bam I get an email from google that the app has been suspended and removed. I saw it coming but not this fast, it all has to do with the growth that we experienced. We ended up getting over 120,000 downloads, and I'm sure giving enough time we would have reached millions.

So what happens now?

I know a lot of you came for the pokemon tower defense, and if it wasn't here anymore you might leave. I don't blame you, but me and dan want to make games for a living. We want to make games for you guys. We have a game coming down hopefully in April, and I hope you guys can give it a look, when I post it here. It has ninjas.

So am I quitting pokemon tower defense? The answer is no. If they don't want it on the market place then it's not going to be there and it won't ever be there again. Nintendo spent a lot of money and work building up pokemon and I respect them for that. They need to…

Pokemon Tower Defense: A new beginning, a new place to play the game, level cap at 20 now.

UPDATE 3: Here is a link to download the apk file, don't ask me how to install it I'm not sure my self, apparently your save file will still work. 

UPDATE: If you go to the website on your phone and you full screen the game, it pretty much plays just like the app would, this is the best solution to playing on the phone, you only need to be online to start the game then you can go offline once the game loads. 

UPDATE 2: I will be posting the .apk file for those of you who know how to install those, the only problem right now is that your data will be deleted between updates, I will figure out a way to save your data online, so that you can restore it between updates. No specific date tho on when I can do this.

Well, we got suspended from the android marketplace (Nintendo asked them to remove us), so instead of killing the whole thing. I just found a new home for it. We are now located at Newgrounds!

Here is the link: http://www.newgro…

PTD: What's next? A list of new things...and we just keep growing!

SAD UPDATE: App was suspended from Marketplace....The good news is I will be moving it to the web a lot quicker! I will provide you with a link soon, once the update is done.

UPDATE: Level cap increasing to 20, tonight (Wednesday)! Level 6 will come in an update after that but this week also.

 This game just keeps growing and it's thanks to all of you, I haven't done any advertisement at all. The download stats from my Android Market Developer Console updated today at we have over 66,000 downloads! You guys made it happen, either you told your friend about it, or you twittered it, facebook, blogged on it. I just wanted to say thank you for the support! Also even if you didn't do any of the above, just giving it a good rating and a good comment goes a long way into other people deciding if they want to play.

Okay so lets get down to business.

First, the poll is finally closed (I need to make the next one shorter) and you have all decided that the current app icon stays! We…

PTD: Level 5 is out!

UPDATE: I updated the level and had to run out, so I forgot to include a couple of things. 
Onix is spelled correctly :) You don't get the badge in this level, you will get the aftermath of this event on the next level (you aren't done in pewter just yet, there's a nice little museum there)Sandshrew and Geodude are the only pokemon used in one of the versions of the game (FireRed/LeafGreen) so I went with that.I was trying to get the update out quickly so my bad on the typo, will fix for next update (nobody wants to download a whole new build just for a simple typo)The "movie scene" is done so that you always lose a pokemon, so even if you bring one, the game will take that away. First it looks for a starter, then it looks for anybody else.Thunder wave should not work on ground pokemon, that is a mistake on my side.The fight will be a lot easier if you have all your pokemon at a high level, I didn't want to balance it around the fact that you would have 5 lvl …

PTD: What's next? First Gym, Level Cap, about me, feedback, 11,000 downloads!

UPDATE: Level 5 is coming in less than 2 hours!

Hey everyone! I must say that it has been a crazy last couple of days for me, I did not expect the game to grow as much as it did so quickly but I welcome the growth with open arms. My goal for this game was to reach 10,000 downloads. That was my goal, I didn't know when it would happen maybe months, or a year, but here we are 3 days later and we are at over 11,000 downloads. That is all because of you guys! I can't say how much I appreciate it.

Your feedback has been amazing, a lot of changes in the game have been made due to this feedback, I read every post and reply to every email sent to me. I value what you guys think, even if you just say this game is awesome, especially if you say things like that it really help drive me even more.

The number one thing that people want is more levels, higher level cap, just more more more. I want to give you what you want! I'm trying really hard to deliver, and I'm not trying to m…

Level 4 out NOW!

Finally got to finish Level 4: Viridian Forest. I hope you guys enjoy it. Also now you can exit the game by pressing your phone's back button on the main menu, no more force closing :D

UPDATE: The last 3 Pikachus are the 3 you see in the beginning of the level, they never get to a weakened state so they are impossible to catch. But you can catch any pikachu besides those 3. Happy Hunting.

What's next?

That last few updates have been about fixing issues that the game has, but what everybody really wants is more levels. So I will be hitting level 4 hard the next couple of days. Here is a picture of Level 4 being built:

Your feedback put into action.

UPDATE 2: New version 1.5 has exit confirmation box implemented.
UPDATE: New version 1.4 has implemented fixes for all the issues mentioned in this blog post!

Took some time today to gather up all the feedback and came up with a list of things that you guys wanted fixed/changed. I'm going to post the ones that will have higher priority (mainly the ones that people mentioned more than once).

1. Being able to skip a cut scene after you have seen it at least once. Thanks to Sage (Marketplace Comments), Joram, Joshua, and Ollorin93 for mentioning it.

2. Pause the Battle Music when the Evolution Music plays. Thanks to Adyad, and Joshua.

3. Make the currency symbol be the correct one (the one used in the game). Thanks to Adyad, and Joshua.

4. The App Icon needs to be changed. Thanks to Dan, and Joshua.

For the 4th one I'm holding a poll, that will show up in-game as well as on the side of this blog.

If you guys want to change the Icon, I want to hold a contest for whoever wants to …

Level 4 on Pokemon Tower Defense UPDATE

I must say that I am sorry about the confusion, level 4 is not completed yet, I'm going to make a small update that will make that more clear on the game, again sorry about that, I plan to have it done within a week so stay tuned. I guess while I'm here I'll also mention that the pokemon leveling is capped at level 10 for now, this cap will go up when level 6 of the game comes out. Thanks again for the great feedback! Keep it coming :D

I responded to the previous blog post in the comments here is my response:

"Thanks for the feedback guys, now time to answer some questions.

@Kevin, Bradly, Michelle, Ben - I posted a new blog entry about it, but your phones are not the problem the problem is that I haven't completed level 4, it will be coming in about a week, also evolving is implemented but since the level cap is at 10 only 2 pokemon can evolve right now (caterpie and weedle).

@Anonymous - Thanks, the reason I released it without finishing it is that it's goin…

Pokemon Tower Defense is out now on Android!

Finally got around to releasing it, the game is very much still at an early stage but I will be updating it on a weekly basis. Enjoy!

Pokemon Tower Defense