Hero Tower Defense Tuesday: Day 3! Daily Codes and SnD Coins are up!

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Tuesday!

Sketch of logo
Go here to read the Day 2 of Hero Tower Defense Tuesdays. For this week we got more great art from Kevin plus we start talking about looting.

Dan and I thought a lot about not only loot in the game but how you loot items in the game. We both agreed that when the enemy dies they should drop some money for you to collect. Also if they were going to drop an item of some sort that a small treasure box will drop and open up in the ground revealing the item.

First the question is how do you get this item from the ground into your bag. Well the first thought was adding more interactivity by clicking on the loot. But we the more we thought about it the less it made sense. If everything you defeat drops a least some coins then you should have to constantly click on the screen. We don't want that so for this game every item that drops will be automatically grabbed for you.

This created a new problem. If you loot everything then your bags could potentially be filled with things that you don't want. The solution to this was to create a "temporary bag", every time something drops (coins, armor, etc) it will automatically be placed on this temporary bag that has unlimited space. At the end of the level and any time during the level you can then transfer any items from your "temporary bag" into your real bag. Anything not transferred into your real bag will disappear the next time you start a level.

The other thing we thought about was to make sure to show you what you had looted without interrupting the flow of the game. When something drops and is automatically looted you will see an icon that will represent the item go into a bag. The icon will let you know what type of item dropped (chest pieces, helm, etc) and how rare the item that dropped is (poor, common, uncommon, rare, etc).

Lastly I leave you with some prop art for a cave level that Kevin worked.

Different props for a cave level.
Dan will be around later to post some more things.

I know a lot of you know already but I wanted to post this again for those who missed it. Daily Codes and SnD Coins are now available!

The Daily Codes are now out, I want to quickly explain them again for those of you who didn't catch it the first time. Once a day you go to the Pokemon Center and choose which code you wish to purchase, the more it cost the higher the chance to get a rare pokemon. When you purchase you will see what you won, and then you can pick up your prize right away. 24 hours later you can repeat the process. Also I will be adding more and more pokemon to the daily code with breeding moves in the future so look forward to that.

SnD Coins are now out! You can get SnD Coins by buying Ninja-ja, the higher edition you buy the more coins you get per dollar. We added two new edition the discount edition $50 for 225 coins and a Savvy Ninja Edition $100 for 500 coins. Those are not for everybody but those who are thinking long term and wish to contribute to us then it's the best deal. If you want to see how much everything cost then head to the Pokemon Center and then to the Adoption page. We will also be adding more Trial Pay options for different editions. If you know of any other payment method that you would rather use then let me know.

As always let me know what you think!

Dan: Hey guys, just wanted to clear up some stuff regarding the SnD Coin purchase options and the reasons for them. Then I'll touch on HTD a bit.

SnD Coins and Ninja-ja - Some people are confused and feel that they are buying Ninja-ja twice now in order to get the SnD Coins. This is wrong, you are buying the SnD Coins and we're giving you the Ninja-ja stuff as a bonus. Just like how you were buying Ninja-ja before and you were getting the PTD stuff as a bonus. So even if we removed all the Ninja-ja stuff the price of the SnD Coins would remain the same. We understand some people might not want the bonus Ninja-ja stuff but that simply means you just don't click the Ninja-ja download link we send you in the email and don't use the other Ninja-ja stuff when it comes out, but that's completely up to you. There's people that do want that stuff so we're just going to leave it in there for now for promoting purposes.

Something else is we've decided to make Ninja-ja free. The extra stuff will become available for SnD Coin purchase when we release it. For those of you that already bought the older Ninja-ja editions we'll be sending 1 SnD Coin (worth $1 which is what Ninja-ja alone was being sold for) to make up for Ninja-ja now being free, even if you only bought it for the bonus PTD stuff. ;) I'll be sending those out as Apprentice Edition SnD Coin purchases over the next week. If you don't get it by then send me an email at dbell1984@gmail.com.

HTD - Okay now for HTD. I think most people would agree that while auto-looting is very helpful and convient that clicking on a hard earned chest and having it explode with loot is both awesome and satisfying. For this purpose We will also have chests that come with the level and aren't necessarily drops from enemies. Like they might be hidden somewhere on the map, guarded by bosses, or in plain site but inaccessible at the time, etc. These chests will be loaded with stuff and you will need a key to unlock them. You'll get the key from doing something related to the chest. So if it's guarded by a boss it's likely the boss drops the key, if it's in plain site you'll probably get the key from one of the mobs you fight on that level. We also want some chests that you may see all the time but can't open at the time. You might have to do quests in order to obtain the key or perhaps get it off some uber boss later on and then go back to that mysterious chest you could never open to find out what's been in there all this time.


  1. Looks interesting, Sam! I can't wait for this to come out...

    And between first and tenth!

  2. PokeFan Gen 1 (MIX)August 30, 2011 at 7:38 PM

    First-ish? I'm just curious on the SnD coins: so we can only buy them in this manor? We can't purchase coins outright even if we already have Ninja-ja? And only in these amount packages I assume? If you would rather email me about this you know the email..... p____.s______00_@my___.net

  3. do we have a projected release date?

    has it even started yet? o_o

    also, do you think this is going to be another freebie like PTD or is it gonna be like ninjaja ?

  4. I think the Daily Codes, should have like a 19% chance or something along those lines of getting a shiny with breeding moves. Because to be honest having it almost be a normal pokemon with breeding moves, does not motivate me to buy the code. Also for HTD I like the idea your going with for looting.

  5. hey sam could you make a different way to get snd coins cause i already own ninja ja and i don't want to buy it again please make a different way to get snd coins and love the games

  6. "If you know of any other payment method that you would rather use then let me know."

    I suppose that sending you money in the mail is right out? [/joke]

  7. @PokeFan & anon 7:41PM - Even if we remove the Ninja-ja from it they will cost the same. Ninja-ja is essentially being given out as a gift.

    @xehanorto - Daily Codes aren't meant to be an easy way to get Rare pokemon but a way to spend your money for a chance at getting one. Don't mean to sound rude just getting asked this a lot.

    @phinq - haven't really started on it besides graphics and design. Will be a freebie.

  8. @Sam - I am not worried about getting rare pokemon, because I am not obsessed about getting the dogs or shiny starters. Still though not being able to have a chance at getting normal shiny pokemon just doesn't agree with me.

  9. @xehanorto - I see what you mean, it sounds more like Daily Codes just aren't worth it for you. If shiny are added they will have a very low chance of getting them and then we are back on square one again.

  10. sam i have a question how much does it cost to keep servers running each month

  11. PokeFan Gen 1 (MIX)August 30, 2011 at 7:57 PM

    About how long does it take to receive the SnD coins? Just made my purchase about 10 minutes ago.

  12. Sam whats your email?

  13. Quick question, shouldn't diglett and pikachu be under uncommon section?

  14. @ufus - sotero86@gmail.com

    @anon 8:19PM- pikachu was part of the Apprentice edition so I kept it common. Diglett shows up quite a bit on that level so I deemed it common.

  15. could you have it tell us how much longer till we can buy a new daily code? could there be another code that is higher cost, like a million, that has a really high chance of getting somethign really good. as in only like 25% chance of getting a regular pokemon instead of a 90%+ chance of getting a regular pokemon. also could you have it so we can just buy SnD coins without having to buy the other stuff? anyways greatly enjoy the game and continue to look forward to more from you. thanks for all your hard work

  16. @Javeron - Will be adding a countdown. Money is too easy to hack to add something that is easy to win a very rare pokemon. Essentially you are buying the coins and getting Ninja-ja and gifts for free.

  17. so when are we gonna be able to start playing?

    Note: i am rashid but my old profle got lost

  18. Aw, I wanted to be first this week. Stupid virus scares distracting me, it's like they know.

  19. @spectra - Soon we are working on it.

    @Kevin - Haha.

    Everybody Kevin X. Nelms (posted above this one), is the artist for HTD, feel free to bug him and what not.

  20. Now, in theory, couldn't you make it so if the game recognizes you to have a hacked version pokemon, you either can't buy daily codes, they rise in price, or you have a percentage of your money taken away whenever you enter the pokemon center? Like hack taxes, you have to pay taxes to keep hacked pokemon?

  21. @anon 8:42PM - So you get all the money you want and then you get rid of your pokemon, I beat your plan :)

  22. Kevin, as a joke, the next character you give sam & dan should be some overweight, acne-ridden cowboy riding a cow with a mullet(the cow has the mullet, not the cowboy)

  23. Woa sam, total mindbomb... obviously, I am not as good a hack strategist as you... Now I assume you have thought of every possible idea, but let me try another... You can't release hacked pokemon. Or is that impossible? Maybe if your account ever had a history of hacked version? (Btw, I have no complaints about the pricing, just having a fun little game with a great game designer ;))

  24. Oho! I think I've come up with the fix! People have suggested trading money with pokemon, put a big ol' HACKED VERSION over their money! What do I win? (Plz no legendary dogs, I wanna legit those, and to do that, they must be caught in the wild)

  25. @anon 8:51PM & 9:03PM - I don't mind people playing the hacked version. Daily Code is meant to be something for you to use your extra money and maybe getting the chance at something.

  26. with the loot system what if you had a runner type class which goes around collecting the loot/taunting foes to go towards a trap you set

  27. @anon 8:46PM - Maybe we can have a big guy race later on. A snowman race? We haven't really talked about the future of HTD races (at least I haven't), but I would like to add some that are more original than the holy trinity that is human/elf/orc.

  28. Hey Sam what are the chances the you can make a chose to just buy the coins. Not that you should change the price but separate the two that way a person could buy Ninja-Ja and get the Pokemon or buy the coins and get well.... the coins.

  29. hey sam when will you add multiplayer??? It sounds fun so I cant wait for it!And how do you get mew other then buying ninja ja??? :)

  30. Overall, I like the temporary bag idea. My only worry about it would be this scenario (assuming storage has limited space): what happens when your storage is full and you have a bunch of nice stuff you want to take back, but you can't because it's full?

    One possible solution: Make it so that at the end of the level, you can exchange things in your real bag and your temporary bag. I ran into that above scenario plenty of times in Final Fantasy Revenant Wings. It would have been annoying if it didn't give me the option to get rid of excess crafting material when my storage got full at the end of each level, and I had some better crafting material that I wanted to store.

    One quick question: what exactly is a "Poor" status? Is it more common than "common", or are "Poor" items made with terrible quality?

  31. @Sam
    Instead of having to wait 24 hours, is there any way the codes could reset at for example, 12 am EST? I bought my first code at around 1 am yesterday which means that I've got to wait until 1 am to buy it every day from now on.

    There's no way that I'll buy it every single day at exactly 1 am (I'll probably be late by a few minutes) so I'll have to keep buying my codes later and later as the days progress...

    It's a hassle for me to keep track of when exactly I buy my daily code... This forces me to create a routine out of buying my daily code even though I don't necessarily play PTD at the same time everyday. I think it'd be easier if I was able to buy my code whenever I wanted throughout a day.

  32. @Kevin
    You might be in luck!
    I just sent a massive chunk of an email on Dragonborn with a picture to Sam, so It'll probably be looked into in the week and will be a lot more interesting to create in my opinion!
    Lets hope it get the OK!

  33. Hey Sam, Love the game. But I do have an issue that might have been discussed much earlier. Ever since the trading center opened, I've been making a lot of trades, ones which included my shiny diglett, my shiny farfetched and my shiny mr. Mime. I checked my pokedex collection and any pokemon I did not have with me at the moment had been erased from my collection. Is this supposed to happen, because I have a lot of holes in my pokedex now.

  34. @Sam, I'm a bit bugged about the dayly codes I know there is hacking and aparently no easy solution to solve the money part (unfortunatly) but the thing is since is daily you have control over it till a certain point.

    I mean, I have 2mill at the moment with REALLY hard work and really loads of hours into playing, still with this 100k spending everyday I will eventually run out of money even if I play 24/7 and still that won't make ppl that hack form generating infinite cash and take profit out of this system. Hope I helped seeing another point of view ;)

    @Kevin since Sam politely asked us to bother you (lol) I'm the guy always worked out for pets and mounts and the pet I was more willing to see at the moment (well propably not as a pet at the momment but still...) is a Compy!!! (Compsognathus)

    Dunno if the Bosses will allow it in game and/or if you can show the artwork on it when its done BUT I think it would be one of the awesome 1st rare pets (vs common rats/ravens/etc) and I'd like to see how you handle animal/biological drawing ;)

    ps: (for the team) I do think this game has loads of potencial ;)

  35. I just purchased a $10 ninja game and coins for my son via paypal and realized his profile, he has my email written incorrectly. WIll the code needed come through on the email on paypal or do we need to change his profile? I cannot figure out how to do that on this website.

  36. Camper Avatar Code is : 365A1843 hope i helped :3

  37. @Anonymous 10:52
    Email Sam @ sotero86@gmail.com since it seems as though he is asleep and will not see your comment by the time he wakes up.

  38. i was thinkin that there should be a way to "level up" a armor peace sword ect. like when you get it it is level 1 then you level it up and when it levels up to a surtain point it will learn a "super human power" kinda like PTD and moves i REALLY like that game so i was wonderin also if you could add "pets" spiders dragons ect. and they will do very little damage to the enemies i hope you get the time to look at this

  39. when will this game come out, sam?

  40. @Gon - Are those those tiny dinosaurs? I can't make any promises of course, but if the bosses okay it (once we get to pets, of course) I'll see what I can do.

  41. @Kevin yeap! Those are the ones ;) Don't they look awesome as rare pets for the beguining? they're cool but not that powerfull! Waiting for the artwork then ;)

  42. Will there be the gaming center? If so, I think that you should be able to buy the pokemon that are there for 10X the normal cost.

  43. Hello guys, thanks for all the hard work.

    The idea for looting seems very promising, good thinking. For the details I think the "temporary bag" should be called "field items" or "field inventory" not a bag. I suspect during and after the level in the inventory screen you can choose the chosen character's inventory (if you have several, as I hope for the later levels) and drag items from the field to your bag and to the field again, those you don't want.

    Is the inventory going to be in style of e.g. Diablo with pixels, and items shaped like squares? I hope so.

    About lootdrops will there be a connection between the dropped item and the dropping enemy or is it random? Sometime it can be strangly unrealistic and one can wonder "Why is that crature carrieing that thingy?" It could be fun. if it for a change maked sense, but I understand that it then woulden't be suitable for really rare and powerful items, but think about it.

    Kevin, I like your art, a kind of cartoonish in the good way.
    Thanks all of you for what probable will be one of the most interesting TD's.


  44. Hey Kevin,
    well done on winning that graphics challenge!
    I've got an idea, for when you actually start making the game.
    You, and your friends that travel the dungeons
    could be warriors chosen by the elders of your race!
    You face the Mechanoids(robotic army of another race) who are trying to expand their territories by tunnelling under enemy lands.
    As a kind of uber rare drop, you could find a renegade Mechanoid(experiment with names) who can join you on your quest if you meet requirements(this way, even if people hack it and find them much more often, then they have to beat everything to be able to get them!

    This can also apply to creatures that were scared by the Mechanoids, and want someone to protect them!

    Please tell me what you think, I would really like this kind of thing implemented!!!

  45. Not having Dan's post will it mean there will be a lot of new stuff? XD

  46. Sam, one idea I'd like to pass on. I played another tower defense game recently that seems pretty similar to the genre you're doing with HTD. You get four basic towers to choose from. Archer towers: low damage, fast, can upgrade to a "musket tower." Mage towers: higher damage, slow, can do "magic" special attacks, i.e. summon elementals, etc. Artillery towers: high damage, slow attack, area attack. The different tower that I haven't seen in other games (and the idea I wanted you to think about) is from their "barracks tower." You build this tower and it spawns 3 foot soldiers that keep the enemies from advancing. It's a good way to bottleneck a group of enemies to pound with artillery, or whatever else you need to do. Anyway, just an idea. I had only ever seen it on this one, and I liked it. It could fit in with what you're wanting to do with HTD.

  47. i just played nija ja and its better than i thought its not awesome but its just v 1.4 super game

  48. @ Kevin

    I think the ideas of a snowman race and 'big guy' race are awesome. You should definately move away from the typical races of all other games. Maybe consider a whole dinasaur race (i saw you talking about dinasaurs earlier) because that would be quite exciting. Or perhaps zombies? i don't know.

    And a question:
    Is this game going to be released for the Android market? or will it be done in the same APK/online/exe way that PTD has started being?


  49. @ sam

    i've been saying that there should be a way to get coins for free, but tis clear you wont agree to that. Its ok i dont disagree, you need to get money some way. But 1 dollar for 1 coin!!! whats the point of that? itsmuch easier to get those pokemon by just going into a level. Can you change the prices of the rarity levels so they are 10, 20, 50, 100? then for 5 dollar gets yu 10 coins, 10 dollar gets you 20 coins, pretty much just twice as many coins as much as you pay.

    -defective droid

  50. ###Hi guys, I haven't got a credit card so I can't buy SnD coins but will I still be able to get ninja-ja for free?

  51. @defective droid - did you look at the rates for coins? It grows the more you spend the more coins per dollar you get.

    @anon 1:33PM - The free Ninja-ja is free no credit card needed, just go to the link and download it.

    However it doesn't bring any coins or gifts.

  52. I'll do this one in quick topics lol

    temp. bag - nice, still you're thinking in a bank/storage besided the 2 bags you normally carry right?

    (not temp.) bag - just to suggest them to drop like in wow, in a way that you can upgrade the bags you carry :)

    races - I think some fresh stuff would be cool besides orcs/humans/dwarves but in my opinion not like yetties =S more like werewolves/lizardfolks/"lightningcats"(lol to avoid the copyrights)

    loot thoughts - so far they seem great :) how about "respawning"? I mean the way you (Dan) said it seemed like you'd get 1 key for 1 chest and thats it. no comming back to it?! Think of a respawn/reset so we can do the chest/quest more times ;)

    You guys already thinking on the first levels/maps while defining the concept parts for the rest or that part is still at 0%?

    *insert random idea on pets/mounts to finish my post lol*

  53. @Sam.
    First of all, i like the nickname you have given to the pokemons you can buy(the list was very funny to read.)
    But will you add at some point so you can use SnD coins to buy other peoples pokemons?

  54. @Dan. What are you going to add in the next ninja-ja version?(please say skins or storylevels). I can't wait for it! when will it be out?

  55. @Sam.
    Can you please add so you can use paysafecard? I don't know if you know about it, but the idea is you can buy a card in the store, and then you can use the money online. Then people with out creditcards(like me) buy one of those and use it to buy some SnD coins.

  56. Kevin makes good art :O And he has some good idea's together with the fans (Dinosaurs and Snowmen FTW ;D)

  57. can the game please come out today or tomorrow?

  58. @Jespoke Dinos were my idea XD lol Still his art is rly nice, thats why he is here and why I'm chalenging him for dinos ;)

  59. Sam, Instead of only skins, you should give title screens as well, like one where "Options" button is black and it's a shiny Charizard, then Feedback more of a violet-blue with shiny Blastoise, then of course, shiny Venusaur on the start button... Don't touch the start button. other examples like other contest participants, the old title screen, etc. Oh, and to prevent hackers from hacking too hard, you could make daily codes buyable with SnD coins as well, making as many codes as you want per day... I also feel that the daily with no requirements should be 90-95% pokemon with breeding move, 5-10% random shiny.

  60. Hey Sam, this dosen't really have to do with HTD, but it sounds like it's going to be awesomely amazing, but I have a great idea for the celadon game corner level that team rocket has taken over, should I post it on the fourms or email you?

    From Electric Master

  61. Massive post incoming!

    @PokeFan Gen 1 (MIX) - You should get them within 24 hours.

    @Anon 9:09 PM - I'm not sure what purpose having a looter class would be exactly. We want looting to be passive and not something you have to actually do unless it's a special occasion (like a chest guarded by a boss), it can be monotonous and rather tedious. The act of looting is something everyone will always be doing so might as well make it convient and less troublesome for the player.

    @Chris Tan - Good point, and like you said you'll most likely be able to remove items from your inventory to make room for better loot.

    Poor, common, epic, etc are just the various rankings of items and how good/rare they are. Not necessarily "quality" as in saying you have multiple versions of the same sword. Those types of things are usually handled through prefixes. We're still figuring that all out though.

    @Gon - Lol, everytime I see one of your comments I immediately think "I bet he's going to say something about pets" :D

    @Anon 10:52 PM - You can email either of us and we'll be able to help you out: soteor86@gmail.com or dbell1984@gmail.com

    @Anon 11:33 PM - Thanks for helping out the other Anon! :)

    @Anon 11:40 PM - Yeah, that's certianly a possiblity we're looking in to but can't promise anything yet. Pets should definitely be making it in though.

    @Sredna - The name isn't final, don't worry lol. You will have several characters and yeah you'll be able to move items around freely through your inventory and equipment probably at any time. We'll have a way to discard items as well.

    We're still working on the inventory style but I know what you're referring to.

    Haha, I've always wondered that too.. how does a rat carry money? We're still working on this but I certianly want loot to lean in the direction of making more sense as well.

    You're welcome! :)

    @NinjutsuMaster - Hahaha, interesting idea. Hmm I can't say it would be part of the main storyline but perhaps as a side quest. We'll probably be asking for side quest ideas and such at a later time, be sure to mention this then!

    @Anon 7:38 AM - Not necessarily, sometimes I just can't add my section till later on :P

    @Ern - Oh that's pretty cool. Maybe have like some necromancer type guy summon a skeleton wall or skeleton guards or something, that'd be sweet.

    @Anon 12:29 PM - Thanks! Glad you like it. There's more to come and it's progessing, slowly but surely. :)

    @Mike - We'll definitely be looking to put HTD on the phone markets. That's one reason we're avoiding any obvious trademark type stuff because that gets the game flagged then removed, which is why PTD isn't on the phone markets.

    @Gon - We're still figuring out the details of the bags and whatnot but you'll definitely have some kind of stationary storage spot that can hold a lot of things. We haven't determined how you'll get the other bags just yet. There's several fun options other than just as drops. :)

    Hah I've actually seen all of those races you metioned in other games before, except not "lightning cats" they were more like "moon cats" lol. But yeah, we haven't finalized which races yet so we'll see.

    There could be a respawn on the chests yeah. Maybe some won't respawn though, they could be special chests.. perhaps you open them all and something happens.. we'll just have to see ;)

    We're doing both at the same time really.

    Ahh there's the pet comment :D

    @Anon 5:03 PM - I'm a little behind on this current Ninja-Ja update due to unrelated circumstances but I have a few things in mind, it's a secret! :)

  62. Hi there Sam and Dan!! I would just like to say i am a huge fan of your game!! I would like to say something to u guys to improve PTD…
    Could u guys make potions for the game and make the Legendary Dogs catchable in the game of maybe %0.05 chance in some levels???

    If possible, thanks...

  63. @Dan I bet you did =D (unfortunatly the scaly races (murlocs in WOW, Sahuagin in DDO, etc) are not playable races =( and I meant it in that way, as in those races and alike could come as an alternative to the ones in the PHB =P (thumbs up for the geeks who instantly got this =D).

    And races don't have to be released all just as the game comes out, so you guys have time to think on it (after we can play with a few =P)

    Keep it up!

    About the pets ahaha =D I had nothing to say about that topic in my last post but I felt like it would be incomplete without the reference at least lol =P (and again! hehe) Oh but Dan you boss more then Kevin (boss now become a verb for my convinience lol) so is it possible to have some artwork of potential... you know =P (?) lol

  64. just played ninja ja.

    will you make it so you don't have to hold lefy click.

  65. Absolutely loving following the HTD posts. I was an avid PTD follower but had to slowly give that up from lack of time and interest. However, no matter how difficult HTD should get, it combines tower defense and roleplaying which I love.

    My opinion on what you have posted regarding the game:
    1. The artwork looks beautiful. It is sleek, yet edgy and has a lot of room for animation and complex maps. I like the bulky artwork, but hope that there is a difference in proportions so that the fighter/tank class is significantly larger than a ranger or rogue class. I understand the difficulty in making this look good but I am a ranger to the end and do not want to have the same bulk as a fighter. All-in-all I love the artwork.
    2. The loot ideas are really good. I like the combination between the clicking and auto-looting. I hope that instead of seeing the loot suddenly all minimize and float to the temporary bag that it just poofs away. That would make the already constant movement on the screen less confusing and be more consistent with the rpg style where the loot just disappears and shows up in the inventory.

    That's my input. Keep up all the great work. Can't wait until HTD is released. I will be keeping watch.

  66. @Sam/Dan/Kevin how do I open Ninja-Ja on a mac and with what application? because my mac says i have to open it with an application and i don't know which one

    thanks in advance Anon

  67. Here's my two cents about ninja-ja.

    The sound can get annoying , so it would be nice to have a mute function.
    I was imagining the shuriken to be something you hold in your hand and drag around. That might be something you could make as a separate mode.
    And I know it's meant to be hard, but it would be nice if we could throw multiple shurikens. Sometimes there are two kunais at opposite ends and are really hear to get A limit would be necessary, so I think three at most would be fine.
    Achievements would be nice, such as get to a certain combo on a specific mode or something similar, and getting prizes for it.

    Overall a good game so far and I think that adding a few more things like story mode, achievements, just small improvements in general will make it a great game.

  68. @Dan, I'd like to help out with that pets argument:
    Lightningcats is probably based on Thunder Cats, out of adventure quest.
    Secondly, I think Dino's are a good idea, but you shouldn't just hand them out willy-nilly(lol)
    There should be weekly code/ Challenge levels to get them, meaning that the most dedicated players have the benefit of more pets, that are exclusive to those who; A)get the code or B)beat the level. You could even use a code to get the level, if you want to be technical.
    Hope I helped, and that I can help more!

  69. Now that Ninja-Ja is free, I decided to download and play it.

    It's really great, but I was expecting a lot more game content by now...

    Oh well... I can look forward to PTD, HTD, and Ninja-Ja updates! AWESOME!

    I'm happy.

    Thanks for giving me something to do when I have to do homework! HAHAHA!

  70. Dunno wich one of the SnD team I should advice to take a look at this game (the one with more time/patience lol): http://www.kongregate.com/games/BerzerkStudio/heros-arms but it sure can give some more references on what works and what doesn't ;) aparently the chests there work as HTD is going to =)

    (If you play till you kill the squid, that is the 1st supposed boss you saw all the mechanics I wanted you to see ;P)

    I can asure you, at least for my starting warrior I'd like a stick ahahah

  71. ATTENTION ATTENTION sam i got a very usefula idea for SnD coins,see,once a week we can draw a wheel of fortune or some kind of lottery,and there are 3 spots for nothing middle big,for 1 coin 2 spots normal,and for 100 coins tiny tiny spot,and cold we use rare daily code twice a day or any other pls P.S hope you add it

  72. I hate how I can't rearrange my pokemon! I want the ones that I use at the front. If I move 1, then it swaps it with the other. That bites!

  73. Hey Sam what are the chances the you can make a chose to just buy the coins. Not that you should change the price but separate the two that way a person could buy Ninja-Ja and get the Pokemon or buy the coins and get well.... the coins.

  74. @Nicholas - Right now basically you buy the coins and get Ninja-ja gifts for free. If we have the coins alone it would cost the same for the same amount of coins.

  75. Ya see i know that what i am saying is buy the ninja-ja thing and get the mew's and the shiny or buy the ninja-ja and get the coins same price and what not just different things you can get.

  76. From now on half of the fans will be calling you "SnD Games" because of the SnD coins :D

  77. ok i started to play PTD again and now i'm at the rock tunnel so were do you find flash


  78. @Gon - If you ever played the original Everquest they actually had reptile monks lol

    You'll see artwork for that stuff you're referring to when we get there. We have Kevin working on some other things for now though.

    @bluecrimson - Probably not, there's reasons for it that just haven't been implemented yet.

    @Sly Kamaui - Thanks, glad you're enjoying the updates!

    Yeah, I understand what you're saying about the different sizes of the classes and such, we're still figuring out those details.

    Good point, we don't want the loot drops to be distracting or get in the way of the gameplay so it'll probably be subtle and quick but still informative.

    Thanks! :)

    @Anon 2:22 AM - You should be able to just run the Ninja-Ja.exe on a Mac. It is included in the ZIP along with the SWF file. If you still can't get it to work then email me at dbell1984@gmail.com

    @ardi1230 - You're right I need to add a mute button I just haven't had a chance yet.

    You know that was actually the original idea to have you click (to anchor it) then drag in the direction you wanted it to go. So it wa smore like you were "throwing" them. This translates over to phones better too because it has that ability. So I'll probably change it at some point.

    I actually have some ideas that haven't been implemented yet to deal with the scenario you mentioned about the two kunai on opposite ends of the screen.

    There will definitely be achievements and such just trying to get the more core features done first.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Glad you are enjoying it thus far.

    @NinjutsuMaster - Haha yeah I knew the reference was a play on Thunder Cats. The Moon Cats I mentioned were from Everquest 1.

    I doubt we'll be just handing out anything really. You'll always have to do at least something to get stuff and better things will of course be harder to get. So yeah the more dedicated players will no doubt have more stuff even if from simply putting in more time.

    Suggestions and comments are always helpful indeed! :)

    @γειά σου - Yeah, sorry about the slow Ninja-Ja updates. It's mainly just me working on it and I'm learning to code in as3 as I go (Sam is like my as3 sensei lol). So I'm a bit slow there but I'm learning a lot and updates should eventually get larger and not be so late. :P

    @Gon - Cool, one of us will probably check it out at some point.

    @Anon 11:11 AM - Something like that is in our list of ideas so we'll see when we get there. :)

    @Nicholas Smith - Currently the only thing to spend SnD Coins on IS the PTD stuff so with Ninja-Ja being free and the bonus Ninja-Ja stuff being given with the different editions why would you group them into two different purchasing options? Ninja-Ja Bonus items + PTD stuff is literally the same as Ninja-Ja Bonus items + SnD Coins except with the SnD Coins you get many more options and you get to chose what you want to spend the coins on.

    @Jespoke - Hah, whatever works :P

  79. OK So I have some suggestions for fixes:
    1) As it's been said many times, fix ineffective move bugs. I.E Thunder Wave shouldn't paralyze Diglett.
    2) Electroball should be weaker if the enemy uses a move like agility.
    3) Why isn't Charge beam a TM?
    4) Daily codes should reset at 12:00 AM, not 24 hours after your last one.
    5) You should be able to get boosts from different moves (not from consecutive moves, that would be cheap). I.E Helping Hand boost, then Swords Dance boost should rack up, but not using Swords Dance twice. Otherwise, you sort of defeat the purpose of most moves with a team member with Helping Hand.
    6) Instead of Potions, you might want to consider a Berry Mart (Oran Berry=10% of HP, Sitrus=30%, Cherri=Cure Paralysis, etc.) You can introduce item holding this way, and you can make a level with wild pokemon who carry berries to heal them, making it harder. With that in mind, you can truly give moves like Pluck and Bug Bite a purpose besides damage. If you introduce item holding, you can also introduce the Everstone.
    7) The sorting options should work in reverse if clicked twice. I.E currently if you click "[sort by] Number" your pokemon are automatically listed from 1-151. You should have the ability to click it again and have your pokemon sorted through 151-1.
    8) You should be able to search up multiple criteria in the Pokemon Center (Search Trade) at once. For instance, one should have the ability to look for someone trading a shiny Mankey who wants any of the following pokemon: ____, ____, etc. Or you should be able to look up pokemon who are put up for trade which have trade requests (or which don't for that matter.
    9) You should sell Devolution Spray (like the traditional pokemon card) in order to permanently un-evolve pokemon. This could be done by automatically forcing a pokemon to it's first form (I.E Butterfree into Caterpie) and force it to level 1. Just a cool idea.

    Sorry for the long post, I just had a lot on my mind! Let me know what you think!

  80. Eric
    Sam and Dan enjoying the game alot! just a quick suggestion and question.

    Question- Will there be any more Shiney Side Quests? and if so when?

    Suggestion- Have you thought about putting an "Endless" game option for levels that are already beat?

    Say I'm trying to get a Shiney Drowzee or Shiney Eevee... instead of have to continually re-enter the level, which i'm sure plenty of people are doing, just click the endless option and the waves keep coming! just an idea let me know what you think.

    Thanks again

  81. Progress list sam? P.S. Love You

  82. @ Sam i was just wondering when you would add some more new TMs example shadow ball, fire blast, blizzard...

  83. @sam/dan
    you guys should do something similar to what anon 11:11 said except have it be a daily lottery and it has 1 grand prize winner of 10 SnD and 3 first place winners of 3 SnD coins but it cost 1 SnD to get a lottery ticket and you get 1 free one each week

  84. Do you think that at Daily codes you are able to win SnD coins?

  85. The only thing I would change is the daily codes...90% percent chancethat its gonna be a regular pokemon with a breeding move seems a little high. Ive gotten pidgey 3 times.... At least for 100'000 make the chance less like say 60%? or divide the categories up more, like when you pay 100'00 the chance of pidgey's and caterpie's and really common pokes goes to like 30% then just common pokes at like 40% then slightly uncommon 50% that way we just dont always get pidgey's. Then keep all the rare ones the same.

  86. okay maybe like 90% divided up (didnt know if the last one made much sense) like super common 20% common 30% and slightly less common 40% all together 90%

  87. Is there a possiblility of earning SnD coins without paying money, or at least without paying real money. Maybe something like "Write a review" or "Vote 4 us".
    In addition, I think that the value of a single coin is way too high. I mean, you spend 1$ and everything you get is just 1 coin. It doesn't sound pretty good to me and it wont let you any space for editing the prices of stuff. You could get stuck between 1 or 2 coins, whereas 1 is too low and 2 too high.
    If my proposal at the begining isn't an option, what about a small chance of getting some coins with the daily code, not with the regular code, of course, but rather with the most expensive. And the rate of success shouldn't be too low, like almost no one is able to get one coin but some lucky guys will get. It should be available to everyone. Hard to get but possible. And there should be an easier way, in your case the payment system.
    Last but not least again the price of the coins.
    For 1$ you get 1 coin, well but if you spend 5$ you get twice the amount you would get if you buy 5 time the 1$ package. Thats a pretty hard difference. And the price is dropping down and down until one coin is only worth like 20 cent.
    My point is that its quite unfair that people have to spend such a huge amount of money to keep the price of a coin low. But on the other hand you have to spend the amount.
    Please Sam and Dan, think about the coin system at all and change maybe the possibility of obtaining them.

  88. Hey Sam I got offered a level 36 entei. There is no pic, should I get it. It's for my mew well one of them anyways.

  89. @sam
    When i use supersonic, even if the move misses stars still apear on the pokemon

    -DTA killR

  90. Sam, could you make it so that you can see the moves of the pokemon your trying to trade with, so that I know if they have any breeding-only or special moves?

  91. @Nicholas

    When there is no picture at a pokemon DONT DO IT ITS SCAM!!!

  92. SAM!!! in ptd i was just playing and all of a sudden any attack turned a foes health red, even if its at full health! i wasn't hacking or playing a hacked version, and i want to trade one of the "hacked version" pokemon! what now?

  93. Sam
    On the FAQ question 7 needs to be updated with eevee.

  94. @ sam

    in PTD whenever i try saving for some reason it never does. im playing on route 5 and ewvery time i have to quit, i save, but then nothing gets saved. this has happened about 5 times to me now. can you plz tell me whats wrong?

    -defective droid

  95. @Jesus - Yeah, I responded to that. We might have something along those lines.

    @Anon 9:17 Pm - You can actually get the 1 coin edition doing a TrialPay offer. Currently that's all we have but eventually the other editions will be up there also. We know some of those offers require you to spend money and some don't but we can't really control that as far I know. We may have ways of getting coins here and there by doing certain things or through some sort of raffle/lottery event but don't expect to be able to get a lot within a short amount of time. Making them too easy to get would completely devalue them.

    Here's something you have to remember. The SnD Coins have a few different purposes: they give you more flexibility in purchasing what you actually want, they allow you to spend them on any of our games, they enable you to get exclusive COSMETIC-ONLY stuff (like shiny mew), and lastly they give you the option of saving time by buy something as opposed to hunting it down.

    With that in mind you don't need the SnD Coins for anything that has any technical value in the games. They are just there to give you more options, donate, save time, etc.

    Your agrument for saying something could cost between 1 or 2 coins is kind of moot because that can be said for any increment that may have been chosen. Also the reason buying a single coin is $1 is because that's with no discounts that you get for buying in bulk and it's just to let you buy in the smallest increment if needed. Say you have 99 coins but want to buy something that costs 100, you can just buy the coin if you like. Also Paypal charges a static minimum fee + % fee for every transaction. It's that minimum fee that forces us to keep the smallest transaction at $1 because the smaller the transaction gets the more signifcant that minimum fee becomes.

    The spending $1x5 and getting 5 coins versus buying $5x1 for 10 coins is completely intended. If you know you might need at least 5 more coins in the future you have the option of getting them at half the price. If not, well at least you have the option of purchasing exactly what you need in the smallest increment.

    I don't see how it's unfair to give people who buy in bulk a discount. It's basic economics. It sounds like you just want it all to be cheaper but as I explained above we can't let each transaction be too small because of the static minimum fee.

    Hopefully that helps clear up the confusion for the purchasing options we made available.

  96. i have one ideia for hero tower defence that you can recruit dragons and other's cool monster like final fantasy tatics ps1 with a low chance. a special class have the ability to capture the montes with a low chance and you can only have one type per moster this will be very very cool

  97. @SAM AND DAN

    i read your post about the SnD coins and so i get it right i bought the $20 dollar edition of ninja-ja and all i have to show for it is a $1 SnD coin and a free game?

    should i not be getting 20 SnD coins?

    i may be being a complete idiot and am sorry if i am

    thanks for a reply by anyone if they can explain to me whats going on


  98. @Anon 4:37 PM - I played FFT for the PS1 and yeah I know what you are referring to. We're still figuring out how that's all going to work.

    @TOM - I'm assuming you mean you bought the old hero edition before the coins, otherwise you'd have more coins in your account. Someone else asked this similar question in an email so I'll explain it here also.

    We're giving everyone who ordered pre-coin editions of Ninja-ja 1 SnD Coin because we made the stand-alone Ninja-Ja game free and that was worth $1 (1 coin). The reason you wouldn't get 20 coins is because you are forgetting what else you got with your edition of the game.

    So say you bought the old $20 hero edition, that came with Ninja-Ja, Ninja-Ja Bonus Items, 3xShiny Pikachu, 3xShiny Starters, 3xMagikarp, and 3xShiny Mew. All the PTD stuff alone is now worth a 108 coins.

    With the new hero edition you are getting the Ninja-Ja Bonus Items and 75 SnD Coins. You are actually getting less now but you get the option to choose what you actually want instead of what we decide to give you. Plus you can use the coins on any of our games we make stuff available for purchase.

    So it doesn't make much sense to give the people who ordered the old hero edition 20 coins when they already got 108 coins worth of stuff.

    Hope that helps :)

  99. @Sam/Dan
    how long does it take for the SnD coins to appear on your account

  100. hey sam i just want to say you're doing a great job, you're security is great but you need to step it up with the mews, 2 weeks a go there were people wit lv.1 mews it has to be hacking at that point of time so please delete the fake mews, you said you could tell if a mew was legit or not

  101. Hi, I have some bugs you should probably fix:

    1.On the challenge mode level- old rod when you press menu it asks if you want to quit. It might do that on others but I don't know.

    2. On the trading when a pokemon is requested and you give them the pokemon they want it doesn't automatically do the trade.

    3. This isn't a bug but you should add Leafeon to Eevee evolutions because you can buy leaf stones.

    Also, some suggestions:

    1. Someone named JEKAwesome had some suggestions that I thought you should consider.

    2. You should start the game with like 5 or something (low) SnD coins. I've played games that did stuff like that. Example: Haypi Kingdom and Pet Hotel.

    3. On the daily code or some really hard challenge mode level or something you should be able to get SnD coins.

    4. It would be really nice if you added other items besides stones to the poke-mart.

    Thanks, I love you game and so does my brother!


  102. I bought Hero Edition it doesnt send me the coins whats happening?

  103. Dear Sam and Dan,

    im quite interested in your coin system, i guess its a good idea. But there is something I dont understand... for example, imagine I have a lot of money ( in this case about 100$), am I buying the coin package or the Ninja-ja game, or maybe both?
    And if the game is free, why am I getting that much stuff compared to a low price package? Am I not only getting more coins with a better price but also items which I am supposed to buy with coins?
    Don't misunderstand me, its awesome, but it seems like there is something strange about this deal.
    You can't just give me the one and the other bonus in one package.

    Oh and another question, would you be so nice and post a list of future plans regarding the coins. I mean what do you think you can add to be bought with the coin?

    Thanks already for answering as many questions as possible.

    (I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect, it's not my native language)

  104. @Jesus - You should get them within 24 hours.

    @Anon 10:07 PM - It can take up to 24 hours.

    @Anon 10:56 PM - Hmm, not really sure what you mean but the stand-alone Ninja-Ja game is free. We just threw it into all editions for promoting purposes. The Bonus Items for Ninja-Ja are also being given to you free but you get more stuff the better edition you get. Those things won't be given with the SnD Coins forever but just for now. Again it's to promote it.

    Eventually you'll only be getting only the SnD Coins when you buy the different editions (the names won't be Ninja-Ja themed anymore). The price of the different editions will probably never change. We'll just add free bonuses in every now and then to promote stuff. Currently, that's Ninja-Ja and it's bonus items.

    We don't have a list but there will be plenty to buy with the coins trust me. We're still developing the games (they are all still in alpha or earlier) so as we make more content you'll see more stuff becoming available in the stores for each corresponding game.

  105. DAMN when is nex tuesday? (yes its an impatient but retoric question lol) Even tho I know what is NOT comming* this next Tuesday, I'm waiting to see more and more progress =D

    Oh and whe world doesn't need to come out all at once =P I was thinking on the professions, things like that can be added after the game is out =) and the "patterns" could drop and could be added once in a while etc =P

    I want to play even if with grey and white items =P eventualy a green to brag out! muahaha =P

    (* the PETS artwork ofc ahah =P)

  106. Dude bring out ptd on iPod touch 2g and you'd be a LEGEND!!! Pls do it bro

  107. hey

    i think u should make a world chat for the game

  108. can u please teach me how to program games like that

  109. sam you need ringwraiths in htd to protect bosses...

  110. this game looks like its gonna be very interesting but it seems like its gonna take a rly long while to make it at least look like as good as ptd, plus, whats up with the girl only thingy? (and why theres a girl on a jungle like kinda cloth? is she the goal to protect of the demo for now or will be in the actual game?)


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