Hero Tower Defense Tuesday: Day 2!

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Tuesday!

Sketch of logo
Go here to read the Day 1 of Hero Tower Defense Tuesdays. For this week we got more great art from Kevin plus we start talking about your character's quest in the game.

We tasked Kevin with making us a full set of Epic Plate armor. Taking a cue from popular games like World of Warcraft a lot of the loot drops will be classified by their rarity and each category will be represented by a color. Epic gear is gear that is really hard to get, it has great stats and looks awesome. Here is an example of epic plate armor that your character will be able to acquire in the game and epic one handed swords.

Full epic plate set with epic one handed swords.
The other thing I wanted to talk about is your character. In PTD you can catch an unlimited of enemies to be your towers. Even in other Tower Defense games you can create as many towers as your resources let you. In HTD things will be a little different. In HTD for some time you will only have one character. You start off by selecting your character picking it's race, gender, some customizations, and finally their class. This will be considered your "Main Character", the single player story will be focused on who you picked as your Main Character. The main story of the game will be the same for everybody but each class will have a different point of view of the story. Along the way you will meet with new characters that you can add to your party, you will be able to level them up and equip them just like your main character. You can even bring any of your characters into multiplayer, so you are not limited to your main character.

So why start a new file if the only difference is a new point of view on the same story? Well every class in the game is in search of something special. They are searching for a powerful secret technique that has been lost for centuries. When you beat the single player portion your Main Character will learn this technique but none of your other characters in that file will be able to learn it. So starting a new file will be so that you can get each class' secret technique.

That's all I have for you this week, Dan will be posting more info later tonight, as always let me know what you think!

Dan: In addition to the main story line there will be a bunch of side quests and other things you can do along the way, as well as after you beat the main story line. We definitely want to have optional uber bosses like most single player RPGs have that are much harder than anything in the main story line. I've always found those very fun and challenging and think it would be great to carry that over to HTD.

We want there to be just as much single player content as multiplayer content because some people just like to do their own thing or don't feel like searching for a party. I've played enough MMORPGs to understand how frustrating it can be when you are either unable or not interested in grouping and want to play solo but you couldn't even kill a mob 30 levels lower than you. We're hoping to remedy this scenario. :)


  1. First! Keep this only HTD related or Dan will get angry! ;)

  2. so, let's see if I'm following;
    possible classes are warriors, rogues, mages & priests.
    I assume, the warriors will be used to distract oncomming waves
    the rogues will be for melee damage, the mages will be magic damage, and priests will be used to keep your other towers alive..

    maybe, also make a ranger, or hunter class, with ranged physical damage?
    or monks, for melee magic damage?

  3. @Phinq - All classes will be able to do a little of everything, just certain classes will do certain things a little better than others. For example warriors will have a way to heal themselves.

  4. when will htd come out


  5. i noticed u mentioned warcraft with regards to gear rarity. how warcraft is right now epic gear is quite common. (see: wowcrendors truth rage http://www.youtube.com/user/wowcrendor#p/c/005FDB977CD9CE1F/21/FOy3GjFyI0A ) if you could make the better gear hard to get that would be great.

  6. @TheJwittzder - We don't have a date on it yet. We will let you know when we do.

    @anon 8:38PM - Yeah, I know they are very easy to get right now in WoW but we want to make them hard to get.

  7. This is so exciting, you are making me wanting to play it u.u I really really want to try it soon :) I will be looking forward each tuesday~♥
    As always thanks for all hard work you do ;)

  8. yes, i got my comment a little early. i like the sounds of this game so far.

  9. @Aimi - Thank you very much!

    @anon 9:07PM - Glad you like it :)

  10. will this be updated weekly like PTD?

  11. Love the game so far. Keep it coming. I now have something to forward to on tuesdays!!!! :)

  12. I'm anon 9:11. I meant: something to look forward to. Sorry

  13. 14º: sam you will put HTD on the blog like PTD?? (yes,yes,yes,yes)

  14. Sounds great. Is this game going to be attacking? or will it be defence? Or both?

  15. @anon 9:10PM - Still haven't decided.

    @anon 9:11PM - Thanks :)

    @Santi - Yup.

  16. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love the game so far. I also like PTD more!!!! :P

  17. Hi, Sam Otero. How do you pronouce that? a-tear-O or O-tear-O

  18. Everything in this game seems amazing, just 1 slight problem
    ur working hard to the very end to get the special technique, which would look epic, BUT once u have that, thats the game done, u wont really get to use it unless u use the past levels.
    i Think after you get the special technique, there should be at least 1 more level after it like a Epic boss fight or such where u actually have to use the move.

  19. @anon 9:36PM - Thanks :)

    @anon 9:40PM - O-tear-O

    @Chrop - You make a really great point. It will also be used on more end game dungeons and multiplayer.

  20. Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, POKEMON!!!!!!!! PTD ROCKS, That's right, Mr. "Dan", PTD ROCKSSSS!!!!!. Get Angry. Get real ANGRY.

  21. Hi Sam. For you is it morning, night, or mid day? For me it's almost bed time.

  22. @anon 9:53PM - I live in blog time. So night.

  23. dan i love ptd but don't mind anon 9:47 ps htd looks awesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssome

  24. maybe instead of exclusively unlocking the secret technique for that one character it can be obtained in other files with a class of the same type (mages will get special skill at some point etc) that seems to make the entire 'goal' a bit more sensical... a reward that can be used more than once and has more of a point than obtaining value. That makes it a larger part of the original concept (not dungeons or multiplayer) and can be used in story mode

  25. about the exclusive technique, like it ;) was thinking there could be a way to lvl skills (like wow was) by char lvl or lvl up by the repeated use of the skill it would rank up. then it would require like training. so it wouldn't be finished once you unlock the exclusive skill. dunno if I got to explain it clearly but with 3 ppl always bla bla blaing around its hard to focus lol

    Dan, send more stuff out =P (PETS!!! ^^,)

  26. @Anon 9:47 PM - Haha, nah though, I don't get angry about that. The idea is to get used to commenting in the corresponding posts for each game so we can keep things on topic. It just saves us time which means we get to work on the games more. :)

  27. Hi Sam and Dan!
    I absolutely love your HTD Logo!!!

    It's awesome the way the D is actually the guard of the sword! Very smart logo!

    By the way... is the "Hero" in HTD the same letterform as Ninja-Ja? It Looks very similar... is there going to be any future relation between Ninja-Ja and HTD? Maybe a Ninja or assassin character, who's power, abilities, available weapons, etc. Are based on progress that is made on one's Ninja-Ja Profile?

    I personally don't play Ninja-Ja, but assimilating the two games together would be a great incentive to begin playing it.

    Who knows... maybe PTD will be brought into the mix too... NOW THAT'S ONE GAME I WOULDN'T WANNA MISS!!!

    Have a think about it... this could be the beginning of a great free-online-game empire...

    I'd love to hear what you think of this idea!

  28. will it possible to fusion with some of your towers? 4 a limited amount of time

  29. hahahah at the silly anons.

    I love the idea of being able to do stuff on my own. Noooo multiplayer stuff for me :3

    Next week, can you post a picture of a female character that kevin's done? I'd love to see that :3

  30. Thank you all three for your hard work on this game! Something tells me this game is going to be a huge hit when it's released! Plus, you could release it on the Droid market (I remember PTD being pulled, sadly), unless it's going to be a computer-based game solely. Good luck :)

  31. Sam?

    If you made PTD would'nt it be nice/interesting to make MTD?

    You know... MarioTowerDefense!!!!!

    You could b mario fighting along with bowser to try and stop the evil bowser jr. destroying everything!!!

    Plz consider it!!!


  32. will this be free like ptd or cost money like ninja-ja ?

  33. Sam Otero said...
    @Jesse - We are thinking free.

    /hug Sam

    when a new suggestion is made and not replied does it mean its not viable/interesting or...?

    By the way (since I'm the pet guy =P) can you check if its possible to add my homonimous (Gon) as a pet? would be awesome and since they didn't mind *cof*free publicity for them*cof* that Gon entered tekken 3... maybe ;) I'd probably be kickass but doesn't need to be one of the first, just trying to know if its even possible =D

  34. Great work sam and dan i love the HTD tuesdays and all the cool armor kevin draws up and the types of race and sets and stuff like that.Hope you arn't pushing yourselves with it because you still have PTD and Ninja-ja to work on!Yo we all want you to be the best and do the best you can to make our favourite games much better!!!

  35. to be honest, i'd prefer this game if it wasn't in td style.i think it would be great if u had a character and u could explore a world, but it's not so bad this way either

  36. Anon 2:13 PM

    You are soooo FU..ING RIGHT MAN!!!!

    By the way,


    So i just wanted to say i would really like to see a minecraft version of all the things u made so far!!!
    And r going 2 make!!!

  37. So thats how this works!!!

    Just testing!!

  38. when do you think this will be out

  39. What language do you use when you program Sam?(you didnt answer before)

  40. @anon 3:38PM - All our games are in Flash and we use Action Script 3 to program.

  41. @jpmonkey3 - I see what you're saying, yeah that might be the better route to take. Good thought, thanks!

    @Gon - I assume you're referring to things like skill points (not attribute points). Hmm, that's still up in the air at this point.

    @γειά σου (Greek for "hello") - Haha, yeah the logo is pretty sweet indeed!

    HTD doesn't have anything to do with PTD or Ninja-Ja, sorry to say. That's a very interesting idea though with jumping between games to progress in both, hmmmm.

    PTD definitely won't have any relation because we don't want to run into any trademark stuff. That would hinder everything greatly, especially the phone versions.

    @ansul - Lol, like Dragon Ball Z with Goku and Vegita merging into Vegito? I'm not so sure about that.:P That could be a cool idea for a boss though.

    @KimmyLube - Not likely just because we need Kevin to make some other assets first that we need. But when we get to her you can be certain we'll show her off.

    @Anon 10:16 PM - That's what we're hoping for as well, thanks!

    @Gon - Neither of us replying to a suggestion definitely doesn't mean it's not viable/interesting. It just means we didn't get a chance to reply to it but at least one of us probably read it.

    Haha Gon, not likely because it's a trademark, trying to avoid that as much as possible. Sorry!

    @Anon 1:50 PM - Thanks!

    @Anon 2:13 PM - Who's to say the world can't be explored within a TD setting? :) If you're referring to free-range exploring like in a MMORPG though then it'd basically just be like most fantasy MMORPGS :P

  42. Tacos are good.
    P.S. Good game.
    P.P.S. PTD is good too.

  43. Dan said...
    @Gon - I assume you're referring to things like skill points (not attribute points). Hmm, that's still up in the air at this point.

    not like skill points, hm... how do I explain more like when you acquire a skill, say "power slash" (random) it would be "power slash (lvl 1)" and you'd be able to lvl it ut either depending on your character lvl or after X successful uses it would go "power slash (lvl 2)" then for lvl 3 it would be a different lvl or Y (eventually double of X or X+0.75X).
    Was it better explained this time? =)

    Dan said...
    @Gon - Neither of us replying to a suggestion definitely doesn't mean it's not viable/interesting. It just means we didn't get a chance to reply to it but at least one of us probably read it.
    Glad to ear the 1st part =D really! Still about the 2nd part well, if you're sure there'e trademarks involved its ok, there will ALWAYS be dinos/dragons not trademarked ^^, just wondering about that one for obvious reasons (I got my "nickname" some years before that one reached Portugal and the States so... =P)

    ps: I know its too early etc but can you toss something like "PROBABLY! Summer 2014"? LOL
    pps: I'll swich Gon pet for not a copy but a COMPY =P (Compsognatus) ^^, would be an awesome pet for one of the first ones!

  44. @Gon - Ooh ok, I understand now. Haha that reminds me of Everquest (the first one), spam Sense Heading while you run to max it out asap! I like the general idea of leveling up skills, but how you will level them up exactly we still need to figure out. Will add this method to the ideas list though. :)

    While true that a dinosaur is a dinosaur we just want to be careful is all. Dinosaurs are awesome though so you'll probably see them in the game eventually filling various roles. :)

    We currently estimate HTD to be done by the time all the assets and features we want are completed and implemented into a working version of the game...

  45. will this come out as versions like ptd or will it be released finished?

  46. one comment please

    i have noticed in pokemon tower that you only focus on levels and not the tower level so please try to work on tower levels and you should have finished ptd before you started htd


  47. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlxxkFPTqHw&feature=uploademail LMAO sam you should watch

  48. @sam, This games sounds sooooooo awesome. i think you should spend more than 1 day a week on it

  49. i was also thinking that you could buy different skills, depending on the characters class, with points you earn from leveling up. so if the abilitie is really good you might have to save up points but if its a bad skill it wont cost many.

  50. nice game. when could we play it?

  51. The closest I can see to what I was thinking is Neosaurs, you can check it if you like Sam. The game is no big deal but the skills (except the part where you need to go back all the way to the trainer -.-') are exactly what i meant ;)

    About the careful part, well if its not garanteed you'd have problems and if you'r thinking making the game free... MAYBE if you have some spare time... =P asking doesn't hurt and eventually they don't bother since a tiny bit of the game (or a "NotGon" Black Gon ahahaha =P)

    Got it for the "various roles" still I'm all about pets/mounts ^^,

    About the release time... lol fair enough =P we are all waiting then

    ps: just make sure there are some cool pets coming XD

  52. I personally don't agree with Rashid.

    I think it's great that HTD is starting up, mid-way through PTD. Because as PTD (or any game) progresses, it becomes more and more work to introduce new characters or Lvls. This is because you have to add new attacks, graphics, stats, and a means of attaining.

    An easier way of explaining this concept is:

    When PTD started up, it would have been easy to create stats, attacks, and Lvls for many Pokemon. eg. Rattata, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle.

    But now that the level cap is so high, adding just one new pokemon is a hefty task, because you have to give the pokemon all of it's stats and attacks, all the way up to Lvl 44!!! As oppose to the earlier PTD, where the level cap was extremely low.

    The point of me explaining this is, soon PTD is going to be very hard to keep building upon, maybe one update every three weeks towards the end, when the Lvl cap is about 80.

    Introducing HTD is a great time filler, or something to do when you're waiting for PTD updates.

    As HTD begins to grow into a big job, another game will be introduced to help pass the time while waiting for HTD updates.

    So you see... bringing HTD into the mix is a great way to continue consistently creating game updates and data. And because there won't be huge gaps between updates, people won't get tired of waiting and move on. Instead they're completely captivated with all of the new content, and as a result, Sam and Dan become increasingly more popular, and maybe even gain a little revenue while they're at it!

    Great job on all of your games! Sam and Dan, you are obviously a pair of very intelligent and talented creators. (creators of entertainment and fun, of course)

    P.S. I have gone by many names in the past, but now I'm sticking with "γειά σου," because it really shows my love of my heritage (Greek) and I believe it is very unique.

    Here are some of my previous "Aliases":

    Angry German Kid (I'm not German, I'm Greek)
    Master Sword Farfetch'd (sound Farfetch'd?)
    various Anons...
    and others that have since slipped my mind.

    P.S.S. What are your heritages, Sam and Dan? And how do you guys know each other?

    Can't wait to read your responses!

  53. cant wait for it to come out! how many classes will there be?

  54. Sam Otero said...
    @anon 3:38PM - All our games are in Flash and we use Action Script 3 to program

    Thanks for the reply,i find it interesting because i am trying to learn actionscript 3.0 myself

  55. "I've played enough MMORPGs to understand how frustrating it can be when you are either unable or not interested in grouping and want to play solo but you couldn't even kill a mob 30 levels lower than you. We're hoping to remedy this scenario. :)" Amen!

  56. BUG ALERT my pokemon freeze in lavander town, and so does some of the persians, after they use rest

  57. i need help getting to lavender town.can some one help

  58. please keep ptd talk on ptd threads and htd in htd topics ;) As Dam said, the quicker they can deal with the blog stuff the more time they can spend doing the games =) (and there is one that hasn't come out yet! =D and will have PETS hehe)

  59. What kind a pets? Lions, Wolves, Dragons, Horses, Sphinxes, Gorillas.

    Oh yeah, i had an idea for pets. How about, if you beat a challenge level in PTD, you get a code that you can use in HTD to get a Pikachu as a pet? And there could also be a challenge in HTD, if we beat a boss we get a code for a HTD avatar in PTD.

    Sorry this post was so comlicated.

  60. The only thing complicated about turtleshell27's post is the way he spells "comlicated!"


  61. hey Sam will you be adding weapons enhacement to HTD?? Just wondering...

  62. Sam/Dan would it be possible to make Htd Tuesdays every other weak like you can work on it every weak but you post your progress every other weak so we can see alot more progress in one post
    P.s this is just an idea that i think might work


  63. This is really awesome i'm so exciting for HTD! =D

    I see a lot of attempts nowadays to fuse tower defense games with rpg's and some are excellent. The majority of them are actually very good and i'm sure this won will be no different if not the best of them all.

    Good luck Sam and Dan!

  64. @Anon 2:13 PM - We don't intend to have any bad skills. We want everything to have a use and purpose.

    @γειά σου - Thanks for the support! :) If you want to know some backstory for Sam and I there was a post awhile back you can check out here:


    @turtleshell27 - There will be no Pokemon stuff in HTD, we want to keep free of trademarked stuff. It gives us more freedom aka the phones and such. But there may be things that you can do in one game to get something in another, just because those kind of things are fun to do and implement.

    @Max - We prefer giving it one day of the week to give it more exposure and keep people informed. Even if it's just a small update lots of people are interested in what's going on and it gives everyone a chance to make suggestions and comments more often.

    @Sonos Reviews - It will be the bestest :P

  65. So i was wondering if that you could play with friends and have raids for instance like 5-10 man raids that you would have to have friends on to do it with and pick certain classes for the group, also the gear in solo i would hope would be worse than the gear earned from raiding so that one person cant go and farm the best gear then be the absolute best. Summarized:
    5-10 Man Raids,
    Best gear in groups

  66. I not reallu liked the game when i read about it on your blog but i started to read all the coments and i think its going to be an awesom game
    sam and dan you two guys could make every sort of game awesom because you listen to everybody around the world.

    Maybe you could ad something like to hire some team members like they did in guild wars.

    And i really would like a boss battle with all the bosses in a row and if you killed all of them a harder boss with ass reward a special guy with who you can redo the story (got this idea from pokemon super smash brothers)

    Sorry for the long post and the bad english from a dutchmen

  67. Hi dan, thanks fro responding to my last comment, and this is my last question about HTD, for now.

    When the game finally comes out will there be only one or two levels, or will you already have a bunch of levels. I think you should make 10 levels, but then only release 2 levels when the game first comes out. That way, for the first 8 weeks, updates will always be right on time.

  68. @Dan
    Yea i guess that's Ok if you and Sam think thats the best way to do HDT


  69. @Dan/Sam
    i read a comment form Sam saying you two were thinking that htd is gong to be free i really hope it is
    P.s since everyone puts Sam before Dan i thought id do it the other way around
    P.s.s i like righting P.s's


  70. @Dan/Sam
    i think you need to make the security code words before you post a comment more warped or something because some seam a bit to clear and i think it's not that hard for a spammer to figure out the word but then again i have no idea how warped it needs to be or how that stuff works sorry for such a long post


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  72. @Matt - Yes, you will be able to group and raid through multiplayer eventually. There will be several ways to get very good loot, raiding won't be the only way. There's always crafting, quests, trading, etc all with their varying levels of difficulty and time consumption.

    @ownblood - Glad we were able to change your mind about HTD. :) Hmm, didn't play much guild wars but additional characters will join your party as you progress.

    There may be some sort of colosseum/arena survival type thing where you fight various mobs one after another. Those are always fun.

    @turtleshell27 - No problem! Hmmm, well we are looking to do the same thing as we've done with the other games. That is to release it in it's early alpha stages so we can get feedback and such while we develop it. So at that point there probably won't be several stages available.

    Doing what you suggested would simply mean delaying the initial release in order to make more levels as opposed to releasing it sooner with fewer levels. That works against us in two ways: first it doesn't let us get feedback early in order to make adjustments sooner which could lead to 10 crappy levels and thus wasted time, and second it means you have to wait longer to play it :P

    To deal with the updates not being on time we'll probably just not have set times for updates for this game. We want to take our time with HTD and not rush something out just for an update. Don't get me wrong though, it will still be updated rather frequently.

    @Max - Lol, you'll have to talk to Google about the security code thing. :)

  73. what kind of bosses or enemies will we be fighting? Will they come from different games like I heard you say Goku and Vegita = Vegito. To what variety will you extend your enemies to?

  74. SamDan, I was wondering what the gaming challange would be in HTD?

    I understand one have a single charracter in the first levels, which means one tower. In a level, when a enemy wave apears, the player places the Hero Tower on a tower slot, and lets it attack the enemy. Of course while playing one upgrades the character by his/hers choice.

    But is that difficult? In other TD's placement of towers and the choice of different types of towers effect the result, but in this case, those choices isn't available. So what is?

    I'm sure you have an idea to the general challange in the game, but I hope you make it clear from the start of the prosess, because when victory, or failure, is certain, boredom is also.


  75. sam could you make pokemon on diglets cave a bit weaker?.At least put in some awesome steel and water types to the game that we can catch so stuff like dugtrio and arbok wont be too hard at all.You know it is a hard game and al i thought just you shouldnt make a super hard level after another "super hard" level.E.G.L.T.Surges gym and Digglets cave.L.:-(

  76. how about the difficulty of the levels or dungeons, or whatever you call it, will be determined by the amount of people in the party?
    so that way doing a level solo or with a party could be two different experiences.

  77. Are you planning on releasing it bit by bit as with ptd or in one chunk?

  78. I advise looking into final fantasy tactics for the playstion one for class options. There are so many different classes that could be amazing in this game. I have one question regarding the main characters. Somone sed that after u beat the story to start another one with a new character to find his move also. Are there going to be amounts of profiles we can have equivalent to the number of classes? Or will there be a story+ mode, where we start over with a new main character but have our old one at the same level. Or reduced level, and then u can just keep doin that until u have all characters on one profile? Sorry the question was complicated. I'm not going to be on the blog again for a while so could u email the reply to me if u get a chance? Ide apprecieate it. Horton.will@rocketmail.com
    And looking forward to ptd update = )

  79. how about a combination class like a paladin where you must be a certain level warrior and a certain level priest to become a paladin.they can also change class depending on the class tree there on. what do you think

  80. is it only up to lvl.44 for ptd

  81. Auto save feature after every level. Not just when you complete a level and reach a new level. So, when I play an old level to level up my pokemon, it will still auto save.

  82. GUYS, stop talking about PTD. Learn to read first D:


    Who will be working on this? Sam? Dan? Both?

  83. Are Dragonborns going to be a race for our character? If not at the moment I will beg for them to be in!
    Infinity pleases can you add Dragonborns?
    And will different races have their own special abilities like Dwarfs have increased resistance to poison?

  84. This game looked pretty good in the first post, and now it looks even better. I'm liking the multiple perspectives and different main character classes (whereas in most other tactical RPGs(like Fire Em *shot*) or MMORPGS, your character stayed in the same class branch their entire lives).

    Sweet armor. Can I try it on? No? Oh well. Guess I've got to play some levels over and over again.

    The only thing I'm curious about is how many profiles will we have? As nice as three of them are in PTD, I'd rather not have to start new games over files that I've beaten. Oh how, I love my overpowered endgame armies...

  85. @Mr. Sir - There will be all kinds of enemies. Lol the Vegito reference was in response to ansul mentioning temporary fusion of towers, but I'm sure we'll have things that you'll recognize from other games but not exact copies of course. Like you can't say an orc is from warcraft or something, it's just a general race in the fantasy genre but lots of people might only recognize them from warcraft.

    @Sredna - Ah, so you like a challenge eh? Don't worry, we'll definitely have challenging stuff otherwise everyone would just have everything and like you say, it'd be boring. Of course the beginning won't be very difficult because you have to start somewhere, especially for newer people.

    You will have more than one hero (tower), so those choices will be available. The placement of the heros will also be important, so really the TD scenario you described is there. Now add in a bunch of RPG elements like equipment, levels, magic, special moves, etc and I think you can see where the challenging part would start to come in.

    @Anon 2:52 PM - I've played games that do that and usually what ends up happening is everyone just solos. It's usually not a different experience it's just harder but if you can do it alone then there's no point to group. If you've ever played Diablo 2 people would join games with 7 people (8 was the max) then just solo because they'd get the most experience from fighting the hardest mobs alone. We'll have stuff for solo and various size groups but it most likely won't just be simple level scaling to accommodate more players.

    @Anon 3:13 PM - As we develop it we'll release new versions. Same as we do with the other games.

    @Anon 11:48 PM - I've played FFT, it's a great game so yeah it's certianly a good reference. We haven't decided exactly how we'll do the profiles just yet but whatever we decide it'll be as convient for the player as possible because it's very annoying when it's not.

    @Dioxwolf - We haven't set anything in stone as to how hybrid classes will be handled just yet. It's the same idea as with jobs and such that other people have mentioned so we'll see.

    @Anon 10:33 PM - Both, plus Kevin doing the art.

    @CrazyItalianDetective - Hah, we haven't finalized what races there will be. Dragon are awesome though but we'll see what happens. :)

    We might have racial traits but we're still working on that.

    @Chris Tan - Check my response above to Anon 11:48 PM in this comment.

  86. Hey Dan, when will Hero TD come out??

    P.S: Will it be on your website (Sam & Dan Games)??

  87. @Dan
    I might have been unclear, I didn't know if you knew what Dragonborns were!
    Dragonborns are not quite dragons they resemble humanoid dragons.
    I'll send an email to Sam with a pic and better description tomorrow! 'Til then good night!
    P.S. This comment has gone back through time to reach you! :)

  88. hey sam i just don't understand how get snd coin without paying plz i need to know

  89. Can you give us a basic idea of what the story line is for the beginning, just like a quick paragraph about how they get to where they got.

  90. and will this game ever come out for ipod/ipad

  91. i think it should. i hope there is a dragon master rank. how many ranks will there be?

  92. Awesome! So excited for the new Tower Defense game! Make me love it!

  93. Already Tuesday here ;) let day 3 come with LOADS of stuff =D

    Oh and don't forget that something I never mentioned before... PETS! (and mounts =P) XD

    Dan I got a really cool idea that you'll prob love hehe its a thing for mr Sam but I'll come back to it when the game is rolling muahaha you'll love it!

  94. @Anon 5:52 PM - It will be on the website when we release something which won't be till we have something that we're ready to release. :P

    @CrazyItalianDetective - Oh I know what you meant, I was basically saying that anything to do with dragons is usually pretty cool. :)

    @Jesus - We're not releasing any details on that right now, sorry. Yes, e're planning to have it on the iphone/ipad.

    @Noah - We haven't decided on that yet.

    @Ekarlaufsbläd - Haha, we hope to! ;)

    @Gon - Sounds good!

  95. i would love to know when this will be finished probably not until PTD is finished i would like to take a stab at some ideas
    1. classes
    all of them are good but you could use some more
    -primal( kinda like a bazerker)
    it really great i hope you expand on it like there is a final boss you fight a enemy hero out on the same quest as you and will stop at nothing to succeed
    3. bonus content
    stuff like bonus stuff to buy with snd coins and daily codes, weekly codes and promos
    like if you register with a valid WoW or ptd or Nin-ja account you get a bonus skin or something
    4. passive interface
    stuff like towns and venders that sells stuff
    and companions that are like in wow that do almost nothing and pets for hunters
    5. tower evaluation
    something that happens at a certion time in the story like
    -warriors evolve into generals
    -ninjas evolve into assassins
    -samurai into Dragon warriors
    -paldins into crusaders
    -priests into high priests
    -rangers into marksmen
    -primals into amazons
    mages into archmages
    monks into sages

  96. Can you put in somthing to do with the old rod on challenge 2??

  97. sam can you do something like everyone start every one with 30 snd coins and buy more when you run out

  98. How do we play hero tower defence?

  99. why don't you make some extra classes once you finish certain levels or challenges?

  100. Sam i got an idea what about getting new classes when you finish a certain level or challenge and here are few.

    hunter berserker i hope you do

    necromancer dragon-lord this Sam and Dan

    paladin guardian

  101. hey sam got an idea if you kill enemy you can drop some classes i have an idea enemy i call it necrolich and it drops necromancer and doomknight

  102. one simple idea: let here be 4 groups or more of enemies liike: waecraft 3 and these enemies fight amongst each other as well

  103. htd cannot win 1 monster kepp coming non stop


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