Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.7.1 is now out! New Team Rocket Avatars, progress list, let's talk more about daily codes and pokemon adoptions.

Want to Adopt the legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Get some SnD coins by buying any of the Ninja-ja Editions. Click here for more info.
Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

What's new in v3.7.1 - For more details go here.
  • Team Rocket Mystery Gift Avatar - Solve the Mystery Hunt to get your very own Team Rocket Avatar!
  • New Story Level - Lavender Town -Arriving at Lavender Town you meet a familiar face, and find out the Team Rocket is recruiting members in Lavender Town.
  • Added Girl Bug Catcher Avatar - You can get this if you have the boy bug catcher just go to the Pokemon Center and pick here.
  • Adding a sort by Level button for the storage
  • Making the "Super Effective" targeting option use the current move's type instead of the tower's type 
  • Bug Fix - The Shiny Voltorb Quest will now accept Electrode and Pikachu at level 42 or higher.
Where can I play?
Hello everyone, here we are starting a new week at Sam and Dan Games, we have some goodies coming at you this week. Today I will talk about the next update for PTD v3.8, it will have a good amount of new pokemon, along with new level and some fixes and additions. Tuesday we will have our Hero Tower Defense day with some new art and new info on the game. Then during the week I will be adding the Daily Code and Pokemon Adoptions features to the Pokemon Center.

Let's talk about the Daily code and how it works.

Once a day you can go to the Pokemon Center and go to the Daily Code Section and request a code. There are different codes that you can request. Each code has different chances to win prizes. Each code has a different cost and requirement to get.

Regular Daily Code - Cost: 1,000 - Requirements - None - Possible Prizes
  • No Prize - Chance to get - 67%
  • Pidgey with Breeding Move "Faint Attack" - Chance to get Code - 10%
  • Rattata with Breeding Move "Reversal" - Chance to get Code -  10%
  • Abra with Breeding Move "Fire Punch" - Chance to get Code -  1%
  • Pikachu with Breeding Move "Charge" - Chance to get Code - 1%
  • Shiny Bulbasaur (lvl 5) - Chances to get Code - 0.1%
  • Shiny Squirtle (lvl 5) - Chances to get Code - 0.1%
  • Regular Raikou (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code -  0.001%
  • Regular Suicune (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code -  0.001%
  • Regular Entei (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code - 0.001%
Uncommon Daily Code - Cost: 10,000 - Requirements - Badge 2 - Possible Prizes
  • No Prize - Chance to get - 28% 
  • Pidgey with Breeding Move "Faint Attack" - Chance to get Code - 30%
  • Rattata with Breeding Move "Reversal" - Chance to get Code -  30%
  • Abra with Breeding Move "Fire Punch" - Chance to get Code -  5%
  • Pikachu with Breeding Move "Charge" - Chance to get Code - 5%
  • Shiny Bulbasaur (lvl 5) - Chances to get Code -0.5%
  • Shiny Squirtle (lvl 5) - Chances to get Code - 0.5%
  • Regular Raikou (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code -  0.005%
  • Regular Suicune (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code -  0.005%
  • Regular Entei (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code - 0.005%
Rare Daily Code - Cost: 100,000 - Requirements - Beat the Latest level - Possible Prizes

  • Pidgey with Breeding Move "Faint Attack" - Chance to get Code - 39%
  • Rattata with Breeding Move "Reversal" - Chance to get Code -  38%
  • Abra with Breeding Move "Fire Punch" - Chance to get Code -  10%
  • Pikachu with Breeding Move "Charge" - Chance to get Code - 10%
  • Shiny Bulbasaur (lvl 5) - Chances to get Code -1%
  • Shiny Squirtle (lvl 5) - Chances to get Code - 1%
  • Regular Raikou (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code -  0.01%
  • Regular Suicune (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code -  0.01%
  • Regular Entei (lvl 40) - Chances to get Code - 0.01%
  I will be adding different prizes in the future or tweaking the numbers a bit here and there. Remember you can only get one code per day per account. When I implement this it will be in the Pokemon Center.

Now let's talk about Pokemon Adoptions, a lot of pokemon have been abandoned by their trainers due to all the incidents happening with Mewthree and such. Using your SnD Coins you will be able to adopt a pokemon of your choosing, the rarer the pokemon the more coins it will cost. Here are some examples of possible pricing and categories.
  • Common Shiny like Pidgey, Zubat etc will cost 1 SnD Coin to adopt.
  • Uncommon Shiny Pokemon like Pikachu, Magikarp, Drowzee will cost 5 SnD Coins to adopt.
  • Rare Shiny Pokemon (pokemon you can't find in the wild) like Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur will cost 10 SnD Coins to adopt.
  • Legendary Pokemon like Shiny Mew, Regular Entei, Regular Suicune, Regular Raikou will cost 20 SnD Coins to adopt.
Speaking of SnD Coins, in the near future buying Ninja-ja will give you SnD coins instead of codes, this way when you buy let's say the apprentice edition you won't get 3 pikachu you will get a certain amount of coins that will let you pick and choose who you really want. It is a more flexible system than before and I hope you guys will enjoy. I also wanted to say that if you bought a Ninja-ja in the past I will not be able to give you Coins now and that we are still figuring out the exact coin conversion.

The cool thing about the coins is that you can save them up for the future or save them up for a different game like Ninja-ja or Hero Tower Defense. All our games will use the SnD coins for special gifts that will save you time and make you look unique.

Now on to the progress list for v3.8!
  • Daily Codes
  • Pokemon Adoption and SnD Coins
  • Trades will only last up for 3 days (0%) - This will prevent old trades from staying there and the trainers never responding to request. Viewing your trade request will reset this timer so you will get 3 more days.
  • Distribution (0%) 
  • New Title Screen (100%) - The artist finally got back to me! His prize is a Legendary Dog of his choosing and he choose Suicune! 
  • New Story Level (100%) - Traveling to Celadon City Route 8 & 7
    • Level Intro (100%)
    • Level Layout (100%)
    • Level Waves (100%)
    • Level Ending (100%)
  • New Mystery Gift - (100%)
    • Graphic (100%)
    • Implement in game (100%)
  • New Pokemon to Capture (1) (100%)
    •  Graphics (100%)
    • Shiny Graphic (100%)
    • Implement Stats in game (100%)
    • New Moves (1) (100%) - Baton Pass
  • New Pokemon Evolutions (3) (100%)
    • Graphics (100%)
    • Shiny Graphics (100%)
    • Implement Stats in game (100%)
    • New Moves (2) (100%)
      • Aurora Beam (100%)
      • Aqua Ring (100%)
  • Forms of hacking will make the game go to the main screen automatically without warning (100%) - This will cover the previous adding candy, I won't be adding candy to levels that didn't have them.
  • Bug Fixes (100%)
    • Add more space to the bottom of the Lavender Town level (100%) Thanks Pokedaddy!
    • In the Diglett Cave the screen becomes black after Serge tells you to follow Team Rocket.(100%)
    • Added Dynamic Punch to Machop, Machoke, Machamp's TMs list (100%) Thanks everybody who brought it up.
    • Let Legendary Dogs learn TMs (100%)
I'll keep updating this during the week so keep checking back and as always let me know what you think!


  1. Hey sam how much are the SnD coins going to cost each?

  2. The current package is $20 and you get 3 shiny mew, 3 shiny starter, 3 shiny pikachu, 3 shiny magikarp. That would mean if you do convert to SnD coins, the $20 should be giving you much more than 20 SnD coins right?

  3. Fantastic news all round sam.

    Love the new ideas :)

    Forever your No. 1 fan ;)

  4. @Kage - That makes sense but you won't get a one to one conversion rate. For $20 dollars you will get more than 20 coins but you won't get the same amount as you used to get for example converting it directly the current Ninja ja Hero edition would give you 120 coins. When the new system comes up you most likely won't get that many.

  5. @anon 4:44PM - Thinking about it, you will buy them in packs, the more you spend the cheaper each coin will cost.

  6. Sam, the clues for the new avatars are very confusing. I´m Spanish, but I don´t understand any of them(except these ones that are really easy). Can anyone tell me how I can get clues 3, 5 and 6? I don´t understand these clues

    Remember, I´m Spanish, I don´t speak English very well


  7. @manuel - I'll add regular mew in the future.

    @mighark - clue 3 = 4
    clue 5 = n
    clue 6 = 2

    Won't say anymore :)

  8. Sam, do we have to pay real money for the new SnD coins? I can't do that, and neither can some of the other people on the blog! Can I pay for SnD coins using PokeDollars instead!? Or can I do some sort of level challenge to earn SnD coins?!? I can't pay for SnD coins using my own money! Please change the money used for SnD coin exchange!!!

  9. @Richard - Thanks :) you have been around since the beginning I appreciate that :)

  10. I think I found a bug. Whenever my Raticate uses Bubble Beam, it disappears, I tried this again with all of my Pokemon out, and half of them vanished! Is this supposed to happen?

  11. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 22, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    WAZZUP SAM? Just want to ask you to read my comments on the last weekly progress blog, since they are kinda important and you havent replied yet.

    your insane fan
    Leader of Luxinape XP

    PS Im also too lazy to retype them cause they are bothe pretty long
    PPS 13th?

  12. Will the daily codes be limited to once per account or once per profile on account?

  13. Sounds cool Sam. From the information we we're given so far, it will be $60 for all 3 dogs, lol. They'll still be very rare. The team rocket avatars are cool and please tell Dan that I think he's doing a good job on Ninja-ja too. Thanks for the cool games.

  14. @PokeMaster - I will also add the TrialPay option for doing offers to get Coins also. I will not be doing any conversions from PokeDollars to SnD coins since pokedollars are easy to get using the hacked version and even not using it. The daily code and just hunting in the wild will be good alternatives to having to buy SnD coins.

    @anon 4:55PM - Added it to my bug list thanks.

    @Lux - I am going to add more level information to each level (who you can capture etc) in the future :)

  15. @Sam.
    May i ask why you are giving pokemons away for free which i have paid for?(shiny starters)

  16. When you say you can use the daily code once per day, do you mean once per account or once for each profile on the account?

  17. So technically, if someone wants the current amount of pokemon as the hero package gives now, he'd want to get it now?

    Also, I asked on the twitter but I thought I'd ask here. Am I the only one who would like one button or option, so I could call back all the pokemon I put up for trade to my profile all at once? Calling back several pokemon one at a time gets a bit tedious.

    Really loving what you got here. Just worried about what may happen in case Nintendo/Gamefreak ever decides to do something about it sometimes. Loved the HTD stuff and artwork that was posted last Tuesday.

  18. http://s4.zetaboards.com/poketd/topic/8866035/1/#new

    maaaybeee? =D

  19. @Crazymerio - It will be less than $60 for 60 coins but yea they will still be rare, unless people get really lucky with the daily code ;)

    @anon 5:01PM - 1% chance is not giving it away.

    @anon 5:01PM - Once per day per account, not per each profile.

  20. Yo, Sam! On my last weekly blog comment, you told me to use pokemon with high defense. But how do I know which pokemon have high defense? They don't show it!!!

  21. Im glad to see the SnD coins finally coming! Also who are the new pokemon? can we expect a ghastly?? :)

  22. Hey Sam, my menu seems to be off. I'm using an Evo3D idk if any other android user are having the same issue. Here is a screenshot of it, any ideas?


  23. @Kage - Yea I will add something like that in the future, it takes time :)

    Don't be worried, just enjoy it.

    @Phinq - Interesting.

    @PokeMaster - Serebii.net, or google are your friends :)

    @anon 5:05PM - Thanks, I'll do a poll about that.

  24. @sotero
    I don't want to complain about the difficulty of lavender town (I'm at the fuel of victory). But is there any way to give just a few more pixels at the bottom? I'm having some trouble moving my monsters around. Thanks as always.


  25. @anon 5:08PM - It has to do with the Phone's default font, I'll have a fix for it for the next version.

    @Pokedaddy - You got it for v3.8!

  26. Can you increase our pokemons health because you don't even get a chance to heal against the persians sometimes.

  27. Sam will MissingNo. be added to the game at some point?

  28. hey sam! im a big fan of ptd. is there any way we could get SnD coins another way? maybe doing offers and things? and just asking... but when will eevee be put in :D

    -An Awesome Fan for an Awesome Dude
    PS to you dan, you should make a little preview of ninja-ja so people will know how to play and what to do!

  29. hello sam,

    i sent that thing to rewards1, so i should be hearing back form within the next couple days.

    in case my tweets from earlier didnt make sense, if they will not set up a direct purchase thing through their site, they might be willing to have you as a "vendor". the way that works is when people have enough points, they can enter a web address to buy something and put how much is costs. the way you could make it work is to have each edition of ninjaja a separate link.

    for example, apprentice edition can have a web address of something like samdangames.blogspot.com/ninjaja_apprentice or something like that, but each thing can have a separate link so people can enter that specific web address and point total in there. i think something like that might work for ninjaja and (if you decide to) for buying SnD coins without buying ninjaja.

    the last possible option for this to work is to accept recieving amazon gift cards (or something similar) from the site in exchange for coins and ninjaja. since people would recieve gift cards in the form of an email from the site, they could get the email and forward it to you. you could then verify that the gift card works by entering it into an amazon account (for example) and if it works, you send the person what they purchased. this would probaly be a last resort for this idea to work, but it could still work.

    thank you for your time and i would appreciate your thoughts on this. i apologize if this sounds a little confusing and let me know if you need clarification on something. i will let you know what i hear from them in an email as soon i hear something.

    Thank you,

  30. Sam, maybe you could put a bank, so we can share money between accounts (I just use 2 and I want 3 daily codes :D) and a difficult button, like easy, hard and insane, giving bigger rewards to insane mode.
    Good luck.


  31. Don't let us get the ghosts next or you'll be breaking the story! Let us get eevee and a drink for the guard in saffron, then let us play slots (maybe add voltorb flip from HG/SS as that was fun too!) and make sure it has the same prizes as the originals (abra, clefairy, nidarina/nidorino, dratini, porygon, scyther/pinsir and the TMs!), then let us get the ghosts!

  32. @ Knaggzy - Now that I beat Lavender Town, you'll see my shiny Machamp in the Pokemon Center!

    @ Sam - When will my pokemon level up, in the next update? Also, thanx for the Lavender Town advice!

    I'm changing my account name! Nothing big, I'm just adding some numbers to my name!

  33. hey, quick question. why can't I relearn moonlight with my clefable? I swapped it with rest yesterday to test out which healing move I liked better in the new level, because I was sure I could relearn it anyway. but I can't :9

    Also, the move follow me should be more similar to taunt.


  34. i am 5:01.
    as long as people are not paying for it, it is giving away.... i don't care how low the chances are. it is still giving away something i have paid for... then you should'nt had said it would be something "free-players" would never get...

  35. In the Diglett Cave the screen becomes black after Serge tells you to follow Team Rocket. Can't skip it because I'm doing that lvl. for the first time!

  36. @anon 5:13PM - I'll be working on something so that you can increase certain pokemon stats for the future.

    @xehanorto - yup at some point.

    @Awesome1 - You can do offers to get the SnD coins, I will add that :)

    @Rez - Thanks, let's see what happens.

    @Gabriel - Haha don't think so for the bank, difficulty modes sounds good.

    @anon 5:24PM - I'm leaving it up to you guys the fans to decide :)

    @PokeMaster - I don't foresee a level cap increase for next update.

  37. @myhra - I'll look into that.

    @anon 5:29PM - I don't remember saying you can never get them any other way.

    @anon 5:29PM - I'll check that out thanks.

  38. Sam, i am 5:01(again).
    I remember you said it when you released ninja-ja. I have followed you all the way from you released PTD, and read like almost every comment you have wrote, and (beside the shiny charmander, which was to stop some of the hacking) i have understod it have always been your plan to make mew and shiny starters some thing you need to buy, and nothing else. It should always be the 3 special pokemons for the people who are suporting you

  39. Sam, we cant see ghosts without a sliph scope. we can't get the sliph scope till we go to celadon city, under the game corner.. you know what.. actually now that I think about it;
    the only reason the sliph scope was in celadon was because team rocket had stolen it, since then It's been reclamed, we'd have to go to the sliph co building in saffron. . . but regardless of where we get it, we can't see ghosts without it.

  40. @anon 5:39PM - Well the shiny charmander was a giveaway everybody had a 100% chance to get it if they had the code. Here there is no guarantee that you will get it at all. I get how you feel, but this game is constantly changing and sometimes it's better to have multiple ways of getting something instead of just one.

  41. @Phinq - You are totally correct, but I do have a storyline planned out that will make sense if Pokemon Tower wins the poll.

  42. when will you be releasing the information about the next level? with the SnD coins and daily codes, i think this will be the best update yet

  43. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 22, 2011 at 5:50 PM

    Sam- I knew for a while that you would add more info on levels, but do you need any help with it, since there's already a lot to add to the game?

  44. do the game corner pokemon include Dratini, Scyther, Porygon, and Pinsar?!?!?

  45. @anon 5:49PM - Once the poll is done, it's too hard to tell who will win.

    @lux - Thanks but I got it :)

    @anon 5:52PM - Yes.

  46. well if pokemon tower wins the poll, you could just have giovani give it to you as a gift or have it hidden somewhere like the cave at the beginning of the game (where the ratata go into oaks lab).

    you could have to have a pokemon know flash on oaks lab and then be able to go in the cave and have a short, but somewhat difficult mini level to get the silph scope dropped and hidden in that cave. then have a full level at the pokemon tower. you could get swarmed by ghosts in pokemon tower if you dont have the silph scope so you cant go in til you get it.

    thats an idea for pokemon tower if it wins the poll. hope you like it :)


  47. I was contemplating the daily codes a bit. I don't see shiny Charmander. I know we had the code awile back so there is a larger population buy abit but 1% on the 10,000 might still be reasonable. The 100000 option seems lacking. There are some rare pokemon like chancy and paras that could be tosed in at 1%. Getting 8 rattata and pidgys for every 10 days give or take is mhe. Were just going to release them.

    Question will the Pokemon you get be changed like different Pokemon with different egg moves.

  48. @Sam just wondering what you are planing with the level cap?

  49. How will we get the shinny versions of the pokemon from the game center?

  50. @Rez - We will see I don't have a lot of time to build all that :)

    @anon 6:12PM - They do show up in the safari zone also.

  51. Porygon does not show up in the safari zone! Maybe for like double the coins we can get a shinny version of the pokemon?

  52. Hey Sam! I have a Raikou, but it only has Thunder which misses 30% of the time, Im wondering If I will be able to teach it TM's like Thunderbolt soon?

  53. @anon 6:18PM - Good point, I will think of something :)

    @anon 6:22PM - I'll fix that for next version.

  54. @sam
    for pokemon tower i think there should be a limited range of access to start. for example, you could explore a couple of floors and still be able to get all the pokemon. then after you get the silph scope you can explore the rest and have a shiny quest available.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Sam i found a glitch in lav town when you pick up your pokemon just before it gets hit and faints it freezes there.

    the best pokemon to have in the first place is a lvl 44 venusar with giga drain it heals quicker then it gets damaged and a pokemon that knows whirlwind helped a lot.

  57. also i almost forgot can you add a way to view a Pokemon's status it would be nice to know its attack, defense and special stats so you can teach it moves accordingly thx.

  58. Dear Sam Otero,
    Hi! I really love PTD as it is but i would like to tell you some good things to add.

    1. Buyable Rare Candies- like in the games, they level up your pokemon, but in PTD they can't evolve pokemon.

    2. Buying Pokeballs- you have to buy pokeballs. Like in the games you can pick betwean Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball, along with others.

    3. Uncatching pokeballs- Pokeballs can miss, and not catch pokemon.

    4. Ponyta and Pysduck- Make Ponyta and Psyduck catchable.

    5. Evovling- Make evoving go quicker. Just increase the speed by like 1.5% please.

    6. Porygon- I really like Porygon. Can you make that catchable too?

    These are just ideas but I hope you can put them in the game. I hope this wasnt too much.


  59. i dnt wanna give anything away but lets just say machamp is a beast in this lvl...

  60. @ Sam

    Hi i have been playing this game from the start. I got it off the android market when there were just a few levels and still a lvl 10 lvl cap. since then this game has grown and changed. of course, it was going to. and all the new ideas seem great. i love the daily code idea and also the SnD coins.

    one thing i would like to say is that since i couldn't get the game on the market anymore i always waited for the APK and used that. but since you have implemented this thing that i cannot save the data on my phone, i need internet connection, i have found that i have completely stopped playing your game on my phone. i occasionally play online when i get chance and still love it. i have every pokemon available at level 40 atm.

    anyway so i was thinking maybe you could implement a way for phones to play offline but when they do get internet connection they will then save? and make it so you can't trade/get codes/do anything except play normally without connection? but just have a way for me to play when i am out and about? because for me this game works best on a phone and the whole saving thing kind of sucks for that.

    Well just think about it. and please reply with what you think. i have put a fair bit of time into this game (cos it rocks) and would like to know what you think.


  61. omg thats a sick idea! survival mode?!?!? that be sooo much easier t train pokemon... but maybe to easy...

  62. hey sam when my ivysaur uses double edge or take down sometimes he hits with recoil but most of the time his health bar goes up and by the end of the level it is all the way across the screen. just an FYI but great game!


  63. Question about daily codes. Can we buy one each of the regular, uncommon, and rare daily codes per day? Or can we only buy one of those per day?

  64. I've noticed a bug in Lavender Town.When the Persian start using Water Gun(think it wave 5),one of the Persian freeze on the spot with 1HP and cant be killed.And all of my Pokemon keeps attacking it,ignoring all of the other Persian.Could you fix this?B.T.W,I love your game.Keep up the good work.

  65. how do you beat the pokemon tower level? i cannot even seem to come close to beating it

  66. I have a question
    In PTD, does Gravity boost accuracy? Or it just removes ground immunity and disallows use of few moves?

  67. @sam so will everyone that bought hero edition already get coins and will we request what we buy with the coins or is it like a lottory

  68. @ Knaggzy - Somehow your offer for my shiny Machamp got deleted without me responding! Can you send me another offer, the same or different from the original offer?

  69. @Mr Otero

    hey, could you move inventory to the pokedex and add a survival mode with different levels (like route 2 with all lvl28, route5 with all lvl35, diglett's cave with all lvl40)and this may be too much to ask but could you give SnD coins as a bonus for beating the levels? PLZ rsp

  70. Hey Sam are you gonna put a link to the Pokemon Center on the blog? It's a bit annoying to open the game even though I have to close the tab in order for it to work properly. :P

  71. Finally beat lavender after a few trial and errors. not to mention relearns and TMs. I enjoyed the difficulty but I would say the transition isnt smooth. The level of difficulty the game jumps to is pretty drastic. I would say that last stage is harder than any of the challenges. At this rate we would have to hack the last level. =P

  72. Hey sam i'm so excited for the daily codes! Can't wait for them to come out! Do you have any estimate of what day you will be releasing the codes?


  73. If you are going to make pidgys with faint attack could you make it so you could view the pokemons move set you are requesting or else how will you know if its worth getting.

  74. I don't think the no prize chance is such a good idea because it will happen so often. You should at least make it a Shiny pidgy or something else really common.

  75. >>HEY SAM<<

    I really think the daily code thing is an awsome idea and it will give people better hope on getting a mew or a dog.
    A few notes

    *How about makeing it so if you have purchased in the past ur chance goes up a certian percentage or something

    *Is it possible to some how track IP adresses and say only 2 accounts per IP adress or something so that people dont go makeing a whole lot of accounts just to increase there chances of getting a rear pokemon.

    As for the SnD coins, didnt you say that you could only buy "RARE" items and pokemon with them. Items and pokemon that could be found it game. And your offering Mew?

  76. Hey sam if were gonna have potions in the game then it seems obvious that we need more pokemon that will hit our towers. I would suggest going back and making it so some boss towers will attack your towers. Gym leaders imediately come to mind. Misty's starmies Brock's onix (Though they already do that with rock throw) and Surge's Raichu.

  77. For everyone who keeps wanting the SnD coins for free, sorry not meaning to be rude but live with the fact that you can only get it by paying for it. Sam really needs a way to get money and just be happy that the fact Sam is making this game free to play AND that you can get anything in the game that you pay for through SnD coins (just with a lot more work).

    I really hope you don't cave-in and start giving out SnD coins with all these people wanting it. However, only if you want, you can make special events (such as Christmas, etc...) where players can work for SnD coins in the game but please make it a very rare event and not make it so that they can get a lot of it (maybe limit on how many SnD coins can be "won" that week).

    Anyways, as for the poll about which pokemon will be available in the next update, you forgot a third option of "All of the above". =)

    On the serious side, will the pokemon that didn't win the poll be in the next update following this coming weekend?

  78. Sam,
    i love this game, however, i spent all day doing the shiny voltorb quest and wen going going back to the main page, it kicked me off due to the 3.7.1 update...i lost hours of leveling my voltorb, catching pikachus, and leveling one...all i needed was to get my pikachu up 2 more levels...help?

  79. Hey Sam, I think you might have missed a line of code or something to make Some fighting moves fighting type, as they're doing normal damage against Jigglypuff instead of Super Effective. This also seems to have happened to other Fighting moves, but I don't remember which ones specifically. Sorry.

    (I know that Seismic Toss is based on level, but that's not the issue)

  80. hey Sam! y u no have charmander up there? I wanna shiny charmander

    Random Guy O_o

  81. with daily codes you should make it so the if one day you get nothing then you have a lower chance of getting nothing the next day but ONLY the next day

  82. i was the anon talking about lower chance of getting nothing i also mean only on the same code nothing on reg then lower chance on the next day until you get something

  83. Its TUESDAY!!! =P just saying

  84. doooooooood, make follow me work right, it shouldn't only work when ur trying to get candy, make it work when u are b eing attacked to :D

  85. @anon 11:15PM - Good find adding to bug/suggestions page.

  86. hey sam hows it going awsome game i was just wondering u could have a contest every month called who's that pokemon? and u cold give a shadow imprint or something about that pokemon and the first 10 people to answer get like a shiney version and the rest get like a regular version and give this too the first 100 people who answer and also for htd u could have potions. too just suggestions

  87. I don't get it...
    Shouldn't the percent chances add up to 100%?
    If not is it possible to get nothing in daily prizes?
    and I think there should be a 1mil draw too =P

  88. For rare daily code, what's the other 0.97%?

    -Haxing Cat

  89. @anon 11:49 & Haxing Cat (lol) - I didn't do the correct math these are approximate examples.

  90. How do you beat Lavender Town?

  91. When I was playing the Lavender town level I froze one of the persians but it continued to attack me I am assuming this is a bug as attacking when frozen makes no sense.

  92. Lavender Town help:
    Top row: |Pokemon with Giga Drain|Pokemon with Seismic Toss|Pokemon with Giga Drain|
    Bottom row: |Pokemon with Stealth Rock and Screech|Pokemon with Seismic Toss|Pokemon with Helping Hand and Flamethrower|

    ~Jonathan K.

  93. Sam, you should make it so that ground type moves don't hit flying Pokemon. Bulldoze does 0 damage to flying types but it still slows them down.

    ~Jonathan K.

  94. sam sam sam !!!! i need help i beat rock tunnel and the man is still there , cause' i didn't do the achievement thing, but its not letting me on the new level :( can you fix this!


  95. I'm having a problem when I want to play Rock Tunnel. After the intro the screen goes black and I cannot play the level! please help.


  96. Something I was thinking of but I couldn't actually test myself (nor do I want to)
    If someone had a hacked version poliwhirl, and traded it for a jynx in game, would that jynx be considered hacked? I think you should just verify that it would.
    Also, I'm liking that Alakazam isn't broken anymore. I'm also liking that you need a certain level of strategy to beat these levels now

  97. Just a thought
    Maybe you should make certain dogs rarer in the wild, while others rarer through codes.
    For instance, lets say there's 0.001% chance of finding Entei in the wild, there would be a 0.0005% chance to find Raikou, and 0.0001% of Suicune in the wild. However, through Daily codes, those percentages would be in reverse order, making the Dogs have different rarity levels with different methods, but the same rarity altogether. Just a thought

  98. Hey Sam, I was wondering about the new level poll. If it turns out that we go to Celadon to get eevee and the game center pokemon, will we ever go back to lavender town for ghastly/cubone?


  99. so you are saying the only way to SnD coins is to buy ninja-ja

  100. Liking everything so far, but newest level is way hard. Maybe out of the 8 waves, less of them attack you? Like 3 or 4 instead of 6.

  101. i want to complete the new level but there are to many bugs in it, i just wait till the next update. cus i let the enemy sleep but they attack when they sleep and sometimes when i kill an enemy and the enemy kills my pokemon at the same time those two pokemon freezes and all my pokemons are attacking that pokemon but he never die!!!! HELP PLZ

  102. I believe that the daily codes are heading to the right direction.
    the only thing that concerns me for the moment are the current prizes and the chance of getting them.
    I believe that the prizes are insignificant to me for the moment and i have no interest in getting them besides the ultra minor chance of getting one fo the dogs
    I believe that the best way to settle this is to make a HUGE poll that will include every single pokemon and people will get het to choose which one of them they prefer to see it in the daily code prices.


  103. I think that you should split the path and let the user decide which level they want to go to first, but you have to complete both of the levels to go to the next.

  104. Sam, make a more interesting challenges, as the third challenge Mt.Moon, not harder versions of the levels from normal game.

    @~Jonathan K.
    I complete lvl for the second approach with:
    Top row: Golem - Buldoze, Machamp - Cross Chop, Charizard - Flamethrower
    Bottom row: Tentacruel - Leer, Primeape - Cross Chop, Nidorino - Helping Hand/Double Kick.

  105. follow me works, at least for me. it's just that the cooldown is much longer than the effect. but you can reset the cd by clicking on another attack and then back.
    (second part of the video)


  106. Sam, you know im here, and you know how to find me.

    Plus i know when im onto something good... But the way you have kept the pokemon genre, but added your own twist, is just immense, and i think that everyone will agree with me when i say that your an amazing developer and you listen to your fans and take into account what we want or ask for and what can work...

    For that we thank you

    Have been here from the beginning and will be here till the end (and all games in between)...

    As always

    Forever your No.1 fan ;)

  107. Is it normal that I can't play ? If I press LOG IN button, it doesn't work. And yes, my email and my password are right.


  108. Sam
    Hey, I know you've been workin' real hard and honestly you've made something fantastic. Admittedly, Nintendo did a lot too; but really great job on your part. I have a lot of fun playing it.
    And that's why I'm so disappointed with this Diglett Cave bug. Trying to get further and do some the Rock Tunnel things, all I've heard and read sounds amazing. It puts a frown to my face when I see the black screen and the realization I have to wait a bit longer is, albeit selfish, a concern I hope you'll put priority in. I've done most everything else, killed time doing all the Challenge Levels/Achievements.
    Anyway. Cheers, you're doin' a great job. Still deciding if I'm gonna' get in on this SnD coin thing.

  109. sam you should make sd coins good for normal pokemon too incase someone can't find a pokemon they want in the wild it would be very helpful

    i love the game been playing it for almost 4 months

  110. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 23, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    I drew a sketch of a possible New Bark Town level for the Johto sequel to this game, and I also have a lot of suggestions about items. How could I show my sketch? My suggestions for items are quite simple- there is a bag icon near the big pokeball that, when clicked, will expand and show all of the items you have (besides what is shown in the invertory, Stones, Rods, etc.) with an X-number format, so if you had 3 Potions it would be like this: *potion icon*-x3. Many people have doubts about adding different Pokeballs, but I have an idea. When clicking on the bag, and then the other pokeball icon, it switches places with the normal one, so you can easily click back to it (they switch sizes, too, so there will be a big version of the bought pokeball instead of the normal one). Depending on the Pokeball used, certain, or all nonboss, Pokemon will go red when they have more HP left. My idea for using healing items with my Bag toggle is that if you click on the healing item, you have to drag it ti whoever you want to heal. The Master Ball doesnt even have to be part of the game, it could just be obtained at the end of a story level and only usable to capture and calm Mewthree, or whatever you want the master ball to do in this game. Even better, Master Balls could be bought for, say 100000 Poke, and they can catch anything except blue-bar legandaries with full health. The Bag idea is a bit confusing, you really need to see my sketch to get it (even thougt its really bad drawing skills, I missed a Pokemon slot, and my Pidgey looks like a realistic Woodstock, you can get my idea) Thats all- for now! XP

  111. Uh Sam, here's a bug I found.
    Whenever my Raichu uses the move feint, its HP bar grows and in the end even reaches out of the screen.
    I'm not sure what's causing it and it doesn't seem to cause any other problems along with it, but I just wanted to mention it.

  112. Hee sam, just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR PTD game, i love tower defence and pokemon and to put them together like this is really freaking awesome. Love all the work u have done and much appreciate it!! great job (als u Dan ;)) Keep it up and im looking forward to whatever u got going :D:D good luck with everything!

    ps. the ninja-ja game is pretty awesome, but i was wondering... any chance that you can make a NTD? Naruto Tower Defence :D:D Not sure or u know that anime: Naruto, but its freaking awesome anime and it would be really cool in a tower defence style. GL !!

    cheers, Ghossler

  113. Love the game, a few things I want though;
    -a new targeting option "Most effective", want my pokemon to focus the target they get the best bonus dmg on.
    -make the move system even more flexible, would like to make it possible organizing the order of my moves.
    - I want to be able to choose the standard first move for every pokemon. It´s pretty frustrating to always reset the pokemons move to the statbooster in the meny before you start a level.
    -make fainted pokemon stay in the party at meny.
    also noted that selfdestruct cause pokemon to keep the hp from last lvl.
    Great game, really enjoy where its going. Keep it up! :D

  114. You should make a repeat until shiny or dog is found mode where you can leave your computer to do other stuff like brawl, but the level will just go over and over again until you exit or a shiny or dog is found. That would help a lot so we can save time!

  115. When you add survival mode will it be able to catch and see the dogs on there?

  116. @anon 12:41PM - Never happening, I do listen to fans but your suggestion doesn't fall where I want the game to be. It's a good suggestion it just doesn't line up well.

  117. Okay , just think it´s annoying to have your pokemon target "Super effective" and then end up with a pokemon using ground moves on flying instead of a pokemon with 1x bonus.
    And I don´t like that it chooses the last move you used in a level. I would rather have it use the first move or the move you set it to use in meny as standard. Anyway thanks for the fast response.

  118. Sam I think this idea as you can do this on the game

    I think that you should split the path and let the user decide which level they want to go to first, but you have to complete both of the levels to go to the next.

  119. @anon 1:03PM - On 3.7.1 it does the super effective based on the move you choose.

    @anon 1:08PM - That would mean that I have to do two levels and all the new pokemon which I won't have time to do.

  120. anon 1:08 here

    perhaps you can put them like that after you have done both the levels for future players. and maybe you should do that for vermillion gym as people might want to use a diglett for the gym, I know most people did in pokemon yellow

  121. I know that you've got a poll going on about this, but my opinion is that in the actual games (Gen. 1 red/blue/yellow) you have to get the silph scope before you can actually see the gastly and complete that tower, so going to Celadon should come first. That's what I think anyways, I may be wrong so if so please correct me because it's been awhile, but I guess we'll see what the poll says. Anyways, love the game, can't wait until it's finished. =]


  122. Can you make it so that when I request to trade for something there is an inbox like thing where Multiplayer is currently where we can check all the requests for our pokemon. I wanted to trade for a Mew but the dude hasn't replied yet and it's been a while! that way they can remember they are trading something!

  123. okay, can we get a game mode where we can add additional waves (+5/10/15/25/unlimited) that steadily increase in strength/numbers to a level that we have already beaten? I am just really annoyed by the levels with less than 15 waves. I understand that you don't want us to have an easy way of getting the dogs, but if Pokemon increase in strength/start attacking towers in those extra modes, there would be a functional limit to the number of waves, even of there wasn't a theoretical limit.

  124. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 23, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    Sam, one more idea- the Silph Scope should be an inventory item.

  125. What a hot upcoming update!

    i like your ideas above they are sweet.

    Could u promise not to give up developing this game and its sequel until u decide to migrate to Mars:)?

  126. Well i can't see why sooooo many people choose to go to Celadon City first although i love eevee as well... Giovanni's recruitment aims to catch ghost pokemon, so why don't we get on the track to access pokemon tower, before leaving Lavendar town? It's more reasonable than leaving the town without reaching Giovanni's goal.

  127. hay sam i was just wondering if pokemon abillities are included in this game like machamps "no gaurd"

  128. Sam,

    I love the game but I agree with others when they say that the difficulty jump was a bit much. I feel like i have a pretty solid strategy most times and I am getting destroyed.

    Also, can we make Solarbeam a TM move. I don't want to evolve my bulbasaur yet but I want him to know solarbeam!

  129. You should make Gravity like fly in this game.

  130. shadow claw isn't working. Also could you make a targeting option so that you won't target something that takes 0 damage from the attack. For example, if dugtrio uses earth power it won't target flying pokemon.

  131. Hey Sam!

    Could you maybe for the fact that u just released SnD coins make the next mystery gift weekly code about getting SnD coins??? (i was thinking 5 would b appropriate)

    Also why not include a chance to win SnD coins in Daily codes?
    (knowing their value probably u would like 2 put them on the last choice as the rarest thing u can get...)


    When will u put Snorlax on?
    I was thinking of a challenge level 2 get the pokeflute and get it 2 snorlax without getting beaten by team rocket.

    Then, Snorlax wakes up smashes team rocket and adds himself 2 ur team.

    + shiny quest 4 snorlax in the same challenge lvl if u have cut AND flash.

    example: cut a tree and after u win walk there.
    U R in a cave and use flash.
    Then u see an old man trapped in a cage so u need the power of the 3 starters 2 set him free!!!
    Then he gives u the quest 4 a lvl 44 persian or a lvl 44 raticate!!!

    Plz answer cuz i rly want 2 know what u think!!!


  132. sam i cant play lavender cuz my picture goes black i play 3.7.1 i made it once through the storyline but after that again dark screen fix that pls

  133. @ sam

    snd coins were good idea, i actually commented that u should bring them back so i like them. But, i think that paying 20 dollars for a chance to get a pokemon is really worth it. I said this before but im saying it again. going with those prices, there should be a way to get 1 snd coin. For example if you make achievements, and each one gives you 1 SnD coin. Also can you please make the prices a bit higher. instead of 1 5 10 and 20 they should be like 10, 20, 50, 100. then paying 10$ to you would get 50 coins, 20$ 100 coins, etc. thx

    -defective droid

  134. hey sam i have an idea on how to get Snd coins. how about the option to sell your unwanted shiny pokemon for SnD coins.


  135. Is it a bug that AE moves executed by a users pokemon like bubble beam and bulldoze are effecting other pokemon that the user has in play or is this how you intended these moves to work?

  136. Maybe you should give prizes to people who tell you about bug fixes like 3 SND coins (I've done that in my games on Scratch). I found one just now with Submission, it sometimes heals and my Machamp had a huge health bar.

  137. lol, I just noticed Arcanine's flamethrower is coming out of the top of his head.

  138. Dear Sam,
    I posted a comment earlier about my suggestions. it wasnt really easy to tell how to do some stuff so i am gonna help on that too.
    You see, instead of putting a huge pokeball in the corner you can put a bag. and in that bag it shows your inventory (poitions, candies, pokeballs, etc.). what you do is select the item you want and drag it to the screen.

    I also wanted to comment on the ghost pokemon. i have a way to het the silph scope. you enter pokemon tower. it is dark.then all you hear is screams and yells. then out come a bunch of gastly and they kick you out. you are walking along a path and then it hits the player. "I gotta find a silph scope!" so he leaves town to find one. Ash flies in and tells the player that Prof. Oak is waiting for them. So the player goes back to Oak's lab. the hole that the voltorb blew in the wall is still there. all you see is a cave. a adrak, dark, dark cave. you go in and there is an umbreon standing there. the player pulls out their pokedex. (if they have one). if they dont have one they say they wish had one. if they do have one the pokedex says, "UNKOWN POKEMON". the player batlle 2 trainers and 3 waves of 30 pokemon ( at different times)at the end they find the silph scope and they go to the pokemon tower and pokemon tower is dif story mission.


  139. Sam,

    If you can edit the new title screen, please tell me. If you can, I have some ideas you could do for it. Thanks for an awesome game!

  140. OK, so some are some ideas.

    1. I think that on the title screen you should add some Pokemon background music while you're deciding what to do.

    2. And when you click on Venusaur, Blastoise, or Charizard they make they're Pokemon sound/say their name, while using either Solarbeam, Fire Blast, or Hydro Pump... depending on the Pokemon, of course.

    3. And then make the Mewtwo and Mewthree do something awesome in the background the whole time. Make them move or something. Or you could make them using an attack.

    4. And while Pikachu is using Thunderbolt, make him go Pikachuuuuu! Also, make the Pokeball smaller and make it open when Pikachu comes out if you can.

    So, there are some ideas. If you can, please use some of them.

    Give feedback please. Thanks!

  141. Hey Sam,
    I've just now noticed your putting eevee in, I'm so glad. (: Now pretty much all my favorites from Season 1 will be in the game once you add it.

    A few questions regarding the update:

    1. Once Eevee releases will all the eeveelutions will be included or will you just have eevee and work on it's evolve forms another time?

    2. Will there only be one eevee you can get in one account like in all pokemon games or can you get more then one? (I would love to get all eeveelutions somehow. )

    Thanks for making such an awesome game, Sam. I love tower defense and a pokemon tower defense? It's genius.

  142. Hey sam What do you mean by "breeding moves"?

  143. @ Knaggzy - Yo! My sister has her own PTD profile! She intervened and made me give up my shiny Machamp! While I was in the bathroom, she supposedly "accidentally" gave you my shiny Machamp! I didn't give you shiny Machamp, SHE DID! She was also responsible for deleting your last request: with your one Clefable offer? She said no to that, I didn't!!! I need my shiny Machamp back! I was about to get a shiny Mew using MY Shiny Machamp until she interfered! I'm gonna give back ALL your pokemon! If I get a Mew, you can give me ANYTHING you want for it!!!

  144. @ Knaggzy - Forget everything I said earlier!!!

  145. My Charizard new dragon claw in version 3.6.1 now it can't even learn it! what happened.

  146. Out of curiosity, what attack are the Persians using on wave 4 of Lavender Town? My Pokemon keep getting knocked out with only 3 or 4 hits but I'm not seeing any attack animation to go along with it.

  147. I know you're tryin to keep it gen 1, but mabye you could make General Mewtwo make a Genesect that you have to face, and can later catch.

  148. Sam, stop letting your fans decide EVERY move you make next with the polls! For the love of God, it's ruining the story line of your game. Giovanni JUST said in the Lavender Town intro that the main goal was to start capturing ghost pokemon, right? So why would it make any sense at all to skip Pokemon tower and go to Celadon City? I know you wanna make people happy, but it's starting to make the game a little ridiculous. I really hope you take what I'm saying into consideration...

  149. Everyone going on about the Silph Scope, this may seem like a farfetched idea to some of you, but don't you think that maybe, just maybe, that Giovanni, the LEADER OF TEAM ROCKET, might just have an extra silph scope lying around somewhere? Go to the Pokemon Tower first Sam, it makes the most sense.

  150. @anon 9:35PM - We are coming back to Lavender, trust me, going to Celadon first makes the game more like the original which is not ridiculous. You just have to trust me :)

    @anon 9:40PM - Not sure if you are the same as the comment above but you can read my response above since it applies to your comment also.

  151. do you know when the update will be out?

  152. You should make special holiday Pokemon for holidays like a special Halloween Pokemon for the week of Halloween only, or other holiday ones for holidays to keep it unique.

  153. For the level you should have Giovanni and you go inside then realize he forgot the silph scope at the rocked warehouse in celadon and he makes you go get it to make the story make more sense so it wont just be going there with unfinished business

  154. You should make an .ipa file for this game so users can install to jail broken ipods and play on there instead of only android and on a computer

  155. Hey sam ok update thanks for it but could u make it so if ur pokemon die in battle, when we get back to the level scrren they will still be in there spots and won't reset. Do u understand? Another thing, if we already bought ninjaja can we get complimentary snd coins? I bought the 20 dollar one, could those of us who bought the 20 dollar get ten coins free? Eh I guess u'll figure it out thanks again

  156. great update best one yet!

  157. sam,
    can you please make lavender town a little bit easier im having a lot of trouble

  158. Quick Question,
    What does the requests actually mean, does it meen they want all of those pokemon for there 1 pokemon? or does it meen they want any one of those pokemon for theres?

  159. i find it strange that buying 10 uncommon daily codes is a higher chance at getting a legendary than buying 1 rare

  160. @jpmonkey3 - You will only get one a day per account. If you have 10 different accounts then 10 rare is better.

    Then again I threw those numbers up there pretty quickly and they can change.

  161. sam my acount name is hatredofsouls@yahoo.com(i dont know why it couldnt be used) but i am 20 years of age and i had a few questions im not saying that i do not love this game i think it is great and is going well i feel as though you are doing a great job keep up the good work i do have a couple issues though i feel as though whirlwind only be being able to hit the pokemon one time does not work out very well and the damage seems to not be justified by type seeing level of your pokemon seems to not play any factor in your damage seing at any level i think a level 42 would deal a little more than 40 damage even if its using a move like tackle a fighting moves damage should increase by level unless otherwise specified i feel as if it doesnt and if it does its not raised enough to deal enough damage to things if possible can you email me with my information on your plans if not i will try to check back o another on a more intrested note i was wondering if you had any plan to make a sequel and if you do will there be a way to merge your acount and transfer the pokemon over to it just label me @hatred

  162. @Hatred - Hello Mr. Hatred, Damage does scale with level, if you really want to see how much better you have gotten go to the previous levels and bash on some things. What happens is that as your grow and advance in levels so does your enemy.

  163. hatredofsouls thank you sam for getting back to me so fast and i realize that it just seems to not do as much damage as you would figure it does seem like being able to modify the difficulty in game for less experience and money would be a good option in the future as an update maybe
    o and about my other question about your future plans and whirlwind if possible

  164. (hatred of souls) o one further question is the daily code already implemented and if so were do i locate the option?! thank you and i hope my feedback helps to some extent im sure your veiwers and game players will agree to some extent with some of my acknowledgements and will await your response i willl continue to check the forums and see if any information on anything that i can help with if i can i do realy enjoy the game and i hope you continue to evolve it it has given me something fun and a new experience in the world of pokemon i truly thank you for all the hard work i know it must take alot of time to work on such a great game thank you i has been nice talking to you sam *signed hatredofsouls*

  165. hay sam i have a quick question...will eevee have other Evolution...like Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon and Glaceon??

    just a quick yes or no (i hopeing for a yes!!)

  166. when will the next level update be i want to level up all my lvl44 pokemon please make it about 47-50 thx

  167. @SAM
    I cant remember if I have asked this or not but can you add a notification to the main menu if there is a trade request from other people waiting thx.

    I'm offering any these for a mew or dog (nun are hacked)just send me ratters for the other if you except
    (but one of the offers hast to me a mew of a dog preferably mew)
    Bulbasaur - Lvl (5) Regular - TradeID (14e4b4eed885ed)
    Charmander - Lvl (6) Regular - TradeID (14e4b3739c5fe4)
    Squirtle - Lvl (6) Regular - TradeID (14e4b3743cc000)
    Squirtle - Lvl (6) Regular - TradeID (14e4b374dbc8cf)
    Pidgey - Lvl (16) Shiny - TradeID (14e4e0b7d52ef2)
    Pidgey - Lvl (18) Shiny - TradeID (14e4e0b8ec16c3)
    Pidgey - Lvl (24) Shiny - TradeID (14e4e0b9e5f65e)
    Pidgey - Lvl (26) Shiny - TradeID (14e4e0bae0ef82)
    Pidgey - Lvl (7) Shiny - TradeID (14e4b376229b26)
    Pidgey - Lvl (16) Shiny - TradeID (14e51531fcbd7c)
    Jigglypuff - Lvl (18) Shiny - TradeID (14e5154533788a)
    Zubat - Lvl (30) Shiny - TradeID (14e51541c834ea)
    Zubat - Lvl (40) Shiny - TradeID (14e51536b72816)
    Zubat - Lvl (40) Shiny - TradeID (14e515383ceb9a)
    Machop - Lvl (20) Shiny - TradeID (14e4e092ea023a)
    Machop - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e51539a03cc0)
    Onix - Lvl (35) Regular - TradeID (14e5153b14a203)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0c99714f1)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0be34aeaf)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0c703ff0f)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0c5935a01)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0bbe00b4a)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0bd51394e)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0c0069b87)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0c1f13169)
    Voltorb - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e4e0c39d2104)

  168. @all
    just search Jav i have others up for trade just put them up

  169. add a hot key for pokeball to capture pokemon! That's faster than clicking.

  170. Please give us the TM False Swipe since we're not getting Cubone for waaaaay too long after looking at these poll results.

  171. will there be unlimited eevees? if not i need to get cracking on progressing the storylines of my other characters.

  172. hey Sam

    they have this action on kongregate maybe you could consider to upload the game also to that site before somebody else does

    Kongregate Weekly, Monthly & Monthly Mobile Game Contest

    Each week, we’ll be giving away $250 to the top-rated game and $150 to the second- and third- place games uploaded on Kongregate. These weekly contests run Saturday to Friday and must have a minimum of 10 votes to qualify. The current weekly contest will run from July 30th to August 5th.

    Any game first published during August is eligible for our monthly contest. Voting will last through September September 3rd, 2011, and we’ll be awarding $1500 to the highest-rated game, $1000 to the second-highest, $700 for the third, $500 for fourth, and $250 for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. Games must have a minimum of 30 votes to qualify.

  173. I encountered the following small bug:

    Lavender town level - my pokemon (shiny machamp) lost health to the amount where the health bar goes red. Then I used rest, which made me go back to full health. The health bar was still red.

  174. Hey! Maybe we can place rare shiny pokemon in daily codes!

  175. Woah, just encountered the rare and elusive super pidgy.I'm blasting it with voltorbs charge beam and it's just sitting there all covered in water. I'm pretty sure it should have fainted after 12 minutes, but it just froze.

  176. @sam Since the eevee lvl seems to be in the lead, are you going to make a shiny eevee quest? If you do can you make it so we can complete the quest multiple times on the same account and file? I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants all 3 evolutions on the same account and I don't want to have to make several different accounts to do that.

  177. Damn even on the hacked game I never get to see most the updates since I always lose on the third gym due the variety of pokemon in the level in my opinion I think should be less variety of pokemon in the lvl.

  178. @ sam sometimes my pokemons experience doesnt save like if they level up or evolve. this happens when i quit in the middle of a level, save, and when i come back on, there bact to what they were before.

    -defective droid

  179. Hey Sam my suggestion for the story level actually is to first go to Pokemon Tower, where you see Gastly and Cubone but can't catch them yet because you don't have the Silph Scope yet. So then you go to Celadon City for Eevee and the Game Corner

    Gastly and Cubone wouldn't have to be shown in waves, they could just appear as short camos.

  180. @SAM i think a function to allow a user to chose their pokemon to automatically level up would be great!
    all you wud need to do is to have a small checkbox under each pokemon's tab that a user can click or unclick that will automatically level up that pokemon when the XP is reached.
    since all you would need is a function/method that could apply to all objects, its a quick 5 minute addition
    Thanks :)

  181. Im the anon from 7:46 why can't my charizard learn dragon claw anymore?

  182. Celadon ? Will we visit the Game Corner (to win or buy SnD coins) ?

  183. 5 Ways To Get SND coins without paying (these would be good ways)

    1. Mystery Gift for it's first week only 5 coins awarded and only once

    2. A challenge level from Giovonni (He is kind of rich) where if we beat it we get 5 SND coins

    3. Buying them at the game corner 1 coin for 100,000 pokedollars

    4. Risking your SND coins at the game corner

    5. Finally secret things in levels like if you use headbutt on a certain tree or something, a SND coin falls on the ground and you get it!

    These ideas would be pretty cool and that way you would still have to buy from you if you want more than one prize. I only want one prize!

  184. I now gove people with scuicune hats alot of respect after trying to get one myself

  185. @ ownblood
    he already tried that on kongregate but they dont allow copyright things there like pokemon in this case so forget it

  186. @anon 11:08am

    Mine can learn dragon claw and i wonder what u've done to yours. If yours can no longer learn that move, can u release it and train a new one.

  187. Is anyone else totally pumped for these daily codes?

  188. @ Phinq - I'm pumped!

    @ Sam - How many Eevee evolutions will we see in the game, say Celadon Town wins the vote? Also, we saw Magnemite and Ponyta in this game in the Vermillion City level, when can we get them?!

  189. @ Sam

    all right my team consists of Fearow,Machamp,Alakazam,Gyarados,Gengar,and Dragonite. obviously i don't have the last 2
    so if u could get gastly in at lavender town and a game corner in celadon to get dratini thx
    random word-rubber

  190. SAM!!! I can't get on the new version of the game.
    New to the blog,
    The black mask

  191. Yo Sam! I don't know what you did to the shiny pop-ups, but they are awesome! I'm playing Route 5, leveling up this team, in order--all of'em shiny--: Onix, Machoke, Arbok, Clefable, Sandslash, and Gyrados. All of a sudden, something shows up: "A shiny pokemon has appeared!" Then, something I never caught before showed up: a shiny Poliwag!!! Thanx Sam, for the new shiny pop-ups!!!

  192. By the way, Sam, why do shiny pokemon take 100 Route 5 tries just for 1 to show up?!

  193. @PokeMaster316 - It's random. Everytime a pokemon comes out a random number from 1 to 8,000 is choosen if it's 8,000 then the pokemon is a shiny. Seeing more pokemon or playing multiple times will not change this number.

  194. Sam why are you so awesome?


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