Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.6 is out! Let's talk! HTD Tuesdays, Snd Coins, and Daily Codes!

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  • Level cap increased to 44 - This included adding 9 new moves that different pokemon will learn.
  • Missing Relearn Moves - A long time coming, your pokemon will finally be able to learn all the relearn moves that were missing. A total of 16 new moves.
  • New TMs - I made some of the relearn moves TMs.
  • Shiny and Legendary Dog popup will now stay on the screen until you click it off - A lot of you asked for this and I felt like having a poll would be a waste since I know most of you would want it this way ;)
  • Better Storage Rearrangement - Also a long time coming, now you can sort your pokemon by number or name. When swapping pokemon in the storage they will simple swap positions instead of bumping everything over.
  • Trading Center Upgrades - I still haven't finished all of them (will do so early next week), but you will be able to request who you want for a trade, you can offer up to six pokemon, if you offer what the other trainer is requesting it will automatically do the trade. Also trades will only last a certain number of days (haven't decided yet how many) until they are taken down. This is so that you know all the trades are recent and haven't just been sitting there and the trainer will never return. Like I said before these are not finished yet.
  • Bug Fixes -  
    • Fixed the game wrongly accusing you of hacking when you did an NPC trade.
    • Submission will now do way less recoil damage.
    • Vital throw won't fade your character out anymore since you are throwing the enemy.
    • You can no longer drag any of the level select screens.
    • Also the fastest/slowest targeting option will now take into account any speed debuffs or buffs.

Where can I play?
Okay so this week the update was more compact than usual, the reason for this is that I was starting to get off track from weekend updates and I wanted to get back on track. I still managed to put in quite a bit of things in there. I'm really glad I got the relearn moves done, since I had promised to add them a while ago.

There will be a new mystery gift hunt by Monday!

First I wanted to talk about Whirlwind and moves like that and also the targeting system.

The enemy can now only be turned around once. Not once per tower. Not once per specific move. Just once per enemy. Many will say I ruined the best strategy in the game. My response is that it wasn't really a strategy, it was more an exploit, an exploit that I fixed. If I kept it the way it was you could beat pretty much every defend level with it.

This brings me to my next point which is many of you think the targeting system doesn't work because of this turn around issue. The reason your pokemon might not whirlwind the same target twice even if you told it to focus candy is because that pokemon can't be turned around twice. So your tower has to ignore that enemy. Also a misconception is that some focus targeting settings will ignore everything else besides their focus. The only setting that works this way is "Ignore Red", the rest of the settings will prioritize their setting but if nothing else is available they will attack anything that is around. Lastly for the "super effective" setting you have to keep in mind dual types, your pokemon might be super effective against one of the enemies type but the other type might cancel the effect.

Second thing is a small update on Ninja-ja, Dan is working on the update and I think it will come out this week coming up :)

Third up is Daily Codes! Okay I got some great ideas for daily codes, but first I want to tell you more about what daily codes will be. For the daily code you will visit the Pokemon Center and go to a new "Daily Code" section. You will be able to once a day get a daily code that will have a chance at winning some prizes. To get your daily code you will use your poke dollars to buy a daily code. There will be different categories that you will buy. The more expensive the category the better possible prizes you will get. This is only one of the first ways that you will be able to spend your poke dollars. To get your excited for the Daily Code some of the prizes I have in mind are the following: Pokemon with breeding moves, Rare Shiny Pokemon, Legendary Dogs, Exclusive Avatars and more.

Now let's talk about SnD Coins, does anybody still remember them? Well I do, and here is my current plan. I really want to hear your opinion about how I'm thinking about using the coins. I'm not going to do something that will upset the vast majority of you so I want to first tell you about the idea before I decide to actually go thru with it. Okay so some people have been asking me recently about being able to donate money to get certain pokemon and well donations really help this game stay alive. There are servers to pay and when multiplayer comes the amount to pay will increase by quite a bit. My idea is to implement SnD Coins that you buy with real money. Once you have the coins in your account you can go and use the Coins to buy exclusive items rare items on any of my games (the coins will work on present and future games). For PTD this will mean you can use the coins to buy Rare Pokemon that are hard to find in the game. They say time is money, so if you really want the pokemon but don't want to spend all the time hunting for it or aren't getting lucky in the daily code then there is an alternative which is to buy the pokemon. Again I'm throwing this idea out there, you let me know how you feel about it.

Just wanted to make a small note about the SnD Coins, if you can't or don't want to pay for the coins it doesn't mean you should vote "No", vote "No" if you feel like nobody should be able to buy pokemon. Thanks for listening.

A little more on what you can buy for the SnD Coins. The items for sale won't be something that you can't get in the game itself. They won't be exclusive. They will be items that other people will be able to get in the game for free but that take a long time to get. 

Lastly I want to talk about HTD and HTD Tuesdays. First you might be wondering HTD, what is that? HTD is the initials for our next game. HTD stands for Hero Tower Defense and it's going to be a great tower defense that I hope you guys will love it. HTD will take what you love about RPGs and MMOs and mix it in with the Tower Defense formula. We are talking epic armor, classes, talents, weapons, crafting, quest, loot drops, parties, dungeons, raids, bosses, and much much more. The artist that we ended up hiring is working on this game and I can't wait to show you guys more of his art for that game. I would love to show you this game in action but there is a problem.. ALL of my time is devoted to PTD and making updates for it. What I'm asking you guys is wouldn't it be fun to have a day, let's say Tuesday, where I work on HTD and I talk about what I did that day and show you week by week the progress that the game is making?

Let your voice be heard on the polls, and as always let me know what you think! I'll be posting the weekly progress on Monday, I will be taking Sunday to relax :)


  1. sam! you always get first!

  2. (continuation of the last comment)

    All things aside, great game Sam. Really enjoy it.

  3. I come back from a month and a half vacation and still no preloader, me is sad:(

  4. Will the next update have the Lavender Town/Pokemon Tower level(GASTLY AND CUBONE!!!!!)?

  5. @Wes - The white screen owns all!

  6. @t3 - You need the Silph's Scope to see the ghost, you get that at Celadon so we will head to Celadon before we get to capture any ghost or cubone.

  7. Hmm idk if it updated for me, at least none of my pokemon will level up still

  8. @Eric - The way to know is if it says v3.6 on the main screen. The only place that has the update is this blog. If you don't see it go to the game page and press ctrl-f5. If that doesn't work then clear your browser's cache, if you don't know how to do that google is your friend ;)

  9. Dude instead of having the sorting options be name or number could u have the thing sort it by level.
    Nice update

  10. ooooh yeaaaaaa a way to get rid of pokedollars
    GG Sam GG

  11. @anon 1:46AM - Thanks a lot! :)

  12. i like the idea of being able to buy pokemon with coins from actual money i mean this game is free so you have to come up with some money and the people that like it will use it and the people that dont like it can just not use it. i mean its not like your charging to play the game. i also think though that you shouldnt do things that are exclusive to paying for it. like i would say you could put the dogs up but i also would keep them in the wild so you can make a choice. or for example i wouldnt put pokemon like mew up because people who dont want to pay could be at a real disadvantage. but again i like the idea.

  13. Sam I think most of these ideas are great, and I'm not saying it's a horrible idea, but the SnD Coins idea pretty much exclude people who don't have credit cards or other means of buying online. Other than that HTD and Daily Codes sound great!

  14. LOL look at the polls
    No one wants to pay money xP

  15. Sam it's a good idea to introduce SnD coins as this game and your hard work really deserve it. BUT very unfortunately I have no spare money recently :'( I hope I can help when I earn some more money very soon and support your work.

    For the HTD stuff, very glad that you have another new start. But as a great fan of PTD, I'm so selfish that I wouldn't like to see delays in PTD update... Well, if u insist, u may spare one day on HTD, i will understand. And i sincerely hope you and your team will make a sucess one day.

  16. YEAH!!, SIXT!!!! (I think so)
    Well for GREAT GAME Sam,
    and I agree with the HTD thing

  17. Sam, I love ya in the best possible way you can take that. Curious though, why isnt Solarbeam a TM?

  18. @anon 1:59AM - You really understand what it's all about :) Nothing that you would use the coins for would be exclusive.

    @Dark - It only excludes them from getting the pokemon instantly. They can still get them in the game.

    @anon 2:00AM - The sad part is that even if they don't want to pay money they are not letting anybody that might want to donate to it either.

    @anon 2:00AM - Haha much appreciated :)

    @anon 2:00AM - Thanks :)

  19. Thank you for fixing the Whirlwind exploit. The levels are NOT hard enough to whine about that.

    Not a big fan of the S&D coins, but I wouldn't mind donating either way. It just takes away some of the fun from playing when you are given something without effort. Instead, how about a shiny rate boosting item when we donate? That way we still get some sort of satisfaction when we capture that rare shiny.


  20. Just wanted to make a small note about the SnD Coins, if you can't or don't want to pay for the coins it doesn't mean you should vote "No", vote "No" if you feel like nobody should be able to buy pokemon.

  21. Never thought I'd ever enjoy popups but i have to say...
    Best part of the update is the new popup freeze

  22. @Michael - That might be a good alternative.

  23. What ever happened to multiplayer mode. I think that will bring the most ratings in.

  24. @anon 2:08AM - :D I figured nobody would really be against it.

    @anon 2:08AM - Multiplayer will come, I just want to get most of the single player done before I tackle that beast.

  25. sam, if you're strapped for cash...why not add another banner ad at the pokemon center? pretty sure people won't mind

  26. @anon 2:15AM - Ads mostly work by clicks and I'm strictly not allowed to encourage it or else I will lose my account. Adding another one won't help as much.

  27. hey Sam
    i just wanted to say i feel the last few updates have moved the game in the right direction, security and difficulty have both gotten better. I think the coin idea is fine and gives you a chance to finance the game hope you keep it up.
    ohh and i know its a ways away but have you thought at all about keeping the missingno glitch in this game, as it was in the original games. just wonderen


  29. @anon 2:21AM - Thanks a lot, making game is a pretty draining activity but hearing things like the game is moving in the right direction helps fill the tank back up :)

  30. 33rd!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!

  31. Thanks for the update! I'm wondering, when is the quick attack and extreme speed cooldown time going to be fix (it seems like a very simple fix to me, I could be wrong) or have you forgotten about those two skills?

  32. I like both the idea for daily codes and the one for SnD coins...I think that there should be a way to support you as a developer and be rewarded for it, and this is the perfect system to do so. I personally hope that this poll wins. Thank you and Dan for the fun games and good luck with future development!


  33. I agree with @anon 2:21AM. You should add MissingNo to the game :D

  34. Past few updates have been great Sam. Just wanted to say I really like Michael's idea up there. Seems like a good compromise.

  35. I actually like the idea of the coins, I was about to bring up the idea of a "Donate" button, because there doesn't seem to be one on this blogspot

  36. I think it would be great if you worked on a game one day each week. I would also recommend that if you do HTD you would /try/ to have a working version out that night if possible.

    As far as the PnD coins go, I am highly against people being able to gain an advantage by using their parent's credit card. I think novelty items are the way to go. You are probably familiar with the TF2 hats. Something like that would be better, except maybe you could buy exclusive avatars.

  37. hey sam i was just wondering when the daily codes start or if youu even know thanks

  38. Sam,
    I think implementing SnD coins would be a great idea! Like you said, donations are what help keep everything running, and you deserve some help with all of the hard work you do every week (consistently having weekly updates is difficult).
    Furthermore, like what anon 1:59am said, exclusivity would not be ideal, but a way to save one the trouble of having to look for a certain pokemon is completely okay.
    As long as there is no "exclusive" update or an update for "only donors," I think SnD coins are almost a necessity for the future of PTD - especially with Multiplayer coming soon.

    As for HTD, I think it would be a great change of pace - given that it is not stressful for you either.
    However, if the development of HTD has the potential to hinder the progress or quality of PTD, I do not think it should be started just yet. In other words, if working on both PTD and HTD would slow the other's development or hinder the other's quality updates, I advise against it.
    However, if you are confident that there will be no such hindrances, I am completely for HTD Tuesdays!
    Thank you for all your hard work, and do keep it up!

  39. Also, Michael's alternative suggestion sounds great too, but what happens if you've caught all of the shiny pokemon? Maybe an EXP boosting item or an item that boosts the chances of rarer pokemon appearing (like pikachu in Viridian Forest that has an appearance rate of like 1.5%)?
    Just a thought.

  40. close pole so far for the SnD coins though i dont know if i will ever be able to donate money i think that would still be a good idea.

  41. ok i have to say somthing here i think that the snd coins are a great idea but i think that you could make a new mode like the battle frontier and the rewards are the snd coins for those people who don't have parents who let them pay and you can buy them as well.


  42. actually i know you may disagree but right now the coins poll is like 57% no but i mean that is pretty darn close and with the way this game dominates its not like people will leave because of it. so i think that even if it is a close poll like this i think you should still add it. primarily because you deserve the money you work your butt off to put out updates for free like seriously what you put out with the rock tunnel or even this update took you a week most games takes months to update even with the same amount of difficulty. i know your working hard and i know that hard work should be rewarded. keep working hard. because right now this is THE BEST internet game out there so keep it up. and again you definitely some reward.

  43. Oh, and one more thing. I may be a part of the select few who actually liked the old storage system, but I am mostly ok with the changes to it. One thing that I would like to request though would be that you make it an option to instead of replace the Pokemon with the one that you are holding to slide the Pokemon under the one you are holding to the right. The reason I ask this is because if I simply use the Pokedex order button it will move up all of my extras too. If you put in an option to push Pokemon over when dropping them in the storage, it would make it a lot easier for me to arrange it in my desired order.

    I had another idea that may not be too hard to implement. Maybe you could double click a Pokemon in your storage and it would automatically add it to your party. This would simply be a nice little touch to the game.

  44. Bug: When I put a pokemon from my hand(six to use) down to the storage, the pokemon that was originally in the spot where I put the new pokemon will jump back 23 spots, or 19 spots, or at least end up on the last page. I don't know exactly what happens, but it would be nice if it could just move one spot.

    Great update, btw :)

  45. HTD sounds absolutely awesome!
    I actually once played a game which was a bit like how HTD sounds, but it wasn't made well and there weren't many levels. But with Sam and Dan every game can become fantastic!

    Thanks :D

    Your fan Daniehej

  46. Btw i like all your ideas Sam ;)

  47. In this new update, the Pokemon storage style has been changed from vertical to horizontal. I absolutely agree that the storage system become much better.

    However, i have an idea about storage style between vertical and horizontal. it would be benefit the Pokemon's collectors.

    As you know, the numbers of horizontal storage are 7. The numbers of some evolution series Pokemon such as Bulbasaur would be 3 / 6 or 2 / 4(include shiny). Those numbers wouldn't match the horizontal storage. Therefore, the storage look much more strange. For example, a evolution series Pokemon can't arrange in same horizontal line.

    Thus, i would suggest that the Pokemon storage system recover to vertical method. Of course
    , you can provide function button about storage method for player to change according their want.

    thank sam :)

  48. Hey Sam,
    I'm confused as to why so many people are against the concept of the SnD coins. As long as these coins don't affect a player's individual experience, there is no problem in it at all.

    The use of microtransactions is a tactic used by a large number of gaming companies. League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and even World of Warcraft all have a system where people can pay for certain perks in the game. You do such a great job keeping in touch with the community and maintaining this game for us FOR FREE... that I think it's rather unfair of others to try and "downvote" what could potentially be a very steady source of revenue for the game.

    This is a message to all PTD fans who read this... Donations will only go so far. Servers cost MONEY... not to mention the amount of time that Sam has put into this game free of charge. He needs SOME source of revenue for his time and effort. Implementing SnD coins will in no way make Sam a millionaire sellout overnight... what it WILL do is stave off a little sliver of Sam's financial worries.

    Although I feel that you should implement SnD coins regardless of what the poll says, the world of microtransactions is very tricky. Sam, you have to maintain a balance between keeping buyers interested while making sure those who don't pay aren't isolated from this "elite buying sector". Many games in the past have made the mistake of rewarding buyers TOO MUCH for their money. You cannot give "exclusive" items to buyers UNLESS they are purely cosmetic. Allowing buyers to access certain Pokemon (which is a major component of the gameplay as well as trading) through money alone is a dangerous move that WILL alienate a lot of fans.

    *I feel giving Mew to those who donate though at the moment is acceptable as it is only ONE Pokemon and these are, in fact, donations rather than purchases.

    Personally, I would suggest somehow combining the ideas of these daily mystery codes and SnD coins. You said it yourself, time is money. People can either spend time or spend money for this game but they must be able to get the SAME EXACT POKEMON through both methods. Maybe you can implement something like...

    1. Purchasing the "Pokemon slot machine" for $20 allows you to get 3 daily codes instead of just 1 a day.

    2. Or maybe you can exchange $100,000 PokeDollars for 1 SnD coin and or spend $1 for 1000 SnD coins. Buyers will LOVE the time they get to save while those who play for free will not feel cheated (as it IS possible to still get SnD coins with enough time spent playing).

    Microtransactions can be a rewarding new tactic for both the consumers and the developer if implemented correctly. You SHOULD implement SnD coins but hopefully you'll like my advice and ensure that ALL fans can access the SAME Pokemon regardless of whether or not they purchase anything. The goal of microtransactions isn't to treat the buyers as a "special" group of people... It's to reward their money with less time needed to play the game. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Great ideas though Sam! As always, I'll be sure to voice my opinion on your future updates as well. :)

    -Jason Bake a Cake

  49. Target Super Effective is still broken. Rock moves still target Geodude before Zubat.


  50. A lot of amazing feedback!

    Just wanted to answer a quick one before I go to bed.

    @anon 3:23AM - Super Effective works on your tower's type not his move type.

  51. One little bump, Solarbeam (love the art for it!!), seems to do less damage than Giga Drain..

    They're both Grass/Special attacks, so I figured Solarbeam would do more damage. I tried it on a Poliwrath on Route5, not sure if that's a factor.

    love everything, from the item layout to the new moves! especially love how you listen to everyone and get their opinion =)

  52. There's a small bug with the relearn, Abra cannot learn teleport when he should be able to (as that's his only non-tm move) and Arcanine can learn thunder fang when he shouldn't be able to.

  53. "Shiny and Legendary Dog popup will now stay on the screen until you click it off"

    Sam we love you:)
    thank you for listening to us:)

  54. I find it odd that Fire Fang has a power of 60, while the other elemental fangs have powers of 65.

    Also, Tri attack seems very slow to the point of being nearly useless (no attack rate was listed in the info, but I can tell it's less then the normal).

  55. hey sam, i think that about the whirlwind thing pokemon going foward can be whirlwinded as many times as it can but pokemon going backwards can't be whirlwinded, the gyarados is impossible!

  56. I see, that's how it's working but it makes more sense to have it work on your move type instead of your tower's type (since Golem is both a ground and rock type, using super effective will have it never target flying type thinking I'm using a ground move?...I would think it makes more since to use it on move type...but I can understand that may be a lot of programming). That would also mean since there's no pure rock type pokemon in gen 1 (as those that have rock type also have ground type), we can never have a rock/ground pokemon target a flying type even though rock moves are super effective against flying and it would make more sense for us to use a Rock type to gain STAB bonus.

  57. Originally I was going to say "No way!" for the question of coins and purchasing rares; but if it's only non-shiny ones, then I'm fine. Then again, I'm also running off of the assumption that they CAN NOT buy shiny legendaries; if one could PURCHASE any form of shiny, then I would never waste time shiny hunting, as I know that somebody else could easily get what I'd been working so hard to get by simply coughing up a dollar or two.

    Sort of like my opinion on being able to purchase the maximum level of a character in separate games or being able to purchase the rarest possible things in a game; for me, it really kills the purpose of putting any effort into getting said rare objects or said maximum level.

    That said, there is little I hate more than somebody simply buying something that could take me up to multiple days or even weeks to get. I'm perfectly fine with them buying mere legendaries, but if one could buy a shiny of any level, then it simply wouldn't feel worth it to put any effort into getting shiny's, and would kill most of my interest in the game.

    'Course, that's just from me and my addiction to hunting down rare objects/shiny pokemon/etc at minimal cost. But at the very least hear where I'm coming from, eh? I'm rather addicted to shiny things. <-< >->

  58. you guys are lame,sam is working hard for this game,and u deny the SnD coins idea,which will help him to go on with the game.......if you are one of those who don't buy stuff,what will it change for you guys?

  59. @sam great update and the next update seems better :) great idea about that daily codes and HTD cant w8 to see it


  60. I really like the idea of spending in pokeDollars for SnD coins so people who don't have credit cards can also work hard for them

  61. @Sam RE Target Super Effective

    It SHOULD work on the move type, not the tower's type. If I have Raticate using Crunch, then I want him targeting ghosts (when they appear later on), not ignoring them. At the moment, the option isn't very useful unless I'm using a stab move on a single typed pokemon.

  62. Thank you for leaving the old sorting method in for moving pokemon from your party to the box. The old sorting method worked perfectly for how I had my box manually sorted. I put much work into sorting it just the way I wanted, and using the swap method would've made that a total headache. The Left to Right, Top to Bottom listing has me a little mixed up, but it seems okay overall. I just wish the storage was 8 pokemon wide so all 3 starter pokemon families could fit on one line.

  63. Also, I'm afraid for Pokemon TD if these SnD were to exist. If you started making any money off of this game, think of how quickly the IP's owners would.... C&D it. As long as this stays a completely free game, I think it's fairly safe.

  64. so sam, this is basically like a game corner right? I dunno how to vote because i can see it go different ways, so I wanted to ask.

    if you're doing this, is it going to include pokemon in the wild, or like in the game where you cant find in the wild like porygon? because i'm up for being about to buy something like porygon, but not so much for buying some rare shiny in the wild.

  65. sam since you said you are abit low on money

    why dont you make a youtube account and upload some videos on PTD and possibly on the making of HTD, but thats up to you

  66. Sam I really don''t like snd coins. for some children (me) who don't get pocket money or any money, we cant pay and that makes us at a real disadvantage. please think about this...


  67. The color you used for Pluck's flying type isn't the same as the color you used for other flying moves.

    And I love the new pokemon management, looks much nicer to have them ordered, instead of scattered everywhere.

  68. Um, also, I've been hunting for a shiny rattata, which is the last pokemon I need to complete the achievement.

    I caught one, but it didn't register on the achievement as complete.

    I also sometimes have to tell it to save several times before it accepts my connection, are these two related and is there anything I can do to assure the achievement?

  69. Hi Sam. I love PTD but one of the great things I love about it is the fact that it's free. At least with the things you have to pay for (shiny mew, bulbasaur and squirtle) they're still available to us through trading. I don't have a credit card so I'd miss out on any extras which would be really disappointing therefore I'm saying no to SnD coins.

    However, seeing as HTD isn't out yet you could perhaps use SnD coins for HTD instead of springing it on us half way through a game we love that's free. (possibly in Ninja-ja as well?)

    I know you'll go with whatever the outcome of the poll is (closest poll I've ever seen!). But if the poll says yes to SnD coins, can you do another poll asking whether we'd like to see them in all your games, PTD, HTD or Ninja-ja. (Maybe let us choose 2/3 options if we don't choose 'all games'. What do you think?

    PS: Keep up the good work :)

  70. I agree with point 2 from anon 3:18AM

  71. Sam...COULD YOU MAKE FALSE SWIPE A TM??? because it would be really helpful to catch some pokemon who come very rarely

  72. Do not allow pokedollars to buy SND coins, they can be easily exploited via cheat engine.

    SND Coins is an epic idea though.



  73. well, i have an idea to share. instead of being able to buy the actual pokemon themselves, you could perhaps be able to buy a sort of "power up," makign you have a higher chance of getting shiny pokemon, or being able to get more than 1 daily code per day, etc. for a set number of days or hours

    i feel that buying pokemon takes away from one of the main parts of the game - working level after level to try and find the shiny your looking for.

    and lastly, i wouldve liked the update you put in (shiny popup staying open until its clicked) to be an option that could be bought, as i feel it adds an unnecessary easiness to the game

    all-in-all though, great game, mostly great ideas, and great work

    keep it up :)

  74. Sam I love the idea of SnD coins, I know a lot of people will not do it and vote NO but there will be A LOT of us donating to help the game!

  75. will you be adding a feature to the trading center to where if you initially press trade, putting that pokemon up for trade, it would give you a list of pokemon that other people want to trade for your pokemon? (for example, someone is wanting a shiny golem for their shiny pidgey, while another person is wanting a shiny golem for their shiny ratatta. when you click and put your shiny golem up for trade you would see that you have the possibility to take a rattata or pidgey right away, instead of looking through pidgeys/rattata's to find one looking for golem). I feel this would make the trade system much much more automated and quicker. also, the person who would get your shiny golem, should you decide you want a rattata, would be random, amongst the people who have the same requests (level specifics could be added as well in a drop down bar of sorts

    let me know your thoughts on this and, if you have any, your ideas for the future of the trading center

  76. Hey Sam,

    Would it be possible to take the sorting further and separate Normals from Shinies?

  77. Is there anyway that you could make Vermillion Gym any easier because after a couple of weeks I am still stuck on it, and its getting really annoying.

  78. sam a better idear is s&d to be like game corner can you make it you can buy points and play game corner games and get points t wil be more fair and others that don't want to pay get to play gamecorners games and chould it be if you lose game 0 points win a game get 1 game and chould there be game corner acchivments thank you for hearing this iear and i hope you make a gamecorner

  79. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 14, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    @Sam-I have 3 bugs that you could fix for 3.7 or a later update.
    1-Poison types are getting poisoned. They should be immune
    2-It doesent let you redo achievements on a different profile of the same account.
    3-There was this really strange glitch in mt.moon 2 where it let me catch a wild Geodude by scrolling the Pokeball over the attack about to kill it.
    On a happier note, great game, and you are now reading the comment of one of a select few that is OK with the shiny rate lowering. I still found 2 (really 3, one was accidently deleted) shinies since the rate became 1/8000. I haven't disagreed with any of your ideas since taking the dogs away, even though I'm more upset now about the fact that I'm probably never going to get one unless I trade away several good shinies. I can't even count the times I've been in front of a computer at 11:00 at night constantly refreshing your latest post constantly for update checks. I'm positive I'm not the only one, and that goes to show that ypu've come up with a great game, and I can compare it to several of the "real" Pokemon games on a scale of quality.

    P.S. Infernape and Luxray (my namesakes) patiently wait for their turns to get in on the TD action.

  80. something just occurred to me.. you should put make it so that you can buy hints to the NPC trades with poke dollars. people that have been following the game know how to find them because of the blog and comments but anyone who discovered the game more recently is gonna have absolutely no clue that they're even in the game.

    just a thought.

  81. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 14, 2011 at 9:20 AM

    @ anybody that wants to trade- Search my name (Leader of Luxinape) on the Pokemon center to see over 100 Pokemon and many shinies. *whispered yells* yay! he did a comment less than one paragraph this time! *whispered yells stop*

  82. Sam can you add the daily codes now?

    Also why isn't solarbeam a TM

    A fan

  83. Hey, when is the fast forward button coming?

  84. Sam,you have talk about a new game called HTD but...when you will finish updating PTD,are you gonna continue with PTD2:Johto?
    It would be fantastic 2 continue playin this game.

    Amazing game anyway.

  85. sam,

    when are the daily codes going to start? because i really like the idea and i hope it starts very soon.

  86. Sam,I honestly HATE the SnD coin idea.I am nine years old,and right now I have little allowance.So I don't think it is fair.And Sam,answer this,do you even play your own games?If so,how many Pok'emon do you have in total?I have 746 pokemon in total.If you let us keep the Legendary Beasts,I had in total 749.I got insane with catching.And add more info to the Pokedex.Like,we click on their name and a sprite pops up,your own sentence,and kind of like the Pokedex from the games.Sorry for the length ;)

  87. Shadow claw isn't working. I had all 6 using it and it kept doing 0 damage. Unless everything on route 5 is immune, I think its glitched.

  88. I liked both Ideas, but I don't think it's good to buy them, but I don't want to buy them, if someone wants why I should vote "NO".
    Exelent game mane, keep the good job ^^


  89. Sam,

    I preferred the old method for swapping individual pokemon. Now if I want to move one to the end without upsetting my order I have to move one at a time through up to more than 100 pokemon. I know it wouldn't be high priority, but maybe you could make it do both and have it highlight the pokemon you hover over for swapping and put a line between pokemon when you hover there for shifting everything down.

    Shouldn't Super Effective targetting work on move type? If I set my Gyarados to using Thunder, I don't want him attacking rock type pokemon.

    Finally, Stealth Rock's attack type seems broken. Sometimes the damage shows up as super effective, sometimes the damage shows up as uneffective and sometimes normal for the same pokemon being damaged. It seems to swap each time a fresh patch is placed.

  90. Hey Sam, I realized this might be a little late to update, but could you possibly make it so in the Trade Center, you can deny multiple offers at once? Because whenever I check the Pokemon Center on the weekends, I get flooded with about 20-30 total requests, and it is a pain to get rid of them! I'm really fine either way with not being able to deny, but just wanted to get this out.

    Also, go ahead with the SnD coins idea. Though not everyone has the money (I don't, I'm only in 9th grade), it should still be there, because you should be getting something back for your hard work. A lot of people put no, because they would be at a disadvantage. This is more of because they just aren't willing to invest time into catching rare pokemon (especially with such a low shiny rate). If they can pay, let them, as it will help you finance the game and HTD (and yourself). So go ahead with the idea.

  91. Sam, you probably should have provided an option on the SnD coins poll like "Indifferent, since I won't be buying SnD coins" since it seems like alot of those votes aren't actually proper.

  92. Dear Sam,

    I have an idea.

    People who can buy things (like pokemon) compared to people who can't buy things should still be able to get them. Like put things in like shiny pikachu, but discriminate things that are money exclusive, like maybe shiny dogs. Or maybe set up A SHINY MENU. A preset place that, for a certian amount of SnD coins or pokedollars, can give you a list of pokemon, the option to make it shiny or not (for those who are really lazy), and then it tells you the price, and it can be higher for more rare and lower for not so rare. (an example is a shiny drowzee is more SnD coins, or regular pokedollars, than a regular paras which is rare in the regular game)

    In conclusion please let me know if i'm a genius or that this is a really bad idea


  93. Sam, the new sorting options for the storage really messed up my pokemon. I really don't care about my lvl 1 charmanders. but they are always on page 1 now. xD
    I hoped you would implement sorting by level too. So I can have the Pokemon I use most at the front page.

  94. sam i think you should put picture of pokemon when someone click the name of the pokemon in the pokedex and there should be a description lastly there should be a picture where you can get the pokemon i been waiting for this a long time, add this some my ideas for your future updates of pokemon tower defense

  95. I have an idea to propose regarding hotkeys.

    Now that our options are becoming more complex and varied (such as due to the addition of the targetting system), I was thinking it would be really useful if you were to implement a Hotkey system now.

    It would be really simple.
    In battle, you could select any of your 6 Pokemon using the numbers 1 to 6.
    Once that Pokemon is selected, as usual, the menu comes up to select moves and how you wish to target.
    In this menu now, the numbers 1 to 4 could be used to select the desired move.
    Then, in order to select the targetting option, we could use the letters from QWERTYUIOP to select the target. So Q being the first option and P (or rather O) being the last option.
    Then ENTER could be pressed to select DONE.
    Oh and also, SPACEBAR could be used to select Level Up.

    I do think this would be a relatively easy system to implement though if I am wrong, do forgive me for my ignorance (since I'm not a developer and have no idea how easy/difficult it would be to implement such an idea.)

    Nevertheless, such an idea would be really helpful especially for people like me who are playing on a laptop and using that annoying touchpad. (Yes! I need to get a mouse! :P)

    Anyway, hope you like the suggestion.


  96. Haven't tested the new patch but i bet the new storage arranging system will come pretty handy ;)

    About the SnD coins, I'm totally against the buying pokemon idea, its true I understand the money/donation part, wich I obviously agree, but it feels wrong people having a kickass pokemon because they bought it... I thing (as I said before) good/special stuff should come to the good players, should come out of effort, no shortcuts ;)
    Still, I'd suggest things that "can't hurt" the game like rare candies bought with real money for example. For instance an hardcore player would have lets say the 3 dogs at lvl cap (and their 20-30 most used), and a buyer would have all their pokemon at lvl cap, BUT the dogs wouldn't be "offered" with no effort to that person. So both players have their way to feel "winners".

    About that HTD, mate, feel free to take your time lol the company is yours and Dan's ain' it? =P You know I love this game and once in a while it falls a bit back on schedule, so to be true I have to say I'm a bit worried this game gets behind with the new one, but thats that. Besides that I'm also pretty exited with the HTD, I'm all rpg (went to bed at 6AM making an insane character for D&D 3.5 (an Winter Unseelie Fey lvl 1 Fruit Fly (drosophyla subobscura) sorcerer with Earth Elemental heritage MUAHAHAH XD) if you know what I mean). Let it come ;) (oh will it be free and playable in the pc?)

    Have a nice sunday!

  97. 1) I like that we have things to spend our millions on. I like to see lotteries and such.
    2) Not a huge fan of pay-to-play, but this is an okay compromise?

  98. Sam, for Daily Codes, I feel as though you should categorize them as
    Bronze - 1,000
    Silver - 5,000
    Gold - 10,000
    Platinum - 50,000

    This would enable newer players to still have a chance at getting a good prize, while also not bankrupting them, Silver & Gold would be for the
    "middle class" players, and Platinum for the wealthy elite.

    Some notable egg move inclusions -
    Belly Drum Charmander
    Sword Dance Sandshrew
    Night Slash Sandshrew
    Hypnosis Vulpix
    Energy Ball Vulpix
    Toxic Spikes Venonat
    Hypnosis Meowth
    Cross Chop Psyduck
    Crunch Growlithe
    Elemental Punches Machop
    Swords Dance Bellsprout
    Hypnosis Ponyta

    I just went through the first 80 or so and found these, so hopefully you see this.

    In terms of avatars you can get, I feel as thought rather than Pokemon avatars, you could make them types instead, so say you have someone who's favorite type is water, and instead of wearing a suicune avatar hat, they're able to wear the water avatar, and there would be one for every type?

    As for the dogs being available, I have no problem with that at all! I just hope you keep them as astronomically rare as they are, I enjoy the challenge!

    SnD Coins are a different story, as I feel they take the challenge out of the game, though some people just may not have the time, nor the resources to effectively, "catch 'em all"

    That's not to say I don't agree with you adding them, however, because obviously, you need a source of income to keep this game running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and I have no problems with that. You also deserve compensation for all your hard work on this game, so you certainly earned it.

  99. About SnD coins

    I pretty much agree entirely with "Jason Bake a Cake."
    These SnD coins shouldn't introduce too many exclusive items/Pokemons/stuff. I remember there was a very bad response when the makers of GemCraft Labyrinth added Premium Edition to their game. And though the cost was quite small, there was quite a lot exclusive content such as "Endurance" mode which non-premium players could not have access to.

    I would advise you to learn from the mistakes that these guys made and not introduce too much exclusive content. I think all these SnD coins should do is make things EASIER instead such as giving being able to buy shinies that are otherwise available. Or there could be items which give out more EXP and increase shiny rate for slightly more SnD coins. Also, do you remember the item "EXP ALL." Something like that could be bought so that all Pokemon in the battle gain small EXP for a killed enemy even if they did not attack it.

    This is my opinion which I feel is fair for both parties.


  100. @SAM:
    I just thought of... since you can search by names in the Pokemon Center, and you can tell what you want to trade, shouldn't you be able to search for what other people hace requested?

    You've done great so far in the game, and it only gets better! But there's one thing left. Have you really thought through this thing with the pokemon only turning around once? Because when they go back as far as they can (outside the level, from where they began) they still drop their candy. It makes some of the levels (Diglett's Cave and Vermillion Gym Challenge) barely possible to beat.

  101. @Sam

    Nice update. Sometimes you don't need to add a level to an update. It's just good to get all the bugs out of the way. A game with a bunch of levels but a bunch of bugs isn't a fun game at all.

    I can't wait until we get to celedon. There's probably gonna be some special way to get eevee but it'll be worth it.

  102. one question... if i have a pikachu lvl 44... and a electrode lvl 44... i still can trade with NPC? or they have to be exactly 42????

  103. Ok sam, I have a few questions for you, I hope that you'll answer them, so without further adeu:
    1 - I like this SnD coin idea, but if it gets implemented into the game, will the people who bought ninja-ja get any or would we have to give MORE money? I would understand if we did but many would'nt and spam "Moneywhoring" again.
    2 - I agree that you should have fixed whirlwind as you did, I completed the challenge level without knowing the whirlwind trick, and recieved all three masks.
    3 - Thank you SOSOSOSOSO Much for re-working the boxes! That vertical system kindof sucked, And now I don't have to find a pokemon's number before puting it into the box, Because of this change... I love you... no homo.
    4 - I reccomend you answer E-mail before working on the next update, seeing as to how impatient people are getting, and because you already have enough in your inbox to last a year!

    Thanks again!

  104. My Alakazam when it uses tri attack I see fire and electricity but not ice fix that please.

    luv the game Sam

  105. @SAM Hi there, first of all the ignore red option doesn't work with atacks like sonicboom because it kills the pokemon cuz multiple animations before it turns red.

    I agree that u need some "$motivation$" for your development but since you are going to recieve money besides the donations that could cause you problems for the pokemon licensing issue...

    Also is great that the things you can buy with real money you can get in the game also for free.. which i think will be the mayor problem for the one's who actualy paid.

    About the making another game... i think you should finish one before starts another project.. more now that you will be asking money for it.. Since we will turn into customers we will be asking for a better product each time.

    I like the HTD idea.. i was hoping you continue with the nintendo thing.. mybe zelda!:) but if u plan to sell it on the android i guess new heros make sense.

    I dont know what do you think about the future of the games, but i think that you can start the HTD besides the ninjaja game that is like in the dark...

    Sry for the long post.. It is time now to level up some pokes.

  106. i cant log into my profile on the new 3.6. when i click on start it says "retrieving your profile" but never actually does

  107. Sam still not yet wakes up :D

  108. I have an idea for a donation. Y not have a whisle tht will summon 1 random dog to the lev u r I. I'm pretty sure tht it wouldn't be a bad idea

  109. are the names of the sailors, shanks and ace from One Piece? just wondering, since shanks says he doesnt wanna lose an arm(which he does in one piece)

  110. Sam, do you think you could add a "sort by level" option?

  111. Hey sam if we do the get apprentice edition for free using that offer do we also get the 3 shiny pikachus?

  112. Sam I just completed the gym challenge, in doing so I acomplished in completing both other mask achievements so I now have all the dog masks. The problem is that when I go to change my avitar I can only choose from male, female and mistery male. Whats going on?

  113. The targeting super effective isn't broken or has a bug. It works but due to the fact tht since pkm's can't change targets it won't always hit pkm tht the move is super effective on so it would be like it would be back to normal targeting. My example would help u understand it easy I believe.EX: raichu's thunderbolt would hit a zubat but after the zubat is defeated it would hit the a geodude tht gets close to it but until tht geodude faints tht raichu won't hit a zubat tht is close to it. Hope this helps :)

  114. nice update sam ^^, love the HTD idea, and cant wait vor crulen city, that means the grass gym ^^ and a TR hideout for Sylph scope to get some ghosts and cuebone ^^

  115. Wait same then how come it defy the effective ways in the accual games. Its always the move types tht r super effective not the pkm type. Or maybe did u get things messed up sam with ur last post before u went to bed?

  116. My two cents on the SnD coins is that it sounds fine to me, so long as the rewards you get from spending them are not exclusive to that method. don't discriminate against players who aren't willing to pay real money

  117. Hey, this isn't really a problem, but having an "Inventory" and a Trading" button on the main page seems useless, since both just link you to the Pokemon center. You should eliminate one of them.
    Also, if it should help, you could show a cut scene for the next level showing how the main character got from Diglett's Cave to the Rock Tunnel.

  118. does th SnD coins mean we cant get any money frm th game and buy the sam stuff cus i got over 2 million dollars on my account

  119. Finally, Daily Codes...

  120. @sam when do you think the daily codes will be out. james

  121. A little more on what you can buy for the SnD Coins. The items for sale won't be something that you can't get in the game itself. They won't be exclusive. They will be items that other people will be able to get in the game for free but that take a long time to get.

  122. A lot of great feedback, too much to answer all of it but I have read some great idea.

    1. Making super effective targeting work on the move.
    2. Keyboard shortcuts for the game.
    3. A lot of great ideas for how Daily codes and the Coins should be.
    4. Sort by Level button for the storage.

    Also some good news is because of the extra security the game has you will be able to transfer your profile to multiplayer, you won't have to start over :)

  123. So the SnD coins won't be for anything exclusive. Then I think it's great!
    Though you could perhaps put in 1 or 2 small exclusive things. But it's your choice. Either way, it sounds like a great idea for players and for yourself. I say go for it.


  124. I hate to say it, man. But you shouldn't put out HTD while you have PTD and Ninja going on at the same time. You've been able to barely keep PTD updated on time (you've had 3 delays in the past 3 updates) because of your personal life. Adding in a third game to update is going to really possibly screw you up.

    I say hold off on HTD until you at least have all of the updates you want done for Ninja-ja done and more than halfway through PTD done.

  125. @anon 1:53PM - I know it might seem that way but you are missing some key details. Basically Dan handles Ninja-ja by himself and I help him out here and there if he gets stuck. The other thing is that HTD won't be coming out for a while, I will only spend that one day of the week on it and just tell you guys about what I did, it won't be like trying to push out an update. Another good thing is that PTD is really close to being half way done.

  126. hey sam, I was just wondering... This is a blogspot website, and you get a fairly large amount of traffic here.. Why haven't you enabled adsense?

  127. @Phinq - Uhhh I have since the beginning..

  128. @ sam

    great idea with the snd coins. They sort of remind me of AC from AQworlds which my friend plays. In that game you can buy them, or you can get them by doing achiievements. So maybe you could make some achievements that give you snd coins. For example, if a shiny poliwhirl is worth 20 SnD coins, then in relation to that one challenge should get you 1 or 2 coins.

    -Defective Droid

  129. @Sam Otero

    I think you should make it so that we can have a chatroom in the trading center so it is much easier to make trades instead of posting up trade requests here and hope that we can get a response from said person.

    On a side not I finally beat the Vermillion Gym level Yippee.

  130. Well Sam, there're still some missing relearn moves for the current pokemons. Please file the following info for your reference in case u want to finish them in future updates.

    Squirtle series: Iron Defense
    Golem: Steamroller(18)
    Onix: Sandstorm(25)
    Butterfree: Captivate(40)
    Vulpix: Imprison(21),Captivate(41)
    Hypno: Switcheroo(1)
    Jynx: Mean Look(25)
    Mr.Mime: Recycle(32),Trick(36),Role Play(43)
    Golbat: Mean Look(33)
    Primeape: Fling(1)
    Nidoran m: Captivate(43)
    Nidoran f: Captivate(43)
    Persian: Switcheroo(1)
    Clefairy: Bestow(25)

  131. Just wanna shout out that I have a lot of shiny pokemon in the center that I wanna trade. I'm just not getting any offers. Search the name D-Sab to see what I have. I want to trade and I'm flexible with what I'll trade for. You won't know if I'll accept it till you offer it. I visit the trade center often, so if you offer, I will either accept or deny it in decent time. While shiny for shiny is preferable, non-shiny are good too depending on what it is. The more different offers you make, the more likely I'll accept one. I want to trade.

  132. @Sabourin

    I have three shiny jigglypuff that I am trying to get rid off. of course I do have some copy pokemon that I have caught multiple of so I will see what I can do. I would really like an abra, shiny ratata,or a shiny zubat.

  133. @Sam

    I think Tri Attack takes too long for it to only attack a single Pokemon. Maybe you can make the animation shorter? :D

  134. Sam,

    The storage swapping is very difficult. It'd be nice to be able to have them shift position, but have them stay in order of that new position. Before they'd teleport to random spots and that was the problem.


  135. @sam so if someone only offers one of ur trade requests and not all will they still get ur pokemon, also will it give u a hacked one cause I dont really want hacked pokes

  136. sam, as an honest consumer i dont think SnD is a good idea... It could mean that a person could defeat the whole game just by purchasing some gawdly legendary and rape their way through the entire game. I know a lot of people wont be happpy with that. especialy because all of their hard work is going to feel like a waste when they can just "buy their way through the game"

  137. Defective Droid, you're not defective at all.

    That idea is FREAKING AWESOME!

    To expand on the idea, for each achievement, instead of what Droid suggested (1 or 2 coins per), how about 3 for each achievement? That way, people could rack up the coins a bit faster, and get to some good items and Pokemon. Also, you could offer a very expensive item or Pokemon each week, and a VERY expensive item or Pokemon each month. For example, the weekly Pokemon would be a Shiny of a version-exclusive species, and the monthly Pokemon would be something like Lapras, one of the beasts (RAIKOU IS A TIGER!) or something like that.

    You could also have it like the various Game Corners throughout the series, and offer the typical Game Corner prizes like Porygon (with the Upgrade and Dubious Disc as monthly prizes) and Dratini (with the Extremespeed Dratini from Johto's Dragon's Den as a monthly prize).

    The idea behind the weekly and monthly prizes is to introduce certain Pokemon into PTD for a short time, and have Pokemon (or items) that would greatly help the players with the current level(s).

    Also, on the topic of the Pokemon Tower: You could use the above idea to get Kecleon into the game, by having the Devon Scope as a weekly prize, and offer a non-Generation 1 Ghost type (such as Misdreavus or Shuppet) as a weekly or monthly prize.

    Oh, and for the Daily Codes? How about offering SnD Coins as consolation prizes? I bet EVERYONE would get behind that idea!

  138. Anon 8:35 and xehanorto, great ideas!

    I'm all about trading, and as great as the trading center is right now, it could definitely use an update or two. Both your ideas hit the nail on the head, as to what's missing there now.

  139. Sam i think that you should have 1 billion pokedollars for 10 snd coins and add a security system to prevent hackers from cheating the money and give people 100 snd coins from a rare pokemon thats not yet in the game.

  140. um, i purchased the hero edition of ninja-ja yesterday, but i live in england. when and how will i recieve the codes for shiny mew etc. also, is the notification broken, or is the shiny rate ridiculously high in diglett tunnel because i have been shiny hunting for the past 3 days and found nothing. and anyone who has been luchy enough to find a shiny since the update, does the notification really stay until clicked?

  141. Sam.
    Do you think you could include a quest for a shiny magnemite next? ( with its normal equivalent???)
    I really like that pokemon.

    Also, i cant seem to find a normal voltorb anywhere in that tunnel...
    I saw it once between some geodudes, but is it really that rare???
    Or is it a glitch/bug???

  142. I almost forgot... Sam, the next level cap should be 47.

    Many of the Pokemon that evolve via Evolution Stones learn heavy-hitting attacks at the same level: Level 47.

    For example, Victreebel learns both Leaf Blade and Leaf Storm at 47, while Nidoking, Nidoqueen and Vileplume also learn at least one move at 47.

    This would also be a good time to introduce the Sun Stone, as Bellossom, like the aforementioned Pokemon, learns a move at 47.

    The introduction of the Sun Stone and Bellossom could be tied into the Celadon Gym level, by the way.

    One more thing... Is Seed Bomb in the game? Bulbasaur (but not it's evolutions) learns it at Level 37.

  143. Anon @ 3:11 PM>

    It's actually possible to rape the game already. For example, all you have to do is trade an Alakazam onto a new profile and the first TWELVE (12!) levels become an absolute cakewalk., as Alakazam works wonderfully against both the Pewter and Cerulean Gyms, and wipes the floor with Route 24.

  144. Sam.

    I dont think that different pokeballs is a good idea...
    Imagine a rare pokemon on the edge of the screen.
    Red bar.
    you fail to catch it with your pokeball.

    Why dont you make different stles of pokeball as achievements or mystery gifts???
    They will inspire the player!

    They would have the same catch rate.

    You could also make them as levels of something?

    lvl1 pokeball

    lvl2 great ball

    lvl 3 ultra ball and so on...

    Could you also include badge pictures on the next update???

    Put them on ppls pokecenter account page.
    That would be nice.

    Plz pass this cuz id love it if Sam could read this!!!

  145. Hey Sam, I have a question about trading. If I put a pokemon up for trade with a certain request, will the trade automatically go through if somebody offers me a hacked version of that pokemon? You should differentiate between hacked and non-hacked when doing requests.

    @Ovamiat: In this game, pokemon don't learn two moves at one level, so Victreebel would learn one move at level 47 and one at 48. Also, Bellossom isn't a generation 1 pokemon. And yes, Bulbasaur does learn Seed Bomb.

  146. D-Sab I sent a request.

  147. Whoa, whoa, whoa... Just realized that Arbok is STILL missing a re-learn move: CROSS POISON.

    ...and Bug Bite isn't in the game, either. Caterpie and Weedle learn Bug Bite at level 15, as do Wurmple (Gen3) and Combee (Gen4), and I know they all learn it in Generation 5 games.

    Sorry about this being my fourth comment in 15 minutes.

  148. Why is it all of a sudden people think sam is gonna start adding gen 2 im pretty sure ive not read that anywhere

  149. Ovamiat, Seed Bomb is indeed in the game.

  150. @ovamiat - Arbok doesn't relearn cross poison, and bug bite is in the game. Only caterpie and weedle can learn them, not their evolutions.

    @anon 3:27PM - Hacked Version pokemon will not be able to fufill a trade request and have the trade automatically happen. But you can still offer them.

  151. I like that idea of showing your badges that would be nice yeah I thought about that once then forgot that's a good idea Anonymous 3:26 PM.

  152. when are daily codes starting?

  153. hey sam,

    i think you should put the pokedex feature thing to keep the pokemon in the pokedex even after you trade it, in this update.

    would that be plausible for this update?

    i also think you should put the "masuda catch" item in the pokemart that REZ suggested awhile ago, in this update if possible. but at least the pokedex thing.

    thank you,

  154. Sam, I understand you "branding" the hacked pokemon, but I disliek it, not becuase I hack, but because all those poor pokemon aren't branded because of their own mistakes but by their owner, and I feel like a racist when I choose not to trade for a "branded" pokemon, It's like in fire emblem RD, I don't hate on soren or stefan or michaia because laguz and beorc runs through their viens, I don't judge them wrongly, stefan is one of the best in the game, I'd be lost without him! Punish the trainers who hack, not their pokemon!

  155. @Sam if we get SnD coins do we still get one everyday we login into PTD?

  156. i think the HTD Tuesdays is a good idea because you can have some time to work on HTD also the SnD coins sounds great because you can make money for beter servers and you can invest it towards HTD im also sorry but im not going to be a able to donate because i dont have a credit card
    P.s awesome game

  157. Sam, how about an option to pay pokedollars in a trade? As in i'll trade my pikachu AND 150,000 for your meowth.

  158. @Sam
    will the daily codes be 1 per account or 1 per profile? and will you prevent multiaccounts doing daily codes?

  159. @ sam otero

    i was wearing my shiny geodude hat when the update came out, and now when i go to my inventory i dont have any other avatars

    -defective droid

  160. In the move Meditate, it's written "Attack Duration: 18000". It doesm't seem to last that long.

  161. I'm not a huge fan of the new sorting system. I think it would be better if we could assign pokemon a number and each square in the box has a number. For instance the boxes go 1, 2, 3, ect. Then I give my Venasaur the number 5. Whenever he is in the box he will be in the 5th slot for easy grabbing.

    Sorting this way I think would make things much easier because now if you take the time to sort the whole thing then bump on of the buttons like I've done several times now removing pokemon from my party fast, you have to go back and sort it again and again.


  162. I have an idea for the Pokedex. Instead of showing just a list with a Pokeball at it's side, maybe you could try something like Pokemon Rumble's Pokedex.

    This Pokedex shows the Pokemon caught in color, Pokémon seen in grayscale, and Pokemon that haven't been seen are shown as a question mark. All of them having it's name under each Pokemon.

    It also has some "feature" when you get a shiny. It shows a little star next to it and the Pokemon alternates it's forms to show both.

    I think you could use the sprites you have used throughout the game, and maybe just show caught and unseen Pokemon.

    Here's a vid that shows this Pokedex (in case you're interested): www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2-cjkeJIug

  163. could you make it so we can see how much more experience our pokemon need before they level up? also for the chances for certain Pokemon to show up what is it based on? the number of pokemon? the number of waves? the number of times playing the level? you probably mentioned it earlier though. anyways great game and all and thanks for spending your time to do this for us

  164. I'm testing some of the new moves introduced in this update and I noticed that Nightmare doesn't give priority to sleeping targets. It's kinda frustating having a sleeping pokemon infront of me and seeing my Hypno trying to attack other pokemon.

  165. Sam, what about the new title screen? It's coming out in next update?

  166. Sam, I got 2 ideas:

    1- Make the pokemon day care so that they can level up and have eggs.

    2- I am playing pokemon rangers and I though that it would be a nice minigame and the reward for succesful captures were SnD coins.

    Good luck with the next uptades.

  167. Out of all the updates, the one I was most excited about was the fast forward button. If you could implement that in the next update that would be amazing *thumbsup*

  168. how about if ptd and htd both somehow connected with each other.and sam another thing instead of just using whirlwind people will just use roar.what if when u beat a challenge level u get snd coins? just wondering

  169. anyone wanna give me a shiny squirtle and or bulbasaur plz????

  170. Anon @ 5:31 pm: I see what you're going for there, but 1st of all, considering how the SnD coinds are being paid for in cash, it would either be a very miniscule amount, or it would award you with something else, however you caused an idea to pop into my head:Prizes for multiplayer, not SnD coins, but tokens of a sort, used to buy different things in the prize shop like at the rocket's game corner! Porygon, dratini, abra, clefairy, TMs, Or maybe for enough an amount of SnD coins.

  171. @sam hadnt thought bout it til now but if we donated more money would u give more codes again

  172. Anyone wanna trade? my profile is julianbello07
    Go and see if there is something you like!

  173. not too happy with the removal of the time limit on the shiny pokemon alert pop-up...

    it'll cause a lot more people to have them, which yes, is a good thing, but i feel like it will have a sort of "inflation" of the economy on the game

    shinys are far too common already in my opinion, but this simply pushes in over the edge as i see it

    hope you'll read this and decide to change it

    possibly making it something you can buy for snd coins?

  174. julianbello07 do you want a golem?

  175. who thinks sam should make an exspansion pack for the game with like three exclusive levels and 3free pokemon and three free gifts for like 5dollars

  176. One thing I wish to add to my previous post. When you're looking through the pokemon I have at the center, keep in mind of what I have there in what quantities. I base whether or not I accept a trade offer off of the offered pokemon, the amount of said pokemon I have, and the amount of the pokemon you're offering it for.

    For example, if I have five shiny jigglypuff for trade and four shiny vulpix and you offer a shiny jigglypuff for a shiny vulpix, I'll turn it down. If you offer something I only have one of available for trade for something I have seven of for trade, I'll be more likely to accept that offer.

    In the case of shiney pidgeys and regular pikachus, I have so many of those, I'll accept anything to thin out their numbers. I only get picky when I have five or less of something to trade.

  177. Blastoise level 40 anyone?


  178. "They won't be exclusive."
    Big + my dear Pokemon TD creator :)
    It is awesome idea. :)

  179. Sam, Can you tell me what all the levels the dogs can show up on?
    I have every pokemon, except mew, and dogs, and all are shiny except like 2 maybe 3

    So I really need to know what all levels I can do for the next week or so to complete my pokemon collection

  180. Oh yeah Sam you forgot to correct of the grammar mistakes at the Vermillion Gym, when Surge congratulates you there's a random quotation mark there FYI.

  181. Sabourin what's your Pokemon Center name?

  182. 14e485289a6a4b-Shiny jigglypuff
    I have shiny pidgeys, shiny spearows, shiny rattata, butterfree, beedrill, pidgey, spearow, pikachu, sandshrew, clefairy, Vulpix, jigglypuff, zubat, golbat, diglett, Poliwag, bellsprout, geodude, Onix and magikarp that i will trade for anybody just ask me on the blog and i will put up


  183. Definitely lost a lot of the incentive to replay a level over and over. Getting sick of doing a level hundreds of times still with no shiny. Rate is too low. 1/1000 was perfect. That's not even mentioning how hard you have made it for new players to get the shiny Mr Mime etc now it's damn near impossible to get a shiny abra

  184. anyone wanna give me a shiny machop plz???? Mine got deleted it was the first machop i saw before i saw a regular machop i saw a shiny machop caught and then it got deleted when 3.5.2 came out


  185. Do you have mew?

  186. @Islands313, what would you take for the sandshrew or magikarp?


  187. Look on my profil i have some really good pokemon there


  188. fitti09 what do you want for your level 42 pikachu?

  189. Look me up plz no one ever offers me anything!


  190. are shiny rates 1/8000 for each pokemon or each wave?

  191. anyone got shiny vulpix lv30 and up?

  192. People SnD coins will not be exclusive to donators it would just be a faster way to get a rare shiny pokemon/items or whatever he is giving away with those coins. I find it kind of funny that little kids are all mad at the idea because its "unfair" when we have to work for our money. These donations would really help sam keep the game running because it costs money, yes money, to make this game.
    On a different note i will play HTD, it sounds like a great game. Keepp up the great work Sam.

  193. I'll look you up. Chestnut.

  194. my opinion would be to finish PTD then ninja-ja then start HTD. then you could focus on one and have it finished quicker then doing 3 at a time.

  195. sam,
    you probably don't know this yet but do you think you will make another Pokemon game??


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