Pokemon Tower Defense: v3.8.1 is now out, Daily Codes, SnD Coins, improving feedback

Want to get the legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Get some SnD coins by buying any of the Ninja-ja Editions. Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

What's new in v3.8.1 - For more details go here.
  • Camper Mystery Gift Avatar
  • New Story Level - Route 8 - New training area with a new pokemon, Eevee!
  • Daily Codes - Go to the Pokemon Center once a day to get a chance at some amazing pokemon!
  • Bug Fixes - 
    • Black area in Route 8 level
    • Typos in Route 8 ending
Where can I play?
The Daily Codes are now out, I want to quickly explain them again for those of you who didn't catch it the first time. Once a day you go to the Pokemon Center and choose which code you wish to purchase, the more it cost the higher the chance to get a rare pokemon. When you purchase you will see what you won, and then you can pick up your prize right away. 24 hours later you can repeat the process. Also I will be adding more and more pokemon to the daily code with breeding moves in the future so look forward to that.

SnD Coins are now out! You can get SnD Coins by buying Ninja-ja, the higher edition you buy the more coins you get per dollar. We added two new edition the discount edition $50 for 225 coins and a Savvy Ninja Edition $100 for 500 coins. Those are not for everybody but those who are thinking long term and wish to contribute to us then it's the best deal. If you want to see how much everything cost then head to the Pokemon Center and then to the Adoption page. We will also be adding more Trial Pay options for different editions. If you know of any other payment method that you would rather use then let me know.

About this week, tomorrow we have our Hero Tower Defense day, but there won't be a huge update this week for PTD. The reason is that I've fallen way behind in answering you guys. I want to focus this week on answering your emails and request. It is very important to me that I'm open with you guys and that I take the time to answer you guys, this will also be an opportunity for me to take a break and focus on smaller things in the game.

Bug Fixes for v3.9
  • Distribution (0%)
  • Being able to level up their starter pokemon properly when making a new account (100%)
  • Putting an enemy to sleep or freezing him or making it flinch will make him stop attacking (100%)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing people from saving (100%) 
  • Fixed a bug in the Trading Center that prevented automatic trades from happening with "Any Pokemon" was one of the request (100%)
  • Issue with Charmander not leveling up properly in the challenge mode level (100%)
  • Skip button at the end of Route 8 (100%)
  • Fire Blast not working on certain levels (100%) 
  • Extremespeed will no longer make the targeted enemy turn white (100%) 
  • Vital Throw and Submission attack effects will now rotate more as intended (100%)
  • Submission will now unfade your pokemon after the attack (100%)
  • Pokemon being affected by moves that shouldn't affect them (100%)
    • Fire Types can no longer be burned (100%) 
    • Ice Types can no longer be frozen, except by Tri Attack (100%) 
    • Ground types can no longer be paralyzed  by Electric Moves (100%)
    • Leech Seed no longer works on Grass type enemies (100%)
    • Poison and Steel Types can no longer be Poisoned (100%)
    • Bulldoze will no longer slow down Flying Type Pokemon (100%)
New TMs (100%)
  • Blizzard (100%)
  • Solarbeam (100%) 
  • Thunder (100%) 
  • Fire Blast (100%)
    So want I want to get some feedback on is any bugs or small improvements that you want in the game for this week. I won't be adding anything new mostly fixing and tweaking. Also I would love some feedback on the Daily Codes.

    As always let me know what you think and have a great week!


    1. yay second!!!I can't believe you're still awake sam!

    2. THIRD IS GOOD ENOUGH WOO! your awesome sam and keep up the good work dan
      -awesome fan for an awesome dude

    3. Sam, I love the daily codes, but I'm sad now that I know that Rattata is being mean to me. That move that it learns has a duplicate of it learned by leveling up, with the same method and attack power and everything, but it gets STAB. Sad face :( But I really love the idea, and I'm hoping for that Suicune! Say goodbye, food and family!

    4. @anon 12:35AM - Going to sleep now :)

      @awesome1 - Thanks.

      @anon 12:40AM - I'll be working on some breeding only moves and making the easier to get prizes more interesting.

    5. Just tried out daily codes. I like it. Do you think there will ever be a way to get shiny pokemon with breeding moves?

      Anyway, would you be able to add in an option in the options menu that lets you place a Pokemon in your storage and move the pokemon underneath it to the right rather than switching the two? This would be very helpful to the way that I sort my Pokemon. Without this it a very long time to add a new Pokemon to the bunch that I already have. Thank you and Dan for the great games and good luck with future development!


    6. Anon 12:40, all i got was a pidgey, your lucky XP sam i would love to give some feedback and i think i can help add an idea. the pokedex should help people finding pokemon, so i think that in the pokedex, you can click a pokemon name, and you get its info, plus there should be the starters (rare as eevee) like in the anime, and also phyduck would be a nice addition to the game

    7. sam for daily codes i tried 10 accounts and all i got was ratata

    8. Sam i got an Abra but it has Ice Punch instead of Fire Punch as stated. is that meant to be?

    9. @anon 12:45AM - I was hoping nobody would notice! The reason is that Fire Punch isn't in the game yet :)

    10. Maybe we should be able to buy the daily codes and unlimited amount of times since we have to spend our Poke'Dollars for them. I think this because other games that do things like this usually are doing so for free so they limit you. We are exchanging our money so maybe we can do it an unlimited amount. Maybe you can put a poll on the page to see if anyone agrees.


    11. @Wiz3 - The problem is money is too easy to get or hack. I would have to reset everybody's money to make something like this happen and I'm sure nobody wants that.

    12. Time for sleep I'll be accepting comments tomorrow.

    13. do the daily codes work with your clock or with our clock because i'm on the west coast

    14. Alright I have a fairly large list of to dos and this is the perfect week for it so here it goes

      1.Turn off old rod.
      2. Add more items to inventory (HMs)
      3. Tweak storage so we can drop new pokemon into spaces without others being swapped out.
      4. Add shiny mew to daily codes.
      5. Add the title screen background/ other colored / other title screen entry backgrounds for various menus ie main menu, profile select, mode select, level select, storage box backgrounds like in the games.
      6. Add a pokemon graphic to shiny/ dog pop up relevant to the pokemon that appeared (a shiny pikachu graphic for a shiny pikachu)
      7. Some new achievement(s) or a challenge level.
      8. In the pokemon center when you search a trade and click on a trade and go back, change it so it goes back to search results instead of main menu.
      9. Some of the bugs on the suggestions page.
      10. A flying/surfing pikachu in daily codes once those moves are added.


    15. Sam,i pay 100.000 and only get abra with ice punch. I think I have pokemon that use the ice punch. Because of it, what for that abra? I have an idea how about to exchange abra,rattata,pidgey and pikachu with another normal pokemon that we cannot catch it in another area. For example: rhyhorn,snorlax,chansey,ditto. I think it much better than abra,rattata,pikachu. Thx for your attention

    16. Lavender town is too hard! :'(

    17. So the Daily Codes is more 'every 24 hours' thing not once a day right? It's set by a timer?

      First try was interesting. Rattata... with reversal.

    18. so Sam what you think of my sandbox idea i posted back in the 3.7.1 forum I'm shore you'll like it

      also i think you should add a notification after the player loads telling him her that someone has sent them a trade request.... please

      @all someone that had a mew up for trade not telling who mist out on a bunch of rear shiny pokemon

    19. Alright, the daily code's set up! Now to burn some of that hard earned cash on some dogs (hopefully)!

      Can't wait to check out the new training level. Gonna catch me some Eevee tonight!

      As far as bugs go, they're pretty minor. I'm still getting an "Achievement Saved" screen every time a shiny Pidgey shows up. I really thought that was fixed before. Also, for whatever reason, Sweet Scent is listed as a normal move, but the letters are colored in as if it were a steel move.

      I don't really mind the small update coming up. Anyways, I've got some training to catch up on since I was on vacation for a week without a laptop/computer, and I'm still adjusting to accuracy and moves with added effects like Earthquake and Petal Dance, so it'll take some time.

      One question: what made you decide to make Seismic Toss do a set amount of damage rather than being based on the user's level?

      Well, time to finally get back to PTD. Until the next blog (or sooner), see ya! Time to train! *Cue Theme of Rocky*

    20. sam, i can't pass lavender town, a few times i have gotten to round 7 but i still cant do it, do you have any tips, or could you maybe make it a bit easier.


    21. Sam, a suggestion to the pokemon center.

      Would be awesome if we could filter the search results.

      Like, I want to check people interested in a shiny drowzee, but I dont want to accept regulars for my drowzee, so I would be able to filter just shinys, or a specific pokemon.

      Just a suggestion.

      Congratulations, the game is getting better and better!

    22. @Sam
      I actually prefer Wiz2's idea too. I wouldn't mind getting my money reset to be able to buy codes an unlimited amount of time.

    23. Hey Sam. When you put up a pokemon for trade, you should make it so that the moves that that pokemon knows shows up next to it. For example, if you put an abra up for trade it would say that it knows teleport.

    24. @Sam: Would it be possible to make the breeding moves pokemon have the same or better chances of being shiny as their wild versions? possibly .1% for cheap, .5% for normal, and as high as 5% for the expensive code?

    25. can't beat Vermilion Gym in challenge mode:(
      any tips or strategies ?

    26. If its a once per day the "You already bought a code today." msg is ok, but what i got from your post is its once every 24h, if so, you should put a timer, showing how much time till you can buy the next one(well you could either way but in the 24h its more crutial lol)

      Oh and if you are taking the week to help/reply people how about an answer to my question on rocket avatar please?

    27. Hey would it be possible to have a notification for when you have a trade request like on the menu page or some where? I was thinking it could be like a Delibird on the screen lol cause he is the bird that always delivered things in the show and he could be like sitting in the levels somewhere. My email is neuboy17@hotmail.com if you want anymore info on the idea.

    28. What are the Pokemon that have breeding moves?

    29. Daily Codes? I bought the 10,000 one got a pidgey, go back to my game and, i have no pidgey. Then i'm not allowed to buy another code because it said i already bought it? Talk about a useless addition and a waste of time.

    30. I love the daily codes! I also got a pikachu with charge with the uncommon code! it was awesome! its already lvl 6! keep up the gr8 work sam!

    31. Hey Sam, I want to report a bug.

      I've been trying to complete the Rock Tunnel level but I always come across this problem:
      The game freezes everytime I start fighting the multiple Onixes in the Giant Onix room.

      I start out fine and my pokemon will defeat the first onix but when they hit the second one, the game freezes; there is no movement and all you can hear is the attacking sound over and over again.

      These are the pokemons I was using and the moves they were using:

      Gollem - Bulldoze
      Venasaur - Petal Dance
      Raichu - Thunder Wave

      I hope you can find out what's going on.

      Great game by the way.

    32. To add on to my previous question about the 24-hour thing, if it really is based on "every 24 hours" to give us a timer? At least one that when we go to Daily Codes it says the amount of time we have left (it doesn't need to be a dynamic timer) until the next try.

      Also, are trainer/blue health pokemon supposed to appear on Route 8? That goes for Pidgeot and Jigglypuff since those two are on the Route 8 icon but I haven't seen them.

    33. WOW SAM! Love the daily codes! Could you add Shiny Mew to the list? Thanks

    34. Is Abra the only one that isn't exactly the same as the stuff on the list? What other changes did you make? Did you take out the chances of not getting a Pokemon?

      Thanks :3

    35. Hey Sam!
      For some reason, I can't use my google-ID to post here, so I'm stuck being an anon :(

      Anyways, I have a question that you've probably answered like a million times before: What are the rates of finding a dog?

      I was hoping maybe you could add a level description for each level with which pokemon could be found in the level, pokemon level range, chances of meeting the different pokemon, etc? :)

      If you could at least answer the dog question, it would be awesome!


    36. Bug Report: Following the link to daily codes takes you to the Pokemon Center, so it should also save + log you out of the game. Collecting my Abra was a bad idea (luckily I hadn't done anything).

    37. When will the Snd coins be uptaded,please today?

    38. when will the application in multiplayer pokemon tower defense, I hope not much later.

    39. Regarding issues, normal Tentacool and Vaporeon sprites have extra green to them in their outlines. Mine want to fix those if you still can.

    40. hi Sam & Dan
      (Hope you answer to this)
      (Hope you read every line carefully)
      I got many ideas on how to improve PTD . I would like to tell you the idea I think is the best amd very usefull ( and helpfull if you want to be particular ) As my name Shadow Boy suggests ( I hope you don't take it as I am a corpse lying in a graveyard.......) I am a "kind hearted boy" ( I am 11 years to be particular ) I like to help people . Most of them get stuck in levels like Lavender Tows and Diglette's Cave and dont have certain pokemon to beat the levels and cause I am a little bit of a " collector " of pokemon I have the pokemon they need and being a "kind hearted boy " I want to help them by giving the pokemon they want . but i want it back too......... So , I thought you should modify the trading centre to a " loaning " centre too . So I can give my pokemon to a person and it will return to me after a fixed time . So that I will be sure I get my pokemon back after an hour or so... " I want you to develop a loaning option in PTD trading center " i will be very helpfull .I know others too might agree to me and not only me but also every player could be able to loan a pokemon. Someday i will tell my
      other such great ideas.......( sorry for such a long post ) ( hope you reply to this )

      Shadow Boy

    41. Hey Sam I think there should be an auto level up system.

    42. Hi sam,
      Some ideas and sugestions.

      You could make an in game save button, so that when you get a shiney you dont have to quit the level to make sure you save it.

      Make a little check box in the pokemon center next to the pokemon you wish to call back so that you can call back miltiple pokemon at once.

      Mabye also when you deny an offer and then push the go back button, make the page go to the pokemon's other requests, rather than back to your pokemon requests page.

      Hope theese help you sam, and one thing ive always wanted too know and would be appreciated if you answered, Is a pokemon like say, Bulbasaur lvl40 just as strong as an ivisaur or venasaur at lvl 40?

    43. And also next to the pokemon you win from daily codes, have the breeding move it came with. (if it comes with a breeding move)

    44. @ Sam Otero

      -Hey Sam Great update I am loving the Eevees.

      -You should definately put in some more type only squares since they added a whole new dimension to the game. at some point i would also love to see a type only level. Maybe on the water you can only have water pokemon?

      -You should have some more version specific pokemon since this was always a huge part of the games and really encouraged trading.

    45. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 30, 2011 at 7:06 AM

      Heeeey, just me again. I just want you to see this one comment with a lot of my ideas for the game, since I'm not sure you saw it last time it was posted. I am way too lazy to retype it, so here it is copied and pasted:

      Hey, Sam, its just me again. I finally came up with a decent Bag idea. By completing a challenge level that you could add before Pewter Gym or by itself, the player gets their giant pokeball replaced by a Bag icon. Then, the next time they do Route 2, and dont skip the intro, the pokemart in Viridian City is magically open, and they could but whatever items you decide to add in the game. When the bag icon is clicked in a level, it opens and all of the items you have move out around where it was, except the Pokeball is there, and the bag has shrunk and moved somewhere near the items. When an item is clicked on, the icon switches place and size with the pokeball, and a counter tells how many of the item you have. Then, you can drag it to do whatever it does, or change back to the pokeball, another item, or close the bag by clicking on it again. In addition, since they kind of go together, I came up with a decent idea on how you can add other Pokeballs to the game. They just make certain Pokemon (or all in the case of Great and Ultra Balls) go red with more remaining HP, and that way you dont have to waste an update programming catch rates (always looking out for your sanity, thats me), and most people will be happy to waste all of their money so that their team of level 44s can still catch stuff in Route 5 (i should now,my 44s keep leaving stuff with JUST less than half HP on the first hit, and than KO on the second). My last comment, you know, besides the normal "great game, blah, blah, blah" stuff you keep hearing, is a question. I have drawn 3 sketches of possible Johto maps (couldnt do Kanto, dont have FRLG guidebook XD), and would like you to see them somehow. If you see this comment, please tell me how to get you pictures of my sketches to if you dont say anything else about my comment.

      Yeah, thats all of my dumb ideas-for now.BUM BUM BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM..................

    46. well if you're looking for bugs, i couldnt play
      the first lvl of chapter four.

      sorry if you already fixed that

    47. gym battles should happen and one on one battles

    48. Am i the only one who can't evolve anymore??
      And PTD always stucks after i finished route 8

    49. Sam, I know it's HTD Tuesday by the time you read this but can you please update Newgrounds so we in England don't miss out on the first daily code? :(

      Also since you're looking at suggestions for small things this week have a look at the bugs/suggestions tab on your blog. A few of those like switching the Old rod on/off can't be hard?

    50. Shiny Bulbasaur on my first rare code! :D

      I think you need to implement an auto saving feature when clicking on the daily codes link though. Luckily I saved beforehand, but since you need to log in to the trading centre, I would have lost a lot of data if I didn't.

      Also, route 8 seems a bit lacking. All I ever encounter are Pidgey, Growlithe, Ekans and Mankey, the last of which isn't even on the level select tab. For a training level, the experience doesn't seem to be that much better than route 5, so maybe you could add more pokemon and their evolutions with more than 6 per level?


    51. Sam, not that it's that big a deal but I keep having an "Achievement Unlocked" pause whenever it should be a "Shiny" pause. Unless there is some sort of achievement on route 8....

    52. you can level as much as you want if you level in the teamselection :)

    53. sam i have a few questions and suggestions for the game question 1 when are you gonna put rare candys in the game question 2 when are you gonna put ultra balls and master balls in the game

      now a few suggestions you should make a ptd tshirt and an exspansion pack with like three exclusive levels that you can't get in the game

    54. Now that you've added egg moves, would it be possible to have Pokemon description in the Pokemon center showing each of their moves?

    55. hey Sam, my question is - how do we change our emails?

    56. Hi Sam, two questions:

      1. I remember you answering somebody, and your answer was something like this:
      'Every time a Pokemon comes out, a random number from 1-8000 is chosen. If it's 8000, then the Pokemon is a shiny.' Ok, so what is it for the Dogs then? I thought they were even rarer than shinies?
      2. Another question about Dogs. 'The Dogs have a chance of appearing in every map'. Does it have a chance to appear in Cerulean Gym 2?


      P.S. I think you've done the right thing this update by answering a lot of questions.

      P.P.S. Please don't answer things like 'How do I get flash?' Or 'Where do I get the Dogs?' because you've answered those questions for God knows how many times. If they weren't paying attention then it's their fault. Please and thanks in advance.


    57. Hey Sam is the damage that Pokemon do to the towers working correctly on Lavender town?

    58. yo sam theres a bug when your at lavender tower i used sleep powder and physic at the same time and it froze the pokemon and then my pokemon only attick that one?

    59. Please answer sam...

      When we trade pokemon do they o straight to our storage? or does it go to our e mail??

      Plz answer

      Cake lover

    60. Sam, I think you should finish the SnD coins before you start anything else (HTD, answering emails). This will not only get you money faster but it will give US something to do, since we will have to train our new purchased pokemon

    61. For everyone complaining about eevee STOP!!!!!

      I went to route 8 about 6-8 times and found an eevee every time.

      If you want an eevee that bad look up Peabody in the pokemon center or use these.

      Eevee - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e5ce743711cf)

      Eevee - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e5ce76b8dfa6)

    62. The pokedex doesn't save the data to the pokedex... it forget the pokemon if u release it or trade it... please fix this:-)

    63. Hey Sam I think you should make a Logout button on the Pokemon Center, as otherwise the only way to change accounts is through closing it, and reentering the url or logging in again to PTD.

    64. sam,

      can you email rewards1 about that thing we discussed? i really want my idea to go through.

      another thing, i think you should make it so you can get a rare code on one profile, but then get an uncommon in another and common in the third. that way, you can get three codes, but they arent all rare. just an idea.

      another idea, you should put on the trade thing when you are trading if the pokemon you trade has a breeding move. cuz there is no other way to tell for sure if you trade something decent with a breed move, or if its normal. breeding moves make them a little more valuable, so you can get slightly better trades.

      thanks and please reply

    65. Yea I have a couple extra eevee for those who cant find one or havent reached that level and sam I kno this question has been asked but im pretty sure never answered so on the hacked game is it just the pokemon u level up/ train or does your whole crew become hacked

    66. O and sam had an idea too for trading I kno u can trade up to 6 for one but u should make it where we can trade for multiple like 2 for 6 for example


    68. Hey Sam, this is just a suggestion but please hear me out.

      I just feel like it's a bit unfair that you need certain pokemon to beat certain levels. I mean, we all have our favorite pokemon that we like to use. I think it should be possible to play the game without having to have all different pokemon types leveled up. I mean, anyone who says they didn't beat Lavender Town without a bunch of fighting types and golems is a liar. Here's what I'm suggesting:

      Make it so that a pokemon of a certain type can learn any type move of theirs in the game. For example, Sandshrew should be able to learn any ground type move through TM's or through level ups. I just think it's unfair if your favorite pokemon is sandshrew that you cant use him in later levels because he's not as strong as a nidoking or a golem. idk that's just my opinion. I'd really like sandshrew to know more ground moves!

    69. Hello Sam,
      can u tell me where to get dogs because i am trying from a long time to get it

    70. @anon 10:53
      sorry, I'm just curious. what are those 6 favorite pokemon of yours? I'd like to have a challenge and beat lavender with them. :)
      btw: just did the level with the 3 starters, Raichu, Simsala and a Beedrill. And no fighting moves used.
      and last question: what level do your pokemon have?
      if they are too low, I understand that it's difficult. :/

    71. @Sam

      Two bugs:

      1) I won a rattata with a rare shiny code but it didn't appear in storage, where's it gone?

      2) I won the shiny quest (finally!) and took my voltorb to the eevee level to train it. When i pressed 'level up' it didnt appear to do anything so I pressed it a few more times and it still did nothing so i pressed done and it was level 17! Next level up i got same thing happened but i pressed it 21 times and it was level 38! So now i have a level 38 voltord that shouldnt be that level, only tackle to use and it hasn't evolved :(

    72. Hey Sam, lovin the game!!!!
      I'm glad you've decided to lay off the updates for a while, and focus on the group of players that have advice.
      One little bug i'd like to mention:
      In the trading center, when you change our avatar, it then comes up with a screen that says:
      You avatar was changed. Slight typo.
      I know it's a tiny thing, but it just irritates me each time I see it.

      Other than that, i'm totally liking the daily codes, it's a good way to use up some of that money i've got from grinding!
      Thank you for the game!

    73. Sam! This new daily code thing is the cat's pajamas!! I started my daily code search with an Abra that knows Ice Punch!!! Keep this up for as long as you can because I'm starting out good and ending it strong!!!!

    74. for all those people who can't get there daily code pokemon you have to send it to the profile in the pokemon center. Also if your having trouble with lavender town go to youtube for the answer

    75. I'm trading a geodude lv40 for all three starters lv5

    76. hey sam, why not have the shiny pokemon have a different effect just like your breeding pokemon.

      And I got a question, if its 1-8000 random chance of getting a shiny pokemon, does that mean i got to leave the game on and not close it to make sure i get that chance? or does ever level reset the chances anyways?

    77. hey sam,
      Do you got the level cap correct for your ending for this game? because we only have 3 badges and we r at lvl 44... Is there gonna be a Pokemon League in the end of the game? and are we gonna be able to catch mew-two as well in the end?

    78. hey sam can you make the next avatar old man, hiker or sailor

    79. I think the auto-level up is a great idea

    80. So 1 in 8000, does that mean every time I see a shinny it resets and I have to wait to see another 8,000 pokemon...? When are the SnD coming out!

    81. @anon 12:44PM - No, the way it works is when a pokemon shows up a random number from 1-8000 is picked. If the number is 8000 then that pokemon is a shiny. The amount of pokemon that you see doesn't change this process.

    82. argh I can't decide flareon jolteon or vapereon sam wwhat do you think!?

    83. Can't say what I think of the Daily Codes. I haven't got a shiny Eevee or a legendary yet ;)

      But I think there should be an alternative to pay 50.000 too. Because 100.000 is a lot and I'll be poor in three days already. Since the rare code is so expensive, couldn't you make it a bit easier to get a rarer prize?

      Oh, and one more thing. Can I get a shiny with the common prize? And is Eevee available too then?

    84. Im anon from 12:54 Great idea thanks Sam.:)

    85. I absolutely love the daily codes!!! My first try and i got a shiny squirtle :D The game just keeps getting better sam!!

    86. hey sam i have a problem i got a pidgey in the daily code so i went to my yahoo accont to get the code but i could login so what should i do

    87. what is breeding?

    88. Wait, I got a Weedle from the Rare Daily code? I didn't see that as one of the possibilities for that code…

      Is that a glitch?

    89. @psychotic - I added more and I will continue to add more options.

    90. Sam i have one request for you i know it's hard but can you raise the level cap so i can evolve my ivysaur.

    91. @ricardo - the level cap is high enough for you to evolve ivysaur.

    92. "caterpie, weedle (bug bite)" Not breeding moves =S

    93. yo sam ideas well auto level up is for sure!!
      the pokemon on route 8 feeding on the candy are sometimes shiny and can be caught!
      vs mode online battle against other players
      replay button (for training and grinding)
      fast forward button (for grinding)
      different types of songs in options
      not mute VOLUME
      sometimes find tokens from a pokemon and can be exchanged for pokemon
      shiny mew to daily codes common 0.00001 uncommon 0.00005 and rare 0.0001
      false swipe TM

      I'll comment again if I think of anything


    94. My suggestion (hopefully it can be done) is to lower the breeding move pokemon slightly in the daily codes and maybe add a ten percent chance of getting a rare candy? You don't need to do it for this update but I think it would be kind of cool

    95. Hey sam I hav a really cool avatar sprite that i want 2 show u, an possibly become a new Avatar for the game :). Should i send u it through e-mail or post it on the forum website? I hope to hear back from u soon.

      PS. I made it in paint so it's saved as a bit map.

      You hav an awesome game, keep up the great work.

    96. @Gon - They can't learn any breeding moves so I went with the next best thing.

    97. the king of hearts vAugust 30, 2011 at 2:22 PM

      hi sam i want to know if you could put some new items ( like rare candy) and i have a idea:

      lets make another special event like the one that had the dogs ( raikou , suicune and entei) but here is my idea :

      make the new pokemon ( legendary like moltres or groudon ) you put in the event can be with us ( the players) for ever , but in order to have them everyone has to make some challenge levels and from there ( with the e-mails) make something like a quiz with some questions from the special pokemon ( ex: what type is it , what attacks can he learn , if it can evolve ,etc) and if you complete everything from the challenge and the quiz you ll get the special pokemon

      If you liked my idea ( only sam or dan )you can e mail me . My account in the Pokemon Center is The King of Hearts V and from there i think you should find my e mail ( i m not putting my email from preventing of hacking my e mail) ok i hope you liked my idea

    98. I will trade any of the shiny starters, shiny diglett, shiny Nidoqueen, and more for a dog!

    99. ah =S so much for the training. All my caterpies/weedles metapod/kakuna shiny/not have already bug bite cause i trained them for it, guess now i'll have some more acidently with no owrk and while waiting for something cool =S

      btw is rare loot 100k going to remain as 95+% of "lesser" loot?

    100. Sam when are the SnD coins coming out!! >:)

    101. @ Sam
      The level cap isn't high enough to evolve Ivysaur into Venusaur after Ivysaur learns Solarbeam. Which I'm assuming is what ricardo meant.

    102. Sam, if I NPC trade my breeded Abra, will I get a Mr. Mime with a breeding move?

    103. hi sam there is something wrong with my account when i log in i don't have my usual pokemon instead i some randmom pokemon that don't belong to me and i don't have my old pokemon either please check this out and thanks ur awsome

    104. @anon 11:34

      Well I have a few more than 6, but my favorite team usually consists of Sandshrew, Charizard, Gyarados, Alakazam, Arbok, Raichu, or Nidoking. All are level 44. It's just frustrating because I would really like Sandshrew to learn more ground moves, (mud ball, earth power, etc) I think in the game it only learns sandstorm and earthquake. All i'm asking is that Sam makes it so that if a pokemon is, for example, a water type, it has the option of learning all water type moves in the game.

    105. @ansul - Toss me an email.

      For anybody else don't post account issues in the blog just email me.

    106. You should make a challenge level that either increases your money by 20,000, or gets you shiny starter or dog.

      This week should be a week to increase the level cap a little bit (maybe 50). So that the week after this week could be a really tough challenge level (could be anything but I'll give you my idea) for a forever increase of daily codes dog or starter chance (player choice). I think the next level should be BOTH of the Cerulean Gyms (where it is recommended in the corner tells you to use the max level cap). All the pokemon that you battle are Lv 50 and The Kyogre is level 70-100, AND has a companion SUICUNE. You gain a slight bit of money just like in Mt. Moon 1, and this level is the hardest yet. I think if you beat that level you get an option to pay 1,000,000 or so for the chances of the codes to be like this!

      20% shiny bulbsaur
      20% shiny squirtle
      20% shiny charmander
      13% Suicune
      13% Entei
      13% Raikou
      1% Everything else!

    107. So I don't know if I speak for anyone else, but I know that once you implement the adoptions, I'm not ever going to bother with the trading center anymore.


    108. Sam could you make it so the dogs are a mystery gift soon and we have to beat a really hard challenge level or something to keep them forever (all three per an account), I think that would be cool because then you can do the challenge anytime that week. I would Love You if you did that!

    109. I love the daliy codes but i think with every file we should be able to do one daily code.

    110. Sam, i can't evolve my ivysaur because he is at the level 44 because i wanted to get solarbeam.

    111. For SND coins their should be some you can get for doing an achievement that is like one of these.
      Release 10 shiny pokemon-reward 25 SND coins
      Release 100 pokemon-reward 5 SND coins
      Make 100 trades-10 SND coins
      Buy 5 SND coins for 1 million dollars
      and more.

      Please tell me if you like these ideas, the release ones because basically it's like making a trade (for example 10 shiny pokemon for a dog).

    112. Hey Sam I see a couple of people asking for the SnD coins, are they being released today or later this week?

    113. I know about the leveling up bug, no need to keep commenting about it :)

    114. @ Sam.

      What made the challenge levels so special was that you had to use the pokemon provided, not your own, making it a challenge, rather than another level. are you going to go back to this? please do. or at least make a poll. because otherwise you might as well put your effort into the story.

    115. SAM!!! please answer.

      When we trade our pokemon do they go straight to our storage
      Or do they go to our e mail i want to know because i cant get to my email
      right now and i need to know please answer


      From, Cake lover

    116. @Cake Lover - The either go to the end of your storage for the profile you did the trade in or you can pick them up at the Pokemon Center.

    117. Sam, could you add sunny day to the TM's?

    118. Sam please make it a little more possible to get the dogs. In Firered I can find the dogs more than shiny pokemon. Please make it more reasonable.

    119. @anon 3:16PM - The reason they are so hard to get is the fact that this game mainly focuses on the first generation.

    120. Ok i posted the image on the forum, it 2 forever but still couldn't get the color's to come out right for some reason it distort's it, but not through e-mail. But any rate here's the link to the topic Sam I hope u like it. http://s4.zetaboards.com/poketd/topic/9039741/1/

    121. Sam Otero said...

      @anon 3:16PM - The reason they are so hard to get is the fact that this game mainly focuses on the first generation.
      August 30, 2011 3:17 PM

      then bring mew and mewtwo and the birds with higher chance in the daily codes and maybe ingame

    122. @anon 3:21PM - I am bringing them to the game, when the time is right you will see them.

    123. Sam! When are the coins going to be released, is says coming soon? but how soon

    124. @ Sam.

      If you go on to make a second, will we keep our pokemon? i am asking this because we already have the dogs.

      Also would it be a whole separate game? or would we just choose like 'kanto, johto...' at the start?

    125. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 30, 2011 at 3:33 PM

      Sam, I dont care if you respond to none of my ideas, just please say something to let me know that you are reading what I say! I have become a regular poster, and haven't seen many replies from you, even though I have ideas that can really help (or hurt, you decide ;) the game. If you dont mind, I'm going to paste my latest comment with ideas one more time, so here it is-

      finally came up with a decent Bag idea. By completing a challenge level that you could add before Pewter Gym or by itself, the player gets their giant pokeball replaced by a Bag icon. Then, the next time they do Route 2, and dont skip the intro, the pokemart in Viridian City is magically open, and they could but whatever items you decide to add in the game. When the bag icon is clicked in a level, it opens and all of the items you have move out around where it was, except the Pokeball is there, and the bag has shrunk and moved somewhere near the items. When an item is clicked on, the icon switches place and size with the pokeball, and a counter tells how many of the item you have. Then, you can drag it to do whatever it does, or change back to the pokeball, another item, or close the bag by clicking on it again. In addition, since they kind of go together, I came up with a decent idea on how you can add other Pokeballs to the game. They just make certain Pokemon (or all in the case of Great and Ultra Balls) go red with more remaining HP, and that way you dont have to waste an update programming catch rates (always looking out for your sanity, thats me), and most people will be happy to waste all of their money so that their team of level 44s can still catch stuff in Route 5 (i should now,my 44s keep leaving stuff with JUST less than half HP on the first hit, and than KO on the second). My last comment, you know, besides the normal "great game, blah, blah, blah" stuff you keep hearing, is a question. I have drawn 3 sketches of possible Johto maps (couldnt do Kanto, dont have FRLG guidebook XD), and would like you to see them somehow. If you see this comment, please tell me how to get you pictures of my sketches to if you dont say anything else about my comment.

      Just PLEASE respond *forces tear out* I just wanna know what you think *forces DX face* WAAAAAAAAA! OK I'm good now, but I'd still like a reply!

    126. @leader - lately I haven't been completely reading your post due to the lack of formatting. Some spaces between paragraphs would help.

    127. sam on the title page if you wait there is a pikachu with baloons attached,
      you should make it a link or EASTER EGG!!

    128. sam i think you should make the 100000 dallor gefts the breeding pokemon should be shiny pokemon

    129. Sam buddy loving the game....I got a few quick questions.

      1- When does Raichu learn discharge? Pikachu learned it at 42 and I thought the move learning difference was 2 levels?

      2- when will you be adding a new shiney side quest?--- Eevee, Drowzee, or Machop would be nice

      3- and finially how are SnD coins going to be accessable? will they be obtainable in the game as well?

      Thanks again for the great game!! all the best buddy!

    130. PLEASE tell me what breeding moves do i really need to know
      jacob r.

    131. Sam, is there a shiny quest for eevee already in the game?

    132. Part of me says "duh, just buy the $100,000 daily code every day, better odds"
      but then I actually look at it.

      the $1,000 code has a 99.697% chance of getting a non shiny, nothing special, just an average pokemon with 1 special move

      the 100,000 code has a 96.97% chance of getting the same thing.

      that's just a 2.727% difference...

      In fact, three of my friends, and my self, all got the expensive code today, and all of us got a Pidgey. ALL of us.

      yes, everyone has been complaining that we've got too much money and nothing to spend it on, but take into consideration, there might be a game corner coming soon, and I believe you wanted to add new pokeballs and rare candy too?

      you've made it practically illogical to buy the expensive daily code.
      all three of the codes each have the same prizes too.

      You should've made the cheep one have
      99% chance to get a random non-evolved starter with the breed move
      and 1% chance of getting a random, non evolved shiny( not including the starters)

      then the medium should have
      95% chance of the breed move pokemon,
      2% chance of the regular shinies
      1% chance for squirtle
      1% for charmander
      & 1% for bulbasar

      as for the expensive one, I'd go with
      90% for the breed move pokemon,
      1% for squirtle
      1% for charmander
      1% for bulbasaur
      6% for other non evolved shinies
      .25% for suicune
      .25% for entie
      .25% for raiku
      .25% for shiny mew

      or rather, 3% for a starter, 1% for a legendary.

      this way, not only does the expensive one have significantly better odds, but it's got additional prizes.
      It's like the lotto, you could buy a $1 scratch off, and the most you can win is $100, or you could buy the $20 scratch off and potentially win $1million.

      actually.. what happened to the % chance of getting a dud? you should've added that.
      maybe making it a smaller % for each version?

      I don't know.. what do you think?

    133. When you get the dogs they should know these moves (they could relearn or learn their current moves through tm).
      Raikou-Reflect, Spark, Quick Attack, Roar
      Suicune-Mist, Gust, Rain Dance, Aurora Beam
      Entei-Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Roar, Stomp

      They should still be able to learn moves like Fire Blast, Blizzard, and Thunder but these are the moves they should start with. Then maybe you could increase the dog rate slightly (hopefully I have been hunting since they have been possible to get, by the way what is each ones rate in the wild.)

    134. Sam If I buy Snd Coins how will they be added to my account, is it instant?

    135. @sam can you make a way to buy Snd coins using paymo...

      i live in vemezuela md i like your game alot and im willing to pay but i can't pay with US$ so the only way for me to buy you SND coins it by using paymo...

    136. @ anon 3:51 the learning difference is 3 levels. so 45.

      @ Jacob r. Breeding moves are simply moves that can only be learned via breeding in the actual pokemon games. for example pikachu can only learn charge as a breeding move (that is, by breeding some pikachus or in this case getting it with the daily codes)

      @ anon 3:59 no there isn't. as far as i know shiny eevee is unavailable for now.

    137. @Anon 3:54 PM
      Breeding Moves are just moves that Pokemon cannot learn by level up or TM. They can learn it only by breeding, if the father knows the move and the baby is compatible with the move.

    138. thank you mike for the help


    139. @ sam

      questions 5 and 10 need to be updated on your FAQ


    140. SND coins are out!!!!!

    141. @sam: will we get the tm icebeam in celadon city?
      Also, you will add dratini too? (slot machine's reward)


    142. Hey Sam,

      Can you do a million dollar one? and boosts the chances even more?

    143. make the regular pokemon limit less....

    144. /patiently waits for the rest of the pokemon to be put up in the adoption center

    145. i use to see atleast 1 shiny a day atleast... i havent seen one in over a week... are they still going out? or is my luck just this bad lol

    146. @ anon 5:08 yes they are still going out, i caught one recently.

    147. Leader of LuxinapeAugust 30, 2011 at 5:18 PM

      Sorry about the multipostings. I guess I'll just do a quick thing that briefly outlines my ideas.

      Bag-obtaineItd by by doing a challenge level or something.It replaces the giant Pokaball, and acts as a toggle showing all of your items and quantities. To buy nonstone items, you have to do Route 2 again and not skip the intro, and the store will magically be open.

      Buyable items-When the Bag is toggled open, you can drag the items to a certain Pokemon to do whatever the item does to it.

      Other types of Pokeballs- Instead of programming the catch rates, different Pokaballs will make different, or all, Pokemon hit red HP quicker.

      That seems like all for now, but you know me, I'll be back by the end of the week!

    148. hey sam could you possibly add shiny eevee to the daily codes?

    149. Sam how do we buy SND coins?

    150. @ anon 5:33 - you buy Ninja-ja from the 'get ninja-ja' tab at the top of this page.

    151. my nidoran(male) was supposed to learn captivate at level 43 like it says in the pokedex but didnt learn itD:

    152. Hey Sam just noticed that Aqua Ring isn't Baton Passable, just as Leech Seed isn't either.

    153. Ideas for the Title Screen.

      1. I think that on the Title Screen you should add some Pokemon background music while you're deciding what to do.

      2. And when you click on Venusaur, Blastoise, or Charizard they make they're Pokemon sound/say their name, while using either Solarbeam, Fire Blast, or Hydro Pump... depending on the Pokemon, of course.

      3. And then make the Mewtwo and Mewthree do something awesome in the background the whole time. Make them move or something. Or you could make them using an attack.

      4. And while Pikachu is using Thunderbolt, make him go Pikachuuuuu! Also, make the Pokeball smaller and make it open when Pikachu comes out if you can.

      5. Make the rest of the things look like the Title Screen. When you click on Start or Options, the black background doesn't fit with the new Title Screen. Make more Pokemonish, not just black.

      So, there are some ideas. If you can, please use some of them.

      Give feedback please. Thanks!

    154. Sam, thank you again for all the hard work and the update, PTD continues to be fun week in and week out.

      I have one request regarding Daily codes: please don't put in pokes with breeding moves that they normally learn anyway (i.e. Caterpie and Weedle with Bug bite, which they learn at lvl 15 anyways- if we want the move, we just catch them, evolve them later, and relearn any moves we missed). Instead, just keep/add moves that the pokemon or its evolutions cannot learn by leveling, evolving, or tm. It's kind of a waste to spend 100,000 and get a poke with a breeding move that it learns by leveling anyway.

    155. Hey sam read this its important!!!! You let us adopt pokemon, well can u make it so we can sell our pokemon for snd coins? Like a shiny pidgey wud be like 3 coins, whereas a shiny pickachu wud be 10. A shiny mew wud be 15 to 20. U can make the scale I guess lol but it wud give those of us with no money. To still get snd coins I hope u use my idea! Oh and can u make it so that those who bought ninjaja before snd coins get some? I bought the most expensive edition($20 at the time) so could I get like half of what u would give somone who just bought the game? Thanks sam and dan -Will Horton Horton.will@rocketmial.com

    156. Sam, I finally beat Lavender Town after I was having trouble with it, and then the game just froze. Immediately. I'm mad because after all that work this happened. This also happens to me at Diglett's cave now. Please fix this.

    157. Can anyone help me with lavender town I am really stuck with it and all my Pokemon are up to level cap. And Sam since the poll said more people voted for potions when are we going to have them? Power 3

    158. lol, I like the names of the Pokemon adoption Pokemon Sam...haha.

    159. @anon 6:29 Try with:
      Up left: Venusaur (giga drain)
      Up middle: Gyarados (acqua tail)
      Up right: poliwrath/machamp (sismic toss)
      Bottom left: Golem (bulldoze)
      Bottom middle: Gyarados (acqua tail)
      Bottom right: Nidoking (helping hand/eath power)
      Just remeber to switch out golem during the 6th wave (because persian will use a water move) and you can get a "flawless victory"


    160. @ anon 6:29

      my layout looked like this:

      Venasaur Charizard Alakazam

      Golem Blastoise Arcanine

      Venasaur with Gigadrain
      Golem with bulldoze
      charizard with flamethrower
      blastoise with aquatail
      alakazam with psychic
      and arcanine with helping hand/ flamethrower.

      you should be able to do this in one try

    161. SnD Coins are officially out, you can only get them by buying Ninja-ja.

      Please don't ask for different ways of getting them. The point of the coins is to help pay for artist, servers, or anything that is needed to create the games you love.

      The other point is for people who don't want to spend a lot of time hunting to get what they want.

    162. will we ever be able to get free SnD coins for like offers or special task that give you 1 or play on sams birthday and youll get 1

    163. I'm just going to leave this here.


    164. on my first try for the daily code, i got a rattata that knows revarsal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    165. If you bought it before do we not get coins jw

    166. Would there be any way for that in the trading center to be able to see if anybody wants to trade with you without resetting the 3 day timer of you wanting to trade with anybody? I check my trading often for offers but it resets the time of the offers I made when I do.

    167. Hi Sam, just a suggestion: Is there any way we can nickname pokes in game rather than in the Pokemon Center?

      I ask because, let's say hypothetically you have 5 lvl 44 pidgeys. You want to trade all but one of them- it's minorly annoying to differentiate between the 5 when putting them up for trades when you can't see their moves (even if I put the ones I don't want at the end of my storage, in the trading center, they're lined up according to name/species).

      Corollary: Or if we could just be able to see moves, then we can:
      1. see moves before trades
      2. have a way of distinguishing bet identical pokes (i.e. I'd make all the pidgeys I want to trade have sand attack as their first move, instead of tackle - that way, I can click on them and see if I want to keep it or not).

      As always, thank you for such a great game!


    168. Sam, why is super fang stronger than hyper fang? I believe hyper fang is meant to be stronger (according to serebii.net attackdex)...

    169. hey sam, since your going for a smaller update this week, just my suggestion, in the trade center you could add the category for "breeded" (like how theres a "yes" or "no" or "either" for shiny) and put in parenthesis if a pokemon up for trade is breeded like how it has "(Hacked Version)", just an idea :)

    170. Sam, is there a way for someone to buy the coins for you like there was before for the codes? I was the guy who asked you to make Ninja-ja purchasable so that other people could "gift" the rewards to someone else. And now I am wondering if my friend could buy this with his paypal again, and I could give him the money.

      Is this possible?

      Thank you very much for this awesome game, and I can't wait to get my hands on some eevees and the dogs.

    171. So if we bought NINJA-JA before and we want SnD coins now we have to buy the game again? ... is there a way to just buy coins?

    172. Sam, If say for example, someone (Me) bought the hero ninja ja before SnD coins, then upgraded to the discount, Would they get the 30$ worth of SnD or the full 50$? I'd like to spend no more than 20$ for the sake of not going broke, but if I get 50$ worth, I'd definately consider it. If I get 30$ worth, would I have to Re-buy ninja-ja for the hero edition's amount?

    173. In the next major update, could you add Ice Beam? It feels wrong having flareon use flamethrower, jolteon use thunderbolt, and vaporeon doing aurora beam. And can we also get a better water TM, unless they know hydro pump they're practically useless untill Surf come in the safari zone...

    174. Unorthodox answer to Lavender:

      Dugtrio Golem Charizard

      Vileplume Machamp Hypno

      I believe it's possible to win by substituting Arcanine for Charizard, but I'm not sure.

      Tip: Wave 6 uses a Fire type attack. To protect Vileplume, there are two options:

      1. Flip Dugtrio and Vileplume.

      2. Have Hypno use Rain Dance. At that point, Charizard switches to Air Slash.

    175. @crazymerio - paypal lets you leave a note when you purchase that you can add any instructions for us.

      @anon 7:43PM - Even if we remove the Ninja-ja from it they will cost the same. Ninja-ja is essentially being given out as a gift.

      @anon 7:45PM - We don't have any upgrades yet. But in the future we might implement that.

    176. @Sam@7:51 - I believe anon@7:43 meant it'd be less of a hassle to buy ninja-ja if you already bought it, unless we gifted the game, it'd be somewhat pointless to have ninja-ja installed on your computer twice, in fact, it'd make your computer run slower, and less efficiently. Oh, and Sam, may I make a reccomendation? When playing PTD, ESPECIALLY on your blog, it has MAJOR framerate issues. If I scroll up or down, or if I move the mouse off the gamescreen, it's like the internet dies a little...

    177. ..I paid 10,000 for the daily gift and got a level one caterpie. Hahahaha.

    178. Sam, I just started a new game, and I'm finding that levelling my starter is glitched. Anytime I go to level it up, I can pay, however I can click the level up icon as many times as I want, still decreasing my money, but taking my money into the negatives. Also, because of this bug, my starter won't evolve or learn any new moves.

    179. i paid 100,000 for a daily gift and i won a caterpie but when i went to my account no caterpie w hat happened

    180. @anon 8:55PM - Working on Fixing this.

      @Jiraikou - go to the Pokemon Center to pick him up.

    181. Jiraikou - Did you send it to your profile?

    182. Hello Sam! I wanted to know when the list will come out this week Progress

      Att. Brazilian Fan: Dluka

    183. Hey sam I have an idea for the next avatars you make. SAM AND DAN AVATARS! animate yourselfs (somehow, not sure how you would do it) I put out the mystery code. Everyone would want it. I think you should make a pull and see the awesome results!

    184. um im not sure if this is just me but i dont think you ever fixed the rule about the dogs not being able to be used on the vermilion gym because it said that they werent even there please fix.

      Also to everyone i just put up an entei raikou and mew for trade if you make me a GOOD offer i will consider it.

      name: entei bound

    185. @Entei bound I put up a nice offer for you if you would like something else ask me her and I'll see if I've got it

    186. @Guitarman13579 that is the best offer i have but i am going to wait a day to see if i get anything better but if not at this time tomorrow you will have an entei.
      -entei bound

    187. I think there should be a shiny pokemon exchange for currency. Depending on the rarity of a pokemon, one should be able to trade their shinies for SND coins, but not for equal value that you'd need to buy them. The system would work like this:
      Trade 2 Pidgeys, get 1 SND coin. Trade 1 Starter, get 5 SND coins, etc.

    188. the bottom eevee for trade from peabody is now gone please trade good pokemon(s) for it.
      Let the best trade win!

      PS once i trade this one I`ll add 2-5 more eevee.

    189. @Sam:

      My Starmie got killed in Rock Tunnel, causing the game to open a, "Achievement Saved!" popup, and me being able to get the shiny Starmie via achievement (I hadn't beat it before). I'm assuming this wasn't supposed to happen.

    190. @Entei Bound put up a couple of good trades including shiny diglett and 5 more shiny pokemon for Entei, and shiny squirtle, bulbasaur, Blastoise, Venasaur, Pikachu, and Ekans for Raikou. Please reply dude! I want dogs!

    191. Anon @ 9:36, I like this! it makes it not a total waste when every gotdang shiny that appears is pidgey... no joke... I want my shiny nidoran male, but they only appear in onle level:PIDGEY CENTRAL STATION

    192. I don't think I'm gonna search up anymore trades, be it with requests or not, after what just happened. O_o While searching I had found a guy offering a shiny Parasect and requesting for a shiny Drowzee and a shiny Machop. So I offered him the shiny Machop, since I didn't have the shiny Drowzee. After a few hours, he denied it, and the Parasect is still there. I guess he wants both the shiny Machop AND the shiny Drowzee at the same time. <.< I think I'm gonna just stick to offering Pokemon and waiting for someone to find me from now on. XD;;

      By the way, just thought I'd let you know, for some reason fire type Pokemon are getting burned by fire type attacks, and that shouldn't be possible. ^^;

      (Account is ShinyCoqui)

    193. @anon 9:40 that sounds about fair lol your welcome:)

    194. @Entei bound
      I put up another request that included a shiny diglett.
      PLEASE EXCEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    195. @guitarman13579 im am not accepting anything unless it has at LEAST one shiny evee until tomorrow. if you can trade me your first request minus the kakuna and plus a shiny evee then i wil except. if you dont then i will wait till tomorrow to review my trade options.


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