Hero Tower Defense Tuesday: Day 4!

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Go here to read the Day 3 of Hero Tower Defense Tuesdays.

Today we're going to touch on some ideas we have for HTD and where we hope to take it.

So over the years Sam and I have played many games from all different genres. While most games generally share similar ideas overall, every once in awhile you'll experience something that sticks with you because of how awesome it was. It might be a quest with a great story, maybe an intense boss encounter, perhaps even just a spe
cific environment, dungeon, or town that left you feeling like you were actually there. Sometimes it's certain characters and their personalities, etc. It could even just be a cool item, ability, or spell. Whatever it may be it leaves you with a great memory and sometimes you wish you could experience it again.

Sam and I have a lot of these memories and we think it would be cool to be able to relive some of them again, but this time in HTD. This means you might notice some of the content we create is greatly influenced by something else you might be familiar with. While we don't want to copy these things exactly, for several reasons, we would like to look at the general concept of something, add some S&D flavor, and create something that is both new and nostalgic.

We stopped to think though, why stop at just games? Some of our memories are from books or movies too, so why not add them into the mix? Lord of the Rings comes to mind. Also, Sam and I are only two people, we haven't played, read, or seen everything. So why not ask our fans! What are your favorite memories? Let's hear about them in the comments. Of course, anything we put into HTD has to be relevant. You're not going to see a bunch of stuff that doesn't really fit just so we can rereate the memory. Sorry Star Wars fans, I'm not sure a Death Star would fit into the HTD world exactly.. unless maybe you have space gnomes or something. :P

As for those of you who prefer purely original content, rest assured. We'll have plenty of original content. We have a lot of our own ideas and hopefully we can create some new experiences that will leave a lasting impression for all to remember!

On a final note, while I'd love to give you some examples of what we have in mind I don't want to spoil anything. I will, however, give you this little teaser of the level Kevin is currently working on. Let's see what you think it might be in the comments. :)

Level Teaser

Don't forget to leave any feedback you might have for us, it's always welcomed! Sam will probably add some more later as well.


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  2. 5th!!! woohoo i feel so proud!

  3. Could PTD be one of those memories? hahah! No, but seriously... I think that a good memory I have of a game is Kingdom Hearts story-line... And it is somehow like something you guys are thinking, because it connects so many worlds. But the game story, itself, is just amazing, for me.

  4. yes, this is good so far.

  5. This looks fabulous!

  6. final fantasy 4, best story line ever.

  7. Great idea with the good old memories. I might give one of mine.
    Like you guys, I used to play WoW and there was a dungeon that I allways loved to do and that was Stratholme. Remember the old Stratholme city of the Alliance when it got devasted by the undead?. I think it would fit in really well in the spirit of the game and it would be cool to relive those moments on that zombie-infested city.

    Good luck with the game

  8. Space gnomes confirmed for HTD? I confirm or deny nothing!

  9. I really like this idea and I got something you could add. The power of the heart which is used so many times in Kingdom Hearts. The heart is what made someone, so maybe each class could have a dive to the heart to have a job class level up?


  10. @Dan the room quote?

    also when can we expect htd to come out?

  11. Will this game be appropriate for players 10 years or younger?

  12. @anon 6:39PM - We don't have a date for HTD, I just started coding it yesterday, we will get you something working asap.

  13. you guys should have flying beast go around and have only certain characters attack airborne creatures or gain a special ability at one point to be able to attack them. also from legend of dragoon have each person get some cool ability to become some beast in battle for like a certain time depending on how much they kill with them in their beast stage so they can last longer in it.

  14. you should have "pets" like tarantula dragon non-existing stuff lol ect and there not just to show off every once-in-awhile it would do damage and you get the "egg"'till it hatchs and you can lvl them up! they do dif damage depending on creature lvl hope you make my idea come to life!

  15. I love the golden sun storyline the summon move chaos and judgement are epic search them up on youtube.

  16. Space gnomes? I'll tell you what you need, Space pickles.(Anyone who thinks that I'm referencing TFS is wrong) Kevin, If I could get your e-mail I could give you a general Idea and you could tell me at the very least "I like it" or "This sucks"... Thanks

  17. my fav memory is my cat but she is dead now

  18. I dont know if either you or sam has ever played divinity for xbox 360 but its a really cool role playing game where you battle creatures with swords bows magic spells etc. and eventually you can gain the ability to change into a dragon maybe we could have a class like this? Shapeshifter maybe? Tristan

  19. I think maybe we need some minigames that can give u certain item(s) for completing it or some gold and fun...

  20. @Dan is HTD going to come out in the next month do you think? Also will this be a bit like PTD where you keep a few towers and can get more and level them up because that will make this stand out among TD games like PTD.
    Also check out my profile on PTD.

  21. Another idea is maybe offers to help the game?
    (Gold, S&D coins, etc)

  22. A recurring theme of the "Tales" series of games is the Demon Fang attack. It might be cool to see something like that in HTD, perhaps on a warrior or dual-wielding class.

  23. sorry Sam i knew you wouldn't be first for ever so hahahaahahahahahaha and congrats Dan for beating Sam the game looks awesome


  24. Huzzah! I thought of a few Star Wars references that would work. :)
    1. The two suns of Tatooine. Multiple suns in a mystical fantasy world is not unheard of.
    2. The skeleton of the Great Krayt Dragon on Tatooine. Only perhaps another creature just in the same arrangement.
    3. A village in the trees. This one refers both to the Ewoks of the forest moon of Endor as well as the Southern Woodelves of Lothlorien in LotR. This could even be an earlier level since the enemies in a tree would mostly be spiders and bees or other such petty insects.
    4. Lightsaber! Even Castle Crashers has a lightsaber and that's medieval fantasy sort of stuff. :P

    Alright, that's all I could think of for now. Feel free to shoot them down if you want. I just wanted to remind you that Star Wars doesn't just take place aboard space crafts with physically impossible exploding planets. :P

  25. Uber monkeys from planet of the apes for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. My idea for HTD from other things is Harry Potter. Or maybe Harry Potter can be more like a pun in the game. But another good idea I want to elaborate on is the Star Wars thing. You could use Space Gnomes as enemies/allies (depending on your hero's alignment and you can incorporate Lightsabers and such into it like that.

  27. oh and electric hands like infamous too! Now that would be awesome!

  28. MAPLESTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You *HAVE* to add stuff similar to maplestory to the game! It's like the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! Well even if you don't want to add stuff from maplestory just add stuff similar to stuff from maplestory such as friend system, new skills as you level, able to put points into stats manually to make your character unique and not end up in a tie all the time when multiplayer comes out ... if it will...
    Anyways, like I said Maplestory really is a really awesome game. you should try it some time if you're not to focused with PTD, HTD, or Ninja-ja and try using their classes/jobs to help you find classes for your own game.
    Also 1 tiny... HUGE thing... DON'T MAKE LEVELING AS HARD AS MAPLESTORY!!! Seriously I don't want to spend two hours just to get from i dunno like 110 to 111 and try adding 2x events, too. Ahh memories.

  29. Maybe you could add stuff from dragon ball z

  30. I would love to see some funny stuff in HTD, i think that humor make games mucho more interesting. Also i would love to see Team Arts like in DBZ supersonic warriors 2 for ds, i love the idea of two allies making an extraordinary attack. I love the HTD ideas and i have a lot of faith in this game....
    Good luck with it

  31. Cohen the Barbarian. From Discworld! Or anything from Discworld, really.

  32. @Dan/Sam/Kevin
    Anon at 7:25 knows what he's talking about. the golden sun story line was AWESOME!!! and one of the coolest and best parts about it was the fact that you could summon these gods basically and they'd all have a special cut scene and they'd rip apart your enemies. combat in golden sun was so good O.O

  33. Not the Death Star but the Death Egg from Sonic 2. Or a Sonic or highspeed thing

  34. I'm probably going to like this way more than PTD

  35. Loved the lvl 60 sign AHAH (still the gold... hm...)

    On to the post:

    The main reference I could give as a gamer would have to obviously be WOW. And what can you take (from my point of view) that you can put into HTD to improve the game experience:

    A solid background story - even most of the time you're just thinking how to kill that damn creature, when you sit back flying on your TIME-LOST PROTO DRAKE (Ahhh it feels good! XD) you get yourself thinking on the reason why you had to kill it as if you were living it

    Humor - once in a while its great to releave preasure at the end of the day, you go play and you see a gnome shot of a cannon ahaha =P

    Special stuff - How the things feel, and this could range from your equipment to the fancy stuff like MOUNTS/PETS/COMPANIONS. If you feel like you have something that is special it will "call" you back to see/show it =)

    Reasonable loot/rarity - this one is kinda mixed with the previous (but i know Sam doesn't read well more then 3 lines in a row AHAHA =P) you mustn't overdo the item replacing or it will feel like useless and you'll probably find another better then the one you just got around the corner anyway. =S (like swaping grey/white items is a 5-50 min thing but swiching epics should make fair name of it ;) (damn the 3 lines... XP)

    And last but not the least... the thing why I was known in WOW and aparently in HTD already (at least by Dan) the PETS (pets as in the new wow concept)

    Companions - tiny creatures that just like cute/cool/kickass by your side but don't affect the game, at that could be ANYTHING

    "true" Pets - as druid animal companions (guess i don't need reference for this one cause most games fit in) that WOW had something great that they lost that was specie uniqueness (stats by specie) even tho they had diferent looks and once in a while even a certain look had some special skill (imagin grey/brown/white/striped wolves all have the same stats but brown are relatively common but striped are extremely rare but look awesome, and a white with blue eyes with the same stats but with a special ice breath AWESOME! =D) *well you all got it by now so... lol next*

    Mounts: self explanatory

    ps: sorry the size of the post but I know at least Dan will read it all =P

  36. My favorite rpg memory is the sephiroth battle from ff7. I mean seriously there is no way you could go into that fight and just be like " this dude is ****ing awsome!". So yea so sort of late game omnipotent angel boss would be amazing! Just my thoughts!

  37. Forgot the "tell me what you think of the ideas", "whats doable or not"

    Oh and glad to "ear" the coding is already rolling =D

  38. some of my memories form gaming would be the vamps from runescape the undead and pets and races and thunder bluff the city on elevators and then the story line of ac2 and some of my favorite book memories would be the eragon books and could you please use some mythology for the game that would be sick.

  39. Dragon Ball Z for sure and this game sounds amazing so far

  40. how about final fantasy or power rangers or something? just an opinion.......also eat about pirates of the caribean?

  41. Lord of the Rings, King Arthur, Captain Planet..

    No, I don't have any idea how these could ever go together.

  42. I think if you guys use some popular memories, that you try not to use too many protected works. Copyright infringement ain't fun for us fans when we realize that the game HTD we love is taken down.

  43. castaway and castaway2! they are just overall brilliant games that i love. you should really try play them

    -DTA killR

  44. or maybe add some features from edgeworld or dragons of atlantis "both are only games"

    but maybe the time thing would be good for upgrading and dragons of atlantis u can have a pet dragon to use as a towerr and upgrade "grow"

    1 more thing maybe they should sort of EVOlVE?

  45. Another thing I just remembered that brings some rewarding feeling is the skill training with the usage of it. You can/not use/equip the weapons but if unless you use them repeatedly you miss a lot until you are "trained" with it.

    This could either be applied to the weapons or to the attacks ;)

    Dunno if I explained the best but if you played WOW like 2years ago a similar system was implemented for the weapons (the nicest), for skills you have Arkadian Revenant and there is Neosaurs for the attacks/skills (that seems the kind of combat stile will have)

    Oh and a large variability of item looks also is catching (specially epics, specially weapons) for green items you can use like "Curved Sword of..." then a random % of sufix (ex. criticality lol) with an associated bonus but the looks would be the same (this saves more time to make more unique items of the rarer types)

    /fall asleep

  46. Sacred and sacred 2 have a special zhing the developers have their own cemetry and on other tombstones are funny inscription

  47. If there is one game trilogy you've got to play, it's the Epic Battle Fantasy series! This game is AWESOME!

    The funny thing about this game is that the guy who made it, took no regard for the word "copyright!" This game has music, characters, weapons, and themes from pretty much every game you've ever played!

    The first game is pretty much unbeatable once you get to the Undead Goku boss (a perfect example of the plagiarism in this game).

    The second game is pretty easy, but a lot more fun! And the third game is EPIC! And there's tons of comic relief too!

    Also, if you click around the page, funny (and some rude) things happen! I crack up at this game trilogy!

    Please consider putting some themes from this game into HTD.

    If not... you at least have to play a couple of the games.

  48. Just a word: Slimes.

    Colorful slimes, giant slimes, etc.

  49. "Could PTD be one of those memories? hahah! No, but seriously... I think that a good memory I have of a game is Kingdom Hearts story-line... And it is somehow like something you guys are thinking, because it connects so many worlds. But the game story, itself, is just amazing, for me."


    And Maplestory, Star Wars, FF, DBZ, Lord of the Rings and Zombies would be awesome.^^

  50. I know a fun game called castaway 2 (the first isn't that good but is in the tower defense genre) if you saw it I'm sure its alot like htd.
    Love ptd still but hurry with the update.
    -The Black Mask

  51. A good memory I have are those pet-like things(I really don't remember their name right now)from Tales of Eternia,for PS1(yes,I konw it's very old).I think it would be nice if you could find a way to put that in.

  52. sam is there going to be a necrmancer class please say yes!!!


  53. that preview pic reminds me of the cave scene in Aladin lol

  54. Put Shakes & Fidget enemys! Or something like this, but I love some monsters in this game. Can you take some ideas from Shakes & Fidget?

  55. Sam or Dan did you guys delete Santi's post because he was first because if you did that's funny stuff.

  56. i know i havent read all of the posts above but i think you shud add more from WOW( world of warcraft for they who dont know) like a freakin good story, dragons undeads humans elfs orcs skill trees. the feeling of beating the last boss but knowing that in a year all will be able to kill him 10 times faster than you did. the great feeling of great landscape. that is some great memmories

  57. how can i play htd?

  58. There is a lot of pop culture in those topics. I think you guys are trying to stick with the more fantasy setting? I would actually say stay away from the dead horse that is WoW. Sure a few gimmicks here and there would be fun, but for the most part your fans have probably played that to death.

    Some stuff to skim over:
    LoTR is something nice to slip in.
    Dragon Quest series.
    Some Chrono Trigger throw backs, (and time travel could widen your resources.)
    Vanilla Nefarion (One of the few WoW gimmicks. Great fight)
    Combo Attacks (Chrono Trigger style)
    Berserk Manga (Behlits/Guts/Demons)
    Naruto Manga (People training in that Manga was actually fun to read about)

  59. anyone suggest Zelda yet? Wow I suggest Zelda maybe like a Master sword moment? haha i dont thik you guys could take that tho, but it would be awesome ^_^

  60. i was thinking that you can add (not to copy from games like pokemon) special and physical attacks.
    (also not to copy from another popular game) you could also add enemies could have a type of armor/defense like special defense which resist damage from special attacks. same goes for physical defense resisting from physical attacks

    you should also animate how the enemies die
    like to they fall flat on their face or crumble into smithereens (if you can)

    also, there should (or could) be like a player
    you control
    he attacks along with the other teamates but unlike the other guys, he can move
    you could move him with either arrow keys or mouse and attack with Z or left clicking the mouse
    you can toggle each attack it can learn (like a slash or double hit) with the hot keys 1-4. same goes for clicking your teammates by pressing the hotkeys
    to make it a bit difficult, they can only learn maybe 4-6 moves at a time and if s/he learns another move, it needs to forget one

    and the sign is kinda funny

  61. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! I forgot about Zelda! best game ever!!! Love it huge fan of it thank you jazz for saying something!!! (i'm such an idiot). But I really feel that a shapeshifting class could be cool, change into dragons or wolves or demons or something crazy like that. I also think that if you guys make this game with different classes and different story lines for each, than why not have us fighting for the bad side for once? In every game its always for the good. I know pokemon obviously wont fit in here but i was thinking like in the team rocket perspective, you never see what the grunts go through, you only see yourself destroy them! I just thought these ideas might be interesting dont give me credit for zelda that was totally Jazz's idea! Thanks for the great games!

  62. one good memory- the sonic rainboom from my little pony friendship is magic

  63. Hmm i really love that you guys are taking your fans opinions into building the basis of the game i think it's a great idea. i personally am a huge legend of zelda fan and think that the game should have levels where you enter a city or town and must save the citizens from a group of bandits( fire emblem reference also a good game series to take into consideration in building the game) but those are just some ideas of mine :) thanks for reading.

  64. Well, I like enemies who do something different than the rest, like trying to activate a switch to release a boss(you can also activate it yourself) maybe you could have a separate path for a select few enemies to walk down. Like this:

    x=wall/empty space
    d=path to switch
    b=boss area
    g=boss's path(until paths meet)
    Once the switch is activated, the enemies can keep going that way if you want or turn and follow the rest.

  65. Can we have pets in the game. Like maybe pets like dogs and some other normal pets and some other ones like monsters and dragons. And if you decide to make another game, can you make a game where you can be a pokemon or something because i cant find a game like that online and i always wanted to be a pokemon

  66. I think you guys should make the game have a funny storyline like castle crashers, or use some of the art from castle crashers, b/c I think your sketches and drawings look similar

  67. One of my favorite games ever was Fire Emblem for the GBA. I really liked the mechanics of the game but more than that I liked the many characters and their back stories along with The Support function which grew a relationship between two characters that produced stat bonuses when close and just a good little side story.

  68. Plants vs Zombies because a lot of people want zombies

  69. I think you should encourporate different quests and quest lines. My favorite video game was oblivion and how much you could do with it.

  70. Maybe throw in a few stuff from fable series

  71. Sorry for the lack of responses lately. Been busy with RL stuff. Also trying to get out the Ninja-Ja update which should be done by next week hopefully (sorry for the delay!). Now on to the comments.. incoming biggest. comment. ever..

    @Gustavo Arcanjo - Cool, I'll have to check out the wiki since I've never played that.

    @Anon 6:28 PM - Glad you are liking it!

    @Anon 6:33 PM - Thanks!

    @Anon 6:33 PM - I played that but would need ot read the wiki for a reminder. I like all the FF stories.

    @Rui S - Yeah, Stratholme was an awesome dungeon. Could definitely have something like that.

    @Xehanorto - Interesting, never played Kingdom Hearts but I'll check out the wiki and see if I can find something on that.

    @Anon 6:39 PM - That's one of hints yeah, but the other image sections are hints as well.

    @Anon 6:56 PM - Hah, I assume you are asking because of the sign? I don't know how the ESRB rating system works exactly and also each parent has their own views as to what is acceptable and what isn't but I imagine it to be pretty tame overall.

    @Jesus - Hmm, a flyin beast. This almost sounds like it could be some epic mob that randomly decends at attacks you on various levels. Could be cool!

    Interesting, I never played Legend of Dragoon but the shaeshifting and each form leveling up as you use it is kind of cool.

    @Anon 7:18 PM - Haha, how about a Liger? :P Although those actually exist.

    @Anon 7:25 PM - Sounds cool, I'll check it out!

    @Anon 7:51 PM - No idea what that's a reference too lol

    @Anon 7:55 PM - Lol.. err awww :(

    @Tristan - I haven't played Divinity but it sounds cool, I'll check it out thanks!

    @doomboykhoi 8:01 PM - There most likely will be, mini-games are always fun.

    @Guitarman13579 - Doubtful, we don't have an ETA yet. Yes, it'll be similar to PTD in that way.

    @doomboykhoi 8:05 PM - Interesting idea but we're keeping it to just us for now.

    @Anon 8:23 PM - Not sure what that is but I'll look it up, thanks!

    @Max - Actually someone else beat me but I deleted their comment, lol

    @Sly Kamaui - Touche, you're right. I was shooting down Star Wars altogether though, was just giving an example :P

    Good ideas though, I've seen most of those in fantasy games as well so you're definitely correct in that they an fit into a fantasy world.

    @Stephen5566y 9:10 PM - Lol, someone else mentioned Dragon Ball Z.. talk about uber monkeys :P

    @Anon 9:13 PM - Harry Potter elements could easily fit in, yeah. A talking wizard hat could be cool. Yeah, someone else mentioned lightsabers as well.

    @Stephen5566y 9:14 PM - Yeah, that would be pretty awesome! Especially if there's like fist weapons or a monk class that specializes in them.

    @Anon 9:20 PM - Never played it but definitely heard of it. I'll have to look into a bit more to see the details.

    One level in two hours? That's nothing, did you ever play Everquest 1? lol

    @Anon 9:34 PM - Uber monkeys were mentioned by someone else :P

    @anon 9:40 PM - We like having some humor in our games as well so you'll most likely be seeing that. Team moves are always fun, it'd be a bit tricky to implement in a TD setting but we did mention the idea about "chaining" in an earlier HTD post. Thanks! :)

    @Anon 10:00 PM - Not sure what Discworld is but I'll check it out.

  72. @Anon 10:12 PM - Sounds like Final Fantasy summons, which I always loved. Sounds cool, I'll be checking it out, and the combat you mentioned as well.

    @Anon 10:17 PM - Haha Sonic was always fun, I don't remember the Death Egg but I'll look it up.

    @Phinq - Haha, can alway splay both!

    @Gon 11:11 PM - Yeah, WoW is a big one. We're definitely hoping to make the story cool but we're not exactly writers, but we'll try :P

    Everyone likes humor and so do we so you can expect to see some of that as well.

    Yes, that special stuff is important for a number of reasons. The trick is making those accessible but not so easy that everyone has one. I definitely know what you mean though.

    Good point on the loot. We have some ideas that can hopefully alleviate that problem.

    I like the species uniqueness and such. Makes it harder to balance but also gives it more depth. I'm sure we'll have plenty of variations. :)

    Everyone loves mounts!

    No worries about the posts' size :)

    @Anon 11:12 PM - I'm sure we'll have some, they are awesome after all.

    @Anon 11:12 PM - Haha yeah that was a sweet battle. That was one of my favorite games so you can be sure there will be at least some references from there.

    @isaac665 - All those are good ideas and I'm sure we'll have most of them. I'm not familiar with the AC2 story or Eragon books story but I'll check them out. I love mythology as well and it fits in with fantasy perfectly so can definitely expect some of that.

    @Anon 11:53 PM - Thanks! Dragon Ball Z is getting mentioned more than I expected.

    @ansul - Final Fantasy for sure, power rangers would be pretty funny actually. I'm sure we'll have some type of pirates as well.

    @Anon 1:08 AM - Haha, the first two are easy, Captain Planet I'm not so sure, lol!

    @Anon 1:10 AM - Yeah, we're definitely being careful about that. We mostly will be doing references or sort of like shout-outs but not taking exactly what they have.

    @DTA killR - Never heard of the games, only the movie. I'll have to check them out.

    @Spectra - Hmm, sounds intersting. I'll look into them so I know what exactly you are referring to. We'll see about evolving hah

    @Gon 2:56 AM - Someone else had mentioned that method of raising skills before. I've seen that done in Everquest 1 and it was interesting and rewarding like you say so we'll see.

    I played WoW but it was before that time so I'll have to look up those skills and see what they are about.

    Yeah, we'll definitely have a lot of item variety. I'm not sure about the pre-fix and suffix idea like in Diablo that you mention because it can be difficult to manage but we'll see.

    @Anon 5:37 AM - I swear I've seen that in another game. It's a fun idea though.

    @γειά σου - Haha, well it sounds like anything from that game would just be from another game so not sure that makes sense. I've enver heard of it though, will have ot check it out.

    @Sergi T - The coolest slime mob I've seen was in Demon's Souls. There were small ones with armor and a spear and then a huge one made up of a bunch of small ones, it was pretty neat.

    @Anon 9:37 AM - Ha everything you mentioned was actually listed already. Good to know what people want though.

  73. @The Black Mask - Someone else mentioned that game as well, didn't know it was a TD though.

    @Anon 10:44 AM - Hmm, will have to lookit up because I'm not familiar with that one.

    @myctenor - Hah, you never know, maybe you have to fight Jafar!

    @Anon 12:34 PM - Never heard of it but I'm interested to see what it's about. :)

    @Nicholas Smith - Maybe.. :D

    @Anon 1:11 PM - WoW is definitely a good reference but most of the stuff you specifically mentioned are from many other games and the fantasy genre in general.

    @Anon 1:13 PM - You can't, we haven't released anything yet.

    @Josh - With some creativity you can work in all kinds of stuff into a fantasy setting so we don't want to dismiss anything entirely. WoW pulls from many other things but the reason it's a good source is because it's so popular so people will know what you are referring to more likely.

    Those are some great examples you mentioned there. I'm familiar with most of those as well so that helps.

    @Jazz - Surprisingly I think you're the first to mention Zelda. I'm sure we'll have some similar epic moments like that though.

    @Anon 3:00 PM - We'll probably have things like that, they help to give it all more depth.

    Each mob will most likely have it's own death animation.

    Hmm, that usually means you need some more sophistcated form of AI so he doesn't do silly stuff. You'll have other characters in your party as you gain them but I don't think they'll have anything more than basic AI commands.

    @Anon 3:15 PM - Yeah, I was surprised no one mentioned Zelda sooner as well, lol. Shapeshifting has been mentioned a few times, seems to be a popular one. I know what you mean about always being on the good side, hmm we'll have to see what we can do there. Good thought!

    @Anon 3:27 PM - No idea what that is but I'll look it up hah

    @Matt - Those types of levels are always fun because there usually ends up being a lot of chaos and traps with limited mobility.

    @CrazyItalianDetective - So more like a puzzle? I had thought of that at one point as well. Good to know there's others are interested in that as well. Might see something like that eventually.

    @PikachuEevee - There will pets eventually, yes.

    @Anon 6:26 PM - We'll have some humor but we definitely won't take the art. We don't want to copy anything outright, just make references to them. Plus we like Kevin's style and it's pretty much exactly what we wanted so we're all set there.

    @Anon 7:46 PM - Interesting, never heard of that Support function but it sounds cool.

    @Anon 9:00 PM - Haha, yeah that could easily be a side quest.

    @Blackjack - We plan to have a good variety but can't say it'll be as open as Oblivion.

    @Anon 10:15 PM - Can't say I've played that series but it always looked interesting, gonna have to check it out.

  74. I'm with anonymous at 9/7/11 7:46 PM. The characters' back stories and relationships are what make the Fire Emblem series one of my favorite series of all time.

    I'm the kind of guy who likes to get attached to characters when it comes to a story. That, to me, is the sign of a good story, whether it's video games or manga. That's why, I think, you guys should look into One Piece. I know Sam's already made a reference to it in PTD. The way Oda makes you love/hate certain characters is what distinguishes One Piece from other manga like Dragonball. You know you're doing something right if you can make your readers cry over the death of a boat or of a brother who hardly showed up in the story.

    In short, I'd like to see you guys make me addicted to the story and the characters of HTD, not just the gameplay. I have no doubts about how well it will turn out as far as that goes, but if you can do just that, it will make HTD one of the best Tower Defenses out there, even better than PTD if it turns out right.

    This is my one request, as exaggerated as it may be: I want you guys to make me love/hate every single character, besides the generic npcs like nameless enemies and one time bosses, for who they are. That includes things like distinct personalities (ex. Luffy's innocence/stupidity, Aokiji's "Lazy Justice," Robin's morbid thoughts, Akainu's "Absolute Justice"), back stories, actions, approaches towards life, and dreams; and excludes things like stats (though that won't stop me from using/benching certain characters gameplay-wise. Sorry :[) and affiliations (ex. Good guy, Bad guy, neutral). Make it so that I can get that feeling of attachment with certain characters, something that will want to make me keep them alive in-game, no matter what, or feel sad for their tragic yet canon death (ex. Going Merry).

    Sorry if the post is so dang long and vague. Just a man rambling on about attachment or something like that...IGNORE ME!!! Or not. Don't worry if you didn't understand what I was writing about. If my idea doesn't get in the game, it won't make me think of you guys any less nor will it prevent me from enjoying the game.

  75. s&d

    can i please help u with htd

  76. @Dan Bell @ 2:11 1: Space pickles references my JROTC program, we wear the army green uniform, so they call us the pickles, and during certain colorguards we wear the "Chrome domes" very shiny silver dome helmets, with these we have been called space pickles. In a year or so, the army JROTC will no longer use the green uniform, I was hoping that there could be a reference to this somewhere, at the very least, an easter egg with something like a grave stating "R.I.P. - The space pickles, rest their chrome domes..." (I can give you a date for the full transition to new uniforms if you need it) Seeing this in the game would make me smile every time.

  77. With shapeshifting, I'm not a big fan of something along the lines of this character turns into a Grolar Bear (Actually those need to be in this game), now a zebronkey, now a Tigon, now a Mule, I prefer the Dragon Ball Z style where the character(for the most part) retains his/her form, and just noticable changes, and if it is ridiculous (Like a giant monkey) It can only be done under a full moon unless they can make prosthetic moons.

  78. @Dan
    Sort of... Puzzles was in my mind though.
    Imagine it like this, the boss is a super-powerful creature that deals a lot of damage to a tower or chain. Say, 1 in every 4 enemies take the other path to the switch, in order to stop the boss from defeating all of your towers you place a tower to kill all of those, once you have beaten all of the smaller enemies, you can choose to heal your people and release the boss for fun or just end the level.

  79. When will the next version of ninja-ja be out?

  80. can you make a keyblade wielder class?
    an unlockable maybe?

  81. @6:34 That is some cool kind of reference, though only the space pickles and alpha fans will get it :)

  82. LOL I see why you say not to worry with the post size ahahah =P

    I think I should mention the "not to do" suggestions to the list =P

    I do love dragonball but for a game like this I think that more then gathering 7 crystal balls OR a tailed guy that turns into a giant monkey would be overkill, its my opinion tho ;)

    And another thing, thas was probably not in que but just to be safe, the 100% tower freedom for tower placement... ITS HORRIBLE! lol Even if there aren't tiny squares like in PTD at least there always should be an invisible grid for positions. (You probably agree, but since I played an annoying game like that had to point that out).

    The other not too do (but a MUST DO LATER =P) is let out tier sets too early, cause unless we have an imemnse back/storage, collectors will start storing a million complete sets or selling them unwilling to make room for components for crafts and that's not cool, and since there is no need for tier bonuses at lower levels save that for a refresh in the game when the time comes =D

    "I like the species uniqueness and such. Makes it harder to balance but also gives it more depth. I'm sure we'll have plenty of variations. :)" this really made my day YEAH! lol If you make it so that there are different species AND different looks inside the species (as i suggested) you have even more variations and some code/balance saving ;) (unless you take in consideration the really special ones like the one with the ice breath lol) really waiting to see how this part will come ingame =D

    About the weapon skill like it was cool in WOW: "Weapon skill represents your proficiency with a particular weapon. The basic formula for your maximum weapon skill at a particular level is (5 * level). Each attack which is not evaded has a chance to increase weapon skill, with low weapon skill, the skill gain rate is at or near 100%, however the skill gain change begins to sharply decrease once the weapon skill cap is approached. At 10% away from the cap, the skill gain chance is roughly 50%, and gaining the final skill point can take hundreds of swings. The chance per swing seems to be unrelated to weapon speed, making low spead weapons better. Instant attacks like Sinister Strike and Hamstring help to increase your weapon skill faster. Note that attacking Evading enemies will not increase your weapon skill." Take a look here for more details: (http://www.wowwiki.com/Weapon_skill)
    Layout - http://www.blogcdn.com/wow.joystiq.com/media/2008/08/danielw_weaponskills932hjx.jpg to be fair I think the image says it all =P

    About the "Yeah, we'll definitely have a lot of item variety. I'm not sure about the pre-fix and suffix idea like in Diablo that you mention because it can be difficult to manage but we'll see." the think is for items like greens that will be fairly "common" compared to upper tiers its something that will give you some headaches to generate but will save a lot of work later, once the mechanism is set its just setting it for the new item and adjust the proportions. And the perfect example: http://www.wowhead.com/item=25151

    And that's my contribution for now =P

    ps: Will you add the tiny pets also? I mean the ones that deal no dmg, are just there for show off (for the NPCs to see LOOOL =P)

  83. And Chris Tan's right, One Piece makes you cry for a boat and has interesting dreams and relationships, if you can do that with the story for this, it will probably be the best TD game in history

  84. hey listen to this and im sure many people will agree

    dan ur wanting to put all these games tht u like and have enjoyed and tht us the players have enjoyed soo listen to this...


    and everyone is tired of hearing questions about stab but just for laughs u should make a stab joke cuzz stab is awsome and so is pokemon

    and ha take tht i mentioned pokemon in an htd post AND i mentioned stab...

    arent i a villan dan..arent I?


  85. to be fair that could be a better example cause that has almost even odd of everything but isn't hard to picture that a 2h-axe have more % of beying (random name)axe of strength or (random name)axe of criticallity then a (random name) axe of intelect LOL

    sry for double posting but just noticed the stats i refered

  86. @pikachueevee lol to be a pokemon???

    buy explorers of sky its beast ds game and your the pokemon!!

    search it:gamstop/pokemon:explorers of sky ds

  87. Oh and just found a way to add "non-pokemon" pets =P look at this "non-dragonair" sea serpent =D

    Think this can work guys?

  88. and a "non-charmander" =P http://dj-lune.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Charmander-104262949 (i wont post more cause you got the idea, but had to share at least some, its easier to explain with these images ;P)

  89. Harry potter, mario, super smash bros, angry birds, eragon, rick riordans greek and egyptian gods books. And I really like having computer controled allies and combo movres with other characters.k thx


  90. FIRST and HTD sounds like it is going to be awesome.

    Wait in almost 100 posts late

  91. Runescape.. and can we get a Cardboard box or another Metal Gear Solid referance?

  92. Sam/Dan/Kevin - I hope at least one of you has played some fire emblem game, I would like to see specifically from PoR and RD the weapon making aspect. You pick a weapon (sword axe lance bow tome) then a base material (Bronze Iron Steel Silver Light Wind Thunder Wind Fire) then you change the stats (Might Weight Accuracy Critical) and color. I know I'll be making a rusty axe withe a massive attack and crit chance, and decent accuracy and weight.

  93. You do know what GTFO mean right if not Google it 'cause I am not telling you

  94. and 100! for my last post if it makes it

  95. Since you said your looking for memories from games, how about minecraft. I love minecraft but i have no idea how to incorporate it into a tower defense game. Maybe there could be a creeper enemy that blows up parts of the field. Or you have to craft better weapons from lesser weapons. Someone should make Minecraft TD. LOL

    Wow, this post was a fail...

  96. Perhaps a companion specific to the type. Make it so you need to finish a quest, and then you get an animal companion specific to your class(ranger + wolf, wizard + dragon, tank + a seaturtle or something with high defence). These should also add to things like speed, damage, defense and overall coolness.

  97. thumbs up for the mega awesome giant Dan post


  98. @Chris Tan - Nice post, I completely understand what you are saying because I really enjoy that type of attachment to characters as well. I can say that we'll do our best to achieve this because it'll just make HTD that much better but you also have to keep in mind that we're not writers. I mean we've seen lots of movies/shows/books/mangas/animes/etc but that doesn't make someone a writer.

    Hopefully we can create some kind of attachment to each character and develop a cool story but it's easier said than done. But, hey, we can try :)

    @Spectra - Sorry, we're not taking on any other people at the moment.

    @Anon 6:34 AM - Ah I see, interesting. If we have some type of kingdom military maybe we could work that in somewhere. :)

    @Anon 6:41 AM - Partial shapeshifting eh? Kind of like Illidan from Warcraft? Hm, possibly.

    @CrazyItalianDetective - Oh okay, so sort of like having a few different options for completing a level instead of just being completely linear. Could be interesting.

    @Anon 11:02 AM - The Ninja-Ja update will be out next week, I've had some delays on it due to RL stuff.

    @Anon 4:26 PM - Interesting, maybe not as a class but perhaps as a weapon.

    @Gon 4:39 PM - We only plan to incorporate references that can be worked in the HTD world. So you shouldn't see anything that's too unrelated.

    We wanted a mix of limited and unlimited tower positioning. So we're probably going to have set positions but a lot of them to choose from.

    Yeah, we have to be careful about making sure stuff isn't too easy to get but still reasonable. We'll see how it goes though lol

    We hope to have a bunch of different species/skills/graphics and whatnot, it's just a matter of time to create and balance them.

    I've seen various ways to level up weapon skills and I like the ones that take awhile to increase. Like when you see that number go up you actually get excited rather than not even noticing it and having it max out before you know it. We're still figuring it out though.

    You're right it does save a lot of work later but it also generates a bunch of useless items lol. We'll have to see, might be able to come up with some kind of variation that is more useful.

    Small pets.. maaaaybe :P

    @m - Lol, I'm sure we'll have some pokemon references but they definitely won't be very direct because of the trademark issues we want to avoid.

    @Gon 6:22 PM - I've seen some really awesome concept drawings of Pokemon characters before but we still have to becareful about trademakrs and such so we'll see how it goes.

    @nicodroid11 - If we have any sort of AI it'll be very basic so don't expect like Dragon Age type stuff. Combo moves are always fun though.

    @Anon 7:06 PM - So close, you almost made it too!

    @Brandon - Haha the cardboard box is hilarious. Also need, "Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkeeee!!!" somewhere in there.

    @Anon 8:28 PM - Sounds interesting, we'll probably have some kind of crafting but we haven't gotten there yet so I can't go into any details.

    @Anon 9:28 PM - Yes, I imagine most gamers know what it means haha

    @turtleshell27 - Lol "this post was a fail"

    It would be fun to see something like the creeper wondering around.

  99. I hope HTD comes out soon:)
    - bjf

  100. hey dan ok ive got to say one thing and idk maybe this is easier to do at the beggining of the game production or the end put u guys my want to make this mmrpg or just mrpj and we can trade items and we can have team and guild and add friends and they can help us do levels on a server or we can hook up on like a random server and connect or ish like tht sorta like a mix of WOW or aqw(adventure questt worlds) so u should see what u can do and plz reply

  101. @dan
    and for the legend of dragoon one i meant you level up your alternate form from defeating creatures in your form and when you level up that alternate form you can stay in it longer Ex:
    lvl 1-5 sec
    2-7 sec
    3-9 sec
    and so on
    heres a video about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Drs6tUZSQ&feature=related
    its an old game for ps1

  102. for some reason i want a mario affect (i'd bet someone ATLEAST 500 people have played a mario game) like those weird items that make you shrink and grow mabye get the fireball effect somethin like that and i didn't here of a response of the "pets" idea i got...

  103. The referecences can be, how can I say, you know the dragonair I sent you? that could be a sea serpent that we'd have to fight for a reason (anything pokemon related) dunno if I make myself clear in that.

    About the positioning thats exactly what I meant ;) I'm ok with "100" places to put your tower just not with a "free board"

    Glad you're also into the weapon skill leveling =D great to work towards something ain it? Even if its "just" beying better with your sword

    oh and the "generates a bunch of useless items lol" ahhhhhhh the shock!!! lol how can you underestimate the power of money making?! =P

    "Small pets.. maaaaybe :P" yeeeeeeeeeeaaahhh!!! =P

    Oh God that "snake" reference just reminded me of one of the first bosses of the first bomberman (yeah call me old LOL but one of the SnD is older then me muahaha! =P) do you remember that snake that you had to blow it??? that would work out sooooooooooooo nice in a TD game. Giant "snake" that you could either just attack the last part or when you attack the middle ones it would split! Damn I want that LOL

    ps: bit drunk now lol wait have I mentioned the main stuff? oh yeah the "maaaaybe" part =P go go tem SnD(nK) lol

  104. one of the games i like is bakgun defenders of the core

  105. Is this game going to be sort of like a tower defence or do we have a character that we can move around on the battlefield?

  106. I think a look at Fire Emblem would be good, for inspiration for weapon-related stuff :)

  107. Oh, i have an idea! How about revamping the PTD Wiki into an SnD Wiki? There could be PTD, Ninja-ja and HTD articles collected in 1 fan driven wiki :D Maybe this can be done for the fan forum too

  108. @ Anon 10:54 "i'd bet someone ATLEAST 500 people have played a mario game" Only 500? It's OVER 9000!!! =P

  109. Sam for enemies you should put one that includes high armor that won't attack towers but when it dies, it EXPLODES in the process and hurts any towers in its range.

  110. Ok, got an idea for the cardboard box. It could be used as an item, Ex, you pick it up from loot, can give it to one of your guys in an equipment slot labeled, "Randomosity" These give you various buffs. For example, you could have a vulnerable character (a wizard) who has poor armor and poor health, hide under the cardboard box if a particularly powerful enemy that might kill him is coming down the path.

    Alternatively, you could use it as an object on certain placement squares (where you can put your units) so that they can gain an hp bonus or a cardboard box (look at what I said above)

    Something I would love to see would be Karma (inFamous 2) where you can be Good or Evil, and that will change the chances for recruiting/maybe different enemies/...

    ALSO! Could you please, please, please make a random quest system when you finish a level? I would love to have a little girl come up to me and say, "Sir! I need some bones for my dog. Can you please kill x number of skeletons for me?" Could play into the Karma thing (good equals quests like that, evil equals quests like, kill x number of little girls at the end of a level).

    Also, different classes would be SOOO useful. I would laugh to see you make a "Botanist" character who can create plants at various places in the level.

    Also, a game isn't good unless there are scantily clothed women with big guns/bows. Could you make a character class like that? (Ex, Amazon from Diablo II)

    Just some random thoughts from,
    -Teh NyanDog-

    OH!!! I ALMOST FORGOT!!! Can you make a totally awesome charmer class that has a chance to change an enemy to any ally who guys up the path and attacks other enemys? I would love that.


  111. Class specific loot or hm... armor proficiency (D&D) you know casters to robes tanks to plate (with the rest in the between). Yeah?

    Corn snake and/or ball python pet plz =P (I know I had to lol)

  112. @m - That's moe or less what we are doing. There will be multiplayer with groups/raids, trading, etc but it's a ways off.

    @Jesus - Yeah, I understood what you meant I just didn't respond to that part specifically because something similar has been mentioned (aka temporary transformation/shapeshifting). It's a possiblity to have that type of thing.

    @Anon 10:54 PM - I can't tell what pet idea is yours since there's a lot of Anons but if I didn't respond it's probably because I just recently commented on a similar idea. Search the comments for other pet ideas and that might give you a response to the pet idea you had.

    @Gon 11:53 PM - I know what you mean in regards to the pokemon reference. You'll probably see something similar at some point.

    The power of money making? You mean like in-game money? Hah, I've played a bunch of games and the in-game money always tends to be too easy to acquire and then becomes meanginless.. it's even like that in PTD. Having a bunch of useless items just contributes to that. The best game economies I've seen are the ones where money actually has value and doesn't inflate as you level up. Usually that means you have to get some really good item and trade it to acquire a lot of cash or get other stuff you want. It's far more rewarding at that point too.

    There's a "snake" boss in Terraria that does that exact thing lol

    @Anon 3:07 AM - Interesting

    @Anon 5:35 AM - Both

    @Jespoke - Yeah, Fire Emblem has been mentioned a lot.

    For the wiki, those are just fan made so if you want to make one go ahead :P

    @Teh NyanDog - Lol, interesting idea for the cardboard box.

    The Karma/faction variations are a difficult thing to implement well where they serve some kind of major purpose (aka Bioware Games). Can't say we're headed in that direction because that could complicate things greatly but it's an area we haven't discussed yet.

    A random quest system like that would just simply be a large collection of static quests that you are given at random as opposed to dynamically generating quests which would be cool but quite difficult to pull off well. Perhaps in time we could try something like that but it wouldn't be till later.

    Haha and botanist class, that's a new one. I'd say that falls more along the lines of a job/tradeskill though.

    I could name quite a few good games that don't have "Amazons", "Ivys", or "Tifas" in them lol

    I've always liked the idea of crowd control through charming/mesmerizing/mind controlling/etc so it's certianly something we'll be considering.

    @Gon 11:51 PM - There might be some class specific loot but we also want to keep things open and allow people to experiment with different combinations so we'll see.

    I like Armadillo Girdled Lizards myself :P

  113. Hello Dan! I am one of the many people who clicks on your games everyday! I also happen to be a writer and would love to help you guys with the writing involved in HTD (or even PTD and Ninja-Ja). I will be willing to write story, character backgrounds, units/items/spells information and anything else!

    Please feel free to contact me on Skype or Gmail!

    Skype - miner 2k11
    Gmail - miner2k11@gmail.com

  114. Imo what makes the money goo over the roof in a game like this is... AH lol Well, the green making system was a way to try to help, feel free to put whatever you guys think fits the best ;) There are things more important ingame then money(PETS!) XD

    Dunno Terraria, will take a look later, but if its the same its because they also thought it works =P

    About the class specificity, yeah I meant in a way that it exist, not that all the loot is like it so nice ;)

    Armadillo Girdled Lizards see you also know whats cool =P (I've seen a game that had a ring that was one of those curled, you know their hability? like that but was a golden ring =P). That was your suggestion SOOOO doesn't count as my wishlist of pets so it can also come ahaha


    ps: lol =P

  116. when it says sketch dose it mean your going to color it ? it looks good as it is...if we choose a team color it could change to that?


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