Hero Tower Defense Tuesday: Day 6!

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Tuesday!

Sketch of logo

Go here to read the Day 5 of Hero Tower Defense Tuesdays.

Dan is hard at work on the next Ninja-ja update, so I'm taking over this post bringing you more news and art for our next game Hero Tower Defense. If you haven't done so already make sure to read past blog post of HTD Tuesdays by clicking the link above this paragraph. I'll wait here until you do..... Okay! You ready now?

This week we are going to talk about the first game that Dan and I had planned but never released. Many years ago Dan and I would meet up once a week to work on our game. It was to be an action rpg, one of the main draws of the game was going to be its unique talent system. Sadly we never got around to making that game but we always wanted to use the talent system, so we are going to tweak it and add it to HTD.

The game world will revolve around 5 different elements. Every character will be linked to one of these elements. The elements will be Fire, Water, Nature (this name could change), Shadow and Light. Each of these elements will have an advantage against two other elements and have a weakness to the other two.

There are 3 categories for abilities (moves you will use in the game).
  • Offensive - These will be moves that mainly cause damage.
  • Defensive - These moves will prevent you from taking heavy damage also healing moves fall in this category.
  • Utility - Moves that will slow down the enemy, or trap them etc.
Element: Fire - Pure destructive energy, also provides light.
  • Main Category - Offensive
  • Second Category - Defensive
  • Advantage against: Shadow and Nature - Fire creates a light that shadow cannot beat, fire can also burn plants and nature very easily.
  • Weakness against: Light and Water - Fire creates light so Light element grows in the presence of fire thus overpowering it. Water can put out fire.
Element: Water - Healing powers and versatility. Water can take many shapes.
  • Main Category - Defensive
  • Second Category - Utility
  • Advantage against: Fire and Light - Water can put out fires. Light going through water gets distorted and weakened.
  • Weakness against: Shadow and Nature - Water helps nature grow more powerful. Shadow and corruption can easily get into water and corrupt it.
Element: Nature - Wild energy, can take many shapes, and fulfill many roles.
  • Main Category - Utility
  • Second Category - Defensive
  • Advantage against: Water and Light - Water and light both feed Nature it's nutrients and allow it to grow stronger.
  • Weakness against: Fire and Shadow - Fire destroys nature, and shadow can easily corrupt and prevent the growth of nature.
Element: Light - Pure energy, provides healing and power.
  • Main Category - Defensive
  • Second Category - Offensive
  • Advantage against: Fire and Shadow - Fire creates light so Light element grows in the presence of fire thus overpowering it. Shadow cannot exist in light.
  • Weakness against: Nature and Water - Nature uses light to grow. Light gets distorted when it goes against water.
Element: Shadow - Evil energy full of trickery and corruption.
  • Main Category - Offensive
  • Second Category - Utility
  • Advantage against: Nature and Water - Shadow prevents nature from growing and can easily corrupt both nature and water.
  • Weakness against: Fire and Light - Both fire and light create light and thus remove shadow.
Linking into an element will give you a passive chance to give your target a passive debuff having to do with your element. It also gives you resistance and weakness to other elements. For example if you link to fire all your abilities have the chance to trigger a fire debuff on your target that will burn him for a period of time but will increase his damage done slightly. Also you will take 5% less damage from shadow and nature attacks but take 5% more damage from light and water attacks.

I will continue talking about elements, talents and abilities next week. Now I leave you with some art that Kevin worked on this week.

You will encounter this monster on the first level of the game.


  1. First, will only be posting comments about HTD on this post. If you have any ptd comments post them on the previous post.

  2. Love the creature :)
    good work kevin

    and third! ?

  3. Sounds sweet. Fourth?

  4. Sounds great, and I love the creature =D

  5. I think Nature should be Grass.Come on,it can still work!

  6. Thanks for all the compliments :)

    @anon 11:26PM - Not sure if Grass will work since some moves involve lightning and animals.

  7. will this game be out during the run of ptd or after

  8. I think nature sounds great because you can help create a new connotation for the word. Right now it sounds a little weak and pansy, but we need to remember the power that is nature. Of course there are flowers and butterflies in nature, but there are also hurricanes, tornadoes, and all the other stuff that completely destroys things in its way. So I vote nature. :)

    I sadly have nothing to add this week. Amazing artwork, I love the style this game is starting to look like.


  10. can we have a progress bar for this to? instead of always PTD like mabye
    making tower:0%
    countdown (per HTD tuesdays):5
    stuff like that


  11. Earthquakes volcanoes tsunamis would also be nature

  12. possibly 15th! OMG!!!

    anyway, this post says,"this game will be good. it has action."

    just the way i like it. elemental and action.
    am excited for this game! and nice artwork.

    P.S. will you add more elements, such as wind, or lightning as a separate element?

  13. That flying enemy looks like an evolved form of Cubone and Marowak!

    A flying and Ground type Pokemon? AWESOME!

    P.S. I'm aware of the fact that this is designed for HTD, not PTD, but isn't it fun to think of the Pokemon similarities?

    Can't wait to play the first level of HTD!!!


  14. Everybody do the pet dance!!! =P (its probably not even a pet anyway but... lol Is it?)

    Rating: 4.25/5 (if you want the critics for whats wrong just ask =P cause the good parts are easy to see =D yeah i know perfectionist)

    About the elements, seems cool. How "definitive" will the element atunement be?

  15. well can the game come out soon? its been 6 weeks now.

  16. Yeah, I agree with pokeman.

    Lightning would be pretty cool as an elemental power. 100% offensive. No defensive abilities. Enemies get paralized by critic lightning attacks. Strong against water and darkness. Weak against light and fire.
    Neutral against nature.

    Or something like that :3

  17. @Sam Wow,he REPLIED TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!Anyway,I didn't know about it's moves.

  18. when it scheduled for release pokemon hero tower defense and will continue to blog?

    thanks and keep making great games.

    vai brasil.

  19. Yay for the epic dragon-like creature!
    I would nearly be sad by killing it...

    I love the elements ;) such a game needs elements.
    I think Nature is the right choice for naming it, 'cause it's much more than just some plants and other grass-like thingies, like it would be with grass. Just think about Epic animals, volcanoes, tsunamies etc.
    I'm happily awaiting the first (probably cool) level. :)
    Thank you Sam & Dan (and Kevin ;))

    Daniehej :D

  20. Awesome baby dragon is AWESOME.

  21. wow i think this is really cool, i like your idea of balancing and i totaly agree with it.

    what about wind? to make sure all combinations of offensiv, defensiv and utility are given:



    advantage: fire and water. wind can "turn out" fire(dont know how to say that in english, hope u understand it :)) and pull water around.

    weakness: fire and water. they both create storms(or wind) because of their temperatur. like a hurricane wich is generated of hot air and cold ocean.

    lets have a look at the balancing:

    fire and water will have(if u add wind): 3 advantages and 3 weakness
    and the other skills(nature, light, shadow, wind): 2 ad and 2 weak

    fire and water would be agressiv abillitys, needed to make damage, but having 3 counters.

    and the other abillitys are maybe a bit easyer, because of less disadvantage.

    wind could be the hardest abillity, doing good damage against its own counter and normal damage against everything else.

    becaus of that, the difficulty of the abillitys fire, water and wind would depend on theyr skills, like: having a damage reducing shield or healing.

    i hope u are interested on that idea and maybe add it to the game.
    disadvantage of this is that u have to spend more time on the balancing.

  22. :D you did listen to my comment! the dragon should grow up like in pokemon :D i said that it should be a good quality dragon :D(simplified here though)

  23. Hooray! More FE-esque goodness in the form of magic and resistance! Interesting how you set up the strength/weakness system. It's like the magic triangle in FE, except it makes more sense once you explain it. I could never understand how fire, wind, and thunder were weak to dark and how light was weak to fire, wind, and thunder in FE.

    On a side note, why not make magic do extra damage to certain units. For example in Fire Emblem, armored units generally have great attack, defense, and health, but they have terrible resistance to magic (thus why magic users are great against them). Another example is that flying units are weak to bows and wind magic, though I suppose that wouldn't really matter in a game that doesn't use wind magic. Just something that would add more strategy to the game.

    Otherwise, doing good guys. I'll continue to wait for the release of this brilliant game.

  24. i have a idea a troll! oh yeah you can also have the element "earth"

  25. Could you divide each element into subelements with specilized avibilties special levals exuipment pets etc.? (exm. Nature=Alive,Natural:

  26. 27 ohh yea headshot sam

    rofl but i think u guys should add some war/technolgy weapons and classes into htd to get some great ideas look at artixs entertainments mechquest and warpforce and they all have some apperances in aqw so take a look at those three games but imo u should look at the whole artix entertainment game creating group and maybe aim for some kinda ideas from them.....there games are warpforce mechquest aqw dragonfable aq and herosmash!!all those games i play and they have millions of fans so u might want some of those peaople playing htd just sayin..soo check out those games maybe test them out see what u like

    i know im a noob for saying this but please make a few cod jokes and non copyrighted cameos
    and i say thisto go with my idea of the war/technology and mech kinda classes and maybe u could get guns/robots to have an element assigned to them like a fire mech or a natural powered gun

    and sorta like the pokemon games u should have ur classes a certain elemtent(type) and like pokemon u can have a certain move even though ur not tht type but like for this case a weapon
    (example)i have a fire warrior but he is equpied with a water weapon for type advantge but u lose some power kinda like STAB in pokemon games u get a boost for same type same move or in this case weapon

    now lastley i have a question...do u have a team of guys working with u and u and dan are partner owners or is it just u and dan+kevin working on htd

    and if it is the fact tht only u and dan are working on these huge projects i would suggest tht u maybe try and hire some guys or give them any pokemon they want in ptd to work for u or maybe some share of the profits when people donate to buy snd coins im sure hundreds of programmers would be willing to help / support u on weekley updates

    LOL i think ive come close if not tottally owning dans mega post on a few htd posts a few htd days ago

    please reply and HUGE thankz as always


  27. Hey I want Water and how will we get new heros and I want to make a team in honor of my book 7 people please try to do that

  28. instead of keeping nature you can change it to earth

  29. Hi Dan :)
    Hi Sam :)
    Hi Kevin :D

  30. looks great, but u guys should make it earth and wind instead of nature

  31. @ansul you totally stole my idea!

  32. Are there differences from outfits on each element?

  33. what program used in the proyect?


  34. Hello there, these elements seem to be a great idea.
    But are you saying, that each element has its own talent tree? I figuered that the class should determine the talent tree!?

    Maybe you could combine these two scecials. Of course you choose the class in the beginning of the game, but maybe the element link could appear later, so there could be a kind of evolution of the classes. E.g. a Warrior linked to Light makes a Paladin, or Scout to Nature is a Ranger, or Mage to Shadow is a Warlock.

    Of course element like Fire and Water will be hard to logicly combine with non-magical classes, but it could be an idea to make unique talant trees.

    The dracon whealp looks cool, but also a bit strange. Looking forward to see the bigger dragons.


  35. @Pokemon master!!!! - During, PTD isn't just going to end because we make another TD game.

    @shinycharlover - We might eventually have a progress list but it won't be to the same affect as PTD. By that I mean we want to spend more time fleshing out features, adding new items, creating new levels, etc instead of trying to rush them out in order to make a specific deadline.

    @Pokeman - Wind and Lightning type stuff would probably just fall under Nature.. mentioning those two elements makes me think that you must watch Naruto :P

    @γειά σου - Well, in the last HTD post we did talk abut how we wanted to have references/similarities from other things we enjoy. ;)

    @Gon - Hah it's not.. yet :)

    Feel free to point out what you think is wrong, we like all types of feedback!

    Currently we have the elemental attunement as a permanent choice upon character creation but it's not like we couldn't just change that later if we found a good reason to.

    @Noah - Lol, we're giving you guys these updates to keep you in the loop of what we are working on and to get your feedback every step of the way. We were literally just beginning development when we made that first HTD post and we want to take our time with it so, quality over quantity.

    @Sergi T - Lightning would be from Nature (although it could probably be from light also). Plus the more elements you add the harder it is to balance. We feel like this setup has a good combination of the rock/papper/scissors affect and also a nice amount of diversity to it.

    @douglas - We don't currently have a release date for HTD. The other games will continue to be updated as well as the blog.

    @Daniehej - Thanks! :)

    @Anon 12:30 PM - You make a good agruement. It was a bit intentional to have no main utility with secondary offense element in order to give the system some variety other than being a pure rock/paper/scissors setup. Also as you've pointed out some elements would then have 3 advantages/weaknesses while others have 2 and we wanted them all to be equal on that front. As you mentioned balance becomes trickier as well.

    We'll have to see how it plays out though, it's difficult to have an accurate idea of how it really works out when it's just on paper.

    @Awesome1awesome - Hah, I can't say it'll grow up exactly but that doesn't mean we can't have more matured versions of course. :)

    @Chris Tan - As far as enemies are concerned we'll most likely have them with certain weaknesses and such as you've mentioned but we don't currently have a system like you mentioned were magic counters armor, air units are weak to bows and wind etc. It's certianly a possibility though but we'll have to see. The trade-off for making things more complex is that it's harder to balance and we want to keep that in check.

  36. @Anon 4:23 PM - That's pretty much Nature hah

    @Pokeking Trades Co. - Hmm, probably not the sub-elements part but specialized abilities for each element, most likely. Specialized armor and other items per element.. hm hadn't thought of that but possibly. Could be interesting.

    @m - There will be some instances of war/technology type stuff but probably nothing along the lines of mechs and such. Imagine more like the tech that you find in WoW, they have guns and machines and whatnot but it's not mordern or futuristic.

    Pretty much what you described for the elements is how it'll be as of right now. You'll have an elemental attunement but that doesn't mean you can ONLY use moves from that element. Hadn't really thought about having items be a certain element but it would make sense.

    It's just me and Sam, and then we picked up Kevin to do art for HTD. Hiring people requires money and we can only afford so much. The community is a big help though, the comments and general feedback are very useful but we can't really have tons of people helping directly on programming or art because there has to be some consistency in those otherwise things become a huge mess.

    You wish you could own my mega post! It required 3 comments because I kept hitting the comment length limit. :P

    And thanks to you as well! :)

    @Jarrett (James) (Gamermod947) - Umm, there is water. You get new heros as they join you in single player and/or the ones you create. I have no idea what your book is even about so it's a bit hard to say whether you'll be able to make the team or not. I'm a little confused lol

    @ansul - In this case Nature involves more than just Earth, it's also things like wind, lightning, etc.

    @Anon 9:39 PM - Hi Anon 9:39 PM :P

    @Anon 10:00 PM - Nature includes Earth and Wind.

    @Aimi - Not really sure what you mean. Like if you have attunement with Fire will your armor be red? In that case no, but you might have some other general affect on your character that's related to his element.

    @joaqo - For HTD everything is done in flash and uses AS3.

    @Sredna - Yeah, each element has it's own skill tree. The class determines other things that we'll get into later.

    Hmm, interesting idea with the element causing an evolution of your class. That could be pretty cool!

  37. sub elements???

    just a (sutpid)thought


    ps Earthquakes volcanoes-fire AND nature tsunamis-water AND nature ...u can see where i'm going right?

  38. I'm worried about the element atunement for a simple reason (and if you played wow you know how important respecs are =P) the best/more effective spec isn't always the same, so whats the point when you lvl your 1st char a fire warrior and then you find out shadow is the best, or it has become the best with the latest patch... you NEED to addapt.

    I suggest a chain, like the invasions i suggested before =P (like to kill some hordes of fire elementals to "unatune" from fire) or something that is not that easy (so people don't respect easily for every lvl attempt) but available ;)

    ps: I'll pm you the whelp feedback to avoid missunderstandings =P

  39. Yay! Dragon breath elements for the Dragonborn (if you add them)!
    Just a few ideas for extra elements: cold and acid (typically a poisonous dark sludge) cold is strong against: nature (freezes plants so they can't grow), light (could be called radiant) (light slows down when it travels through ice, thus weakening it) and acid (which is also frozen) and weak against: fire (do I really need to say it?), water (salt in water helps clear ice) and dark (could be called necrotic) (ice is frozen water so it can also be corrupted) acid is strong against: fire (smothers fire out), water (pollutes it), and dark (dark uses stealth and cannot be stealthy if coughing from poison) and is weak to: ice (as said before), nature (photosynthesis removes the toxic), and light (which cuts through black sludge like a knife through warm cheese, mmmmmm...) thus making all of the elements strong against 3 and weak against 3 (including your own advantages/disadvantages)
    One more thing, are you going to have enchanted weapons? Like flameburst weapons adding fire damage.
    Signed, The Crazy Italian Detective (who actually lives in England)

  40. What About Rare items that you could use to tame certin types of enemys as pets.But each element Could enchant there pet for a bunch of gold to make them a elemental pet.And depending on your element you could get a certin type elemental pet at the petstore.and with elemental armor they could be able to enchant certin items to make a core witch you could embed in the armor making it the same type of armor as the core.(Elemental items could only be used by that element but they would give substansial bonuses, Or maybe they could be used by other elements, But they would have a disavantage when using them.)I would like to hear about skills and crafting system.

  41. What if non-magical classes could learn low tier spells BUT to cast them they would have to have a rare to find item which could be charged with magic non-magic classes could use to enchant items at the low leval and cast low leval spells.And will there be a good system for the jobs?a.k.a. skills.And what will they be I get that you will include the somethings (Blacksmith,Enchanter,Alchimist,Poision Maker,etc.)But what types of ideas do you have?And I have an idea every character can learn low tier parts of the skills but you can specilize in 3-5 diffrent skills.(Should be decided by number of players and number of skills)In the next post could you explain about the jobs a bit and how you can trade stuff.

  42. when will this game come out?!!!! please tell me!

  43. Amazing! I'm really starting to like the structure of the game, and that first enemy looks amazing! I can't imagine how bosses are going to look. Great work! :)

  44. Way behind on putting up a post like this like I had been meaning to. Kept getting distracted...

    First, I'm going to work on some kind of method to isolate viewer critique so that it's easier for me to find. I'll either be linking a dedicated email to my blogger account, or just start my own blog for posting the occasional Work in Progress (WIP). I won't be able to take every suggestion of course and I wouldn't even go as far to promise everyone a response, I am just one man after all! I'll post again once I've made a decision or have Sam or Dan mention something in this tuesday's post.

    But for now, some comments:

    @ Sly Kamaui - I was actually the one that talked Sam into rethinking Nature, although this was mostly because of my hate for how poorly World of Warcraft handles "nature". They can't seem to make up their minds on if it's earth, wind, lightning, poison... I feel like they could've done a better job on that. However, Sam and Dan's definition of nature (plantlife, wildlife, "forces of nature", etc.) is growing on me.

    @ shinycharlover - Sometimes I break things down in my own progress lists like this just to motivate myself. I'm not really sure how a public list would work though, since it would reveal a lot of content ahead of time. Maybe we can do that for individual updates once the first build of the game is out.

    @ Greek for Hello - I think part way through working on that animation up there (or maybe it was the attack animation) I started to see him looking like a cross-breed between a Marowak and a Charizard. What can I say, I have more experience with pokemon than I do with dragons!

    @ Gon - It could probably be a pet pretty easily at some point. I suppose that's up to Sam and Dan. Also, Dan forwarded your critique list to me and I've been poking through it. I can't promise to hit all of the points, but I am planning to address at least a few. (this is also what inspired me to come up with a way to isolate this kind of feedback so I can get to it easier)

    @ Noah - lol, like I said, I'm only one man! Since I'm creating everything from scratch (Sam and Dan are also coding the whole thing from the ground up), it'll probably be quite a bit longer before the game is playable.

    @ Daniehej - I've had a number of friends express sadness towards the death animation. :(

    @ Awesome1awesome - While I wouldn't use the term evolution I've definitely been designing the dragon family in "stages", only much more exaggerated than in pokemon. Hopefully it'll be a pleasing result, but it'll be a while before we can reveal more than the whelp. ;)

    @ Chris Tan - Love me some Fire Emblem! I've been drawing reference from that on the art front as well.

    @ m - A friend mentioned yesterday about how I should put cyborgs in somehow. I can't begin to imagine how it'll fit, but I can assure you that if we can find a way, I'll make it happen. I'm also all about the easter egg references, between the three of us, I doubt the players will be disappointed.

    @ Anonymous (9/21, 9:39 PM) - Hi Anonymous!

    @ Aimi - I do want to add some cosmetic differences based on the element you choose, but this is nothing but an idea at the moment.

    @ JRDH - You can't? I can! :D

  45. Is this a game???? I don't get it rite now.... can some one plzzz tell m??? btw i love the art

  46. @anon 12:54
    its not finished enough to be released yet so we are just being introduced to it with ideas from Dan and art from Kevin

  47. based on what the dragon looks like I'm guessing the art and graphics are going to be amazing! I love that little dragon!:D

  48. @Kevin Glad you liked it ;)

    Just a piece of advice in advance, if you'r going into evolution meke sure you make it fluent and reasonable. Its terrible when you have a creature with four legs and 2 wings that evolves into one with bigger wings and god knows why 2 of the limbs are gone, then in the next stage wings become useless and tiny and the pair of limbs comes back... lol I know what I mean?

    The intermedeate forms should be precisely that ;) a way to make the baby form stronger and getting closer to its ultimate form

  49. This Game Looks Very Interesting, I can't wait!

    Will this game have to paid for like Ninja-ja started out being?

    Also, I know you don't know the release date, but do you know what month it will be released?
    If not, will it be released this year, next year, the year after?
    I understand that it can take a while to design a game.

    Will this game start like PTD, a few levels out, one more released each week or two?
    Or will it start out with half or all of the game finished?
    Both can be very fun.

    Do you actually have any levels ready?

    Will there be any blood?
    (That can be a major deciding factor wether or not I'm allowed to play)

    Thank You for answering any or all of my questions. I understand if you can't.

  50. So is the dragon Kevin made called a dragon whelp?

  51. Sorry, One more question from me (like I could actually be wondering anything else)

    I love the SnD coins idea, but if you add it to this game, will you make a way to prevent people from buying to the top?

    Thank You!

  52. Got a question how many people do you have working on the games?

  53. @lux - Yeah, I see what you mean. You end up with a lot of different combinations when you allow mixing like that but perhaps we could have a few pre-set ones that you could get. Could be cool.

    @Gon - There will possibly be ways to change your attunement like a quest or something but for now we're thinking about it being permanent. Sort of like a racial trait would be permanent and it would be kind of strange if you could just change your race at will lol. We really want people to pick what they like instead of "what's the flavor of the month" like you mentioned. This comes down to us balancing it out as evenly as possible which we hope to do.

    @Spectra - We're working on it, no ETA. Remember we just started too lol

    @CrazyItalianDetective - Nature actually consists of more than just plants in our case, it also refers to things like animals, lightning, earth, etc. Interesting choices and explanations though. Will probably come back to this if we decide to add some more elements. :)

    The elements play a large role in the game so yeah you'll see enchanted weapons and such with elements as well.

    @Pokeking Trades Co. 7:14 PM - That's a pretty cool idea, could possibly have something like that. :)

    We'll be talking more about skills and crafting in future posts.

    @Pokeking Trades Co. 8:11 PM - There aren't really non-magical classes with our set up there's just classes, they all use it to some extent.

    Skills/Jobs/Trading will all be discussed in later posts when we get there. We're still figuring it all out as we go here. :P

    @Anon 8:33 PM - There's no ETA right now, we're working on it. Don't worry though we'll let you know as soon as there's a playable version.

    @JRHD - Thanks! :)

    @Anon 10:44 AM - Glad you like it!

    @BobTheLawyer 12:38 PM - It will be free to play, yes.

    Sorry, can't give a ETA really. We'll be taking our time though because we want to iron things out instead of rushing. As soon as we have some kind of reasonable prototype that we want to share we'll link to it in a post.

    Once we release the initial version uou'll be able to play it as we develop levels and such. This works better for use because we keep the community in the loop and can constantly get feedback.

    The initial set up of a game takes a lot of time because you need to create all the core feature wich we need those in order to actually complete a level. So with that in mind I have to say there aren't any done yet.

    It certianly won't be all bloody and gorey, lol. Can't say there would be absolutely none but probably no more than you'd see in PG movie.

    You're welcome! :)

    @Anon 4:42 PM - Yes, it's a dragon whelp/whelpling/baby.

    @BobTheLawyer 7:54 PM - Good question, we're still figuring out exactly how we'll be handling this and will most likely have a separate blog post about it at some point. But As of right now we're thinking you'll be able to buy some high end stuff with coins but there will still be high end stuff that you can't buy also. There will also definitely be visual differences that everyone can see that essentially say "I bought this" and "I earned this." What those differences are though I can't go into just yet, we have some cool ideas though. :)

  54. Yeah I understand ;) Am only worried if somehting like you pick a full fire party and that won't allow you to do some harder content (instead of slitly easier/harder) but well as you said if up to the ajustments ;) (and if its permanent at least at the beggining its less stuff to do now SO less time before we start playing it so BONUS! =P)

    Go go! Tomorrow more content comes =D (wow time is passing faster now... damn, I want vacations back lol)

  55. @Dan
    Well, I'm sure there's a way to explain it all, but it was the only way I could get it to be 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses and make a little sense.

    Also the new one I thought up of are also dragon breath elements (there are different types of dragon breath and do not have to match the Dragonborn's colour) the elements are: fire, cold, acid and nature (lightning). This is if you decide to add Dragonborn.

    Here for the Dragonborn!
    The Crazy Italian Detective

  56. Just a thought, for everything to have 4 strengths and weaknesses, you would need 9 different elements (y=2x+1, where x=number of strengths/weaknesses and y is number of elements)

  57. please approve this comment for you to stop sending comments like to know if the game is free answer (if you approve) I need to know thanks for your understanding

  58. Please approve. the game is free ????? I have that question answered, thanks for your understanding (it is a doubtful question XDDDDDD)

  59. @anon 4:49PM - Yes it will be free.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Wow only 15 points, could there be more levels? And points?

  62. I just had a question about the types. Water is supposed to be a defensive type, right? So, how is it supposed to beat fire. I know it does in reality, but defensive type attacks don't generally do much (or any) damage, unless of course there's a counter-attack or something like that.


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