Hero Tower Defense Thursday: Day 27 - HTD Pre-Alpha v0.008 Release! Skill Selection Screen! New Artist, Bill!

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Welcome to Hero Tower Defense Thursday!

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Go here to read Day 26 of Hero Tower Defense Thursday.

Alright we're back! For this release the main attraction is the Skills Selection Screen. This screen does just what it's name implies, it lets you select skills for each of your heroes. The graphics for the menus and everything are still just placeholders while Kevin works on the actual graphics and some features of this screen are still missing but are in the works.

The heroes still come with their standard skills but you can customize them however you like. All you have to do is drag and drop skills from the skills menu into the active skill slots at the bottom middle. You can swap active skills by dragging them onto each other and remove them by dragging them out of their active skill slots.

The skills still follow the same rules as before where they will do their skills in order of priority based on the skill slot position they are in, start with the Native skill which you can't move or change yet. So right now your character will always set the highest priority on the Native Skill first (up to 3 stacks on the enemy) and then skill slot 1, then 2, etc. If a higher priority skill is on cooldown they will automatically skip it and check for the next highest priority skill, and so on till there is an available skill to use. In other words, your heroes will keep busy with the skills you've given them.

There have also been some graphic bugs that were fixed along with giving the male some hair and a cloak to wear. You may also notice that each of screens basically look completely different from each other. Don't worry, it will all become more unified as Kevin finishes the graphics for them which he is currently working on.

On that note, we have brought on another artist to help with HTD. So let's welcome Bill to the team! He will be helping us push graphics along a bit faster and is looking forward to designing some creatures and effects especially along with doing animation in general. Kevin will be helping him out so the graphical style stays consistent and everything moves along smoothly.

I'd also just like to mention again that there is a HTD wiki page that has been created by our fans! It can be found here: http://herotowerdefense.wikia.com/wiki/Hero_tower_defense_Wiki

Big thanks to everyone who has been contributing! We've also added the wiki to the Fan Links/FAQ tab.

What's New:

-Added Skill Selection Screen

-Added Human Male Hair: Swagger Shag

-Added Human Male Cloak

-Fixed various graphical bugs

In the Works:

  • Design
    • Skill Behavior Screen (100%)
    • Profiles Screen (100%)
    • Inventory Screen (50%)
  • Graphics
    • Party Selection Screen Graphics (100%)
    • Water Skill: Soak (Native) (75%)
    • Water Skill: Aqua Strike (T1 Physical) (75%)
    • Water Skill: Water Pistol (T1 Magical) (75%)
  • Audio
    • Sound Effects: Water Spell (100%)
    • Sound Effects: Male Hit (100%)
    • Sound Effects: Female Hit (100%)
    • Sound Effects: Male Death (100%)
    • Sound Effects: Female Death (100%)
  • Programming
    • User Profile (100%) - Being able to save your settings, you can use your same PTD log in

Also check out Kevin's blog, KXN @ HTD for HTD concept art, art related works in progress, and more!

Leave any questions, ideas, suggestions, bugs, and any other feedback in the comments! Thanks!



  1. 2nd much love from a huge fan

  2. Welcome Bil (sry but awesome here have 3 letters =P Sam, Dan, Kev(in), Gon, etc and now Bil(l) XD) Its halfway for success =D

    @Dan - Any clue for ETA of the actual game (as in char creation, saves, loot, levels etc)?

    "Water Skill: Water Pistol" "Go Max!" "Max, water gun!" "MAAAAAAAAX!!*SWAAASH!!!*" XD muahaha

    1. I don't have an ETA because we're just developing it as we go but I'd say we'll be to the point that you describe within a few months probably.

    2. Estimated Time of Arrival

    3. extra terrestrial animal

      estimated time of arrival

    4. K ;) and lol on "extra terrestrial animal" PETS!!! XD those will probably take even a few more months =P

  3. Awesome update!! Can't wait to see what Bill can do for HTD!

    Go Sam, Dan, Kevin, and now Bill!


  4. I'm extremely excited! Awesome update! Love the new Skill Selection Screen! Hope Bill will be an excellent addition to HTD!!

    On a side note: Does anyone help Sam with PTD or is it just him alone?

    Can't wait for future updates cause this is turning out to be amazing!

    1. Sam does PTD alone, there is no need for artists and such on it because the graphics and sounds are just re-used for the most part. On HTD everything is original which is why we'll be able to spread it around more to other platforms without it getting rejected for any sort of copyright stuff.

      Glad you're enjoying it so far!

  5. What is Skill testing, Choose a set and Behavior going to do when they are finished?

    1. Those features will be coming soon so I'll explain them in further detail when they are released but basically Skill Testing is to try out skills against different enemies without actually being in battle. The Sets are basically different groups of skills that you set up yourself. And Behaviors allow you to customize how your heroes automatically use that particular skill.

  6. Is it possible for the PTD and HTD to be on mobile???? I would.love it and same for hundreds, maybe thousands. Ray

    1. PTD won't be because it contains trademarked material and so the android market and apple market won't allow it.

      HTD will eventually be brought to mobile devices in the future. We are developing it with those types of devices in mind now so that it's easier to make the jump later.

  7. Hey, how come it feels like HTD doesn't get weekly progress like PTD? It feels like HTD gets progress like every 2-3 weeks or so...

    Loving HTD though!

    1. HTD does get weekly updates, they just don't see as significant at this point because it's a lot of core mechanics of the game being added in now since we started right from the beginning. Another one of the more major reasons is because developing for HTD requires far more work since it's all original content. Everything is made from scratch.

      Once we get the core mechanics and such done it'll start "feeling" like the updates are more significant just because you'll see more visual content like maps and items, etc.

  8. Can you implement speed buttons to quicken up the action?

    1. Probably not because eventually this game will include co-op and other multiplayer elements which would throw everyone out of sync with eachother.

  9. Bil, if you're reading this, then welcome to the team!

  10. Fan of everything SnD.

  11. How to get coins without have to pay for them? Is it possible?

    1. there are rare drops on the daily prices on ptd ;)

    2. There is also a certain website which i inconveniently forgot the name of, whenever you play a game, It give you certain "Points" and you can trade those points in for SnD coins. The best part is Sam totally approves of this.

  12. I don't know if it's me but, I really don't know when I use skill during the battle... I think a pop-up will be good to prevent when we use skill =)

    (Sorry for my poor english, I'm a French fan ;) )

    1. I'm a little confused by what you mean. You should be able to tell when you use the skill because the crosshair icon changes back to the hand icon when the skill is triggered and the cooldown graphics displays over the icons as well.

      Or did you mean something else?

    2. I think that he means some like a text abobe the character that says something like: (name of the character) just used (name of the attack)

  13. Hello Dan.
    Can you please make a post about ninja-ja? It is such an epic game, and i would really want to see how it is at this point. If you can't release anything, can you then atleast make a post about what has happend since last version, and what you are planning to make before you release next version?

    1. I can tell you that I'm still working on it, it's just going very slowly since I'm really busy. As far as what'll be in the next version though I can say that you'll be able to attack enemies, do some special skills, more weapons, and other things. I don't want to give an ETA though because I've just got so many other things going. Sorry for the delay!

  14. so Dan, you will be adding the other elements eventually, right?

    anyways, good luck, Bill and Kevin!

    1. Yes, in fact Water will be making it in very soon. :)

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  16. Demascas is Here!!! TO the Lords of Defense... ROCK ON!

    I have a few requests...
    ~ when you make your next PokeDefender, please, please, please... Use all the Pokemon.
    ~ Have a "Combo" system that allows Pokemon to combile their attacks for greater effect.
    * Have a Traversable map that opens into into TowerDefense maps (When traversing tall trees, caves, etc.. Also, making the TRAINER the target instead of Candy.
    ~ Create a duelling system that allows Trainers to position their Pokemon in Defensive positions, as well as the capabilities to send them to Assault their Rival.

    In Hero TD I think there needs to be a half speed.
    Secondly, Is there gonna be a massive JobCaste System? Is there gonna be great customization in Units Heroes? Will there be many choosale Skills?
    Are you gonna have Pets? Proffessions? Crafting?

    Tank you for your Love of TowerD's... Demascas


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