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Pokemon Tower Defense: Alpha v2.3 is out now! Small request

New update is out, it includes 5 new pokemon (2 exclusive to each version), a new level, and a bunch of bug fixes. Enjoy!

This week we are giving away another shiny pokemon, thanks again to my friend at, the clues are a little harder this time so good luck. Click here to start your mystery gift code hunt.

For people who get stuck on "Waiting on Server" I could not fix it in time but you can expect it to be fixed by next week. The server wasn't ready in time for the update.

For people that haven't received their evolution stone codes for donating $10 or more, I'm still sending those out, if you really want yours right away send me an email and I will get it to you as soon as possible. 

I sent the update to the following websites:

Newground - Updated
PlayTowerDefenseGames - Updated
Gamerfish - Updated
Mofunzone - Sent but not yet updated
Freeworldgroup - Updated
funnygames - Sent but not yet updated
Minijuegos - Sent but not yet updated

What's next? Fixing bugs, Ninja-ja alpha, help wanted, making pokemon more fun!

Hey guys, ready for another week of Sam & Dan Games?

First I want to say that Ninja-ja Alpha is coming very soon, by the end of April, it will first be on the Android Marketplace for 99cents. The game will be updated either weekly or bi-weekly and will not interfere with PTD's update schedule. Buying Ninja-ja will get you a shiny pikachu code for your PTD file, just a small thank you for buying Ninja-ja and supporting me and dan :) We will also bring the game to the iphone/ipad and also a web version for those of you who don't own an android phone.

Dan and I are looking to add more members to our development crew and right now what we need the most is a capable artist. Somebody that wants to work with us on our next games. This is a paid position. All communication will be done online. Here is what we are looking for:
A passion for games.A passion for making art.18 years or older.Must have a portfolio.Also these next requirements are extra but if you have these it will make…

Pokemon Tower Defense: New Update is out! Alpha v2.2! Hitting a million views, and easter mystery gift hunt!

Well the update is out, check out the Game Download Link tab for the links to download the new version.

All mystery gift codes for people who previously donated 10 or more (the evolution stone codes) will be sent out by Monday. Thanks :)

This update bring the level cap up to 25!
And the first challenge mode level! When you beat the challenge mode level you will get a mystery code! 

Some good news! We hit over a MILLION views on newgrounds this week, I'm really grateful of you guys for getting me there and I can't wait to see how far we go!

My friend over at has created a Mystery Gift Code Hunt for you guys if you go to this link , you will get hints to find out a very special mystery gift code! This code will only be available for a week so get it while it last. Also you need v2.2 for this code to work!

As you might have seen/heard/read the game got taken down again from the and…

Pokemon Tower Defense: What's next? Doing the impossible. How to get your Mystery Gift code. You guys are correct.

Hey guys, I've been reading pretty much all the comments, haven't had the chance to really answer anything. Each week it gets harder and harder to answer all the great and not so great questions. I plan to put up an FAQ with answers to most of the questions you guys have.

I don't really need to wait for the poll to be over to know that level 8 needs to be toned down, but for those of you that liked the challenge you don't have to worry the level will show up as a challenge mode level.

Speaking of challenge mode, beating a challenge mode level for the first time will be how you get a mystery code, each level will give out it's own mystery code.

Now to talk about the next update.

Shiny versions of all current wild and catchable pokemon!
Challenge Mode Levels!
Level cap raised to..........

I want to raise the level cap to 40 but I don't know if I will make it in time so I will be posting a list of what needs to be done to get there, I might make it to 30 or maybe …

Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 8 is out! Alpha v2.1

Level 8 is done are ready to be played, but please read this first before you go!

You will know if you are playing the new version because it will say Alpha v2.1.

First of all, I want to explain the pokemart. You go to the pokemart you buy the stone that you need, then you go select a level to play and on the party select screen you press on the pokemon that you want to use the stone with. You will see a button there "Use Item". Click on that, if the pokemon can use that stone you will see it there.

Second, on Level 8 - Mt Moon 1, there is a spot on the map that you put your pokemon in that looks brown instead of the usual orange. That spot is meant only for Rock Type pokemon! It's not a bug, only rock type pokemon can go there.

Third, codes for evolution stones for people who donated in the past will have to wait until next week, I didn't get a chance to add that into the game.

I will have a proper inventory screen later on, and the pokemart will get prettier as time…

Pokemon Tower Defense: This week's update: Progress List

It's that time again. Here I will list out all my current objectives for this week. The main one is the pokemart! A new story level, (you can actually lose!) and some new pokemon. This week we are heading to Mt. Moon and meeting up with Brock. The sad news is that there will be no level cap increase, but I promise you all that next week the cap will increase ( I think).

Level 8 (Mt. Moon):

Intro (100% done)
Actual Level (100% done)
Ending (100% done)

New Pokemon (5) with New Moves (16) (100% done)
New Evolutions (5) with Evolution Stone(100% done)
Shiny Pikachu & Raichu (100% done) (Really low chance of him showing up, prize for different small contest)

The poll results for what you guys wanted to be done first are in! 14126 votes!
Pokemart got 46%, Shiny Wild Pokemon got 34%, and a Challenge Mode level got 19%!
Pokemart is the winner, but you can't have a pokemart without an inventory so that is coming out also.

Pokemart (100% done)

Small change in plan, there won't be an inv…

The troll invasion, and my way of stopping them...

Update: Posted both an exe and apk. This is the last apk I will post so make sure you import to the new app (more info on the blog below)

Seems like a lot of people are taking issue with the game. Their main gripe is about the donations and the things you get for donating. I don't want you guys to have to deal with these trolls, so... I will let them win.

Donating will no longer get you anything. Only donate if you feel like it, but I will not give out anything.

Of course, anybody who donated prior to this post will get their gifts. Have a good day.

Trolls, happy now? 

Pokemon Tower Defense: Better ways to update and What is PTDLock?

UPDATE: Newgrounds has the latest version now (2.0.2) working on getting an exe/app, and apk out. Also looks like live updates is going to win so I'm preparing that also.
UPDATE: Added a rapid share link for swf file.

I'm publishing a new update (2.0.2) it fixes a couple of issues, if you aren't having problems just wait for the weekly update.

When getting mew using the mystery gift code sometimes it was not adding him correctly.Now you can change what email you want to save your online profile in, this will help people that can't save properly.
I know a lot of you have had a lot of trouble getting to the new update (2.0.1), I apologies for any inconvenience that you might have had, I hope newgrounds will update tomorrow (monday).

Also I know that a lot of people also struggle with the apk file.

I want to bring in some answers for this.

First is the return to the marketplace, but this time we want to stay hidden, this means no reviews, no ratings.
I called it…

Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 7 is out!

Accidentally deleted this post... Ooppss

Pokemon Tower Defense: This week's update: Level 7 Work in Progress List

This week's update is starting to shape up so I figured I would keep you guys updated on what's happening. Let's get to it.

Fixes/Tweaks: Pretty much all of these fixes are due to feedback that all of you have given me, either directly or indirectly. So keep it coming :) (Note: All these fixes are finished and will be available on this update coming up)
Fixed badges showing up on profiles that didn't earn the badge yet.Level Select screen no longer requires scrolling (more of grid style).Shiny pokemon will get more experience per kill, roughly 50% more. If you have your sound fx and music muted, leveling up or evolving will no longer be heard.Lowered the amount of time the evolving popup window stays on before your pokemon evolves.Added an small animation to your pokemon when it's evolving.Pokemon that can't be captured now have a dark blue life bar.The game version number will be on the main screen so you know which version you are playing.Game saves more often …

Who's Dan? and what has he been up to? Preview of Ninja-ja!

Backstory time!
It was about five years ago that I decided it was time to get a real job. I ended up getting hired at a warehouse that some of my buddies worked in. It was there that I meet a young fellow named Dan. He seemed smart and very into video games. His brother who also worked there introduced us when he found out that we both had played World of Warcraft at some point. So Dan and I started talking about games and I was already into making games by then but had never finished anything. So I started throwing ideas at him that he could quickly and efficiently break down and destroy. He could tell me exactly why it wouldn't work. So for months I tried to come up with a something that even he couldn't find a fault to. Well I did come up with something, and finally got his attention. Also turns out that he was a graphic artist, so it was a perfect match.

So we both sit down and bounce ideas off each other until we reach an idea that we can both agree on. So far we have rel…

PTD: This week's edition of What's Next?

Okay so a new week a new poll and new updates to come. Let's go!

For the poll I want you guys to decide part of the story, sorta like interactive story telling. You and Joey will be going back to Viridian Forest to capture and train some more. So should Joey capture a pikachu on his visit there? You decide!

Also I will be adding a FAQ Page soon that should answer a lot of questions, from updating the game, to why does Brock keep taking my pokemon. (Because you dropped it), also an unofficial forum seems to have made an appearance check it out and maybe we will make it an official forum :)

This week is not only about Pokemon Tower Defense. I will be showing off "Ninja-ja" our next game! It will be a reallllyyyyy early alpha version, but I want you guys to check it out and bring feedback every step of the way. This game will only be for the phones so keep that in mind, it also uses the multi-touch features of your phone.

Last but not least. What's next for PTD? This we…

Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 6 is out!

Quick post, Level 6 is finally out!

Newgrounds might take a while to update to the newest version keep that in mind. Other websites basically stole the game from newgrounds so they won't have newer versions. Unless I go send it to them.

You can find the links to download the apk, and newgrounds on the Download Game tab.

Also don't forget to get your Shiny Starter, by donating any amount you will receive a code that you can put in the mystery gift and change your starter into a shiny. Also if you donate 10 or more you will also get rare candies and evolutions stone, finally if you donate 20 or more you will get all the previous gifts plus your very own shiny Mew!  To donate click on the donate button on the top right corner of the page.

NOTE: I'm currently giving out the shiny starters the other gifts will be given out this week coming up.

Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 6 progress, Weekly Updates, and more.

UPDATE 3: Level is about 85.111233232% done! About an hour if everything goes smoothly!

UPDATE 2: Update is still coming tonight, just a heads up this next level is going to be a free roam level, meaning no candy, you can capture everything in the level, bunch of waves. The levels are design as a good way to level up and capture pokemon, however no money will be awarded in the free roam levels. If I have some extra time I will include 2 free roam levels in this update so that it's easier to get pikachu.

UPDATE: This next update will be done by Sunday night the latest, won't be done today Saturday :( Thanks for your patience.

Hey guys! It's me again, so it looks like most of you want the updates to come on a weekly basis (me too!). I think that looking forward to an update on a weekly basis is fun, it reminds me of waiting each week for my favorite tv show to come on so I can watch it. Out of 2442 (I swear this thing got reset or something) 21% wanted monthly big juicy upda…

Pokemon Tower Defense: Small update for people who donated.

I'm sending out the emails to all those who donated to get their shiny starters, you will need a new version of the game which you can find here (I also changed the link on the other blog post)

This version activates Mystery Gift, and lets you put in the code for you shiny pokemon.
If you donated $10 or more you will be getting something else that I'm still working on, if you donated $20 or more you will get even more additional stuff.

If you play in Newgrounds I uploaded a new version there but it might take a little bit until it actually shows up, I emailed tom over at Newgrounds to see if something was wrong.

If you didn't donate and don't plan on donating anytime soon you don't really need this update right now.

If you want to donate but don't know how or have questions just post a comment here or email me directly. To donate just click on the donate button to the top right of this page.

And just to remind you guys a ne…